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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the medical examiner said she had a preexisting heart condition that cricketed to her death, but she wouldn't have died had she not been attacked. the attorney general's office just sent out a release. we're not going to name the girls who have been charged in this because they are juveniles, only one of the girls we are told is charged with negligent homicide. they'll get her charged and tried as an adult, and only that girl hit amy repeatedly with closed fists saying the two other girls in the bathroom at the time helped plan the confrontation, but they did not actually strike amy. again, this has been a kmp kated case from the beginning. the attorney general's office met with the family earlier this afternoon, and they explained what the charges are going to be, and, again, getting the paperwork now, and we're processing this, getting the latest as details are available, but, again, to be clear, the attorney general's office said one of the three girls involved with amy's death, one charged as an adult for her role. they say she was the one who attacked and physically
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assaulted amy joiner-frances, again, 16 years old. not releasing the name unless and until she's charge the as an adulthood. we'll keep you posted and have more details as they are available. live with the latest, tim furlong, n bb 10 news. an update on the weather, a live look at the comcast center after a few sunny hours, the clouds moved back in. we're in for more cool and rainy weather. >> here i was thinking we were completely out of the woods. meteorologist is following the forecast for your neighborhood. >> here's the thing. so it's not going to be like it was last week, all week this week, but tomorrow, yeah, it's going to be rainy and cool and cloudy again. then later on this week, we will be back in the 70s and see more sun. right now, though, the weather pattern hassed quite a bit from earlier today until this afternoon. you see the clouds, light rain,
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too, and earlier, we had this in south jersey and delaware. right now, though, lighter rain in montgomery county, lancaster county, and lower bucks county seeing that soon, and this is helping to drop those temperatures. right now, though, we are mostly in the 60s, 66 philadelphia. del delaware, though, with interesting temperatures, cooler here. 6 marshallton, 66 degrees,s of southern delaware seeing rain earlier as well, and temperatures there mostly in the low 60s, and lincoln coming in at 62 degrees. with your neighborhood weather, we're going to walk you through the rest of the evening, clouds stick around. 59 at 10:00 p.m. in philadelphia. the clouds will be here. pennsylvania suburbs, 47 degrees in the morning. mid-40s in the lehigh valley, south jersey and delaware temperatures overnight, not too much cooler, but in the morning 50 degrees.
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have the umbrella tomorrow. the rest of the forecast coming up. waiting for the winner. neighbors in south jersey speculating who is the state's newest millionaire. at this moment, someone is holding a piece of paper with $429 million dollars. >> well, it's been about 42 hours since the power ball drawing, but officials hope they won't have to wait for the big winner to come forward. >> we are live where the winning ticket was sold. lauren, theories are being thrown out there. >> reporter: yeah. everyone is really just wondering who this is. now, the owners here, they believe that this person has been here before. they believe it is a woman who bought the ticket. they are waiting for official confirmation, and, you know, just talking with people all day here today, there are rumors flying all over the place, but, officially, this is still a
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mystery. >> i have friends calling me, facebooking me, asking if i'm the won the girl who won over here. who hit the lottery? >> reporter: someone is a winner. the buzz has people guessing, speculating who it is. >> i wish they were the winners, but they are not. no power ball here, baby. >> reporter: good luck someone has the golden ticket bought here. this is a neighborhood store run by a husband and wife who are thrilled. >> it's exciting. overwhe overwhelmed. it's amazing. >> reporter: they had winners before, but this is the big one. the option gets $284 million. >> we joke about this all the time. >> reporter: talk about the possibility? >> like, they never will be here, especially here, like, it's not going to happen, and then it happened, it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: it's a place where the customers may live down the street, and they are often regulars. >> you think they would sell a
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winning lottery ticket? >> no. i didn't think nobody here in this county, honestly, i expected florida somewhere. >> reporter: for regular players like tracy huff, it's proof that it hits close to home. >> that shows me i could win. i'll keep playing. >> reporter: yeah. we heard that from a lot of people today. not only that, some people who say they usually buy their ticket somewhere else now say they'll buy them here. live in trenton, nbc 10 news. >> we'll make a trip there next, lauren. thank you so much. the winner in this case picked their own number, which is rare. >> about 70% use the quick pick, where the computer selects your numbers. >> while this winner from new jersey, players have had a lot of luck in pennsylvania. the last 13 years, 16 jackpot winners bought tickets in the keystone state, but if you want to keep winnings private, you
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need to play in delaware. >> it's the only state in our region allowing winners to remain anonymous. >> right now at 5:00, escaped prisoner back behind bars. it w >> the arrest came hours after he was spotted in lacey township this morning. we are there live with more on the capture. what have you learned? >> reporter: keith, you can feel the energy and the adrenaline as the new jersey department of corrections and local authorities, they sped south on the parkway this morning. we were on the other side of the rest stop. they did a u-turn, sped north here on the parkway about a half mile to put buckel in custody, and although they were swarming wor woods overnight, it was an alert motorist that led to the capture. it is the face frightening moms,
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putting schools on alert, and neighborhoods on edge for over a week. >> terrified someone would pop up. >> reporter: convicted baby killer turned fugitive, buckel, snagged by authorities spotted in the dense pine barrens known as double trouble state park, held at gun point, and handcuffed off the parkway 12 hours after borrowing a rest stop's cell phone inside the river service plaza wanting to surrender. >> yeah, it was a little unnevering, you know, he was just getting away, you know, and then he was just not -- >> reporter: before last night, this cvs was the last known where abouts, residents fears turn to relief as units wrapped up the massive man hunt operations. >> we're glad they got him. it is pretty scary it's this close. >> we were going to walk, and my mom says, don't go to double
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trouble, the suspect's there. >> reporter: we're not told how he got out of the prison unit in the first place, how he survived a week, and did he manage to do it all alone? >> now that it's over, thank god, and now for what he did, no words to say. >> amazed me he was in the area. that's ridiculous that you'd stay in an that everyone's looking for you. >> reporter: and last week when buckel initially broke free, he was a mere 19 days away from parole eligibility hearing. now after a medical and psych with the rick evaluation, he'll tack three to five years on the sentence. nb 10 news. a third person in custody in connection with the assault of two philadelphia school police officers. 23-year-old edwin burgo arrested today, charged with aggravated assault and other offenses. his arrest stems from this brawl
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monday outside northeast high school. and it started after the officer stepped in to stop two men from beating up a, and a third man got involved. one officer suffered a broken jaw, and the other had a sprained ankle and bruises. >> a first alert traffic warning for drivers who use 676 in philadelphia. the road closed overnight, both directions starting tonight through thursday. it's closed between interstate 76 and broad street from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the construction is part of the year project to replace seven structurally deficient bridges. to this now stolen lottery tickets help identify two men wanted for burglary. nbc 10 has more on how it all went down. >> reporter: keith, hard to believe this all goes back to lottery tickets. look, started with video, but inside a home, an upper
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pitsgrove township. 28-year-old eric and 32-year-old joshua robertson seen rum imagining through the home. the homeowners surveillance system notified her something was wrong. she logged on and saw those two men inside her house. she was able to actually talk to them remotely, which scared them off. police identified robinson on the run and gilch when they went to a liquor store in camden to cash in lottery tickets allegedly taken from the house that were worth just $6. they were looking for them when found walking on broadway. he had a number of pieces of stolen jewelry on him, and the jewelry was from two burglarieb. a lot of luck for police in this story going back to lot toeto tickets. if you know where robinson is,
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price want to hear from you. nbc 10 news. thank you. a sad update, nbc 10 learned another child died from a deadly fire in norristown, one of several deadly fires over the weekend. emergency responders are trying to prevent more tragic deaths. that's still ahead at 5:00. plus this -- >> now, i don't have to tell you too much about donald trump -- [ audience reacts ] >> feeling the bern. bernie sanders attacks don trump's history in atlantic city, but that's not the only infamous billionaire he went after. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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and we are going to tell the carl icahns of the world that that greed is not acceptable. bernie sanders taking a shot at icahn campaigning in atlantic city this morning. icahn is the billionaire who now owns the trump taj mahal. sanders says he stands with the worker who lost their jobs and ben feefits as the kcasino indu shrinks. he says the time for change is
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now. >> what we need to do as a nation is change our national priorities, no more tax breaks for billionaires, start to invest in communities like atlantic city where wages are too low. >> sanders wrapped up a swing in new jersey, and yesterday, held a rally at rutgers university. hillary clinton will campaign in new jersey this week, she's in camden county wednesday. while her daughter, chelsea, is in essex and middlesex county this friday. the democratic front runner had an event on family issues in northern virginia. she spoke about the importance of early childhood education. >> you know, the state and the county, the public school districts have a role to play, but we have to look at how we create a much more robust structure so more kids get that early instruction, those -- that safe quality structured time, and, obviously, full-day kindergarten has to be a part of it. >> reporter: less than a month
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before you head to the polls, state's primary is held june 7. think about switching political parties before the primary? it's too late. new jersey you have to do that 55 days before the election, but if you are registering for the first time, mark this date right here on your calendar. you have until may 17th to sign up. donald trump is tapping christy to lead his transition team if he wins the white house. trump's campaign is preparing for the general election since he became the presumptive nominee last week. christie endorsed him in february after ending his own bid for the presidency. pennsylvania senator pat toumey likely will not attend the republican national convention in cleveland in july. yesterday, he voiced his concern about trump being his party's presumetive nominee. in the article in the "philadelphia inquirer," he wrote, in part, trump was not my first, second, or third choice,
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object to his manner and policies. he went on to say it's up to trump to make the case for himself in a way that reassures the millions of republicans and nonrepublicans who have grave doubts about him. >> my basic message is he has a lot of work to do to unite the republican party and then go on to a general election campaign where he unites americans. >> toomey is inclined to support the party's nominee in the race for the white house. the controversial fight over a new bathroom law in north carolina. shifting now to federal court. today the governor filed suit against the justice department defending the measure. if u.s. attorney general fired back with a separate suit asking a judge to block it. nbc 10 national correspondent, jay gray, has the latest. >> reporter: the controversial battle over bathrooms in has now moved to federal court. governor pat mccory filing suit after a demand from the justice department to abandon a new law
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requiring gender people to use public bathrooms corresponding to the gender on the birth certificate and acknowledge its discriminatory. >> the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set basic restroom policy. >> reporter: attorney general lynch countered with a separate filing on behalf of the federal government. >> we are seeking a court order declaring the restroom restriction imper missbly discriminatory as well as a statewide bar on forcement. the state sanction discrimination never looks good and never works. >> reporter: the governor called the fed's position, quote, baseless and blatant overreach. terms opponents use to describe the new measure they say prevents local governments and businesses from establishing protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender residents and employees. major corporations continue to line up publicly against the bill. >> it should be evident from the
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response of the business community that what north carolina has -- what the north carolina government has done is inconsistent with the best interest of the people of north carolina and the economy. >> reporter: it's more than money driving what continues to be an emotional debate, and the string of legal challenges including the latest filed by mistake. jay gray, nbc news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena. yesterday was beautiful for mother's day. today was nice to start, but now we are seeing the clouds rolling in, again, and tomorrow we're going to see these clouds hang around and temperatures will be cooler, too. let's look at the radar, though, because the clouds are here, but there's a little bit of light rain, and here across the area, earlier in south jersey and delaware. also, don't forget with the new neighborhood weather, the forecast, your seven-day scrolling at the bottom of the
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screen, no matter if you live in pengz, new jersey, or delaware. we'll zoom into the rain here. most of it is now moving into our pennsylvania suburbs and parts of the lehigh valley. there is an area moving in kent county. watching that. this is mostly just light rain, though so as we zoom in here, you see it mostly through parts of montgomery county, rain near reading, that's heavier right over 176, so some of this rain will continue to slide from west to east, so we watch that closely. temperatures getting a little cooler with the rainfall. you'll notice mostly mid to low-60s. 62 degrees in wilmington in delaware. lehigh valley, notice areas in the low 60s, reading at 64. that number should be dropping off a little bit here. cookstown 64 degrees. allentown 66 degrees. mostly the mid-60s.
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here's future weather, though. the clouds that moved in this afternoon, those are going to be hanging around as we go into tomorrow. so we go through time here, and into early tomorrow morning, notice clouds are locked in, sort of like what we saw last week except it's not going to last all week, so that's the good thing. it will be a cooler day, though, rain down to the south of philadelphia by tomorrow morning's commute, and for south jersey and delaware, so just remember that before you head out, scattered showers throughout the day, cloudy skies, and with the northeast wind tomorrow,s will be cooler. by wednesday, though, we'll see a little bit of break in the cloud cover, so we'll see a little bit more in the way of sup shine, and by wednesday afternoon, that's when we'll see temperatures warming up more than what we'll see tomorrow. expect that cooler, cloudy weather to come back for your tuesday. tomorrow, if you're in the lehigh valley, reading, easton, upper 50s, cloudy skies, scattered showers around, and pennsylvania suburbs like phoenixville, newtown, temperatures in the upper 50s, cooler than today. philadelphia area, upper 50s
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like fairmont. haddonfield at 57. you'll notice and feel the difference. dover 56, wilmington 57 degrees. as we go through the next five days, tomorrow, there you see it, clouds around, showers around, too. it will be one of those days where, again, you think it's like last week's pattern, but we go into wednesday and we see a big difference by wednesday. back into the 70s. more in the way of sunshine, and we're going to stay that way through thursday except we see showers moving in again before the week is over. so friday, close to 70 degrees. the rain comes back into the weekend, hospitali inholding ons for saturday. 70 degrees, but the weather pattern not as cool as last week, but we'll keep rain in for some days this week. we'll take a closer look at the neighborhood forecast coming up. thanks. when tom brokaw got cancer, he
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didn't realize someone in his family would save his life. >> medical school nickname was bombs away. >> so who is bombs away brokaw, and how could her help your loved one cancer?
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new jersey lawmakers stalled a vote on legislation requiring employers to offer paid sick time to workers.
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democratic-led state senate delayed a vote on the bill granting workers one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. a vote in march was delay. the majority leaders said some worry the requirement could hurt small businesses. a similar law went in effect in philadelphia last year. connecticut, california, massachusetts, and oregon also have laws requiring paid sick leave for some workers. >> surprised medical bills, nobodiments them, but more than you think are getting them. an estimated one in three american adults with private health insurance fall victim to bills for procedures they think are covered. a concert pianist from new york, claude why a was toll she was covered before having back surgery, but close post-op, bills poured in. a grand total, a whopping $100,000. panic. i was up all night. i mean, i felt so horrible.
5:27 pm
i just kept blaming myself i missed something. what did i forget to do? >> imagine that bill. nbc has more on claudia's journey, plus you can learn how to avoid going to the same thing yourself tonight on nbc nightly news. back at home, a sad development today for neighbors near the scene of a deadly fire. >> nbc 10 learned another child has died. how the community is remembering those lost and how firefighters are trying to prevent more unnecessary deaths.
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right now, a deadly fire claimed yet another young life. the 11-year-old is the latest victim of three fires over the weekend in montgomery county and philadelphia. seven people have now died because of those fires. >> nbc 10 joining us now live in norristown. what did you learn? >> reporter: i can tell you this community is distraught. two little girls died as well as an elderly man because of what happened just over my shoulder. we've watched as families pause by the memorial as norristown firefighters and american red cross teem up to prevent another fire tragedy here. >> going to miss him. going to love him, and, you know, we are, as a people.
5:31 pm
>> manwell's father, lopez, seen here with his grandchildren, died at the scene. the 74-year-old from puerto rico was his family's patriarch. >> he liked to play cards. he liked to play sports, love his baseball. be with the family. be with boys, you know. >> reporter: the precious momento of the sisters who died shared by their aunt seen here talking to a firefighter. this 11-year-old died today. her 6-year-old sister passed away saturday. neighbors say their dad frantically tried to save them from the inferno. >> he was yelling for help, he call 911. >> reporter: a memorial grows outside the home, in the 800 block of decal. not far away, norristown firefighters and the american red cross are going door to door with ready to install smoke alarms. investigators trying to determine if the gutted home had
5:32 pm
working alarms. >> you need a ten-year lithium power smoke alarm on every floor of the home and you need a fire escape plan. >> reporter: a fourth person died in the blaze, but his identity has not been released at this hour. the cause of the fire is still under investigation by the district attorney as well as state police in norristown. we're told late this afternoon we learned by the district attorney's office that the cause of the blaze still not known is not considered suspicious. live for now in norristown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. here's other stories making headlines at 5:00. three teenager girls are facing charges in the death of this delaware high school student. amy joiner-francis died after a fight in a restroom. authorities charged one teen with criminally negligent
5:33 pm
homicide. the other two are charged with criminal conspiracy. an inmate who escaped prison is back in custody. authorities say that arthur buckel did not resist and appeared fatigue captured off the woods in laceytownship. he was on the run since breaking out of ancora unit last tuesday. a lighter note, still awaiting who bought the winning ticket to saturday's power ball drawing. the jackpot, $429 million. this right here is the 7-11, where the ticket was purchased. the store owner presented a check of $30,000. an update on the first alert weather. the sun peaked through the clouds for just a bit as we take a live at the ben franklin bridge. the clouds have come back and so might the rain. >> doesn't matter where you are, you're going to see it.
5:34 pm
let's find out what's happening in your neighborhood and when. our meteorologist has your neighborhood forecast. >> yes. >> the clouds came back today with sun earlier in the day rs it was nice, but clouds came back in, and weather pattern is changing a little bit. you'll see that tomorrow. temperatures, though, cooler than they were this afternoon. in south jersey, looking at temperatures mainly in the 60s as well as the rest of the area, but haddon township, 70 degrees right now. 62 in washington township, 62 in claytop. a bit of a difference. laurel at 67 degrees, medford at 68 degrees. don't forget with the neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen for you so you never miss it. 70 degrees now in hamilton township and mercer county, 67 princeton, and 66 in lumberton. it's a little bit of a difference. satellite and radar show clouds are back locked in even as we go
5:35 pm
through tuesday. that's one thing we are watching, and the clouds are bringing rain, and that's pretty much what we see right now. most lly north and west of philadelphia. in the suburbs north and west of philadelphia, like upper montgomery, burks county and chester county, we see lighter rainfall at the moment. pottstown seeing that, reading, lighter rain too approaching dover. watching that throughout the evening. for the rest of the area, though, for tonight, cloudy, but still kind of mild through the overnight hours, temperatures not dropping much, atlantic city, 64 degrees, dropping to the mid-zigts in some areas, but around 60 degrees by wilmington. clouds hang around, 50s into our suburbs nort and west. quakertown 47 by 7:00 tomorrow morning, but the clouds in the area tomorrow morning, 52 in trenton, and areas could see rain in the morning commute. talking about who to expect that and the forecast with warmer
5:36 pm
temperatures this week. that's coming up. >> looking forward to that, thank. philadelphia place say a 9 is 11 confession led them to arrest a man for allegedly killing his girlfriend. investigators say the 24-year-old suspect admitted on the call he strangled his girlfriend. police found her body early this morning in a home in kensington. her four children were sleeping at the time. officers tracked the cell phone where they arrested him. a serial rapist who targeted teenage girls learns his fate. he was sentenced to 40 to 196 years behind bars. prosecutors say brown raped four girls in separate incidents near the home in 2013. the victims were between 12 and 17 years old. an allentown man will not face death penalty if convicted of killing his girlfriend and stuffing her body in a recycling
5:37 pm
bin. prosecutors announced that at his arraignment. officers found the body in a recycling bin back in february. she had been shot to death. he's also accused of shooting at police as they investigated the murder ♪ >> visitors to philadelphia's sugar house casino hit the jackpot with new attractions. today, they cut the ribbon on a new coffee shop, restaurants, a multipurpose event center, and larger gaming areas, not to mention a new seven-story parking garage for guests. the expansion added about 500 full-time jobs at the casino. next 5:00, sam bradford is back after demanding a trade. the eagles' quarterback rejoined his team. what he had to say about the questions surrounding his return. flr
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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. cooler temperatures and rain have officials hoping they reached a turning point on handling the massive wildfire, and today, assessment teams are working their way in the hard hit city to see how bad the situation is. >> nbc takes us there. >> this massive fire now at nearly 400,000 acres continues to burn, continues to explode across this bone dry forest. though temperatures here are a big cool, it is helping firefighters. the blaze could burn for months because so much fuel is in the path. in the hard hit city, roughly 20% of homes in the area are a complete loss. >> we're looking at months and months, you know, probably a year before or more before we become normal again. >> reporter: there is no running water, no power, no gas. there's also no certain timetable, no hard timetable on
5:41 pm
when all evacuees can come back home. we know that this fire likely will burn for months. officials say the cities themselves are a bit safer. ? there's some areas affected. some areas gone, but all key infrastructures are in please. we have our schools. we have our hospital. we have all the key infrastructures fine. >> reporter: making progress around the fire in terms of its direction to cities, but it continues to make deep runs into the forest, as we said, will be burning for months. back to you. >> next at 5:00, tom brokaw faces his own mortality. >> i'm to be doing this for the rest of my life, you know, maybe there's a cure before i die. >> the former nbc news anchor opens up about his battle with cancer and the one person every patient needs in their corner. and for the rest of the
5:42 pm
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veteran nbc news man, tom brokaw, opens up about the challenges of cancer treatment >> he was diagnosed in 2013. it's an kush, but treatable form of blood cancer. this morning on "today," he talked about his ongoing battle, which includes daily chemotherapy and discussed a big difference in having a good support system. >> i would say to cancer parents, find a friend who is a doctor, and don't make them a
5:45 pm
part of the treatment team, they know what questions to ask and tell you what the translation may be about the information you're getting. >> he's feeling better and battling cancer's helped him appreciate life more. an inside look at a new community center in south philadelphia. this colorful building at broad and morris streets houses health care options, a library, and rec center with the idea to offer services that help people improve their lives. >> i want people to realize in this community that this is just not a destination for visits, but this is a destination to keep them healthy and it's about meeting them where they are, understanding their needs. >> everyone involved says they hope it serves as a model for more partnerships like this one. all right, folks, sam bradford is back after demanding a trade. he showed up for the first time at voluntary workouts.
5:46 pm
bradford was not happy when the team moved up in the draft to select the qb of the future, carson wentz. >> john clark is live now with comcast sports net with reactions. john? >> reporter: showing up for work on a monday. we know about that, don't we? he should be there. he was back with the birds today, and eagles told me it was like a normal workday, no big ament. the players, said, quote, everyone is happy to have him back. here's sam back on the field with the birds just two weeks ago on in monday, it came out through the agent that sam wanted to be traded. it was a ploy by sam and the agent to force the eagles' hand at the draft that week, but the broncos said the eagles asked for too much. sam basically out of options. he released this statement today, i'm excited to be back on the field today with teammates and coaches, but the business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. my attention and efforts focus on participation and preparation for a championship season.
5:47 pm
i'm committed to my teammates and eagles organization for nothing less. sam is the eagles starting quarterback, carson wentz, number two pick in the draft, his first workout is friday with the rookies. we'll have more coming up for you at 6:20. back to you. we are all working on this monday, huh? for a lot less money. >> exactly right, john clark, thank you so much for from comcast sports net. >> time for the first alert neighborhood forecast. you see behind us clouds are back. >> clouds, rain, thought we were out of the woods, but we are joined now with the neighborhood forecast. >> guys, it looked better earlier, and yesterday was beautiful, windy, but sunny and warm. this morning, we were then, all the clouds moved in, and looking at overcast skies for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow as well. also, don't forget your seven day is on the bolt tom of the screen. never miss it with the neighborhood weather no matter where you live. we update that every day for
5:48 pm
you. it's windy out there too, so winds are sustained at 60 miles per hour. 66 degrees. we have cooled down a little bit from a little bit earlier today, but much of the area's still in the 60s. 65 on the shore, and 62 south jersey, and suburbs in the low 60s in some spots, 62 unionville and chester county, 64 degrees in west bradford township. phoenixville mid-60s. a few degrees warmer as we get into montgomery and bucks county. 65 degrees, and 66 in fort washington. tomorrow, though, it will be a cooler day. reminds you of the weather prt tern from last week. we see the clouds are locked in. the rain, though, is fairly light, to the west of philadelphia, but moving west to east, you could see light rain in the philadelphia area, but for the most part, it is
5:49 pm
confined to points north and west of the city, and areas like chester county and lancaster county and montgomery is seeing lighter rainfall. zooming in a little closer to philadelphia, the lightest rain is up near the closest to philadelphia. we'll watch that moving through. now the main weather story is cool and damp weather as we go into tomorrow. you will be noticing that from what we have this past week. tomorrow, what happens is a bit of a change in the weather patte pattern. today, mild wind, westerly wind, we're in the 60s through the area. tomorrow, though, more north easterly flow back, a cooler wind, so we'll see tomorrow is very similar to what we saw last week. it's cool and damp in the area, and showers tomorrow, and we go into wednesday, and thursday, and that's when we see high pressure give us that warmer airmoving in. the jet stream further north, and so, finally, the warmth
5:50 pm
returns and there's more sunshine. getting to norm tomorrow, i don't think it's like it was last week for the rest of the week. that's just one day of it, and we'll warm up again. clouds stick around tonight. tomorrow morning, showers around for the morning commute, and south jersey and delaware. a chance for morning rain, scattered in the middle of the day. in the amp, clouds stick around and cooler, too, only in the upper 50s. we go into wednesday. midnig midnight, though, overnight hours, rain passing by the south, wednesday morning, there's more in the way of sun, warmer temperatures, and through the afternoon, just about mostly cloudy with temperatures in the forecast. your ten-day outlook, tomorrow, cloudy day, 50s, and wednesday, though, jumping back into the 70s. in the 70s, more sun. friday, another run of rain, saturday, some of that issering. we go into next week, we'll start pretty nice around 70 degrees ending out the weekend
5:51 pm
with more sunshine too. glen shows you a closer look at the neighborhood weather forecast at 6:00. >> thank you. lester holt joins us now from new york. >> good evening, what's coming up on "nightly news"? >> ahead tonight, into the war heating up over the women's vote in the race for president and the increasing number of accidents involving traveling carnivals after 11-year-old girl left badly hurt, and surprise medical bills after a hospital stay, perhaps you received them. we'll tell you what to do to avoid them in the future. we'll see you back here tonight for nightly news. keith and denise, back to you now. >> thank you. see you at 6:30. zblrvelg next at 5:00, couldn't last forever. >> that's right. a closer look at how gas prices are going up and up and up across the region. coming up at 6:00, breaking the rules. tonight, judge's decision against the franklin institute. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker.
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then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands,
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plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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i don't know about you, but i notice gas prices creeping higher and higher lately heading into the busy driving season. >> in the last month, a price of regular gallon unled went up 20 cents. nbc has more.
5:55 pm
>> and i paid, oh, $3.10. >> reporter: every time she fills up with gas, mary davis takes note what she paid for a gallon of super. today, she paid $3.10, a far cry from where prices were a few weeks ago. >> i look forward to it going down next week when i go back to the one i'm used to. >> reporter: this gas station here has the highest prices in the state at $2.89 for a gallon of regular. by the look of things, customers are not buying it. according to the gas buddy website, the average price for a gallon of gas in new jersey is $2.07, low compared to five years ago when gas was close to $4 a gallon. consider just the last month, price of gas is steadily going up. some of the increase has to do with refineries switching over to make summer gasoline, which is different than what we use in the winter. >> summer blends have to be blended with other ingredients
5:56 pm
so they will not evaporate. they tend to be more expensive. >> reporter: memorial day weekend less than two weeks away, and people drive further for vacations. if you research, there are bargai bargains. this station in carteret offers regular at $1.83 a gallon. >> i live in pennsylvania, work in jersey, and gas prices, it's great for me. >> reporter: new jersey gas prices stabilized last week, and gas in new jersey remain some of the cheapest in the country, a quarter per gallon cheaper than any of the other states in our area. >> nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. coming up next at 6:00 -- >> e we continue to following news, new developments in the death of a teenager after a fight in a school. the charges against her fellow classmates next. and well, one day no rain
5:57 pm
and sun is over. get ready for a messy tuesday. first alert forecast for your neighborhood is next. plus, there's a big stink in several communities. who is dumping trash on the side of the road? that story all new at 6:00.
5:58 pm
breaking news, three teenagers charged in connection
5:59 pm
with the death of a high school student who died after a fight in the school bathroom. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live in wilmington. >> just to explain, only one teenager accused of actually attacking amy? >> reporter: that's clear at this point, and people asked all along when it happened, why has it taken so long to file charges? late today the attorney regime's office shed light on it. it was not as clear cut as originally thought. take a look, prosecutors now say three girls planned the confrontation with amy in the second floor bathroom at howard high school, but only of the three girls actually hit her. they say a 16-year-old repeatedly hit her in the head and torso with a closed first that teenager charged with negligent homicide. prosecutors hope to try her as an adult, and if convicted, spends eight years in prison. prosecutors say the other two girls have been charged with planning assault, but they did not physically hit amy. they will be charged as juveniles and could face a year in prison if convicted. complicating the issue? prosecutors say the medical examiner found amy had a
6:00 pm
preexisting heart condition and that's why she died, but she would not have died had she not been assaulted. there was no evidence of significant blunt force injuries. i reached out to amy's family friend acting as spokesperson, and i have not heard back yet. i want to let you know we at nbc 10 is are not releasing the names of the girls charged because they are juvenile. is one is transferred to adult court, that could change, but for now, we are not naming names. nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016. the presidential election takes over new jersey. bernie sanders rolled the dice in atlantic city and donald trump picked new jersey governor chris christie to lead the transition team if he becomes president. we begin with the democrats. >> bernie sanders campaign to the jersey shore took several shots at the republican nominee. the jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, is live in


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