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tv   Today  NBC  May 16, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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we'll do that this morning. it's going to be fun. >> have a great trip. >> thanks for watching. >> will we see you tomorrow? >> yes. >> we'll be back. >> fantastic. good morning. oh, the places you'll go. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> president obama takes a not so veiled shot at donald trump in a commencement address, as the republican's presumptive nominee fires off a surprising new tweet this morning. encouraging bernie sande to run as an independent. round two. 28 million people in the flood-weary south, bracing for more heavy rains today. how bad will it get this time? search suspended. the coast guard calling off its three-day effort to find a young mother who fell overboard on a cruise. why her family is still holding out hope. and cover up. a los angeles meteorologist handed a sweater during a live report after getting viewer
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complaints about what she was wearing. >> what's going on? you want me to put this on? why? because it's cold? >> we got a lot of e-mails. >> what? >> she says it was all in good fun, but it's still generating a storm of controversy. today, monday, may 16th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it seems a bit odd to have done that to the weather caster on live television. >> it does, indeed. we know what it's like to have these problems with the weatherperson. >> we have our eyes on al roker, who will cover up, we promise, just in time for his -- >> the other direction. sorry. a lot to get to. let's start with what was a difficult weekend for donald trump. he's facing new questions over
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his treatment of women and his taxes. and then president obama is waking wake i -- weighing in on the race. we'll begin with peter alexander. good morning. >> good monday morning. nearly two weeks after becoming his party's presumptive nominee, donald trump is on the defensive on several fronts after reports of his past behavior to women. a lukewarm evaluation from the nation's most powerful republican. attacks from the president. >> reporter: for donald trump, the hits keep oncoming. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> reporter: president obama taking a shot without ever dropping trump's name. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> reporter: trump is attacking his critics, dismissing the "new york times" as dishonest and lame, after its front page expose on his treatment of women. detailing unwanted advances and workplace conduct over decades. trump told one overweight female executive, you like your candy.
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other employees praised the candidate. saying his decision to promote women was a daring move for a developer at the time. paul ryan refused to answer whether the presumptive nominee is someone his kids can look up to. >> i'm not interested in going to the past. >> reporter: this should not be a hard question. trump telling the "times," ryan wants me to be me. clinton's campaign is hammering trump over his refusal to release his taxes. >> if i run for office, i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> reporter: even as nine gop house committee chairs are endorsing trump, many prominent republicans remain so repulsed, they're recruiting third party options. mitt romney recently contacting john kasich and nebraska senator sasse. both men through aides saying, no chance.
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who can out trump trump? maybe another billionaire. mark cuban taking calls, acco according to the "washington post," but declining, saying there isn't enough time. in an interview with television this morning, trump is hitting back at david cameron, who mocked trump's muslim ban from the u.s., calling it divisive, stupid and strong. >> number one, i'm not stupid. i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. number two, in terms of divisive, i don't think i am a divisive person. i'm a unifier, unlike our president now. >> already this morning, trump is chiming in about the democratic race again. tweeting, bernie sanders is being treated badly by the dems. the system is rigged, he writes. he should run as an independent. run, bernie, run. sanders expressed no interest as running as an independent. >> peter, thank you very much. let's bring in mark halperin, managing editor of
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"bloomberg politics." >> good morning. >> donald trump is taking incoming on six fronts. on the "new york times" front page story, on how he treats women, it was a mixed bag. on the one hand, you saw a picture of somebody who, in some cases, was demeaning to women. on the other hand, someone who promoted women and put them in high positions. what is the net effect? >> bill clinton when he ran in 1992 said, if you want a perfect candidate, vote for someone else. we have no perfect candidates. the "new york times" story got a lot of attention. things he did in the story, inappropriate. no one would say, that's the ideal for a president. on the other hand, donald trump and others are saying, if that's the best you've got, my conduct with women, bring it on. >> he's on the defensive for that article. he goes on the offense on the other side. this shows how important the women's vote is going to be in this race. former president bill clinton was an abuser of women and
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hillary clinton was an enabler of that behavior. how will this weigh out? >> voters will look at both things. basically, it'll be who ends up with more baggage on their freight car with them? >> not inspiring, by the way. >> it's not. i think you're going to see maybe, at times, both candidates look and say, do we want a truce? the reason trump has an advantage, i think, in the fights is because trump goes hard without any sense of shame or remorse or feeling about his own behavior that projects negatively. when hillary clinton deals with the issues, you see the weight on her. trump doesn't deal with weight. the political reality is, i think trump relishes the fights. he's not afraid of them, and she is. one advantage he has. >> let's talk about trump continuing to beat the drum as sanders running as an independent. sanders says he wouldn't do it because it would hand the election to trump. does trump realize in a two-person fight, he's in trouble?
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>> trump looks for every advantage. in a two-person fight, hillary clinton is the favorite, for now. i think he mostly is making mischief. he wants to discord. the press focuses on divisions within the republican party, and those are real, but there are divisions because bernie sanders is still running. >> you talk about making mischief. it was most people's understanding that the stop trump movement was on life support, that it was gone. we have word over the weekend that mitt romney and maybe others are dangling a carrot in front of people, perhaps saying they should go for a third party one. one name that comes up is the billionaire owner of the dallas mavericks, mark cuban. why him? why are they still trying? >> it shows the desperation of people to say, is there any way to stop him? one is to get a third candidate in the race and hope the person can, if not win, stop either trump or clinton from a majority in the electoral college. they're hoping for a convention. is there something they can do with the rules to derail trump? it's a small group, it's
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shrinking, but it shows how much they don't want donald trump to be their nominee or president. >> mark halperin, thank you. >> we appreciate it. in other news this morning, storm-weary parts of the south are dealing with even more downpours and heavy flooding. al, what's going on? >> we do not have good news for our friends in texas. there have been torrential downpours around corpus christi. this is video from the last few minutes. streets turned into rivers. a lot of stalled cars. they have rescues going on. people being rescued from their home. school and street closures. it is a mess there, and it's going to continue. right now, areas have picked up 6 to 10 inches of rain around the corpus christi area. we have flash flood watches in houston, texas. this will continue later this afternoon, making their way through houston. also seeing heavy activity through oklahoma and st. louis. we're also going to be watching another area of strong storms
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firing up again along this system. it's going to continue right on into the beginning and the end of this week. look at the rainfall totals. some areas may pick up 6 to 8 inches of rain, guys, before it's all over, from shreveport to victoria. flooding is going to be a big problem right into the weekend for corpus christi on to houston. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, officials say the heavy rain may have played a roll in a bus rollover accident in laredo, texas. 44 were injured, 8 killed. janet shamlian has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators are hoping to learn what caused this charter bus to lose control. >> we are conducting a safety investigation, and we will look at the highway, the vehicle, the driver and company operations. >> reporter: owned by oga charters, it was carrying 50
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peop people. the charter was traveling on u.s. 83 when the crash happened saturday morning. there was heavy rain in the area when the bus rolled over on its left side, 42 miles north of laredo. reports from the federal motor carrier safety administration shows oga, who owns two busses, has 15 inspection violations since 2014, including brake and emergency exit problems. investigators haven't said whether the 17-year-old bus in saturday's crash had prior violations. oga hasn't replied to nbc's request for comment. >> this is the worst commercial vehicle accident i've seen in the ten years i've been here. >> reporter: this 5 the-year-2- was one of eight people killed in the crash. a colleague describing her as kindhearted and always making people laugh. 44 were injured, including the driver, who hasn't been named.
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ezekiel has six relatives who were hurt. >> broken ribs, punctured lungs, blood in the brain, ear trauma. i was extremely grateful that they're still alive. >> reporter: a weekend get away turned to tratragedy. now, a search for answers. for "today", janet shamlian, nbc news, houston. want to look at a nightmare for travel going on at one of the nation's busiest airports. you're looking live right now at security lines at chicago's o'hare airport. officials say that shortage of tsa staff we've been telling you about is to blame. the problem was so bad last night, some passengers missed their flights, and american airlines had to provide cots for them to sleep on. the tsa struggling to get staffing levels back to normal in recent months, with more than 100 agents quitting each week. >> it'll be a long morning there. fugitive on the fbi's most wanted list was killed last night during a shootout that wounded an fbi agent.
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the 35-year-old pendleton was wanted for murder in the shooting of an officer earlier this month. officials say pendleton fired shots at police. one agent suffered non-life threatening injuries. police in great britain are calling for an investigation this morning after a fake bomb forced the evacuation of a soccer stadium. this happened just minutes before manchester united's last match of the season. the realistic looking device had been left behind by a private company after a training exerci exercise. before officials discovered it was fake, the match was called off. disappointed fans were sent home. a controlled explosion was carried out. manchester's police commissioner called the incident a fiasco and is demanding to know why the device was left there in the first place. now to frightening moments for a beachgoer in florida. a 23-year-old woman was bitten by a small shark.
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when emergency crews arrived, they found the two-foot shark was dead but still attached to the woman's arm. she was taken to a hospital with the shark still attached. she's currently in stable condition. see this? flying sunday night. a baseball game between the rangers and the bluejays. this all started when bluejays outfielder, bautista, was hit in the ribs. he was awarded first base. moments later, he'd attempt to take out rangers second baseman odor on the slide. he didn't appreciate it and punched bautista directly in the face. the bases cleared, and the brawl was on. eight players and coaches were ejected, including bautista and odor. no doubt, suspensions are on the way. that was a shock. >> by the way, the ball was still in play. >> unbelievable. by the way, on the topic of baseball, renewed focus on fan safety after an incident at
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fenway park. look at this. a piece of broken bat threw over the protected netting and hit a fan in the head. nbc's joe fryer is outside fenway for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. fenway is one of many ballparks where the protective netting behind home plate has grown. despite that, the fan was hit by a broken bat over the weekend. now, there is a growing debate. are the nets too little or too much? >> broken bat. >> reporter: the new swath of protective netting at fenway park was not high enough to block a broken bat that hurdled over the net, hitting a fan in the fifth row and cutting him above the eye. >> it doesn't happen often, but when it does, you're worried. >> reporter: the netting at every major league ballpark now extends 70 feet beyond home plate. at funw at fenway, the netting is nearly 10 feet high. an analysis by bloomberg news in
7:15 am
2014 found 1,750 spectators are hurt each year by bats and balls at major league games. then the close calls. like this father calmly saving his son this year at a spring training game. >> i didn't have a lot of time to think about it. the only thing i can describe it as is dad mode. >> goes flying into the seats. >> reporter: last year at fenway, tonya carpenter was seriously injured when she was hit by a bat. over the weekend, carpenter expressed gratitude for the larger nets but adding, there are serious questions regarding the decision to limit the protection for the patrons to only those seats within 70 feet of home plate. on the flip side, author stephen king, a red sox season ticketholder since the 1980s, questioned the netting in an op-ed last month. when do safety precautions steal away the pure joy of being there, he wrote. i understand the red sox bear some responsibility, but i also accept my responsibility to take care of myself to the best of my
7:16 am
ability when i'm at the ballpark. >> the red sox continue to warn fans, keep an eye out at all times for balls and bats. especially this day and age, when so many are looking down at their phones. back to you guys. >> that they are. >> there are signs everywhere at the ballparks that say that. >> you have to look up to see them. >> joe fryer, thank you. let's get the rest of al's forecast. mr. roker, good morning again. >> let's show you what we have going on. to the north of texas, we have a risk of severe weather right now for oklahoma on into nebraska. the panhandle of texas, as well. that wet weather stretches all the way up into the pacific northwest. beautiful day in los angeles today. sunshine, temperatures 75 degrees. here in the northeast, temperatures a little on the cool side and breezy. at least we've got the sunshine finally. washington, d.c., you're starting to see the sunshine, as well. the flood threat continues down through the eastern -- make that the western part of the gulf coast. coast. that's what's going on
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& in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning. we have nine and gusty wind, 67 degrees this afternoon for somerton, 65 in chestnut hill. bright, sunny skies. a few passing clouds in lansdale and malvern. the lehigh valley, bethlehem up to 66 degrees and plenty of sunshine for easton, also 66 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey, the jersey shore and delaware, plenty of sunshine. you'll feel those gusty winds to
7:18 am
near 30 miles an hour this afternoon, highs in the 60s. have a great day. s your latest weather. >> al, thanks. coming up, the coast guard suspending the search for a missing cruise ship passenger who fell overboard. this morning, her family is speaking out. on rossen reports, our police body cameras as reliable as you think? this morning, we'll put you to the test with an eye-opening demonstration. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, sheryl sandberg opening up about her husband's death in an emotional commencement address. her message about overcoming hardship. fun or good joke? a meteorologist was h
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nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just about 7:30. rather school for a morning in mid-may. let's get our forecast from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> some spots downright cold. record cold temperatures in trenton and allentown this morning. temperatures are starting to climb. the suburbs up to 39 degrees. in new jersey, 43 degrees and 42 in the lehigh valley. we're seeing plenty of sunshine, that bright sunshine, warm temperatures into the 60s by 1:00 this afternoon, 58 degrees and climbing. through the day, the winds will be with us. in fact, gusts to 30 miles an hour. we'll see 60s instead of the normal 70s for this time of year. vai? >> bill, thank you. happening now, a water main
7:27 am
break is leaving a mess in west philadelphia this morning. this is actual video from a firehouse that took on water, five feet of water at that. the break happened at 43rd and market. this was a few hours ago. a stretch of market street is closed off at this point. water department crews are working on repairs. that weight room not useable for a little bit. new this morning, the philadelphia 76ers are making history when it comes to their uniforms. the sixers and stub hub are teaming up for the first ever jersey patch sponsorship in major american pro sports. deal makes the 76ers the first nba team to declare a jersey sponsor. the stubhub patch will feature the new loge ghosn 'appear on game jerseys starting in the 2017 season. i'm vai sikahema, we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. see you in a half hour.
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good morning, everybody. it's 7:30, may 16th, 2016. we have a great crowd in rockefeller plaza. >> chilly out there again. high 40s but it's supposed to get to the 60s. let's get a check of the stories making headlines. president obama delivered a commencement address at rutgers university. he used the speech to take a couple of swipes at donald trump without ever mentioning the republican's presumptive's nominee by name. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. [ applause ]
7:31 am
it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> the president also said building walls goes against everything america stands for. there is dangerous flash flooding in corpus christi, texas, this morning. torrential downpours, 8 to 10 inches of rain in the area overnight. to make matters worse, storms are expected to move in later today. look at this scary moment on the bridge here in new york. a truck hauling scrap metal lost control and rolled over. at least five vehicles were damaged. luckily, no one was seriously injured. traffic was backed up for hours. officials believe the crash was caused by a failure of the truck's suspension system. the coast guard has suspended its search for a missing cruise ship passenger who accidentally fell overboard into the gulf of mexico. nbc's kerry sanders is in galveston, texas, with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. the carnival cruise ship liberty
7:32 am
is heading back to port now. the u.s. coast guard called all its search and rescue because, based on experience, they believe it's virtually impossible that this passenger, a mother of four, could still be alive. >> reporter: after three days of intensive searching by the coast guard, no sign this morning of 33-year-old samantha broberg, a mother of four who fell off the carnival liberty. >> and we are conducting a full ship search. >> reporter: crew members carrying a picture of broberg went cabin to cabin, frantically searching after she was reported missing on friday. >> our steward came into our room, checked the closets, checked the bathroom, looked under the bed, went out on our balcony. i mean, they did a thorough search. >> reporter: then the horrifying discovery. surveillance video showing broberg falling overboard ten hours earlier at about 2:00 a.m. in a statement, carnival cruise said, the camera footage indicates that broberg was
7:33 am
sitting on a deck railing and fell backwards into the water. friday evening, coast guard planes started combing the sea 195 miles south of galveston. >> unfortunately, we were unable to find the individual we're looking for. >> reporter: in 2012, this terrifying surveillance video caught a woman plunging off the carnival destiny. in 2015, a man fell from royal caribbean's oasis of the sea, miraculously rescued, when passengers on another ship heard his screams. both survived and today are okay. on average, about 20 people fall overboard every year, according to industry statistics. that's out of roughly 20 million cruise passengers. as the coast guard puts the search for broberg on hold, vacationers on the liberty return home this morning with one fellow passenger on their minds. >> we knew it wasn't going to end well when the last few
7:34 am
updates, would you please just keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. >> the carnival cruise ship which you see is making its port near galveston, made the last port of call in mexico. once it ties up here, federal investigators are going to inspect the area where she fell over and to review the surveillance tape. >> kerry sanders, thank you. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by walgreen's. get your red nose day at walgreen's to help kids in need. >> question a lot of folks are asking, where is spring, at least as far as the temperatures are concerned. dome of high pressure around the u.s.-canadian border, pumping in the colder air. chicago, 68. washington, d.c., 9 degrees below average at 67 degrees. tomorrow, the cool air from chicago, amarillo, cincinnati,
7:35 am
philly, williamsburg. later this week, temperatures bounce back friday. charleston, 80 degrees. new york city by friday, we'll see a gh ofhi good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning. with have sunshine and gusty winds, 67 degrees this afternoon for somerton, 65 in chestnut hill. bright, sunny skies. a few passing clouds in lansdale and malvern. the lehigh valley, bethlehem up to 66 degrees and plenty of sunshine for easton, also 66 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey, the jersey shore and delaware, plenty of sunshine. you'll feel those gusty winds to near 30 miles an hour this afternoon, highs in the 60s. have a great day. >> get your latest weather, weather channel on cable and online. coming up, why turning to light versions of your favorite snacks probably is not going to help you lose weight. plus, is seeing always believing? >> hi, good morning.
7:36 am
i'm jeff rossen. coming up, so many communities across the country urging cops to wear these body cameras for more accountability. can you really believe what you see? this morning, revealing demonstrations. can you guess at home what is going on in this situation right here? ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty. ♪ it's simple: just get your red nose, only at walgreens, and get your silly on, seriously. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. angry birds are coming to mcdonald's. sfx: streeeeeetch...thwang! sfx: smack! now you can order, scan and unlock in-game rewards based on "the angry birds movie," rated pg only in theaters.
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7:40 am
record? "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with surprising demonstrations. good morning. >> good morning. this is in the news now. new numbers out showing crime rates across dozens of cities on the rise already this year. the fbi now saying the viral video effect could be to blame. police fearing to approach criminals, fearing it can end up on internet. still, the body cameras are hoping to reduce the he said/she said. it's on the video. can the video itself be decei deceiving? what do you see? >> reporter: you're watching what looks like an aggressive confrontation. caught on police body cam. many departments across the country saying they increase transparency and hold officers accountable. >> these cameras are the future of policing. >> reporter: and they are helpful, like in texas. >> put your hands behind your
7:41 am
back. >> reporter: dash cam video showing a cop taking down a suspect, seemingly out of nowhere. from the body camera's angle, a clear view of the suspect attacking the officer first. and in ohio -- >> drop the knife! >> reporter: a body cam capturing an officer pleading with a knife-wielding man. do they always tell the whole story? today, we have some revealing demonstrations for you. this is a law professor here at the university of south carolina. also a former police officer. you'll be playing the cop. i'll be playing the suspect. you were saying, sometimes, police body cameras can be misleading. >> absolutely right. they're a great tool, but they have limitations. they can be deceptive. they can fail to capture important information. sometimes, they can suggest something that didn't actually happen. >> reporter: to test them out, we're setting up police encounters. seth is putting on a body camera. my producer is off to the side,
7:42 am
shooting from a distance on her iphone, to give us the complete picture, like a bystander would. scenario one, something seth calls deceptive intensity. watch this body camera footage closely. what's happening here? all right. now let's look from the bystander's iphone. that's right. no brawl here. just really bad dancing. >> that is incredible. what does this show us? >> because of the location of the camera and the fact it's looking up at you is and on loose clothing, it makes the situation look like this aggr s aggressive encounter when, of course, with a little more context, we know it's not. >> reporter: okay. on to scenario two. no sound. >> we're going to demonstrate a traffic stop. there have been so many controversial traffic stops caught on police body cameras. there are some officers that don't record the sound, and some departments still that don't release the sound. you're about to see what happens. >> reporter: it looks like a normal traffic stop until --
7:43 am
what's going on here? a, the officer attacked me. b, i attacked the officer. c, the officer helped me. okay. now here it is again with the sound. >> write a ticket today. hey, a bee flew in your car. it's right behind you. >> help me. get out! get out of the car. get out. >> reporter: the sound changes everything. but you won't believe your eyes in scenario three. what the camera can't see. >> police department. you okay? you all right? >> leave me alone. >> you okay? >> leave me alone. >> get on the ground now! get on the ground now! >> why did he attack me? it looked like a normal conversation. he threw me to the ground. here's what the body camera couldn't see. >> leave me alone. >> freeze, right there. i pulled a fake gun on the officer, causing him to react. >> get on the ground now! >> people think body cameras are going to be the solution to
7:44 am
transparency and police accountability. sometimes, they will be. sometimes, they won't be. sometimes they'll be misbelieving. >> research on these body cameras is still fairly new. while there are no specific cases of deception yet, experts believe as they become more widespread in the country, there will be. by the way, seth uses videos like this to teach his students in south carolina, even judges, about how to interpret the body cam images and footage. >> wow. first of all, your dancing is a felony. no question about that. seriously, it's amazing what you can't make out just from looking at raw footage. >> and it's important to have. no question about it. but you can't -- you need context, like anything else. >> hopefully it's not the only piece of evidence in a case. >> exactly. >> jeff, thank you. still ahead, the simpson's lives. how the hit managed to pull it off last night. #twittergate. a storm of controversy after an l.a. meteorologist was asked to l.a. meteorologist was asked to cover up live
7:45 am
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7:49 am
7:48 on a monday morning. we're back with a cover-up that's getting a lot of attention this morning. dylan is in for carson over in the orange room. hi, dylan. >> good morning, guys. meteorologist liberte chan was in the middle of giving the forecast when a co-anchor handed her a sweater, telling her to put it on because they've been getting e-mails about her dress. apparently, some online felt her sparkly black dress wasn't appropriate for morning tv. after that, the concern transitioned over to how it was handled. people were outraged. look at some of the posts. heather writes, whoa, i didn't like the dress either but you didn't have to make her cover up on air like that. how embarrassing. emily writes, ktla, you owe liberte chan an apology. i'm upset to see this woman shamed. chan said, i was not ordered by
7:50 am
ktla to put on the sweater. if you've ever watched the morning show, you know we poke fun at each other. she explained on facebook that this is all in good fun. if you watch the show, this is what we do. then she shows the co-anchors wearing shorts and fuzzy socks behind the desk. i don't think it was meant to hurt her, but people certainly weren't really happy. i don't know. transitioned from one concern over to the next. what do you think? >> never the crime. it's the cover-up. >> the fact of the matter is she had another outfit but it wasn't working with their chrome key. >> i don't think savannah got enough credit for that line. >> thank you. >> fantastic. i was trying to cover it up. >> dylan, thank you very much. just ahead, the ambitious project launched by the duke and duchess of cambridge this morning and what prince william says is his trick for soothing a crying baby. facebook's sheryl sandberg on learning from tragedy. first, a look at your local news and weather.♪
7:51 am
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7:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. cool start to the morning and the week. let's get our forecast from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. hi, bill. >> we're enjoying bright sunshine and those cold temperatures are starting to ease. look at the blue sky over philadelphia. 44 degrees right now. 50 degrees at 9:00. by lunch time, 57 degrees and climbing. but the winds will be staying with us. so even though we'll see a warmup and it will stay cool for this time of year, in the lehigh valley, low 40s for kutztown, olli and macungie. after setting a record low in allentown, the numbers climb into the 60s this afternoon. vai? >> bill, thank you. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington watching the roads. is it 95 right now? >> still watching 95, vai. this is right around columbus boulevard where we're seeing major delays. we still only have one lane getting by southbound on 95. you can see earlier this
7:57 am
morning, it was two tanker trucks actually and another vehicle involved as well. that had got in an accident here. southbound one lane getting by. we're also seeing some delays on 295 over in cherry hill, new jersey, right around 561. an accident over into the left-hand shoulder, headed northbound in cherry hill. vai? opening statements begin this morning in the chaka fattah federal corruption trial. the 11-term congressman is accused of taking bribes and accused of using hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money, charitable funds and federal grants to pay off personal debt. he's denied the accusations against him. the trial is expected to take several weeks. nbc 10 will have you covered from start to finish. check the nbc 10 app for daily developments. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. see you in a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ this is my heart beat song and i'm gonna play it ♪ 8:00 on "today". coming up, love, loss and learning. facebook's sheryl sandberg gives an emotional commencement address, talking about sadness in the wake of her husband's death. >> when life sucks you under, you can stick against the bottom, find the surface and breathe again. time on your side. if you think there aren't enough hours in the day, you're in luck. we'll reveal time-saving solutions to help you tackle your to-do list without breaking a swept. sleep over party in style. the event that brought gwyneth
8:01 am
paltrow and beyonce's daughters together. today, monday, may 16th, 2016. ♪ who runs the world, girls ♪ i don't know about you, but it's better when i'm dancing ♪ ♪ oh, yeah >> from texas, we love the "today" show. >> good morning, chicago. >> it's my sweet 16. >> we're celebrating our 10th birthday from massachusetts. >> it's her birthday! >> 24 hours in new york city, and we're spending the morning with the "today" show. . we're back at 8:00 on a monday morning, the 16th day of may, 2016. you know what? we can whine about just about anything. although i would like to make note of the fact that the sky is beautiful and blue, we've got a great crowd, it's freezing out
8:02 am
here. >> once you get in the sun, it's fantastic. >> i cannot believe it's spring. it's freezing. >> by the way, we're going to pretend that it's spring and talk about cookouts. does anything beat a great burger? we're going to put bobby flay to the test. he says this is the best burger ever, and he's going to share the recipe. >> wow. >> note what is just under the bun. >> potato chips. the crunch burger effect. a lot to get to. let's get a check of the top stories. tamron is in for natalie. >> this morning, donald trump is fighting back after a weekend barrage by his rivals and critics, including the president of the united states. nbc national correspondent peter alexander joins us from washington. peter, good morning. >> tamron, good morning. president obama never mentioned donald trump by name but he left little doubt about who he was speaking during his commencement address at rutgers university.
8:03 am
the message to graduates put a premium on knowledge, not ignorance. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. [ applause ] it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> also this morning, one of the women profiled as part of the "new york times" front page expose on trump's behavior toward women is pushing back. there she is telling fox news this morning she's upset by the article, insisting the "times" spun her story to make it sound like trump was demeaning when he asked her to put on a swimsuit and praised her appearance 25 years ago. she said trump was gracious and kind. trump called it a hit piece. this morning, prominent republicans remain so repulsed by trump, that they're recruiting third party options with little success. mitt romney recently contacted john kasich and nebraska senator
8:04 am
sasse. both men saying, no chance. as did according to the "washington post," dallas mav rin -- mavericks owner, mark cuban. a bus company involved in a deadly weekend crash had been ordered twice last year to take one of the busses off the road for brake problems. investigators are trying to figure out if it's the same bus that rolled over in laredo last saturday. the crash killed 8 and injured 44. investigators haven't interviewed the driver. the bus was carrying people on a casino excursion. after an important matter was addressed, prince william was asked about his baby and what he did when they cried. he said charlotte wasn't much of a crier, but big brother george cried a bit. his secret was to run the tap, and the sound of water settled them down really well.
8:05 am
did you guys -- you're all parents. >> tap? >> we would take ours on a ride in the jeep. >> vacuuming. >> cute. >> tamron, thank you. just ahead, bouncing back from tragedy. what sheryl sandberg is revealing about overcoming the loss of her husband. plus, when you diet, you should reach for the light versions of your snacks, right? well, why it might be the wrong idea. and 27 seasons and still breaking new ground. breaking new ground. how the animated s ed simpsons this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth.. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life.
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the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. we're back at 8:08. talking about a commencement speech that's really worth highlighting. tamron has that. >> this is touching. good morning again, everyone.
8:09 am
facebook's sheryl sandberg spoke to graduates at the university of california berkeley. rather than discussing personal challenges, she opened up about the sudden death of her husbands. the result, an inspiring and uplifting speech in the hope amidst loss. >> reporter: sheryl sandberg laid bare all the heartbreak, insecurity and grief she experienced following the unexpected death of her husband last year. >> for many months afterwards, and many times since, i was swallowed in the the void. an emptiness that filled your heart and your lungs, constricts your ability to think or even to breathe. >> morning. >> hey. >> reporter: sandberg's husband, david goldberg, died unexpectedly after suffering a cardiac arrhythmia while they were on vacation in mexico. >> i learned about the sadness
8:10 am
and brutality of loss, but i also learned that when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, find the surface and breathe again. >> reporter: sandberg fighting back tears. >> i'm -- [ applause ] >> reporter: lessons from her loss were the foundation of her speech. >> it is the greatest irony of my life. that losing my husband helped me find deeper gratitude. gratitude for the kindness of my friends, the love of my family, and the laughter of my children. my hope for you is that you can find that gratitude, not just on the easy days like today, but on the hard days when you will need it. >> reporter: one of those hard days, mother's day. sandberg pointed a poignant message on facebook about challenging she's now facing as a single mom. >> i did not get how hard it is
8:11 am
to succeed at work when you're overwhelmed at home. i did not understand how often i would look at my sons or daughters crying face and not know how to stop the tears. what would dave do if he were here? >> reporter: another challenge, moving on. photos of sandberg with bobby sparked rumors of a romance. the relationship fueling a discussion about finding love after loss. >> you will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive. >> reporter: her experience with survival and coping now paving a path for the class of 2016. >> i'm sharing this with you today in the hope that on this day in your lives, with all the momentum and the joy, you can learn in life the lessons i only learned in death. >> sandberg also said her husband's death changed her in a profound way. but she learned she could choose joy and meaning even after loss.
8:12 am
at the end of the address, sandberg was given a standing ovati ovation. obviously, her speech was beautiful. it is that time of the year, you look at the commencement addresses and think about the impact that they not only have on the class and students, but when we hear them. it's incredible. it's a reminder. >> you know how else hit it out of the park this weekend with a commencement address? >> who? >> hoda kotb. apparently, they went crazy for her. >> lucky students. >> she's in the studio. i didn't know that. >> she is. >> that was so nice. >> congratulations. >> nice job. >> awesome. let's take a look at other stories that are trending today. not just about hoda. >> this is crunch time for the summer slim down, as we all know. a lot of people reach for the light versions of drinks and snacks, thinking it'll help them lose weight. well, a new study says, not so fast. researchers say that consuming the lighter products actually could add to your waistline in
8:13 am
the long run because we all tend to overconsume them, thinking it's okay because it's light. it's healthier. on average, people who ate the light versions ended up eating 13% more calories in the first year. i have a box of snack well cookies. >> when they come out with the baked potato shipchips. this has to be good for me, so i have nine bags. >> the 100 calorie ones. you have three of them. >> i can do three. >> guilty as charged. let's talk about now something we hope is going to be a happy ending for a deserving family. we followed 6-year-old leah still and her battle with cancer. her fight chronicled by her dad, a pro football star. over the weekend, devin wed his long-time fiance at the library. and leah stole the show with
8:14 am
this toast. >> thank you for everybody supporting me, and i love my new family. [ applause ] now let's party! >> had the thank you. the new family did just that. they partied to "uptown funk." congratulations to them. >> adorable. here is what might be the play of the day. happened during a softball game during army and lehigh. base hit. watch what happens at home plate. she comes from the left. she doesn't return around the catcher. she goes over her and manages to tap the base with her hand. she is safe. it helped army win the game, 3-1. >> impressive. >> yeah. >> wow. now to a first for the simpsons and the birthday brunch uniting two a-list celebrity
8:15 am
families. dylan? >> the simpsons has been on the year for 27 years, but sunday night, the show did something it's never done before. it went live. at the end of the show, homer spends three minutes answering phone calls from fans live on the air. >> hello? joe? >> how are you? >> i'm doing all right. is that your question? >> i was wondering, what car do you drive? >> oh, i drive a hybrid, which is a combination of old and terrible. next caller. >> they had a slight delay. >> the technology tracks movements of the voice actor. immediately animated them for the broadcast. they didn't allow pranksters because they were on the seven-second delay. i'm moving now, and i don't have cable. i can't watch tv.
8:16 am
next in what was a great weekend for george clooney and julia roberts. their movie "money monster" just opened and beat box office expectations. earning $15 million. that wasn't enough to cap captain america civil war. it raked in another $73 million, dominating the competition. finally, the next generation of celebrity bffs. beyonce and gwyneth paltrow, they're good friends. looks like the friendship extends to their daughters. gwyneth's daughter apple celebrated her 12th birthday with friends. apple is there on the far left. the young lady next to her is 4-year-old blue ivy, beyonce's daughter. gwyneth posted this photo on instagram with the #god sisters and besties. they look like the same height there. that's your pop start. >> dylan, thank you. and how is the weather looking? >> unfortunately for our friends in texas, not so great. let's show you what we have going on right now. >> oh. >> you okay?
8:17 am
>> seven-second delay needed. >> you okay? >> all right. >> we need a traffic light over here. >> wow. ding! all right. the good news for corpus christi, some areas picked up 8 to 10 inches, the heaviest weather has moved to the east. but heading to houston, where they don't need more rain. they've gotten double the amount of rainfall since may 1st. over 18 inches so far. you can see, we have flash flood watches, flash flood warnings in effect, as well. rainfall amounts going to be anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. some areas could pick up by friday 6 to 8 inches of rain. that is not good news. rest of the country, eastern half of the u.s., looking fantastic. temperatures anywhere 5 to 10 degrees cooler than average. wet weather extending up to the pacific northwest. southwest looking gorgeous. 92 in phoenix. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning but we got sunshine and gusty winds, 67
8:18 am
degrees this afternoon for somerton, 65 in chestnut hill. bright sunny skies, few passing clouds in lansdale. lehigh valley back up to 66 degrees. plenty of sunshine for the east and 66 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey the jersey shore and delaware plenty of sunshine. you'll feel those gusty winds to near 30 miles per hour this afternoon. highs in the 60s. have a great day. latest weather. >> announcer: save time today is sponsored by disney's "alice through the looking the looking theaters and imax 3-d may 27th. this morning, we're starting something new and calling it, save time today from your home to the office. this is for anyone who feels like there aren't enough hours in the day. >> we all feel like that. hoda is here to show us what we can do to change it. >> we'll help us out. if you're always busy and to-do list never ends, we found a
8:19 am
productivity expert who says getting more done is as easy as using a few simple tips. >> good morning. brushing. tell daddy good-bye. >> reporter: laura spent the last nine years figuring out how to beat the clock. >> i'm always looking for ways to do the things that i need to do faster. >> reporter: the author of "i know how she does it" and a mother of four makes saving time a priority. >> time is a limited resource. we want to save time in order to do the things that are important to us. >> reporter: according to a 2015 gala poll, 48% of americans say they don't have enough time to do the things they want. the numbers are even higher for those with children under 18. 61% of them say they feel the time crunch. how can we make the most of our day? she says the most important thing is figuring out where all your time is going. step one, start by keeping track
8:20 am
of everything you do for one week. >> figuring out where the time goes, we can start to see where the hours may be in our lives. once we know the time is there, it becomes easier to make good choices about it. >> reporter: step two, when it comes to the frantic, early mornings, make it fun for the kids. >> if they finish their getting ready chores, then they can come play before it's time to go to school. they're almost excited to see how fast they can do it. and get down and have time for fun. >> reporter: step three, set up a launching pad. >> this room is the secret weapon of morning success. >> reporter: a designated area where the family keeps everything they need to get out the door in record time. >> for us, it's the mud room, where we have all the shoes and coats and bag packs. that way, when the kids are getting them in the morning, you're not hunting all over your home, trying to find them. >> reporter: when it comes to the office, she has more ways to save time.
8:21 am
tip one, tackle your most important task first. >> mornings are a great time for doing kind of the difficult work, the thinking work. anything that's a little more complicated. you save a lot of time by matching your most important work to your most productive time. >> reporter: while checking social media can be distracting, she says work e-mails are a big time killer, too. >> we spend a lot more time on e-mail than we usually want to. where we waste a lot of time is when we go back and forth between our inbox and other tasks. >> reporter: tip two, turn off those notifications. >> life will not end if you are out of your inbox for 45 minutes. try giving yourself that concentrated time to work, and you'll find you're making so much more progress. >> reporter: tip three, keep your meetings on the move. >> tricon v >> try converting some meetings into walking meetings. that's one way to make sure you're getting more activity. >> reporter: what's the bottom
8:22 am
line? in the race against time, it's actually on your side. >> people can ask themselves, what am i saving that time for, and then make sure you use the saved minutes for those important things. you'll have a lot more happiness in your life. >> good job. made it out on time. high-five. >> and laura says once you spend more time with your family and doing the things you love, everything else on your to-do list takes even less time. did we learn anything? >> savannah. >> what was it? >> i said, i have plenty of time, i just don't have the energy. >> yeah. >> without a doubt. >> i'm unmotivated and lazy. >> you sit there, staring at the list you wrote? can't bring myself to do it. >> it's a good tip. instead of texting everybody. >> pick up the phone and call people. >> texting can be faster on certain things. not long conversations. it can be a time saver. >> i mean, more e-mails than texts. tomorrow, we have something
8:23 am
better. we we're going to test out popular apps. we gave two moms the exact same list of errands. one used services like and post mates and the other did it the old fashioned way. we'll find out if the apps are saving you time or costing you time. >> circling back, what was the biggest piece of advivice you ge the gararaduates of tulane overe weekend? >> never give up. there was a young man in the front row, derek edwards, who had been through a lot and was a tulane graduate. when i saw him in the front, paralyzed from the neck down, every word i said seemed like it was for him. it was all about not quitting. those kids were great, by the way. those kids can party, i have to say. they are a party bunch. >> i saw a photo. >> hoda blended right in. >> hoda, thank you very much. just ahead, jason sudeikis
8:24 am
is here to talk fame, family and "angry birds," after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
and good morning, i'm katy zacharyñ-&x a few minutes befor 8:30. it's championship out there but the sunnbñr is change. flirt meteorologist bill henley is here with what you can expect. >> lots of sunshine. it was down in 30s in new jersey now 50 degrees, 47 in philadelphia. and in delaware, bright sunny skies over frauly stadium. that's the view. 48 degrees. 60 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon. but not going to get a whole lot warmer. the winds have started to pick up and a windy afternoon. 66 degrees for new jersey and the lehigh valley, 67 in philadelphia. first alert traffic reporter
8:27 am
going is here now. you're watching an accidents on 295 in new jersey. >> heading out the door on 295 pay attention because we're seeing big delays. on 295 headed southbound right near the route 73 exit. so now you can see several police cars on the scene right now. we're losing, course the center median and left-hand lane and shoulder as well. only one lane getting by. you can see big delays behind that the. delays on i-95. today president obama will honor philadelphia police officer who was killed in the line of duty. the president will award sergeant wilson iii with the medal of valor. he died during a shootout last year. that's all for now. we'll have another live update four in about 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. it's monday morning, 16th of may, 2016. a bright day. everyone is wearing their shades. you wear the music? jennifer nettles is here, getting ready to perform for us live. she has a new solo album. >> fun to listen to her and talk to her. coming up, we'll explain this jungle look that we've got going don. we're going to talk to jason sudeikis about why he's so angry in his new movie. with barbecue season heating up, grill master bobby flay will let us in on a little secret. his secret to making what he says is the best burger ever. i've never met a burger i didn't like, but i'm looking forward to meeting this one. >> i want the secret on how to get all that in your mouth.
8:31 am
i plan on testing it out. by the way, have you seen al? >> earlier, yes. he was on the program. >> he was in an interesting costume earlier. >> oh. >> he makes an entrance. >> these are all artificial. no plants were hurt in the making of that skit. calling "king kong" fans. ready for an adventure? universal's latest attraction is a 3-d experience that will let fans explore the island on an expedition truck. chase you through caves, past prehistoric creatures and to kong. the attraction is opening this summer. we want you to join us in orlando for a vip preview. ten lucky people with win a trip for four to experience the ride and be part of our broadcast on june 24th. want to know how? >> how? >> here's how! >> tell us. >> you could attend a vip preview of the colossal new ride, skull island, reign of
8:32 am
kong, at universal orlando resort. enter for a chance to win. go to and send us a picture of your family adventure. >> uh-oh. >> yes! >> you get to keep the house? >> not the first time you wore the outfit. >> i didn't have time to change into the full kong this time. we can't wait to see your photos. make sure you send them in, >> nicely done. let's check your temperaturtemperaturweather. for today, the week ahead, sunshine along the eastern sea board. the mid part of the week, we're expecting to see the sunshine still hanging around. looking at more wet weather in the mid-atlantic and down through the gulf. we're going to see more strong storms. then as we get on into the latter part of the week, a mess as you get to the southeast, mid-atlantic states and the gulf coast. below average temperatures in the early part of the week.
8:33 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning but we got sunshine and gusty winds, 67 degrees this afternoon for bright sunny skies, few passing clouds in lansdale. lehigh valley back up to 66 degrees. plenty of sunshine for the eastr and 66 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey the jersey shore and delaware plenty of sunshine. you'll feel those gusty winds to near 30 miles per hour this afternoon. highs in the 60s. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> okay. all right, al. thank you. why is jason sudeikis one of the most sought-after actors in hollywood? why is he seeing red today? it's the name of his character in "angry birds," based on the most downloaded mobile app game of all time. take a look.
8:34 am
>> no. >> how are you? no running. no running. oops. >> come on. >> how is that nap schedule coming along? >> oh, boy. guys ever thought about bird control? >> jason susudeikis, good morni. >> morning. >> finally, the age-old question will be answered. why are the birds so angry? >> i can't tell you that, right? but it makes total sense. >> it does. >> it does. >> when you see it, you're like, i'd be angry, too. >> absolutely, yeah. >> were you a fan of the game? >> i mean, i was aware of it. i'm definitely one of the billions that downloaded it but i didn't log as many hours as friends of mine have. i play x box and pinball and -- >> space invaders. >> i use it for texting and the weather. >> the movie is fun. you give so much life to this character. >> sure. >> is it hard to do these animated voiceovers? i mean, i imagine you're kind of in a sound booth by yourself.
8:35 am
>> that's the hardest part of it. it's not teaching english to kids that don't want to be there, so i haven't lost that much perspective yet. part of the reason i got into this, acting and what not, is because of across the street, sketch comedy. group, the ensemble. i like this. when you're in a booth by yourself, you, a microphone and your imagination, that's the only part that's hard. it's like solitary confinement. >> you improv some of the lines. >> come on it, yeah. then they have to animate it. i don't even remember. it takes two or three years to do this. anything i would have improvised, i would have forgotten by this point. >> you don't remember anything about this project, do you? >> i don't know anything about it. it's delightful to be reminded of it. >> i heard you took your little boy to see this movie. >> yeah. >> he's about 2. >> just turned 2, yeah. >> did he sit still? >> yeah. we can't get him to sit down and watch anything other than beyonce videos. he sat on my lap in a screening
8:36 am
room. the very first time my character spoke, he looked up at me. he was like, dada? dada? >> he kind of recognized your voice? >> 100%. i'm constantly angry and yelling at him, so immediately -- no. >> that's dad. >> it was adorable. the only time he looked left and right was for -- he knew i had snacks. he was aware the whole time. it was weird. >> it was like a one-man focus group. >> little man one, yeah. it was great. >> brings me to exciting news. you're expecting baby number two. >> that's right. >> are you ready? >> i think so, yeah. >> we've got this parenting thing down? >> i don't know if anyone ever feels that way. i definitely feel like, yeah, it'll be good. it'll be good to get him to share more of the spotlight, the attention. i'm excited for him to be a big brother. >> he has no idea what's coming. >> the eggs in the movie help.
8:37 am
>> teachable moment from the movie. >> exactly right. well said. >> i read you have nine projects in the pipeline right now? >> i thought you were going to say nine kids. that's wrong, incorrect. >> nine babies in the form of work projects. >> okay, maybe. >> sound like it? one is "son of thorn." ? >> yeah. the same fellas that produced "last man on earth" are producing that. starts in the january maybe. no, the fall. >> this is what happens. you have nine projects. >> this is very much what happens, yeah. it rings a bell. >> you mentioned "snl." do you miss it right now, especially at the height of political season? >> are we in the height? i think weir in the depths, aren't we? >> i guess it depends on how you look at it. >> sure. no, i don't miss it. i mean, i miss the people, i miss the energy. luckily, it's still on tv. i watched it on saturday. super excited for fred this
8:38 am
weekend, one of my dearest friends and the funniest guys i've ever known. i miss it when people like fred and drake are around. they're nice enough to let me come back every now and then. i bring otis to a sound check every now and then. it's a family you can't ever leave. >> even if you want to. >> exactly. >> "angry birds" hits theaters on friday. up next, bobby flay is here and will make you the star of your summer cookout. his tips for the best burger ever. first, this is "today" on nbc.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:39 am
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
8:40 am
8:40. we're back with our friend bobby flay. one of the judges on food network star, which is about to kick off its 12th season on sunday. this morning, he's showing us how to make the best burger ever. is that your label? my label?
8:41 am
>> i think the "today" show made that. i'm going to give you the opportunity to make the best burger. it's all about technique. i think we do this segment every year. >> mm-hmm. >> it's okay. >> this is a little different. i've done it with you on a couple other occasions, and you've added something. >> yeah. >> let's start with the ingredients here. anything out of the ordinary here? >> not necessarily. you want to get some ground chuck, 80% beef, 20% fat. then i like a soft bun with sesame seeds. doesn't have to have sesame seeds, of course. then the rest is up to you. >> the 80/20 because you need the fat to give you the flavor. if you're having a burger and trying to lose weight, this is the wrong time to have a burger anyway. >> exactly right. if you're going to eat a burger, it might as well taste good. a tip, make an indentation with your thumb in the middle of the burg center. >> burger. >> why? >> it plums like a football and people smash it down. that's the last thing you want to do. the indentation, you're faking out the burger and it comes back
8:42 am
to the exact texture you want. >> you've got a great cast iron skillet here and aren't afraid to leave it on the fire a long time before you put the burg ner the -- burger in there. >> a cast iron pan is better for the burger. flip this one time, by the way. lots of salt and pepper. it's coming back to shape, as well. >> while we have this cooking here, this is a good time to talk about cooking temperatures and how long you cook a burger to get it to the medium, medium rare, that sort of thing. >> i like my burgers medium. most chefs say medium rare or rare. i want the fat to melt a little bit, giving it a juicy flavor. >> we have a graphic there. six minutes for rare. >> depends how thick it is. then, of course, you have to have cheese. to me, a burger has to have cheese. we have american and white shed da -- cheddar. i love american cheese. >> you've sliced it thinly.
8:43 am
you have a tip for melting it evenly. >> be careful because it'll splatter here. watt n water in a pan and we cover it, creating steam. >> that gives the even melt? >> it'll melt the cheese completely, which is kai. it drives me crazy when the cheese isn't melted completely. the extra 20 seconds is important. it cooks the burger on the edges, the steam. that's what you want to see. >> normally, it happens that quickly? >> exactly. i mean, when you see this, this is when you want to eat this burger. look at that. the cheese is melted completely. surrounds the burger. >> never would have thought of that. let me turn this down. >> i'll cover this up. >> turn this down, too. >> matt, it's all about what you want to do. i think the burger thing has gotten out of control. people put too many things on a burger. >> from the guy who has a burger like this on the side. >> it's tomatoes, a little onions. i like potato chips and a condiment or two.
8:44 am
ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. to me, it's all about ketchup. >> i'll go with a little mustard. >> horseradish mustard and dijon mustard. >> little of that. >> potato chips? >> yeah, lettuce and potato chips. >> healthy with the lettuce. >> not really. i got the potato chips there. >> this is crunchy-fying your burger. the crunch is what it's all about. >> the gang downstairs has been waiting for the tasting segment. how is the burger? >> delicious. >> i'd leave the seeds off. i'm not a fan. >> bobby loves the seeds. they're important. >> i think they're important, but more importantly, you want a soft bun. it becomes part of the sandwich. >> you don't toast the bun. >> i do. >> yours aren't toasted? >> they are. >> how do you like the chips on
8:45 am
it? >> i like a crunch. i put chips on sandwiches all time. >> i took the chips off. >> al doesn't like the seeds or the chips. he likes his own burger. his own way. >> but i love this burger. >> this is delicious. >> if you want the recipe, don't forget to put the water in the pan when you melt the cheese. up next, a live performance from jennifer nettles. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
♪ this afternoon, refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a medium sweet tea, sweet tea lemonade, or original iced tea from dunkin'. sip one for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
8:47 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. jennifer nettles. one-half of the grammy-winning duo sugarland, stepping out with her second solo album. >> called "playing with fire." it debuted number one on itunes country albums charts. good morning and congratulations. >> thank you. it's a big week. >> it is. i love the title of the album "playing with fire." sounds dangerous. >> you know what, it's a little bit about taking risks and
8:48 am
evolving. if you're on a journey, get into it. >> taking risks and evolving, like being a mom. >> for example. >> exactly. >> much of the evolution as anyone who has become a parent knows, there can be a big growth curve, if you will. >> how old now? >> 3 1/2 in june. >> incredible. you want to eat him with a spoon? >> most of the time. then he's also a three-nager, too. he can go from happy to on the floor drama in ten seconds. >> new vocabulary word. >> the struggle is real. >> does he go on the road with you sometimes? >> he is on the bus and backstage, yeah. keeps vampire hours like the rest of us. >> ready to sing? >> i'm ready. >> ladies and gentlemen, jennifer nettles. >> take it away. ♪ i could break down and cry
8:49 am
♪ laugh it off and deny ♪ draw lines in the sand ♪ and count on both hands ♪ all the reasons why ♪ this just won't work ♪ it'll be nothing but hurt ♪ i can swear that i don't ♪ and maybe one day i won't ♪ but for how hard i've tried ♪ i can't unlove you ♪ my heart can't unbreak ♪ i can't unfeel how it felt ♪ to feel so much myself ♪ my whole body ached ♪ and i can't unknow this
8:50 am
♪ lord, i wish i knew how ♪ but i can't unlove you ♪ so come love me for now ♪ if i were 25 ♪ i know just what i'd do ♪ i would have already kissed ♪ till i was drunk on your lips ♪ ♪ a thousand times too few ♪ but we have other lives ♪ and we know it ain't right ♪ this is going nowhere ♪ if i'm with you i don't care
8:51 am
♪ take me nowhere tonight ♪ they call it fire ♪ but it feels just like drowning ♪ ♪ well the weight of my burning desire ♪ ♪ closing in all around me ♪ i wasn't lost until you found me ♪ ♪ and i can't unlove you ♪ my heart can't unbreak ♪ i can't unfeel how it felt ♪ to feel so much myself ♪ my whole body ached ♪ and i can't unknow this
8:52 am
♪ but i wish i knew how ♪ but i can't unlove you ♪ so come love me for now ♪ i can't unlove you ♪ so come love me for now [ applause ] >> jennifer nettles sounding so great. the album is "playing for fire." she'll be back with more music in a bit. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
welcome back. let's hand it over to mr. roker for birthday celebrations. >> love to do it. the folks are remarkable. can't wait to celebrate them along with our friends at smucker's. 100th birthday to betty of indiana. when she's not working on a cross word puzzle, betty reads or plays bridge. mr. samuel macfoy of newark, new jersey. 106 years old. he speaks three different languages, including french.
8:55 am
happy birthday to conrad henry. this world traveler is from canton, michigan. his secret to longevity, hard work. he worked full time almost 70 years. way to go, conrad. millie lasker, a competitive lady from illinois, known for her sense of style. you will find her always rocking the latest trends. she's given two to tamron. willie gus of brooklyn, new york. 101 years old. still employed. he works 12 hours a week at the local federal credit union. call me. and a happy 102nd birthday to ether baxter of pennsylvania. loves bringing the family together and is known for her holiday dinners. head to tell us all about them and send a photo. >> so nice. >> 102 is awesome.
8:56 am
what's next hour? >> we have a co-host, tony nominated performer. >> do you bat your eyes like that? >> zachary levi is with us. >> and emily deschanel. >> cool. >> do we have food? >> we just ate a whole burger. >> oh, sorry. >> looking for dessert. >> don't burger shame good morning. i'm katy zachary. just a few minutes before 9:00 a.m. on your moan. let's get trite your forecast with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. a chilly start. >> cold this morning. some record temperatures this morning in allentown and trenton. wilmington got chilly. look period sunshine. bright sunny skies and temperatures will be climbing in
8:57 am
to the 60s this afternoon. that's not normal, that below normal. up to 50 in philadelphia, south jersey is at 52. lehigh valley still seeing temperatures in the upper 40s at 50 degrees and delaware that's at wilmington, claymont is 49. >> let's get a check of the roads right now with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. we're still watching this accident scene over on 95. now this is right around columbus boulevard headed southbound. two tanker trucks and another vehicle involved and right now we're still having it blocked the right-hand lane and only one lane getting by southbound. some delays on 95. major delays on 295 in mount laurel, new jersey. around route 73 but headed southbound. finally this accident scene is pushed over know the left-hand shoulder. all lanes are getting by. a water main break is n0 in west philadelphia. this firehouse near the scene at 43rd and market street flooded with five feet of water this
8:58 am
morning. the break happened around 4:00 a.m. a stretch of market street is closed off. water department crews have been working on repairs since early this morning finer house is still able to respond to calls. a teenager is in extremelyv critical condition after someone shot him at least seven times pinpoint happened near moore and south hollywood streets in south philadelphia. the victim is 17 years old. police are looking for the shooter. i'm katy zachary. we'll be back with another live update in 25 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," red carpet arrivals at rockefeller center. from j.lo to schwarzenegger. we'll tell you why the stars are next door. plus, zachary levi. the tony-nominated actor join lg us as co-host. can you spot the fake? tips on avoiding ripoffs and knockoffs. all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a monday, the 16th of may, 2016. i'm al along with tamron. willie is off. natalie is on assignment. we have our good pal, zachary levi here. >> tony nominated. >> that's officially part of my
9:01 am
name. >> we like it. morning jam, "danger zone" by kenny loggins. "top gun"'s 30th ananniversary. >> how old does it make us? >> i'm the oldest. >> i've never seen the whole thing. >> i have a friend whose parents were consecutive and worried about certain things in movies. as a kid, they edited out all the bad stuff in "top gun." he didn't know goose died until he was like 30 years old. spoiler alert. >> did they close his eyes? >> they snipped it together on vhs. >> our producer says there's a sequel. >> sent out a tweet eluding to it. there's no "top gun" without tom cruise. how could you have "top gun" without tom cruise? you could but -- >> you could have it without anthony edwards. >> you have to.
9:02 am
>> megar ryan could come back. big stars across the street. >> though we have a superstar in our midst today. >> i'll take it, sure. superstar seems like a lot. >> other stars that wouldn't come inside with us, but they're outside hanging out for -- it's the big day for nbc universal. we are letting you know the shows that will be on the lineups for primetime. dylan is hanging out on the plaza that's been transformed into this megamoment. >> i know him. >> we know her. >> big stars. >> good morning, guys. this is nbc's big chance to promote all of the new shows coming out late this spring and into this fall. we are seeing some of the celebrities coming through here. we've got the fabulous members here. i feel you should be doing the interview. you're on the 9:00 show so often. >> no, you do a much better job. i freely admit. i come in and i do my worst. i do a little damage, and i get
9:03 am
out, yeah. >> so we want to talk about the "blacklist." the spin-off is coming off. what can we expect? >> lots of interesting stuff. there's a really interesting dynamic already going on, or plural, probably. >> dynamii is the pleural heura >> yeah. it should be interesting. something to look forward to. >> it's going to be fun. i think there's kind of a political bent we're going to do, too. sort of, who is pulling the strings. sort of spies making empires rise and fall. it'll be fun. >> we want to have some fun now, too. we have a fishbowl full of random questions. reach right in. >> who was your childhood celebrity crush? >> michelle pfeiffer, cat woman, batman 2, amazing. >> you had that one in your pocket. that was ready to go. >> if you could trade places
9:04 am
with someone for a day, who would it be? >> martin luther king. >> over me? >> yeah, sorry. >> that's fair. i guess he did some stuff. >> and beyonce. then put them into one and make them the president of the united states. >> wow. >> imagine what that would look like. >> you are full of ideas. >> yes. >> this is fantastic. >> blew mine out of the water. >> thank you so much. so nice to see you. >> thank you, guys. >> i think you're hosting the show at some point. >> will ryan still be on the "blacklist" itself? >> yes. they're going to do some crossover, back and forth. they're going to weave a bigger mythology together with the two stories. it's going to be really fun. >> that's cool. we're doing that same thing on our show. >> i can't hear you, but you called it. >> he said they're doing the same thing on their show. >> i did. >> they're weaving things together. >> you're adding a show called "tonight." >> it's called "afternoon." it's fantastic. >> love it. >> back to you.
9:05 am
>> i did predict that tom keene would get his own show. >> i have never seen fishbowl answers that detailed. >> and quick. they were sitting in their pocket, waiting to answer them. >> who would you switch places with for a day? >> i couldn't tell you. i can't tell you something like that. i need to think about it. >> your crush? >> i can't do it. >> he'd been thinking about that for a long time. michel michelle pfeiffer. >> diahann carol. >> you'd switch places with diahann carol? >> that was my crush. >> oh, i was going to say, that's strange. >> this is a really big day for nbc. it's an exciting day. as an actor, every time i've been on a show getting picked up, there is so much love and excitement and hope for all the people walking on the carpet. congratulations to everybody who got renewed and who is going to be on a new show. >> speaking of lineups, here's our lineup of what we did this
9:06 am
weekend. we have to start, ladies and gentlemen, zach, al roker, not just at the white house, at a white house steak dinner with ms. america. >> that's al roker. the man that gives the weather. >> deborah is looking just sublime. i knew al roker was a baller, but this is like -- >> actually, i'm a bowler. >> you're a bowler. >> tell us about this extraordinary thing. >> it was in honor of the nordic delegation. i am nordic. my pal vice president joe biden was there. by the way -- >> buddy comedy coming to us on nbc. >> it was so much fun. >> the "tonight" show. >> the danish prime minister had jokes. >> you said he was funny. and the food? >> it was fantastic. we had -- >> lots of meatballs?
9:07 am
>> no. tuna. >> interesting. >> we ended up with a big hunk of short rib. it was spectacular. great time. >> i was hoping you would have some ikea stuff. ever eaten at ikea, the meatballs with the berry topping? >> lincoln berries. >> dylan, you have another favorite for us. >> christian slater. >> we're bringing the co-hosts on as soon as we can grab them. >> hey, zach. >> hey, buddy! >> we have season two of "mr. robot." coming off the golden globe win for best supporting actor. how are you doing? >> this is very exciting. nice day and good to be in new york. i love this city. >> what can we expect in season two? >> oh, wow. season two is going to be pretty insane. i don't want to give anything away, but it's going to be a very, very interesting journey. a lot of repercussions of things that happened in season one are
9:08 am
going to have to be dealt with in season two. >> we have a fishbowl full of questions. we'd love for you to answer one. >> reach in and -- >> shuffle them around. >> good times. >> hopefully you get a good one. >> i hope so. wouldn't that be great? what is a weird habit that you have? oh, man. >> you only have to list one. >> a weird habit i have. man, i don't know. i don't have any weird habits. >> you don't bite your nails or anything? >> i don't. >> nails are looking good. don't snap your gum? >> no. i do have a nicorette habit. it's a weird habit, and i'm obsessed with that. is that fair? >> nicorettes are better than cigarettes. >> exactly. thank you. >> nicorette habit. >> glad he has that habit because he'll be healthy and stay around longer. >> that's a good habit. >> weird habit? >> again, i have nothing. >> why are you sogarde guarded? >> i'm always looking for the
9:09 am
perfect answer. >> that's guarding. >> that's not guarding. i want it to be good. >> they told me to interrogate you. >> you're doing a horrible job. >> weird habit? >> oh. >> look who is guarded now. >> geez. the guys got this. let's go. >> you know all my weird habits. >> wait a minute. >> i do snort. it's hereditary. >> i didn't know you were born with the snorts. >> my mom does it so -- right? >> or you picked up on the behavior. >> bad habit? >> maybe. >> talking about my mom. >> i think it's cute when a girl snorts when she laughs. when she laughs, right? not just randomly. you're not going to snort randomly, right? that's bad. don't do that. don't go to a broadway show and start snorting. >> this is what happens when you
9:10 am
have a tony-nominated actor sitting next good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning but we got sunshine and gusty winds, 67 degrees this afternoon for somerton, 65 in chestnut hill. bright sunny skies, few passing clouds in lansdale. lehigh valley back up to 66 degrees. plenty of sunshine for the east and 66 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey the jersey shore and delaware plenty of sunshine. you'll feel those gusty winds to near 30 miles per hour this afternoon. highs in the 60s. have a great day. >> that's your latest wleather. >> you have a complaint? >> i have a problem with the fact we had three gorgeous days of weather in new york and now it's chilly again. thursday, it'll warm up. we have a system moving through. back to warmth. >> he's coming for your job. >> please. get in line. when it comes to brand name
9:11 am
designer goods, can you spot the fake? >> i can. >> the real jeff rossen reports on the counterfeits you need to be aware of. jeff picking out presents for his wife. >> zach says he can spot the real from the fake. what is that? it's you!
9:12 am
it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, toaster's broken.hat's going on? which means no eggo waffles. something smells delicious. eggo! l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. it's sweet, it's savory, it's in your microwave. l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich. (p...that, you haveit, wait! yoto rinse it first like... that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade.
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9:14 am
your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. if you're shopping online and think you're getting a good deal too good to be true, we know how the saying goes. selling counterfeit good are getting more than 87 million visits a year. consumers are fooled into spending billions on cheap knockoffs. >> jeff rossen has the important information you need to know to keep you from getting ripped off. >> you started by saying the numbers of how many of us are visiting the sites. this is real money. $250 billion industry every year. if you don't care about businesses losing money, the big businesses, think about this. 750,000 american jobs elsewhere
9:15 am
that could be made here if the fakes didn't exist. >> the fakes are all made off of our soil. >> china, a lot there. >> many cases, made by children exploited. >> bad all around. >> what are the tips? >> spot the fake game to play with you. we have a table full of purses. these were provided by the buffalo exchange. >> what's that? >> here in new york city c. it's a reputable shop, provided for training tools. which on the table are fake and are any real? >> this is definitely a fake. >> the wallet is fake? >> it looks worn. >> you got that for somebody. >> the coach bag, i think, is a knockoff. >> what about the chanel? >> tamron foes. >> knows. >> i think they might all be fake. >> i think this is a fake. >> they're all fake. >> okay. >> on the table. >> boom. >> you can look at this dior. this isn't the real logo.
9:16 am
the stitching, look at that. >> the stitching, you can always tell by the lining, too. >> it can be off. >> this is not even the official louis vuitton logo. >> it says lester. >> you have to look very carefully. the key is, go to a reputable dealer. we know the story of a woman who got a gift of one of these bags. went to go to schanel and they said, it's not real. >> it happens a lot. the bag is a phony. what do we do? >> only shop at reputable places. don't buy this online. >> how do you know -- are there reputable websites? >> there are. they have a customer service number, an address. the counterfeiters keep things like that out so you can't contact them. >> i didn't know that prom dresses were being knocked off. >> we've covered this on rossen reports for a couple years. >> i wore a great knockoff prom dress when i was 17. >> it is a huge problem. let's start over here. which of these do you think is real, and which is fake? >> tough. >> that's the fake and that's
9:17 am
the real one. >> i'll go with you on that. this is the fake. >> you can tell, there's more detail in this one here. >> look at you. >> the ladies love you. >> i know what i'm talking about. >> this is the fake one here. you can see the beading. looks like my kid made it in arts and crafts. >> why is it fake? >> you buy this $150, think it's a great deal. you go on a counterfeit website. these are provided by prom an authorized dealers of this dress here. the counterfeiters make the websites look the same. then this comes in the mail and doesn't look like the photo. >> they're using these photos. >> feel the fabric, tamron. the stitching is falling off. >> yeah. >> you're in trouble. another one here, spot the fake. >> i think this is real. but i don't know. >> well, i don't know. i'll have to say that was the real one, too. >> all the detail? >> better beads. >> if we flip these around -- >> if you feel it, too. >> it is completely different.
9:18 am
>> okay. >> a lot of girls are getting in trouble. >> how do we spot the fake perfume? >> which burns when you put it on your skin? >> can you smell it? >> tell us what the solution is here. >> look for the actual logo. reputable dealers. there can be urine in the fake ones. >> oh! all right. on that note -- >> thank you, jeff. >> we're out of time. i'll leave you with that. >> we have valuable information. stars are packing red carpet at rockefeller plaza, and dylan dreyer has the stars. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. great looking gu that's not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases and no annual fee.
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it's helped me too! i'm down 40 pounds. just sayin'. all new smartpoints. join for free by may 16th and get one month free. ♪ everybody get golden we are getting golden here. that's the star of "shades of blue," the show with jennifer lopez. >> she produces it. >> arriving on the red carpet here. today is when nbc n brks krrknb showcases the new shows. >> the whole thing. dylan managed to wrangle up the hilarious marlon wayans and his new co-star. >> i like you say wrangled. you can't wrangle this guy in. >> never, ever. >> never, ever, ever. >> what's up? >> good morning. how you doing? >> i'm trying to keep warm. let's do this interview like this. >> i don't think you've stopped moving for five seconds. and you're in a dress, and
9:23 am
you're standing perfectly still. >> it's will. it's will and proximity. >> you don't see the goose bumps on her legs and back right now. you know it's cold when the white lady has a jacket on. it is cold. y'all never wear jackets. this weather is wonderful. >> and wear flip-flops all the time. >> i don't have flip-flops. a little pop of color. >> you're stylish. >> thank you. >> for real, you going to get an award for best dressed news anchor. >> tell me more. i like this. no, that's it. >> you look good in the red. >> thank you. >> we look like we should be at prom. but you going with somebody a lot better looking. >> this is pretty. tell me about marlon. not yourself but the show. i mean, you can talk about yourself all you want. >> 22 minutes of this. the show is nbc, just got picked up. basically, it's about inappropriate dad, of which i am, who is struggling to keep his family together, though they're divorced. but they still have love.
9:24 am
it's a different divorced couple. >> it's a different love. >> and different tv dad. >> what is the set like? i can't imagine. >> marlon, get down from there! somebody tell marlon to get to the table read. don't spit food on the kids, marlon. >> it's the best kind of chaos. i think we look at relationships and divorce from humor, from love, and i think there is a lot of people, clearly, unfortunately, that know what that is. >> here's the way i look at life, i want to laugh every minute because i don't know if that truck is going to come smash me. i want to know that i enjoyed every last minute on this planet. so i'm here to give laughs to everybody and hope for 22 minutes, that people laugh and forget about their problems. >> 22 times -- >> 200 episodes. i want to start out looking like obama and wind up looki ining l morgan freeman by the time the show is over. >> it's up to you people.
9:25 am
>> i've lost control. >> you lost control a long time ago. ago. mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm mmmm. yoplait. one-up your cup. add a few simple ingredients for a snack the whole family will love. mmmm. there's a place for vacationers than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable, wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now
9:26 am
it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. good morning. i'm katy zachary. it is 9:26 on your moan plepts get right to meteorologist bill henley with his forecast for the day. a lot of sun out there. >> plenty of sunshine but a bit breezy. and then we have sunshine we'll warm up to the 60s this afternoon. clouds blowing basket wilmington. the camera is shaking at blue rock stadium. 50 degrees in philadelphia and delaware. 52 in south jersey. the colder spots have been disappearing. odessa is at 51 degrees. we'll be in the 60s this afternoon no, sign of rain today but seven day at the bottom of the screen shows some showers ahead for tomorrow and into wednesday. thanch you. let's get a check on the roads
9:27 am
with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're still watching 95. moving around a bunch of cars in the area around columbus boulevard still with that accident scene. it's blocking the left-hand lanes still so we only have one lane getting by but right now they are searching for something else. that's still there in the southbound direction of 95. also still watching 295 big delays by this scene bep have this accident scene split up in the left-hand shoulder and right-hand shoulder headed southbound. opening statements are about to get started in the chaka fattah federal corruption trial. 11 term congressman is accused of taking bribes and accused of misusing campaign money. charitable funds and federal grants. he has denied the accusations against him. grief counselors are at a high school for two students who
9:28 am
were on their way home from a post-prom celebration. we'll be back in 25.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. patients being tested this morning at one of the nation's -- patience is being tested at one of the nation's busiest airports. look at the lines at the security checkpoint at chicago's o'hare airport. officials say a shortage of tsa staff is to blame. the problem was so bad last night, some passengers actually missed flights.had to provide cots for the passengers. the tsa is struggling with staffing levels in recent months with more than 100 agents quitting each week. from the friendly skies to the not so friendly roadways. a new study based on social media posts reveals where and when road rage is the worst. the study by auto insurance center says avoid being in traffic friday at 6:00 p.m. that's the worst time. the worst month is august.
9:31 am
the city with the worst reputation for road rage, l.a. the average driver spends 81 hours a year sitting in traffic. leading ob-gyn group is recommending that the maximum time spent in the second stage of labor be raised from three hours to four. this could reduce, they say, unnecessary c-sections and healthy first-time moms who have had an epidural. undergoing a c-section increases the probability of having one in the second pregnancy. captain america:civil war brought in $72 million. followed by "jungle book," and m "money monster" in third.
9:32 am
a truck hauling scrap met daal rolled over. luckily, no one was seriously injured by traffic was backed up for hours. officials believe the crash was caused by a failure of the truck's suspension system. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> that's one of my nightmares. one of those trucks. flies off of it. anyway, early part of the week, wet weather, heavier rain from the gulf coast in texas all the way out west. by the time we get to the mid-week period, it makes its way to the mid-atlantic, southeast. southwest looking at wet weather. the latter part of the week, we'll see more storminess from florida to the mid mississippi river valley. temperature wise, below average throughout much of the country as the early part of the week. as we get to the midweek, cool in the east. finally, above average in the northeast. and in the plains. below average out west. also in the ohio and ssissippi miri good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley.
9:33 am
a cold start this morning but we got sunshine and gusty winds, 67 degrees this afternoon for somerton, 65 in chestnut hill. bright sunny skies, few passing clouds in lansdale. lehigh valley back up to 66 degrees. plenty of sunshine for the east and 66 degrees this afternoon. for new jersey the jersey shore and delaware plenty of sunshine. you'll feel those gusty winds to near 30 miles per hour this afternoon. highs in the 60s. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. incredible 11 seasons, emily deschanel starred in the hit in show "bones." >> that's right. she plays dr. temperance brennan, a forenic anthropologist who has the ability to leave clues left behind in a victim's bones. >> emily, good morning and welcome to the "today" show. >> grand entrance. >> 12 seasons, that's amazing. it's so rare that shows, especially network shows, get
9:34 am
that opportunity. you've built a really awesome journey together as a family, as a cast and crew. how does it feel? >> thank you. it feels amazing. it's something we kind of feels like it kept going. you're like, i guess it keeps going. now we know this will be the final season. it is exciting and sad at the same time. yeah, i mean, the climate in television is that you get a show and it goes away in a second. to have somebody that goes this long, you're counting your blessings. >> we're looking at a lot of the stars arrive at nbc for the new shows. do you remember that sensation of seeing the show and wondering if you'd have 11 seasons down your belt? >> yes. i never -- when i started, i thought, i mean, this could go for three years. that was the most i could conceive of in my mind. >> how many bones are there? >> that's what i said. how do you continue to do shows about bones every week? how can you solve that many crimes? >> you get invested in the characters. you care about you guys. >> yeah, hopefully. >> i mean, you're dealing with bones and all this stuff.
9:35 am
do you ever get grossed out by some of this stuff? >> i do. i mean, i don't know. i get grossed out by weird things. there was an episode where there was coral in a bone, and that freaked me out. i don't know. >> you just don't like coral, the substance or the coral? >> coral in a bone. >> yeah, they used it as a replacement. i think it was an astronaut. it was a long time ago. things like that creep me out. but when these disgusting bodies show up, i eat my lunch over and it's not a big deal. >> they're fake bodies. >> if they were real, it would be a different story. >> it'd be a different show. >> it's a different smell. i've been to the morgue. >> you went to the morgue to prepare for your role? >> i did. not at the very beginning, but i eventually did go to the morgue. yeah, it is an experience you never forget, for sure. >> by the way, one of my dearest friends in the world has been a recurring role with you for years.
9:36 am
for a second, if i can, what i love -- i'm so happy for you and your success. not just because you're a talented person, but all i hear is the most amazing things about you as an individual. >> so nice. >> nothing but praise. i'm so, so happy for you. >> thank you. >> and your family and kids. you know -- >> thank you so much. we love joel so much. i hear the best things about you from him. >> well, you should. >> was that a set up so she could say that back. >> no, i would never -- >> emily, did you see that? >> fishing for a compliment. >> we have a game for emily. >> al is a game show host. >> zach is going to run it. >> oh, am i? >> i think so, yeah. >> what am i doing? >> we have a friend of yours. a friend of yours here. basically, we are going to name certain bones in the human body, and you have to use these band aids and put those band aids on
9:37 am
david's body where the bones correspond. ready? the ulna. u-l-n-a. >> is that what i had dessert at the white house? >> she got it right. >> she has two. >> just one. >> listen, brownie points. the psi zygomatic bone. >> the cheekbone. >> boom! you're really smart. >> i've been doing this 12 years. >> how does she know? >> i should put the little one on. >> patella. >> i get to put a little one on that one, too. i like this game. >> what is a patella? >> you're about to find out. she's very, very good. the scapula. >> emily -- >> this is how you do game shows. >> emily deschanel, you win. >> one more season. you win. all done. >> would you like to stay and
9:38 am
have a delicious treat up in our kitchen? >> is it vegan? >> well, thanks, emily, for coming. >> i don't think so. we'll why be in the kitchen... when you can be in the moment? ♪ olive garden now offers catering delivery.
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9:42 am
j.lo from "shades of blue." >> we have j.lo with us now. we're trying to stand properly in the sun because it is cold out here. >> it's may. what's going on? >> i know. the jacket is too much for may, right? >> i know. >> you need it. "shades of blue," second season. what can we expect? >> we have just been going over what that -- firfirst and secon episode is going to look like. it's intense. dark times for me. >> you play a tough woman. do you like playing that role? >> i do. i do. because i find her so human, you know. struggling with trying to do the right thing, and being caught in these terrible circumstances all the time. i don't know. it just feels really gritty to me, and it's a lot of fun for me to play. >> and ray leota, is he as awesome as he looks on set all
9:43 am
the time? >> yeah, if he stop passes by, probably won't stop. we have a great time, it's like playing tennis back and forth. >> it has to be a good release, playing a tough character in "shades of blue." then your new single, "ain't no mama." >> i have to have fun somewhere. it can get a little serious sometimes. no, i love it. the new single is out. people are loving the video. >> people are loving the video. how does that make you feel? >> great. it makes me feel great because i feel like at this point in my career, saying something with my music in a fun way is what i do. i love the whole empowerment message for women. of not, you know, getting what we deserve. not being taken for granted and showing what we have to offer. i think all those things are really important. it's great to don't in a fun way. >> how do you find time to do all these things? you do them all so well. >> thank you. >> it's not like jack of all
9:44 am
trades. you're master of all trades. >> thank you so much. i love what i do. i always have. from when i was little, i wanted to sing and dance and act. it's all i wanted to do. i'm getting to live that dream. i feel grateful to be able to be doing it as long as i have, and having the support of my fans who i love. i love you guys so much. >> can we do a quick thing? we have a fishbowl with fun questions. i'll let you reach in. hopefully it's not a hard one. >> what critter scares you the most? the new york critter, the rat. >> it smells a little weird over here, too. i'm sure there is a critter around. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good luck with everything. back to you. >> what does it smell like? >> pizza rats. >> sewage. >> we picked the right pot. >> amazing, by the way. >> j.lo looks good, too. >> pretty quick, al.
9:45 am
>> it's always in his mind. classic chocolate chip cookie gets an unexpected twist after this. my heart is still racing for j.lo. and a cookie? this is my lucky day. this is my lucky day. ♪ i ain't yo mama wish your skin could bounce back like... this is my lucky day. ♪ i ain't yo mama used to? neutrogena® hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight... water. this refreshing water gel... plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin that bounces back. hydro boost... from neutrogena®. see what's possible. every ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad with chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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9:49 am
brittle. we're celebrating social media stars on "today" food with recipes you'll love. shawna is known as the next door baker and is here with a recipe that's gotten more than 500,000 re-pins on wpinterest. that's a lot. >> it's a popular recipe. >> this is pretty simple. >> so simple. this is chocolate chip cookie brittle. you know the sugary, buttery edges of a great chocolate chip cookie? it's a whole pan of that, al. >> genius. >> it's simple. for people who think they don't like to bake, don't have time, it doesn't get easier than this. >> start by microwave? >> yes. we take our butter and sugar, just flour, add-ins, vanilla and salt. butter and sugar in the bowl. i use the microwave. you're going to put this in the microwave, high heat. melt the butter. >> boom. >> it looks like this. >> comes out like that. >> isn't that wonderful? >> then what do we add? >> add the vanilla and salt. you want the sugar to break down and dissolve a little bit.
9:50 am
all right. dump in the flour. and nuts, if you like a nutty -- >> i'll go without nuts. >> that's cool. you can do that, too. >> you don't have to sift the flour? just regular flour? >> fold this like this. you can add the nuts. half the nuts. using cashews and pecans today. you can use lemon extract and white chocolate chips if you want. put in shredded coconut. it's really kind of a -- how is it going? >> shredded coconut, please. >> he's the only one that likes coconut. >> i'm the only sane person here. >> whoa! it gets a little crumbly. it goes right into the pan. >> makes for a fun day. >> pat it out into the pan. you think it's not going to fill the pan, but it will. >> you line or greece tase the ? >> no, there's so much butter in there. you pat it down, and it looks like this. you're doing so well.
9:51 am
then you add your chocolate chips. >> it's not a piano, al. >> don't play with your food. >> just like this. chocolate chips over the top. then i like to hit it with a little bit of flaky sea tsalt. little bit of sophistication, salty-sweet. people love it. then add the rest of your chopped nuts on top. unless you don't like them. then you don't use it. >> all right. >> then when you bake it, 350, 23 to 25 minutes. the real important thing is to keep rotating it. it likes to get brown, which is what you want. >> crispiness needs to be all over. >> exactly. then you get a slab. you can finish it off, like you'd break up a toffee. >> you can put it in little bags. >> yeah. >> it's so good. >> it is. >> especially these parts. >> we're getting to the end of the year where we want to do teacher gifts and stuff like that. this is an edible gift. >> thank you so much.
9:52 am
>> i know why you're a super star. >> we'll be back in a moment. now it'll have 500,001 re-pins.
9:53 am
9:54 am
hey, we want to thank our friend, zachary levi. >> always happy to be here. >> tony nominated. >> yes! >> one more check with dylan. she has another of our favorites. >> co-host. >> big, bold and savory. >> that's got to be al. the name will never die. thank you, al. >> john, this is your favorite event of the year, right? >> all things nbc universal. i've seen arnold swachwarzenegg, j.lo. i finally got to be out of the office. though i'd like to be in the kitchen with you. it's a nice day. little brisk. >> i'm sure you like that. >> it's good. i don't have the full on sweats,
9:55 am
so i'm here obviously spreading the word of wwe. happy to be part of the nbcu family. and, of course, with you at the "today" show. pleasure to be here. >> when are you co-hosting again? >> the day i return to "raw," i'll host the morning of may 30th. monday night, i'll be on the usa network, doing my thing on "raw." >> ithis is all about promotion >> watch the "today" show. after the "today" show, kathie lee and hoda are up next. do not miss that. >> you're amazing. >> he's good,
9:56 am
good morning. i'm katy zachary. just a few minutes before 10:00 a.m. on your moan. let's get the forecast for you from first alert meteorologist bill henley. a sunny start but also a chill in the air. >> that chill slowly easing, the wind blowing some clouds through taxpayer. can you say the antenna shake in the wind and so is the camera. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour this afternoon. if it wasn't for the wind we would be heading for the 70s this afternoon.
9:57 am
steady northwesterly winds is making for a slow warm up. in delaware 54. suburbs dropped down the 30s this morning now upper 40s and low 50s into the 60s thz afternoon and dry through the day. umbrellas won't be necessary until tomorrow. bill, thank you. flirt traffic reporter jessica boyington is keeping an eye on an accident in vineland. >> an accident investigation from an earlier vehicle fire. on route 55 southbound right around route 40 some delays there but only the right lane is closed. not closed in its entirety. we have some delays on 95 right around columbus boulevard head southbound so watch this over in the shoulder. getting now to that breaking news, prosecutors in montgomery county just announced that rafael robb will not be paroled from prison. the university of pennsylvania professor beat his wife to death in 2006. he wanted early release but
9:58 am
parole board ordered him to serve his full ten year sentence. i'm katy zachary. we'll have another live update for you in about 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
10:00 am
. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! hope you had a gre weekend this funday monday. it's may 16 already. >> that is -- well, that's our music. oh, there. >> "something more". >> by sugar land. wasn't she great this morning? >> we have jennifer nettles with us this morning. >> we won't let her leave the studio without giving us a song as well. >> we had so much fun. plus you know what else we have? the fabulous, the amazing -- >> she


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