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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  May 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, one year later. this was the scene in philadelphia last year after an amtrak train derailment killed
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eight people and injured hundreds. now we're looking back at the crash and what's changed since then. arrested for silence. we're now hearing from a lawyer who says she was taken into custody after exercising one of her rights. and new from overnight, two people are in the hospital following this crash. just after 5:30, good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." it's thursday. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get to meteorologist bill henley, who's got the neighborhood forecast. morning, bill. >> we're depending on sunshine to make it happen. the sun is not up yet. still some clouds around and a little bit of fog this morning. that's the view from wilmington. light fog now in the suburbs. lancaster has zero visibility. it's just light fog for redding and pottstown. less of an issue than it was first thing this morning in mt. holly. they have three-mile visibility. into delaware, four-mile
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visibility. just got a bit thicker in millville n and out of the fog this morning. the fog to start with will disappear as those temperatures climb and they will be climbing up nicely this afternoon. still a few showers just near cape may. we saw those rain drops falling in cape may. still a bit misty this morning. you could see an isolated shower there. most of the area should be dry today. the temperatures will indeed warm up. upper 70s this afternoon in philadelphia. 57 degrees right now. the suburbs in the 40s. along the shore, it's in the 50s. ocean city is 55 degrees with clouds lingering. the numbers climb into the 70s in philadelphia. by lunchtime, 73 degrees. nice warmup for the suburbs. 58 degrees at 8:00. by 4:00 this afternoon, 73 degrees. and into the middle 70s in the lehigh valley and climbing at 4:00. a little bit cooler for delaware with easterly winds. the jersey shore will see those lingering clouds into the noontime hour.
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then some sunshine and 65 degrees this afternoon. up to 75 degrees for interior new jersey. that's the day. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes to show you what to expect as the day progresses. right now let's check in with jessica boyington, see how the traffic is progressing this morning. hey, jess. >> hey, bill. i almost called you vai. we're on route 422 right now. this is right around trooper road. no big problems in either direction yet. trooper road not backed up with any traffic. you can see headed eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway no big problems. we still have an eight-minute drive time to the schuylkill. speeds into the 60s. out in northeast philadelphia, still watching this accident on the boulevard headed northbound right around red lion road. it is taking out a part of the inner drive. other lanes still moving through. there is some construction. the right lane is closed around broad street headed northbound between 95 and pattison avenue. some delays for mass transit.
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also for septa if you take the airport line, the trenton line, or the warminster line. some trains are late. just check before you go if your specific train is affected this morning. vai? >> jess, thank you. exactly one year ago today, an amtrak train going more than double the speed limit went off the rails in philadelphia, killing eight people and hurting hundreds more. here's the scene of what happened that night. investigators say the new york-bound train was going 106 miles per hour before taking a sharp turn and derailing. nbc 10's matt delucia is live this morning at the 30th street station for us with more on that and what's next. good morning, matt. >> morning, vai. that derailment shut down a good part of the northeast corridor for several days after that derailment. for some folks, it really did impact their travel and their commute. for the people who were on board amtrak 188, they are still feeling the effects. this is what it looked like. take a look here.
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an image that is very hard to forget for some people. train cars off the rails, some on their side and torn apart. the train's engineer told investigators last year that he remembered pushing the throttle to pick up speed and braking when he felt the train was going too fast into the curve. he also said that he has gaps in memory as to what happened during those final moments. the attorneys for some of the victims and families say one year later, there are still more questions than answers. >> they ultimately want to know why this happened, and they ultimately want there to be accountability for not only mr. bastien but amtrak. >> they feel this pain not only on the anniversary of the derailment but every waking hour of their life. >> reporter: there have been safety improvements on the rails since that crash one year ago. positive train control, or ptc,
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has been activated. that technology slows the train if it is going too fast along certain spots. it's believed had that system been up and running, it may have prevented the derailment of amtrak 188. federal investigators are planning to meet next week to lay out the probable cause of the derailment. coming up, more from the doctors who treated some of the doctors in those initial moments right after the crash. for now, live outside 30th street station, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. we'll have continuing coverage all day today on our and also on the nbc 10 app. we're hearing from the crash survivors, the impact of the crash, and what's still unresolved following this tragedy. >> it's 5:36. new from overnight, philadelphia police are searching for a man who escaped from their custody. authorities tell us the 24-year-old was arrested for driving under the influence following a crash last night. he was taken to penn presbyterian medical center in university city for pain. when officers uncuffed him, he ran out the side door. he was still wearing his hospital gown and a neck brace. two people are in the
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hospital following this crash in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. it appears the car they were riding in hit several parked vehicles and then flipped over at ridge and midville around 1:00 this morning. both people are in stable condition. arrested for silence. we're now hearing from a lawyer who says she was taken into custody by police in our area after she exercised her right to remain silent. nbc 10's pamela osbourne is live in the digital operations center this morning to walk us through what happened on the night of the arrest. pam warks did happen? >> vai, as you said, rebecca is an attorney herself. she tells us she was well within her rights not to answer questions when she was pulled over by police. nbc 10 obtained the dash cam video of her encounter with new jersey state police. this was last october. troopers suspected her of speeding in warren county. she says she followed the trooper's request, provided them with her information, but declined to answer questions.
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that's when she says she was wrongfully arrested. >> i was shocked. when i decided not to answer any questions, i thought they would give me a ticket if they thought i had done something wrong. during the entire encounter, they never told me why i was pulled over. i thought i would get a ticket. i thought they knew and were going to respect my right not to answer their questions. >> rebecca has filed a lawsuit against the state's police and the trooper who arrested her. she tells us she's doing it because she wants to hold police accountable for violating her rights. we reached out to new jersey state police and the attorney general's office. they tell us the traffic stop is the subject of an internal review. they declined to comment any further because of the pending litigation. reporting live in the digital operations center, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. a dog was shot and left for dead in cumberland county. >> now animal cruelty investigators are searching for
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whoever is responsible. the pit bull is being called a miracle. it survived being shot in the head and the leg. the dog was found back on may 2nd lying on a road in rural commercial township. the millville based tlc animal rescue is working to get the dog named mr. biggs healthy enough for adoption. >> i could not believe somebody would do this to this dog. he's so sweet. he just wants love. he just wants to crawl in your lap and just hug you. >> tlc animal rescue is hoping to get donations to help them pay for the dog's veterinary bills. once he's fully recovered, he'll be ready to go to a forever family. less than ten minutes before sunshine. still dealing with a few clouds. we will see the sunrise in philadelphia. may still see a few sprinkles in parts of delaware and south jersey. tracking some very light rainfall. it was falling in cape may when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. those showers are just offshore.
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a few sprinkles in milford and delaware. mainly going to be dry during the day today. and we'll see some sunshine. the temperatures really going to warm up. 57 degrees right now. look at those lunchtime temperatures. into the 70s. then middle 70s by 2:00 in the afternoon. for the suburbs, sunshine, 71 degrees by lunchtime. 55 degrees right now. we'll see the warmup for the lehigh valley. getting closer to sunrise. the temperatures will really take off in the lehigh valley. this may be the warmest spot in our area during the day today. by lunchtime, 72 degrees. 76 degrees by 4:00. a few spots in the lehigh valley could get closer to 80 degrees this afternoon. in jersey, the clouds are breaking. 72 degrees at lurch time right now. it's 53 if you're heading out the door. in delaware, still some clouds around and a little bit of light fog. at the jersey shore, those clouds will linger into the morning hours. this afternoon, winds not strong but just enough coming off that cooler ocean with afternoon temperatures in the 60s.
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there's delaware. still some clouds around right now. 57 degrees. a warmer start this morning. look at the quick warmup. by 10:00, 67 degrees. 70 degrees at lunchtime. that's today. there's the seven-day forecast right at the bottom of the screen. when i come back, a look at the ten-day outlook. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. about 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. looks like we have some delays on the schuylkill. >> i think westbound. exactly where, jessica? >> an accident on the schuylkill expressway right now. we can see the pen-dot crews there westbound around waverly road. some delays behind that just because only one lane is getting by. accident scene obviously still active here. it is over into the right-hand shoulder. the next lane over. with that one lane getting by, of course this is one of the worst times as well. we're starting around the 6:00 hour to see a bit more delays and traffic heading out the door. we will start to see those
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delays. you can see eastbound traffic moving along just fine with no big delays there. if you're out the door moving through delaware this morning, you'll be just fine. if you're heading out the door on 95, you can see our drive times here. we are still in the green. no problems. 11 minutes at the most northbound from 295 to 495. still watching that emergency construction if you're heading into delaware from new jersey. the delaware memorial bridge, the left lane is closed heading into delaware. >> thank you, jessica. 57 degrees here at our studios at 5:42 on a thursday morning. highly doubtful, that's what new jersey governor chris christie is saying about his name being mentioned on a new list involving the bridgegate scandal. we'll explain that. plus, an experiment almost out of this world. we'll show you what a local science teacher and his students did using a balloon and a go-pro camera.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. quarter to 6:00. in decision 2016 this morning, donald trump will meet with house speaker paul ryan and other gop leaders. >> the goal is to find some unity within the republican party. paul ryan has not yet endorsed donald trump, but the presumptive gop presidential nominee did pick up support from several republican house members who chair committees. >> i really believe that if we're going to be successful this fall, we have to unify our
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party. we have to go forward with a positive message that americans see that we have solutions to their problems. >> meanwhile, trump is taking some heat over his tax returns. yesterday he said he plans to release those returns after an irs audit is complete. now, a day earlier he told the associated press he would not release his tax documents and there's nothing to learn from them. chris christie has a new role with the trump campaign. >> the move is prompting renewed calls for the new jersey governor to resign. >> either all in for yjersey or all in for trump. >> trump named christie chairman of his white house transition team. we've told you that. residents are now telling us they fear state issues could fall to the wayside as the governor takes on more responsibility, but christie insists his job as governor would come first. he says working for trump will not keep him out of the state that much. >> as some of you may know about presidential transitions, the chairman is running the show. i will do that and make the major decisions that need to be
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made. in the end, a lot of the work will be done by men and women who will volunteer their time as traditionally has happened. >> governor christie stopped short of naming any other advisers being considered for a possible trump white house. christie's also talking about the bridgegate investigation. he thinks it's, quote, highly doubtful he'll be included on a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the bridge-closing scandal. a judge gave prosecutors until tomorrow to release that list. christie says he doesn't think he's on it because he didn't know what was going on when former allies allegedly closed lanes of the george washington bridge for political retribution in 2013. from our delaware bureau, we are now hearing from the attorney of one of the students charged in the death of a teenage girl who died after a fight in a bathroom at her school. >> police arrested three girls in the case. the lawyer for the teen facing the most serious charge says his client has never before been in trouble for fighting and has maintained good grades while
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attending high school. he also says she had no way of knowing last month's fight would result in the death of amy joyner francis. she had a pre-existing heart condition. meantime, some people in the community believe the fight started on social media. yesterday people gathered at a church to discuss the role of online bullying. community leaders say it is time to use social media to heal and not to promote retaliation. >> amy was about peace. she was about love. she was about unity. to call for retaliation in her name, that is not respectful to the family. >> prosecutors want the 16-year-old charged in the death to be tried as an adult. check it out. here comes the sun. sunrise this morning from six flags great adventure, jackson, new jersey. seeing some thin clouds in the area. some light fog is to be found. that sunshine is going to win
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out today. it's going to lead to a quick warmup this afternoon. a little bit of fog in the suburbs. down to a mile and a half visibility. in pottstown, under two miles now. mt. holly seeing some of that light fog. so the south, the fog has been in and out in millville. very light fog in wilmington and dover. that will not last. as the temperatures climb, the fok will disappear, and we will see enough sunshine to make it the warmest day of the week. clouds finally take a break. the futurecast showing the clouds thinning out. as we go into the 11:00 hour, still some scattered clouds around into the afternoon. we'll get enough sunshine breaking through to really warm us up this afternoon. the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, look at the upper 70s. bethlehem up to 77 degrees. the suburbs, well into the 70s for westchester and phoenixville. both at 76 today. for philadelphia, no slouch here. look at byberry.
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near 80 degrees this afternoon. into the 70s. a little cooler for haddonfield and glassboro. vineland will be in the low 70s. trenton up to 78 degrees this afternoon. atlantic city, a little bit of and easterly breeze will keep things cooler there. galloway will head into the low 70s. for delaware, sunshine breaks through the clouds this morning. near 70 degrees for dover and into the lower to mid-70s in wilmington. we should be shower free today. the temperatures will be climbing, but this afternoon the clouds will still be in here. tomorrow they'll start producing. the showers move right through the area in the afternoon tomorrow. we could see scattered thunderstorms later tomorrow afternoon. but then by evening time, they're out of here. a good chance of a few showers arriving later on saturday into saturday afternoon. there's a possibility of thunderstorms later on saturday. for today, clouds and sunshine. 77 degrees this afternoon. those late afternoon showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and again on saturday clear out for
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sunday. it will bring us cooler weather though. a big cooldown sunday afternoon. 50s and low 60s. a bit warmer on monday. less breezy on monday. a high of 68 degrees. then back into the 70s with a few chances of showers next week wednesday, thursday, and again on saturday. we could see some rain. it will come with warmer temperatures. so any time you like, check out the seven day at the bottom of the screen. at least once per half hour, the ten-day outlook. we continue to stay focused on the schuylkill westbound because of an accident. >> jessica, give us an update. >> right around waverly road before the overpass. we have the schuylkill expressway tied up with an accident scene. as you can see, we have a crew there. some guy down there with a broom sweeping debris off the road. it's headed westbound. now we're down to one lane passing the scene. that right-hand shoulder, the next lane over, is blocked. there's some pen-dot crews there. stretching just beyond this scene as well.
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might be a little white before this is cleaned up. really slow go by the scene. big delays headed westbound. only one lane getting by on the schuylkill. more updates on this when i come back. >> all right, jessica. see you then. helping those out of a job get back into the work force. we'll tell you about the free training program in our area that's helping those who have been out of a job for months get back to work.
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hey, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on your first alert traffic. if you're heading out the door on the schuylkill expressway, you may see delays. headed westbound around waverly road due to this accident we only have the left lane getting by. we'll have updates for you on this when i come back at 6:00. five before 6:00 right how it. we're following breaking news. brazilian president dilma rousseff has been suspended this morning after the senate voted to impeach the country's first woman president. rousseff is accused of hiding large budget deficits that brazil is facing.
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she'll be replaced for up to six months by the vice president pending a trial in the senate. that trial will determine if she can serve out her second term or if the vice president will remain in power. and happening today in washington, d.c., the national center for missing and exploited children will recognize leaders in child safety, including late delaware attorney general beau biden. the organization says biden paved the way for progress in the prosecution of child predators. the son of vice president joe biden died last year after battling cancer. a member of his family will accept the award on his behalf. middle school science projects have come a long way since we've been doing them. >> yeah, since we were making things. one class in middletown just launched into the stratosphere to better understand planet earth. lewis redding middle school teach dr. robert farrell got his class to learn about the upper atmosphere by sending a cooler up there to gather evidence. the class used a balloon to launch the cooler along with a go-pro camera.
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it went up 106,000 feet while a team on the ground monitored its every move. two hours after the launch, the balloon exploded and the cooler and camera parachuted back down, landing in newark. >> when we found it, we had that sense of relief that, oh, we did. >> to see the kids actually do the project, launch the project, and then get it back is -- i don't think rewarding is a good enough word. i don't think it covers it. >> so cool. congratulations to dr. farrell's middle school class for their science success. >> that's much different than the volcano we made with the science teacher's car battery. i remember. >> i think i used vinegar and baking soda. powerful storms sent trees toppling into a camden county woman's yard. >> she called pico to report some damaged power lines, but then she says they left her yard messier than the storm did. coming up at 6:00, see what happens when nbc 10 responds. plus, continuing coverage on
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the amtrak deadly derailment one year later. nbc 10's matt delucia is live this morning at 30th street station with what's changed in a year.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, deadly derailment, one year later. how things have changed in the year since amtrak train 188 crashed in port richmond. doctors accused of dealing drugs. three local doctors are facing charges for selling prescription pills to dealers and addicts. suspected serial burglar busted. we showed yo eed you the videou called police. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it is friday eve, as you like to say. a nice one at that. let's get to first alert meteorologt


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