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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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but another area, ramping up, it's through parts of chester county and montgomery county and the philadelphia area, now another round of rain moving in. for south jersey and delaware, you're still seeing lighter rain, but that's really around westchester and 76 near where we are starting to see some of the rainfall, getting heavier, but steady, and it's developing across the sections. tomorrow, though, this is what we're going to be watching for early in the morning. now, tomorrow's going to be a day where the clouds are hanging around, and we still have rain chance, but we're keeping the eye on a small system near st. louis for early showers, and possibly a few sprinkles lingering through the day. right now, though, philadelphia, a live look at the ben frank lip bridge, cloudy and rainy in the philadelphia area right now. 54 degrees, a calm wind, but it's chilly and rainy, and we're going to keep it in the forecast for most of the area. through the next several hours, temperatures mostly in the 50s, 53 degrees in much of new
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jersey. 52 in pennsylvania suburbs, but all the cameras here locked in with the cloud cover, and especially for new jersey and delaware and our pennsylvania suburbs, we are certainly looking at the rainfall. coming up, timing of it through, and into tomorrow, and finally some sunshine in the forecast that's straight ahead. now breaking news we've been following for three hours now. skyforce10 over the mess over the eastbound lanes. that, a tractor trailer toppled and bumped boxes around 2:00 this afternoon. let's look at video of skyforce 10 shot from the air after the crash happened. no one was hurt, luckily, but you see the boxes everywhere. crews are working to them up. as you imagine, traffic is backed up headed back out there live, and you see the cars waiting in line. we just checked, no word on how long before the road is reopened again. staying on the story and show
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you when things are back to normal. in the meantime, right now at 5:00, taking you inside the rescue. we captured the moment firefighters freed a man from this west philadelphia home. he was trapped in the basement after part of it collapsed. you watched this unfold on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m., live over the scene for 45 minutes as firefighters worked to get this man free, and now both fighters give us a firsthand look at how they pulled off the rescue. nbc 10's monique braxton is leave. you were there during the rescue. >> reporter: i did. it was a different scene at the time. the street loaded with people. firefighters frantically working to raes rescue the man, and it took an hour to do so. >> they just said, i had to get out, grab what i needed and come on out in case the walls collapse. they didn't want me to get hurt. >> reporter: this is what marie tyson saw.
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the home next to her collapsed. dozens of police keeping neighbors at the distance while the fire departments special operations unit was attempting to free a man. >> they crawled in through the front and through the rear. >> reporter: firefighters shared this picture taken when they reached the up identified man trapped inside the basement. you see the top of the head own the left, and what looks like black bags on the right. they are inflatable devices placed on stable wood supports. the air bags are used to lift or provide a space under debris that firefighters can crawl through. we went to the special operations center for a demonstration. >> we were stabilizing as we lift, so the add damage is, lift an inch, crimp an i'm. lift slowly, lift, stop, stabilize, capture what you gain. >> reporter: how do the air bags help? >> honestly, they give us height, but he was strapped from the waist down, so rescue came in from the rear and basically just dug him out by hand,
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shovels. >> reporter: the cameras rolling when the trapped man was freed and brought out. he was alert and conscious. >> i'm glad the man is okay. >> reporter: now, we asked who the man was who was trapped inside, and we were told that he was a man that they believed was looking for scrap metal. initially, he was thought to be part of a demolition team, but that has such been proven wrong. we asked if he could possibly face charges and we were told no doubt he'll be questioned and could face possible charges. live in west philadelphia, moe nec braxton, nbc 10 news. from distraction to disaster, that's how investigators described the moments leading up to the last year's deadly amtrak derailment. today, the ntsb announced the official ruling on the cause. we are live in the digital operations center, and, jim, they focused on the engineer and lack of safety technology. >> yes. as we reported as breaking news
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yesterday, investigators say the engineer bostian was distracted by radio traffic minutes before the derailment involving a train nearby that just reported it was hit by a rock. investigators claimed the amtrak engineer then x-rataccelerated 6 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour speed limit. they put some blame on the delay in installing positive train control. it can slow down speeding trains, and we spoke with a passenger aboard the train today to get a take on these findings. >> personally, i'm not looking for closure on this. i'm not going to ever be able to get away from it. it will always be there. >> reporter: investigation also calls for making passenger trains safer. amtrak took full responsibility for the derailment that killed eight people. the company says it will carefully review the findings
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and try to adopt its recommendations. as for brandon, he did not attended hearing. the engineer told investigators previously he couldn't remember what happened the night of the derailment. the ntsb says it's because he suffered a blow to the head. he's been suspended without pay since the crash. lawyers representing the passengers injured in the crash question the findings of the report. they believe the engineer was reckless in driving twice the speed limit with hundreds of lives at stake. live in our digital operations center, nbc 10 news. denise? >> thank you, jim. nbc 10 investigative reporter, mitch blacher, in washington for the hearing speaking to the ntsb about the findings. agency told him they have concerns about the way first responders took people to the hospital, and they are recommending the city change its practices. mitch will show us why coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 7:00.
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>> at 5:00, twin brothers set off bombs on winter break from college. daniel and caleb tate had a two-week crime spree while home from school in december. they blew up five mailboxes and sheds throughout lancaster and chester counties. this is damage caused by the blasts. no one hurt, but authorities say because that's because no one was nearby. police searching for whoever shot a man in the back of the head this afternoon killing him. skyforce10 above the scene af r after, and police recovered two guns at the scene. they have not yet identified a victim. we have new information now about a construction worker kill on the job along i-95 in delaware. he's been identified now. it's 36-year-old alexander of wilmington, and skyforce2010 was over the scene, and they say he was stepping out of the car to step out construction signs.
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the driver stopped, and no charges have been filed. a philadelphia police officer taken to the hospital after her cruiser was hit while responding to a call went home this afternoon. a bread truck his her cruiser overnight at the officer rushed to a call with the lights and sirens activated. the driver of the truck stayed at the scene and was not hurt. a lot on the line for students in the brandyline school district. they cast ballots today, and they do not approve a tax increase, the district says it will cut $8 million from the budget. that means teachers would jobs, school sports, and activities would be on the chopping block. gerard park in south philadelphia is going to undergo major rep vagss. in an hour from now, the counsel woman will join others for a ground breaking at the park. it'll be $900,000 in
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improvements for lighting, sidewalks, and landscaping. a little rain was in the enough to stop the cyclists. nbc 10, the ems bike rided for a break today. it gp this month in boston, wraps up on friday in arlington, virginia. the goal? raise awareness about thes of the ems profession. >> there's a lot of people here who have shared in loss and who want to make sure there's an awareness what we do and what we go through as emts and paramedics and ems providers. >> once the ride is complete, they attend a gnarl memorial service. tonight, caught in the act. won't believe where. the substitute teacher accused of having sex with a student. how police made the disturbing discove discovery. plus, an ambulance is a lifesaver, right? if philadelphia, they are not
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always where they should be. who causes the problem, and how the city is trying to fix it. plus, hold on tight, two guysle mother nature, where the wind was this strong and if they stayed on their feet next at 5:00.
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denise, the tale of two quarterbacks. sam bradford, carson wentz, and the story today, they practiced to the for the first time. >> eagles call wentz the future of the franchise, and bradford is trying to get on the team's good side. john, i'm curious, what did bradford say about the drama surrounding the trade demand? >> reporter: he basically said he was not in the right of mind to show up. he was frustrated. he has no regrets doing what he did, and he said it was his agent's idea for a plan of action to request a trade. take a look at sam bradford and wentz out on the field today together for the first time. sam bradford says going forward he'll be a good teammate to wentz even though carson is here to take over for him at some point. sams he'll help him no matter
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what, answer the questions, and if he can do anything to make carson a better football player, he'll do that. this is bradford responding to comments the agent made saying it's not a real fair competition between him and the future franchise quarterback, carson wentz. >> you know, if we continue, you know, to win games if we are winning games, you know, i think that i will be the starting quarterback, and i will be out there. you know, with that being side said, i'm not completely naive. you realize that, you know, if the organization made a move to get up to two, at some point, it's probably not going to be my team. >> i told him, you know, my feelings have not changed. he's the guy, the number one guy, and i just want him to embrace that, and let's not look forward or back ward, but look forward. >> reporter: now, about eagles' fans, bradford knows they are frustrated. he says he gets that, understands that, and if he wins football games, he can win them
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bag. he says the only thing to do now is produce on the field. i'm john clark, live at the nova care complex. more in an hour from doug peterson and bradford again. >> that's the attitude you have to take moving forward. john, thank you so much. a move to protect privacy of those who call 911 for mer emergencies. >> prevents release of names, phone number, and addresses of people who call 911 is headed to governor wolf's desk. today, the state house voted in favor of the bill, banning the release of information unless a 911 center or judge determines it's in the interest of the public. a simple question here, but when you call 911? >> philadelphia says a lot of people get it wrong, hurting people who need ambulances the most. lauren mayk is looking into the issue today. >> lauren, i understand the city has a plan to cut down on the problem? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, guys, involves fliers like this
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one, even billboards in neighborhoods where it happens a lot. all aiming to make sure emss are there when you really need them. an ambulance can be a lifesaver, but in philadelphia, they are not always where they should be. >> 10% of the total volume are for calls that are medically not necessary. >> reporter: that's a problem. one the city is aiming to change. jeremiah, the deputy commissioner of emergency medical services in philadelphia. >> lower community calls, calling for a common cold, minor abdominal pain, those impact everybody. >> reporter: it's costing both time and money. time because resources are tied up. money because transimportants cost $900 to $1200 each, and insurance companies won't pay for them if they don't think they are necessary. the unnecessary calls come from both any knowledges and facilities like nursing homes
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and shelters. a new campaign focuses on high volume areas in frankfurt and port richmond with callers known as super users. >> people don't realize there's an alternative to not calling 911 for someone who needs a feeding tube replacement from a retirement home. >> reporter: what the city is seeing is a nationwide problem. >> we don't want people to hesitate to call 911. if there's an emergency or a traumatic injury occur, but at the same time, if you need a ride or you just neat a prescription refilled, that's really not something that we should be doing. >> reporter: and, guys, just in the past minute or so, as you watched that, and standing here, a medic unit raced out of here. the city of philadelphia has 50 units, and last year, responded to about 270,000 calls. you break that down, it's about 15 calls per unit per day.
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i asked the deputy commissioner whether sometimes those units take longer to get to app emergency because of the unnecessary calls? he said yes. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. have you wondered what it's like to be in 100 miles per hour winds? >> nope. never. there are people out there that wondered about that. a couple weather observers in new hampshire had fun with the extreme weather conditions this morning. take a look. this was posted by mount washington observatory with gusts up to 109 miles per hour. >> one guy jumps into the wind to be taken for a ride. listen to this, 109 is not even the strongest recorded winds there. a u.s. record 231 miles per hour gusts was observed at the summit back in 934. crazy to see him fighting there. >> looks dangerous, right?
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>> yeah, unreal. >> we can't complain about our breezes compared to that. >> are we watching him stuck? is he stuck or doing it for fun? >> for fun. >> hopefully it's fun. looks like he was struggling. yes, we do not expect winds like that any time soon, just breezes here and there across the week, but nothing like that. we're just looking at rain and cooler temperatures right now. that's really what we had for a majority of the afternoon. here's a live look out in center city, the aquarium, rain now, generally light, but consistent. don't forget with the neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, and so you'll never miss that. a look at the radar, though e, the green, that shows you where the light rain is, but it's consistent. we've seen a new area developing right around chester county and into the philadelphia area, so earlier, this rain did have a back edge on it. we had a break from the rain in philadelphia, but now there's another area redevelop. no thunderstorms, though, but what you see around king of
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preturn sha, coatesville, and these areas where the darker green is, that shows where the rain gets a little heavier. willis town all seeing the rain in the area, pretty steady and consistent. it's not leaving the area soon. we do expect it for several hours, and if we move into the philadelphia area, there you see pretty steady rainfall, still falling, the visibility is low, but nothing like thick fog seen on the camera, but it is hazy with the rain falling. steady rain throughout new jersey and continues throughout the rest of the evening for new jersey and delaware. we'll see it move out more as we go late into tonight. also off to the west, another area of rain, this one we're watching as we go into tomorrow, not very improve eessive, movin this direction for morning showers, off and on sprinkles throughout the day, ybut watchig
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it closely throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures are cool with the rain. most of the there, where you see it, philadelphia, delaware, some of the suburbs, south jersey, and along the shore, it is raining, and temperatures are in the mid-50s, so it is definitely cool. let's look at the philadelphia neighborhood temperatures with the rain they've knocked temperatures down more. we had a break, but the rain is back, 53 degrees, chestnut hill, 55 society hill, and bustleton at 55 degrees, summerton at 56. with these temperatures and that steady rain, you'll need to hold on to the jacket for the rest of the evening. here's future weather, so as we go through the next several hours, you see the rain starting to taper off a bit, by 9:30, most of the rain is clearing up, sprinkles left over, especially along the shore, but the clouds will be locked in. then we go into tomorrow, and you notice clouds are not really bumging. there's rain arouharrisburg, an the morning, we can't rule out the showers, unsettled weather
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pattern, no clear drying out here. throughout the day, not ruling out sprinkles here and there, but it's cloudy, and throughout the afternoon seeing a few showers trying to move back in. so for tomorrow, temperature-wise, 65 degrees reading, 64 bethlehem, and tomorrow, westchester, newtown 63, and cloudy in new jersey, haddonfield at 62 with off and on showers, jersey shore at 61 degrees, and if you're in delaware, temperatures mostly around 60 degrees and clouds will be hanging on. coming up, when we'll see the next round of sun, and we've quite a bit of rain for the weekend. details straight ahead. a jersey shore destination celebrates the fourth by going country. the big name headlining the 49 of july bash. thank you with a sombero, a
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special gift for the mayor of philadelphia. flr
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♪ tim mcgraw helping celebrate america's independence on the sand in wildwood. promoters revealed they will headline the july 4th concert.
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organizers expect to sell 40,000 tickets to the show on the beach. >> a shot in the arm for the city of wildwood. it's a shot in the arm for the cape may county. >> tickets on sale tomorrow. you can expect to shell out anywhere from $25-150. if you don't want to go to the shore for the holiday week, the wawa welcome america festival is fun for the family. >> that's right. we are the new home for the nation's biggest birthday party. let's look outside. this is the ben franklin parkway. it will be host to the big july 4th concert and fireworks. you can watch it all live on nbc 10, telmundo 62 or iphone and other device. look for stories and event schedules on the app and all right, also happening tonight, bringing booze to the board walk. >> a moneymaker or mess waiting to happen?
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new details on the proposal and we asked locals what they think. plus, sex in a cemetery. how police say this substitute teacher was caught in the act with a student.
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we track the rain, watching all the live cameras around the
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region. look at the clouds here. this is a shot at the ben franklin bridge. you see the low lying clouds making it tough to see out there. >> a look at the first alert radar, rain is moving out of the region. let's check in lathest conditions in your neighborhood. >> there was an area redeveloping over chester county, but there's a back edge on it, so eventually the rain will be moving out. i would say in the next few hours. here's a look at the radar. we have all this green around for new jersey, delaware, through philadelphia, and pennsylvania suburbs, but this is mostly light rain. we're not seeing lightning with it. it's not heavy, but one thing to note here is that it is very consistent. we'll continue to see this fall in the evening commute, especially in the major interstates, 95, 295, i-76, aston seeing the rain, king of prussia seeing the rain, a lot of areas just seeing that steady
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rain, but over the next several hours, we'll start to sew it taper off and move out. another area we're watching as we go into tomorrow, there's this area of disturbed weather. now, it's nothing of very imprezzive around st. louis, but there's some showers trying to move in early tomorrow, and maybe off and sprinkles throughout the day, but i don't think it's anything that's a wash out. that's good news. neighborhood temperatures, there's the rain, philadelphia, delaware, and along the shore, drier in the valley, though, temperatures closer to 60 degrees, but elsewhere, we are looking at the 50s with the rain. chilly and rainy outside. look at the neighborhoods in new jersey, 52 degrees, rainy, and 56 degrees, mount laurel with the rain, and coming up, a look at sun time hi in the forecast for this week, and also, your weekend weather, not looking great, but the rain chances straight ahead. >> i don't like the sound of that. another reason now plenty of
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people are getting home later tonight. this wreck on expressway in west philadelphia has been causing problems for more than three hours. a tractor trailer toppled near gerard avenue at 2:00 this afternoon. in one was hurt, but the big rig dumped boxes all over the eastbound lanes. crews are working to clean everything up. this is a look at the scene now from the traffic cameras, again, 76 eastbound near gerard. when things start to get moving back to normal. right now at 5:00, caught in the act. police say they found this substitute teacher having sex with a student inside a cemetery, and now she's under arrest. the 49-year-old woman was a substitute at easton area high school. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has more on the charges against her. >> reporter: well, police on patrol found the 49-year-old teacher having sex with a 17-year-old student in the middle of the afternoon in the place that's meant for respect and remembrance.
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the quiet cemetery in easton has nearly two centuries of history buried beneath the headstones. >> it's an important part of the community. for us to be able to remember and memorialize loved ones. >> reporter: police say a local substitute teacher desecrated the grounds having sex with an underage student here in broad daylight. >> officer located them in the midst of sexual intercourse within the vehicle. >> reporter: the 49-year-old turned herself into authorities this morning, a substitute teacher at easton area high school and worked for a company called source for teachers, which contracts substitutes to local schools. >> the relationship started approximately a year, year and a half ago, and the juvenile victim was a student of hers at one time. >> reporter: facing institutional sex assault charges, suspended from her company, who says she passed all background checks. meantime, the owners of the cemetery say it's a shame she
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chose this spot and can't believe a teacher brings a teacher here. >> we have prostitutes here because it's secluded out of the way, disrespecting the families and people buried here. >> reporter: they have not identified any other victims at this point. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. look at the truck fire on route 42 north in new jersey this morning. cell phone video sent in by a viewer shows the entire cab engulfeded in flames. that cab continue the to smolder as crews attacked it with foam. skyforce10 captured what little remained of the front of the truck. no one was hurt. from the jersey shore, police arrest the an ocean city woman accused of stealing from a charity. police say amanda thomas withdrew money from the memorial fund from 2014-2016 and used it for personal expenses. this is video of thomas in
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wildwood earlier today. thomas told nbc 10 she had no comment about her arrest. right now at 5:00, two jersey businesses accused of offering bogus immigration services to spanish-speaking residents. both in paterson, the companies paid thousands of dollars in fines. this is the same type of fraud the nbc 10 investigators exposed last week. we spoke to a man who paid a notary more than $9,000 to take care of his immigration papers. the man's paperwork was never submitted. see that story at a special thank you to philadelphia mayor today for members of the philadelphia family union network. the group delivered a card and sombrero thanking him for supporting philadelphia's sanctuary city policy. the group says he's recently been pressured by federal legislators and department of homeland security to change the policy. >> i think that we're going to see a lot of people coming here
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in july, a lot of politicians coming in july, saying that they stand for pro-immigrant rights, saying they are against the raids, and we're saying it's time that you stand with the mayor. >> the sanctuary city policy protects undocumented prisoners from deportation. at 5:00, nbc 10 continues to follow the corruption trial of pence congress fattah. today, the prosecution painted the picture of an overly confident candidate who did not have enough money to make a successful run for mayor. nbc 10 is live inside the courtroom again today. we heard from one of the main witnesses. >> reporter: a couple main witnesses as the prosecution continues to lay out the case. today, they call a current philadelphia municipal judge, the man who ran fattah's failed bid for mayor. that campaign back in 2007. he told a jury the campaign was disorganized and never had enough money to compete in the
5:37 pm
field with other big spenders. charles hayden says there was so little money in the fattah bank account so staffers, including himself, they did not get paid. money troubles met he could not ged ads on tv until the last days of the proimary season. another witness said it was his million dollar loan that helped his ads get on local tv channels. albert lord says fattah was a shoe-in to win the race, or so he thought. he met at the four seasons hotel in philadelphia on april 4th, 2007, saying, quote, in order to win, they would need more funds for media buys. lord told the jury that fattah wanted him to meet with tom lin don field, and it was he who secured the loan from lord. the money wired into the corporate account, and tv ads were bought. they challenged lord saying
5:38 pm
fattah never asked for the money. lord told the jury the only reason he was giving the loan was to help fattah win the mayor's race. albert lord, a retired ceo sallie mae foundation said he was invited to be a part of the exploratory committee to run for mayor, and he put a hundred thousand dollars up towards the committee. he told the jury he never met with any other committee members. prosecutors told the jury that lord also had an immunity agreement in exchange for his testimony today. reporting live outside federal court, nbc news. we're told over and over again to wear sunscreen, but now a new report says some of the top sunscreens are not performing as promised, what consumers should look out for.
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>> reporter: nbc 10 and the phillies team up, an collusive tour of the citizens bank part of the weather education day. >> storm form 10 will be at the game, and skyforce10 will be there as well as the tools used to put together the first alert neighbor forecast. >> a look at the weather center and how they make last minute decisions that impact lives of thousands of phillies' fans. live at the ballpark at 4:00 a.m.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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they put aside political differences ins of troops overseas. even "sesame street" joined capitol hill. they were among the lawmakers who stopped by. a veteran who lost both legs in deployment in iraq. >> i was on humanitarian deployment or deployed to combat itself, it was nice to know somebody thought about me and
5:42 pm
wanted me to have a little something. >> athey asesembled 1500 care pack captions. >> this is a great sight captured in maine on a police car's dash board camera. he was on patrol when the camera recorded that. the american immediate your society believes it's a fire ball, in other words, a really bright meteor. the society says it received 240 reports of sightings from people living from new jersey all the way to canada. well, we are still dealing with rain. we have a steady rain in philadelphia, nurngew jersey, a delaware. the sun comes back before the week is over. that forecast and a rainy weekend forecast, too, that's straight ahead.
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think about this. when you talk to kids about school today, ask how often they take part in fire drills. >> the investigators discovered schools are failing to conduct the right amount of drills. here's mitch with a preview of what's on tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: because every second counts, we're count how many fire drills philadelphia schools are doing. >> this is one of thee most important things you can do for the students and faculty. >> reporter: they are supposed to do ten, but we found that rarely happens. the person in charge had no idea. why haven't schools followed the fire code? >> we're trying to find out as well. there's a code in place. the code is there for a reason. it is to keep children safe. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00,
5:46 pm
fire drill failures and how they reacted to our investigation. nbc 10 news. all right. switching gears now. slather on the sunscreen to reduce risk of skin cancer, but turns out, you could be burned when it's level of protection that labels promise on the label. >> consumer reports test tested 60 brands, and they say nearly half the products had a lower spf than claim. researchers found sunscreens referred to as natural did far worse than chemical base protection. >> we know that sunscreens can under protect, but the real reason they under protect is people under apply them. >> consumer reports did acknowledge that many sunscreens on the market live up to the spf claims. >> we wish we had more of a reason to use the sunscreen
5:47 pm
right now. >> as you can see right now, the sun is a little m.i.a. late. we have an update on the latest round of rain. >> we wish we could buy sunscreen now, don't we? we need the umbrellas and jackets today because it's rainy and chilly. rain in suburbs in chester, and it's falling light, but new jersey and delaware seeing steady light rain lasting for the next several hours through parts of the area before clearing out. philadelphia, wilmington, you notice green here around washington township, that shows us where we have a little of heavier rainfall, and that extends into delaware county, and the evening commute is seeing the rainfall, around logan, upper darby seeing steady, heavier rainfall, but it's not heavy compared to the rest of the area, though, it's a little heavier. what we're seeing now moving into parts of cincinnati and st.
5:48 pm
louis, this area of rain, that'll be potentially giving us a few showers going into tomorrow, we are tracking clouds sticking around and chance for hit or miss sprinkles in the area. temperatures still cool, 53 degrees, cloudy, rainy. pennsylvania suburbs with the neighborhood weather here, 53 degrees unionville, 52 west bradford township, and so it is cool and rainy, 52 in malvern. 54 port washington. newhope is 54, and salem at 55 degrees. definitely another chilly day today. future weather, though, that rain's going to move out tonight, and tomorrow morning, wake up with clouds. this is 8:00 a.m. watching an area of rain to the west. not by any means it's dry or sunny day. clouds are locked in. hit or miss light showers, no
5:49 pm
tomorrows tomorrow, which is good. by 1:00 in the afternoon, we're still cloudy, a few sprinkles here and there, and even by the evening hours, the clouds are still hanging around. thursday, however, looks much better, so thursday we're going to be drier, there's more sunshine developing by the afternoon. finally, we'll see nice days before the week is over. tomorrow, temperatures, though, 62 in new jersey, 61 in millville with hit or miss light showers. wi wildwood at 59 degrees, clouds locked in, norristown at 52 as well as trenton, philadelphia at 62 degrees, and so still a chilly day in parts of the area. 62 wilmington, and 61 in harrington. pennsylvania suburbs, temperatures in the low 60s, and allentown at 64 degrees. reading 65, that's one of the areas that see milder temperatures, but still cool. then look at thursday friday, much better. this is the ten-day outlook.
5:50 pm
thursday and friday are sunny, temperatures back in the 70s. the weekend, though, does not look very good. we are earthquaking quite a bit of rainfall for parts of the area saturday, and parts of sunday, and it's going to be cool, but at least we have this nice ten day to look ahead where temperatures are finally back in the ol 0s. that is the good thing. the weekend forecast for the entire area no matter where you live, so in the pennsylvania suburbs, what it looks right now, 59 degrees saturday, rainy, could see heavy rain in parts of south jersey along the shore and in delaware where temperatures will be in the 50s, so the weekend so far really doesn't look very good on sunday, we're looking at rain, and temperatures in about the mid-60s, so keep this in mind before you make plans. at least this is not memorial day weekend, the unofficial start to summer, but we'll watch that forecast, of course closely, too. don't forget your seven-day scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you with the new neighborhood weather. all right, crossing fingers
5:51 pm
for sun for memorial day weekend. lester holt joining us now in new york. >> good to see you. what's coming up? >> hey, keith and denise, tonight, tsa apology and ur gent response after long security lines cost hundreds to miss flights over the weekend. is a new report the final word of the safety of genetically modified foods, what it says and the flap over sunscreen after a report questions whether the spf claims on the label are what you get in the bottle when we see you at 630 for nightly news. back to you now. >> lester, see you in a bit. well, we've learned that fighting the heroin epidemic is not just for doctors and paramedi paramedics. >> how you and me could help going to the local pharmacy, and, plu, a question for you here, should there be booze on the board walks? leaders will vote soon, but we ask locals what they think next at 5:00. >> at 6:00, first of its kind in
5:52 pm
the delaware valley. we have details of the new mormon temple.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a group of doctors is joining the fight to end a dangerous disease. >> the pennsylvania medical society wants to help doctors help patients who used
5:55 pm
painkillers. today, the group recommended steps doctors can take including prescribing guidelines in helping parties get treatment. one of the doctors in the group said 80% of heroin addicts abused prescriptions. pennsylvania governor wolf says heroin overdoses are the state's leading cause of accidental death. today, governor wolf was promoting the availability of the drug in pharmacies across the state. wolf and the physician general visited a pharmacy, and naloxone reverses effects of an overdose and often saves lives. >> it is a medication that literally could save someone's life if their loved one, friends or loved one, administers the medication when overdosing, giving them the opportunity to get help they need. >> many police and fire departments carry the drug with them. nbc 10's digital team spent
5:56 pm
months on the streets investigating the heroin crisis in our area and beyond. we talked with victims, their families, and the people trying to change the stigma. it's called "generation addicted," check it out on the nbc 10 app. controversy is brewing over booze on the board walk. >> yesterday, we said atlantic city could be the first jersey shore town to allow alcohol on the board walk. tomorrow, city council considers a policy that would allow people 21 and older to carry one alcoholic drink in an open plastic container. it would need to have the name or logo of the business where it was bought. some think the proposal's anti-family, but the councilman supports the measure. >> our hope is that enables people to have a better experience, and hope it increases business in the areas that it's designated. >> if approved. the policy is on a trail basis just for the summer. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next.
5:57 pm
up next at 6:00 -- >> a summer shut down, 11 weeks of delays on septa. what's behind the major construction project? and i'm tracking more rain for tonight, and possibly for the morning as well. we'll catch a break too. neighborhoods is next. plus, a former model takes on bill cosby and another celebrity all new at 6:00.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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right now, the blame game. what went wrong with avm track's deadly derailment, and message federal investigators have for the first responders. sex in the cemetery. tonight, who caught a substitute teacher in the act? what the funeral director plans to do now. plus, as if the expressway is not jammed enough normally, the big mess still causing major backups tonight. >> we begin tonight with a rainy tuesday evening as you can see on radar: there's rain over most area. >> our umbrellas have gotten a workout lately. our chief meteorologist is tracking the latest rain where you live. glen? >> yeah. it continues to rain in parts of the area, especially in delaware and south jersey and further north you are towards the lehigh
6:00 pm
valley, not raining at all. we have had a regeneration of the rain around the philadelphia area, and that's just temporary. we have had some clearing, look at that, north of washington, and some of that, i think, is coming in over the next few hours. the rain area is going to shrink because we go through the evening. still, in much south jersey and southern delaware, it's rainy. it's chilly, and it's going to stay that way, and there's more wet weather to the west that could be coming in for tomorrow as well. the future cast shows that most of the night is on the drier side, so we've seen the worst of the rain. if we do see anything more significant, it will be in delaware again. more rain possibly coming tomorrow. look at the effect of the temperatures. philadelphia now down to 53 after a high of 62, and most other spots aside from the lehigh valley, where it's not raining,


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