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tv   Today  NBC  May 9, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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powerball ticket. thanks for watching. have a great day. good morning. party unity? donald trump scoffs at the notion the republican party needs to come together for him to win in november. >> i'm very different than everybody else. perhaps it's everyone for office. >> as sarah palin predicts the demise of house speaker paul ryan for holding his endorsement of the political nominee. >> his political career is over, but for a miracle, because he's disrespected the will of the people. >> does trump want to heal the party rift? tornado outbreak. >> it's gotten back up and really spinning. >> at least eight tornadoes reported overnight, including this one in oklahoma. 24 million people now facing more severe storms today. princely purpose. prince harry brings his invictus
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games to the u.s. >> we are invictus. >> this morning, the prince talks to jenna bush hager about his mission to help wounded warriors, what his mother would think about it, and how he's had to overcome headline-grabbing mistakes over the years. >> it's part of growing up. you have to find your own path. and rough landing. a plane crashes on to the top of a building in california. why it could have been much worse. today, monday, may 9th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on this monday morning. willie is in for matt, who is on assignment for our 100 years of national parks series. i can imagine him pitching his tent somewhere as we speak. >> where? we don't know yet. it is an exciting week kicking off this morning with natalie and jenna in florida.
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beautiful down there. sipping a little tea, it looks like. their adventure included a few stops. we'll check in with them, as well. >> already laughing. first, let's get to the top story. choice words from donald trump and his top supporters from republican leaders who failed to back the presumptive nominee. we'll begin our coverage with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> good morning. after spending much of the last year attacking the republican party system and its leaders, donald trump is showing little interest in reconciling. then again, he won millions of votes. should he have to? either way, right now, the grand old party is in a modern day civil war. >> reporter: under donald trump, the republican's new motto may be, the addivided we stand. >> should it be unified? i'm different than anyone perhaps who has ever run for office. i don't think so. >> reporter: ahead of their meeting this week, trump is refusing to rule out removing
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paul ryan as the chairman, after the house speaker's reluctance to support him. >> he spoke to me three weeks ago, and it was a nice call. >> reporter: the two haven't spoken since march, said ryan's aides. palin said ryan just cost himself reelection. >> his political career is over but for a miracle because he's disrespected the will of the people. >> reporter: trump is slamming rivals for breaking their pledge to back the nominee. calling jeb bush, not honorable. lindsey graham, this lightweight. and mitt romney, ungrateful, after trump's endorsement in 2012. still, trump showing flexibility on the issues, now open to a minimum wage increase after opposing it during the primaries. shifting positions on taxes, too. his plan calls for cuts for everybody, which he contradicted last month on "today". >> do you believe in raising taxes on the wealthy? >> i do, including myself. >> reporter: over the weekend, this attempted clarification. >> by the time it is negotiated,
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they'll go up. >> reporter: days after insisting he'd like a high-level, policy-oriented campaign, trump is getting personal. >> there was nobody that was worse than bill clinton. some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> reporter: the clinton campaign quickly responding, accusing trump of trying to change the subject after a series of, quote, outrageous positions and divisive comments. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. i am going to run a race based on issues and what my agenda is for the american people. >> reporter: the late-night comics having a field day. >> does donny ever take a gander at the holy scripture? >> honestly, i love all the books in the bible. i do. they're all terrific. corinthians part 2. book of revelation. 2 genesis, 2 furious.
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>> trump is back at it this morning, on the offensive. tweeting, i will win the election against crooked hillary, despite the people in the republican party that are currently and selfishly opposed to me. meanwhile, clinton says she's hearing from republicans who want to join her campaign. today, she's targeting the voters. suburban voters in virginia, including independents and republicans. savannah and willie? >> peter alexander, thank you. let's bring in mark halperin, managing editor of "bloomberg politics." good morning. >> morning. >> there is this rift between donald trump and paul ryan and other republican leaders. is there an exit strategy for the rift, and who does it hurt more? >> i think no one, if you're republican, likes to see them fighting. sarah palin, a trump supporter, said paul ryan's career is going to end. this is not a way you become a unifier. trump's first responsibility is to unify the party. i think the meeting they'll have on thursday probably won't patch things up completely. donald trump, if he's going to
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be president, first has to have the republicans, then expand out. he's not having a good week in that respect. >> you start looking at the possibility of the cleveland convention without presidents bush 41, 43 or mitt romney, the last nominee. with paul ryan possibly overseeing the convention, where he is opposed to the nominee. what does cleveland look like? >> a big mess. donald trump is trying to do this his way. he's trying to say, this is not the old republican party. that's got him this far. but there is no doubt that his victory and his understanding of the republican electorate to become the nominee, incredible achievement. doesn't mean he can win the general election. you have the wall street journal editorial page, a voice in the conservative movement saying trump can lose the election in the next month, before the cleveland election. he's not going to unite the party. bushes will never be for him. others won't ever be for him. paul ryan, not just the speaker of the house, but the guy presiding over the convention, he needs his support. >> meanwhile, he's change and
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had moved to the left on a couple of positions he took during the primary, which will not endear him to the conservatives he's trying to win over. saying, for example, now he's open to raising the minimum wage. there should be tax cuts for the wealthy. tax hikes. >> we all expected this to happen. we expected trump would moderate his positions. you have to do it with elegance. you have to do it with some sense of why you're making the change. the big question in the election, i think, is will donald trump will held to a different standard as the nominee of the republican party than when he ran against the other republicans. if he's held to a higher standard, it'll be hard for him to win. >> mark, thank you. >> good to see you. also this morning, a powerful storm system racing across the country, spawning tornadoes in at least three states overnight. the threat of more severe weather is not over yet. we'll get dylan's forecast in a most. first, nbc's gabe gutierrez is in oklahoma city. gabe, good morning. >> willie, good morning.
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thankfully, it is dry here this morning, but very windy. parts of oklahoma saw heavy rain and at least one tornado late sunday. all part of a massive storm system blamed for at least two deaths over the weekend. >> mike, i can't see any debris, but that's going to be the tornado. it's a big white cone right now. >> reporter: this morning, a menacing, slow-moving march of storms is moving east. this tornado in oklahoma. >> that was my family vehicle. when i came out, my truck was under the water. >> reporter: flooding and winds of up to 64 miles per hour stranded drivers in their cars. in west texas, pounding hail up to the size of baseballs, while this twister was spotted in kansas. over the weekend, the system spawned violent tornadoes across colorado. no one was killed, but at least five people were injured. >> it was one of the most photoagainic tornadoes i think in history.
7:09 am
like no other tornado i've ever seen before literally in 35 years. >> reporter: so photogenic, this couple had a backdrop for their prom picture. >> it's shocking. it's shocking. unbelievable. >> reporter: outside denver, a multi-vortex tornado sliced through this neighborhood. >> it was nerve-racking. our camper was moving. it felt like it was going to get picked up and thrown into the lake, because we're right on the edgeov of it. >> reporter: in arizona, flagstaff blanketed with snow in the spring. just an hour's drive west to relentless rain and hail, blamed for at least six injuries and two deaths on i-40. good samaritans, police say, rushing to aid the victims of a roll over crash. a dangerous weekend as millions brace for the peak of tornado season. >> as the wind picks back up here in oklahoma, they're watching for the possibility of more severe weather later today. willie? savannah and dylan, back to you. >> thanks. dylan is here for al today.
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when will this let up? >> unfortunately, it'll take a few days before we start to see these storms kind of move away and fizzle out. we've got a round of storms this morning, nothing severe. you see the rain, lightning. also, we've had reports of smaller hail within the storms. as this moves east, and we have this setup where we have the dip in the jet stream, it sets up the atmosphere that could spawn some tornadoes. we are going to see the threat again enhance later on this afternoon. we also have the moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. you have the warm, moist air, combining with the dry air to the left of that cold front. it's going to trigger more storms today. kansas city to houston. it is this area in orange, shreveport, little rock, arkansas, and also southeastern oklahoma, where we could have stronger storms today. threat for hail, wind gusts and isolated tornadoes. this is the area we could see
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the best chance of tornadoes. it's the yellow area, including oklahoma city, where we could see stronger storms and the dangerous lightning, too. it'll be active today and tomorrow. >> huge band of the country under that watch, as well. >> right in the tornado alley, too. >> dylan, thank you very much. firefighters hoping to gain the upper hand on the massive wildfire burning in the canadian province of alberta. pictures are staggering. r r ravaging the city. one member of parliament said he toured fort mcmurray and 80% of the homes there are still standing. north korea, where a journalist has been expelled from the country over his reporting there. nbc's chief global kor resposp t is in pe peon pyongyang.
7:12 am
>> a british correspondent working for the bbc is out, expelled for what the north korea said was insulting the dignity of kim jong-un. >> reporter: on his way home. the bbc's wingfield hayes expelled with his cameraman and producer after a series of reports the north koreans disliked. >> what do they not like you saying? >> they felt we said stuff that was not respectful to the great leader, and now we're in trouble. >> reporter: he was told to delete video, taken to a hotel, and says the bbc, questioned for eight hours by the same official who prosecuted american missionary kenneth bay, later jailed for almost two years. the north koreans say the reporter apologized and will never be allowed back. his colleague protested. >> whether it is right for them to remove journalists, to detain
7:13 am
them, simply because they don't like the reporting? >> reporter: dozens of other journalists were invited here to cover the congress of the ruling party. we haven't been allowed in. kim jong-un has boasted of the country's nuclear power and told american troops to get out of the korean peninsula. his officials are clearly determined to ensure his tough guy image isn't questioned by anyone. least of all, a foreigner. >> i spoke to the bbc correspondent. he was happy to get out. this incident shows just how sensitive the north koreans are. remember, this is one of the most repressive places on earth. led by an absolute dictator. don't worry, guys. i have no fear in saying that. back to you. >> bill neely in pyongyang, thank you. north carolina is facing a deadline today over the state's controversial transgender bathroom law. the federal government last week warned north carolina the newly passed law violates civil rights protections.
7:14 am
the law requires transgender people to use public restrooms that match their biological gender. the justice department gave lawmakers until the end of the day to declare the state won't enforce the law or they may face a lawsuit. to the search for the sole winner of the $430 million powerball jackpot. the winning ticket sold at a convenient store in trenton, new jersey. joe fryer is there. good morning. >> morning, willie. as you can imagine, this is a popular place. the owners of the 7-eleven have looked at grainy surveillance footage from around the time the ticket was bought last week. they think the winner might be a woman, though they're not totally sure. so far, the lucky winner has not come forward. >> reporter: this morning, there is a mystery in new jersey. not a who done it, but a who got it? who is holding on to the winning powerball ticket? the elusive jackpot, $429.6 million. >> that's a lot of money.
7:15 am
>> reporter: it sure is. today, it's the talk of trenton. >> i went, oh, my goodness, i could have had a chance at winning. >> i couldn't believe it, actually. >> i only had one number, number 5. >> reporter: the sole winner buying the ticket at this 7-eleven and smashing unthinkable odds, 1 in 292 million, and the sixth largest in powerball history. cashing in at $284 million. this is the largest prize since january, $1.6 billion, a record split three ways. crowds cheered at this chino hills, california, 7-eleven. >> i'm excited for them. i don't even know who it is. >> reporter: we still don't know who holds that ticket, but we know the other two winners. couples david and marine of florida and john and lisa robinson of tennessee, who revealed themselves exclusively on "today". >> what does it feel like for you, lisa? >> christmas. >> reporter: it will be the most
7:16 am
wonderful time of the year for someone in new jersey, if and when they choose to reveal themselves. >> later this morning, lotto officials will hold a news c conference here with the store's owners. for the powerball jackpot, it resets this wednesday to a measly $40 million. >> just $40 million. >> why bother? >> dylan and i are from new jersey. we're wondering if we have a relative we want to call. >> we'll see. i haven't heard from my dad this weekend, so i'm wondering if he got out of town. >> might be by design. dylan, let's get the rest of the forecast. >> it is going to be a nice day in the northeast. the sun will come out. temperatures will get back to the of60s and 70s. stronger storms in the eastern plains this afternoon. that's a look at the weather
7:17 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. you'll need your sunglasses this morning but this afternoon we'll see clouds coming in. as the temperature climbs, low 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs into the low 70s. the lehigh valley partly sunny skies, 72 degrees this afternoon for easton. south jersey will see clouds increasing. it's still a nice warmup for haddonfield, 75 degrees. at the shore cooler for wildwood and to the south, wilmington and dover, dry. partly sunny. there's a slight chance of a shower at dewey beach. have a great day. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. prince harry's passion project, the invictus games for injured service members, is
7:18 am
underway in florida.florida. jenna bush hager sat down with him and talked about the importance of that event. >> you know, i was incredibly privileged and fortunate to be born into this position. yeah, i find, you know, early on in life, you sort of get harassed and chased around and all that stuff. if you can channel all of your passion and efforts into things that really matter, and bring amazing people together, and put smiles on people's faces, i spend the rest of my life doing that, then i'm happy. job well done. >> we'll hear more from prince harry in the next half hour, including the advice he gets from his grandmother, the queen. and his take on being one of the world's most eligible bachelors. also ahead, a plane crash on the roof of a building in california. why the pilot's actions saved lives. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it is just about 7:30 on this monday morning. let's get our forecast from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> good morning. we're seeing lots of sunshine. dropped into the 30s in new jersey, 43 degrees with sunny skies, lots of sunshine, too, in the suburbs, 46 degrees right now, into the upper 50s by 10:00 this morning. upper 60s by 1:00 this afternoon with scattered clouds coming in this morning, leading to more clouds this afternoon. a nice warmup across the board. vai? >> thank you, bill. how about a check on the roads with our first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington? >> we're watching big delays on the schuylkill expressway right now around city avenue headed westbound because there's an accident scene here blocking
7:27 am
part of the left-hand lane. a big slowdown by that scene and approaching sun glare also. this is 422 around route 23. this accident scene, disabled vehicle earlier this morning, right over here in the center median has benjamin netanyahu height forequite some time. police officers there as well. a big delay headed eastbound past the scene also. vai? >> jessica, thank you. we are following breaking news out of ocean county this morning. police are searching for escaped inmate arthur buckle spotted last night at a rest stop along the garden state parkway in lacey township. now here's a close-up look at buckle who escaped last week. buckle was serve be time at bayside state prison in hammonton for aggravated assault and for other crimes. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. always get the latest news and the weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in a half hour. an inve
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then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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good morning, everybody. yup, that's sunshine. we haven't seen that in a few days. it's monday morning, may 9th, and a bright one, as we kick off the week with a nice crowd on our rockefeller plaza. for once, they can leave the ponchos at home. here's a check of the headlines. dylan is following the threat of more storms in the midwest, nebraska, up to texas. several tornadoes last night like this one, south of oklahoma city. no reports of injuries or major damage. things will be interesting this week when donald trump meets with house speaker paul ryan. ryan says he's not ready to endorse trump. the presumptive nominee said it caught him by surprise. >> paul ryan is a very good guy. he called me three weeks ago and was supportive.
7:31 am
i never thought a thing like -- i was blind sided by this. >> trump, ryan and other republican leaders will come together thursday to discuss the future of the party and the presidential race. and a convicted killer who escaped from a new jersey prison has been spotted at a highway rest stop 50 miles away in laci township. police set up commands there, hoping to track down the 38-year-old, arthur buckle. as fans await the results of the investigation into prince's death, the musician's ex-wife is speaking out. stephanie gosk has the latest. >> good morning. three weeks since prince died, but no official cause of death. his ex-wife is sharing a story to talk about, the loss of prince's newborn son. >> reporter: mayte garcia is still shaken by prince's death. >> as you all know, prince is no longer with us. it is extremely difficult for e
7:32 am
me, and that is guy i've chosen not to discuss it. >> reporter: the 42-year-old, who was married to the superstar from 1996 to 2000, spoke out friday at an award ceremony for a group that honors single moms, about the personal tragedy she and prince went through in '96 when their newborn son died a week after being born. >> when i got married, the idea of starting my own family was at the top of my list. unfortunately, i got pregnant, lost the baby a month later and then lost my marriage. >> reporter: while those close to prince mourn, behind closed doors, there is a massive undertaken to sort out the late icon's affairs. with no will, prince's six siblings, under minnesota law, will share equally in his estimated $300 millionest sta e estate. a judge approved blood tests in
7:33 am
case others come forward. video showed officials responding to prince's plane in illinois. he was suffering from unspecified pain. fans continue to celebrate the musician. over the weekend, a giant sea of purple. thousands gathered in downtown los angeles for a memorial concert. stevie wonder spoke to the crowd. >> what a celebration. what an incredible life. music. legacy that he gave us. >> this weekend, prince's siblings issued a statement saying they're planning an official memorial service and public event for prince in the near future. adding that details will be coming soon. >> a lot of money to split up there between a lot of people. >> absolutely s. >> stephanie, thanks. we'll get a check of the weather from dylan. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by walgreen's.
7:34 am
get your red gear at your local walgreen's to help kids in need. >> it's been crummy across the northeast recently, but we're going to work in sunshine. the southeast will stay warm. in the pacific northwest, it'll remain cool, especially along the rockies. the west coast, we'll start to see temperatures warming up. same for the northeast with the increasing sunshine. it'll help with our temperatures. boston should make it to 68 degrees by tomorrow. washington, d.c., looking at lower 70s by wednesday. even up into cleveland, hitting 70s. even be in the lower 80s in indiana. the southeast will be hot and humor. corpus christi tops out around 90. atlanta, upper 80s by the end of the week. then you get out to the northern rockies and temperatures will be in the 50s. then 40s tomorrow. then we'll rebound back to the 60s. up in fargo, temperatures look all right, about 67 by the time we get to tomorrow.
7:35 am
because of the warm, humid air down south, we're looking for an enhanced risk of stronger storms. this includes southeastern oklahoma and parts of texas and most of arkansas. large hail, damaging wind gusts and tornadoes are good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. you'll need your sunglasses this morning but this afternoon we'll see clouds coming in. as the temperature climbs, low 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs into the low 70s. the lehigh valley partly sunny skies, 72 degrees this afternoon for easton. south jersey will see clouds increasing. it's still a nice warmup for haddonfield, 73 degrees. at the shore cooler for wildwood and to the south, wilmington and dover, dry. partly sunny. there's a slight chance of a shower at dewey beach. have a great day.ç >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. now to this video we've been showing you of a plane that crash landed on to the roof of a building east of los angeles. tamron is following this story. good morning. >> morning. incredible video. the cause of the crash is under
7:36 am
investigation, but the 61-year-old pilot who was injured and the only person on board said the plane suddenly lost power. >> reporter: scary moments in the sky for the pilot of a small plane in california on sunday, after he lost power in the aircraft, forcing him to crash land on the top of a building. >> we could see the windows. >> like a plane came super low. a few minutes later, cars are going by really fast. police cars, we heard sirens. then we saw a helicopter going low, too. >> reporter: authorities haven't released the name of the 61-year-old pilot, but say the pa-28 is registered to a man from fullerton. >> i called 911. >> reporter: drivers on the freeway called 911 when they saw the plane going down. >> i'm familiar with the area, so i knew there was no runway around here. i was like, this guy is going to crash. >> you can see one person being treated by la county fire. >> reporter: the pilot suffered a head injury and possibly a broken leg. firefighters say the incident
7:37 am
could have been worse, and witnesses are calling the pilot's landing lucky. >> the crash couldn't have happened any more smooth. good thing he's okay. >> as you saw, the impact of the plane punched a hole in the roof of the building. officials are working on how and when they can actually get the plane out. >> could have been so much worse. >> absolutely terrifying. >> thank you, tamron. up next, jenna goes one on one with prince harry. what he's saying about his mother, princess die andiana, hs ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty. ♪ it's simple: just get your red nose, only at walgreens, and get your silly on, seriously. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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we're back at 7:41. prince harry's invictus games for injured war veterans are underway in florida. in opened last night with a star-studded ceremony. jenna bush hager sat down with the prince before she headed out on her national parks adventure. jenna, good morning. >> hi, guys. good morning. the word invictus means undefeated, which is appropriate because 500 wounded warriors come together, and they will not be defeated by their injuries. >> reporter: the 2016 invictus games are on. launched with a dazzling opening ceremony featuring athletes from 14 different countries. all ready to compete. >> we are invictus. [ applause ] >> reporter: the invictus games are the vision of prince harry. he served in afghanistan for the british army. coming home, he found himself on
7:42 am
a plane with three seriously wounded soldiers. >> i just spent a little time sitting there, looking at it all. taking this all in. that was where it all started for me. i realized i have to do something. >> you share a bond with these incredible people. what is it like, spending time with the competitors? >> a lot of people ask that question, which is weird. to me, we're all the same. yes, i'm prince harry, but to me, i'm captain whales. to them, i'm captain wales. this is not a sob story. these guys don't want sympathy. all they want is an opportunity to prove to themselves that despite my injuries, whether physical or mental, i'm still the same person. >> what are you thinking about as an end goal of all this? >> for me, as long as the venues are full, as long as the atmosphere is electric, and as long as the guys are enjoying themselves and lives are being changed right in front of you, we can't possibly wish for more. >> reporter: changing lives is what got my dad involved in the games, where he served as honorary chairman.
7:43 am
>> how are you doing? >> good. >> reporter: he and my mom have been deeply involved working with wounded veterans, attending not only to their physical needs but the psychological issues many of them deal with. >> i unfortunately was a wartime president. toughest decision a president can make is to put men and women into combat. i hope they feel like i supported them to the hilt when they were in combat. i want them to know we support them as vets. i'm going to dedicate the rest of my lives to help. >> reporter: when i was talking to prince harry, the topic of family came up. >> you were here in orlando decades ago with your mom. does it bring back bittersweet memories, to be back here? >> it does. that was happy memories. it's a shame she's not here, but i hope she'd be incredibly proud of what we've managed to achieve. >> your grandmother may be like mine, an enforcer. is she your boss? >> 100%. >> same with mine. when she talks, you have to
7:44 am
listen. >> yeah. my grandmom has always been the boss. but my god, she gives amazing advi advice. she lets us cruise around doing what we think is right. >> when you think about sort of mistakes -- i've made a few -- don't you feel like that -- it's nice we've been able to make them? we're human. >> to me, it's part of growing up. you've got to find your own path. if you slip off, if people don't tell you you've slipped off, you work it out yourself. >> reporter: there was one more thing i had to bring up with the world's most eligible bachelors. >> does it make you laugh people are asking about children? it's jumping ahead a couple steps. >> i don't even have a girlfriend. >> exactly. i have a single sister, and she feels the same way. listen, she's available. she's going to kill me. >> we can talk maybe off air. >> i'll give you her number. >> the games will be going on through thursday, and many of the athletes will be going to rio this summer.
7:45 am
i think i should call him brother-in-law harry. has a nice ring to it. >> speaking of rings, i think your phone is ringing. barbara is calling you saying, jenna, what did you just say? >> i gave her a heads up, and she was humiliated. the least i can do. >> relentless line of questioning, jenna. thank you very much. still ahead on pop start, why are the osbornes reportedly splitting after 33 years of marriage? sheinelle on the surprise for a remarkable teaching that is taking the [music]
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> oh! >> don't care about the cupcakes. >> are these mine? >> yes. >> oh! hi, sweetie. >> here. >> she was so happy. one of the students shared this video on twitter. no surprise, it's been liked nearly 100,000 times. many are touched by the gesture. larry writing, my heart melts with this. dana tweets, you're good people. the world needs more people like you and your friends. mrs. andrews was smiling so big because she could feel the love from her class. the two kittens have since been named. missy and girly. >> good southern names. >> just to make you smile today. >> so sweet. we guaranteed it's touch your heart. we met the guarantee. >> teachers and kittens, come on. come on!
7:51 am
>> done. coming up, we take a turn and talk about a swimming lesson that's causing controversy. this morning, a mom's emotional reaction to this video, showing her video trying to stay afloat. no power, no cell service, no problem. natalie and jenna's camping adventure at one of our i smoked a lot, and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. fruit. nuts. silky smooth dark chocolate.
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7:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it is just before 8:00 a.m. another nice warmup today. let's get our forecast from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> lots of sunshine to start with. this is a live, sunny view from center city. as the day goes on, we'll see more clouds come into play. i think we'll stay dry during the day. the warmup, 69 degrees. that's at lunch time. we have a ways to go. low 50s in philadelphia. chillier areas, south jersey, 43 degrees and 46 degrees in the philadelphia suburbs. vai? >> thank you, bill. looks like we have problems on the roads. let's find out where from jessica boyington. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway right now, big delays headed westbound because of an accident scene approaching the conshohocken curve. westbound right here, some flashing lights, big delays, traffic not moving by the scene because it's tieing up the
7:57 am
right-hand shoulder and the next lane over. all traffic trying to squeeze by one with lane headed westbound. vai? today democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will make a campaign stop in atlantic city. he'll be finishing a two-day swing through new jersey, just weeks away from the june th primary. in a brand new state-of-the-art facility will be unveiled today. in addition to a health childrenish, the building has a neighborhood library and recreation center. also today we are expecting to learn more about the winning powerball ticket sold in mercer county. new jersey lottery officials will hold a briefing later this morning at the 7-eleven in trenton where someone bought that winning ticket. i'm vai sikahema. peel have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll return you back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ don't let me, don't let me ♪ don't let me down it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, self-rescue. the controversial swim technique for infants that has many questioning the method. as one mother fights back against her critics. plus, to do or not to do. why you may want to ditch the to-do list, and what you should replace it with. by land and by sea. we kick off our series celebrating 100 years of america's national parks. >> uno, dos, tres. >> as natalie and jenna head down to the sunshine state to tour the hidden beaches and the
8:01 am
creatures our national parks have to offer. >> we came to the everglades, we saw and i left jenna here with the crocodiles. >> that's not very nice. >> today, monday, may 9th, 2016. ♪ i got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ >> we're from des moines, iowa. we love the "today" show. >> good morning, wisconsin. >> first time in new york. >> we're the girls from florida, and we love "today". >> good morning, washington! >> turning 65, "today" show bucket list. check! good morning. good morning, everybody. it's 8:00 on "today". it's monday, may 9th. this is more like it, warming up
8:02 am
on our plaza. drying out. we've got a great crowd this morning to start off the week. we have willie in for matt, who is out camping at the national parks. >> yes, he is. >> that's all i have to say about that. >> absolutely. we have natalie and jenna down in florida, having a good time. when they go on the road together, we do worry sometimes. they have a great story to tell. >> and they have matching outfits. >> so cute, look at them. we'll talk to them in a few minutes. we'll begin with a check of the top stories from tamron. >> donald trump is fighting on two fronts this morning. he's escalating his feud with house speaker paul ryan, while stepping up his personal attacks on hillary clinton. nbc national correspondent peter alexander joins us from washington with the latest. good morning. >> hi, tamron. good morning. donald trump and paul ryan will meet this thursday, but trump is showing little interest in uniting the gop. this morning, tweeting, i will win the election against crooked hillary despite the people in the republican party that are
8:03 am
currently and selfishly opposed to me. trump is also refusing to rule out ripping away paul ryan's role as chairman of the party's convention this summer. meanwhile, he's showing flexibility on the issues, moving toward the middle a bit, including an openness to raising the minimum wage and hiking taxes on the rich. both positions republicans have rejected for years. as he looks ahead to the fall, trump is also wrapping up his personal -- or ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton over her husband's infidelity. the likely democratic nominee insisting she won't run a, quote, ugly race. instead, it'll be one based on the issues. tamron? >> peter, thank you very much. millions of americans are in the path of a violent storm system that's sweeping across the country. the central part of the country. it generated tornadoes in at least three states sunday night, along with large hailstones and heavy rain. this funnel cloud formed over southern oklahoma. power lines came down, but there were no reports of any serious damage or injuries. it was a different story in
8:04 am
southern colorado, where tornadoes this weekend damaged homes and farms and sent five people to the hospital. two soccer fans were seriously injured when a massive brawl broke out sunday after a state championship match in brazil. as the game between arch-rivals ended, fans poured on to the field to attack players. referees and each other. in case you didn't know how snapping turtles got their name, this golfer in this instagram video shows that picking up a snapping turtle probably isn't a good idea. he poses for pictures but gets too close, and the turtle outstretches its neck and all. as far as we can tell, nobody got hurt. >> whoa. >> we've had animal segments where the snapping turtle -- you didn't pay attention. i watch to live and survive. i could have told the dude. >> it is called a snapping
8:05 am
turtle. >> it's the slinky neck. >> the plastic man. >> rename it the long, stretchy neck, snapping turtle. >> tamron, thank you. now to the story behind this video. it's tough to watch. a baby trying to stay afloat in a pool. her mother fighting back against critics after the video quickly went viral. sheinelle has more on that. >> good morning. after a tragic accident, kerry decided her children would learn to save themselves if they ever fell into a pool. a decision that is leading to a big debate. >> reporter: it's pool side video that's igniting reaction across the internet. just under 7 months old, the baby falling head first into the water before floating all on her own. on facebook, reactions like, these people are crazy. i couldn't finish the video. it made my heart sink. and, i think this is a great idea, but it was hard to watch. josie's mother, kerry, thinks what you're seeing is amazing. >> you're seeing a six month old
8:06 am
sitting on the steps playing, which you know, can be a real-life situation. she falls in, and she turns over and saves herself. and floats for over a minute and a half. i don't see how there could be anything negative about that. >> reporter: this technique, called infant swimming resource, or isr, teaches children as young as six months how to self-rescue. stacey van stanton, a certified isr instructor, teaches about 150 students these skills each summer, including josie. the lessons, she said, takes time. ten-minute sessions, five days a week for four to six weeks. >> the first thing we establish in lessons is breath control. before the child goes underwater, i know the child can safely hold their breath. >> no one plans on losing their kid in a drowning. it can happen to anyone. anytime, anywhere. >> reporter: three years ago, kerry and her husband lost their oldest son, jake, in a drowning accident. >> do i expect my daughter at
8:07 am
that young of an age to be alone near the water? no. but the layers of protection can fail. it failed with my son, and it can happen. i just want my daughters to be as safe as possible. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics says that children over one may be at a lower risk of drowning if they've had some formal swimming instruction. but they go on to say there is no evidence that it can prevent drowning in babies younger than one year of age. >> i wish i could go back in time and put my son in these lessons. i'm pretty confident that he would be here. as a parent, i feel like i've failed my son. and i was just determined that that was not going to happen with my daughters. >> again, the original video was from when josie was about seven months old. she's over a year now. as you saw, still loving the water. the family has set up a foundation in memory of their son called, live like jake.
8:08 am
it raises awareness about drowning and provides survival swim lesson scholarships to those who can't inform them. >> there is an instructor there, an arm's length away, with arms underneath. if it provides you one extra minute, if the baby can flip over, you could save a life. >> talk about someone who paid the ultimate price. >> right. >> sheinelle, thank you very much. coming up, talking about devotion. meet the guy who took five years to make the ultimate tribute to his favorite band. plus, what had kate hudson showing off her incredible singing talent? natalie and jenna's adventures at two of the breathtaking national parks in florida. florida. they even camps o ed out for the look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
8:09 am
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8:10 am
it's like a multi-purpose piece of equipment for me. the fact that you can travel with it as a laptop and use it as a drawing tool, it's the only one i need. we're back at 8:11. time for the first trending of the week. >> let's do it. >> let's start with the secrets
8:11 am
to productivity. some people live by the to-do lists. are you to-do list people? >> certainly. >> we know what it looks like. to do, whatever, call mom, et cetera, boring. what if there were a different way? an entrepreneur and venture capitalist is sharing his approach. it is called the done list. you actually begin each day with this blank slate. at the end of the day, you list your daily accomplishments. it's supposed to be more fun and motivating. >> what reminds you of the things you need to do? >> how do you know what you have to do? >> that's one of the holes in this. >> there's that. >> i wondered the same thing. >> i'd say, why not do both? i'll still do the to-do list. put it in my phone, calendar. at the end of the day, i'll put a done list of other things i did. >> now you've created two lists, when you can just do one. >> you zeroed in on the new
8:12 am
approach. >> it looks nothing like the to-do list. next up, a video that was five years in the making. youtube user sam reid took a selfie every day for five years. 1,825 selfies. sam created this time lapse, set to coldplay's song, "my life in technicolor." check out what happens when the vocals kick in. ♪ don't let me go ♪ won't you take me where the street lights glow ♪ >> it looks like he's singing along to the song. a lot of thought into this over the course of five years. >> wow. >> different picture every day, lining up exactly with that song. >> how big is his closet? like he never wore the same thing twice. >> good outfits, man. we all know matt and ellen
8:13 am
had prank wars. apparently, they were in a truce, but ellen didn't get the memo. >> here's a little bit of what was on the red carpet. >> beyonce making a big splash as the last to arrive. taylor swift was in louis vuitton with a high-tech vibe. kim kardashian and kanye west had glitzy outfits. matt lauer, covering the news. >> why did we not have a warning for that? >> we give up. >> we all concede defeat. >> how do you top ellen? what can matt do? there's nothing he can do. >> he can't put ping-pong balls in her car again. he has to do more. >> wow. >> good luck with that one, matt. now to why sharon and ozzy osborne are makie ining headlin >> the couple is reportedly splitting. e news learned the couple
8:14 am
mutually agreed ozzy would move out of the home. the split is unrelated to ozzy's sobriety. the couple has been married more than 33 years and had three children together. they've split and reconciled before. up next, kate hudson. while we may know her best as an actress, she blew fans away with her vocal performance this weekend. she took the stage at her mom, goldie hawn's charity event, a tribute for prince. take a listen. ♪ can't stop these lonely tears from flowing ♪ ♪ tell me, baby, where did i go wrong ♪ >> she is fantastic. >> wow. >> absolutely fantastic. that was kate singing, "nothing compares to you." >> did we know she could sing? >> i didn't know. >> pretty good. >> actresses are like, oh, yeah, and i can sing. >> and i'm a world champion. >> it's amazing. >> kudos to you. finally, how the stars spent mother's day. moms are often woken up by a
8:15 am
special breakfast. maybe breakfast in bed. see how kim kardashian woke up. ♪ shall i explain? that's right. a private string orchestra performance in the comfort of her own home. john legend after sharing photos in honor of his wife, chrissy teigen's, first mother's day. he posted this video of baby luna, wearing this onesie. silas also wore a onesie. justin timberlake post ted this photo of his family. i love mom. >> kanye is making us look bad. >> what did you do? >> bacon, egg and cheese. >> fingerpaints are fine. >> sheinelle, thank you. dylan, let's get a check of the weather. >> we are going to see some improvements in the northeast. through the plains, we have another round of stormy weather
8:16 am
likely this afternoon. we are looking through here, southeastern oklahoma, northeastern texas and most of arkansas, we could see strongest storms today. hail and damaging wind gusts, also tornadoes are all a possibility. two to three inches of rain in a short period of time could be produced, leading to isolated flooding. as we go through the day, storms are firing up later this afternoon. 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. across arkansas. then they'll move east into tomorrow. elsewhere across the country, the northeast, we're finally seeing the sunshine. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. northern maine, the 40s. snow is falling in the northern rockies. it shouldn't amount to all that much, but good morning. i'm meteorologist hen. you'll need your sunglasses this morning but this afternoon we'll see some clouds coming in as the temperature climbs. low 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs into the low 70s and lehigh valley partly sunny
8:17 am
skies, 72 degrees this afternoon for easton. south jersey clouds increasing but a nice warm up. at the shore cooler for wildwood and to the south wilmington and dover dry. partly sunny skies there's a shower at dewey beach. have a great day. dylan, thank you. we've been promising all morning to get to this. taking a look at national parks across the country in celebration of the centennial. >> natalie and jenna are joining us from florida. always great when these two get together. what do you have for us this morning? >> hi, guys. we are kicking off our national park series right here in biscayne national park, off the coast of miami. we also visited dry tortugas national park. two incredible places to visit while in florida. part of the beauty that is our national parks. and here, of course, when you think national parks, you think
8:18 am
mountains, trees. here we are, right in the middle of the ocean. this balcony, this house where we are right now, is part of an area that's one of the many trezture trez tu -- treasures in the ocean. >> then we went to dry tortugas, a 100-square mile park, on open water. seven small islands. >> here's a look at our epic adventure. >> reporter: biscayne national park covers more than 250 square miles. most of it hidden underwater. >> we are the largest marine park in the national park system. 95% of our 17300 acres is covered by water. it was confusing to a lot of people. >> reporter: below, there are coral reefs, ship wrecks and more than 600 fish species. above, the most popular island, with its decorative light house. to shorelines of mangroves. as well as a community of homes on the water called stiltsville.
8:19 am
>> people would come out to buy things while fishing and realized it was a cool place. >> reporter: there were 27 homes on stilts at one poichblt nnt. now, seven remain. >> is that a dolphin? >> two dolphins. >> reporter: while we were out, we spotted dolphins and a stingray. >> three, four dolphins. that's the beauty of coming to a national park. you never know what you'll see off the waters. >> extraordinary stuff all the time. it's a place of mangroves and islands and reefs and human history. it's just good for the soul. >> reporter: next, jenna joined me, and we were off to dry tortugas national park. >> passengers, take your seats. >> okay. i'll take my seat. fly safely, please. get us there okay. >> we'll be fine. >> reporter: only two ways to get to the remote island. by ferry or boat and seaplane. the island was first discovered -- >> i heard rumors of the
8:20 am
fountain of youth in florida. >> is it here? >> i haven't found it. >> reporter: in closing the island is fort jefferson, built in the 1800s, using more than 1600 bricks and armed with caka cannons. the fort was also used as a prison during the war. today, it's protected by park rangers who live in the fort. >> how important is it that we protect places like this? >> i can't think of anything that's more important here in the united states. these are national treasures, absolutely. if we get rid of the national treasures, we won't have anything left. there are few, pristine places left. i call this the crown jewel of the national park service. >> reporter: the area is famous for sea turtles. it's also a great spot for bird watching, with more than 200 species of birds. and with over 30 types of coral reefs, the surrounding waters are a snorkeling paradise. with no electricity or cell
8:21 am
service on the island, we decided to camp for the night. >> out of control. >> is this right? >> this is what we just did. >> reporter: with a little help from fellow campers, mission finally accomplished. >> thanks so, so much for your help. >> thank you! >> it takes a village. >> reporter: we decided to watch the sunset from the best seat on the island, the fort. next, making dinner on our campfires. >> it'll take as long as it took us to pitch the tent. >> good thing we have wine and lots of hors d'oeuvres. >> natalie, you manned that grill. >> smo'mores is one of my favore food groups. >> to a perfect day. cheers. >> reporter: after a long day, it was time to say good night. >> night, everybody. >> we survived. >> unless a crocodile comes out. >> get to bed already.
8:22 am
>> you're talking so much. >> geez. turn your light off. >> please get your foot out of my head. >> ow! do you have to elbow me. jenna, really? >> reporter: an early start as the sun came up. >> not bad. not bad. >> little instant coffee to start your day. >> reporter: we took one final walk around the fort before our trip dacame to an end. >> we survived the night. >> bye, dry tortugas. >> bye, fort jefferson. >> what a night. >> what a night. >> we bonded in so many ways. it brought us so close, didn't it? >> let's just say, we slept on that tent without a mat or anything. it was like cement. one of the worst night's sleep of my entire life. >> it was fun and worth it. >> natalie likes to talk before bed. ghost stories and old stories of old boyfriends. >> oh. >> we heard you like to spoon, jenna.
8:23 am
>> yes. believe me, the cuddling was intense. >> the other thing is, i actually brought this shirt, as well, to wear. we've been spending so much time together, that we now match. >> we were going to wear the same thing. coming up, we'll take you to the everglades. of course, one of florida's national treasures. >> natalie tried to feed me to a crocodile, obut i survived. >> nbc primetime just call and had they'll do a buddy comedy on thursday nights. it's great. let's head outside to dylan for more. >> announcer: 100 years of national parks today is sponsored by camping world. one-stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv super center. >> as we kick off 100 years of national parks today, celebrating the park centennial anniversary, we want to give you the chance to experience the park, too. to submit your photo
8:24 am
of nature at its best for a chance to win a brand-new rv, just like this one. courtesy on our sponsor, camping world. you want to follow us this whole week on our national parks tour. look at this thing, does anyone know how to drive this? we've got a driver in the plaza. we'll figure out how to make this work. savannah? >> dylan, thank you so much. look who i have here. jodie foster, director. you have two little-known stars in your next movie. >> yes, george clooney and julia roberts. and jack o'connell. >> first, on a monday morning, check of your local news and
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. i'm sick. just before 8:30. it's going to be a beautiful monday. let's get our forecast from first alert nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley. >> a good warm up. a couple of hours ago it was in the 30s in southern jersey. look at the warm up. delaware seeing lots of sunshine. no game today at the stadium. beautiful start to the day. clouds coming in by 2:00 in the afternoon as the temperature warm to the middle 60s by 2:00. still climbing in the low 70s for lehigh valley. philadelphia 70 degrees this afternoon. and the seven day right at the bottom of the screen any time
8:27 am
you like. >> let's get a check on the schuylkill with jessica boyington. how is it looking out there >> big delays onto schuylkill expressway because of an accident at the conshohocken curve. from the vine street expressway adding about 45 minutes on to your commute before you head out the door. average speeds down to 12 miles per hour specifically past that scene. now also watching some construction over on city avenue causing some delays northbound between 59th street and 54th right lane is closed. in ocean county there's a man hunts for an eskrapd prisoner. security cameras inside the service station captured these shots of arthur buckle. he's been on the run since last tuesday. he's been make arrangements to turn himself in but took off instead. we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ made in the usa good morning, everybody. it's 8:30, monday morning, may 9th, 2016. oh, we all just got a little cameo there. this is who needs the face time, this great plaza crowd. finally, the sun is shining. so glad about that. >> i didn't know what to do with myself without an umbrella. feel so free. coming up, we're thrilled to have the legendary jodie foster with us this morning. we'll talk about directing fellow stars george clooney and julia roberts in the new film "money monster." tom brokaw will talk about how important it is to build a team around you. first, let's get a check of the weather from dylan.
8:31 am
>> the sun is shining in the northeast. let's see what you can expect throughout the entire week. the middle of the week, we are going to see the storms through the plains move into the midwest, the ohio river valley. we could see isolated stronger storms. by the end of the week, it'll make its way back to the east coast. we are looking at a chance for strong storms from philadelphia down to washington, d.c. and stretching into the carolinas. for temperatures, below normal temperatures back through idaho and into montana. also across northern new england. above normal through texas and into the southeast. by the middle of the week, the above normal temperatures expand a bit. much above normal near seattle and portland. by later in the week, it is going to start warming up in new england finally. very warm across the western -- basically, the western half of the country. below normal good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. you'll need your sunglasses this morning but this afternoon we'll see some clouds coming in as the temperature climbs. low 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs into the low 70s and lehigh valley partly sunny
8:32 am
skies, 72 degrees this afternoon for easton. south jersey clouds increasing but a nice warm up for haddonfield. at the shore cooler for wildwood and to the south wilmington and dover dry. partly sunny. there's a slight chance for a shower at dewey beach. have a great day. latest forecast. savannah? >> dylan, thank you. jodie foster is a two-time oscar-winning actress, who has also found success behind the camera as a director. he's at the helm of "money monster," starring george clooney and julia roberts. clooney is the host of a tv show, taken hostage live on the air, a air, as his director and producer, julia roberts, tries desperately to keep him alive. >> do not --
8:33 am
>> stupid. >> jodie foster, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> the whole movie is like that. it's kind of -- there's literally a ticking bomb. >> there are funny parts, too. i never make a movie without the funny parts. >> we'll get to that in a moment. i mean, you've directed a few films at this point, but this has to be your first real action thriller film, right? >> this is a lot of firsts, yeah. the biggest movie i've done, for sure. it's a thriller. all that stuff, big movie stars, all that. >> speaking of big movie stars, these are the biggest. george clooney and julia roberts. how does this work? do you sign on to the movie, and then you call, hey, george. hey, jodie. >> i had probably run by him in hotel hallways, and that's about it. we got the script right, and sent it to him and he said yes. it all happened quickly after that. >> then julia roberts as the director/producer character. >> we never thought she'd say
8:34 am
yes. we sent toit hit to her saying, get a quick no, and that'll be that. she said yes. she's amazing in the movie. they both are. interesting dynamic they have. >> it's very, very intense. as you said, there are humorous points. getting george clooney to dance, because he's this over the top tv character on a financial news network. there he is. >> yeah. >> in his finest form. >> yes, it is. >> whose idea was that? >> that actually was his idea. strangely enough, george said, i'll do a little move like this. i was like, well, if you really want to dance, you just wait. >> did he need a lot of directing in the dancing department? >> we had a choreographer who dances with him. i wanted it to be messy and make it look like it was a found moment. i have a feeling that he was, you know, getting in front of the mirror and, you know, boogying down every day. in the mall, doing the moves. >> regular tuesday night. so tell me more about the directing.
8:35 am
is this something that you've really come to enjoy, even more than acting? >> well, it's a big commitment. >> yeah. >> i've directed my first movie when i was 27. all these years, i've directed four movies. it's taken all those years for the four films. i'm ready to focus more on that than anything else. i'll always act, but directing is where my heart is. >> i don't know what took so long, but you just got your star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i did. >> you've been in this business for 50 years, but there is a reason why, right? you have obviously been asked before to have your star on the walk of fame. >> i have. i was a little stubborn about it. i just -- i wanted it to be really special. i wanted to wait until it was for a film it was directing. it had to be a big enough film. i thought i may end up dying without getting a star. i finally did, and it was a great moment for my kids. >> they don't seem nonchalant teenagers about it. they seem like they thought it
8:36 am
was cool. >> we talked about it a lot. every time we went by, they'd say, where is yours? well, i don't have one. when are you going to get one? >> now you can visit it. let's put flowers on the star. >> yes, it's right next to the muppets and somebody else. i can't remember who it is. >> jodie foster, good to see you. >> you, too. >> congrats on the movie. "money monster" hits theaters friday. they c check it out. up next, jenna and natalie's trip to the everglades as he celebrate the beauty of national parks. first, this is "toda on first, this is "toda on nbc.y" connections. first, this is "toda on nbc.y" you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families,
8:37 am
and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
8:38 am
>> announcer: 100 years of national parks today is sponsored by camping world. get one-stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv super center. we're back at 8:38. we have more of our special week-long series of 100 years of
8:39 am
national parks today. >> let's go back to florida where natalie and jenna are spending the morning. hey, guys. >> we showed you biscayne and dry tortugas national parks. you can't think about florida and not think about the everglades. >> a florida park ranger says the sun rises in biscayne and sets in the everglades. of course, the everglades in miami's backyard. it was established as a national park in 1947 to protect the habitat for a wildlife spectacle like no other. >> reporter: the everglades national park spans across 1.5 million acres, and is home to hundreds of species and plants. more than 60 of which are endangered. visitors can enjoy activities like hiking, canoeing, biking, camping, tram and boat tours. >> let's do it. >> reporter: to get there, we drove our rv down the long and winding state highway, 9336. >> if we survive this trip, it will be a miracle.
8:40 am
are we there yet? >> not yet. >> are we there yet? >> not yet. i'm going to pull this car around if you don't stop it. >> i spy -- >> you behave, missy. >> we made it. that's all that matters. >> it's true. >> there you go. >> late but we're here. >> reporter: finally, we arrived at the flamingo visitors center. >> good thing i was driving. >> i didn't know how to open the door, one we made it. >> reporter: our guide is park ranger alison. >> nice to meet you. >> when the boat comes a rocking, don't come a knocking. >> reporter: next, we headed out by boat to the largest body of water in the everglades, the florida bay. it was jenna's turn at the wheel. >> easy on the throttle, jenna. jenna, easy on the throttle. >> i can do this. keep going? >> jenna, this is not miami vice. >> yeah, baby! >> now she's really putting on the throttle. >> reporter: we got to observe some of the park's national beauty, then it was time to meet one of the most famous int
8:41 am
inhabitants. >> we came to the everglades, we saw and i left jenna with the crocodile. >> that's not very nice. >> reporter: unlike other parks that preserve the scenery, the everglades is all about the ecosystem. >> everglades national park was set aside for the biodiversity. the plant life, wildlife that's here is really incredible. what i love most are the interactions that are happening at the big, obvious level. the alligators are going after fish, birds and turtles, and also at the small level. >> reporter: we put on our boots, grabbed a walking stick is and went out. >> the everglades is a wetlands. we'll go walking off the roads, and this is one of the best ways to see the park. >> mushy. >> i almost fell into the water. >> reporter: every turn showed us something new. >> this is a plant. >> grows on the tree like that?
8:42 am
>> yes. so this stuff looks maybe a little gross at first, but this is one of the coolest plants. it's a carnivorous plant. the bladder is the size of a pinhead. they have little hairs on the outside. if something swims by, it twiggers the bltwi triggers the bladder to open and sucks it? >> nice accessory, too. >> get that off me. >> reporter: the park is home to more than 350 species of birds. >> listen to the sound. >> so nice. >> reporter: i couldn't leave the park without getting back at jenna for those comments about my driving. >> i'm stuck. [ bleep ]! >> i got her. i got her. >> that was awesome.
8:43 am
thank you. >> we had such an incredible time in the everglades. you know, it's an interesting fact, the everglades is the only place on the planet really where crocodiles and alligators co-exist. it's fresh water and saltwater. >> we have a new favorite word. slew slogging. natalie knows a thing or two about getting slogged. >> we don't know what it means, but that's okay. yeah. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> we had so much fun. we have to thank all the awesome park rangers who helped take us on these really fun adventures. we love it. we hope we're going to do this again soon. we like getting the team back together. >> we do. >> i have to tell you, i haven't been to a lot of national parks but this makes me want to get in there and see what's in our own country. >> great idea. >> lucy and ethel, thank you so much. >> keep it rolling, guys. >> bye, guys. >> we want more.
8:44 am
>> i'm ethel. >> tomorrow, matt takes us to arizona. >> we have matt and al, which will be great. coming up, tom brokaw opens up about his cancer battle. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back at 8:46 with our friend tom brokaw. he's been a trusted voice, covering some of the world's biggest stories. >> when the time came for tom to cover his battle with cancer, he did what he knows best, writing about his diagnosis and what he's learned about it. the book "a lucky life interrupted" is being released in paper back. good morning. >> morning, guys. >> everybody wants to know how you're doing and how you're feeling. you're looking good. >> if i look good now, i looked
8:47 am
good before i had cancer, everybody would have cancer. it never goes away. it's a non-curable but highly treatable condition. my resistance goes down with bronchitis and my defense goes down. i had to hammer it for a couple days with antibiotics, inhalation procedure i do. it's one more reminder that this could be part of my life. on the other hand, there is a wonderful article in the current "parade" magazine, written by my friend, editor at "time" magazine, who also has this disease. we're hearing how we're going to go after cancer in a new way. immunotherapy. this is a case of a patient who is doomed. they went in and extracted her white blood cells, reengineered it, put them back in her body and went after the cancer cells. it cleared up. now, that's one case.
8:48 am
there have been several around the country like that. that's the real hope that is going on. i'm on chemotherapy right now. i take it every day. i'll be doing this the rest of my life. maybe they'll get a cure before i die. if they don't, you know, i hope that all of us who are patients will be resources that are necessary. >> you talk about needing a team around you when you get a diagnosis like this. you had a team. not only your beautiful wife, meredith, but your daughter, as well. >> i still have the team around me. meredith, you know. i got back from belize, fishing for a week. >> you're not listening to meredith. >> anyway, jennifer is an er physician in san francisco. her medical school nickname was bomb's away brokaw, which tells you a little about her attitude. she was invaluable to me. she knew what questions to ask, what research to look for, how to get on the phone with me.
8:49 am
didn't interfere. mayo team and the people there also did the same thing. we takebeat. i say to cancer treatments, find a friend who is a doctor. make them not your treatment team, but they'll tell you what questions to ask and tell you what the translation may be about the information you're getting. >> it's okay to question authority, is something you learned along the way. >> there is no set answer. cancers have variations. all doctors say it is the fearefear e -- fiercest enemy medicine faces because it changes constantly. you need somebody that can say, we're going to try this but may want to think about that. there are other things going on. it's a constant battle. if you have cancer, in a way, your whole family gets cancer because they're enrolled in it. if you don't have cancer, you can be sympathetic but you really can't understand it until you get to it yourself.
8:50 am
i have a runny nose. i'm going around doing that. on the other hand, i have this whole new group of friends. navy admiral, a coach for the dallas cowboys. we were in touch with each other. and other cancer people, as well. i lost a terrific young friend last year, who we went through this together. he had a more serious form of cancer than i did. i was witness to his bravery and optimism. and the connection we had, we'd been close this many years, the two families. michael and i would talk about fatigue and how no one can understand. he didn't make it. the bravest guy i've ever met at that age. i'll miss him every day. that's the consequence of cancer. >> quite a story. "a lucky life interrupted" in pap paperback. >> still a lucky life. i'm with the two of you, what more could i ask? >> we feel like the lucky ones. >> if you slowed down, we haven't noticed, tom. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
welcome back. in her new book "bite me," ally hill finger, daughter of tommy hilfiger, chronicles her journey of lyme disease. >> reporter: ally hilfiger, the daughter of one of the most famous faces in fashion, tommy hilfiger. she is a writer, artist, designer, but she's best known
8:53 am
for her 2003 mtv reality show "rich girls." >> it's like our shopping haven. >> reporter: on the outside, she was a teen on top of the world. inside, she was collapsing. >> i had a nervous breakdown after that tv show. i just shut down and kind of went out of my body and out of my mind. it was really scary. >> reporter: so mentally unstable, by 19, her father had to do the unthinkable. check her into a psychiatric ward. >> she wasn't herself. she was acting psychotic, acting like a crazy person. i couldn't reason with her. her mother couldn't reason with her. she was mumbling and talking to herself. so i thought, at this point in time, we have to do something. >> you opened the book when you were in an institution. your dad had taken you there. when you think back to that time, what comes to mind? >> i think, oh, my gosh, i can't believe i actually lived through
8:54 am
that nightmare. i did, i lived through a nightmare. >> reporter: her darkest moment would lead to her brightest. the doctors who were treating her finally discovered what ailed her since she was 7, lyme disease. >> when i was 7 years old, i said, mommy, my legs hurt. the teachers even said, she's kind of stretching her legs a lot and saying she's in a lot of pain. they said it was growing pain. >> we took her to specialists all over. we thought it might be lyme. the lyme tests kept coming up negative. many years later, we were testing again and found that, in fact, she had it. >> reporter: after years of being misdiagnosed, she had a disease with a name, but her battle was just beginning. ally writes about her journey in her new book, "bite me." >> you should know that there is a deep loneliness to lyme disease, because nobody believes you about the pain and confusion. the distance between you and
8:55 am
those close to you grows bigger and bigger. until the day you realize, you're in this ordeal all by yourself. >> reporter: but she is not alone. 329,000 americans are diagnosed each year with lyme disease, and it is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in america. after more than a decade of intensive treatment, she found joy in becoming a mother. today, she lives with her boyfriend, steve hash, and their daughter harley. >> talk to me about how you're feeling now. >> i feel good now. i feel really good. i feel strong, grounded. i know when i need to be honest about the way i'm feeling physically. and i have a really amazing support system around me. and i get to wake up with my family every morning. my boyfriend and my daughter. >> if you could say something to your 10-year-old self, your 11-year-old self, your third grade self at school in the hallway, you know, losing control or being upset, what would you say?
8:56 am
>> oh, i'd hug her and say, it's okay, honey, you're stronger than you think. you're going to be just fine. i wish somebody had hugged me and said that. for sure. i really hope my daughter sees that her mom has that strength and, therefore, she will, too. >> glad to see ally doing better. we're back with this man, john cena, after your local good monday morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get your forecast from first alert nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley. >> a beautiful start to monday. temperatures warming up significantly. already 62 degrees in philadelphia. upper 50s and climbing in the suburbs and for delaware bright sunshine at crawley stadium a
8:57 am
live view. no ball game but a dry start. clouds will be moving in. temperatures warm up nicely 65 degrees, near 70 degrees this afternoon. three minutes before 9:00 if you're getting ready to head out the door let's check the roads with jessica boyington. >> we're watching an accidents right now with the right lane blocked and big delays on p.a. turnpike. headed southbound before lansdale around mile marker 31. traffic pretty much stop and go for about six miles. you want to take route 309 as your alternative. route 309 looks okay. schuylkill expressway big delays because of an earlier accident scene at conshohocken. >> we continue to follow break news out of ocean county where police are searching for arthur buckle spotted last night at a rest stop along the garden state
8:58 am
parkway. he escaped last week days before he was scheduled to be up for parole. he was serving time for bay side state prison for aggravated assault and other crimes. democratic bernie sanders will make a campaign stop in atlantic city. he's finishing a two day swing through new jersey just weeks away from the june 7th primary. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," tom hanks heats things up in the "da vinci code" follow up, "inferno." john cena pulling his weight for a good cause. he joins us as our co-host. we'll tell you how to find the best contractor. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, th is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it's may the 9th, 2016. a beautiful day here in new york city. we've had so much rain over the last week. you know who brought the sun? john cena brought the sun. >> your tie is beautiful, too.
9:01 am
>> we're trying to get a thing going here. >> do you call hunky men beautiful or handsome? >> i'll just say thank you. >> al is out. natalie is in florida for our national parks series. we'll talk to her in a second. wwe champ john cena is here, and we brought a jam with him. i didn't peg you for a bieber guy? >> is it too late to say sorry? i wanted to say it to the edit bay. they had to track a piece i did and run like crazy to get it done. too late to say sorry? thank you for working hard. >> we've never said sorry. >> we're sorry, team, for everything we've ever, ever done. >> did you see that john -- justin got a face tattoo? >> what? >> did you see that? >> is that true? why wasn't that the lead story? like a tyson situation? >> no. >> tear drop? >> when i saw the headline, i was like, justin bieber got a
9:02 am
face tattoo. never good when someone gets a face tattoo. he got a little cross. >> young man has to live his life. we can say, he should do this and that. he makes kickass music. as long as he makes good tunes, i like it. >> he's a fan of our hour. he was in my nightclub, that no one comes to by justin bieber. i'm a huge fan, but not of the face tattoo. i wonder, what's going on? the face is too cute for a face tattoo. hold on. >> find the face tattoo. >> i figure, once you get in the face area, what's going on? what -- >> i don't know. >> you have tattoos, right? >> my mom would kill me. don't break curfew and don't get tattoos. >> it's a tiny one, a cross. i'm pulling it unnp now. >> this man is returning to the ring, you guys. >> here we are! >> "monday night raw," memorial
9:03 am
day. monday, may 30th, 8:00 on our sister network usa. john had shoulder surgery in january and tweeted this. the surgery recovery time is nine months. i'm ready to go in five. this memorial day, cena is back on "raw." >> how did you make a early comeback? >> i can only count to five, so that was it. >> you're ready? >> i made a sneak appearance in "wrestle mania" in april. i'm ready to go. i filmed "american grit" during the fall and came out for five months after shoulder surgery. i've been away from the ring seven months. >> that's superhero status, to come back that early. listen, you are a human being, not a mere mortal. you are human. to make that comeback, your doctors were -- everybody was ready for you to come back? >> a lot of physical therapy. normal normally, they think people go three times a week. i went three times a day.
9:04 am
doctors and surgeons agree i'm ready to go. >> any preview of what we'll see on "monday night raw"? >> it'll be awesome. tune in or you pay the price. >> with a face tattoo. we have bieber's face tattoo. if you don't watch, this is what we'll do to all of you. it's dark. really close. >> it's small. >> looks like a mole. it's a tattoo. now i'm really disappointed. if you do a face tattoo, you've got to do it. that little thing? >> he's got a face tattoo though. >> what is it? >> bieber boys now. >> the bromance between the biebs and cena. >> he gets a lot of flak. he's a young man, trying to figure life out. >> would you agree if you're going to get a tattoo, should you make it something like we can see? >> you're talking a hypothetical situation. i'd never get a tattoo. >> like politicians, i don't
9:05 am
track in hypotheticals. >> let me get my msnbc tamron on here. listen, if you're going to get one, should you get one we should see? >> a full face shield, iron man's face? no, i think he did it right. start slow. >> like a marilyn monroe mole. >> it's little. >> i love justin. just get a bigger tattoo next time. >> not good advice. you get a lot of advice, biebs. not good advice. >> advice from aunt tamron. >> get a big one and shock your mama. "inferno" trailer, this has been -- >> huge. >> -- something trending already online. we'll be talking about it pretty much every day. a decade after the "da vinci code," tom hanks is back in the r -- as robert langdon.
9:06 am
third film in the series, "da vinci code." here's the exclusive look. >> there is a switch. if you throw it, half the people on earth will die. but if you don't, in 100 years, the human race will be extinct. i left you a path. the hardest one yet. only you can finish it. you are humanity's final hope. >> dante's inferno. >> he designed the modern conception of hell, 700 years ago. why dante? why this map of hell? >> someone created a plague. >> no one can find it.
9:07 am
>> oh, my god. >> i'm in. >> i'm in. october, i'm? >> i can't do the "da vinci code." >> you peel off the stickers. >> i will try that. >> we'll get you other stuff in there. >> october 28th, it's coming out. it'll be great. >> john. >> the first "da vinci code" was good. >> i didn't like the second, i'll be honest. tom hanks, come on, i'll give him chance after chance. all week, we're celebrating the national park service's centennial anniversary. jenna and natalie are in biscayne national park. good morning, again, guys. >> hi, guys.
9:08 am
>> we kicked off our adventures here in biscayne national park. as you see, mostly when we think of national parks, you think about trees and mountains. here we are, smack in the middle of the ocean. where we are sitting is one of the seven homes left as part of stiltsville, as they call it. homes literally built on stilts. one of the many treasures that is part of the national park. it's ocean and beautiful coastline, as well. we had some incredible adventures. we also got in an rv and drove down to the everglades. >> that was scary. >> she survived my driving. >> it was frightening. and we went slough slogging. >> yes. >> it sounds like drinking but, really, it's like a hike through the glades themselves, which was cool. >> right, which is through the water. you need waders. you need boots to go through the water. you never know if there will be alligators. we didn't encounter alligators, but we encountered a coroc.
9:09 am
>> we took a seaplane to dry tortugas national park. it's south of key west. we had so much fun. i learned that i depend on my husband quite a lot when it comes to camping. >> or me. >> or natalie, my other husband. setting up this tent was not easy for us at all. she also mans the grill. we were all kind of sitting around, having wine. we didn't really care. she's like, come on. let's cook. we need to eat now. she also made a lot of male friends that helped her man the grill. >> not just me. we needed a lot of friends. >> we had a great trip and encourage everybody to get out and see these beautiful places in our country. we're lucky to live in this country. >> once in a lifetime adventure, for sure. i'm not sure i'll go camping again with you, but it was worth
9:10 am
it. >> i was the best snuggler. >> you're having too much fun. >> on the most superficial level, who are you wearing? we've all noticed. >> j. crew. >> it's so cute. >> j. crew. >> jenna -- there is a story behind this. jenna and i actually were going to wear the same outfit. fortunately, she e-mailed me last night. what are you wearing? i'm like, this bright yellow top i got at j. crew. she's like, no way! i was going to wear it with white jeans. >> we almost were twins, which would be more ridiculous. >> all the ladies at work have been like, they look so cute. >> super cute. >> i don't want this to end. the two of them should keep rolling through the week together. >> there is a long show here. at least ten episodes of you guys popping up. >> rv life. >> rv life. >> we learned what we're not good at. it's pretty great. >> guys, have fun. we'll talk to you.
9:11 am
>> thanks, y'all. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. what is it looks like? >> absolutely beautiful down in florida. that's for sure. back through oklahoma, we have to watch out for more storms today. we did have some storms yesterday, and more will develop this afternoon. the storms developing right now are not all that severe. we have a better chance of more severe storms later today, as this area of low pressure and the dip in the jet stream digs into the eastern plains and the midwest. this is the setup, combined with warm, moist airstreaming from the gulf of mexico and the approaching front. we'll see stronger storms later today. the airy rea in yellow, dallas st. louis, we could see stronger storms. there is an enhanced rigsk good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. you'll need your sunglasses this morning but this afternoon we'll see some clouds coming in as the temperature climbs. low 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs into the low 70s and lehigh valley partly sunny
9:12 am
skies, 72 degrees this afternoon for easton. south jersey clouds increasing but a nice warm up for haddonfield. 73 degrees. at the shore cooler for wildwood and to the south wilmington and dover dry. partly sunny. there's a slight chance for a shower at dewey beach. have a great day. >> that's your latest forecast. guys? >> dylan, thanks very much. coming up, we've seen john take on formidable competitors but nothing like an 83 ton plane. really? it was all for a good cause. john will show and tell-all about it, right after this. 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days,
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9:15 am
new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. as you all know, john is always doing good things for charity. he recently was doing a special event to raise money for the american cancer associate. >> i headed down to the atlanta airport to take part in the seventh annual delta jet drag. i've been in the wrestling ring with major competitors, but none weigh 167,000 pounds. >> reporter: it's called the jet drag. the goal is for teams of 20 to pull 167,000-pound jet 20 feet. >> pull! >> reporter: all to raise money for the american cancer society. this year, i joined team finish the fight. first step, checking out the competition.
9:16 am
>> come on! come on! you got it moving. >> reporter: before our pull, i wanted to get last-minute advice. so i went straight to salt lake city's men's team who won the last three years in a row. >> i'm on a co-ed team, friendly competition, of course. any tips? >> all legs. it's all legs. >> is there any team dynamic? you just get there and pull as hard as you can? >> we can't let everyone know. >> oh, okay. all right, all right. >> can't give it up. >> reporter: terry, manager of maintenance and planning at delta airlines, is the mastermind behind the jet drag. >> this is a great cause. everybody is here because of their story. explain your motivation for starting the jet drag and wanting to be behind the jet drag. >> motivation is my father. sorry. just lost him last year. >> it's quite all right. quite all right. >> he got cancer in 1997. when we were celebrating his
9:17 am
five-year anniversary of survivorship, not a month later, i had to call and tell them that i had gotten cancer. i got involved with a fundraising activity. all my life, but with the american cancer society here with delta. >> this is your seventh year now. is this something you want to continue on for maybe another seven more years? >> absolutely. people have all their own stories with being touched by cancer. they're all out here pulling for a reason. >> reporter: stories like my teammate, david. >> my 17-year-old daughter passed away from this horrible disease five years ago. to remember her, is to put on the fight. i don't want everybody else to hear the horrible words. i'm sorry, you have cancer. >>en thatnks. >> thank you. >> reporter: as with any competition, the key is getting warmed up. >> stretch the legs a little bit. >> let's get it. get it. we're going to go out there and grab the rope, and we're going to pull this jet!
9:18 am
>> reporter: then the moment we'd all been waiting for. >> are you ready? >> yup! >> go! >> let's make some noise. i can't hear you. pull, pull, pull, pull, pull! use those legs. go, go, go, go! keep going. keep going. >> sweet! very good. very good. very good. >> reporter: might not have gotten the winning time, but my team didn't leave me empty handed. >> for our appreciation of you joining us today, the great technicians here have handmade you --
9:19 am
>> this is awesome. i have seen many of these in my day, but none quite like this. finish the fight. >> finish the fight! finish the fight! >> yeah! >> thank you, guys. i want to thank terry and his crew for the awesome hardware. 85-year-old maryanne for crocheting me this patch to make me look like a badass. delta's total is over $1 million so far in 2016. you do find out how you can donate at >> that was impressive. you had a good team. >> yes. >> crocheted? >> i was told this patch officially makes me a badass. >> i'd say so. >> now can we not make cena the anchor man? you should have been back there pulling. >> the jet was heavy. ever get a bad contractor? jeff rossen has advice on how to jeff rossen has advice on how to hire a the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases.
9:20 am
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flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. it's that time of the year when homeowners begin the renovation projects. a new study macy confirm what w suspected. finding a reputable contractor to handle the job is easier said than done. >> jeff rossen is here with some tips for finding a quality contractor, getting a good deal. jeff, good morning. >> i brought my tool belt. >> i see that. >> check it out. >> we wouldn't hire you. you don't look the part. >> tip one, call the cops if i
9:23 am
show up at your house and try to do work. 35% of the contractors interviewed hike costs after the job had already started. 31% used unskilled labor. 24%, overcharged materials. i want to give you tips. ready? >> go for it. >> boom, boom! they're not real brick, but we wanted to expose our tips. >> okay, you're fired, man. >> first one is recommendations. ask for credentials. that's number one. visit old job sites, as well, and current job sites, especially doing a big house renovation. i want to see something you did three years ago. >> visit their old jobs? isn't that someone else's private property? >> you can stand outside, knock on the door. people are willing to help. we're all in this together. check with the local building department, too. >> mr. rossen, tear down that wall. >> good one. the next one, pricing and negotiation. we all know, we hear about ripoffs from contractors.
9:24 am
get a written estimate ahead of time. not just a written estimate of what you think will happen. pick out the exact towel you want. pick out the exact kind of marble you want for an exact price. >> breakdown of the price. >> exactly. mention additional work you may be doing ahead of time. that way, they may give you a better deal. in a year, i want to redo the whole kitchen. >> is an estimate binding? >> it's not but it helps you in court if there is a massive problem. >> okay. >> go for it! >> boom. i'm getting fancy now. be prepare frd surprid for surp. add a contingency line. i'm sorry to the crew, by the way. 5% to 10%. when they knock down a wall and the wiring is bad, those things, you don't expect. usually runs 5% to 10% of the budget. choose materials early, like i just said, so you have an exact picture of what you'll be paying. >> you tired from that work? >> yeah, i'll sit down. >> good information in the midst of all of that.
9:25 am
thanks, jeff. ahead, country star thomas rhett makes a big announcement, rhett makes a big announcement, after your local news.hey there. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios. well you've come to the right place. mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm part of a complete breakfast
9:26 am
good morning. i'm tracy davidson. sunshine to start the week. let's get the forecast from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> like yesterday we're going to see some good winds this afternoon develop and blow some clouds into the area. seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows some changes ahead. you'll see them today. those winds starting to blow. look at the flag in front of the art museum. lots of sunshine. led to a quick warm up. 62 degrees. near 70 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon with clouds coming into play. tracie. >> get your first alert traffic report with jessica boyington. jessica >> we're still watching an accidents scene that's causing major delays over on the
9:27 am
northeast extension of the p.a. turnpike. if you're headed southbound there just before lansdale you'll be stuck in this accidents scene that's been a stop and go pretty much for about six miles now. you want to take route 309 for now as your alternate. in new jersey there's an accidents with threat and center lanes blocked on route 130 southbound at north park drive. philadelphia police catch up with a murder suspect. they say the man called 911 early this morning saying he strangled his girlfriend. when police got to the home in kensington they found the woman dead and the man was arrest ad short time later. today in trenton the new jersey senate plans to vote on paid sick leave. the bill would require businesses to offer one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. and we're expecting to learn more about that winning lottery ticket. a briefing will be held at the 7/eleven store in trenton where someone has bought the only winning ticket.
9:28 am
that person has not been identified. stay updated with news and breaking weather with the nbc 10 app.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. swaddling may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, when babies are put on their stomach or side sleep. the risk connected with side sleeping doubled among swaddling infants. the risk did double in swaddled babies on their stomach. the association between swaddling and sids remains unclear. someone in new jersey is thanking 7-eleven for the winning ticket of the powerball jackpot. the ticket was sold at the 7-eleven store in trenton. it was purchased as a cash ticket, worth $284 million. the unclaimed jackpot, the seventh largest in powerball history. it may be time to rethink states like florida and arizona
9:31 am
as ideal places to retire. listen to this. a new story by the senior living website rates south dakota as the best state for growing old. followed by iowa and minnesota. it's based on things like overall cost, quality of life and the level of health care available. west virginia comes in last. arizona is tied for 17th overall. listen to this one, florida is 31st. captain america civil war won the box office battle, taking in $181 million. it's the fifth best opening weekend ever. "jungle book" fell to second. "mother's day" was third. rare event has sky gazers pointing at the fastest and smallest planet in the solar system. the transit of mercury. the winged messenger of the gods is zipping across the face of the sun. the 7 1/2 hour event can be seen from most places on earth. this happens 13 times each
9:32 am
century. we gave you a lot of factoids to show off at the water cooler today. let's check in with dylan, standing by with the forecast. >> if you're on either coast, you can see it. if you need some sort of equipment to see it though, right? we have a chance of stronger storms early this week through the middle of the country. middle of the week, we are going to see the storms spread eastward to the ohio and tennessee river valleys. they extend to minnesota. later in the week, it'll make its way back to the east coast. in the meantime, enjoy the sun in the northeast. it's been a long time coming and will warm up temperatures. especially the middle part of the week, the above normal area of temperatures begins to expand. below normal through the northern plains and the rockies and much above normal as we finish off the week, especially in the pacific northwest. through most of the southwest. it will still stay warm in the southeast, with temperatures, especially early this week, in 8e upper0s and lower 90s. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. you'll need your sunglasses this morning but this afternoon we'll
9:33 am
see some clouds coming in as the temperature climbs. low 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs into the low 70s and lehigh valley partly sunny skies, 72 degrees this afternoon for easton. south jersey clouds increasing but a nice warm up for haddonfield. 73 degrees. at the shore cooler for wildwood and to the south wilmington and dover dry. partly sunny. there's a slight chance for a shower at dewey beach. have a great day. >> that's your latest forecast. willie? >> dylan, thanks. mtv music awards is coming up in june. we have a special guest to announce the nominees in certain categories. >> thomas rhett has been nominated in his career, and is here to announce best female and male video of the year. >> thomas, good morning. >> how are you all doing? >> doing all right. >> so we unveil the nominees? >> female video of the year. first is "burning house."
9:34 am
>> she was just singing that life. >> next, carrie underwood, "smoke break." >> got to get carrie in there. >> next will be janet cramer mer with "i got the boy." then we have kacey musgraves with "biscuits." >> good tune. >> very good. >> next, my friend kelsey ballerini with "dibs." >> she's killing it. >> and maren morris with "my church." >> all-star lineup. >> do you have a pick? >> it's hard to pick. i don't know. i'm not going to say. >> you shouted out kelsey. >> i've known her, just hanging around with the same groups. she's a sweet person, and it'd be nice to see her win.
9:35 am
>> it is a nice time in country music. >> it is cool. >> it's blown up in a way you probably couldn't have imagined as a kid. >> my dad sang country music in the '90s. to see where it's come is crazy. >> how about some of the fellas, the male video of the year? >> male video of the year. first is blake shelton with "sangria." >> there he is. ♪ sign out front >> next is eric church, "like a wrecking ball." love that song. then we have keith urban, "john cougar, john deere, john 3:16." >> great title. >> next, luke bryan with "kick the dust up." >> big one. >> huge. >> last but not least, sam hunt, "break up in a small town." >> you said last but not least. it's not the last but not least. >> we got one more. >> we do? >> yeah. >> it's not on my card. >> because it's you.
9:36 am
>> oh, gosh! >> final nominee. "die a happy man." >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i was like, i messed up on national television. >> you had no idea? >> i didn't. >> what is it like to be with those guys? >> never been nominated for that award, so i'm excited. >> do you have a favorite? >> the handsome fella on the end there. >> that's got to be an awesome feeling. >> it is. looking forward to the show, june 8th. very fun award show. always good to be back in nashville. it's fun, to see your buddies. to be nominate d is a huge hono. >> we talked about the evolution of country music, you're a part of that. it's all musics in one. not just country, it is a blend of everything. >> for sure. i grew up listening to so many kinds of music. when i write, those things naturally flow out.
9:37 am
>> you hold a special place in our hearts. >> thank you. >> thomas will be back with kathie lee and hoda to announce video of the year. you can watch 2016 cmt muse ache -- music awards june 8th in nashville on cmt. up next, our friend ryan scott has recipes that will hold up while you're on the go. that's after this. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis.
9:38 am
serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia.
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i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy goodness! left! right! uppercut! leaving taste buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out! oh! mom steps into the ring! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs. unbelievable. tamron is already complaining. this morning on today food, food to pack up and go. with summer around the corner, we have recipes that'll travel well and hold up in the heat during any trip.
9:42 am
we have our cheexecutive chef sheesheehere. >> we have sriracha chicken sandwiches. onions, whole wheat pena, cilantro, lemon joyuice, pepper jack cheese and chicken breast. >> looks good to me. >> it's all about picnic and packing up. ways you can set up and not stress about picnicing. willie and i have our basket here. >> thank you. another one of our favorite p k picnics. >> yogi and boo boo. >> will you put mayonnaise on the chicken? >> really? >> when i lived in hawaii, the way they did tuna sandwiches, they rubbed it over and it's like an insulator. >> too much, not enough? >> light and healthy, right? >> like that? >> very good.
9:43 am
>> i like it. >> i'd put more. put all of it. >> really? >> literally. look at this, when the mayonnaise comes out, bake it 325 for 30 to 40 minutes. pop it nit oven. i'll pop it here. watch it and make sure you don't overcook it to where it is dry. when they come out, willie, they're done and gorgeous and delicious. you can take a fork and shred them, if you'd like, or chop them up and dice them. people think it's the flavor agent. you can insulate them. >> i didn't know that. >> i did not know that. >> add all this in here. red onion. you like it? >> i do. >> this is not a first date thing. cilantro? >> love it. >> good. >> more mayo. >> this goes like right to here. this is a six-pack sandwich, right? sriracha. add any hot sauce you have at your house. i was going over this. how many people have lemon juice in a tube? throw it away.
9:44 am
it has the additive. you have a lemon at home that isn't good, pop it in the microwave for ten seconds. it loosens the juice. >> i'm learning so much. >> when you microwave it, the lemon juice is broken up and you get more juice. a lot of people put the lemon like this. turn it over so it doesn't get in your eyes. kwe squeeze it in there, big guy. look at the guns willie had there. >> cena is here so -- >> willie and i did pushups before coming out. >> hit this with pepper and salt. >> yeah. >> you can under dress it, over dress it. you're adding salt. look at you, little chef. >> i pay attention sometimes. >> as you can see, i took the pena to tita to the picnic. stored it this way. you can build the sandwiches when you get there.
9:45 am
>> no mushy sandwiches. >> another trick, take your pita, willie. first thing is first, line the inside of the sandwich with cheese first. look at tamron's face. she's blown away. i could get a emmy right now with sandwiches. take the lettuce down first. then take the leftover salad we did. pop it inside here. boom. go. >> iron chef style. >> look at you two. >> messy, dude. you're really bad at this. >> now you go here. we're going to take this, my friend, out of a jar. done. avoca avocado, done. >> come on. >> no competition here. >> chuck it in? >> then you stuff this inside here. then you have a cute pocket with two grown dudes next to each other. look how cute this is. >> this is adorable. >> hold on, willie. i'll told this. >> oh, gosh. >> then come down here.
9:46 am
check this out. >> excellent, by the way. >> delicious. >> it is. >> john thinks it's delicious. >> quinoa salad is healthy, too, john. i'm not holding out on you. >> do we know how to make it? >> we have to go. >> i was wrapped up in your k quinoa salad. >> you're not going to feed this to me. >> no, i'm not. >> thank you. >> ryan scott, thank you for the recipes. head to coming up, my conversation with chelsea handler. how she's shaking things up with her new netflix show, after her new netflix show, after this. who's worried about getting ttaken for a ride...r don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be...
9:47 am
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9:51 am
chelsea handler never shy aidway from taking risks. now, she has a new show on netflix. i spent time with her out in l.a. >> are you a bear or a dog? >> what dogs are these, chelsea? >> half armadillo, half chinese chicken chow. the best ever. >> reporter: chelsea handler and her dogs have left network television behind. her new show "chelsea" won't show up on your tv's channel guide. instead, it'll stream online, three nights a week, to 190 countries. >> let's talk about this jump for you to netflix. it feels like it's been coming for two years, and we've been waiting for you to -- >> does it feel like it's been a long time? >> kind of. you haven't been on tv regularly enough for a lot of us. >> i thought everybody deserved a break. >> what are regoing we going to your show content wise, that we wouldn't see on other late night
9:52 am
shows? >> i want to talk about abortions, unprotected sex, real things happening that have political things attached that doesn't allow you to have important conversations about. it's important to stir things up. >> are you a comedian who sees something funny and instead of laughing says, oh, that's funny. that was good. >> yeah, there is a comic sensibility. i find things funny that aren't supposed to be funny. it's a little more twisted. i find people who take themselves really seriously, funny. i like to watch them for long periods of time. >> you don't have kids? >> no. i'm barren. i mean, i'm not barren, i just want to be. >> reporter: using her colorful life as material, chelsea built something of a personal empire. as a stand upcomstand-up comic, best-selling author, and unconventional host. >> you've done well in your life. is there something you've loved to reach for? >> i'd love on emmy. i'd love an award. i wouldn't keep it.
9:53 am
i'd cut it up in a bunch of pieces and give it to everybody that is important. >> get that woman an award. "chelsea" begins this wednesday on netflix. you can see more of the interview at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families,
9:54 am
and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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all we need. john cena. >> hoda woman. >> it's like we're going to prom. >> sorry, you got the short end of the stick. kathie got cena and she got this guy. >> thomas rhett, he was with you earlier. >> love him. >> he has an announcement coming. >> the garden of dreams prom, a wonderful thing that jill is involved with. ally hilfiger will talk about this really incredible battle she's had with lyme disease since she was 7 y pat eatoomey started his careers an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo.
9:56 am
next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. good monday morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get the forecast from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> a dry, warmer and milder morning. the temperatures warming up nicely after a chilly start this morning. this is wilmington. we saw bright sunshine but high clouds started to move in. these clouds are coming in to wilmington, will be heading towards philadelphia and south jersey. you can see they are still south
9:57 am
d.c. slight chance of a shower in south delaware. rest of us will be dry but a lot of that sunshine will fade. >> let's check the roads. jessica boyington has that. >> we're watching an accident that's causing delays on the p.a. turnpike northeast exchengs headed southbound. earlier traffic was stop and go for about six miles. we're dealing with a mile delay but before lansdale because a truck ran into a guardrail around mile 31. so some delay there. take 309 as your alternate. still an accident in the left and center lanes blocked at north park drive. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is in atlantic city for a campaign stop. this is a live look at his rally in the financially strapped casino town. he's finishing a two day swing. grand opening is about to be held for a new community health center. the community health and
9:58 am
literacy certain. there's a clinic and recreation center inside. i'm dave david. stay updated with the nbc 10 app.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. i hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. you had some time with your mother. >> yes. >> or if you can't, i hope your mother was looking down on you. it's may 9, starting a new week, funday monday, that's "wasted time" by mr. keith urban. >> i like that. >> he's one of the ones we agree on. >> we love keith urban. >> and we have a great show today, don't we? >> what do we have? >> kate hudson's tribute to her mom at a special event that she sings at. we'll see a lit


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