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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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al champs. >> it was a whirlwind. two days after nova took down north carolina, the president placed a call to jay wright. >> a pleasure to watch. congratulate all of them. tell jenkins he looked cool out there. there. >> the 2016 champs victory lap continued in new york city. that's where nova seniors rang the opening bell for the new york stock exchange. they were joined by head coach jay wright right there. who could forget the championship parade right here. the karacaravan ofville foef villeanova
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players and coaches. a live picture from the white house where the president is getting ready to honor the wildcats. you see that jersey there, the president obama jersey with the number 44 for his presidency there. president scheduled to greet the wildcats at 4:106789 we'll bring that you ceremony live. ket jones will be right there. >> to the weather now. warm end to the month of may. tonight's phillies game will have a summer-like feel. a live look at citizens bank park where the phils first pitch is set for 7:05. some somewhat of a different story down the shore. quite a bit cooler. always cooler by the shore. >> still a lot of people out there. >> crowds after memorial day.
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after another warmer than usual day. a cooler change is coming. >> we like to talk about changes. glenn "hurricane"schwartz is tracking that cooldown. >> we had our first heat wave of the season late last week and into saturday. three days in a row of 90 degrees. close to it today. 87 in philadelphia. humidity is down a bit. 87 in parts of new jersey. close to that in the lehigh valley and delaware as well. at the shore, it's cooler. 72 at cape may point. 71 in lantatlantic city. other parts of the area are close to 90 degrees. there's a couple of showers in southern delaware. sussex county, headed just west of millsboro.
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that's about it on the sefort to georgetown. there may be patchy fog in some parts of the area. by tomorrow morning it's relatively comfortable with temperatures in the 60s. no precipitation. that changes as we head towards the rest of the week. i'll get into that timing in a few minutes. >> look at this video making the rounds on social media. cans it ups, all sorts of garbage covering the beach in wildwood over the memorial day weekend. there was no shortage of people talking about that trash. >> reporter: it's the major mess that went viral causing a well of disgust about the holiday weekend crowds who left this trash all over wildwood's beach. >> no respect for anything.
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they don't even respect themselves. >> i've been walking the beach for 50 years, i couldn't believe what these kids have done. >> reporter: tony deutch posted the video on his popular facebook page. it was shot memorial day morning bay frequent contributor and has since been viewed more than 750 thoishgs ,000 times. >> the gentleman who shot the video said he was almost in tears. >> public works crews had the trash cleaned up within hours. wildwood's mayor says he remains disgusted and angry. >> this kind of action brings the debate back about charging fees on the beach. >> free beaches are a big selling point for wildwood. keeping them clean, though costs close to $300,000 every year. >> will you consider charging people to help offset this cost?
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>> it's a difficult question. business owners don't want it. residents do want it. >> the kids are out of hand. >> reporter: there are trashcans all along the beach and they're emptied several times a day. but in this case it's clear a lot of people didn't even try to use them. >> my scenario is simple if you're doing to act like that stay home. we don't want you here. the school district of philadelphia is adding two islamic holidays to the calendar. city leaders announced the holidays will become official and students who observe these holidays can get an excused absence. until the src approves those day off for all students. today the mayor announced a creation of the mayor's task force on cultural inclusion. >> to a developing story police in chester county investigating the death of a woman whose body was tied to a cinder block and thrown in a pond. people were using the popular
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fishing and swimming pond yesterday morning when they made that deadly discovery. skyforce 10 was over the rural area near zeiber road. police believe the woman's body was dumped sometime after friday evening. police hope these pictures of the woman's jewelry, clothing, tattoo can help identify her. investigators believe she died before her body was put in the water but they're trying to figure out how she died. monique braxton spoke to the person who found the body. we'll hear from him at 5:00. new information into nbc 10. philadelphia police are on the hunt for a man accused 06of raping a girl and assaulting her mother early this morning. an arrest warrant has been issued for 39-year-old malik
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bailey. the girl managed to get free. upon arrival, police found her mother bleeding and unconscious. >> they were able to look in a second floor front window of the property where they saw another female laying in the second floor front bedroom and the female was bleeding heavily from her face and head. >> the woman was taken to einstein hospital where at last check she was still in critical condition. police identified the man who died trying to save his dog from a creek. police say 67-year-old alexander russ was swept away by the current after witnesses say they found the man's body while they were fishing. the dog was found alive near the man's car. we're getting our first look at the charred remains of an american legion post in philadelphia as cleanup efforts from yesterday's fire were underway today. a look through the windows you can see the majority of the roof
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can gone. crews here pumping thousands of gallons of water from the basement and repairing electrical lines that ran next to the building. yesterday's flames were so intense they broke through windows and the fire destroyed keep sake photos uniforms and medals. several people inside the building for an event were not hurt, but one firefighter had a minor wrist injury. investigators are looking for the cause of that fire. new video of an armed robbery at a chestnut hill restaurant. two masked men are storming in to the restaurant with guns drawn. they ordered everyone on the floor. one of the suspects helped themselves to money in the register. investigators didn't say how much cash the thieves got away with. >> today we have new information surrounding the death of a gorilla after a 4-year-old boy fell into the enclosure at cincinnati zoo. cincinnati police said they did not plan to file charges, now a spokeswoman says investigators
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are reviewing the matter. a zoo official shot and killed the gorilla in order to protect the child. an animal protection watchdog group wants the federal government to hold the zoo responsible for the animal's death. >> what happened this last weekend made it very clear that the physical barriers at the cincinnati zoo are not adequate to keep people out of the zoo enclosures. >> other kretcritics say the boy's parents should be charged with child even dangerment. >> a woman attacked by a shark off the california coast is expected to survive. she was swimming in a wet suit when the spark bit her in her upper torso. officials are still trying to decide whether to reopen del ray beach. an angry and irritated donald trump says the media should be ashamed of themselves force questioning his
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fund-raising for veterans. the presumptive gop nominee held a news conference this morning to clear the air about an event he held earlier this year for veterans charities. trump saying he raised more than $5.5 million and all he got in return was bad publicity. >> instead of being thank you very much, mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone says who got it? who got it? who got it? you make me look very bad. >> trump camp refused for months to disclose which charities received the money. >> just a week to go until five more states hold primaries including new jersey. hillary clinton will campaign tomorrow at rutgers, but they canceled an event in mercer to add another event in california. california holds its primary in a week. the very month senator held a news conference on healthcare this afternoon in the town of
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emoriville. heading into the last round of primaries clinton leads sanders by 11 points. but in a general election match-up with donald trump, clinton leads by just two points. sachbd sanders leads by 12 points. for complete decision 2016 coverage including social media updates, tap the nbc app. new jersey governor chris christie was on hand for princeton university's commencement today, not as a speaker but as a father. 9 governor and his wife were at the ivy league university to watch his oldest son, andrew receive a degree. governor christie said last week his son has a job and an apartment lined up after graduation. >> congressman chaka fattah's corruption time is under way
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again. fatah's former campaign adviser was called back to the courtroom to talk about the alleged miss spent money during the campaign. we heard testimony from a former ambassador under the obama administration. deanna durante will have that at 5:00. >> the delaware teen accused of beating another teen in a bathroom was in court today. prosecutors won a new hearing for the girl charged with the negligent homicide of howard high school student amy joyner-francis back in april. today a family court judge agreed to hear prosecutor requests to try the teen as an adult. that will be ruled on in july. two other girls are charged with planning the attack but the girl in court today punched amy
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repeatedly in the head. a spokesperson for the victim's family says they want the harshest punishments possible. >> how would you feel if this was your child. your child goes to school honor role student, manager of the wrestling team. peaceful child and her life ends in death in a bathroom. utterly ridiculous. >> the defense would not speak with us on camera today. he maintains his client had no way of knowing amy joyner-francis had a heart condition and that a fight could have led to her death. we'll have to wait until the end of the summer for the results of the pennsylvania porn e-mail investigation. officials said the report released was not comprehensive and contained too much redacted ma tear yam. kane ordered someone to look into the e-mails on state servers. pope francis named a bucks
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county priest an auxiliary bishop for the diocese of philadelphia. deleman has been serving as pastor at st. charles in bensalem. >> an extraordinary priest but he has a special blessing of being immersed in the latino community in the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> he will be ordain eded in august. child care centers in new jersey could soon be required to test for lead in drinking water. a democratic assembly woman introduced a bill that would be part of a big procedure posal requiring testing in all public and private school water supplies. governor christie is seeking $10 million to pay for testing in school schools. people living with addiction in montgomery county will have
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easier access to nar cancan. kits will be available for eligible residents without insurance and those who can't afford the copay at a pharmacy. more than 50000 people are trapped in fallujah as iraqi forces are working to regain control of the city from isis. aid groups and government officials say the situation is an unfolding human catastrophe. iraqi forces moved into the edges of the city yesterday with the help of u.s.-led coalition air strikes. fallujah is the last major city in iraq under isis control. >> heartbreaking scenes of record flooding and devastation in southeast texas. this cattle herd searching for higher ground and not far away horses took shelter on the front porch of a home. six people have died here along the swollen brazos river.
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president obama said today preparing for hurricane season starts with your smartphone. the president says people can download the fema app for safety tips and information to help families put together an evacuation plan and a disaster preparedness kit. happening now, president obama is preparing to honor the national champion villanova wildcats at the white house. we'll bring this to you live. you can see the live picture from the white house. we're just waiting for that to happen. >> we'll go back to that as soon as the president is there. first, glenn with weather. >> well certainly feeling like summer out there today. the rain has moved out. 87 in philadelphia. 86 in allentown. 87 in trenton. we have temperature ss nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. mt. holly, 8 degrees warmer. 10 degrees warmer in dover.
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it's a warm afternoon. though it's not quite as humid as it has been. let's see how things are going in some of our western suburbs. chester county montgomery bucks, even delaware county. west bradford township, 85 degrees. exton at 86. warmer in some other places. malvern, 86. college collegeville 90 degrees. north wales, 88 bensalem 86 degrees. you can get your area's forecast at the bottom of the screen at any time during the weather. you don't have to wait until the end. it's not just for philadelphia anymore. there's the only activity on the radar going down through sussex county in delaware. looks like it's weakening a bit. just south of seshgs ifort and continuing to move towards the maryland eastern shore. we have moisture along north carolina from the remnants of
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bochbny but it's not moving much at all. so our main issue is the wind coming out of the east that will cause this gradual cooling trend as temperatures drop. near 88 today. 82 tomorrow. 76 degrees on thursday. that's even without rainfall. just the east wind will take care of that. the next three days temperatures not only going down, but cloud cover increasing. friday we have the best chance of rain for the rest of the week. for philadelphia, p.a. suburbs, you can see those temperatures down. lehigh valley down to 73 for a high on friday. that's pretty cool for this time of the year. jersey shore, 68. friday 66 degrees with the east wind so it will be cool and wet
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later in the week. tomorrow, not as cool lansdale 79. allentown, 80. all these places should stay dry tomorrow. not a zero percent chance of rain, more like 10% to 20% in any one spot. haddonfield at 79 degrees. we have the sea breeze coming in. it will be cooler at the shore than it will be in philadelphia over the next five days. the best chance of rain, again on friday. much cooler at the shore. chance of showers lingering at the shore on saturday. then a stronger system comes in for sunday. looks like showers and thunderstorms thunderstorms in a good bit of the area. we'll see what's ahead for next week later. >> thanks. coming up, we're waiting at the white house. >> the president preparing to honor the villanova wildcatsment we'll bring that to you live.
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first a look at closing bell on wall street. a mixed day with the dow and s&p ending down but the nasdaq finishing up.
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president obama preparing to honor the villanova wildcats in the east room at the white house. everybody getting to their feet so it's underway. let's listen in. >> you can see the team standing there, waiting for president obama. let's listen in to what he has to say. >> hello, everybody. hello. please have a seat. welcome to the white house. i guess it is the blue and white house today because we're gives it up to the ncaa champion villanova wildcats.
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you should know we have big nova fans here from both sides of the aisle. we want to acknowledge villanova president, peter donahue who is here. athletic director mark jackson, who capped off his first year as athletic director with a national championship. pretty good job. pretty good. unfortunately perhaps the most important nova grad here, dr. joe biden, jill biden could not be here. i think she's teaching. her husband, joe, wanted me to remind you that he picked nova to win it all.
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this is the type of wise counsel that you are looking for from a vice president. unfortunately i didn't follow his counsel so my bracket was busted. we have the best dressed man in college ball. the george clooney of coaches. jay wright. and today we celebrate a remarkable team that worked tirelessly to make coach look good in terms of his job and not just his wardrobe. his taylorilor and stylist could not make it but we do have his basketball players here. coach wright and this team treated us to as memorable a run and as memorable a championship game that i can remember. we'll talk more about that game in a second. these wildcats were more about one moment or one shot.
4:26 pm
they had unbelievable defense. they had great clutch shooting. a senior class that won more games than any group in wildcat history. they had a stable of talented players who were as happy hitting the deck for a loose ball as they were cutting down the nets. >> you had daniel oechchefu who grabbed 900 boards. pretty good. also not afraid to do the little things. we saw him grab the mop in the middle of the game. we had josh hart who led the wild cats in scoring. congratulations. josh, where did you go to school? sidwell friends school.
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my daughter will be graduating from there next week, which makes me cry when i talk about it. so i won't talk about it. it was good to see a sidwell kid do well. chris jenkins, aka big smooth [ applause ] who learned how to shoot from his mom. moms know what they're talking about. and then there is ryan arcidiacono. i just sped through that in case i didn't say it right. barack obama is tough, but arcidiacono, that's a lot of vowels in there. so we're just going to call him arch. captain since his freshman year. wore the blue and white in more games than any wildcat ever.
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went out in out outstanding player in the final four. we're very very proud of him. [ applause ] but more than any individual honor, this team possessed something that the coaches preached from day one, that's attitude. address coach wright says in life you can control what happens to you but you do control how you respond to it. that's how they bounced back from disappointing turn thes the past few years, how they rommed through the first three rounds by an average of 24 points, beat kansas to punch the ticket to the final four in houston they blew the doors off oklahoma by a 44-point margin. all of which set up an unbelievable showdown with the tar heels. may be the best title game of
4:29 pm
all time. just the last few seconds could be a documentary. you had an unbelievable double clutch circus shot from marcus page on usc's team a lot of teams who have had their spirit broken. wildcats, they took control they responded. on a play called nova kris took a pass from arch pulled up a few steps behind the line and shot this team into basketball lore. that was a good shot. it was like a gemmy v. running up and down the court shot. charles barkley apparently jumped out of his see the, which he doesn't do often these days. legendary coach massimino who led the wildcats to their first
4:30 pm
title 31 years ago, couldn't be prouder. coach wright played it cool. turned around shook hands like nothing happened. but i know inside he was pretty excited. so he this is a team for the ages on and off the court. their grades ranked in the top 10% nationally. [ applause ] all five seniors graduated. ever since the 1970s, the wildcats have graduated every four-year player. that's the kind of record you want. they're also involved in the philadelphia community, serving meals for those in need. supporting the special olympics a few days after their win, arch and the chef heard about a fan,
4:31 pm
small boy battling cancer who could use a boost. so without fanfare they snuck into the boy's basement hid in his play house to surprise him which seems a little scary. but their hearts were there the right place. that's what we saw all year from this team. the heart of a champion. so congratulations to the wildcats for an unbelievable season. with that let me give the podium very quickly to coach wright. >> mr. president, after the championship, we had a big press conference, but nothing as big as this. >> we have a lot of cameras. >> this is big time. on behalf of our entire nova family i want to thank you and your staff for inviting us to
4:32 pm
the white house. this is a great day for villanova university. you invited all the pomtitions everybody connected to villanova. thank you for doing that. your staff has been incredibility to us. you're a great leader. we want two of our leaders, ryan arcidiacono and daniel ochefu to share with you the jersey 44th president of the united states that we wore this year at pearl harbor. and it was on pearl harbor day. it says on there for your great leadership, your service to our country, you're truly a great role model for our young men. we want them to be great leaders like you. we thank you for everything you do to our country and we welcome you to the nova nation with your nova jersey. >> thank you very much.
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>> fantastic. thank you very much. >> lots of smiles and laughter in the east room of the white house. the president said it was transformed into the blue and white house today in honor of the villanova wildcats. the president singling out the team and the game as memorable a championship game as i can remember. he also singled out the players, ryan arcidiacono, didn't get his name quite right. but he did praise him none the less during the news conference which brought a smile to ryan's face. >> and joking how difficult it
4:34 pm
was with so many vowels and how he thought barack obama was a difficult name to pronounce. president there greeting all of the team members for the villanova wildcats. after this victory -- obama exiting. there was so much excitement with this team after the victory. they had the parade in center city. they rang the bell on the new york stock exchange and received a phone call from president obama, head coach jay wright said, but this trumps it all. the ability to go to the white house, be greeted personally by the president, and stand there in the east room of the white house. such an exciting day for all of them. >> a moment they will never forget. keith jones is there for it as well. nova alum as we well know. he'll have a complete wrapup of the ceremony at 5:00. we'll look forward to that. >> let's turn to the weather and the hot temperatures we saw over the holiday weekend.
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they're back. nbc 10 at logan circle where these people were trying to beat the heat at the fountain there. a live look at boathouse row. looks calm peaceful. anywhere near the water a great place to be. our forecast will begin to cool off in the coming days. >> glenn "hurricane"schwartz is trak tracking trak tracking the changes. >> today is the warmest day of the week. every other day will get cooler. lehigh valley warm at 86. much of delaware into the mid 80s. philadelphia at 87. and we have hit 90 degrees three different times in a row. so we have had our first official heat wave. let's look at some of the neighborhoods in the lehigh valley and berks county. berks, 85 degrees in reading. 85 in kutztown. 88 in bethlehem.
4:36 pm
86 in nazareth. 88 in whitehall. that's pretty warm. relatively humid but not as humid as yesterday. the only showers down in southern sussex county. they're weakening on into the maryland eastern shore. so the temperature trends up to about 88 today after 79 yesterday. then starting to go down wednesday and thursday and friday should be in the 70s as well. so, it will be a while before that heat returns. as you can see, as we go through the evening hours, we expect partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. generally dry. p.a. suburbs down to 63 tomorrow morning. the humidity drops a little bit. we're not expecting any big increase in the heat or the humidity for the rest of the week. the rain chances will go up. i'll have that in detail with the ten-day in a few minutes. >> rain in the rage. new research reveals those
4:37 pm
marital spats may lead to something serious later in life. and important information for parents here. the children's hospital of philadelphia has new research on concussions in young athletes.
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries.
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♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪ google is showing researchers that chicken pox may be a seasonal disease. a study in the national academy of sciences showed how scientists studied the search engine's data from 11 countries. that data showed chicken pox cases peaking in the spring. how you handle a fight with your significant other could impact your health. a new study from northwestern
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university found people especially men, who scream and yelled during a dispute have an increased chance of chest pain or high blood pressure. on the other hand those who withdraw from conflict are more likely to have a bad back or stiff muscles. maybe because they're holding it all in. >> it's not good either way for anybody. >> i don't know. i think a bad back is more tolerable. can you tell i'm not -- >> i'm not arguing with you. to this now too good to be true. up next a warning about cruise deals from the nbc 10 response team.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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a really high pressure sales call leaves a student out hundreds of dollars. >> so who did he contact? nbc 10 response. >> it's happened to you, happened to me a call to your cell phone offering you a
4:45 pm
wonderful vacation. but the deal may not be as wonderful as you thought. >> reporter: like many of us and dru is on a budget. when he got a call for a deal on a cruise he listened. the cruise came with a special rate. >> today is the only day. >> reporter: wilson decided to take it and shelled out 700 bucks. he checked out the company online. >> you go in the fine print, they do mention they're like well, specific service charges and fees. >> reporter: fees including a fuel supplement of $12 per person per day. and the package does not include port charges, government taxes or service charges. anyone who takes the cruise must attend a presentation on the sale of time shares. wilson decided to cut his losses and not take the trip. the cruise line was not about to give up. 18 months later, called again looking for more cash. >> he's like well i feel bad about you missing out on this
4:46 pm
opportunity. >> reporter: wilson was reconsidering trying to take the trip, so he reached toutout to nbc 10 responds to check out the company further. when we ahold of the better business bureau there were more than 100 complaints there. the company deniedy died the allegations. nbc 10 responds reached out to royal bahama to get their perspective. >> may i speak to your supervisorment. >> after making several calls, those who answered the phone declined to transfer to us with anyone who speaks to the media. as for wilson he says next time he will do his research first. >> that was my mistake. don't do the same. >> here's what you need to know. the federal trade mission tells us if commission tells us if you get one of these calls, get all of
4:47 pm
the information in writing before you buy, and if you don't want the calls, register your phone number on >> i like that registry. >> it probably seems to tempting. hey, do you want to go to the bahamas? sure. i do. does it fall under the category if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> it's also too expensive to lose. >> you reach harry if you have a problem and nbc 10 responds by heading to our website. click on the nbc 10 responds page there, fill out the consumer complaint form or call 610-668-responds. do not mess with adele. >> the music star is using her voice to say more than hello. she's get her message across.
4:48 pm
>> i want to tell that lady or girl, can you stop filming me with the video camera? i'm really here live. >> yeah. he's not afraid to make that message clear in the middle of a concert. adele on stage. what she's saying next.
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your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew
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better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year no-cost powertrain warranty. she's a sassy britt who doesn't mince words. >> and one of adele's fans found that out the hard way. >> can you stop videotaping me? i'm here live. >> during her show in verona she called out the woman for filming the show. she then asked the woman to take her tripod down she set up and
4:52 pm
that she so consider herself lucky for getting in. >> maybe she is a huge fan and wanted to mem moreorialize it. >> and with a tripod. so many people get caught up in the phones living in the moment, you almost have to stop and think about it. soak it in. >> the memorial day weekend is over. >> it is notschltis. not for everyone the another day of big crowds for a premiere amusement park and some big thrills are making that happen.
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>> the memorial day weekend may be over but dorney park and wild water kingdom are packed again, reaping the benefits of that
4:56 pm
beautiful weather we've had. >> as randy gyllenhaal reports, some new thrills are helping to attract those crowds. >> when the sun is this hot at dorney park you either cool down on the coasters or take a dive at the water park now open for the first time this season. >> it's like july heat in may. >> reporter: fresh off big memorial day crowds the mark is gearing up for summer camps families. >> really hot. >> the weather is beautiful. being tuesday after memorial day, added bonus for everyone. >> reporter: and we caught up with the hogset family from ohio visiting allentown for the first time. >> we went to new york city hung out there. this is on the way home. >> reporter: this summer the park is looking to reach those new visitors using an owed
4:57 pm
twist, renovating one of the country's longest standing roller coaster, the thunderhawk got a facelift this winter. it was built 93 years ago. >> it's our oldest roller coaster here. we had some renovations, it got new trains new paint job. we have l.e.d. libts s lights added at night. >> reporter: the park will be open every day for the summer and is one of the top destinations in the lehigh valley. coming up next one family's miracle on market street. >> their daughter fighting for her life they just wanted to get her before the pope. no they reunited with the people who made that dream happen. and a murder mystery in chester county. how police discovered a woman's body dumped in this pond and the photos they hope can identify her. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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. >> i guess it is the blue and white house today because we're giving it up to the 2016 ncaa champion villanova wildcats. >> right now at 5:00 the wildcats at the white house. how president obama congratulated villanova on its championship and gave one player a nickname for the day. plus another hot day out there. near 90 degrees.


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