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tv   Today  NBC  May 27, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> that's right. >> also following things on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound. >> have a great holiday weekend. >> stay safe. good morning. historic visit. president obama becomes the first sitting u.s. president to travel to hiroshima. site of the devastating atomic bomb. laying a wreath to remember those who died. >> 71 years ag on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky, and the world was changed. >> but stopping short of an apology. violent new outbreak. more tornadoes, more hail, more flooding, more havoc across the midwest and south. 11 million people at risk today. game on? donald trump said he'd love to debate bernie sanders, even though he is unlikely to be the democratic nominee.
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sanders says he'll do it. could it really happen? why $10 million could be standing in the way. ready for the weekend. we're kicking off the unofficial start to summer with a big party on the plaza. headlined by one of country music's biggest stars, dierks bentley. today, friday, may 27th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this friday morning. we've decided to come on outside to start the show this morning. as you can see, we are in very good company. >> we've got marine corps, navy, coast guard, all here as part of fleet week. it goes on until monday, memorial day weekend. we'll have a concert and good food this weekend. >> we'll serve you guys and ladies later on in the show. thank you, again, for being
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here. we have a lot to talk about this friday morning. let's talk about president obama, making history, becoming the first u.s. sitting president to visit hhiroshima, japan, whee the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb 71 years ago. nbc's ron allen is there. ron? >> good morning. it's a profound and emotional place, dedicated to the memory of thousands of people killed when the u.s. attacked with an atomic bomb. today, more than anything, president obama said nuclear weapons capable of unspeakable devastation never should be used again. >> reporter: president obama at hiroshima's peace park memorial. >> 71 years ago, on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky. >> the first atomic bomb hit an enemy target. >> reporter: reflecting on the moment when the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on hiroshima, and three days later, another on
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nagasaki. president truman wanting to force japan's surrender in world war ii. >> we come to this place, stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. >> reporter: president laying a wreath at a tomb bearing the names of 300,000 victims, those who perished when the bombs fell and those who have died from the effects of the radiation in the decades since. >> their souls speak to us. they ask us to look inward. take stock of who we are. and what we might become. >> reporter: the president comforted survivors who, over the years, had hoped an american president would have come sooner to hear their nightmarish memories. president obama refused to second guess or apologize for president truman's decision to drop the bomb. he also warned of the still looming threat of nuclear war, and the need for the type of peace and reconciliation the u.s. and japan have achieved.
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>> the world was forever changed here. but today, the children of this city will go through their day in peace. >> president obama had considered visiting here since his first days in office. his impassioned remarks today, perhaps an indication that he feels time is running out to achieve his goal of a world without nuclear weapons. savannah? >> ron allen in hiroshima for us, thank you. here at home, severe weather is once again lashing parts of the midwest and south with powerful tornadoes, heavy rain and hail. gabe gutierrez is in abilene, kansas, once again for us. good morning. >> good morning. heavy rains in this area overnight. even after residents here are struggling to clean up after the tornado. it was parts of texas overnight that saw the biggest downpour. for many, it was a miserable start to the holiday weekend. >> reporter: from terrifying tornadoes to devastating flooding, yet another round of severeravaging the
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country. overnight near houston, rain prompting water rescues. >> from the time we turned around, my car was underwater. >> reporter: this morning, texas in shock after this tornado rolled through. >> i was share escared for my l. 30 seconds doesn't sound like a long time, but when you're scared something is going to happen to you or the ones you love, you're worried. >> reporter: in kansas, ominous skies and damaging winds blowing drivers off roads. hail poundi inin ining colorado flighting in denver. travelers taking cover. >> thousands of people walking downstairs. i was like, what? >> reporter: it's been a destructive week. 134 tornado reports since last saturday. this 360 video, an extremely rare glimpse inside a storm that rocked kansas. the ferocious twister barrels
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through, swallowing the camera. >> attention firefighters, attention. a rescue in horse cave at the hidden river cave. >> reporter: in kentucky, 19 people rescued after being trapped by neck-deep flood waters in a cave. dave foster helped lead the clemson university students and their tour guides to safety. >> the water roaring through the cave, making a thunderous noise the whole way out. >> reporter: the group had been trapped for six hours. >> everybody got out. nobody got injured. everybody is a little cold and scared, but everybody got out safe. >> here in kansas, hail and damaging winds are possible later today, as well as the potential for flooding through tomorrow. matt and al, back to you? >> gabe, thank you very much. starting to sound like a broken record. >> we were talking about this yesterday. we were concerned about this system, and it's unfortunately come to fruition. we have more going on. dangerous situation right now in
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eastern texas and louisiana. severe thunderstorm watches in effect. also, flood watches and warnings, as well as the heavy thunderstorms that train on top of the region. as we watch today, we are looking at, again, for today, severe weather. 11 million people at risk for severe storms. large hail, damaging winds. in fact, some areas already picked up 10 to 12 inches of rain. some areas in parts of east texas picking up 17 inches. look over the next 24 hours. flash flood watches for over 12 million people. flash flood warnings for another 1.5 million, just about. we're looking anywhere from three to five inches of rain out of this. flooding will continue to be a problem, probably on into tomorrow and possibly sunday morning, as the flood waters start to resecede. >> thank you. a year after announcing his presidency, donald trump has the magic number of delegates he needs to clinch the republican nomination.
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he's showing no sign of softening his tone in an effort to get general election voters. he says he's ready to debate bernie sanders. let's begin our decision 2016 coverage with nbc's hallie jackson. good morning. >> good morning to you. donald trump today in california taking a kind of victory lap after hitting that 1,238 number of delegates he needs to capture the republican nomination. now, he's putting new conditions on the possible debate with bernie sanders, and not letting us op hurrican his attacks agai democrats. >> reporter: donald trump celebrating a clinch no one saw coming nearly a year ago. >> i said i was going to win on the first ballot. i didn't know i was going to win this quickly. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman treating himself to a big mac and fries on the way to his first rally in montana since earning enough delegates to capture the nomination. previewing how he will try to win in november. >> i want my energy to be put
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into the states that can go either way. >> reporter: potential battleground states like michigan, ohio and california, which could be the site of an unprecedented debate. trump one-on-one with bernie sanders. >> we could have a lot of fun with it. i'd love to debate bernie. >> reporter: there is a new catch. trump says he'll only do it if they raise $10 million for women's health charities. >> the goal would be to have it in a big stadium in california. >> reporter: in a new interview, trump's wife, melania, said during debates, she doesn't get nervous. now sharing more about her relationship with her husband. >> we don't have fights. >> i know, but you don't disagree on things? >> we disagree, but it's okay. >> reporter: a different dynamic with senator elizabeth warren. >> she's been ineffective, other than she has a big mouth. >> reporter: his remarks leading to this tense exchange with a native american writer at his north dakota news conference. >> pochohantus.
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>> that's offense. >> sorry about that. what did you say? elizabeth warren? >> reporter: he'd debate warren, too, a highly unlikely scenario. >> trump is focused on his own race but also looking at ones down ballot, in hopes that republicans keep control of congress. he's looking at marco rubio, who said he won't run for reelection. trump hoping to change his mind, tweeting, important to keep the majority. run, marco. matt and savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you. hillary clinton is going all out against donald trump at her r rallies. also responding to the blistering new report on her e-mail scandal. kristen welker is following the clinton campaign. good morning to you. >> good morning. hillary clinton will try to turn the page today from the scathing inspector general report about her use of private e-mails. she's wasting little time trying to capitalize on donald trump
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officially locking up the republican nomination. >> reporter: with word that donald trump has clinched the gop nomination, hillary clinton is taking every opportunity she can to sharpen her attacks. >> there is absolutely no way that we can let donald trump get anywhere near the white house. >> that means an unqualified, loose cannon is within reach of the most powerful job in the world. >> reporter: and clinton is also in full damage control mode, after the inspector general rebuked her use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. going on a trump-like phoneathon to defend herself, including with chuck todd. >> the report makes clear that personal e-mail use when the practice under other secretary of state. >> reporter: she tried to clarify a 2010 e-mail, where she didn't want the personal to be accessible. >> what were you worried about, with the personal being
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accessible? accessible by who? >> nobody wants their personal e-mails made public. you know, that is, i think, very common. if not a unanimous feeling among people. >> reporter: the report found she broke the rules by not properly preserving her e-mails and failed to ask permission for a private server and failed to cooperate with the investigation. >> i testified for 11 hours before the committee, the benghazi committee. i have answered numerous questions. >> reporter: on thursday, clinton laughed off word of a possible debate between trump and bernie sanders. >> i understood they said it was a joke, and i'm going to look forward to debating donald trump. >> now that e-mail issue just isn't going away for clinton. she's awaiting the results of an fbi investigation. meanwhile, today, clinton still fighting to lock up the nomination, will campaign in california. her opponent, bernie sanders, will, as well. polls show it is shaping up to be a tighter race than perhaps
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anyone imagined. >> kristen, thank you very much. now some frightening moments for passengers on a flight from te tokyo to seoul, south korea. an engine fire broke out seconds before the plane was supposed to take off. all 302 passengers and 17 crew members were quickly evacuated, as emergency crews rushed to put out the fire. japan's busiest airport was temporarily shut down. luckily, no injuries were reported. now to some health news. it's disturbing, too. a drug-resistant super bug that doctors have been dreading for years has shown up in the u.s. for the first time. health officials are concerned it could signal the end of the road for antibiotics. the mutant e. coli germ was found last month. health officials say the case is not cause for panic. another medical story. a u.s. government study on rats has found a link between cell phones and cancer. according to the wall street journal, the study found low
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incidents of two types of tumors in male rats exposed to radio frequencies commonly emitted by cell phones. a spokesperson for the national institutes of health says it's important to note previous large-scale population-based studies found little evidence of an increased risk for developing cancer from cell phone use. we are, of course, heading into the memorial day weekend, unofficial start to summer. our team is spread out at the airports, the beaches, the highways. we'll give you the latest on the travel rush across the country. we'll start with kerry sanders, in atlanta, at the international airport. kerry, good morning. >> good morning. the busiest airport in the nation, and take a look. this is the pre, pre, pre-stage line. you have a line here. one, two, three and four. three and four are moving now. that leads to the next line that you have to wait in. so as we walk along in the next line, take a look at the statistics. we have 2.6 million people
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traveling today. the busiest airports are going to be atlanta, los angeles and, of course, right in new york there. i'm still walking, guys, as we go to the next statistic, which is surprising. the average price of a ticket, $165. that's round trip. that's really surprising. as i'm walking and continuing to walk in this line, let me show you, as i pass around here, this goes from here to yet another line that then snakes back and forth and back and forth. they're trying to soothe some of the savage beasts with a little music. they told people they wanted them to come to the airport three hours early. if they did, they're going to make it just fine. if they didn't, i'm sorry to say, they're probably going to miss their flight. guys, this is probably not the day you really want to travel. of course, it's the weekend where you want to get together with friends. >> one of the stories of the summer. >> kerry seems like a tour guide at the smithsonian. we're walking.
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we're walking. thank you. millions of people will spend at least part of this weekend at the beach. where will you find the best beach weather? dylan is at ckonconey island, n far from us here, with the answer. >> the best way to beat the traffic to the beeach is get hee at 5:00. helps avoid the sunburn, too. i'm standing at the board walk. you have to see how beautiful everything is from above. we have our drone flying along the shore at coney island. the beach is open and waiting for the swarm of beach goers they're expecting this holiday weekend. officials at the coasts, lake beaches, are saying that their beaches are open and ready for business this weekend. in fact, the mayor of belmar, new jersey, posted drone video, showing off his town's beach, and saying they are open for business, as well. of course, that's my hometown beach i grew up at.
7:17 am
and orbitz is saying the miami is at the top of the list. aaa puts myrtle beach at the top of the list, despite the weather not looking great. let's talk about where the weather will be great. panama city beach, sunny and 70s all weekend. the northeast like point pleasant, new jersey, upper 70s, sunshi sunshine. maybe a spot storm on monday. the sun will be shining. back here in coney island, the sun is already out. temperatures are in the upper 60s. down in the southeast, that's where we're watching a potential tropical system that could keep it gray and damp all weekend. al will have more on that in the next half hour. >> dylan, by the way, for all those days in the winter we make you stand outside, freezing your parka off, you deserve a little beach time. >> i'll take this. >> dylan, thank you. with low gas prices, some 34 million people are expected to hit the roads this weekend. "today" national correspondent
7:18 am
craig melvin is all over that. he's on i-95, from connecticut to new jersey, and testing out some technology to avoid busy roads. craig, how is it looking? >> hey, savannah. this is probably the smoothest this commute has ever gone. a lot of folks, it appears they decided to take off this friday, this memorial day weekend friday and get an early start. you mentioned 34 million. that's the bad news. that number of people going to be on the roadways. the good news is gas prices are at an 11-year low. $2.26 a gallon. traffic right now, i want to show you an app that i use to really navigate it. again, this morning, not really having to use it. you've probably heard of it, ways. fantastic app. it crowd sources traffic information from other drivers. your accidents, hazards. it'll give you a heads up if
7:19 am
there is a police officer up ahead. ways is a great app. glimpse is another one that allows you to keep a tab on your friends and family. if you're someone who is always running later, perhaps you can give them a heads up when you're coming. gas buddy, of course. the cheapest gas along your route. great app. and around me is a fairly new app, where you can find everything from a coffee shop to a pharmacy. just a handful of apps to help you navigate the roadways on this memorial day weekend, guys. >> craig, thank you so much. al is back with more on the weather. >> how many times do we do, in local news, one of those remotes with completely fantastic traffic. >> looking for all the traffic you can find, and you can't find another car on the road. always happens. >> love it. >> beautiful. smooth sailing, craig. smooth sailing, craig. we'll introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, smooth sailing, craig. we'll with its athletic prowess and sleek new body.
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it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good morning. hot humid conditions. 90 degrees this afternoon from philadelphia. upper 80s to low 90s in the suburbs and a chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm in the suburbs. the he high valley upper 80s and low 90s today. to the south new jersey will see showers and thunderstorms develop. at the jersey shore cooler. low 80s but warming up nicely for wilmington into the upper 80s. have a great day. s very much. coming up,up, new trouble f the mother of the so-called
7:21 am
affluenza teen, ethan couch. the serious prison time she now faces. plus, dramatic rise in cases of children left in sweltering cars. on rossen reports this morning, first-hand look at how fast the heat becomes dangerous and how to get a child out safety. first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. it is just about 7:30 and friday may 27th. let's get our forecast from bill. >> bill. >> what a beautiful start. it is warmer though. anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees warmer this morning. 71 right now at philadelphia. we've got some sunshine and the temperatures will be climbing into the upper 70s to low 90s. later this morning into the upper 70s, low 90s this afternoon. we'll be watching the skies. wilmington is nice an clear. a chance of showers and thunderstorms developing this afternoon. a better chance in parts of new jersey. >> thank you. katie is in the traffic department this morning.
7:27 am
>> a big chore. no kidding. if you're heading on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound be prepared for stopped for about three miles. this is showing an earlier truck fire. it's now out but the turnpike eastbound is closed between exit 358 and 359 the exit for the turnpike connector bridge all because of the truck fire. you can see how slow traffic is going around that scene. >> katie thank you. right now police are looking in north philadelphia for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run. a car hit a man about 10:00 last night. the car that hit him was dark in color with front end damage and a possible flat tire. another update for you in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
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it's 7:30. it's summertime. friday, may 27th, 2016. beautiful view of the harbor. we have memorial day weekend arriving. we are going to celebrate with a live concert from dierks bentley in our 8:30 half hour. >> it's a good opportunity to know that memorial day weekend has a purpose. it's to honor the people serving our country, thanking the members of the military services. >> definitely. a new round of severe weather is hitting the south and midwest, including this massive tornado. that was in brian, texas. in the houston area, torrential rain. we've been saying that a lot
7:31 am
lately. leading to swift water rescues. president obama was the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima this morning. he met with the survivors of the atomic bombing in 1945. he laid a wreath at hiroshima peace memorial park. arrest has been made in the shooting at a ti concert. a local rapper from brooklyn was charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon. this morning, the so-called affluenza teen case is back in the headlines. ethan couch's mother now indicted for helping her son flee the country late last year. with the latest, here is nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: she's the mom, authorities say, helped her son, the so-called affluenza teen, escape to mexico to avoid being taken into custody. this morning, tonya couch facing two felony counts of her own. indicted for hindering the apprehension of her son, ethan, and laundering money she used in
7:32 am
the failed attempt. >> her entire focus has been on protecting ethan, making sure he didn't see any justice done. making sure he was not accountable. >> reporter: ethan couch gained notoriety three years ago when he killed four people and injured nine in a horrific drunk driving accident. a psychiatrist testified couch, who was just 16, was unable to understand the consequences of his actions because he came from an affluent family. what's been called the affluenza defense. the trial sparked widespread outrage when the teen received what many considered a slap on the wrist. no prison time. only probation. then last year, back in the news. video surfaced, appearing to show couch playing beer pong at a party. that's when detectives say mother and son went on the run, fleeing to mexico. the fbi tracked the pa pair the.
7:33 am
last month, couch was returned to texas. a judge ordering the now almost 19-year-old to spend two years in jail. some justice for the family. >> pleasant surprise. these families have not had many surprises that were pleasant as they went through this case. >> reporter: released on bond thursday, it's now tonya couch facing serious jail time. for "today", janet shamlian, nbc news, dallas. let's get another check of the weather from mr. roker. >> remember the last half hour, dylan mentioning there could be a tropical disturbance developing. it is what we're watching. this is what we talked about yesterday. investigation area 91-l. there is a good chance in the next 48 hours, 80% chance this will become a subtropical or tropical system. it would be named bonnie. seventh time since 1980 a tropical system has formed in may. what it is going to bring is a lot of wet weather from norfolk down to daytona beach. high rip currents, a threat all weekend. rough surf and dangerous
7:34 am
swimming conditions. we're also looking at a gorgeous day throughout the eastern third of the country. wet weather from the great lakes to texas, where we have a slight risk of strong storms. texas, oklahoma, nebraska and kansas. a few showers in the pacific good morning. hot, humid conditions. 90 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. upper 80s to low 90 in the suburbs and a chance of late day or evening shower or thunderstorms in the suburbs. the lehigh valley upper 80s and low 90s today. to the south new jersey will see showers and thunderstorms develop during the afternoon hours. otherwise dry. the jersey shore a bit cooler. low 80s but warming up nicely into the upper 80s. have a great day. >> get that weather any time you need it. weather channel on cable. online. es you know the marriage rules
7:35 am
to live by, like never go to bed angry? >> yeah. >> on trending, why you can throw some out the window. a new rossen reports investigation with the weather heating up. would you know what to do if you saw a child left inside a twenty more years of this job? yikes. my kids say go for it, mom. be that woman who does what she loves. knows what she wants. "yeah, mom's gonna go for it!" except ... i don't have a clue where to start. hey we hear you. that's why aarp created life reimagined. it's designed to help you find your true passion - with personal advice from experts, coaches and people like you who are going for it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at
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♪ new aquafina sparkling. lightness and refreshment in perfect sync. aquafina sparkling. for happy bodies. ask sherwin-williams during the national painting week sale! save 30% on paints and stains may 22nd through the 30th. visit to find the store nearest you. we're back at 7:39. this morning on rossen reports, the danger as the weather heats up has a lot of safety officials worried.
7:40 am
>> "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has more on this. >> good morning to you. important topic. we are out here in new york this morning. it is about 70 degrees outside. we are talking about how hot cars can get inside. i always thought that cars can't get that hot inside unless it's really hot outside. 80 or 90 degrees. that is not true. children can die sitting in a car if it is 70, like now, and feeling good outside. as low as 60 degrees. it's already happening. this is one of the worst in more than a decade, with new cases just this week. this morning, i am hopping inside a of a car to show you how fast it can happen. plus, how to break a child out if you spot them stranded. >> reporter: north carolina, wednesday. an eight-month-old baby boy trapped inside this suv for hours. his mom reportedly forgot him in there. he was killed. florida, just days earlier, another baby left in a hot car.
7:41 am
also killed. >> 10 to 15 minutes, the temperature of a car can go to 0 from 80 degrees to 120 degrees. >> reporter: cases already spiking across the country. nine children killed so far this year. a 350% increase from this time last year. >> the baby was the most beautiful baby. very devastating. it can happen. >> reporter: the experts showed up. how hot does it get? i'm climbing inside this car with miami-dade fire rescue. i'm wearing all these wires so you can monitor my health. >> absolutely. >> reporter: right away, i am feeling it. >> already over 100 degrees inside of this car, and it's only been three minutes. >> reporter: now, imagine a baby in here. >> kids get hotter faster than adults do. >> as hot as i am right now, a child would be in more danger. >> at least twice. >> reporter: just ten minutes in, my body temperature is spiking. >> 101. now you're in a danger zone.
7:42 am
>> reporter: a few minutes later, he takes my temperature again. >> temperature is getting almost to 104. i want to end this. too dangerous for you. >> he called it off because, i mean, look at this, my body temperature got too hot. i'm already at 104. a child can't open the door like i just did. that sticks with me. >> reporter: what if you spot a child in a hot car? how do you break in? you can see, it's not easy. this woman desperately hammering on the back window of a stranger's car. inside, a 2-year-old girl left in her car seat. the temperatures inside soaring well over 100 degrees. thankfully, the baby was pulled to safety. >> my first instinct would be to punch the window orel b elbow i >> give it a try. hurts, doesn't it? >> won't break. >> it won't break, and it'll probably hurt you. we don't want to break the window anyway, because the glass
7:43 am
shards go on your child. >> go to the opposite side of the child. >> everyday objects. go to the trunk and grab a tire iron. we change our tires with that. it has a sharp end. grab the handle. >> you're telling me, this is the weakest part of the window, the lower bottom. >> don't use the center because that's the strongest part. down in the corners. get the point to where it is in the corner. then pull back and go in. >> wow. >> here's another option. you can get a window breaker at any big box store, auto store. $10 to $15. keep it in the car. sharp point. strike the same spot i did right here. >> wow. >> nice and easy. >> look at that, then you do this. >> don't use your hand. start at the top and work down. >> that's it? >> that simple, you can save a child's life. >> and consider this, a car left sitting in the sun can actually
7:44 am
heat up by 19 degrees every ten minutes. it is a startling number. it doesn't take long for a tragedy to strike. experts say contrary to popular belief, keeping a child in here, even as you run into the store quickly to get a coffee, nothing is safe. we apologize for the noise. a lot of traffic is going by. cracking a window doesn't help, no matter how long. don't try to do it. this goes for pets, too. they die every year, too. we hope this helps. >> jeff, thank you very much. princess diana's childhood home open for business. what you get when you pay to stay at the mansion. carson introduces us to the two winners of this jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... uhhh... look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops... in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran.
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we're back now at 7:49, with the thrilling finish to this year's national spelling bee. let's go to carson for the highlights. >> it was a tie. third year in a row it was a tie. let's look at the winning moment as it played out. >> a-i-s. feldenkrais. >> that's correct. >> gesellschafgesellschaft. >> contract. >> i spoke to the champions.
7:50 am
nihar janga and jairam hathwar. >> we feel great. i mean, i didn't expect it. because i'm so young. i'm just speechless. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? jairam? >> i don't know exactly. maybe like some doctor. i don't really know though. >> i want to be a neurosurgeon, but i want to focus mainly on the brain, to develop major cures for alzheimer's and par n parken -- parkenson's. >> do you ever misspell common words like we do? >> not often. >> sometimes we get confused with big words that we study. >> yeah. >> do either of you know how to spell dierks bentley. >> is that a word in the dictiona dictionary? >> is that a name? >> i stumped the spelling bee champs. by the way, jairam had added
7:51 am
pressure. he was a spectator a couple years ago when his brother won. there is his brother in the middle. proud mom. although they were busy celebrating, they took time for the winners selfie last night. shared that on social media. there you go. matt, want to take a crack at it? >> what does it mean? >> it's a physical education, feldenkrais. >> what about gesellschaft? >> yeah. >> i can honey, did you call the insurance company?
7:52 am
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. it's just before 8:00 a.m. on this friday morning. let's get our forecast from bill henley. >> good morning. sunshine and a warmer shart this morning. 71 degrees in philadelphia. philadelphia 73 degrees. temperatures climb to mid 90s this afternoon. 78 degrees at 10:00. 1:00 this afternoon. there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms most hikely in nblg nj and interior new jersey. at the shore we'll be cool and sunny and a slight chance for the suburbs. >> trouble spots on the roads out there this morning. let's check in with katie. >> good news is there's a little bit of progress made on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound because of an earlier truck
7:57 am
fire. traffic was detoured off of the interstate at 358 but i'm told it is clearing so you may still be able to stay on the turnpike but expect significant delays because at last check there was three miles of back up because of that. a quick check of new jersey roads this is in upper town sst. >> memorial day holiday weekend is here and business woowners a glad to see the crowds. today they'll hold the annual ceremony to unlock the ocean at 12:30. this memorial day weekend marks the 120th an verse of the show and country fair in chester county. the show runs through sunday june 5th. we'll have another up tate for you in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ welcome to my house ♪ baby, take control now it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up, living like royalty. you take you inside princess diana's childhood home, as her brother opens the estate to the public for a very special cause. >> i honestly do think this house always had an affinity for glamorous ladies. plus, we have everything you need to kick start your memorial day weekend. from a one of a kind barbecue to country superstar dierks bentley, live on the plaza. today, friday, may 27th, 2016. >> all the way to mississippi, celebrating her 21st birthday.
8:01 am
dierks bentley! >> here with the family. >> we love you, dierks. you're such a stud! >> all the way from california, here to see dierks bentley. >> we're here for dierks bentley. >> we love dierks bentley. [ cheers and applause ] we're back at 8:00 on a friday morning. it is the start of the memorial day weekend. here in new york, we are celebrating in style. take a look at our plaza filled with happy people on a great day in new york. >> it is an absolutely perfect morning. we have a concert, dierks bentley is here, and we're getting our grill on. check it out. sonny anderson from the food network will help us serve up barbecue to our military friends. wait until you hear her recipe for grilled barbecue chip chops. she's going to share it with all
8:02 am
of us. >> secret recipe. >> it's really good. let's start with a check of the stories makie ining headlin. natalie has those. >> president obama called on the world to eliminate nuclear weapons during his historic and, japan, this morning. he became the first sitting president to visit the site of the first atomic bomb site 71 years ago. he met with survivors and laid a wreath at the memorial for those who died. >> their souls speak to us. they ask us to look inward. take stock of who we are. and what we might become. >> the president did not apologize for u.s. actions. saying, instead, he was paying tribute to all the innocents killed during world war ii. donald trump has revealed some of his strategy for winning the white house now that he's clinched the republican
8:03 am
nomination. he said he'll focus on about 15 states, like california, that could go either way in november. california is also where trump said he'd be willing to debate democrat bernie sanders in a stadium. trump would love to if they can raise $10 million for women's health charities. for her part, hillary clinton is sharpening her attacks on trump, campaigning in california thursday. clinton called him an unqualified loose cannon, who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. she's also trying to control the damage from an inspector general's report that faulted her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. clinton said the report makes clear that other secretaries of state also used personal e-mails. and we have some breaking olympic news this morning. the ioc says 23 athletes have tested positive in re-analysis of their doping samples from the 2012 london olympics. officials say nou s announced t after re-testing 265 london
8:04 am
samples with improved techniques. the ioc said the athletes represent five sports and six countries. however, it did not name them. the re-test targeted athletes who were hoping to complete at the athletes in rio in august. it's not often that you see a slam dunk on a golf course, but take a look at this. kevin chappell on the par 4 10th hole in ft. worth, that's his second shot. as you see, it drops right into the cup. no bounce, no roll, just straight in. that was chappell's 11th eagle of the year and, no doubt, his best. incredible moment. let's send it back outside to matt and savannah. >> that happens to you a lot on the golf course. >> carson has shown me that trick shot over and over again. >> center of the hole. up next, your chance to live like royalty. we'll take you inside princess diana's childhood home and tell you how much it'll cost you to
8:05 am
spend there. >> reporter:. was justin bieber's song "sorry" stolen from another artist? and dierks bentley live on our stage. our stage. the crowd brandon thinks hellmas heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from places like... pleasantville, iowa! and farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. we're talkin' real ingredients. for three generations. mm. heaven. real ingredients. from a real place. that's how we're working to bring out the best. and now, try new hellmann's organic for an irresistibly creamy taste. ask sherwin-williams during the national painting week sale!
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8:08 am
welcome back. if you have ever dreamed of living like a royal, and who hasn't, you can now do that. you can pay to spend a weekend at princess diana's childhood home. >> it's all to raise money for charity. nbc's cynthia mcfadden got rare access inside the spectacular digs from a special "dateline" series on assignment. >> reporter: it's a plot twist that fans of ""downton abbey" will remember. when the family opens the estate to the public. charging admission to raise money for charity. >> why should anyone pay to see an ordinary house. >> not everyone lives in a house
8:09 am
like downton abby. >> i'm sure there will be people that say, oh, how can they do it? it's lowering themselves. whatever. it's not. >> reporter: a plan to let people not only visit but spend the entire weekend at the 500-year-old home of the spencer family. the place is best known as the childhood home of princess diana. as well as her final resting place. >> this is, i think, one of the most successful portrait of her, actually. >> reporter: now, it belongs to her brother, charles. >> this is the heart of the home. >> reporter: we were invited inside. >> there are 650 paintings in the house. >> reporter: and to meet one of the newest members of the family. charles' wife, karen. >> i honestly do think this house has always had an affinity for glamorous ladies. >> reporter: she's an american who the earl met on a blind date. introduced by a former "today"
8:10 am
show producer. >> i used to work on the "today" show, and there was a colleague that said, you must meet this fabulous woman. eventually we did, and that was that. >> reporter: her second marriage. his third. >> together, how many children? >> just the nine. karen had two already, and i had six. we've had one delightful daughter together. we're up to nine now. >> are we going to keep it at nine? >> keeping it at nine. >> reporter: while they could have settled into a life of lavish parties, she's most at home a world away, on a mission to improve the world's orphanages. >> hopefully, we're giving the children a little taste of a family. >> reporter: we traveled to nicaragua, where her charity is transforming lives. >> i feel an obligation to speak for those kids who i really feel are being left behind. >> reporter: a passion her husband says he immediately connected with. because of his sister, famous for her charity work.
8:11 am
>> diana is rightly remembered with great affection for the causes she championed. i suppose i automatically gravitate to people doing good in a similar field. >> reporter: now that she's part of the family, karen spencer has an idea to leverage the family home, in a big way. >> you have an announcement? >> yes. >> go ahead. >> we are launching a campaign to raise funds, where we are going to open the home, to raise funds. >> reporter: allowing anyone willing to pay the chance to spend the weekend with them, and sleep in one of the grand bedrooms. >> it's not going to be cheap to spend a weekend here. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: the cost, a hefty $40,000 donation. but she's also going to surprise a few lucky small donors with an invitation, too. >> and you didn't think she was nuts when she came to you with this idea? >> i think it is a brilliant idea. i've always thought of this house as contributing. it's not just a little fortress of privilege. it should be doing good for the
8:12 am
world. >> such a pretty place, isn't it? >> yeah. loved to go. >> by the way, you don't have to be rich to spend a weekend there. check out to find out how small donations could get you a stay at the mansion, as well. don't miss the rest of cynthia's report, "on assignment," sunday, 7:00/6:00 central. it's time for trending. >> ready? >> what's the best piece of advice that someone gave you before you got married? >> always talk it out. >> there are good years and bad years. >> yeah. >> true. >> years? ♪ stand by your man "huffington marriage experts. you know the rule, never go to bed angry? >> yeah. >> one counselor said, sometimes we need time to cool off. we'll adjust it. never go to bed furious. angry is okay.
8:13 am
speaking of sleep, don't sleep in separate beds. >> tell my wife. >> i think if you snore and stuff, it's okay. >> better than the couch. >> snoring and tossing and turning can lead to resentment. third, don't fantasize about others, including your ex. why are we laughing? >> okay, note to self. >> don't tell your spouse, right? >> you think it's okay? is it okay? >> sounds like trouble to me. >> carson? >> don't bring me into this. wow. >> i'll get you off the hook. >> throw that one out, also. experts say fantasies are normal. they can even help spice up your marriage. >> okay, good. >> one other rule suggested by a new study, don't nag. researchers at michigan state say a wife who pesters her husband may improve his health, even as an ambulance goes by. >> we should nag because we're
8:14 am
helping you. >> gets you in good shape, and then you get out. next topic. are you the hugging type? >> yeah. >> i am. >> bring it in. a man just broke the guinness world record for the most hugs given in one minute. this happened at a school in india. obviously, he gives a quick embrace to one student after another. in 60 seconds, he gave 79 hugs. >> getting your arms around? >> doesn't include any ruled out because of improper hug form. >> not putting too much emotion into the hugs. >> not from the bottom of the heart. >> real body hugging hug. >> we'll put carson to the test. get some real, good tughugs. >> 20 seconds on the clock. hug as many service members as possible. >> thank you for your service. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> thank you for your service. >> nine, ten.
8:15 am
>> keep going. >> 13, 14, 15. >> thank you for your service. >> 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. >> 23. >> time's up. >> 24. >> thank you for your service thing complicated it. that was great. >> the hugging and thanking. >> will you be able to do pop start? >> that's what memorial day is all about. >> i think a young lady jumped in line twice. now to the lawsuit over one of justin bieber's biggest songs. and steven spielberg on what college grads can learn from "e.t." we'll start with justin bieber and the singer who wants him to say sorry in court. being sued over "sorry." singerso sing singer/songwriter is accusing him of using a riff from her
8:16 am
song. we'll start with bieber's "sorry" and then get to another one. ♪ >> you can hear that, sounding very similar. >> is that a vocal rift? >> would it help if he just said sorry? >> al roker. >> on facebook, white said she warned bieber's team wbut was ignored. we haven't heard back yet both sides. spielberg gave a speech at harvard and channelled his own career to give advice to the gradua graduates. >> i wish you a hollywood style
8:17 am
ending. outrun the t-rex, catch the criminal, and for parents' sake, every now and then, just like e.t., go home. [ applause ] >> spielberg dropped out of college during his sophomore year, and he said he promised his parents he'd go back to school if he didn't make it in hollywood. he'll be entering the junior college this fall. finally, two more hollywood stars who could have been separated at birth. earlier this week, we were talking about helen hunt and jodie foster. now the internet is having fun with elijah wood and daniel radclif radcliffe. check out this gif. it shows the stars slowly mor morphing into each other. one person saying that aside from the eyeeyebrows, they are same person. >> pretty cool. >> memorial day weekend, there's your pop start. >> carson, thank you. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> announcer: brought to you by disney's "alice through the looking glass," playing in theaters and imax.
8:18 am
>> let's show you what we have going on for this day. we are watching this severe weather developing in eastern texas, western louisiana. some areas already picking up 17 inches of rain in the last eight hours. flood watches and warnings in effect right now. you can see, we've got a lot going on. as we look and watch, you can see the accumulations so far. show you what's going as far as the accumulations are concerned. the risk of strong storms stretching throughout texas. 11 million people at risk of the strong storms. anywhere from another four to eight inches of rain possible before it's all over. haat's wt's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. hot, humid conditions, 90 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. upper 80s to low 90s in the suburbs and a chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm in the suburbs. the lehigh valley upper 80s and low 90s today. to the south new jersey will see
8:19 am
showers and thunderstorms develop during the afternoon hours. otherwise dry. the jersey shore a bit cooler low 80s built warming up nicely for wilmington into the upper 80s. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. new installment of our series, undercovered, where ronan farrow digs into stories that aren't in the headlines every day. today, he has an eight-month coast to coast investigation that may make you thinkhink twi before you get the next mani/pedi. >> this month, the governor of new york ordered salons across the state to pay $2 million in unpaid wages and damages to workers. we got access inside the state's sting operations and found they were just scratching the surface of a much bigger set of problems all around the country. >> reporter: we've all seen the signs in shops across america.
8:20 am
man cu manicures for $10. are the manicurists across from you being exploited? that's what investigators are looking at. we're with them on a surprise inspecti inspection, checking if salon owners are endangering health. >> they're interviewing a worker now. >> she's not getting overtime? she's working 12 hours a day. >> reporter: minutes in, investigators find some workers aren't getting legal wages. >> they're not getting paid overtime at all, for sure. the minimum wage, i don't think so. >> not licensed to be in business. i'm telling you, you're not licensed. you have to go to court. i also have to put a copy of this in your window. do not take it down. >> reporter: we tried to hear the owner's side. he doesn't want to talk. >> this is nbc. >> no. >> no comment. i know it is a difficult time. if you want your side of the story? >> no, no, no, no, no. >> reporter: in court, the state fined the owner $35,000 for the wages he owes six workers.
8:21 am
crackdowns are a new response to a long-standing problem in states around the country. it exploded into the spotlight after a "new york times" expose last year. >> many workers are paid under minimum wage. few get overtime. this is a widespread problem. >> reporter: this salon worker would only speak to us if we concealed her identity. she has a young son and fears losing her job. >> how many hours a day do you work? >> translator: 10 to 11 hours. >> how much money do you make for that? >> translator: $20 to $30. >> if you are getting a $10 manicure, you have to assume that the workers are getting underpaid. it just -- the math doesn't work out. >> reporter: it's not just stolen wages. turns out, the chemicals that made your nails beautiful may also be harmful to workers' health. >> you can feel the chemical going through your nose, your eyes, your brain. >> reporter: tina is a single
8:22 am
mother of three. she says after decades of working in salons, she suffers from rashes and breathing problems. >> do you worry for yourself, for your long-term health? >> i do, very much. i want to live longer, you know, to see my kids. i see people doing nails around me who have cancer, die early, late 30s. it scares me. >> reporter: while it's difficult to establish a definitive cause, some chemicals used in nail products have been linked to miscarriages, lung disease, and one has been tied to cancer. >> they're like the canaries in the coal mine. >> reporter: julia advocates for workers who seek help in oakland. it's no accident the chemicals are still allowed in salons. >> we've actually worked on laws that tried to ban some of the reproductive chemicals from products in the state of california. >> what happens to those bills? >> well, there's very strong, powerful industry groups, such as the personal care products
8:23 am
counsel, who spends money to oppose the bill. >> reporter: and giving out free makeup kits at the state capital. they gave us a statement, saying the products have been used safely for decades and are regulated by the fda. doctors, whose patients are salon workers, say they see a trend. >> 80% of my patients are salon workers. >> what kind of conditions do you see amongst the salon workers? >> skin conditions, from exposures to chemicals. >> you think there is a link between the conditions in the salons and what you're seeing the women suffer from? >> yes, i do. they're working with chemicals that are actually known carcinogens and have been banned in europe and other countries. >> reporter: one potential answer, healthy nail salons like this one, that use green products. >> one of the reasons why i come here. >> reporter: workers say most salon owners don't care, and most customers just don't know what's at stake. >> they don't know. they come to be made pretty. >> the entire business model of
8:24 am
the nail salon industry relies on them having to cut corners somewhere. it's the workers that end up at the raw end of the deal. >> one of the tricky things about reporting this story is no one wants to see people stay away from salons. experts say the answer is to keep going, but be smart about it. don't go to the ones with rock bottom prices. ask if they're using green products. tip in cash directly to the worker. >> a lot of people go and think, i'll get the cheap manicure but make it up to the worker. >> you want to give tips directly to the workers. at least it's a small way of keeping the money in their hands. >> ronan, thank you. savannah, thank you. i'm here with dierks bentley. he has a brand-new album out today. on a huge tour this summer. he's here for a concert on o
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it's just before 8:30. a little steamy out there. let's get our forecast from first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> higher humidity we have today. you'll feel it across the area. at the shore a bit more comfortable. starting off in the 60s, temperatures in the upper 70s. look at the temperature at sea isle. temperatures are climbing with sunny skies. we're in the clear. we're watching this for some showers and chance for thunderstorms most likely this afternoon in interior new jersey as the temperatures climb to near 90 this afternoon. already 76 degrees in philadelphia, low 70s for the lehigh valley and the suburbs and the shores also in the low 70s at this hour.
8:27 am
>> let's get a check onto roads with katy zachary. >> we're following a bunch of things. first some police department activity on the schuylkill expressway westbound. that's cleared. good news on pennsylvania turnpike eastbound we have an earlier situation clearing that was diverting traffic off of the interstate at 358 which is the exit for delaware valley. but that is in the process of clearing. a quick shot down the shore, things are looking good along route 73 and the a.c. expressway. philadelphia city council will crunch numbers to make sure city schools are getting the money they are owed. council members are looking into the funds generated from red light cameras and parking ticket. they generated hundreds of millions of dollars from those fines. leaders are miking sure the ppa is putting all the money it should towards the school district. we'll have more in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. it's friday morning. it is memorial day weekend. we've got a great crowd, great plaza, great concert. dirks bept lerks bentley is abo country loving to midtown manhattan. if you are a fan, use #dierks today, and you may end up on our cams. >> we also have another huge concert on monday, memorial day, from fifth harmony. if you want something fun to do on that morning and are in town, join us for a holiday concert. wouldn't be a holiday without a good old barbecue. sunny anderson, one of our favorites, is busy at the grill right now. oh, man, i'm told the pork chops look amazing. can't wait to get those.
8:31 am
don't miss the recipe. first, we want to say a thanks to everybody who contributed to red nose day. last night, celebrity tell thet raised $30 million for kids in need. both here in the u.s. and all around the world. thank you to everybody who donated. >> anybody's backside sore from the bikes? >> i didn't know where you were going with that. i forgot about the bikes. >> yeah. yours was from last year. >> let's get a check of the weather. memorial day weekend outlook. first of all, starting with saturday, we are looking at a wet day around the great lakes. showers down in florida. basically, pretty nice weather. saturday, temperatures warm in the eastern 1/3 of the country. as we move into sunday, sunday, the western 2/3 of the country looking good. showers left over in northern texas. look at the 80s in the northeast. then on memorial daymo monday, t weather in new york.
8:32 am
also in central texas and on up into the plains. temperatures cool in the pacific northwest. 78 in l.a. th's what's going on aroatun good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. hot, humid conditions, 90 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. upper 80s to low 90s in the suburbs and a chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm in the suburbs. the lehigh valley upper 80s and low 90s today. to the south new jersey will see showers and thunderstorms develop during the afternoon hours. otherwise dry. the jersey shore a bit cooler low 80s but warming up nicely for wilmington into the upper 80s. have a great day. >> don't forget about our search for today's funniest day. guys, this is your chance to perform stand-up live on our show. dierks, you're a dad, are you a funny dad? >> my kids probably would say i'm funny. >> my kids don't think i'm funny at all. share your original joke or story about fatherhood.
8:33 am
submissions due next tuesday. get going. don't forget, our buddy jim gaffigan, star of "the jim gaffigan" show and an author is going to help us help us judge. and put in your submission for today's funniest dad. matt? >> you could be today's funniest dad, al. >> no. on today food, we've been grilling dishes that your memorial day guests will love. sunny anderson, co-host of food network's "the kitchen" has the grill fired up and is ready to go. >> ready to go. >> i like the name of the dish, chip chop. >> the person who likes crunch and grill at the same time. >> ingredients? >> first thing is first, i have a simple brine of sweet tea and salt. sweetness and a little flavor in the pork chops. throw it into your pork chots he -- chops here and brine them for six to eight hours.
8:34 am
>> what if you don't have the time? do you need to brine? >> you don't need to, but i love to because it puts juiciness in there. over dry heat, it's smart to do. i have them here. i'm going to put them on to the grill. four to five minutes on each side. pat them dry. i tell people, if you're grilling this weekend, one rule to know is never grill anything that is cold. >> always bring it up to room temperature. >> up to two hours. after those grill for four to five minutes on each side -- and it'll release itself from the grill. bring it over here. i'll show you the barbecue sauce, which is very simple to make, matt. it's a one, two, three sauce. one cup of dark brown sugar. two cups of ketchup. three chops. >> one, two, three. >> for the people who say, it's too much trouble, i'll do it the store-bought sauce, this is too easy. >> it's a one, two, three. one cup of brown sugar, two cups
8:35 am
of ketchup, three. and a lot of black pepper. >> how long do you cook it? >> five to ten minutes. after you grill the pork chop, put it in the barbecue sauce. we don't want flare-up or char on the grill, but we want crunch. here we go. >> you have regular potato chips in there. >> barbecue and salt and vinegar. yes, matt. i see your face. yes, matt. >> i'm going to try this at the end. >> please do. it's here. >> i will in a second. >> these are my accordion style potatoes. >> did you use a mandolin? >> very thin. something for the adults to do this weekend. this is heavy cream with sage and paprika. pour it over the top with butter. cover it up and put it on the grill while you're grilling everything else. ends up like this. at the very end, add a little
8:36 am
shredded cheese. sprinkle it over the top with a little parsley. and you're done. >> all right. >> because they're accordion and facing up, it cooks a lot faster. barbecue chip chops. crunchy? >> first of all, the pork is really tender and juicy still. >> that's the brine. >> and the chips do add an element i have not had before. i love it. really good. what are you doing for the holiday? >> you know what? i'll probably hang out with my dog and cats in brooklyn. i wanted to tell you, thank you so much for supporting me, a veteran. i've been coming by to honor the milita military members on memorial day a long time at the "today" show. i appreciate you guys and what you do for the military members. >> we thank you for your service and thank these folks for their service, as well. thank you very much. >> thank you, matt. >> find this recipe and all the recipes of the week under the grilling tab at up next, great music to go with great food. dierks bentley, live on the citi concert stage.
8:37 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. well, the excitement is building around here. we are moments away from our live concert from country music sensation dierks bentley. he has scored hit after hit for more than a decade. he's still going strong. ♪ i believe it >> reporter: rowdy, charming and always ready to party, dierks bentley is at the top of his game as one of country music's brightest stars. ♪ what was i thinking >> reporter: he burst on the scene in 2003 with "what was i thinking," and the singer/songwriter hasn't looked back. ♪ down the road i go >> reporter: going on to score 14 number one hits.
8:40 am
earning 13 grammy nominations. while selling more than 5 million albums. >> dierks bentley is special in country music. doesn't just stick to the national sound. he gives into rock, pop, has a background in bluegrass. he knows these traditional american sounds. ♪ rocking like a g-6 >> reporter: in 2014, he released new heights with "druni"drun i k on a plane." today, he's out with his eighth studio album, "black," with his single "somewhere on a beach" shooting to the top of the charts. you'll see why when he rocks our plaza this morning. the band is in place, the crowd is pumped. ladies and gentlemen, dierks bentley.
8:41 am
♪ bet you think i'm sitting at home ♪ ♪ bet you think that i'm all alone, no ♪ ♪ bet you think i'm missing you and wishing you would call my phone, no ♪ ♪ i went wheels up on the runway ♪ ♪ and that ticket was a one way ♪ ♪ i'm somewhere on a beach ♪ sipping something strong ♪ got a new girl, she got it going on ♪ ♪ we drink all day, and party all night ♪ ♪ i'm way too gone to have you on my mind ♪ ♪ she got a body, and she's naughty ♪ ♪ and ashe got me like you ain'
8:42 am
ever got me ♪ ♪ i'm getting sun, getting some, and i ain't slept a week ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm somewhere on a beach ♪ ♪ herd you called my boys ♪ heard you called my folks ♪ they said you drove by my house real slow ♪ ♪ you can check any spot, roll down every road ♪ ♪ but girl, i ain't even close ♪ i'm somewhere on a beach ♪ sipping something strong ♪ got a new girl, she got it going on ♪ ♪ we drink all day, and party all night ♪ ♪ i'm way too gone to have you on my mind ♪ ♪ she got a body and she's naughty ♪ ♪ and she got me like you ain't ever got me ♪ ♪ i'm getting sun, getting some, and i ain't slept in a week ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm somewhere on a beach ♪ ♪ i wish i could've worked out ♪ but i'm getting over you now ♪ on a beach towel ♪ with my shades on ♪ my drink's up, and the sun's
8:43 am
out ♪ ♪ i'm somewhere on a beach ♪ somewhere on a beach ♪ sipping something strong ♪ got a new girl, and she got it going on ♪ ♪ we drink all day, and party all night ♪ ♪ i'm way too gone to have you on my mind ♪ ♪ she got a body, and she's naughty ♪ ♪ and she got me like you ain't never got me ♪ ♪ i'm getting sun, getting some, and i ain't slept in a week ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm somewhere on a beach ♪ ♪ somewhere on a beach ♪ she got a body ♪ she's naughty ♪ i'm getting sun, getting some and i ain't slept in a week ♪
8:44 am
[ applause ] >> i can die now. i can die now. dierks bentley is just getting started. back with a lot more music. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. we are so happy, some of us more than others, to have dierks bentley right here. >> i'm happy. >> you didn't see the little moment we just had. >> i know all about it. his "somewhere on a beach" tour is in full swing. "black," new album, is out today. the lead single, certified gold. congratulations on that. >> thank you, guys. >> someone said it's semi-autobiographical. aren't all albums?
8:47 am
>> what's different is this is really personal, but i tried to finish the story. i was trying to make a vinyl record, a story and theme throughout the whole thing. i had to cut songs that weren't about me, but maybe i could imagine going there. to go down the darker, more mysterious paths. it's personal but, at times, it's not. people think it's actually happening in my real life. they're like, oh, bentley is having trouble at home. i think it's more personal, in that some of the songs aren't directly about what's going on in my life right now. >> there is a logical progression. your hit song before, "drunk on a plane," leads to "somewhere on a beach." >> the plane lands in mexico, and now we're somewhere on the beach. we're moving on to new territory now. "different for girls," just came out yesterday. excited about it. >> dierks said he has this big tour this summer, but gets home and spends time with the family, which is nice. >> it's big for anybody in this
8:48 am
business. you love what you do. i love doing this. but when i married my wife and the kids came, it was like, huh, i picked a profession where i'm gone every thursday, friday and saturday of the entire year. you try to find ways to cut the corners and see them. i love hanging with these guys and the band. we have fun on the road. it's a dream come true and keeps getting better every year. this is amazing, on the plaza. >> the album "black" is your wife's maiden name. >> yeah. the song, it's a passionate song, and i feel there is mysterious intrigue. winding road through relationships, the ups and downs. glad to have her name on it. >> what are you going to sing? >> memorial day weekend and all these military folks here in the crowd. i'll do "i hold on." >> dierks bentley. ♪ it's just an old beat up
8:49 am
truck ♪ ♪ some say that i should trade up ♪ ♪ now that i got some jangle in my pocket ♪ ♪ but what they don't understand ♪ ♪ is it's the miles that make a man ♪ ♪ i wouldn't trade that thing in for a rocket ♪ ♪ what they don't know is my dad and me ♪ ♪ we drove her down to tennessee ♪ ♪ and she's still here and now he's gone ♪ ♪ so i hold on ♪ it's just an old beat up box ♪ it's rusty strings across the top ♪ ♪ probably don't look like much to you ♪ ♪ but these dents and scratches in the wood ♪ ♪ yeah, that's what makes it sound so good ♪ ♪ to me, she's better than brand-new ♪ ♪ you see this here flat top guitar ♪ ♪ has had my back in a million bars ♪ ♪ singing every country song ♪ so i hold on
8:50 am
♪ to the things i believe in ♪ my faith, your love, our freedom ♪ ♪ to the things i can count on ♪ to keep me going strong ♪ yeah, i hold on ♪ like the stripes to the flag ♪ like a boy to his dad ♪ i can't change who i am, right or wrong ♪ ♪ so i hold on
8:51 am
♪ baby, look at you right now ♪ there ain't never been no doubt ♪ ♪ without you, i'd be nothing ♪ so if you ever worry about ♪ me walking out ♪ yeah, let me tell you something ♪ ♪ i hold on ♪ i hold on ♪ yeah, i hold on ♪ to the things i believe in ♪ my faith, your love, our freedom ♪ ♪ to the things i can count on ♪ to keep me going strong ♪ yeah, i hold on
8:52 am
♪ i hold on and on and on and on and on ♪ ♪ i hold on and on and on and on and on and on and on ♪ [ applause ] >> hear more from dierks bentley at dierks bentley is back with more music in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
dierks bentley, good man, just hanging out. he has a little more music coming up. >> we're celebrating matt not wearing socks. >> it is hot out there. >> we're also celebrating our birthdays. friends at smucker's can't wait to honor very deserving folks. happy 100th birthday to bradford from massachusetts. served in world war ii. thank you, sir, for your service. received a purple heart for his courage. marion, 100 years old. rumor has it, she's one of the
8:55 am
best chocolate chip cookie bakers in the world. please send some our way. also, happy 104th birthday to a local celebrity from south carolina. may 5th was docia smith day when she turned 100. also, david brophy. this world war ii vet from south carolina. again, sir, salute you for your service. he says the secret to longevity is to have a clear appreciation of life itself. good advice. otto hamilton, iii, of virginia, 100 and looking sharp. taught the same sunday school for 60 years. the school was we named in his honor. hello to these lovebirds. never gone to bed angry. happy 75th anniversary to fred and clara.
8:56 am
go to coming up? >> we have dierks bentley. >> he'll hang around with us a little longer. >> and good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just before 9:00 a.m. another day in the 90s. let's get our forecast from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> we made it up to 90. not everybody saw that kind of heat. temperatures in the shore communities were cooler. 70s right now. 76 in interior new jersey. philadelphia is up to 77
8:57 am
degrees. high temperatures near 90 this afternoon. a chance of showers and thunderstorms in new jersey at the shore, mostly sunny skies, 70s for today. 90 this afternoon for delaware. and the humidity will be running higher. keep an eye on the sky for scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. all right, thank you bill. let's get a check on traffic with katy zachary. >> just want to check in with the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound. a lot of drivers will be taking that route as they make their way to new jersey. earlier tractor-trailer fire has cleared. but we're still seeing as you can see on our map some red some slow going between exits of delaware valley and exit for pennsylvania turnpike connector bridge. finally a live look down at the shore. this is the garden state parkway at the cape may toll plaza. traffic running smoothly. right now police are looking for the driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run in north philadelphia. investigators say a car hit a man as he was getting into this
8:58 am
van at diamond and front streets around 10:00 last night. that man later died they want to. police say the car that hit him was dark in color with front end damage and a possible flat tire. this weekend for the first time ever the philly pops at the performing arts will perform a concert honoring those who served. i'm vai sikahema. another update four in 25 minute. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," stop your feet. dierks bentley plays his hot new single for us. we'll find out what brought this mom tears of joy. plus, rashida jones on the new season of "angie tribeca." all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a friday. may 27th, 2016. i am alongside natalie and dylan. willie and tamron with off this morning. our morning jam, "drunk on a
9:01 am
plane" by dierks bentley. >> i love the song. >> sad when you see someone at 9:00 a.m. ordering a lot of booze. >> it's the bloody marys. >> i have a beggin and tonic. >> someone had a whisky on the rocks. i thought, wow, at 9:00 a.m.? >> we don't judge. >> yes, we do. we do. >> he judges. dierks has been rocking our plaza all weekend long. he'll stop by and we'll chat with him, and then he has another song coming up, which we're excited about. you can find our summer concert series and all our morning jam picks on apple music. >> we love this. so great. >> we're excited. i have a memorial day playlist there, as well. the top of the list, classic, sugar pie honey bunch. >> love that song. ♪ you know that i love you
9:02 am
>> al, sing it! >> we love that. such a great song. >> what's your summer jam? >> i think it's the song of the summer. justin timberlake's "can't stop the feeling." >> whatever the feeling, i can't stop the feeling. i love that song. >> mine is old school, miley cyrus, "party in the usa." good kick off the summer weekend. >> ushers a party. >> it does. >> if you don't want to do that, if you get on, say, a roller coaster. >> this is, again, al, king of the segway. >> yesterday, we showed you the joker roller coaster from the six flags in new jersey. jill martin is getting the first inaugural ride, along with our concert rider, dorothy, from arizona. their ride went off well. jill not feeling all that well at the end of it, as you can tell by the look on her face. yesterday, there were apparently
9:03 am
some technical issues. it caused the park to shut the ride down in the afternoon for a bit. a spokeswoman for six flags told us one of the trains was rocking a little too much. wouldn't have liked to have been in that car. >> if the coaster is rocking, don't come knocking. >> the car came into the station in a reclined position. the park was making adjustments to reduce the rocking. they plan to reopen the ride today. >> the ride got sick. >> al is going to go. >> i don't like roller coasters because i don't like the dropping feeling in my stomach. especially a new roller coaster. there are kin ks you want to wok out. >> two or three years. >> adam miller says, let's send dylan. >> no, he tried to get me on that and another roller coaster. i said, that's one thing i won't do. >> that's your biggest fear? >> we don't need to overcome fears on this show.
9:04 am
>> we are doing that series. you really wouldn't do it? >> no. i have fear. >> wouldn't you love to overcome the fear? >> there's no need. getting on a roaster coaster doesn't advance my life. >> when was the last time you got on a roller coaster? >> probably six flags great adventure, because i lived near there growing up. >> when you were young? >> it was the wooden roller coaster. the thing never really came down far enough, so i'd float up. rolling thunder, that's what it was. i would float up a little bit. >> wow. >> that was like space mountain. when i was a kid, i remember thachlt you we going on that. it was in dark in disneyland. not knowing when the turns were coming and feeling like i was going to fall out of the seat. >> part of the attraction. >> part of the fun. >> the joker, roller coaster, opens tomorrow officially, grand opening. >> i loved them. then i hit like 40, and all of a sudden -- last summer, i got on the pirate ship that goes back and forth.
9:05 am
i was shot for the day. does your husband like them? >> you know, i don't know. we never go to an amusement park. i don't think -- >> if he would go, would you go on it? >> no. >> there's nothing we can do to convince her, al. nothing. >> nothing. >> you should do it for your job. >> all of a sudden, you wake up and you're on one. >> what the? >> that would not be good. >> don't get any ideas. that's my worst nightmare. >> let's move on. people are thinking, too much here. let's talk about military reuni reunions. they get you every time, right at the heart. teacher paula, a third grade teacher, and with her class in florida. she was surprised by her son, who has been deployed overseas for three years. take a look. >> then we sang.
9:06 am
did you hear it? >> no. >> it's the best. it's an old irish lullaby. and then we said our prayers. then we went to bed. >> let me see. i think somebody might remember that. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, my gosh! >> i love that. >> the best. >> can't see those enough. >> so much love. it's just so sweet. that's paula's 24-year-old, sergeant paul riggs. they haven't seen each other in almost two years. >> gosh. >> you can tell by the hug, she doesn't want to let go. >> so sweet. >> so great. >> there's also this powerful photograph that has gone viral. it's coming out of west point's graduation. this is second lieutenant, who graduated at the top of his
9:07 am
class in physics. look at the tear rolling down his face. he was born in haiti and said at the moment of this photo, when it was taken, he was overwhelmed because of three thoughts. the first was where he started. the second was where he was. the third was his future. >> wow. >> caught on camera, just like that. >> he was in haiti, obviously, during the earthquake. saw what was going on and how the military responded. he was moved to join up. >> wow. i can't imagine thinking about all of that. >> graduating top of his glass. >> amazing. thank all the service members this memorial day weekend. >> absolutely. >> and always. mr. roker, you have a big forecast for us. >> we have a dangerous situation going on right now in texas. especially eastern texas and on into western louisiana. this could be what they call a 500-year event. the systems have been training on top of each other, just keep
9:08 am
raining, keep raining. we have flash flood watches and flash flood warnings in effect from waco down to victoria, off to houston. we're going to be watching this. look at some of these rainfall amounts. north of houston, we see almost eight inches of rain. look at this, south of byron, 16.5 inches of rain. i mean, it has been heavy, and it's going to continue, unfortunately. we are looking today at a risk of strong storms again in the same area, dallas, long view, houston. can't rule out tornadoes, large hail, damaging wind. 11 million people at risk with this. rainfall amounts are going to keep continuing to fall. we are going to continue to see anywhere from 12.4 million people under flash flood watches. almost 1.5 million under flash warnings. could be another six to eight inches of rain in eastern texas good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. hot, humid conditions, 90 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia.
9:09 am
upper 80s to low 90s in the suburbs and a chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm in the suburbs. the lehigh valley upper 80s and low 90s today. to the south new jersey will see showers and thunderstorms develop during the afternoon hours. otherwise dry. the jersey shore a bit cooler low 80s but warming up nicely for wilmington into the upper 80s. have a great day. >> that is your latest weather. yeah, mr. dierks bentley has been rocking the plaza all morning long. what a show you put on there, my friend. >> so fun. >> you are not done yet. >> i know. >> you'll talk with us a little bit, and another song for us, too. >> right here? >> sure, take a seat. we'll catch up with dierks after these messages. these messages. >> you pullei drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common.
9:10 am
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9:13 am
♪ somewhere on a beach dierks bentley taking pictures with our military out there. it is fleet week, and we've been having a great time. he put on a fantastic show on our plaza. not quite done yet. now sitting with us. >> have you broken the news to willie, that i'm taking over? >> i think willie is okay with that because he's your biggest groupie. a new studio album is out today, "black." and it's inspired by your wife, because that's her maiden name. >> just the ups and downs of being in a long-term relationship. it has a lot of female voices or presence. my wife's maiden name is on the
9:14 am
cover. elle king, who i love, we have a single out called "different for girls." then other girls i wrote with, also great singers, i feature their vocals, too. it's a nice back and forth dialogue with all their voices on the record. >> male-female. >> i like that her last name is black, too. if you put dreyer on the front, not the same. >> i loved her name, cassidy black. she's a major introvert, probably blushing we're talking about her. >> the songs were inspired by your relationship. >> i started with that song, about us, but i feel i had the story going, where this guy is trying to find love. maybe he left one relationship looks for another. the back half of the record, he's maturing and trying to grow. some of it is personal, and some of it is me looking for great songs and letting story, even if it's not about my life directly right now. >> i love at your concerts, apparently, there are rides
9:15 am
involved, as well. >> yeah, the concerts are pretty -- i get up on stage and mix a little something in your cup. first time drinking from a "today" show cup here. >> nothing mixed in. >> the audience response, i always find a way to stage it out in the proud. i always pull someone up on stage. three things i have to do to great down the wall between us and the crowd. >> what is that? >> crack the bottom. >> stick a key in the bottom and pop it open. >> wow. >> when is the last time you did this? >> you have to go sideways. >> she did that at coney island this morning. >> started my day. >> that explains it. whoa, yeah. >> this is what we work with. you have such a terrific personality. have you thought about acting? >> no. i feel like writing songs and making records and putting my attention into the live shows, and having three kids, 7, 5 and 2, it's full.
9:16 am
i've had opportunities to do some reality tv stuff, but not really my thing. i hate it for willie, because he's been doing a great job, but i feel this is an audition, right? >> you'd co-host with us? >> love to. >> you're on tour though. >> i can get back and forth. there are airplanes. i can travel. >> hey! >> sign him up. >> i'm a pilot. >> he is a pilot. flying to get home to see your family, right? >> yeah, i fly a lot. >> what plane? >> cessna. right now, i have a cessna citation. pretty cool. folks at cessna have been great to me. they're letting me check out the aircraft. >> little plug. >> the aviation community, i have a lot of friends and trying to always spread the good word about what they do. in return, i have cool things going on. i have three kids. i walk on stage, and i feel so good when i know the kids are good, wife is happy, spent time
9:17 am
with them. hit the first show and pour a drink. it's the way it has to work at this level. i couldn't be happy doing this, knowing i wasn't being a good dad. i want to be successful as a singer -- or as successful a father as i am a singer. >> what's going on backstage? >> we have a little bar backstage. we like to have fun back there. it's like, i can't go out to the bar when i'm ton roon the road, make one backstage and invite friends? >> we should do that on this show. >> last week, we had a $35,000 bottle of whiskey. >> did you taste it? >> it was smooth and delicious. i recommend it. >> shotgun that? >> no, don't shotgun that. >> we'll hold you back to co-hosting. >> we'll go through the daily news. >> this summer, join us. >> i'm ready. >> prepping now. >> dierks bentley, thank you so much. we'll have another song
9:18 am
coming up in a big. rashida jones is going to give us a sneak at the new season of vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. vo: victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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9:22 am
tribeca." season two has her in a dire situation. check it out. >> angie? >> she was awake for a minute, but now she's back out again. i can't take this. >> angie? >> kyle? >> hello, old friend. >> hello. >> angie, how you doing, girl? >> tanner. >> doctor said it'd be touch and go for a while. i hate to see her like this. >> rashida, nice to have you here. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> season two is all drama, no comedy. >> no joke, yeah. we're back to our old tricks, trying to pack as many jokes into every minute as possible. as you saw, there were four jokes happening at the same time. >> so funny. >> it's really fun. it's great. >> the dna comes from like a "naked gun" kind of place. >> mm-hmm.
9:23 am
>> do you guys think, at some point, we're going to run out of jokes because we're packing so much in? it's going to go past people. they have to watch it more than once. >> that's the point. exactly. you want to be able to like, you know, discover new things about the show you like. it's good. >> do you have a go-to joke that you come back to? >> things like that always make me laugh. like the gags, the visual gags. i like anything that's sort of like animal gags. we have a dog that is detective david hoffman. we never talk about the fact he is a dog. he drives, writes e-mails, wears sunglasses. we don't mention it. it's my favorite. >> you're the straight person on the show. it must be difficult because you have got to play this thing absolutely straight, or it doesn't work. >> yeah, that is my job. just to not crack up. it's very important that i don't mess up the take. >> are you good at that or -- >> i'm okay at that. there are some things that get me wound up. stupid things that don't make
9:24 am
sense. yeah, there's so much going on around me to make the joke happen, that i have to be laser focused. if not, i'm not doing my job. >> i'd be giggling. you also gave the commencement speech at your alma mater, harvard. >> the harvard. >> of all places to give a speech. >> must be a lot of pressure. what do you tell the youth of harvard? >> i kept it pretty real. i told them, i went to harvard and i know. they're not underdogs anymore. they're overdogs. nobody is rooting for their success. my dad was my speaker the day i graduated. full circle moment for me. >> did you steal any lines he said? >> i did give advice that he gave me, yeah. i definitely thought, he's very wise, much more than me, and i wanted to incorporate that for sure. >> we love the second season of "angie tribeca." keep bringing us more. >> thank you. >> loved having you here.
9:25 am
>> thank you. >> premieres june 6th on tbs. want to get away on a tropical vacation but olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
9:26 am
sky force 10 is over breaking news in southwest philadelphia. crews are battling a house fire. this is on bullis avenue. looks like they can tand most of that fire but still a very active scene. you see firefighters ladders on top of the roof of this building. so far no reports of any injuries. we'll keep our eye on this. good morning i'm vai sikahema. not a good day tube firefighter in this hot and humid weather. let's get our forecast from flers meteorologist bill henley. >> temperatures are climbing quickly. could see a cooling shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. so far dry and clear. temperatures already in the upper 70s in philadelphia. south jersey, delaware the suburbs are in the middle 70s
9:27 am
and skill climbing. no cool spot. sunny skies near 90 degrees for wilmington. clear view from frauly stadium. chance of a shower later today. katy zachary has a check on traffic this morning. how is it looking >> still keeping my on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound because a lot of people will be taking the turnpike into new jersey to the shore points. we're seeing considerable slow up between two exit, between exit for delaware valley as well as the pennsylvania turnpike connector bridge, 358 and 359. so just be aware of that, an earlier scene did clear. garden state parkway is looking good. memorial day holiday weekend is here and business owners at the shore are glad to see some early clouds. today atlantic city will hold its annual ceremony to unlock the ocean at 12:30. i'm vai sikahema.
9:28 am
we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
9:29 am
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9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a drug resistant super bug that doctors have been monitoring for years has shown up in the u.s. for the first time. the bacteria has genetic changes that make it resistant to antebiotics. health officials are concerned it could be the end of the road for antibiotics. the mutant e. coli germ was found last month in a 49-year-old pennsylvania woman. health officials said the case is not cause for panic. we've got a couple important recalls to tell you about. first up, 31,000 child backpack carriers from osprey. a cut in the plastic buckle on the shoulder strap can cause it to release, posing a fall hazard. if cut, consumers should contact
9:31 am
osprey for a replacement or full refund. and tommee tipee cups have a risk of mold exposure. it can develop on the white valve inside the cup. consumers should stop using the cups and contact mayborn for a free replacement cup. uber is facing out the surge pricing multiplier in favor of price quotes. uber tells a customer how much the cost of a ride will multiply during peak periods without giving a specific price. uber is quietly updating the system. in some areas, uber is telling customers how much extra they will pay before they order. an uber spokesman wouldn't talk about specific pricing, but customers can expect details to change over time. if you want to lose weight,
9:32 am
try something brighter. those eating in well-lit restaurants were more likely to choose healthier options, like fish, vegetables or white meat, instead of fried foods or sweets. sales records show people eating in darker rooms tend to order about 40% more calories. who wants to hug it out? apparently, there's a man who is always ready to go. he just broke the guinness book of world records for most hugs given in a minute. it was at a school in india. the final tally, 79 hugs in 60 seconds. however, it doesn't include eight that were ruled out because of improper form. guinness saying there were more headlocks than hugs. let's get a check of the weather now. giving a big hug to my buddy al roker. >> hugging it out, natalie. thanks so much. what we have going on for your memorial day weekend. let's start with tomorrow. we're going to be looking at wet weather around the great lakes. more showers hanging around the gulf coast. beautiful out west.
9:33 am
temperature wise, little on the cool side. pacific northwest. as you look at the east, it's going to be warm. continues for sunday, sunday. the mid-atlantic looking at wet weather with tropical storm bonnie making its way on shore. we'll look for dry weather for the western half of the country. on monday, wet weather hanging around the mid-atlantic states. southeast and on into interior upstate new york. wet weather from texas up into the plains. temperatures stay mild out west. although we are looking for warm weather to continue in the east. at's what's going on athro good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. hot, humid conditions, 90 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. upper 80s to low 90s in the suburbs and a chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm in the suburbs. the lehigh valley upper 80s and low 90s today. to the south new jersey will see showers and thunderstorms develop during the afternoon hours. otherwise dry. the jersey shore a bit cooler low 80s but warming up nicely for wilmington into the upper
9:34 am
80s. have a great day. aloha! changing gears now to my other favorite topic. >> this is nice. >> hula, i learned this in hawaii. >> we were hoping to spend the holiday weekend in hawaii but we can't, so we brought hawaii to you, complete with hula dancers. making pulled pork sandwiches with pineapple salsa. >> this looks amazing. >> and we have grilled spam. >> i've never had spam. >> it is very big in hawaii. they even do spam sushi. we're going to makeo make pulle. we start with a pork butt. >> big old butt. >> that's a rump. >> this is stuff for the marinade, the sauce, whatever you're going to do. >> great. >> first, you're going to make a little marinade. we have some apple cider vinegar, ketchup, tabasco.
9:35 am
we also have brown sugar, cumin, pepper, salt, chili powder. mix it together. it'll be part of the sauce and part of your marinade. >> how long do you let it sit? >> as soon as you do it. first thing is first, you have that. now you want to rub your butt. >> oh. come on, al. >> come on! seriously, really? come on. >> you do dry rump. >> dry rub the butt. >> i don't get anything out of this, but i like the company tast hasty bake. great rub. you can slice the pork in the middle. >> slice the butt. >> put that there in the butt crack. right in there. dylan dreyer started that. put this into a deep dish, oven-proof pot. >> like a dutch oven?
9:36 am
>> five minutes on each side. brown it up. once you get it brown over here, take some of your marinade. >> dutch oven. that's right. throw that in there. >> cover it. >> being silly. >> put it in the oven. 325 for three hours. once it comes out, let's pretend i washed my hands. i don't want to hear from people. so comes out looking like this. put it back in the oven for about 20 minutes or so at a high heat. >> on a rack? >> crisping it up, uncovered so you get this. let it cool because the meat stays hot for a while. you're basically going to shred your pork. >> wow. >> look at this. >> i like to include the outside parks, too, when you chop it up. >> that's the best part.
9:37 am
>> keep shredding. take some of this fantastic marinade. pour that? >> that was leftover, not what it was marinating in? >> it will have evaporated at that point anyway. now, the pineapple salsa. onions, cilantro, jalapeno. little salt, lime zest and mix it together. >> i love pineapple salsa. >> so good. >> sometimes i add tortillas to it, which is terrific. now make the sandwich. >> sweet potato rolls, which are yummy. >> if you could find a king's hawaiian roll, that'd be fantastic. little sweeter. put it together. there you have it. >> this is delicious. >> this feeds a bunch of people, too. >> it's great. >> what about the spam? grill it? >> grill it on the grill. little more salsa. before we go, we want to mention, today food club member
9:38 am
standout shea goldstien from alabama. made a white cheddar and pineapple stuffed burger. get that recipe and mine at >> join us, al. let's hula out of here. >> it's time to go spanning the world for mishaps with our buddy, right after these messages. today's the day! oh look! creepy gloves for my feet. when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. this is nice. does it come in a california king? getting roid rage. hemorrhoid. these are the worst, right? i'm gonna buy them. boom. i'll take them. impulse buy. ommmmmmmmmmm. presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases. it's all happening. and no annual fee. here we go! cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express. you promised mom casyou'd always share..
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9:42 am
it's time to take a wild ride through the wonderfully wacky world of sports with len berman. good morning. >> good morning. >> peanut gallery back here. >> all kinds of props. >> telling you. >> must be good. unbelievable. hey, kentucky derby, preakness and lots of playoffs. what were truly the top sports stories? let's go spanning the world. >> unbelievable! >> on your mark, get set, the bicycle kick in spanish soccer.
9:43 am
and he scores it. unbelievable. >> wow! >> yes, we salute you. very good. >> wow. >> play ball. kansas city. would you like to learn the sex of your new baby? sure. very cool gender reveal. oops of the month. washington, kind of hard to play hockey when you have the other guy's stick stuck in your face. and seattle's worth attempt to catch a ball with an apple pie. >> slo-mo there. >> how about this one? throw a baseball through a pipe. >> no way! >> is that a thing? pretty cool. caught by army in softball. and safe, how about that? casey. >> what's that? white girls can jump. that's what the little lady
9:44 am
said. are you allowed to do this? the australian's team under 18. lifts him up for the basket. is that legal? >> i don't think so. >> gives new meaning to alley-oop. best bounces of the month. cleveland, you pass it off the other guy's head. one more time. off his head, goes to a teammate who scores for three. nicely done for the assist. indians ramirez kicks his own helmet and hits himself. fan of the month. makes a tremendous catch. look at the fan in the black shirt. does he help him up? no. takes a selfie. you look great, kid. great picture. our team of the month. major underdog lfound out they won the premiere championship. 5,000 to 1 underdogs. way to go. plus, this is my moment of the
9:45 am
month at fenway. gives the ball away, celebrating his 100th birthday. world war ii veteran. >> god bless. >> well done. >> perfect for memorial day. ben got the baseball. >> send him a smucker's jar. >> thank you so much. next, one more song from dierks bentley, coming up after these messages. >> when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh, whatever you're making. cheesy chipotle pork quesadillas? mmmm... ravioli lasagna bake? yeah, i don't know... grilled white chicken... grab something rich, sharp and creamy. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold! we aim to cheese! kraft natural cheese: we make cheese for how you love cheese.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. you've been waiting for it, and now here is dierks bentley, playing "freedom," off his new album, "black." take it away. ♪ it's the keys to your daddy's car ♪ ♪ it's a night alone beneath the stars ♪ ♪ it's the 5:00 whistle, the classroom bell, the panama city out the window, yeah ♪ ♪ first kiss after a broken heart ♪ ♪ we all want to break the chain ♪ ♪ feel the wind against our face ♪ ♪ everybody wants the same
9:50 am
thing ♪ ♪ we want to taste that freedom, freedom ♪ ♪ everybody out here wants to taste that freedom, freedom ♪ ♪ it's a pocket full of folded cash ♪ ♪ tell that boss he can kiss your, yeah ♪ ♪ favorite show, get lost in the rock and roll ♪ ♪ close your eyes, hands up high, let it all go ♪ ♪ oh, we all want to break the chains ♪ ♪ feel the wind against our face, everybody wants the same thing ♪ ♪ we want to taste that freedom, freedom ♪ ♪ everybody out here wants to taste that freedom, freedom ♪
9:51 am
♪ whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ everybody out here want to taste that freedom ♪ ♪ that flag on a soldier's sleeve ♪ ♪ all around the world, they know what it means ♪ ♪ and they all want just a little piece of this freedom, yeah ♪ ♪ that flag on a soldier's sleeve, all around the world, they know what it means ♪ ♪ and they all want just a little piece of this freedom, yeah ♪ ♪ we all want to break the chains, feel the wind against our face ♪ ♪ everybody wants the same thing ♪ ♪ we want to taste that freedom, freedom ♪ ♪ everybody out here wanna taste that freedom, freedom ♪
9:52 am
♪ freedom, yeah ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ whoa, whoa [ applause ] >> dierks bentley, thank you. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
looking at a drone flying high over koconey island as we t ready for the memorial day weekend. >> i was there an hour ago. >> shut gunning and -- >> beaches are still empty. coming up, kathie lee and hoda will catch up with legends.
9:55 am
plus, summer's biggest box busters. first, your loc
9:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it's just before 10:00 a.m. let's get our first look at the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> lots of sunshine. look at the temperatures. they are take off. didn't get that cold overnight. 70 degrees right now. we're warming into the 80s within minutes. by 11:00, 83 degrees and 2:00 this afternoon, partly sunny and 87. we'll see some clouds building
9:57 am
this afternoon. chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms most likely in interior new jersey. shore cooler 78 degrees most of the rest of the area warms to 90 degrees today. >> how about a check onto roads with our traffic reporter, katy zachary. >> we have a bird's eye view for you of the vine street expressway where earlier before i got out here there was a better shot of traffic moving smoothly. there's considerable volume. still take you three or four minutes to go the stret of the vine. 95 and 76, average speeds for 95 make being your way southbound in the mid-30s and that's just because of volume. quick check outside route 42 at the a.c. expressway looking pretty good if you're heading to the shore. >> philadelphia city council will crunch some numbers to make sure city schools are getting the money they are owed. council members are looking at funds generated from red light cameras and parking tickets.
9:58 am
leaders are make sure the ppa is putting all the money it should towards the school district. i'm vai sikahema. another update coming up in 25.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. let's listen a second. can we crank it? >> song of the summer! >> hoda agree on this. it's a great song and he's so talented. justin timberlake. it's friday, may 27, and memorial day weekend for me means the start of summer. >> it's definitely the start of it and this is a three-day weekend. some big


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