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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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breaking news major delays at philadelphia international airport this morning because of a plane forced to make an emergency landing. smoke filled the cockpit and passengers were forced to use their oxygen masks before they evacuated. pamela osborne is live at the airport. tell us what you learned. >> vai, here's what i can tell you right now. there were 50 passengers and four crew members onboard american eagle flight 4801. operated by piedmont the flight coming in from richmond international airport. it landed here around 8:15. prior to landing, the pilot reported smoke in the cabin. the crew and passengers were evac waited on the air field
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after the plane landed. one passenger had to be checked out, but there were no injuryies to report. this happened after another american american eagle flight, this one operated by republican airline communicated to the faa tower that there may be a problem. that plane also landed safely. airport officials tell me the plane taxied to its designated gate under its own power and the 76 passengers and 3 crew members got off safely. for several minutes we know things did come to a standstill. there were no planes that could take off or land here. traffic is moving again at the airport, but keep in mind very significant delays as a result of those two snenlts earlier today. reporting life at the airport, pamela osborne nbc10 news. >> pamela thank you. also following breaking news in western pennsylvania. an explosion in a natural gas well there sending black smoke
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into the air above nearby treetops in a largely rural community. it erupted in salem township westmoreland county about 30 miles east of pittsburgh. the blast turn thd sky orange. one witness said she could feel the heat from the explosion from about a mile away. reports say one person was hurt. emergency dispatchers say at least one ambulance has been called to the scene. businesses in the immediate area were evacuated. officials were able to turn the gas off and firefighters got the flames under control shortly after 9:30 a.m. there's no word yet on what caused that explosion. right now at 11:00, cool damp, with scattered showers all throughout the day. a live look right now at center city philadelphia. and we're stuck in wet weather patterns that not really budging right now. a live look at the radar showing where the rain is falling. first alert meteorologist bill
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henley is here with our friday forecast. hey, bill. >> hey, vai. not much rain on that radar, but plenty of clouds for our area. a few scattered showers in philadelphia. the temperature is up to 52 degrees. still in the 40s in the pennsylvania suburbs. the clouds will be staying with us through the day. yardley, barely warming up. 50 degrees at 2:00. look at the clouds keeping things cool as we go into the afternoon. and not much better in the lehigh valley. though we're seeing some thinning of the clouds limited sunshine at best today. and more likely, you'll see some raindrops coming through at 2:00 this afternoon. this is all going to keep things cool through the day. lower 50s with occasional showers during the afternoon hours. the only showers that are in the area right now are some scattered showers moving through lankeser chester, into delaware, and skirting into south philadelphia. this is a very light rainfall. no heavy rain expected today, but at times, you'll need your umbrella today. there is some steadier weather heading our way.
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unfortunately, for the weekend. you may have noticed it with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. i'll take a closer look at the weekend forecast when you expect to see the rain later this half hour. >> thank you, bill. time for a check on your late morning midday commute with traffic reporter jessica boyington. what do you see in. >> we're doing okay for the most part, but we have a few problems. one in pits grove in new jersey. it caused a down pole to block the roads. route 77 was blocked in both directions around elmer shirley road. you may be detoured around the scene whilethy clean up. dealing with emergency construction on the delaware memorial bridge. the left lane is closed heading into delaware. there are no backups right in here into new jersey onto 295 or the new jersey turnpike. this is the garden state parkway in summers point, new jersey also dealing with construction. but it's okay. you can see around the toll plaza, coming out here forced into one lane but no big delays
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or backups. schuylkill getting back to normal. still some added volume headed towards center city and a 14-minute drive time and heading eastbound to the vine street expressway. >> thank you. happening today, wilmington police are expected to file charges in a deadly beating at a local high school. amy joyner francis died last thursday after a fight in the girls bathroom in the howard school of technology. wilmington's police chief said investigator husband identified three persons of interest and he said he expected charges to be filed by the end of the week. nbc10 will continue to check in with wilmington police throughout the day and bring you any updates on air and on the nbc10 app. police are looking for a woman they say shot a man in the face in frankfurt at about 12:30 this morning. police say they were called to frankford avenue and margaret street where they found a man in his 40s lying on the sidewalk.
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he had also been shot in the back and leg. medics rushed him to temple hospital. he is expected to survive. well the future of the philadelphia eagles franchise in town today for a news conference. only hours since the birds drafted quarterback carson wentz. but he's instantly become the focus of philadelphia sports. take a look at the covers of this morning's philadelphia daily news. on the front, the headline reading wentz and for all. on the back there's a cautionary caption that reads, better be good kid. the eagles grabbed carson with the second overall draft pick in chicago last night. the star quarterback from north dakota state told john clark of comcast sportsnet he's fired up to come to philadelphia. >> unbelievable. a dream come true. i understand it's just the beginning, but to finally make it to this point, especially a kid growing up in north dakota not many people get this opportunity. i'm very fortunate. i'm going to make the most of it. >> analysts ss touted wentz for his
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arm strength accuracy and toughness. most eagles fans seem to be buzzing with optimism following wentz' selection. >> yeah! >> at the draft party, eagles fans erupted with joy when the eagles picked wentz. the reaction overwhelmingly positive. >> i think the pick was excellent. i mean it was the best pick. >> i think he'll be a great fit, and it can only be better than what's been going on. >> we had mcnabb in '99. less than five years we had a super bowl. maybe he can do it too. >> nbc10 is your official oogales station. you can count on us for complete coverage of wentz's first news conference later today. >> join our official eagles station sunday night at 11:35 for eagles blueprint. we'll have exclusive access to
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carson wentz's first days in the eagle nest plus interviews you won't see anywhere else with team decision makers, howie rose and doug pederson and analysis of all of their draft picks. sunday night, 11:35, right here on nbc10. >> this weekend tens of thousands of runners will take part in a philadelphia spring tradition. blue cross broad street run. and the race will go on rain or shine. 2016 blue cross broad street run, health and fitness expo got under way minutes ago. a live look right now at the event at the convention center. the expo is the main pick-up point for registered runners race numbers t-shirts timing devices. the expo runs until 7:00 tonight. and is open from 9:00 to 6:00 tomorrow. may even see some nbc10 on-air folks down there. last year it was beautiful and warm. this year, shaping up to be a little different. talking about the race itself. it's ten miles starting at broad
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and fisher right by the einstein medical center. finish line is at the navy yard. the best part is you're not running -- if you're not running or cheering you can watch the blue cross broad street run from the comfort of your own home. nbc10 and telemundo 62 maybe you have a man cave that's the place to watch it. if you're heading downtown the race director tells us it's a good idea to prepare ahead of time. >> yeah right now, we're looking at the forecast. obviously, everybody is concerned about it to a certain extent. we're preparing as we always do for any possibility. so we have added additional tenlts for certain locations for the spectators and bands and things like that. and the runners themselveser obviously, they need to consider what they're going to wear the day of the event. that's the biggest concern. >> don't forget nbc10 has you covered from start to finish. our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. if you're running, don't forget
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to dvr so you can go back and see if you can find yourself in our coverage. that should be fun. join us tonight for ready, set, run, the experts show us what runners need to do in the days and in this case the day before the race. a couple days before the race. we'll also show you the best places to watch along the course. and what's new at this year's health and wellness expo. switching gears here police have charged a montgomery county man with manslaughter after they say he shot and killed another parishioner in a church service. mark storms is accused of shooting robert braxton in north wales on sunday. started as an argument over seating. investigators say braxton punched storms in the face, and then storms opened fire. braxton's funeral is scheduled for tomorrow in the same church where the shooting happened. >> in burlington county an 11-year-old girl is safe after she escaped what police are calling a suspicious incident. take a look at the sketch that
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police in medford township are looking for. girl told investigators he's walked up to her on the big chief trail yesterday and started making conversation with her. she ran away when the man tried to grab her arm. if you happen to recognize him, police would like to hear from you. >> up next donald trump protesters get fired up. take a look at this. >> what happened to some protester who got violent following a trump rally in california. well the weekend won't be a wash out, but we have more rain on the way. we have your neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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we've been following breaking news this morning at philadelphia international airport. officials expect flights to run behind after a plane made an emergency landing. there are no reports of any injuries. firefighters also responded to reports of an emergency with a second plane, but that plane was able to taxi normally and they were able to let people off at the gate. we'll have another live report from the airport coming up in about 15 minutes at 11:30. in a separate incident engine trouble forced a united airlines flight from new jersey to make an emergency landing. the jet from newark was headed to nebraska when one of its engines experienced problems. passengers say the engine made a loud groaning noise before the plane dipped to the left.
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that was enough to scare some and prompt the pilot to make an emergency landing in cleveland, ohio. >> sort of a sudden loud groaning sound from one of the engines. then the left side of the plane kind of dipped. >> once safely on the ground in cleveland, the passengers boarded another plane and then they were able to continue on to omaha. >> lucifer in the flesh. that's how former house speaker john boehner describes ted cruz. and now senator cruz is using that comment in campaign e-mails to raise money as he challenges donald trump in a tight race for votes in indiana. meanwhile, unruly protests erupted outside of trump's first california rally. tracie potts has the latest on decision 2016. >> it got rowdy outside donald trump's california rally last night. police in riot gear arrested 20 people. while inside trump blamed crime on immigration.
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>> what the hell is happening? we're going to build our wall folks. we're going to build a wall. >> trump's leading in indiana. they vote tuesday. john kasich is on the ballot but is not campaigning there. he now says he considered dropping out after last tuesday's losses. but decided to stay in the race. >> that doesn't take me to a road to victory, sobeit because i'm not going to lower the bar. i'm not going to disappoint my friends. >> ted cruz admits indiana could be a game changer if trump wins. >> the hoosier state that is the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders is shifting his focus from hillary clinton to the democratic party. >> the democratic party has to reach a fundamental conclusion. are we on the side of working people or big money interests?
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>> clinton has been largely mia on the campaign trail this week. >> she's playing that card. >> she posted this video and is fund-raising off trump accusing her of playing the woman card. >> and that seems to be the ace in the hole that sanders is counting on to win over some of the superdelegates supporting clinton, the fact there are polls showing he would boo a better bet against republicans in november. from washington tracie potts, nbc news. >> and secretary clinton did make an appearance in her home state of new york. she attended the annual fund-raising breakfast for the eagle academy foundation which supports a network of all male prep schools in challenged urban communities. make sure you have the free nbc10 app for a detailed look at the candidates, all of them. we'll send push alerts as news breaks from the campaign trail. in baltimore, a man dressed up in an animal costume and threatened to blow up a tv station is in stable condition after police shot him during the incident. the man was wearing a hedge hog
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onesie and had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to him as he walked into the fox 45 building. he wanted the station to air what he said was information about a government conspiracy. >> he kept on saying you know i don't want to hurt anyone. i don't want to hurt you. but i really want my message to be heard. >> officers shot him three times when they say he refused to listen to their orders. after the four-hour incident came to an end, police learned that the supposed bomb is actually candy bars that had been wrapped in aluminum foil and wired together. a cool one today, and cloudy, too. if you're heading out, you may need an umbrella. gray skies and a chilly breeze. you'll definitely need a jacket. showers ss are on and off. heading out this evening, still a possibility of some showers in the evening. keep the umbrella handy aehandy. as you may have noticed by the
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seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen the chance of showers will take a break tomorrow, but then they return. as far as today, right now, seeing very light rainfall in the philadelphia area. those light showers streaming across south philly into portions of gloucester camden counties, and the subers delaware county chester county seeing light rainfall too. this is on and off, just occasional showers during the day. more to the west and we'll see those come into play during the day. light rain falling in wilmington. that will pass and move into south jersey. but it is going to be a possibility as we go into the afternoon, and the rain, the wind and the clouds all combine to keep temperatures chilly. low 50s now in south jersey with the rain in south philadelphia 52 degrees. still a little cooler in the pennsylvania suburbs. 49 degrees right now. up to 50 degrees in phoenixville and collegeville. there have been a few breaks in the clouds. farther to the north, but not clearing out completely. you may see some limited
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sunshine but mostly it's going to be clouds and some scattered showers. somerton, 53 degrees this afternoon. university city of clouds are in place, and the penn relays today. you'll run into light showers this afternoon at 4:00 and 7:00, the best day this weekend is going to be saturday. may even see some sunshine peek through. 60 degrees at 1:00 in university city, and clouds are back for 4:00 and 6:00 hours, but it will stay a little warmer for tomorrow. for today, those numbers parked in the 30s in south jersey and at the shore, just a bit chillier. 50 degrees. 54 with cloudy skies in dover and at times you'll see some scattered light showers in dover and for wilmington. and there is more wet weather ahead. this is the futurecast for this afternoon. light showers moving through at 1:30 and still a possibility for parts of the area at 4:30 this afternoon, and we'll get a break for much of the evening. at 7:30 this evening, but if you're out late, another round
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of wet weather will start to move in and will come in overnight and into the early morning hours. so the days of dreariness will continue for today and tomorrow. some breaks of sunshine possible on saturday. before we get another round of rain on sunday and unfortunately, that will come along with the broad street run. this is noontime on saturday. you see some thinning in the clouds. a little break of sunshine is possible. won't clear out completely, however, and the next round of rain moving in from the west that's 8club 30 saturday evening. still dry in philadelphia and delaware and south jersey but not for long. those showers are on the move and by sunday morning, first thing in the morning, here comes some steady rain and a potential for heavier downpours in cape may at the jersey shore philadelphia will get a steady light rainfall at 8:30. that will continue into the late morning and early afternoon hours. we're lucky we'll get a break or two during the afternoon. so the ten-day outlook, we do need the rain unfortunately,
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it's coming with the weekend and big events in our yarb withdraw. scattered light showers today. shouldn't impact too much. 55 degrees. 63 mostly cloudy, should see some breaks of sunshine but not clearing out. then on sunday the broad street run, which is going to see that rain in the morning and kind of raw conditions. near 50 degrees at 8:00. not much warmer at 10:00, and showers continue into the afternoon. the showers continue for monday of next week but by tuesday, we're starting to clear out and getting a little bit warmer on wednesday, upper 60s, and then there's a chance of showers returning thursday and friday. the following weekend saturday and sunday, that's looking nice. temperatures in the 70s. vai. >> all right thank you, bill. message for the pope vice president biden's visit to the vatican and his plea for pope francis to join him in his fight for more cancer research funding. and these gentle giants are about to take their final bows. a look at the end of an era for the greatest show on earth as
11:23 am
the pack aderms get set to pack it up. it's not new york. it's not l.a. it's the thrilla in fhila, the networking event of 2016 presenting night at the fights. join me vai sikahema for a spectacular evening unlike any other. punch up your career by raising money for youth and education. a night to see and be seen. saturday, april 30th tickets at nightat
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privatetally with pope francis just a few hours ago at the vatican. they both spoke at a conference on rejenerative medicine at the vatican. biden pushed accelerated cancer research and talked about the connection between research and moral issues. biden lost his son beau biden to brain cancer last year. >> and we continue to follow breaking news this morning. an american eagle plane is forced to make an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport. we're learning new information about the incident and the impact on flights going in and out of the airport this morning. plus ready to run. students from philadelphia's northeast high school will tackle the blue cross broad street run as part of a team and the goal is about more than fitness and competition.
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and that breaking news there are delays at philadelphia international airport right now after a plane made an emergency landing there earlier this morning. nbc10's pamela osborne is live for us at the airport with the details. fill us in. >> vai, first of all if you or anybody you know at home is heading to the airport you're going to want to check your flights in advance before you get here. because we're seeing delays at last check of up to an hour and a half. the situation is all clear, but again, because of that temporary stop of airplane traffic this morning, there are delays. we know there were 50 passengers and 4 crew members onboard american eagle flight 4801 operated by piedmont. the flielt was coming in from richmond international airport.
11:31 am
it landed here in philly around 8:15, prior to landing, the pilot reported there was smoke in the cabin, and take a look. we just got this picture from a passenger who was onboard the plane. he says the cabin filled with smoke and that passengers were instructed on the emergency landing procedures. he said they climbed off on the wings and were greeted by emergency personnel, firefighters, airport officials tell me passengers used stairs to exit the plane on the air field. this all happened moments after another american eagle flight this one operated by republican airline from toronto communicated to the faa tower that there may be a problem. the plane landed safely. airport officials tell me the plane taxied to its designated gate over its own power and the 76 passengers and 3 crew members ungboarded there at the gate. if you're heading out, if you know someone coming in you're going to want to take a look and
11:32 am
see what the updated delays actually are. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. soggy conditions at the shore this weekend and throughout much of our area. a live look at the jersey shore from our camera at the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may, new jersey. a dreary morning in delaware county. we found people waiting for the bus under cloudy skies. you can also see drivers there using their headlights as thazey were getting to where they needed to be. bill henley is here with our friday forecast. hey, bill. >> hey, vai. always a good idea to light up the rain so other people can see you, especially on dreary days like this. cape may, you just showed us nothing going on as far as rain but there are showers nearby. the rain is inland and streaming in from the west just some light showers. wilmington, philadelphia and into new jersey and some of the
11:33 am
western suburbs, too. it's combining to keep things chilly. 40s and low 50s really the temperatures going nowhere today. in south jersey, 51 degrees at piny hollow. medford is 52 they'll come up a little more but without sunshine and that steady easterly wind in philadelphia 53 degrees at 6:00. barely any warmer than it is right now. occasional rain showers for the pennsylvania subers, mostly cloudy skies and dreary conditions. the temperatures to the south will make it into the low 50s for delaware pretty much where they are now, and start cooling down this evening at 10:00 there are more showers in store for us. but we will get breaks during the evening hours. new jersey scattered showers at 2:00 at the shore. same story with clouds late this afternoon and turning cooler at 10:00 this evening. back into the 40s. now, we normally drop down into the 40s overnight, but it's unusually cool for this time of
11:34 am
year when our afternoon temperatures should be near 70 degrees. there are some 70s, though vai, in the ten-day outlook. have a look when i come back. >> you got my attention. thank you, bill. the doors are now open at the blue cross broad street run health and fitness expo. the event leads up to sunday's race of course. tim furlong is live for us in center city. you're like a professional athlete, like a superstar athlete athlete, whether it's the phillies or the draft party or the expo there's a crowd. you're the guy we send. >> any chance i have to wear sneakers, vai, any chance to wear sneakers i'm all over it bro. that's what i like to do i like to be comfortable. i love places like this. this is pretty exciting. the blue cross broad street run is sunday. all the runners get a chance to come in here get their t-shirts, their bibs and then they come through this cool expo and this vast complex of shopping and giveaways and all sorts of cool stuff.
11:35 am
a lot of vendors here. a lot of cool runner products. you can test things out and see what you like. you can also of course hang out with nbc10. we have tracy here matt here we're all here we have our pictures, a lot of nbc10 freebies. look, there we go. you can even come over here and fill out a poster. these are like dry erase boards. you can fill out a poster for your favorite runner. there's jessica boyington. she's running. someone wrote i heart traffic. it's fun to come out here even if you're not necessarily running in the race on sunday just great to come out, have fun, and get a feel for it. also a great place to come and learn about the race so you can learn what to get into forthex year. we talked to a lot of people who said i came to the expo and i'm psyched to do it. i'm going to sign up next year. a lot of fun to come out and meet a lot of people including your favorite nbc10 people. it's a great time. we're going to have great
11:36 am
coverage at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and our special at 7:00. live at the convention center. tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> you know you're one of mine. >> well more than just a race some of the runners at sunday's blue cross broad street run will be looking to break personal records as well as barriers. matt, who you just saw there in tim's live shot shows us how a few stunltsz at northeast high school are uniting through running. >> eight, nine, ten. >> if there's one thing these students at northeast high school can count on it's each other. >> some of these students never ran a day in their lives. >> maybe a challenge for some but not these kids. >> living there for 12 years and coming here it was really difficult. starting a new page of your book. >> malika came to america from uzbekistan, searching for a better life. >> i want to push myself like for the college, to like have a
11:37 am
more strong future. >> a future some of these kids would have found almost impossible a few years ago. take rashona for example. she and her mom fled tujeej astan. her mother a journalist was not seen in good favor by the government there. >> they wanted to kill us and before we left our country, we moved to russia. >> a ten-mile run now seems simple. every step they take is for themselves or their families. >> i want to do it for my mom. i want to show that you can do -- we can be successful again. >> training is intense. first, the classroom, then running. >> just run. you gotta do what you gotta do. >> to earn the medal, whether they come in first place or last.
11:38 am
>> we have students from syria, from pakistan albania. >> all inspiring each other to finish the run. >> i want to do more. i want to keep doing more. >> now you get to have some fun. >> yes. >> they will surely have fun on sunday. for students run philly style, this is not the first time they have had refugee students involved in the race. but the team you saw has the largest number of immigrants and ref jewugees involved. >> tim has you covered from start to finish. our coverage bes at 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. and you're running, don't forget to dvr it before you leave the house so you can go back home and see if you can find yourself in our coverage and join us tonight for ready, set, run. the experts show us what runners need to do in the days leading up to the race we're 48 hours away now. we'll show you the best places
11:39 am
to watch along the route if you happen to go and want to be there. and it's also what's new at this's health and wellness expo. and while runners across the area are preparing for sunday's blue cross broad street run, so are a group of dogs. ten dogs called the action pack will represent the animal care and control team of philadelphia. and a booth along the race route. ten runners will also participate in the race in honor of those dogs. they'll raise awareness for the homeless pets of philadelphia and money for new kennels at the center at the shelter. >> when we replace the kennels, we want to make sure they feel safe they have less likelihood to get sick and ultimately they'll get adopted faster and be better pet for the philadelphia community. >> the action pack hopes to raise more than $500,000 this weekend. those dogs will also be available for adoption at the conclusion of the race. nbc10 tries to clear the shelters throughout the year. every saturday morning, we bring a pet on our newscast that's up
11:40 am
for adoption. watch this saturday for the featured pet. eagles top draft pick carson wentz will come to philadelphia this afternoon to meet with reporters. the birds selected the north dakota state quarterback in the draft last night. >> carson wentz. >> yeah! >> how about that guy's face in the red jersey? he's excited. the nfl draft resumes tonight. and a wave of excitement there at the link. eagles have no scheduled selections in round two. they have six picks beginning with the 79th overall in round three. you can count on nbc10, your official eagles station, for complete coverage of wentz's news conference later today when it happens. >> join your official eagles
11:41 am
station sunday night for eagles blueprint. we'll have exclusive access to carson wentz's first days in the eagles northwest and interviews you won't see anywhere else like howie roseman, doug pederson. it's all this sunday night at 11:35 right here on nbc10. going toe to toe for a good cause. several philadelphia nonprofits are hosting a boxing event called night at the fights that will make an impact all across the city. nbc10's pamela osborne spoke with the person who is training celebrity fighters to hold their own in the ring tomorrow night. >> the love of the fight draws people in to joe hand boxing gyms all across the city. but it's love for philadelphia that inspired a new fight. >> definitely to benefit the children. >> night at the fights happens saturday and malik jackson has been training the celebrity fighters bobby keys and d.a. seth williams. >> we train three or four times
11:42 am
a day. different boxing workouts. high intensity strength and conditioning to get their body right. >> that fight is one of 10 to 15 on the card. the rest of the matches will be put on by local up and coming fighters. giving them an opportunity to participate in a sport and tradition that goes hand in hand with the city of philadelphia. >> it's a big opportunity for the kids of philadelphia to fight in the center rather than a local gym or something like that. >> that was pamela osborne reporting. i'm excited to tell you i will be tomorrow night's emcee at night at the fights. i'll be the ring announcer. that's going to be exciting. for more information, go to our website at or check out the nbc10 app. and a good thing that's an indoor event for you because outdoor, it hasn't been so nice and the clouds are still with us. we have more showers ahead and
11:43 am
somy rain that's going to arrive over the weekend. i'll take you through the weekend forecast. in fact the next ten days with our ten-day outlook, coming up.
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11:45 am
a circus tradition comes to an end this weekend. 40 elephants will have their final performance as part of the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. they have been part of the greatest show on earth for nearly 150 years. they'll retire to a conservation
11:46 am
land in florida. it came after animal rights activists changed laws making compliance more complicated. >> malory, there are two skippies. a good skippy and a bad skippy. would you like to go out with either of us on friday night? >> no. no. >> who could forget the lovable skippy, always vying for malory's affection on "family ties." >> and of course, ros russell, a tough no nonsense woman from night court. the actors are teaming up for a new comedy tour that's making a stop right here in our area this weekend. we'll thrilled to welcome mark price and marsha warfield. thank you for being here. this is sort of almost a reunion of sorts for you guys right?
11:47 am
you were on family ties once or twice, right? >> i did family ties" early on. >> as you travel is it fun to be together because you have the shared experience of doing sitcoms? >> we're to retire like the elephants. >> we're going to florida. >> we actually are going to florida next. but we're still going. >> there's a group of you traveling together. i see jimmy walkser a part of the group, same tour? maybe not on this leg. >> we do some legends of sitcom shows, a lot of great comedians famous from sitcoms and marsha is one of my favorites so we have kind of gone out on our own. >> have you stayed in touch, tell me what the experience is like, your memory of doing the sitcoms. >> we have a night court bus that go out in the woods and we just harry does magic, and that doesn't happen. i just made that up. >> you drew me in.
11:48 am
a bus. >> i'm good really good. no but we stayed in touch on social media mainly everybody is scattered all over the country, so it's hard to get -- i talk to charlie on the phone the other day. and he's doing well. but usually it's social media. >> how about you, mark? >> i love the cast members and everybody gets in touch once in a while. there will be a reunion of sorts, pop into the comedy clubs. >> you were telling me you're from north jersey. >> i am from burgen county. of course. >> you have family coming to your shows? >> i do and friends from the block, from back in the day. before there was the keatons on family ties it was up the street. before i was skippy i was loui. so he's back. >> loui before skippy. what is it about -- what is it about stand-up comedy? even jay leno and seinfeld, they continue to tour even when they don't have to. there's something about it it
11:49 am
seems like a drug that draws you back. >> it's a calling. it's a calling. we started in stand-up. you know we didn't start on -- >> you were discovered doing stand-up, right? >> pretty much. so it's what i do. i'm not an actress. viola davis, you know i'm not coming for her. i do stand-up. and so back into it. i haven't done it in years. >> these days a lot of youngsters want to do something else, want to be on a sitcom. but we're proud to be stand-ups. that's what we do. the guys you mentioned, jay leno and stuff, that's what they do too. >> an immediate reaction of the live audience is that the appeal? >> a big part of it. >> we're opinionated, pretty much. we get a chance to spout our opinions. >> you know especially with an election year i can't hardly wait to what some of your opinions are. you can catch mark price and
11:50 am
marsha warfield live on stage for the legends of sitcom tour tonight, tomorrow night, catch a rising star at the hyatt regency in princeton. for more information, head over to our website,, or check out our nbc10 app. thank you, a pleasure. >> philly new jersey love you guys. >> there you go. >> the clouds are hanging in there. this is wildwood new jersey. we have seen some scattered showers. mainly it's just dreary. 52 degrees in philadelphia. these numbers are run aglittle cooler than yesterday. down three degrees in philadelphia and allentown. coatesville is seven degrees cooler compared to yesterday. low 50s today, that's it. occasional showers. loit showers falling in philadelphia. they're streaming in from the west, but there's really not a lot more out there. we will see more showers. it's just not going to be heavy, steady rainfall during the day
11:51 am
today. those showers just clearing the wilmington area heading into salem and gloucester county at this time. wilmington, you can see the clouds. this is the view from crawly stadium on and off, and staying cool. 51 degrees at 1:00 52 very little warming there at 2:00. and some occasional showers. nothing but clouds today. this is tomorrow just after noontime, look at the breaks in the clouds. a chance we'll see some sunshine, but you can also see the clouds really don't leave us, and here comes the next batch of rain. this is tomorrow evening. saturday evening at 9:00 april is going to end on a rainy note and unfortunately, may starts with rain just in time for the blue cross broad street run. 8:00 in the morning. look at the rain falling from philadelphia into south jersey. steadier rainfall moderate to heavier showers, just passing to the south and through the race at 11:00 in the morning, there's still some rain. it may taper off a little bit, but it's not going to be a nice
11:52 am
day for an outdoor event. for today, a few events but it's going to stay dreary. 55 at best today. much of the area a little cooler. tomorrow mostly cloudy skies. expect to see some sunshine. 63, then here comes the rain for the broad street run. that's going to make for a chilly, raw morning. 49 degrees at 8:00. barely warming up at 10:00 in the morning, 51 degrees. and the wind that will below 10 miles per hour with cool temperatures and rain it's going to make it feel even chillier. steadier rain at noontime and into the afternoon hours, but it should beering off after that. come monday still some rain but tuesday we get a break from the rain and it's part of a warming trend that will have us up to 70 degrees on thursday. thursday and friday we could see more scattered showers in the area. next weekend, then we'll finally be drying out, and warming up too. the afternoon temperatures in the 70s. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00 an all new ellen with mario lopez, then the news at 4:00 and the philadelphia family devastated by the loss of a loved one and then shocked by how they say they were treated by a local cemetery company. >> unfair to the dead for them to have to be treated like this.
11:56 am
>> that's when they called nbc10 responds for help. see how their plight ended today at 4:00. check in now with bill henry for a final look at the weekend. >> a chilly raw day. people love spring weather. but they think of this as not typical spring weather, and it isn't. it's cooler than normal unseasonably cool. we should warm to near 70 degrees this afternoon, but instead, we have this rainy pattern that's going to stay with us into the weekend. it's just updating right now, the pennsylvania suburbs have come up to 50 degrees. 51 now in new jersey. a few scattered rain showers. and you'll see them on and off this afternoon. 50s for today, and a little warmer for tomorrow. but limited sunshine will be around tomorrow. for today, just some scattered light rain showers and unfortunately, the steadier rain will be timed with the blue cross broad street run on sunday morning. >> but next weekend. >> next weekend. >> yes, 70s.
11:57 am
back to that. thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for bill henley and all of us here, have a great day and a terrific weekend.
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> philip: you want to get married? you're kidding, right? >> belle: no, let's elope. we could go to vegas. we had such a good time when we were there before. >> philip: okay, belle where is this coming from? you--you're tired of being a single parent so you want to enlist a hand. >> belle: of course not. claire doesn't have anything to do with this. >> philip: then what's going on? first you didn't want to commit, then you did. >> belle: [scoffs] >> philip: then you didn't then you did. >> belle: okay, well i'm through being indecisive. >> philip: until you change your mind again. >> belle: would you stop? i'm not gonna change my mind. i want you and only you, forever. and you want that, too, right? so... marry me.


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