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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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hundreds of others hurt. next we take a closer look at what's changed since train 188 left the tracks in ft. richmond. new information about the willmentn to students arrested and charged in the death of a classmate. what one lawyer says his client didn't know. and we take a live look at center city from atop the comcast center. it should remain dry today ahead of some rain to end the workweek. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast, a look at conditions right where you live. >> tracy, we still have some clouds around, but they're helping to keep temperatures a bit warmer this morning. very low 50s through the lehigh valley. it's just dropped to 49 degrees in some of the suburbs. middle to upper 50s in new jersey. even at the shore it's mild. in philadelphia, 57 degrees at philadelphia international. now 59 in society hill.
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northeast philadelphia airport is at 56 degrees right now. we will see some clouds around. the last few showers have just moved offshore. it'll be dry for most of the rest of the day with some clouds lingering into this afternoon. a bit of fog to deal with first thing this morning. light fog in redding. two-mile visibility for blue bell. into new jersey, very light fog. head to the south, just under two-mile visibility in millville. we're starting off with mild temperatures, a bit of fog. the fog will disappear, and we'll get sunshine today with a huge warmup. may have noticed it in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the vine street expressway this morning. we have that ongoing construction closing it east and westbound between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. here's a different view of it right now. this is the schuylkill expressway. here's the vine right here. you can see some flashing lights
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right in here. that's one of the police officers there blocking off one of the off ramps. you can see no volume or delay or backup on the schuylkill right now. no cars actively moving on the vine. this is generally in place until about 5:00. we'll keep you updated. sometimes they run a little early or run a little late as well. right lane is closed on broad street northbound. on horsham, an accident on route 611. that's closed between blair mill road and horsham road. more updates in ten. tracy? when amtrak train 188 derailed killing eight people, it turned a busy stretch of port richmond rails into a disaster area. sky force 10 was over the wreck just after it happened and again one year later with the tracks repaired. right now amtrak is bracing to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars to the victims of the deadly derailment. amtrak executives continue to face questions about the safety
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of its system. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the 30th street station to explain. >> reporter: and tracy, looking back one year ago today to that crash and the effects thereafter, the derailment shut down a good portion of the northeast corridor for several days, affecting many travelers. it was the people who were on board amtrak 188 who experienced the biggest effects of this. some still experiencing those effects today. this is what it looked like, the scene from that frankfurt junction, an image that's hard to forget. train cars off the rails, some on their sides. the train's engineer has told investigators -- he told them last year he remembered pushing the throttle to pick up speed and then braking when he felt the train was going too fast into the curve. he also said there are gaps in memory as to what happened during those final moments. the attorneys for some of the victims and families say one year later, there are still more questions than answers.
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>> this has been a trying time and a troubling time and a difficult time for all of those who were horribly devastated and who lost love ones in the accident. >> they feel this pain not just on the day of the anniversary of this derailment but every waking hour of their life. >> reporter: now, there have been safety improvements on the rail since the crash one year ago. positive train control, or ptc, has been activated all along the northeast corridor. that technology slows the train if it's going too fast along certain spots. it's believed that if that system had been up and running, it may have prevented the derailment of amtrak 188. the two of those attorneys say above all, the victims want accountability on the count of amtrak and the engineer. federal investigators will meet next week to lay out the probable cause of the derailment. coming up at 5:00, more from the doctors who treated some of those victims in the moments after that crash. now live at 30th street station,
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matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thanks. 4:35 right now. 57 degrees outside. police say they caught up with a man wanted in connection with a rash of burglaries in montgomery county. nbc 10 first showed you this video tuesday. police say after the video aired, they got a flood of tip calls leading them to the suspect. the video showed him using a mickey mouse lawn ornament then a shovel to break into a home. we're hearing from the attorney of one of the students charged in the death of a teenage girl who died in the bathroom after a fight. police arrested three girls in the case. the lawyer for the teen facing the most serious charge says his client has never before been in trouble for fighting and has maintained good grades. he also says she had no way of knowing last month's fight would result in the death of amy joyner francis. she had a pre-existing heart condition. meantime, some people in the
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community believe the fight started on social media. yesterday those people gathered at a church to discuss the role of online bullying. community leaders say it's time to use social media to heal and not to promote retaliation. >> amy was about peace. she was about love. she was about unity. and to call for retaliation in her name, that is not respectful to the family. >> prosecutors want the 16-year-old charged in the death to be tried as an adult. happening today in washington, the national center for missing and exploited children will recognize leaders in child safety, including late delaware attorney general beau biden. the organization says biden paved the way for progress in the prosecution of child predators. the son of vice president joe biden died last year after battling cancer. a member of his family will accept the award on his behalf. 4:36.
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happening today, mr. trump goes to washington. the presumptive republican presidential nominee is scheduled to meet with house speaker paul ryan, and their meeting could be an important step for the republican party. speaking of trump, he's enlisted the services of chris christie. ahead, some people in new jersey have a serious problem with their governor's new national role.
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stand by. we're going to get some sunshine today and a warmer day. still some lingering clouds this morning. 57 degrees in philadelphia. just a light wind at 5 miles an hour. look at the temperatures taking off. we'll be in the 70s by lunchtime today. in the suburbs, it's a little cooler in some areas. 54 degrees right now with clouds to start with. the clouds thin out nicely. by lunchtime, 71 degrees. 72 degrees by 2:00 this
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afternoon. in the lehigh valley, a quick warmup. look at those afternoon temperatures. 75 degrees at 2:00. 76 degrees at 4:00. we could get closer to 80 in some spots in the lehigh valley. for new jersey, there have been a few sprinkles this morning. they're going to be drying up. sunshine will take us into presidethe 70s by lunchtime. a cooler day at the shore. clouds lingering to start with, but you'll get some sunshine too. 60s into the afternoon for the jersey shore. in delaware, it's going to be a nice warmup. not quite as warm as the lehigh valley. 57 degrees right how it. 67 degrees by 10:00 this morning. low 70s this afternoon. that's today neighborhood by neighborhood. there's the seven-day forecast. got your ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, bill. see you in ten minutes. 20 minutes before 5:00. let's get you to work. let's check with jessica boyington. what are you seeing on the roads? >> we're starting on 295. this is right around mt. laurel,
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new jersey. you can see no problems or big delays really so far in either direction. southbound drive time, headed towards the black horse pike, still only a 12-minute trip. average speeds, actually 67 miles per hour. people are moving out there. no problems if you're headed towards the philadelphia area. here's route 202. no problems in either direction. 11 minutes northbound or southbound from 30 to the schuylkill. speeds into the high 50s. there's also still some construction projects out there. kelly drive is closed eastbound for paving crews between brewy hill drive and fairmount avenue. here's route 1 around 17th street. looking okay in either direction. no problems north or southbound. we'll check in with the vine street expressway when i come back in the next ten. emergency crews rushed to the scene and pulled a north jersey teen from a well.
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find out how they got to him and how he got to the secluded spot in the first place. and this pit bull in cumberland county is on the road to recovery. ahead, hear what happened to the dog and why police need your help.
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4:44, 57 degrees outside. in decision 2016 this morning, the countdown is on to a capitol hill meeting between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. trump is looking to build closer alliances with top republican officials. ryan still has not endorsed the presumptive gop presidential nominee. nbc 10's vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center. there's been a lot of talk about unifying the republican party. tell us more. >> indeed, tracy. trump is meeting with paul ryan, as you said. he's also meeting with other gop leaders in washington. this all comes amid attempts to unify trump with the party. some say they're not ready to support him. yesterday trump said he plans to release his tax returns after an
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irs audit is complete. a day earlier, he told the associated press he would not release his tax documents and there's nothing to learn from them. in the past 40 years, every major party candidate has released their tax returns. meanwhile on the issues, some fellow republicans remain divided on many of trump's positions, like immigration reform and trade. >> with all these incendiary comments, it's obviously unsettled a lot of us. >> yesterday paul ryan met with members of congress who do support trump. and voters in new jersey head to the polls for their state's primary next month, but there is a new wave of third-party members that's growing in numbers for the libertarian party. gary johnson is the libertarian candidate for president. leaders of the libertarian party in new jersey say they've seen a 23% increase in membership over the past ten weeks. some people tell us they're fed up with the two-party system.
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sfwl i'm not happy with no one that's going for president this year. >> if you were to lean toward one or the other, trump or the presumptive nominee hillary -- >> i just wouldn't vote. >> officials tell us in one north jersey county, voters registering as libertarians increased 41%. of course, new jersey's primary is on june 7th. i'm live in the digital operations center, vai sikahema, nbc 10 news. >> vai, thanks. be sure to have the free nbc 10 app on your smartphone or tablet. we send out push alerts from the campaign trail. we'll let you know what happens today. mean tile, chris christie's new role with the trump campaign is prompting renewed calls for the new jersey governor to resign. >> either all in for jersey or all in for trump. >> trump named christie chairman of his white house transition team. residents tell us they fear state issues could fall to the wayside if the governor takes on more responsibility. but christie insists his job as governor would come first. he says working for trump will not keep him out of the state
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that much. >> as some of you may know about presidential transitions, the chairman is running the show. i will do that and make the major decisions that need to be made. in the end, a lot of the work will be done by men and women who will volunteer their time. >> governor christie stopped short of naming any other advisers considered for a possible trump white house. christie is also talking about the bridgegate investigation. he thinks it's, quote, highly doubtful that he will be included on a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the bridge closing scandal. a u.s. district judge gave prosecutors until tomorrow to release that list. christie says he doesn't think he's on it because he didn't know what was going on when former allies allegedly closed lanes on the george washington bridge for political retribution in 2013. a north jersey teen is recovering from minor injuries this morning. firefighters rescued him after he fell into a well. the 16-year-old and some friends snuck into an abandoned pump house near an old reservoir in
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jersey city late tuesday night. the teen fell through rotted plywood that was covering the well. he grabbed on to some wood as he fell. >> he was holding on to that, treading water. he said he wasn't touching the bottom, so we figured it was deep water. >> he was stuck in the well for nearly an hour. firefighters had to break into the building to rescue him. they lowered one of their own into the well and pulled the teen to safety. it's 4:48. let's check the vine street expressway because there's construction going on overnight. it depends on when it clears. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> well, tracy, they typically try to at least clear it by 5:00 in the morning. sometimes they end a little ahead of schedule. i just checked my cameras on the vine. around 24th street it seems that there are some cars moving through the area. they probably lifted some of the closures around the broad street exit. traffic is getting by on some accounts. right here you can see this is the schuylkill expressway around the vine street expressway off ramp.
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we still have some of the ramps that are closed. just to be safe, still take vine street local to get by. we'll keep you updated when everything is completely back to normal. there's also an accident out in northeast philadelphia on the boulevard headed northbound on red lion road on the inner drive. traffic still moving by the scene. in horsham, an accident on 611. that's closed between blair mill road and horsham road. the schuylkill expressway into center city, no problems. 95 southbound from wood haven road to the vine street dprae is doing well. that's a 13-minute trip. average speeds are all pretty much into the 60s. skies still have some clouds around. the temperatures are running warmer.
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that's a fogless view of philadelphia. with temperatures in the 50s, we're in for some sunshine and a quick warmup during the day today. nobody's really cool. everyone is running a bit warmer than yesterday at this time. numbers up 3 degrees in philadelphia. more so many mt. holly. with warm air in some of the suburbs, that's where we're seeing some moisture. we've got some light fog for pottstown and blue bell. visibility is just under three miles in both locations. some light fog in mt. holly. a little farther to the south, we've seen some thicker conditions in millville. it's just improved a bit. might see a little bit of light fog. showers, they're now out of the picture. they've just moved offshore. we'll get a dry start. a mostly dry day today as well. with some sunshine, look at the temperatures. into the 70s. well into the 70s. university city, 77 degrees this afternoon. in the lehigh valley, closer to
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80 degrees for bethlehem and easton. to the south, sunshine will breakthrough in trenton and warm to the upper 70s this afternoon. a little cooler at the jersey shore. there's an easterly wind that's going to be working today. not a strong one. just enough to keep it in the upper 60s. wilmington warms into the low 70s. close to 70 degrees today for dover. that's today. tomorrow, we have more showers in store for us. in fact, that's lunchtime tomorrow. look at the showers moving through the suburbs and the lehigh valley. that's a line of showers that could produce some thunderstorms. it'll be done by 5:00 in the afternoon. but that's not the end of the shower possibilities. as we go into the weekend, look at saturday. that's 11:30 in the morning. here comes some rain moving into the area. we'll get at dry morning in philadelphia, delaware, and south jersey. the lehigh valley those late morning hours, we'll see those showers and the possibility of some thunderstorms swinging through the area on saturday. then behind those storms, it turns much cooler over the
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weekend. the ten-day outlook has some big changes. today, 77 degrees. it will be a bit cooler tomorrow with those showers and possibly some thunderstorms. saturday, a chance of late-day storms. then a big cooldown. we'll struggle to get out of the 50s, possibly low 60s sunday afternoon. they rebound a bit for monday. in fact, monday is looking pretty good. tuesday, back into the 70s. there are a few more chances of showers next week. wednesday, thursday, and next saturday. tracy? >> bill, thanks for that. eight minute before 5:00. today marks one year since the deadly amtrak derailment. eight people died, hundreds of others were injured. next in a live report at 5:00, we take a close look at the first responders to the crash scene and explore what's changed to prevent a similar disaster from happening. also next, meet a miracle pit bull. the dog survived two gunshot wounds, but hear why he still needs your help.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick
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check on your first alert traffic. right now we're watching new jersey. this is route 73 around the route 70 circle. not a lot of cars in the area or backups. everything looks great. there's also an accident out in northeast philadelphia on the boulevard northbound right around the inner drive at red lion road. we'll have updates on this for you when i come back. we'll check in with the vine street expressway in the 5:00 hour. >> all right, jessica. thanks. happening today, thousands of people will be looking for work at one of philadelphia's largest and longest running job fairs. the tenth annual neighborhood job fair runs from 9:00 to 1:00 at mcgonigle hall. temple university is sponsoring the event. now from our south jersey bureau. animal cruelty investigators are searching for whoever shot a dog and left it for dead. the pit bull is being called a miracle. it survived being shot in the head and leg. the dog was found on may 2nd lying on a road in rural
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commercial township, cumberland county. the millville based animal rescue is working on getting the dog healthy enough for adoption. >> i could not believe somebody would do this to this dog. he's so sweet. he just wants love. he just wants to crawl in your lap and hug you. >> tlc animal rescue is hoping to get donations to help pay for the dog's vet bills. pennsylvania state police are investigating a sexting scandal at a chester county middle school. the allegations involve students at fred s. engle middle school. one student reportedly took a sexually explicit image of herself and it got shared with three other students. take a look at this home surveillance video into nbc 10. police say it shows two people in a vandalism spree in camden county. police say they wanted to question the two seen in the video selling magazines after someone keyed at least five
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cars. the vandalism happened on feather drive. anyone who recognizes either person is asked to contact police. in philadelphia, mayor jim kenny says he fears the similarities he sees between religious intolerance in the united states today and the holocaust. he spoke about his concerns yesterday at the ground breaking for the holocaust memorial plaza in center city. the plaza will include a park at the monument to the 6 million jewish martyrs along the ben franklin parkway. the mayor says we need memorials like this as a reminder of the even acts people are capable of. >> i'm fearful for our country because some of the things i hear in alleged diplomacy speeches, international relations speeches i haven't heard or read since the 1930s. >> once completed, the memorial plaza will feature educational events and programming for
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visitors. well, it's considered one of delaware's most spectacular pieces of property. >> this is pretty spectacular. it's much easier for the public to see and enjoy the state next to the hospital for children in wilmington. it has over 200 acres of gardens, fountains, mansions, and even antique cars. for years, you had to sign up in advance for tours and stay with your group. now you can just show up, buy a day or season pass, and explore the grounds on your own. >> in leaving this place, he said he wanted it open for the pleasure and benefit of the public. we take him as his word. >> patients at hospital and their families receive free passes so they can get a little fresh air and a little quiet time. >> it is spectacular. beautiful. >> alfred dupont built that in the early 1900s as a tribute to his second wife. over a century later, people are still enjoying it. you're watching nbc 10 news today. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m.
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starts right now. and right now on "nbc 10 news today," one year later. we're looking back at the amtrak derailment that killed eight people in philadelphia and what's changed since then to make sure this doesn't happen again. audio evidence. this man is now being charged for murdering his girlfriend. we'll tell you how her phone could provide the proof. hurting the patients they were supposed to be helping. that's what prosecutors are saying after three local doctors are charged for illegally selling pills. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with bill henley in the first alert weather center, saying we'll see some sun today. >> how about that? sun isn't up yet. >> eventually. >> patience will pay off. we will get breaks of sunshine. overnight there were a few showers. cape may is looking a bit damp
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and a little foggy. there's some light fog in the area. nothing more than that. the clouds have already stopped producing any rain in philadelphia. it's completely dry. at the shore, you can see those showers have just moved offshore. might see misty conditions to start with, but we will see a nice warmup with break of sunshine. won't completely clear out. there's still some lingering clouds in philadelphia. that's why it's warmer this morning. 57 degrees. also in the upper 50s in delaware. it's dropped into the 40s for the suburbs. look at the shore at 57 degrees. inland just a little bit, it's a little cooler but not by much. the clouds keeping temperatures pretty uniform this morning. the temperatures will be climbing. showers less likely this morning. sunshine breaking through. temperatures climbing into the 70s. for the suburbs, 73 degrees. by 4:00 this afternoon. look at that 75 degrees in the lehigh valley. nice warmup for delaware. by 4:00 this afternoon, 70 degrees. a chance of a morning shower in new jersey. that's now moved offshore.


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