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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 8, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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at 10:00, 9:00 central. and i'll see you each weeknight for nbc "nightly news." right now at 11:00, one lucky winner in our area buys the winning ticket for the powerball jackpot. we have the $429 million details live at the store that sold the jackpot winner. finally, sun came out for all the moms on this mother's day. how long is it going to stick around? the return of rain changes where you live in the forecast. first, the path of the democratic nomination winds garden state this week and sanders campaigned in new jersey today. good evening. decision 2016 comes to new jersey in just 30 days.
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the primary is set for tuesday, june 7. nbc 10's drew smith is following all the candidates' trips. >> good evening. bernie sanders will be in atlantic city tomorrow, a place where his campaign hopes its message on economic hardships will hit home. we will see hillary clinton in camden county later this week. a mother's day night out at the meadows diner turns contentious when the talk of the table turned to politics for this family. >> he is a moron. >> and hillary? look at her record. >> dawn supports hillary while her husband will vote for donald trump. >> i'm supporting hillary because donald trump scares the hell out of me. >> others are just happy new jersey will have a voice in the primary process where the democratic race remains contested. >> i think this is the weirdest election ever. >> bernie sanders drew a large
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crowd at rutgers today. >> we are taking this fight to the democratic convention. >> he made it it clear, he is to win a lot more in the next month, including new jersey. >> clinton doesn't mention sanders much these days. she added to her delegate lead with a win fin guam this weeken. >> he doesn't have a view. he has a slogan. he needs to be really pressed on that. >> clinton will hold a public rally at camden county college wednesday. an event dawn may attend. but she has her work cut out for her if she wants to convince her husband to change his vote. >> she's fantastic. >> you are completely out of your mind. >> the sanders atlantic city rally happens early tomorrow at 9:30. we are expecting to see donald trump in mercy county late they are month. the presumptive gop nominee
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month. donald trump will adheppear at pair of fund-raisers may 19. pat toomey voiced his concerns about donald trump. he called trump's candidacy, height highly prop lly problematic. trump is firing back over the lack of support he is receiving from republican leads. on "meet the press" he called out a pair of former presidential hopefuls. >> jeb bush signed a pledge, a binding pledge. lindsey graham signed a binding pledge that they would support and endorse. that's what it says. that's a question of honor. they are not honorable people when they do that. >> trump also said he was blind sided when paul ryan said he is not ready to endorse trump because he doubts his
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conservatism. sarah palin says she will work to get house speaker paul ryan out of office for his he she says ryan is reluctant because he has as spir rapirati run for president in 2020. she said she would do whatever she could to help the businessman challenging ryan in his bid for re-election in wisconsin. to track all the buzz any time, tap the nbc 10 app. check out the latest delegate counts and track all the primary dates with our complete decision 2016 coverage. someone in our area is dreaming about how to spend that $429 million powerball jackpot. a shopper in trenton bought a ticket with these winning numbers, 5, 25, 26, 44, 66 and the powerball number is 9. today, we learned that ticket was purchased in trenton mercy
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county at a 7-eleven store. that's where we find andrea kline-thomas tonight. >> reporter: not only because they sold the winning ticket but because the store is going to get $30,000 for doing so. employees tell me that they have spent the day trying to narrow down who they think the big winner is. but they're not sure. according to the lottery, that person is $284 million richer tonight. this 7-eleven in trenton sells plenty of lottery tickets. even the employees never expected to have a big winner. >> i can't believe it. i'm shaking right now. >> reporter: this man believes he may have sold the win ining ticket tuesday. who won is still the $284 million question. >> i'm just -- i'm upset that i don't have the ticket. because i play all the time.
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>> reporter: regulars stop by to confirm the news. >> i'm glad it's from trenton, new jersey. it could be in north dakota, all that. we need some revenue. we need this money. >> reporter: now this 7-eleven is considered lucky. >> how you say, real busy for a couple days. >> reporter: everyone has advice for what the winner should do. >> i hope you spend your money wisely. that's unbelievable, it's close to town, it's so cool. >> reporter: the new jersey lottery is going to have a press conference tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the owner of this store will be there. at last check, that big winner still has not come forward. i can't say i blame them. >> thanks. what should you do if you are the lucky winner? new jersey lottery officials have some advice. first, make sure to sign the
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back of your ticket and put it in a safe place. contact a financial adviser to discuss your winnings. finally, call the new jersey lottery commission so you can set up a time to go to lottery headquarters. once you are there, you will file a claim form and have your ticket verified and validated. turning to our weather. it's feeling like may in university city tonight. people were enjoying getting a break from the umbrellas and heavier jackets. how long can we expect this weather to stick around? for that, let's go to first alert chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz. >> we will have warmer temperatures, much less rain, more typical of may. a typical night with clear skies and calm winds. we have a temperature contrast. 60 in philadelphia. some of the northern and western suburbs outside philly down into
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the 40s. parts of new jersey in the 40s. lehigh valley, 53 and delaware 55 degrees. even inside the city of philadelphia, we have differences. society hill is 60. chestnut hill is 50. summerton 47 degrees. clear skies, calm winds. low humidity, even within the city limits we're seeing tremendous changes. you can seesprinkles in northern pennsylvania. they're not going to bother us. this area near st. louis, that could bring showers on tuesday. we're not talking about much of a threat. in philadelphia, we start off with sunshine. the clouds increase as we go through the day. the suburbs, again, getting up close to 70 degrees in the afternoon. it's going to stay dry during the day tomorrow. you can see that also in the lehigh valley getting close to 70 degrees. we start off with the sunshine.
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clouds increase in the afternoon. in parts of the jersey shore, temperatures into the 60s as well. we will talk more about rain chances and how much warmer it's going to get with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. new information on the penn state child molestation scandal. the university revealed it paid out settlements to jerry sandusky's abusers dating back to 1971. that is 40 years before the former assistant football coach was arrested. this is the first time the school has confirmed just how far back the settlements go. penn state has paid out more than $90 million to settle more than 30 civil claims against sandusky. the revelation comes as university president eric baron denounced new allegations around sandusky and joe paterno. documents surfaced suggesting
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that sandusky abused a child in 1976. he talks about a media frenzy. he writes -- the woman at the center of bill cosby's criminal sex assault face could face the comedian at a hearing later this month. lawyers for her say she is ready to testify. prosecutors may decide not to call on her to spare her from a tough cross examination. she says cosby drugged and molested her in 2004. cosby has asked the state supreme court to dismiss those charges. tonight, a community mourns
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the loss of two adults and a child killed in a fire in norristown yesterday. nbc 10 outside the home. all day long, neighbors have been leaving flowers, stuffed animals and balloons in memory of those victims. investigators say all three were trapped when the house erupted in flames around 4:30 saturday morning. emergency responders rushed several others to the hospital with injuries. fire officials are still searching for the cause. new video in to nbc 10 of the aftermath of a car crash into a building. police say a 73-year-old woman was behind the wheel when she lost control and rammed through the front of the usa clinic. the driver was not hurt. no one was inside at the time of the crash. local police officers helped moms and kids enjoy sweet treats this mother's day. the camden county police
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department brought back the mr. softy truck. it made several stops at locations around the city of camden so kids and their mothers could enjoy free ice cream. members of the department were there to meet families. it certainly was a great day for the ice cream. coming up, devastation on this mother's day as a wildfire ravages through hundreds of homes in canada. we will get the stories of some of the thousands being forced to spend today's holiday in shelters. triple the celebration this mother's day for one jersey shore couple. how they are adjusting to being a family of ten. throughout the newscast we're asking some of our youngest viewers what their mother's day means to them. take a listen. >> mother's day is when thank your mother and appreciate her about you loving her and she taking care of you.
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fire officials in canada say they are turning a corner in the fight against a huge wildfire that devoured more than 600 square miles. tens of thousands who had to flee their homes face a long wait before they can go back. >> reporter: this is what firefighters face, a monster inferno devouring a dry forest.
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1,600 homes destroyed. in fort mcmurray, firefighters lost their own houses as they scrambled to save others. >> i don't consider myself a hero. but i have mete heros in this experience than i ever thought existed. >> reporter: mass evacuations continued through the weekend. many coming to terms with their terrifying escape. >> am i going to get from north to south? >> reporter: with fire still raging and parts of the city in ruins, going home isn't an option. >> the gas has been turned off. the power grid has been damaged. the water is not currently drinkable. >> reporter: help has arrived. donations are pouring in to evacuation centers. for evacuees, family has never been so important. this woman was separated from her son ryan during the escape from the flames. she waited four days for this moment.
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>> it's okay. it's okay. mommy is here. i will never go anywhere. okay? >> reporter: like many, they don't know if their house is still standing. tonight, this is the only homecoming that matters. ten years ago tonight, a philadelphia police officer was gunned down in the line of duty. even though a decade has passed, it's clear the officer is far from forgotten. ♪ the sound of taps echoed through the air outside a cafe where 150 people came out to remember officer skirski. they placed flowers on a plaque celebrating the officer's life. the 46-year-old was responding to an armed robbery call at the cafe on may 8, 2006, when he was shot.
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he died a few hours later. his killer is serving a life sentence. new at 11:00, two people are safe tonight after the coast guard saved them from their sinking boat off the jersey shore. the sail boat began taking on water about five miles off the coast of sea isle city. take a look at the pictures of the rescue. the coast guard got word they were this trouble around 4:00 this afternoon. crews were able to quickly save the two people on board, then towed the damaged boat back to port. no one was hurt. mother's day has taken on a bigger meaning for a family at the jersey shore. robin and joe swift of margate brought their new triplets home this week. they join the couple's five other children. the swifts are trying to adjust to now having eight kids under one roof. >> so far, it's not too bad.
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we're getting a routine. >> a lot more diapers. >> tons of diapers. >> you got a basketball team. the triplets were born just over three weeks ago. the swifts' other kids range from almost two to ten years old. plenty of work in store. last week, was that something last week? this week is going to be different. i guarantee it's going to be more like may. you can see in a fairly typical night, it's warmer in the city than it is in the suburbs. 47 in south jersey. get more specific there, unionville is 45 degrees. west bradford township, 55. sometimes the elevation has something to do with the temperature differents.
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chester heights 46 degrees. 45 in fort washington and north wales. 47 in collegeville. it's kind of cool. in this case, unlike last week, it's going to warm up because the sun is going to be coming out tomorrow. look at that temperature. it's going down to 43 by 6:00 a.m. but going straight up. by noon it's near 70 degrees. you can see how the temperature is going to vary this week in your area with the seven-day forecast constantly on your screen. not just philadelphia anymore. you don't have to wait until the end of the weather either. the sunshine and 70-degree temperatures return. it's only 56 on friday. 63 saturday. 71 today. 74 degrees on monday. we're not going to be shooting up there into the 80s. but we're going to see multiple days in the 70s this week.
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none of that 50s for highs stuff that we saw last week. nothing on the radar right now. but we do have a few showers in northern pennsylvania. had that earlier. much more action out near st. louis. some of that activity is going to be affecting at least a part of the area over the next couple days. you will see that with the futurecast. sunshine, clouds increase a little bit. maybe a couple of showers down towards southern delaware during the day tomorrow. then on tuesday, some of that st. louis moisture could possibly come by again generally near central delaware. and then we see warmer temperatures coming up for wednesday. for tomorrow, we're seeing temperatures up to 72 degrees in reading. bethlehem up to 70. easton 70. start with sunshine. the clouds increase but i'm not expecting rain in the northern areas. west chester or phoenixville and
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newtown, 71. more neighbors coming up later. coming up in sports, why one of sam bradford's teammates says the quarterback will be back soon. why his best is about to come out. phillies find ways to win. baseball's biggest surprise team with another come from behind victory. highlights ahead.
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hi. phillies now 18-14 on the
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season. only four teams in baseball have more wins than the phillies do, who are two games out of first place in the nl east. both teams doing the best to honor moms. they spell out mom with a pink heart. both teams wearing special uniforms in pink. aaron knoll has been dominant. gets help from the defense. nice diving grab. six innings, three runs. two runs score. the phillies trail 3-2. in the eighth, phillies down a run. the rookie gaps one. bu burress slides in safely. tied at 5. just about the same spot. this double scores goodell. the phillies have the lead in
11:27 pm
the ninth. john carlos stanton strikes him out. phillies win 6-5. they have won 11 of 14 one-run games. >> we keep grinding. today, yesterday, both games have been really grinding games for us. for us to be able to come back, it was huge. we can build on this momentum heading into atlanta. >> maybe the game happened here. fan in the stand with a child in one arm makes the catch with the other hand. not sure if the moms would approve of that. he will come home with a souvenir baseball and an unscathed little run. the eagles begin camp soon. sam bradford continues to be mia after asking for a trade following the team's drafting of wendt. over the past couple days, they
11:28 pm
say they expect bradford back. the word is that he will be back in the next couple weeks. johnson thinks the competition with carson will bring out the best in sam bradford. for the sixth consecutive year, lebron james has his team in the eastern conference finals. lebron and company closing out the hawks today. they are 8-0 in the playoffs. close game late in the night. james finishing to put the cavaliers up by four. three seconds to play. hawks have a chance here off the jump ball. milsap's shot is no good. would have been after the buzzer. the cavaliers win it 100-99. they sweep the hawks to move on in the postseason. in the west, spurs up 2-1 in the series. that's a nice power move by different story in the second. kevin durant goes off.
11:29 pm
three top of the key is money. then from the corner, durant deep again. the thunder win 111-97 to even the series at two games apiece in their best of seven. you hear in golf, play it as it lies. in today's pga tour event, that proved to be difficult. talking about castro in a sudden death playoff. his approach shot goes into the gallery. strikes a fan and ricochetted. check this out. his ball ends up inside a fan's shoe. that's unreal. he can't believe it. he gets to take a drop. he would lose to james hahn by a stroke. how is this for a footnote, pun intended. the guy who ended up winning, he is a former shoe salesman. can't make this up. we'll be right back after a break.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics. they rally for more cannabis reform across the state. >> what do we want? >> legal marijuana. >> dozens gathered in support of
11:33 pm
efforts to decriminalize the use of small amounts of marijuana. the group wants marijuana to be fully legalized and regulated in philadelphia and the entire state. they have a state representative on their side. >> it's not about just people being able to recreationally smoke all the time. it makes sense for us to do this the right way. >> representative harris is hoping to get support for a bill he wants to introduce. it would legalize and regulate the use of marijuana. a parade of pink washes over philadelphia on this mother's day. we will bring you the stories of some of the women bringing hope and inspiration at the race for the cure. >> mother's dale really means a lot to me. because my mom is the best. and i really love her a lot.
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moms got the gift of sunshine on this mother's day after nearly a week with little to no sun, people were out
11:37 pm
catching rays at the chinese lantern festival in franklin square. expect more nice weather for monday. glen is tracking our next chance of rain in the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> some neighbors a little better chance of rain coming on tuesday, for example, than others, that's why we with break it down within neighborhoods so you can see your chance. if you are living in philadelphia, it's not as cold as it is in south jersey or in the pennsylvania suburbs where it's 48. 60 in philly. it's a 12-degree temperature difference. even within certain counties and cities it, you are seeing big differences. greenville and delaware, 49. glassgow, 48. milton, 49. of course, right along the coast with the wind coming in off delaware bay, it's in the 50s. we don't have anything on radar close by. there are some showers back
11:38 pm
towards st. louis that could affect part of the area by tuesday. no rain during the day tomorrow. we're going to be seeing temperatures in the 40s, of course, in many of the suburbs, at 6:00 a.m. lehigh valley, 44. warming up to 61 at 10:00 a.m. that's a big jump. delaware going from 48 to 64. just in a four-hour period. jersey shore going from 51 to 64. we will see how much warmer it's going to get this week. nothing like last week. with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. a look at some of the stories we will be following this week on nbc 10. both democratic presidential candidates will visit new jersey this week. bernie sanders wraps up a two-day trip with a rally tomorrow at atlantic city's boardwalk hall. hillary clinton will hold a campaign event in camden wednesday. chris christie will be on hand
11:39 pm
for a commencement. he is to speak at the med school. they opened their doors in 2012. a proposed soda tax in philadelphia is the focus of a public hearing wednesday at city hall. the topic has been discussed previously, but this will be on the soda tax. the mayor has proposed taxing distributors three cents per ounce on sugary drinks to race money for initiatives like universal pre-k and revitalizing community centers. new information on a deadly shooting outside a camden funeral home. police have arrested a 31-year-old man and charged him as an accomplice in the murder of jonathan vasquez. we were above the funeral home last week. he was shot and killed white a viewing was under way for his grandmother.
11:40 pm
a philadelphia woman used a bag of canned goods to fight off two crooks who broke into her home overnight. police say the victim and a friend heard the men trying to break into the apartment. around 3:00 this morning. when they got inside, the quick thinking woman grabbed a bag filled with canned food and hit one of the guys with it. her friend struggled with the other intruder. both men got away empty-handed. neither victim was hurt. a sea of pink flooded philadelphia this mother's day for the susan g. komen race for the cure. hundreds of survivors and those fighting the disease were joined by family members and friends to share support and love. monique braxton takes us inside the race. >> it's so inspirational and so moving. 17-year survivor. when i come down the steps every year, it doesn't matter the first year, this year, i know
11:41 pm
i'm going to cry. >> reporter: there were no dry eyes on the ben franklin park way when breast cancer survivor die an miller and thousands like her paraded in pink here at the philadelphia museum of art. these victory steps are the most poignant moment of each year's race for the cure. >> this time last year, i was struggling with chemotherapy treatment and i was watching on television. it was giving me hope. i hope to do that for someone that's going through the treatment right now. >> reporter: this was the place to be if you needed inspiration and hope this mother's day. one survivor told us he volunteers because he has detected and beat cancer twice. >> a slight tickle in my nipple. no more than a scratch on your arm or leg. i really didn't think much of it. the second time around, i found it because i noticed my one arm seemed a little bigger than the other. that was limb pymphoedema.
11:42 pm
going through that picked up the second breast cancer. >> reporter: organizers say 25,000 runners and walkers registered. we watched as many as 1,000 teams supporting loved ones race for the cure. hopes to raise millions for breast cancer research, mammogram screening and treatment. on the steps of the art museum, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. mother's day has gone to the dogs. more than 2,000 pups are competing for best in show at the annual trenton kennel club dog show. the two-day event wraps up tomorrow. here is another shoutout to the moms out there. mother's day means to me, like, a day to celebrate everything our mothers have done. >> why do you do that? >> because she cares for me and she gives me food.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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the information on your driver's license is a gold mine. pennsylvania is cashing in. our investigation has raised new questions about how much or how little is being done to protect your privacy. we went to state leaders for answers. >> reporter: albert lopez goes out of his way to avoid solicitors. >> i'm trying to protect myself. >> reporter: his address and phone number are unlisted. his computer is guarded. another program makes his browser history untraceable. somehow he says since he moved to pennsylvania, solicitors keep finding him. >> the only place you have given up information is to apply for a
11:46 pm
driver's license. >> that's correct, apply for a pennsylvania driver's license. >> reporter: he had no idea penndot sold his information. he is not the only one. the nbc 10 investigators found penndot sold millions of driver record to more than 32,000 private governments and government agencies. we tracked information to companies in every state in the country, credit agencies, insurance companies and car dealerships. do you know specifically why a car dealer in honolulu needs access to pennsylvania driving records? >> we have 30,000 as you know that i don't know specifically why each individual business on a particular case would ask for a particular record. >> reporter: the deputy secretary told us companies sign a contract agreeing to use the information for legal reasons, like background checks. has any of this been used for identity theft? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: has it been used to
11:47 pm
solicit? >> no. not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: our investigation found it's unlikely penndot would be aware if driver information was being misused. we found the state rarely tracks it once it leaves their control. the one-time penndot did check, auditors found problems. why has there been one audit completed? >> that's a good question. the fact of the matter is is that we are in the process of auditing our wholesalers. >> reporter: the one wholesaler penndot audited is sterling info systems. it claims it's the world's largest company focused on background checked checks. they had inadequate quality. >> their access was taken away based upon the audit. they do not have access to records. >> reporter: they would not agree to an on camera interview.
11:48 pm
in a statement said, these types of audits are typical and part of the ordinary course of business. due to the ongoing nature of the audit, sterling cannot comment further at this time. >> we don't feel like giving it all away. >> reporter: not every state sells driver records. delaware shares it with law enforcement. >> we consider it their information. it shouldn't be spread. >> reporter: public records in new jersey show that state did sell driver records to more than 1,500 companies. no one from the new jersey motor vehicle commission would speak with us on camera. citing privacy concerns. >> there's always the risk when information is being exchanges. >> reporter: drivers should have a choice. >> allowing them the opportunity to opt out gives them a chance to take themselves out of that information loop. >> reporter: albert wasn't given a choice in pennsylvania. >> it doesn't belong to whoever runs penndot. that information is mine. >> reporter: he says he will continue to protect what
11:49 pm
information he can and hopes penndot follows his lead. >> the state should not do this unless they can control it. >> reporter: in the last five years, penndot has made more than $157 million selling driver records. to give you an idea of how many records that is, each one costs just $9. that's more than 17 million records. within the last few daze a handful of lawmakers have written a bill to stop this from continuing. for the investigators, nbc 10 news. a former notre dame running back is dead after being shot on interstate 95 in florida. greg bryant was declared brain dead this afternoon. bryant along with a passenger were victims of a drive-by shooting in west palm beach early saturday morning. his passenger suffered minor injuries. bryant started his career with notre dame and was transferred to university of alabama birmingham. coming up next in sports, how long can the phillies keep up their winning ways?
11:50 pm
we get perspective from a former philly. it's one of the cheapest shot u.s. will see in sports. find out the harsh action this player's team is taking for his kicking of an opponent.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
a lock ok at sports. the phillies occupy a wild card spot in the national league. it's only may, but this team is turning heads. they took down the marlins today, 6-5. a second straight come from behind victory to wrap up their ten-game road trip beginning tuesday against the braves who have the worst record in the major league. >> thank you very much. the phillies get a series win in a tight one against the marlins after dropping three of four to the marlins. we thought they were coming back to earth. but no. how impressed are you that they were able to bounce back? >> extremely. this club does not care about
11:53 pm
what happened yesterday. they only care about what's happening in front of them right now. and even ball game to ball game, they go down runs, it's as though nothing is going on. i think the phillies just keep pressing ahead. that's the one thing that i think pete has instilled in the team is, whatever happened behind you, there's nothing you can do about it. let's keep pushing forward. let's see if we can't get the job done. do the little things correctly and hopefully things start to go our way. you look at the last two games against the marlins, that's what happened. you get down in ball games, push back, push as hard as you can and good things will happen. >> you could point to the bullpen, the staff, the record in one-run games. what impressed you most about the team? >> you could say the starting rotation. but i'm not going to. reason being, i think the starting rotation is what it is. i thought they were going to be pretty good at the start of the year. i'm going to go with the bullpen. quite frankly, i did not think they had a closer. i did not think the closer was
11:54 pm
gomez. right now, after that first series of the year, come on, we were all scratching our heads saying this is going to be a long year if they aren't getting the job done. you know what? they have righted the ship. they have done it themselves. they have done it without fanfare like relievers usually do. they go out there and they expect to get the job done which is the most impressive thing about the club right now. >> they started 0-4. they take on the braves coming up. how long do you think they can stay above .500 this year? they are at 18-14 right now. >> let's hopefully i can say all year long. when you look at what's going on with the phillies right now, we could sit back and say, well, i don't think they were going to be this good. when is the other shoe going to drop? maybe it's not going to drop. quite frankly, going to atlanta, you can leave there 21-14 if you sweep the braves. that's not a long shot. that could very well happen. you come back to philadelphia seven games over .500, it's
11:55 pm
going to be a while before they come back down to .500 if they do. >> the phillies are off tomorrow but begin a three-game set tuesday. back to you. >> thanks. phillies beginning a new era of solid baseball. one of the faces of the recent pass, chase utley, playing for the dodgers. what a grab by the second baseman coming over from the other side of the bag. nice diving catch. dodgers win the game 4-2. the quest for the stanley heating up. the lightning the first team to punch the ticket to the conference finals. the game seen earlier today. first period, buck bouncing around. lightning and islanders. headman will gain control, stop, spin and shoot and beat the goalie. later on in the first, matt carl behind the net, to brian boyle, top corner. tampa takes a 2-0. wins 4-0. the lightning will get the
11:56 pm
winner of the capitals and penguins. there are cheap shots in sports and then there is this. last night in the united soccer league. parks comes up behind an opponent and kicks him in the back. the team has terminated parks' contract. that's pretty ugly sportsmanship. that's all for sports. i'm ron burke. we're actually going to start the week kind of normal for may. unlike last week. 59 in philadelphia. high, thin clouds. down as low as 44 in parts of new jersey as we will show you that we're going to be seeing these temperatures just go down over the next several hours. philadelphia, down to 44. then jumping up to 71 by noon. trenton, down to 41. jumping up to 70.
11:57 pm
reading, 40, jumping up to 68. wilmington, 44, jumping up to 69 degrees. yeah, we are different. we had the west wind during the day today. shore areas got up to 70 as opposed to 50 a couple days ago. 56 in ocean city. 59 in atlantic city. that's warmer than it was for just about any time last week. sunshine and the 70s returning. that's our big story here. we were only 56 on friday. we had four straight days of highs in the 50s. 63 saturday. 71 sunday. and 74 degrees on monday. we're back closer to averages. we don't have anything on the doppler radar close by. we have some in illinois. that is going to complicate things over the next couple of days. nothing is going to be coming in
11:58 pm
during the night tonight or into tomorrow. but by tuesday, we could see some of that st. louis moisture coming in, especially toward delaware and south jersey. and then another batch coming in early wednesday. we're not definitely dry. but we are drier and certainly warmer. as we go through the next few days, 74 to 68 to 75 in philadelphia. mainly dry. we still could see a shower or two tuesday or into wednesday. no rain during day tomorrow in the pa suburbs. see the differences between tuesday and wednesday. lehigh valley up to 70 degrees. jersey shore, 56 tuesday, 62 on wednesday. you can see these chances of showers, best chance at jersey shore and delaware. we show you the neighborhood forecast. the forests aforecasts are diff depending on the neighborhood.
11:59 pm
philadelphia, cooler wednesday. dry until friday. i think friday will be the rainiest day coming up. chance of rain and a little cooler on saturday and sunday. then again close to average temperatures next week, too. [ soft music ]
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hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast up next on nbc 10, it's "in depth" with graham bensinger. >> this week we go inside the mind of a champion. from curry's determination to
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white's persistence. >> every day when i came in here, it was war. people think i swear a lot now. you should have heard me the first three years. >> we explore how some of the best handled the pressure as they rose to the top of their sport. that's coming up next right here on nbc 10. >> last check on the forecast. the sun is going to stick around for a bit. >> we will start the day off with sunshine. we will see clouds increase during the afternoon. no rain during the day monday. temperatures actually getting into the 70s again. we hit 71 degrees today. we're going to be into the 70s multiple days this week. it's not necessarily going to stay completely dry. but it's not going to rain every day. it was last friday, miserable. even this coming friday, i'm predicting rain. can't possibly be as nasty as this past friday was. it was just awful. >> the sun and warmth. something to look forward to. that's nbc 10 news for now.
12:03 am
have a great monday.
12:04 am
12:05 am
it didn't matter, running to the ground. >> i'm going to kill one of these guys, then they will know i'm the best. >> you have to be man enough to do it. if you don't, shame on you. ♪ fear, anger, blind determination. some of the driving forces behind the most impressive sports figures of our time. >> it was a frustrating summer, to say the least. i couldn't leave the paint for a good month. >> from the unwaivering passion to make their dreams a reality -- >> i sit in front of the mirror -- >> to the failures that taught them the toughest lessons. >> i could have not goneo


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