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tv   Today  NBC  May 7, 2016 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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> good morning. getting personal. donald trump slams hillary clinton accusing her of shaming the women who claimed to have sexual relations decades ago with her husband. >> she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. and what she did to a lot of the women was disgraceful. >> clinton with fighting words of her own. >> and their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee. >> and overnight, a twitter battle with trump and democratic senator heats up. we're live on the campaign trail. and out of control. new warnings about a massive and still growing wildfire in canada.
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more than 80,000 residents already forced to flee. hundreds of homes destroyed in just minutes. and now fears the fire will double in size by the end of the day. rushing in. newly released video showing the emergency response when prince had the plane scare a week before his death. this as a judge orders dna testing on the late singer's blood and as thousands turn out for another tribute concert. ♪ purple rain and getting down and derby. 20 horses getting ready for the kentucky derby. the first leg of the elusive triple crown. will any of them follow in the footsteps of american pharoah? dylan is live with a preview and a first look inside of a club where a ticket will cost you five figures. today, saturday, may 7th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio
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1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin. the other part of our team, dylan dreyer, is at churchill downs where they are getting ready to run the 142nd kentucky derby this afternoon. that is one heck of a hat, my friend. >> i started off big this morning. i'm wondering if you can hear the siren that's going off. this is what happens when you get here to churchill downs. every once and a while, a horse gets loose without a rider. the sirens go off until the horse is corralled back in. there's a horse on the loose right now, guys. >> a horse on the loose. dylan, we will check in with you in a little bit. >> she is setting the bar with the hat. >> yes. now to the other race. the race for the white house. it is getting nastier than ever. donald trump taking on hillary clinton in a personal way last
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night while republican leaders say they cannot support their presumptive nominee. nbc's kelly o'donnell is following the candidates. >> good morning, sheinelle. time zones may change, but the tone has not. meeting voters from oregon to california, hillary clinton and donald trump are getting personal. while some of the parties big names in each party are adding fuel to the campaign fires. >> reporter: taking the stage in eugene, oregon, donald trump poured salt in the most personal wound of hillary clinton. accusing her of mistreating women involved in bill clinton's infidelity. >> she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> reporter: trump targeted another prominent woman as a suggested vp choice for clinton. >> i think hillary should run
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with goofy elizabeth warren. >> reporter: that brought to life the social media battle the. >> she is a goofist. >> reporter: for her part, senator warren tweeted about trump a dozen times friday saying he spews insults analyze. while earlier in oakland, california, hillary clinton took her own shots at trump. >> and their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee. >> reporter: and attacked his views toward women. >> and of course, he doesn't think much of equal pay for women because, of course, he doesn't think much of women, it turns out. >> reporter: clinton is trying to capitalized on republicans who abandon trump. jeb bush and lindsey graham. the latest to announce they will not vote for him. trump called them out for
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failing to live up to the gop's loyalty pledge that all candidates would support the party's nominee. >> i signed a pledge and they're the ones that are violating the pledge, okay? >> with both presidents bush and john mccain and mitt romney not going to the convention, trump did get the endorsement of bob dole who said the party must unite. so far, the clinton campaign did not respond. and clinton said she would not always respond to some of the things trump says. sheinelle. >> thank you. the man who police said went on a shooting spree in washington, d.c. is in custody. he is accused in a string of shootings that left three people dead and three others wounded. this morning, investigators are still trying to figure out precisely why. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is outside the mall in bethesda, maryland. pete, good morning. >> craig, good morning. police say they don't believe the shooting victims had
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anything to do with each other. some people are starting to gather here at the mall this morning to pay tribute. only one of the victims actually knew the man in custody and she was his wife. >> reporter: this morning, investigators hope to find some answers to what caused a day of anxiety for washington. it ended in a strip mall parking lot as police rammed and surrounded the car of the shooting suspect. a 62-year-old federal police officer now charged with murder. police say he shot and killed his estranged wife thursday evening when she came to a maryland high school to pick up her children. gladys obtained a restraining ordinance a month ago against him. and three people were shot in the parking lot in the busy shopping mall in the adjacent county. >> we heard a pop, pop. four or five cars in, somebody on the ground. >> reporter: a woman wounded. two men came to her aid.
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one killed. less than an hour later, a woman was shot and killed in a grocery store parking lot hundreds miles of way. schools were told to lock the doors. a few hours after that, police spotted the suspect's car in the parking lot of the strip mall across the street from the grocery store. plain clothes police spotted him eating a salad at this restaurant. officers kept watch unseen by him. >> our fear was he was armed. we did not want any other bloodshed here. the plain clothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody. >> reporter: when he got into his car, police pounced. smashing into it and blocking him. >> i was at the shop. they had the car surrounded. there was everything was blocked off. entrances and exits. >> reporter: gladys claimed that he sexually abused her minor children. his stepchildren. he once slapped her so hard, it broke her glasses.
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>> people have been gathering at the mall at the scene of one of the shootings bringing flowers and balloons. tordeal was suspended from the federal buildings in march when the restraining order was filed. court documents showed he was once married to two women at the same time when he lived in the philippines. craig. >> pete williams for us in maryland. thank you. a massive wildfire still burning out of control this morning in the canadian providence of alberta. more than 80,000 people have been swrakted. fire officials fear the blaze could explode in size today. we have nbc's miguel almaguer with more from canada. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, the smoke has billowed all night. police have blocked off the road mind me. saying anyone uphill could be in danger because the fire could quickly turn deadly. this is the power of the moving
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monster. wildfire so explosive hundreds of homes destroyed in minutes. the security cameras in this house captured its strength and destruction. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the blaze is massive. by friday, some 250,000 acres. a size larger than all five boroughs of new york city. by today, officials say it could double in size. feeding on the forest. chewing through millions of drought-stricken trees. with flames sweeping through communities, evacuees have been sleeping out. a 1,200 caravan escorted by police. only to be smothered by flames and smoke covering the roadway. >> that's all i have left. >> reporter: with hundreds of homes decimated. too many for firefighters to
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count, thousand are in shelters. lucky ones sleeping in cots. others in cars. >> we have the most important valuable things in the world right now. we have our family. we're okay. 88,000 people made it out okay. >> reporter: charlotte says she and her four children are lucky, but this disaster has taken so much from so many. >> it's just really, really scary. >> reporter: this morning, an entire community is heartbroken. hundreds of homes are gone and even more are still in danger. >> in need of more help, crews have gotten some 500 firefighters now on the ground. more than a dozen air tankers are crossing the sky. there is a possibility of rain in the forecast, but that, say, firefighters, won't stop this massive blaze. sheinelle. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. in north korea this weekend, a show of force by leader kim jong-un holding a rare session
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of congress. the north korean dictator talking about the use of weapons. we have nbc's bill neely in pyongyang. bill, good morning to you. >> craig, sheinelle, good morning from pyongyang where north korea's leader says nuclear weapons are thrilling and will keep his people safe. kim jong-un's nuclear program has worried the whole world. in his speech, he was defiant and it seems in complete control. >> reporter: saluting the world's youngest and most unpredictable leader. kim jong-un is 33 and executes those who don't show loyalty. so they showed plenty here. when he spoke, they clapped as only the north koreans can. when he voted, they voted with him. he said the nuclear weapons he is building would bring final
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victory. danger words from a leader who has fired multiple missiles in recent months and tested a hydrogen bomb this year. for him, the u.s. is enemy number one. this congress overshadowed by fears of another provocative nuclear test. pyongyang's metro system doubles as a nuclear shelter. here they say they feel safe, but angry over america's aggressive sanctions. >> what do you think of president obama? >> i hate him, he says. if i hit you, you'll hurt. that's what he's doing to us. >> reporter: the party faithful don't dare step out of line. putting a foot out of line can lead you to a labor camp. this american jailed by north korea says any word against kim brings prison or death. >> it is possible to have
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anybody protest. >> in all your time there, did you ever hear a word of criticism of kim jong-un? >> no. not a single word. >> reporter: we were invited to cover the congress, but so far they have not let us in. north korea is becoming more isolated and more danger all the time. people here don't know that because they have almost no contact with the outside world and that's exactly the way their leader wants it to stay. craig, sheinelle. >> bill neely inside north korea. thank you. new developments in the investigation into prince's death. the judge allowing dna testing of the pop icon's blood as authorities want to talk to a california doctor who specializing in addiction and his son. we have morgan radford with more. >> craig, sheinelle, good morning. this investigation continues to unfold. 16 days after his death, video of the emergency plane landing in illinois is raising questions
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about the notoriously private icon and the role that painkillers may have played in his death. this while a legal battle heats up over his estate. >> reporter: flashing lights on the runway. just out, new video from airport surveillance cameras that appear first responders rushing to prince's private plane during the emergency landing in illinois days before his death. >> what's the nature of the emergency? >> unresponsive passenger. >> reporter: as the mystery unfolds around the cause of the death, friday, a judge allowed dna testing on his blood in case more people come forward claiming toi be relatives. prince did not have children, but had six siblings. >> guys, don't block the entrance. >> reporter: investigators now say they want to interview addiction dr. howard kornfeld and his son. his son went to the home and
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found prince unresponsive. >> no drugs were ever administered. no intention of drugs administered to prince by andrew or dr. kornfeld. >> reporter: as the legal drama heats up behind closed doors, those who love prince's music continue to pay their respects. on wednesday, beatles paul mc r mccartney played "let's go crazy" to a packed house. and friday evening, thousands of fans gathered for a tribute concert in downtown los angeles. ♪ >> reporter: a good-bye fit for a prince. >> and in overnight statement to nbc news, prince's six siblings are planning an official memorial service and public event to take place in the future. >> morgan, thank you.
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let's look at some of the other headlines making news this morning. including the clash in california with protesters and police. demonstrators in san francisco confronted deputies at city hall demanding the police chief be fired after five protesters were taken to prison. at least 25 protesters were arrested. turning overseas where history is made in london. voters have elected the city's first muslim mayor. sadiq khan scored a win with 57% of the vote. the race was marked by negative campaigning, but in the victory speech, he called his election a quote, triumph of hope over fear. and zika virus is a game changer for major league baseball. the marlins were set to play in puerto rico at the end of the month, but players were worried that zika virus on the island could put the players at risk.
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the commissioner moved the games to the marlins park in florida. and to powerball. another mega jackpot. this one grown to $415 million. the largest prize since the $1.6 billion record payout in january. as always, while it sounds great, the chances of winning are slim. your odds are about 1 in 292 million. wow! >> good luck. a turnout is expected today for the 142nd running of the kentucky derby. the first leg of the triple crown. there are 20 horses slated to run today's race all hoping to follow in the footsteps of last year's winner, american pharoah. >> we have dylan dreyer with the latest look there. >> good morning, craig, yes. we mean exclusivexclusive. it is called the mansion. it has been opened for four years. we have been able to get our
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cameras inside. it is invite only and even if you get the invite, you still have to pay about five figures for your ticket to get inside. it is decked out in italian marble and onyx. there is art from local artists that decorates the place. for the women, a sheinelle makeup artist in the bathroom. for the men, cigar roller and for anyone else, origami artist. there is no set wine list, but if you pick the wines you want, they will be there. there are also specialty cocktails. it sounds like it is the place to be to watch the derby. if you don't get to watch the derby there, you can watch it at home. koefrj of the 142nd running of the kentucky derby starts here on nbc at 4:00 p.m. the weather is going to be for me and all ladies wearing short
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sleeves dresses and hats, it is not too bad at 83 degrees. we have to keep an eye out for stronger storms. they will be scattered. i don't think it is likely we will get a direct hit here in louisville. temperatures are 9 to 10 degrees above average. storms will fire up later this afternoon into the evening. right around race time if they were to develop. it is one of the things that one town gets the storm, the next town over doesn't get the storm. it will be a warm one here. warmer than it was yesterday for the kentucky oaks. temperatures should be about 82 degrees. we will keep an eye out for the storms in the midwest and eastern rockies and western plains t a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman. another gloomy day today. not quite as wet as friday but still the chance for scattered showers. we'll warm it up a bit into the mid 60s. closer to 71 which is normal for this time of year. lehigh valley later this afternoon 63. scattered showers.
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70 on mother's day. looking good everywhere for mother's day. jersey shore tomorrow 66 degrees. today in delaware, 65. we warm it up by monday with lots of sunshine and 75. have a great day. and craig, i just found an invite for you to the or you to. i'm sorry you're not here. >> i'm hopping on a flight. thank you, dylan. when we come back, i want to talk about your hat. >> will do. let's go to the high profile trial that got under way friday. pits a billionaire against his former lover. if it goes forward, it could have ripple effects across the media landscape. after the trial started, the judge stunned the courtroom. nbc's gadi schwartz has more on the developments. >> reporter: pulling up in a bentley on the first day of court, the woman suing sumner redstone after the billionaire
7:21 am
cut her out of his life. a bombshell video deposition. redstone making it clear how he feels about the former girlfriend who was once in control of his health care. describes her with "f" words. she lied to me and i hate her. he says he wants his daughter to be his health care designee. lawyers say he wasn't mentally competent. >> the one person who gave a damn about him is manuela. >> reporter: at the end of the day, the judge saying he strongly considering dismissing the case. calling redstone's videotaped testimony strong and adding, i don't know why the testimony should not be respected. the judge saying he will decide this weekend if the case should go forward. if it does, it could have massive implications for the largest entertainment group notice world. he holds a controlling share of cbs and viacom.
7:22 am
the courtroom fight could swing into salacious about redstone's sexual relationships and frail health. redstone spending up to $150 million on her and others living in his mansion until he kicked both out last year. >> mr. redstone brought people in and out of his life erratically in ways most people don't relate to. this is not about passing judgment on the wisdom of those decisions. it is only trying to confirm he's the one making decisions. >> reporter: a civil case with all the makings of a spectacle that could rock the media world. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. and coming up, a look back at the best in the week in "the download and dana carvey."
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and a look at jennifer lopez's
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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all right. still ahead, dads, grab your kids. we have great gifts for procrastinating fathers that you can make today to melt mom's heart tomorrow. all eight ivy league schools. how do they decide which one to go to? we will talk to them about their decision. all eight. but first these messages.
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good saturday morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 7:30. a little cloudy outside. a little wet. let's get more of the forecast from meteorologist michelle grossman. when will this rain go away? >> a little more of the same. cloudy, damp, dreary. a little depressing. we'll see improvement over the weekend. tomorrow a big improvement by the afternoon. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 51 in philadelphia and 47 in the pa suburbs. we are tracking light rain on radar. you can see the sweeping radar with still some light green. again, not over the entire area. it is light rain now with some
7:27 am
drizzle. ten-day outlook 64 today. tomorrow we'll a see showers to start out your mother's day and then sunshine in the afternoon. 72. monday, that looks to be a beautiful day with temperatures in the low 70s. mostly sunny skies. breaking news this morning out of montgomery county. we have learned that three people are dead, including a child, following this house fire in norristown. nbc10 was on the scene an dekalb street near oak street. the fire broke out just before 4:00 this morning. medics took six other people, including a child, to area hospitals. investigators are looking into the cause of this fire and to determine if the home had working smoke detectors. stay with nbc10 for updates. today marks day five in the search for an inmate who escaped from a minimum security prison in camden county. officials no longer believe that arthur buckel is in the barnegat township area of ocean county.
7:28 am
that's where he was spotted on wednesday. they are still looking for him. now back to the "today" show. have a good one.
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♪ i ain't your momma ♪ ♪ i ain't going to do your laundry ♪ ♪ i ain't your momma ♪ when do you get we are back on this saturday morning, may 7th, 2016 with a look at jennifer lopez's new song. "ain't your momma." he will have much more coming up in popstart. >> i won't do your laundry. >> you have three kids. >> i will do that this week. pack in studio 1a this morning. another cloudy day on the plaza. we will go out and see the folks
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on the plaza later this morning. dylan is at churchill downs this morning ahead for the kentucky derby. we will talk to her in a bit. here is what is making headlines on saturday morning. donald trump pulling out a personal attack on hillary clinton accusing her of mistreating women over bill clinton's infidelity. hillary clinton not holding back. and the wildfire in canada could double in size by the end of the day. officials are worried that neighboring towns may have to be evacuated. already 15 structures have been ruined. many destroyed in a matter of minutes. and quite the scene in new york's harbor as sailors prepare for america's cup. some of these boats can cost up to $1 million. the catamarans will compete in the hudson today and tomorrow. lots to get to. let's start with "the download." >> donald trump became the
7:32 am
presumptive nominee. and a man wanted by california police and dana carvey left us laughing. those are a few of the headlines we are talking about. >> donald trump, the sole survivor. >> trump, now the last republican standing. >> look at the victories i had over 16 people that are senators and governors and high level people. one by one, they are gone. >> the leader of the party, paul ryan, says he cannot support or endorse yet. >> i'm not there right now. i hope to, though, and i want to. what is required is we unify the party. setting her sightings on a general election match up, hillary clinton taking aim at trump. >> trying to fear the billionaire businessman. ramping up. showcasing top officials
7:33 am
lambasting trump. >> a con artist. >> phony. >> donald trump, the no-nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> american hero killed in action. >> 31-year-old charlie keating. pictured here with his fiancee. his vehicle in iraq apparently hit by an isis rocket in what officials are calling a coordinated and complex attack. new information leaking out about the pop star prince's death. the pill addiction. >> the urgent call came the night before he died. a representative for the pop star reached out to howard kornfeld. >> he set into motion a plan with what he felt was a life-saving mission. a nail biting slow speed car chase in california. as a suspect weaves through traffic on the highway. >> officers flattened the tires with spike strips, but he kept
7:34 am
driving. the car stopped eventually and the standoff began. police stood out the car doors shutting down the freeway for two hours. could it be a baby for janet jackson? ♪ >> the pop superstar releasing a video of her song late wednesday. the 49-year-old pop star announced she was postponing her unbreakable world tour in a message last month. >> i thought it would be important you be the first to know. my husband and i are planning our family. >> a tough morning for nbc's reporter kerry sanders. as he was blown away while covering a historic cruise from usa to cuba. [ horns blare ] >> but it was dana carvey who
7:35 am
once again had us in stitches as he did his best impersonation. >> have you done your trump yet? >> oh, yeah. i just use this face. you are so fabulous. you are so good. >> he is good. >> i still think his bush, his george h.w. bush, one of the best political impressions of all time. >> classic. i was here when he was downstairs getting ready for the show. he so nice. talks to everybody. talking about new projects. >> i have never met him. i heard that about him. what do you think about janet jackson? >> i will say, full disclosure. i was a kid with janet jackson posters all over the wall. i'm happy for her. it was more controversial than i thought. she is almost 50 and she's having a kid? a lot of people will be putting money where their mouth
7:36 am
is today betting on some of the horses running in the kentucky derby. wagering in horse racing can get confusing. dylan is back to give us a little betting 101. can we call it that? >> this is her wheel house. this is what you do best next to forecasting. >> yes. i will be your gambling aficionado. i placed a bet or two yesterday. some worked. some didn't. if you want to bet on horses, the first easy bet. bet a horse to win. you basically pick a horse like nyquist, you pick him to win. you get a payout. you can place or show. if you want nyquist to show, as long as he comes in first, second or third, you get money. we have the box bets.
7:37 am
the exacta bet. you want exaggerator and nyquist. the trifecta box and you can get that, but it is more complicated. you can get sudden breaking news to win. then you can get the second and third and they have to be in order. the first three horses have to be in order. you want nyquist and then you want sudden breaking news and then three, tom's ready. i tried this yesterday. it doesn't work. >> we are so wasting your talents. this meteorology thing you do. this is a complete waste of your time. >> give me a marker board and some magnetic squares and i can talk to you about this all day. >> man.
7:38 am
>> she is speaking french. >> fascinating. thank you very much. i guess we should do a bit of weather while we have you here. >> okay. let's put a sun in here. no, we actually have more high end graphics for the weather. the northeast cannot catch a break with this. cloudy, dreary weather. it has been raining for days. you have not seen the sunshine for days. temperatures stuck in the 40s and 50s. finally improvement through tomorrow. today, temperatures are the cooler side. clouds are not going anywhere. by sunday, it will be a little bit below average, but we squeeze out a little more sunshine. just rewind it back. you can get more knowledge if you listen to it a second time myon b a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman. another gloomy day today. not quite as wet as friday but still the chance for scattered showers. we'll warm it up a bit into the mid 60s. that's the good news. closer to 71 which is normal for this time of year.
7:39 am
lehigh valley later this afternoon 63. scattered showers. 70 on mother's day. looking good everywhere for mother's day. jersey shore tomorrow 66 degrees. today in delaware, 65. by tomorrow 72. we warm it up by monday with lots of sunshine and 75. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> in keeping with the show's tradition of giving folks news they can use, we will make sure to put dylan's gambling 101 on as quickly as possible. >> the gift that keeps on giving. still ahead, from quarterback to cookbook. why on earth does tom brady's cookbook cost $200? and it is not too late to make mom something great for mother's day tomorrow. we have special diy projects that dads can do with the kids. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again?
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this had morning in today's take away, in just 24 hours, we are celebrating the wonderful women in our lives for mother's day. don't have a gift yet? no problem. we have great diy projects for you and the kids. no matter how young or old they are. retail or not sara is here with us. thanks for making the trip. >> thanks for having me. >> this is for the youngest? >> before we start, i want to say everything on the table is available at the local arts and crafts store. it will not break the bank. let's start with the first gift idea. personal picture frame. all you need are a few flat white frames and finger paints in a few colors. start with the darkest colors first and let it dry and add the lighter colors. >> what are these? >> stained glass sun catchers.
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you can paint her some flowers. >> the age ranges for the gifts? >> under 7 years old. >> now we move on to gifts you can do with your older kids. >> this is in the middle. if your mom has a green thumb and loves gardening. i suggest you make a stepping stone and put a sweet note on it. when she is gardening in the backyard, she is reminded of it. >> i have never seen this. >> you can get it at your local arts and craft stores. so moving on. this is also for the more advanced kids in the household. dads and tweens can repurpose a deck of cards and give mom 52 reasons to tell her you you love her. it is easy. take the reason on the white piece of paper, glue it on the card, punch a couple of holes in it. mom has a book she can look at it. >> and when you are finished, you can play poker with mom.
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>> these are a fan favorite. it let's dads and tweens show off their wacky side. you can paint a pot and let it dry. if you are doing it, do it today so let it dry. modge podge on to the pot. >> and what do we have here? >> at home spa treatment is the sug sugar scrub. sugar and essential oils in your mom's favorite scent and food dye. >> this is a gift my wife would enjoy. >> this is a set favorite. really easy. custom wine bottle. >> i just noticed this. i'll take that home. >> printout your favorite mother's day picture on sticky photo paper. paste it on. and voila. >> voila indeed.
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these are gifts that folks can do today? >> today. do it yourself. >> sara, thank you so much. dressing up at the derby. dylan is going to teach us all about this year's most fashionable looks. ♪ new aquafina sparkling. an experience that's "all together" refreshing. aquafina sparkling. for happy bodies.
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with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet? back now on saturday morning. we know about the fancy dresses and huge hats that women wear at the kentucky derby. >> what about the guys? seersucker suits and bowties. show us how to tie these things? >> i'll take you step by step to tie a bowtie. leave one end about 1 to 2 inches longer than the other end. take the longer end, cross it over the shorter end, and tuck it up underneath. just like you are tying a regular tie. drape that one side over your
7:50 am
shoulder. with this side that looks like a fish, stick your finger where the fish head is and cross it over so you are getting a bow. >> that's where i get lost. i need a mirror. >> take this guy over your shoulder and cross it over. if you take these two pieces and pull them forward, you feel the hole that develops back here. then, you want to take this side, wrap it underneath. tuck it through the hole. >> craig, why are you giving up? >> pull the two loop sides. >> that is a well tied bowtie. i'm really impressed. >> and voila. >> it takes me 20 minutes to do it in the mirror. and lots of language. >> she is a renaissance woman. >> and rewind that back and you can learn how to tie a tie. >> we will look more at american pharoah's life of
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just about 8:00 on this saturday. great day to go to the beach. just kidding! check in with meteorologist michelle grossman. we still have rain out there, right? >> great day to stay in bed. damp and dreary once again. we have improving conditions throughout the weekend. right now temperatures a little cool. 51 right now in new jersey. 51 in lehigh valley. delaware at 50 degrees. 51 in philadelphia. yes, we are tracking some rain, so maybe you like rain on the beach. then you would love the beach day today. tomorrow looking better. mother's day. we start out with some showers and then clear it out to mostly sunny skies. monday looks fantastic.
7:57 am
76 and mostly sunny. then we bring back the chance for showers with a thunderstorm maybe wednesday and tuesday. extending into next week. sunday we're looking at temperatures in the 70s. we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of montgomery county. two adults and one child are dead following a house fire here on dekalb street. the flames broke out just before 4:00 this morning. six other people also went to the hospital. one of those victims in the hospital is a child in critical condition. right now fire officials are trying to determine if there were working smoke detectors in the home. also, investigators are looking for the cause. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up at 8:30 this morning. another overnight house fire in south philadelphia claimed two lives. a man and a woman were found dead inside this home. the fire commissioner tells us there were six smoke detectors in the house but none worked. that's it for now. i am rosemary connors. michelle and i will see you back
7:58 am
here at 8:30 for a full hour of news.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. getting personal. donald trump speaking out overnight with a new attack on hillary clinton. this time accusing her of mistreating the women who claimed to have a sexual relationship with her husband. meanwhile, this morning, more prominent republicans adding their names to the growing list who say they won't support trump. out of control. the raging wildfire in canada proving to be no match for firefighters this morning. fears the blaze could double in size by the end of the day as incredible video shows homes burning to the ground in a matter of minutes. and getting down and derby. the track is set for the 142nd running of the kentucky derby. 20 horses all hoping to follow
8:01 am
in american pharoah's hoof steps and make it all the way to the triple crown. dylan has a first look today, saturday, may 7th, 2016. ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ all the things i should it's my mom's birthday. >> all the way from maryland. >> it's my 14th birthday today. >> it's my 21st. >> girls, i'm 50. >> happy mother's day to all the moms. >> good morning. roll tide. >> mother's day weekend in nyc! >> good morning! >> what better place to spend a mother's day weekend. right here on the plaza. >> yeah. >> welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. we have a fantastic crowd on the plaza. looking forward to get outside and hang with them. >> a lot of school groups. dylan dreyer hanging out at
8:02 am
churchill downs this morning. my father in law is a huge horse guy. looking forward to your piece on american pharoah. >> you know, it was amazing. i got to meet with american pharoah himself last week in lexington, kentucky. let me tell you, he is living the life as a stud right now. you guys may be jealous when you hear what he is up to. >> looks beautiful. >> looking forward to that piece in a bit. dylan, thank you. let's look at some of the top stories. war of words heating up with hillary clinton and donald trump. on a campaign swing through the west, trump blasted her as a quote mean enabler in her husband's infidelity. at a california rally, clinton called the frontrunner a presumptiuous nominee. and never before seen photos from an earlier presidency.
8:03 am
shows george w. bush right after the 9/11 attacks at the school in florida where he heard of the incide incident. then on air force one conferring with the officials in washington on the phone. and then this shows him addressing americans. by the end of today, you could be richer, only if you go out and buy a powerball ticket. this is the biggest powerball in months. if you match all six numbers, you could win a prize topping $415 million. >> you could call it a powerball in the nba as the cavaliers staged the comeback to take the third game against the hawks in the eastern conference semifinals. they win 121-108. the western conference. big win for the san antonio spurs. they beat the oklahoma city thunder to take the lead in that
8:04 am
series. 2-1. from that sport to this sport. churchill downs for another check of the forecast from dylan dreyer. where did you get the hat, by the way? i got the hat from christine moore and she provides our hats every year. she asked what i'm wearing and she plans the hat based on what i'm wearing. i said mint green. that's how that works. >> way to go, christine. >> let's take a look at what's going on across the country. we are looking at fabulous weather for the kentucky derby. it should be 83 and partly cloudy skies. we have a stormy pattern trying to move in from the west. it is unsettled from the rockies. that low pressure is going to move east as we go through the day today. we will see two areas of storms. one near the western plains and other in the midwest. including here in louisville where we could end up with isolated stronger storms. they will not be widespread. the biggest threat is for large hail and brief gusty wind or
8:05 am
two. not tornadoes with these rounds of severe storms today. tomorrow, we will see an enhanced risk of severe weather. we could see isolated tornadoes as we go into tomorrow a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman. another gloomy day today. not quite as wet as friday but still the chance for scattered showers. we'll warm it up a bit into the mid 60s. that's the good news. closer to 71 which is normal for this time of year. lehigh valley later this afternoon 63. scattered showers. 70 on mother's day. looking good everywhere for mother's day. jersey shore tomorrow 66 degrees. today in delaware, 65. by tomorrow 72. we warm it up by monday with lots of sunshine and 75. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> dylan, thank you. let's get to the reason you're in kentucky for the 142nd running of this thing. it is the first leg of the elusive triple crown.
8:06 am
a feat won last year by american pharoah. what's he up to these days, dylan dreyer? >> he has got a fabulous thing going on. american pharoah is retired from horse racing. now he is thoroughly enjoying his life of luxury as a prize stud for future race horses and also as a draw for tourists from around the world. ♪ >> reporter: he's the biggest stud in town. >> this is american pharoah. >> reporter: drawing crowds and cameras. >> he loves getting his picture taken. >> reporter: american pharoah is beginning his life of luxury at his new kentucky home. as for a stud in versailles. >> american pharoah and victor espinoza winning the kentucky derby. >> reporter: on the way to the first triple crown in almost 40
8:07 am
years. >> american pharoah has won the triple crown! >> reporter: ashford stud is part of the horse empire. american pharoah is the new triple crown jewel of the breeding program. >> hopefully he will pass on his ability and kind nature and good temperament. that's what breeders are looking for. >> reporter: what is life like? american pharoah is living the dream. he has put on 170 pounds. gets to graze in the pasture whenever he wants and he rolls around in the hay three times a day. not bad. those breeding sessions coming at a reported $200,000 a price tag. >> because safety is concerned, there are humans involved in the process while it is happening? >> yes. we don't just put the mare and stallion together in the breeding shed. >> reporter: that is four human helpers and cameras to make sure everything is up to thoroughbred
8:08 am
standards. he started his career in february, he is off to a great start right out of the gate. >> he has bred over 100 mares. >> reporter: but just in case you don't have a mare or $200,000. there is an easier way to spend the afternoon with american pharoah. the stallion is so popular, he has started running tours with a cameo with the horse. it sells out months in advance. >> to see him in person is like meeting a movie star for a horse person. >> reporter: american pharoah may be reigning around here for a long time to come. >> he's a cool dude. we're lucky to have him here. >> i was at the belmont last year when american pharoah took the triple crown. it was absolutely incredible to experience that in person. i placed a $1 bet on american pharoah. eventually i will frame this. i showed it to american pharoah
8:09 am
and he just tried to eat it. there's dna right here which could be worth $50,000. that's what i'm thinking. >> he is enjoying retirement. >> the way it should be. >> yes, he is. >> he deserves it. >> you can catch the 142nd running of the kentucky derby here on nbc at 4:00 eastern. decision time. two high school seniors have been accepted to all eight ivy league schools. and jennifer lopez with the new song. new song. we will share the the pursuit o. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company
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muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray. all day and all night. who's worried about getting ttaken for a ride...r don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry. we are back on a saturday morning. it is time to "trend." >> let's do it. >> first up, we have given you a few ideas for mother's day presents.
8:13 am
now we found the most popular by state. thanks to google. the search engine pulled together the searches in the week to find the most unique gifts by state. here are the trends. in kansas, where i'm from, they love spa gift baskets. in south carolina, michael kors sandals. and then in new jersey, fitness trackers are popular. that makes sense. dylan lives there. she is fit. if you need gift inspiration, check out the list on google. and it is college graduation speeches. here are a sample of the a-listering sending off the class. shery sandberg and condoleezza
8:14 am
rice. president obama giving three commencement speeches. i gave the one last year at my alma mater at wofford. >> what did you say? climb every mountain? >> i tried to get through it fast. do you remember? >> i don't remember. i remember the next year was tom brokaw and i went back. crazy. on the flip side, high school seniors are deciding where they will head to college in the fall. some decisions are a lot harder than others. that is entirely true for two new york teens who got accepted to all eight ivy league schools. we told you about kelli and oma. both ladies are here with us this morning. congratulations. >> that's a big deal. >> you got accepted into all of the schools. i was reading about your stories. your mom is working like crazy and your parents working like
8:15 am
crazy. how did they feel and what did they say? >> i was in shock. i thought really? and my mom is so happy and so proud of me right now. >> she is probably crying right now. hi, mom. >> hi, mom. >> and my mom honestly when i called her, she started screaming on the phone. i had to take the phone away from my ear before i went deaf. honestly, they are so excited. >> we understand you guys became friends in the process as well. >> yes. >> how did that happen? >> i don't know. honestly going on the college visits, you meet so many amazing people. we naturally attracted each other. >> it is one of the things you kept seeing each other. >> i just saw you two weeks ago. i just saw you. >> here is the deal. you told your family and friends. on national tv, you can announce which school you chosen. one, two, three.
8:16 am
>> harvard! >> wow! that's not bad, ladies. you're going to harvard. >> we have another hat for you. >> no explanation necessary. >> i enjoyed the atmosphere at harva harvard. it felt amazing. >> harvard is the school dedicated to excellence for all the students. i was drawn to the strong community and pursue s.t.e.m. >> perhaps you heard malia obama is going to harvard as well. have you thought about maybe taking the freshman under your wing? >> i see myself mentoring girls and if it does happen, it happens. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> savor the moment. jennifer lopez is out with the new song and tom brady is spending his offseason with a
8:17 am
new venture. joelle is here. >> good morning. what do justin timberlake and jennifer lopez have in common? they dropped new music on friday that has people going crazy especially if your name is sheinelle jones. jlo's ain't your momma video is you will about female empowerment. all taking a stand against the men in their lives. ♪ get to come to me ♪ remember that ♪ hey i'm cooking all day ♪ i ain't your momma >> mr. timberlake released a song called "can't stop the feeling." dubbing it the feel good song of the summer. i have good news. there is more justin timberlake music to come. he is definitely working on a new album. >> two good ones.
8:18 am
>> two really good ones. thank you for a good weekend. moving on to victoria beckham and shocking news from her spice girls days. the pop star made a surprising confession at the bold 100 exhibition in london. telling the crowd that producers used to turn her microphone off while she was performing so you could only hear scary and ginger spice sing. she said i got the last laugh and now my mike is truly on. and last but not least, tom brady is trying his hand at something new. the patriots quarterback is out with a cookbook and it costs $200. he and his wife gisele have a strict meal plan. now you can eat like the power couple. he released the nutrition
8:19 am
manual. >> what do you get for $200? >> for $200, i'm glad you asked, sheinelle. you get nutritional philosophy and library of recipes. now his company says the initial printing of the book has already sold out. >> that's $2 a recipe. >> there is a recipe i'm trying to get my hands on. >> avocado ice cream. delicious. >> avocado ice cream? we'll be right back. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:20 am
8:21 am
on monday, we have the series of 100 years of national parks. and the great outdoors. >> we are not the only ones excited about it. first lady michelle obama is as well. she sent this message. >> hi, everyone, the president
8:22 am
and i are excited to join the "today" show and wishing the national park service a 100th happy birthday. they protect many places. yellowstone park to the everglades and so many monuments and historic sites. that's why as part of the centennial celebration, we want to make sure as many young people have a chance to explore the incredible outdoor spaces. to find your park and learn more about the effort, visit thank you so much. hope you have a chance to visit a national park. >> thanks to her for that. join us on our parks tour. >> maybe i should go to the white house and talk to her about that. dylan dreyer, enjoy yourself
8:23 am
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nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. what body aches?-gels, you'll ask what knee pain? what sore elbow? what joint pain? advil liqui-gels are so fast, they make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. just ahead on "nbc10 news today," a deadly house fire in montgomery county takes the lives of three people, including a child. live at the scene talking to investigators and neighbors. we have clouds and rain once again but we are improving for the weekend.
8:27 am
i'll have the full forecast coming up. a new bomb shell and the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. what six assistant coaches at penn state may have seen years before the abuse came to light. tonight someone's million dollar dreams could come true as the powerball jackpot is one of the biggest in history. those stories and more coming up on "nbc10 news today" at 8:30.
8:28 am
8:29 am
nbc10 breaking news. that breaking news, three people are dead, including a child and six people are hurt in a montgomery county house fire. now investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong in the early morning hours. we'll have a live report. paying final respects to a man who paved the way for african-americans in law enforcement. today willie williams, philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner, will be laid to rest. dark clouds and showers out
8:30 am
there for our saturday. just a little bit breezy as well. drier air and clearer skies will move into the delaware valley, i promise you. here is the deal. we just have a wait a little bit longer for that nice weather, as if we haven't been waiting long enough. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i am rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking another dreary day on tap. but michelle, this is eventually going to improve. >> yes. we are improving by the afternoon and even better on mother's day. we have waited six days, what's one more day. we are walking out this morning to dreary conditions. light rain, fog and low clouds. some gray clouds out there. a live look outside right now at wilmington, delaware. you see the rain drops on the lenses. temperatures are cool but warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday. 51 in philadelphia right now. 5 # in lehigh valley. 51 in delaware and 51 in the jersey shore.


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