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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  May 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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of bed overnight. what pico says lead to a power problem for lots of customers. >> taking a look outside, and we still could see a few scattered showers today along with a mix of sun and clouds. >> this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> we're talking about all of the problems that went off last night, you know the pictures outside. we had such a study rainfall and it was heavy rain for sure. about a quart tore a half inch of rainfall in a few hours. isolated showers will continue today. between the breaks, we're looking for peeks of sunshine. you can see how scattered and
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broken apart this system is. but look at this, we have showers right now pushing east of trenton. we have shower activity. parts of chester county still seeing light rain. even if you're waking up this morning and it is dry where you are, we have more rain behind the system. we'll put it into motion for you. there is an area of moisture mid state and it will be pushing through, broken apart. as i said, the possibility of isolated showers, drizzle, all associated with this system and it is a pretty big system that is breaking up. as it moves off of the coast we can expect a chance of showers as we move through our sunday. the clouds will stay with us along with peeks of sunshine. we're up a tick in philadelphia. >> thank you for that, karen.
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this morning, some neighbors are out of their homes after what residents describe as an explosion. fire krufs respond-- crews respn the neighborhood. we spoke to one homeowner who heard it all unfold. >> the explosion, there was smoke in the middle of the street, more and more with each and it was quite an experience. >> no word yet on when those people will be allowed back in their homes. mo'nique braxton is gathering more information for us at the seen. >> this morning, police in delaware county are trying to solve a triple shooting. the gunfire erupted along pine
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lane in chester. checking out this corner store, investigators found more than two dozen shell casings in the street. police had not released the name of the teen who died. investigators are working to find witnesses and their hoping that the corner store captured some of the violence on video. let's go n let's go now to bucks county. we were on sceniest in bensalem down ship. one firefighter fell from a third story roof, the other firefighter experienced tightness his ches. investigators are now looking for the cause of this fire. >> from our south jersey bureau, loved ones remembering a teenager that died in a car crash after going to the
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promise. family and friends gathered yesterday at the viewing and funeral for mikayla moseley. we spoke to her grandmother after the services. >> she was just so loving, you know? full of light. >> the new jersey state police are investigating what lead up to that deadly cash. >> this morning, one salesperson in the hospital. police are called to the scene here around 4:00 this morning. they found a car on it's roof. we're working to learn more about the condition of the victim. a philadelphia family is
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calling for action in the cold case of their loved up withes. >> national inside for justice alliance to push for more action on cold cases. the police say they're case is active, but no arrests have been made. look at this show of support. the fundraiser benefits the family of police officers killed or injured in the line of duty. last night's adventure featured food, drinks, and live music. a south jersey market hopes to make a big come back after
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nearly being destroyed by fire. the columbus farmer's market held a grand reopening. there was live music. they were devastated about half a year ago. this was in november of 2014. old and new businesses are now in the restored space. we have a candidate that wants to tear families apart. >> the presidential candidates deliver dualing pitches aimed at attracting hispanic voters. >> and nbc investigators expose how some local schools are ignoring the district's own policy and why leaders didn't know about it. his new fence cost his
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thousands. >> i'm hardly shaking it. >> nbc 10 responds. count on it. morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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have the umbrellas handy this morning and pretty much all day today. we continue with scattered isolated showers this morning in easton. every now and then we see the sun just trying to peek through the clouds. isolated showers today and that system that brought us all of that rain yesterday and last night moves off of the coast. we could be in line for just a spritzer or two. live pictures showing us the overcast skies. temperatures mainly in the lower 50s. we're still below afternoon for this time of year. we can't rule out the possibility of a isolated shower. current radar showing us just south of wilmington, sprawl
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delaware. you may have rain where you are or dry at the moment, and heavier rain and this will be more of the afternoon hours. you want to have the umbrellas handy. if you're at the ballpark today, because sun, clouds, and isolated showers. >> thank you for that, if you're going to head out today, you can find your bliss in peddler's county where they're selling strawberries. there is even a strawberry pie eating contest. also today, a taste of italy
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in south philly. the italian street festival started yesterday and rain was not enough to stop people from coming out. the oldest outdoor market will be open today from 11:00 to 6:00. and the growing business of cannabis. how growers are getting into the budding business.
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presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and donald trump are reaching out to a group of voters they both need for the election in november, hispanics. the conference played pretaped speeches from both trump and clinton. trump promised hispanics he was
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on their side. clinton blasted trump's stance on immigration. take a listen. >> national, hispanic, christian. three great words. we're going to take care of you, we're going to make you happy, you're going to like president trump. >> we have a candidate that is going to force families apart. that is not who we are as a people. >> donald trump will never be elected president. because the american people will not support a candidate who insults mexicans and latinos. >> during his speech, sanders
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said he will support the opponent of debby wasserman schultz. >> taking a shower this morning in flint, michigan will be better today. volunteer plumbers installed about 1,000 shower filters that targets metals. it will take more than a year to get medical marijuana up and running in minnesota, but local businesses are making moves. they gathered for a cannabis conference. now that medical marijuana is law in pennsylvania, the scramble under way to prepare for patients as budding
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entrepreneurs plant the seeds for budding businesses. in center city this was a cann-business seminar. >> we're a farm heavy area locally, so yeah, we could do something on farmland. set up a warehouse. >> they are setting up 25 grow licenses, and it is expensive. they need up to a million in kbal a proven track record. >>. >> marijuana is still banned at the federal level, so many banks refuse to get involved making it a cash only market.
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>> in center city, randy gyllenha gyllenhaal. >> good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas. grab a cup of coffee and sit back for the forecast. one of those mornings you want to quick back and hang out. here is a picture of the boardwalk. nobody is up and out yet, but if you're going out to the boardwalk for a stroll or exercise, you will need a light jacket and don't put the umbrellas away just yet. we had a lot of rain yesterday and last night, primarily, we're not looking for a washout today. the spotty isolated showers continue. then get ready for a midweek warm up that will peel like summer time.
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but that is good news as we get closer to the holiday weekend. so right now people down at the shore enjoying some spritzers. you see route nine getting some rain, trenton as well. we have a larger area of rain out here to the mid state, and this section of the system will be coming our way later on today. a lot of folks are going to the philly's game this afternoon, have the umbrellas handy there. there is events all over the area. you just want your umbrellas handy as the isolated showers move through today. peeks of sunshine especially north and east of the city as we put the future cast into motion, the break in the rain and clouds in just a bit. scattered isolated showers in
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just a bit. so at 1:00, this afternoon, we could get some peeks of sunshine there, warming us up to the upper 60s. scattered showertivity rain in delaware later this afternoon. then we're drying out through the overnight. right now temperatures in the lower 50s across the area. peeks of sunshine, thicker cloud cover in the mountains and new jersey. have the umbrellas handy as we move through sunday, but things are drying out for tomorrow. i will be back with the warm up in just a bit. >> today mars, earth, and the sun are lined up perfectly in the sky. it is called mars opposition. stargazers are already being treated to a show by the red planet. mars is making the closest approach to earth in a decade.
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it will pass within about 47 million miles of our planet. enjoy the view. fire drills could save lives, but the nbc 10 investigators found that some schools are not doing as many drills and they're required to do. what happened when we started asking questions, next.
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this weekend, folks got together two raise awareness for veterans. kids wrote thank you cards to the vets and the active duty service members.
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>> and nbc 10 exposes the problem with fire drills in local schools. now the findings have the super inten dance promising a change. >> don't go both ways. >> high expectations for her grandkids. >> it's not supposed to be 88%, it's supposed to be 100%. >> if a b is not good enough for her, imagine what she will say when she sees the grade for local schools on their fire drills. >> robert sul -- soloman. we reviewed the fire drill
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logs, 171 of 218 schools responded. according to the logs we analyzed. last year the school district got an f. less than 15% of the schools follow the fire code and reported ten drills. some reported doing just two. others reported three. >> you're hearing some schools are not doing that but twees a year. i have a hard time believing that the school administrator, the school staff, and faculty will be that well versed. >> when we showed williams height what his own records shosho show. >> why is it not being done?
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>> we don't know. >> did those drills actually happen? >> they're not in schools on weekends and holidays, so -- >> so why would they document -- >> you are responsibility for holding the required drills and making sure your fire drill log is up to date. >> follow the guidelines -- >> we found guidelines from some of the schools that we looked at, they did not follow the district's policy of having two drills in the first ten days of school. if you want to see how your
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school performed, go to our website. for the investigatothe likts, i. another agency was aware of it as well. our nbc 10 investigation continues as we ask why no one alerted the school district to this issue. >> power problems in a philly neighborhood after what residents describe as a blast that woex them up overnight. we'll have a jump date on the outage and what pico says sparked the incident. taking a look at our forecast, we're in for a dry out and a warm up, just not yet. is our sunday the washout?
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we'll talk about when to put the umbrellas away after the break. morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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some neighbors are out of their homes this morning after what residents describe as an explosion. we'll talk about who is still without power. ! a teenager is dead following a triple shooting in chester overnight. what police found at the scene and what they hope will help their investigation. heavy rain is behind us. we still could see some scattered showers later on. here is a live look at citizen's bank park. you may want to bring your umbrella, definitely have a jacket handy. i'm rosemary connors.
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let's get the latest from karen thomas. >> i like how you say upswing coming. as we move on through, we just have to get through the rest of the weekend and a cup the days into our workweek. we are in for some scattered isolated showers as we move through our sunday morning a as well as the afternoon. we're seeing a area of moisture here. this is poised to move through. there could be a peek of sunshine, and then we have some scattered in nature rain moving right on through. temperatures will not be bumping up too quickly, either. we have a overcast sky as well
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in wildwood. just have the umbrella handy. the showers could pop up in isolation and then move out. if you're moving outside today, soggy saturdays. spotty showers today, that is what we're left with. we have overcast skies today and peeks of sunshine. through our workweek, we are looking for a midweek warm up. if you are looking for sunshine and warm temperatures, we're going to talk about this forecast. we're looking for overcast skies and isolated showers here at the ballpark. just looking at the rain picture right now. other areas still getting showers and drizzle. that will continue today. >> this morning, some neighbors are out of their homes after
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what residents describe as an explosion. crews responded here near 6th and pine street. an underground cable burned and lifted manhole covered. about 50 customers are now without power. >> it was extremely scary to turn the light out, go to bed, and hear a boom. >> no word yet on when the residents will be allowed back in their homes. monique braxton has been in the area, and we have been trying to check in with her but pico is very busy and keeps moving her. and now near 30th street station, market street, and 29th and 30th they had to close the scene for hours.
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an old lead cable corroded and started smoking. the blast damaged a portion of the street. fortunately no one was hurt. now to the latest on a story we first told you about, a triple shooting in chester that tilled a teenager has wounded two other thing. nbc 10 was on the scene where police taped off the intersection. they were looking for more evidence and cones. we spoke to one neighborhood who heard a hail of bullets. they have not released the
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name of the teenager who died. they're hoping that the corner store captured some of the violence on their surveillance video. folks that frequent the schuylkill hill trail are on alert. people saw a man performed a lewd act on himself in plain sight. in one case the man was arrested, in the other case the man ran away. a local trail safety group has been teaching trail users about what to do in cases like these. >> we're going to need eyes and ears on the trail. >> the next trail watch training program is coming up on wednesday night. the group has also advocated to have yellow signs set up that
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tell police exactly where to go. and a most apostal worker i charged with indecent assault after being accused of groping three different individuals while delivering mail. a decade after barbaro broke his leg at the start of the preakness, his owners watch another one of their horses die on the same track. one of two horses died yesterday. the horse tumbled and threw her jockey to the ground. roy and gretchen jackson owned and bred the filly.
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you may right barbaro shattering a back leg. we're going to have more on this story and we'll have more from the preakness coming up later on in sports. we are now hearing the first audio available from egyptair flight 804. they are examining automated messages sent from the plane. and new details on a terror strike, ahead.
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on this sunday morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas. looking at live radar right now showing us where the rain is. you may be dry right now, but other areas are getting showers and drilzzles. scattered showers continuing along the coastline here in new jersey as well as just pushing west and cease through the city of philadelphia. getting some shower activity, but as you see it is still very broken apart. we have the main batch of precip still to come. not looking for a washout, but
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looking for a overcast sky. we're bumping up close to 12:00 noon. a high of about 69 in philadelphia. wet, drying just a little bit, still with the cloudy skies, but a good morning to get out there and take a walk. if you're heading out today across the area. we expect spotty showers continuing. have the umbrellas. peeks of sunshine though, a little peek of sunshine midday, and then a midweek warm up that is really quite impressive. you see the seven-day at the bottom of your screen there. about 2:00 today for the phillies. this morning, hundreds of motorcyclist wills raise money for treatment related to drug and alcohol addiction. the annual ride for recovery includes a 60 mile motorcycle ride through bucks county and a family picnic.
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this all starts at 9:00 this morning in bensalem. today is the final performance of a play about a slain teenager, trayvon martin. the production includes an exhibit and workshops on race relations and gun violence. 17-year-old martin was unarmed when neighbor watch george zimmerman shot him. >> and the philly's bats have gone quiet. we'll have the highlights and the reactions all coming up in sports.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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6:44 right now on this sunday. here is a live look over center city. overcast, but better than yesterday and overnight with all of that rain. it was pretty heavy this morning when i was driving in, but the big question, when do we get that springlaich weather back. we'll get our full first alert forecast. army general joseph patel is now the highest ranking officer to visit syria during a war. the u.s. is helping to train to fight isis.
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a senior taliban leader has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. this morning, searchers are looking for the black boxes from the cash of egypt air flight 804. >> the new clues come in automated messages that were sent down from the plane in the ground in the last few minutes of flight. two more smoke alarms, one coming from the lavatory, close to the dock bit and the others have the avionics. so what do the messages mean? we spoke with the french investigative team. it could be a fire, it could be
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an explosion, it could be a technical fault and the only way to fill in the rest of the picture is to see the black boxes, and the plane wreckage itself. to that end, they listened for the pinks from those black boxes and they're now on their way to the region. they met with top french officials asking all sorts of questions. >> i told them that france has put us -- >> french officials not able find it yet. it could be days or weeks long until they know what happened to their loved ones. in the next few hours, president obama is expected to
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arrive in vietnam. it is the first leg of his week-long trip to asia. some shop owners there hung up posters of the president to help welcome him. he will cap his trip with a historic visit to hiroshima, japan. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. as we look at your neighborhood forecast, a lot of us are drying out. we will continue through our sunday, throughout our monday and afternoon. we have heavy cloud cover and light drizzle activity. what you can expect heading out,
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drier today than yesterday. just looking for isolated showers. for tomorrow, sun and clouds. spotty showers brings that sunshine back into the forecast, and i think you will be happy, 80s return into the memorial day weekend. our temperatures bumping into the 80s by midweek. unfortunately this is a picture we still have to deal with. we're not looking for the heavy, steady rain that we experienced last evening. we had that heavy, steady rain move through. it is broken and scattered isolated showers are pushing west to east. it will spend the better part of our sunday trying to get out of here. we have quite a bit of moisture here in the mid state and moving through. very isolated showers. depending on where you are today, have the umbrellas handy because the system will take
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time to push out and unfortunately it will take the rest of the weekend to do so, but we will be drying out into early tomorrow. for the morning hours, we're going to stay with this broken isolated precip as the system makes it's way off of the coast. and we sort of dry out just about everywhere here. and again, those quick moving drizzles or isolated showers can't be ruled out as we move on through the afternoon. and we do get some more steadier rain later on in the day before the system finally just makes it's way out of here. temperatures not doing too badly. mainly in the lower to mid 50s. just about everywhere in the pennsylvania suburbs. pick your neighborhood, 50 in west bradford township. 50 in melbourne.
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as i said temperatures will be bumping up, but without that extended sunshine today, we don't anticipate temperatures moving too quickly in the upward motion, but we're looking for a high of about 69 degrees in philadelphia. i'll be back with a ten-day outlook in just a minute. i'm danny pommells. in game two, the phillies faced williams perez. three of his eight wins have come against philadelphia. they got this one in just barely. top four, spanking one to center. can't make the diving stop. perez celebrating a 23rd
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birthday and having a good one. not a runner got past third base. >> he has though run. you know -- >> you have to drive runs in and we're not doing it. nyquist was the odds on favorite to win the preakness. but the derby winner never beat nyquist in four tries. here is the stretch call at a bloody piminco. >> he goes by to take the lead as they come to the 1/8 pole. exaggerator has won the preakness. >> there will not be back to back triple crown winners this
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year. nyquist was third behind cherry wine. >> a tough day in maryland. in the first race of the day, 9-year-old winner won but had a cardiac arrest. and the family that owned barbaro who had a leg injury and death also had a horse die on the track. and the brink of elimination at the eastern conference finals. raptors lead by as many as 18. lebron james is hit in the face and goes down, but you look again, lebron is hit by his own
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teammate, the reves made the appropriate adjustments, but kyle lowery with a short jumper, the raptors won 99-84. nhl play yaufs, the sharks go up three games to one on the blues. the blues shorthanded, a two-on-one. the first of two in the game for him. the blues with the man advantage, troy broward deflects the point shot. he had a pair as well. they even the series. that is your look at sports, i'm danny pommells.
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6:56 right now on our sunday. here is a live look at the center city skyline. still overcast, but we have heavy rain last night. karen thomas tells us right now we have isolated showers in the area, she'll have more on the forecast coming up. at least it didn't rain on them and their parade.
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plenty of pride on display. locals join visitors from all over the country to celebrate diversity and acceptance. >> despite the rainy and chilly weather, the world's oldest high school rowing championship wrapped up yesterday. >> and the crowds came out in full force for the ritenhouse row spring festival. residents of a philly neighborhood say a loud boom formed them out of bed this morning. monique braxton has been following the story from society hill. >> i have also been talking to residents and members of one church and we'll let you know the latest after the break. >> our heaviest rain has moved
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out but we're still dealing with spritzers. ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers.
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it was extremely scary to turn the light out, go to bed, and you hear a boom. >>. right now dozens of residents out of power. plus, a triple shooting leaves a teenager dead and two others injured in chester. how investigationers are trying to track down a suspect in this case. >> a wet night on the roads may have played a role in this crash that ended up with a car flipped on it's roof. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. here is a live look at the overcast skies in philadelphia. this morning karen thomas is tracking the weather where you live. i guess we can s


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