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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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also, a day of grieving, not studying for students in bridgeton high school. they lost two of the classmates in a deadly car crash over the weekend. they had just been at the prom when their car crashed in cumberland county. we are live in bridgeton high school with more on how the school is trying to console stups. >> reporter: i can tell you, sheer heart break here today, all energy focused on healing and praying, and this community comes together. the mayor, albert kelly, a member of the local clergy, and we asked, what can you say to the young people when this pain and grief feels inconsolable? >> just devastated. >> reporter: students and staff at bridgeton high leaned on more than 20 faith base and crisis counselors today remembering and questioning why the teens died
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so young. the mayor consoled dozens of students himself. >> always say it's going to be get better, we're here for you, but most importantly is to lend a shoulder to on. >> there's issues that happened that night that should not have happened. >> reporter: the superintendent is referring to new jersey's driving laws. at 17, young drivers on a provagsal license are not to drive after 11:00 p.m. at night or have more than one passenger. they reminded prom until 10:00 p.m., but considering changes for future proms. >> controlled activities where all students can be present and properly chap roan them and ashore they are home safely. >> they plan to examine the crushed p cruiser now to determine if there was a mechanical failure. impact and response have seen cars not handle the curve and crash before into the same tree. >> i think they fell asleep and
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came off the small bend and just drove straight into the tree. >> reporter: turner came to lay flowers, knows both family and saw them dressed up friday night. >> i've seen their bright smiley faces, taking pictures with classma classmate, and then to see that that night changed -- just changed -- >> reporter: and the superintendent told me a vigil will be held here on the front lawn of bridgeton high school thursday night at 6:00 to honor the two young lady killed in the post-prom crash as well as one of their peers who was killed in a car accident two weeks ago. in the meantime, this community is praying for a full recovery of the two young students, the other students who remain hospitalized in critical and stable condition, those young ladies were riding in the backseat. in bridgeton, nbc 10 news. car crashes continue to be the number one killer of teenagers.
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safety experts say parents can do something right now to keep kids safe behind the wheel. more on that coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. in the meantime, cleanup underway after a car crashed in the front of a dollar tree store. you can see workers sweeping up glass after the front window was caved in. skyforce 10 over the scene. police say it happened before noon today. four people inside the car at the time of the crash, no injuries reported. skyforce10 over the scene of a fire. this is a chicken coop on harding highway in franklin township. the fire's now under control, but a lot of the damage was already done. now to your first alert weather. the wind is whipping tonight as you take a live look from the camera in cape may. the flag is going there. >> beautiful shot, but the wind makes it cool outside, nothing compared to the temperatures
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this morning. >> brutal this morning. sheena, it warmed up quite a bit. >> it has, but temperatures are still cool. we are just about mid more 60s everywhere, 66 in lehigh valley, and philadelphia, 66 degrees, and, yes, it is windy outside. wind gusting 25-30 miles per hour through most of the area. philadelphia with the gusts of 28 miles per hour, and atlantic city, 20 miles per hour gusts. it is windy, and that's making it feel cooler in some spots, but that sunshine is helping us also feel a little more comfortable. there's the live cameras there, plenty of sun around right now. also don't forget with your new neighborhood weather, seven day forecast scrolling on the screen for you. doppler radar, though, nice and clear. we don't have any rain moving in, but we have changes as we go into tomorrow. this big area of rain around the middle of the country, this is
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moving in for your tuesday. make sure you have the umbrella tomorrow. you will need it. especially in the afternoon. for tonight, though, we'll stay clear, cool, and windy, temperatures dropping down into the 40s, chilly in the area. tomorrow morning, cool temperatures around, but, also, a lot more in the way of cloud cover tomorrow morning, and by the afternoon, that's when we see the rain move in for the area. wilmington 57 degrees by lunch with showers, and we'll take a closer look at the afternoon forecast coming up. the parents of two twin babies behind bars accused of abusing their own children. melissa and michael shales face aggravated assault and endangering the welfare 6 of a child. both had leg injuries and one is still in the hospital after a throat injury. a neighbor saw the baby and insisted the parents call 911.
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>> never seen nothing like that, a lot of blood from the nose, her mouth. never seen nothing like that in my life, ever. bucks county district attorney tells us the other twin and a 3-year-old are in protective custody. a former ivy league professor convicted in the blejenning death of his wife has been denied early release. that means he'll serve full ten years behind bars. the penn professor killed his as she wrapped gifts in their home back in 2006. opening statements began in the corruption trial for long time philadelphia congressman fattah. prosecutors say he took an illegal $1 million loan to fund his failing mayor bid in 2007. attorneys put the blame on two political consultants who pled guilty in the case. four associates on trial with the congressman. their attorneys say they took direction from fattah.
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new jersey employers would have to pay workers nearly two bucks more an hour. that measure would increase the state's current minimum wage from $8.38 to $10.10 next year and increase it the following four years. they plan to put the bill on governor christie's desk. a new state crime center changes the way police officers respond to calls in the city. with an array of new computers, the realtime crime center shows exactly where officers are deployed and help of new software, they see who is closer to a call offering a quicker response time. it also maps out crime investigations. >> what it means to us is having situational awareness for the officers on the street. >> we believe we're moving into the 21st century with the technology, something we lacked for a while. >> the new crime center cost
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$750,000. progress today in kennedy university hospital. nbc 10 had a ceremony in cherry hill, final beam of the lobby put in place. the $200 million construction project is expected to begin next year. when it's said and done, this is what the hospital looks like. it's a medical mall with a 100,000 square foot outpatient pavilion and ambulance services and sleep and ambulance center. a new homeless outpilot program in center city to help a growing number of people in needs of homes. it's addressing street homelessness area. a team and staff focuses on four center city locations identified as homeless hot spots including the convention center area, written house square, east market street, and south broad street. >> when i first came to council, i thought homelessness and
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street activity was a police problem. i was wrong. it is not a police problem. it is a community problem. it's a city problem. it's all of our problem. >> the outreach workers have advanced training in mental health and drug support services. the program is expected to continue through the summer. the nbc 10 team profiled the faces of homeless youth in our area. the reporters embedded themselves in the crisis center that exclusively serves young adults. watch the in-depth reports right now on or tap on the nbc 10 app. the pain of losing him lives on. >> like it just happened today. always think about it. we cry. you know, but a big hole was put in my heart. >> a philadelphia officer killed in the line of duty, and now the white house recognizes his sacrifice. hear from his family and fellow officers at 5:00. plus, is trump in trouble
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with women? a new report goes after the presidential candidate, but now an unlikely person is coming to his defense. and it happened again. another winning lottery ticket sold in south jersey, and that's not the only similarity. that story is coming up at 5:00.
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background checks for gun buyers, bringing many to a rally today. voterings stood in support of what they say is life saving legislation. >> i hear that give ups don't kill people, but people kill people, well if that's a fact, why don't we have universal background checks to help people that don't need to have the guns to no longer have the guns. >> this was organized by pennsylvania united for background checks. new jersey, the race toe replace governor chris christie has begun. the first candidate enters the race today with the release of this video. he's the former united states ambassador to germany. he previously worked for goldman sachs, governor christy's term
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runs through the end of 2017. bringing us to decision 2016. time is running out for register to vote in the garden state. tomorrow's the deadline for voters to register if they want to vote in next month's primariment only registered democrats and republicans can vote in the primary which is june 7. in the race for president, hillary clinton and bernie sanders fight it out in two more primaries tomorrow while trump hopes voters in oregon put him one step closer to the nomination. nbc reports trump has all by locked up the nomination, but now he's facing new political head winds. >> reporter: trump may to the have any opponents left in the gop primary, but he's still facing plenty of opposition. especially from republicans, with growing talk about third party mutiny. >> there's a lot of folks on the third party side of this looking at this saying, you know, if this is the nominee, are we
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looking at an electoral wipeout? right now, yes. >> on british tv, he slugged off the plight by david cameron. >> i'm a unifier, unlike oh president now. >> reporter: speaking of president obama, he called trump over the week without mentioning his name. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> reporter: the times keyed off the latest controversy in a report questioning his treatment of women, but a former model at the center of the story says it's a negative spin job. >> i never saw or heard him speak illy of any woman or man for that matter. >> reporter: perhaps, but spoken ill about hillary clinton as she tries to finish her fight with bernie sanders. >> republicans have been attacking me for 25 years. they are not stopping now. >> reporter: true, but many in the gop are not cutting trump any slack either. brian mooar, nbc news washington. a unanimous decision in the supreme court today, the
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justices refused to decide if a feud between faith based groups and obama administration over birth control. instead, they sent the issue back to the lower courts. no decision mean birth control must still be offered free to employees, even of religious employers, like the little sisters of the core, and the white house says it's a win for president obama. >> it will allow millions of women across the country to continue to get health care coverage they need. >> the case could come back to the supreme court when there's a ninth justice likely picked by whoever wins the white house in november. now to the fight against the zika virus. house republicans unveiled a new $622 million map to battle the virus, a third of the money that president obama requested. the legislation would provide funding to develop a vaccine and tests to detect the virus. zika can cause severe birth defects. tomorrow, the senate is expected
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to vote on several competing zika proposals. here's the most recent numbers in the cases. pennsylvania now reports 18 and new jersey has 12, and delaware with. a lot on the line for students in the brandy wine school district. tomorrow, voters will decide if they are willing to spend more tax money. >> if not, jobs and school activities could be on the chopping block. tim furlong shows us what families are saying before the big vote. >> i think it will pass. >> reporter: elaine is confident north wilmington voters will do what the yard signs say and vote yes tuesday to give the school district more money. the first attempt failed months back, and if it fails this time, the kids' favorite school programs would be in jeopardy. >> they will be defed if it does not pass. >> we have to ask voters to raise taxes. >> reporter: every few years, they ask voters to give them more money, and if they don't
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get a yes vote, they cut $8 million from the budget including teachers, specialists, clubs, and t.s, and all sports programs, and boston's after school program and 70% cut in the rainy day maintenance fund to fix up the buildings and equipment. this woman does not want to be identified because it's not popular to go against referendum, but after years of yes votes, shes the district is not spending the money it has wise and thinks they have to restructure at the top before they are handed more taxpayer cash. >> oh, you're not for the kids if you're not voting for this. well, that's not true. my issue is they are not getting the money to where it needs to be with the teachers and students. >> reporter: schools are good for real estate values, and well educated kids in the community, but it's up to voters to know if they are confident to spend the money wisely. >> polls open tomorrow 10:00
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a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the d. of elections can help you find polling place. you don't need to be recommendation steered to vote, but you will have to prove your over 18 years old and show proof live in the school district. well, clear skies today, window, though, this was the scene along kelly drive, and windy throughout the area. you see the trees blowing in other parts, gusts near 30 miles per hour in the afternoon. here's a look at the art museum. you see the flags blowing, a sunny, windy, and cooler day today, and cooler night tonight. winds currently sustained are right around 15-20 miles per hour, and philadelphia 20 miles per hour sustained, and allentown at 14, but they are gusting close to 25-30 miles per hour, so it's still windy right
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now. temperatures, though, still on the cool side, but more comfortable than they were this morning when we were a little bit cold. 66 degrees in philadelphia right now. delaware coming in 66 degrees, and mid-sixtys in the valley, and look at the neighborhood temperatures, 66 degrees, chestnut hill at 67, and 66 degrees in pennsfort, and bustleton, 68 degrees, and 67 in summerton. we are dry, which is why we have all the sun around, but it's windy. no immediate rain on the way, but what we are watching is pretty far back to the west, that's going to be for tomorrow, there you see rain approaching st. louis. this area is going to move in for tomorrow. mostly by lunchtime and into the afternoon. make sure you have umbrellas before you leave. in the morning, wake up to cloudy skies, but by midday, we'll be dealing with the rain around, so just make sure you keep that in mind before you leave the house. here's future weather as we go
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through tonight. we could stay mostly clear, but there's the clouds coming in in the morning. that's 7:30 tomorrow morning, and overcast, and rain around washington, and then it'll start to move in by the middle of the day. now we're looking at 12:30, around lunch, rain moves in, we don't expect thunderstorms, just light rain, maybe some moderate rain here and there, and through the afternoon, that's evening commute, and 5:00-6:00 p.m., looks to be new jersey and delaware, can't rule it out of the philadelphia area, and then we go into wednesday morning, this whole unsettled weather pattern hangs around. wednesday, 8:00 in the morning, we do still expect showers around, but gradual improvements through the middle of the day and afternoon. this is wednesday, 5:00 p.m. we'll see much better clearing taking place. tomorrow, though, temperatures with the rain, still cool, 63 for the high temperature in reading, easton at 63 degrees with the showers around, mostly the second half of the day, and we look at pennsylvania suburbs, 62 in phoenixville, and newtown
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with showers in the afternoon. philadelphia area around lunchtime, 62 degrees, and bybury at 61. new jersey neighborhoods, 63 degrees, and along the shore, a little cooler for atlantic city, 69 and avlon, degrees. delaware expect rain also, especially by the middle of the day and through the afternoon. dover 60 tomorrow. so if we look through the next five days, tomorrow, it's a pretty rainy afternoon for the area. low 60s for pennsylvania suburbs and philadelphia. wednesday, though, we'll see a better improvements. we have the morning rain in the forecast wednesday, mid-60s, but by the afternoon, looking better. thursday and friday are good. temperatures in the 70s, mid to low 70s, but the weekend forecast, not the up official start to summer yet, but there's rain into this week and temperatures in the mid-60s, and it is rainy saturday and sunday.
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don't forget with the new neighborhood weather, your seven day forecast is at the bottom of the for you. a closer look at the rain ahead. that's coming up. thanks, sheena. diving in. nbc 10 is there as rescuers scramble to save a driver who ended up underwater. used to fighting flames, but a fire department has a different problem on its hands today. what caused this wet mess next at 5:00.
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coast guard plucks four people from a sinking boat north of tampa, florida. a woman with the boat with her child call for help when the boat took on water. at the video. they were on a fishing trip. luckily, no one was hurt. look at this complicated water rescue in delaware county. skyforce10 overhead as crews pulled a person from that pickup truck. apparently, the driver lost control, hit a telephone pole and drove into the water. the driver was taken to the hospital, but, as you can see in the video, getting the truck unstuck will be a challenge here. it is still in the water tonight. water problem of another kind, a water main break creates a mess in west philadelphia. it flooded a fire house, and officials say the station open,
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firefighters are there on duty, but just look at the screen. dialysis center was also affected and markets close the off. crews are working on repairs. today, family members are remembering a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty. >> he loved his job, and he did what i was trained, and i miss him a lot. >> and now, the white house is honoring robert wilson iii, and a special honor he received next at 5:00. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker.
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then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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[ applause ] president obama shares his sympathy and gratitude with a family of report wilson iii. today, the white house awarded the fallen police officer with the medal of lore. >> wilson died in the line of duty last march, shot and killed while confronting two robbers inside a video game store. >> nbc 10 has more on the honor for wilson and the family. >> reporter: i can tell you a short time ago, we watched the ceremony and talked to one of wilson's first commanding offers who noted his bravery and courage and called him a warrior for how he took on two armed robbers.
5:31 pm
>> mrs. constance wilson. >> reporter: she proudly accepted the public safety officer medal of valor on behalf of the grandson she raised. at the white house ceremony, president obama newsed 12 other public safety officers, but robert wilson iie was the only one who died in the line of duty. >> we honor those who did not come home, including one hero we honor today, sergeant robert wilson ii. >> dead a sad occasion got me here. >> we spoke to one of the first superiors in the police district about the commendation of courage. >> says a great deal about the way he died, but the way he lived. he was a -- when you think about him, the all-american dream. >> reporter: the 30-year-old wilson was ambushed here inside this gamestop in march of 2015. he had stopped to buy a birthday
5:32 pm
gift for his son. little did he know, he would engage in a gun battle with two robbers inside the video store. >> what he did was warrior-like. >> reporter: public housing police chief says videotape shows wilson seen sacrificing his life by moving away from the counter so the people inside the store wouldn't be hurt. >> you can just see the amount of courage it took to do what he did, and that he did it effortlessly, and you'd like to say in that situation that you could handle yourself as he did. >> reporter: when we visited the wilson home, his grandmother showed us what she calls his wall of awards, and no doubt today, she has a special place for this med of valor. in the digital operations center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. a huge honor there.
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it's a way to honor public safety officers who risk lives to their communities. it is the highest national award for valor by a public safety officer. meantime, two police officers killed in the line of duty were honored as well in a special ceremony today. in 1975, 8-year-old officer james strong was shot and killed by a robbery suspect. he was the town's first officer to be killed in the line of duty. in 1980, 29-year-old officer was hit by a car while trying to subdue a man wielding a knife. a follow-up now to an nbc 10 investigation. the state funeral board has revoked a fun lal home's license and levied a fine against him and the funeral home. they found three bodies in the funeral home, and the state says he did not properly dispose of the deceased, two found with
5:34 pm
trashes around them. earlier this month, the investigators discovered the board is limited to issuing fines and after sometimes lengthy investigations, revoking licenses. they cannot stop an unlicensed funeral home from performing funerals. to this now, police say a suspected white supremist was found heavily armed. bruce post iii is facing several charges after investigators found him hiding out in the woods with an ak47, a handgun, and stockpile of ammo. they questioned another man with post, but have not arrested him. and now to your first alert weather. taking a look at the flag atop the aramark building. >> tast right. a chilly, cool, too. let's get an update on our forecast. >> guys, a chilly morning the
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afternoon is cool, and wind is making it feel a little bit cooler, especially if you go into the shade, but it is still very sunny in philadelphia, looking out at center city, clear skies, winds, though, gusting near 30 miles per hour. temperatures in philadelphia, 66 degrees, and sustained winds after 23 miles per hour. windy, cooler, and at least we're not -- at least it's dry, and radar, nice and dry, nothing around or moving in within the next, i would say, maybe 12 hours, but what we have is just back off to the west, so this area of rain, this is what we're watching as we go into tuesday. so you're not going to see it so much in the morning, but you'll notice an increase in cloud cover, but by the afternoon, you'll see the rain around, so grab the umbrella before you leave tomorrow. for the rest of tonight, 6:00 p.m., in the mid-60s, and clear skies, temperatures dropping down quickly, but tomorrow morning, around 50 degrees in philadelphia, and cloudy. pennsylvania suburbs clear tonight, cloudy tomorrow morning, and lows around the
5:36 pm
mid-40s, and lehigh valley, cloudy in the morning, staying clear for the rest of tonight. if you're in delaware, clouds increase by the morning hours, temperatures around 50 degrees, new jersey, a cloudy start to the day, around 50 degrees, along the shore, clouds around when you wake up with temperatures in the mid-50s as well. the rain moves in. mostly after the morning commute tomorrow, and we expect it to be around for the evening commute. look at the timing of it and more rain headed our way for the upcoming weekend straight ahead. >> thank you. right now, 18 municipalities across pennsylvania split more than $5 million to spend on safety projects. the money will be spent on everything from replacing traffic signals to proving pedestrian walkways. the counties are just a few of the areas getting a cut. fines generated from red light violations at nearly 30 intersections in philadelphia pay for the programs.
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have you heard of this, another black bear spotted over the weekend. this time in a chester country club. it comes after the black bear was spotted taking a dip in the creek in philadelphia friday. the pa game commission says they are not sure if it's the same bear or dealing with multiple bears here. seems like shopping in 7-11 in new jersey is paying off. >> yes, anothering lottery ticket was purchased in the garden state, meaning that we are going there. there was a $1 million lottery ticket, and friday's megamillion drawing. the ticket was purchased on blackwood road. family that won last week's power ballot ri bought their winning ticket in in trenton, the only one to match all six numbers in the $429 million jackpot. >> amazing. >> happy for that family.
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remember a warning about long lines at the airport? well, take a look. these passengers had to live through it firsthand. a travel nightmare that's not over yet. plus, a philadelphia 76ers about to make history and some money, too. how a small change to the jerseys bring in millions. dear fellow citizen, spending time hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm even ready, she'll be off to college.
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>> talk about a travel nightmare. dozens of travelers left stranded at chicago's o'hare airport over the weekend all because of long lines at tsa check points. we've been there, right? the backup so bad this time, many passengers missed their flights and forced to sleep on cots. thises days after the tsa issued a warning to travelers saying to be prepared for long waits this summer. silent heart attacks cause no symptom, but researchers still put patients at risk of early death. a new study of 10,000
5:41 pm
middle-aged adults find 45% of heart attacks wesilent, but caud a lot of damage. it increases the risk of dying three times and risk of dying by any cause by 34% because parties may not get treatment needed to prevent another heart attack. little hats, big hearts. that's the new name of a program designed to educate new moms about congenital heart defects at virtual health systems. the south jersey health system teamed up with the american heart association for the program as part of it, 100 newborns are getting hand knit red infant caps. you see the little ones showing them off in the pictures. con jen heart defects are the most common type of birth defect in the country. well, windy and cool today, but at least we're dry tomorrow, though, and a different story, we have rain headed our way, and maybe even quite a bit rain for
5:42 pm
the upcoming weekend. the forecast coming up.
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that's enough propaganda, put your hands together. [ cheers and applause ] some call for the extra popos, but i'm writing down to your provos. a free style battle in this year's commencement speaker. he's best known for creator of the broadway hip hop hamilton hit, and gave shoutouts to philly's finest, talking about
5:45 pm
cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, hoagies, and water ice. >> it's all covered. check this special guest today, the phillie fanatic paid a visit to the school's commencement fair. the fanatic con gratelated students and got them pumped up for graduation ceremonies taking place at the fanatic citizen bank park next month. all right. eagles' football ea's around th corner, tickets go on sale tomorrow. prices range from $36 to $156 per seat. the preseason home opener is august 11th against the tampa bay buccaneers. the 76ers about to make history. >> the team and stubhub teams up for the first ever jersey patch sponsor in nba history. comcast has more on this historic announcement. >> teaming up with stubhub for a
5:46 pm
unique impact on sports, making sports history today, right? clap for that. >> reporter: steps away from the uss new jersey, the sixers unveiled something completely new on their jersey. a corporate logo that will be displayed for the start of the 2017-18 nba season, and a first in the big four of professional sports. >> it's important to us. we inno innovation is part of the fabric of who we are, and it is with stubhub as well, and we believe that. >> thought it was cool if that happened, we'd get a crack at it. it happened. it's. once it sort of started to come about this might happen, might launch this program, it was a quick discussion. we were in,mented to do it. >> reporter: the deal for the corporate patch is worth a reported $5 million annually over throe years. surprisingly, stubhub was the only company the sixers negotiated with. >> we never had a conversation
5:47 pm
with anyone else. it was very unique. it doesn't happen that way. it's one of the once in a lifetime where everything is lined, you know, in the right place at the right time for the right people. >> reporter: with the potential number one pick in this year's lottery and future merchandise sporting the stubhub brand, it appears to be a slam dunk for both sides. nbc 10. >> this is going to appear on game jerseys in the 2017-18 season. >> the team made stubhub the official ticketing partner earlier this year. >> nbc 10 helps local children learn more about weather in a fun way. the nbc 10 first aletter weather team shows thousands of students how it works this week at citizens bank park. the education day set for wednesday, see glen hurricane schwartz, and, of course, sheena parveen. i was jealous last year.
5:48 pm
i wanted to go there. >> you should have been. it was amazing. >> a lot of fun for the kids. we go to the citizens bank park, show them experiments like you saw, that was glen pouring liquid nitrogen on dry ice creating a cloud, so they see that in the stands. there's thousands more kids this wednesday than we had last year, so it's amazing. the kids really learn a lot about weather and baseball and some of the players will be out there with us hitting some baseballs for the kids. it's going to be a lot of fun. we want weather like today, just not windy, but i don't think we'll see that. now, here's a look at the aramark building. winds are lightening up for now, but it's still windy in the area. as we go into wednesday for our weather education day that we were just showing you, we may have a little rain in the forecast watching that closely. cool and windy though, today, that is the weather story today. the winds are going to be with us in the evening.
5:49 pm
philadelphia, close to 40 miles per hour gusts, dover at 17, wilmington at 23, and at lan tick city at 30 miles per hour gusts. this evening, it's going to be cool, but nice and dry. also, don't forget in the next seven days, at the bottom of the screen, no matter in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware, see the seven day forecast with the new neighborhood weather. temperatures in the mid-60s, 66 in philadelphia. pennsylvania suburbs, neighborhood temperatures here in west bradford township, 64, and kenneth square, and phoenixville at 66, and port washington at 66 degrees. if you're in newtown and bucks county, 65 degrees is your temperature currently. still cool, and tonight, cool too, and tomorrow, we'll be cool and rainy. right now, though, we are dry, rain on the way, though, mostly in the afternoon, but just keep that in mind before you leave the house tomorrow rs it's going to be cloudy so make sure to
5:50 pm
have an umbrellumbrella. that's the rain for tomorrow, and i think that'll last for part of the area through the evening commute. so for tomorrow, if you're in millville, south jersey, or h m hammonton, 62 degrees and rain, and norristown at with showers, and philadelphia 62 and showers, and in delaware, expect the rain tomorrow, harrington 60 degrees, and wilmington at 61. pennsylvania neighborhoods, mostly in the low 60s. 62 degrees, strawberry mansion, and if you're in allentown through the lehigh valley, temperatures there at 63 degrees. the rain is here in the afternoon. you'll notice the clouds when you wake up in the morning, but the afternoon showers in the forecast, morning rain as we go into wednesday, but then we'll see more clearing throughout the day, mid-60s there. and thursday and friday look good. nice and sunny. this is the jersey shore on the
5:51 pm
bottom panel, so for the shore, temperatures, obviously, running cooler, so if you look at thursday, philadelphia 7 it 2 degrees along the shore, a little chilly, degrees still, and going into the weekend, 56 degrees for saturday along the shore. in philadelphia, 66 degrees, ten degrees warmer with rain, so, in fact, we do have rain in the forecast for this upcoming weekends, and for the entire area, so here's what your weekend forecast looks like so far if you are planning ahead. so the following week, it's memorial day week, unofficial start to summer. if you're headed down to the shore to prepare for that this weekend, so far, does look like there's rain around. we are looking at showers saturday and sunday, and temperatures will be running cooler in the 60s. a closer look at 6:00. >> thank you. lester is joining us now. >> what's coming up. >> hi, keith, for us, exclusive report on americans who left to fight for isis overseas, and reaction of those they left
5:52 pm
behind. we have a story every parent of a teen see about how often young people are dying while texting behind the wheel. and how you can suffer a heart attack and not know it and it happens more than experts originally thought. back do you now. >> all right. a break for a south jersey driver, construction is finally gone, but hold on wheel. more construction is on the wheel.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
tonight, police investigate what caused the car accident what killed two students from south jersey. they were leaving an after prom party early saturday morning when the car crashed. no matter how they happen, car crashes continue to be the number one killer of teenagers. safety experts say parents can do something right now to keep kids safe behind the wheel. here's erica edwards. >> reporter: images of teenagers acting reckless in cars are unnerving as are the latest statistics on fatal crashes involving teens. >> our sons and daughters are dying in car crashes at an alarming rate. safe kids worldwide reports six teenagers are killed each day in a motor vehicle crash and half
5:56 pm
of those accidents, the victims are not wearing seat belts. another safety survey of nearly 800 teens and parents find teenagers would be far more likely to buckle up if mom and dad made it a family rule. kids and families with established rules and agreements about safe driving are temperature times less likely to speed, text while driving, drink and drive, or skip seat belts. >> it's not enough to have a discussion. you need to have a formal agreement, enforce it, and model good behavior. >> reporter: most surveyeds said they're best driving experiences are when the parents are passengers. milli nbc news. coming up next at 6:00. >> tracked and followed from the casino to her home. tonight, a big winner almost
5:57 pm
lost everything. sun came out today, but it did not warm things up. . more rain is headed our way. your neighborhood is next. also, drinking a beer on the boards, one city's plan to get rid of the open container law at the jersey shore next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
tonight, nbc news learned what cause ed amtrak's deadly derailment. tom costello broke the story two hours ago on twitter, and keith jones is following the latest developments in studio. keith? >> reporter: we confirmed the ntsb confirms the cause of the crash is likely because the engineer was distractsed, his name is brandon bostian, and the ntsb says he was distracted by radio diss. he said he doesn't remember what happened seconds before the crash. the train was going more than twice the legal speed limit. more than 100 miles per hour around that curve, and the train derailed killing eight people and injuries hundreds of others. nbc news says the ntsb is focused on the radio calls since the crash. they'll release its full report tomorrow morning in washington, d.c. now, the cause of the accident will not be made official until the board votes at the end of the meeting tomorrow. back to you.
6:00 pm
>> all right, keith. we'll have live coverage from d.c., and mitch will be in washington tomorrow for the official ntsb decision. and now to our other top story tonight, a bucks county couple is behind bars accused offing bones of their two twin daughters. the alleged crimes happened in march, but police arrested them last night. nbc 10 found out how neighbors and medical professionals played a role in the investigation. she joins us live from hospital, lauren? >> reporter: and this is a disturbing story. police report the mother told them she sometimes did things to the babies out of anger to get a reaction from the father. tonight, both mom and dad are facing charges. >> at this kelly town apartment, neighbors tried to help the couple who moved in with newborn babies. >> they came in with no furniture, nothing, and we had various apartments that helped out with furniture. >>ep


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