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tv   Today  NBC  June 22, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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ago. >> i walked uphill barefoot my last day of school. >> 13 miles in the pouring rain. >> thanks for watching. good morning. trump's turn. a day after hillary clinton attacks him for his failed business deals and questions his readiness to be president, donald trump expected to deliver a blistering takedown of her and her husband in a speech today. going to extremes. more than 60 million americans at risk for severe storms. hail and tornadoes possible across the midwest while out west soaring temperatures and wildfires still a major concern. lost at sea. a father and his three teenagers vanish during a weekend sailing trip off florida. this morning the desperate search to find them. and touchdown. a rescue plane has landed at the south pole to get at least one sick worker out but will the
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weather cooperate long enough to let them take off today, wednesday, june 22nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. not often that we ask al roker for a forecast for the south pole. >> we'll have the latest on that in a bit. >> let us begin with the campaign trail and what's expected to be a blistering attack by donald trump on hillary clinton and her husband. this comes a day after hillary clinton launched a preemptive attack on trump. our decision 2016 team has it all covered. let's start with halle jackson at trump downtown where he'll deliver this speech. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is hoping to show he's moving into a new phase of
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his campaign moving past what's been a rough week after that staff shake-up, after news of low fund-raising numbers and now he plans to argue that it's hillary clinton not fighting for every day americans. trump's turn as he looks to counter her blistering attack against him. donald trump in hillary clinton's crosshairs now ready to attack back. >> i said this time we're going to cover it point by point and we'll also cover it. i'll do a speech. >> reporter: a senior campaign source telling nbc news trump today will hit clinton on trade, terrorism, human rights, immigration and the clinton family foundation through it all trying to counter his opponent's tuesday takedown when clinton knocked trump on the business record he boasts about. >> he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> reporter: her campaign arguing he's at odds with his own message. >> trump ties are made in china. trump suits in mexico.
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i would love for him to explain how all that fits with his talk about america first. >> reporter: trump's comeback -- >> hint is only right about one thing. i understand debt and how to handle it. i made a fortune with debt. debt for this country is a disaster and obama as piled it on and she's been there watching. >> reporter: his team's rapid responses typical in most political campaigns missing from trump's until now. a sign of change after this week's staff shake-up. the candidate trying to prove his campaign is get more professional after struggling to raise money in may looking to get more big money donors onboard including some of wall street's wealthiest. at a fund-raiser overnight and shore up support among skeptical evangelicals at a meeting in manhattan where he appeared to question his rival's faith. >> she's been in the public eye for years and years and yet there's no -- nothing out there.
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>> reporter: clinton a longtime methodist. >> i'm a person of faith. i am a christian. >> reporter: all of it previewing the general election fight this fall. both candidates clearly ready for battle. >> this is different. this is much nastier. i cannot believe it. i thought it would be, you know, actually you would think it would be easier. >> reporter: clinton meanwhile is set to head to washington, d.c. and then deliver another speech later today not so much hitting trump but promoting her own policies on the economy and that is a topic where she trails trump, matt and savannah, with new polling showing more voters trust him on the economy. >> let's bring in our experts. guys, good morning to you. this is day one of trump 2.0. he got rid of his campaign manager who was rather controversial and trying to act more like a professional campaign. is this going to calm the nerves of republicans? >> it doesn't take much to calm their nerves because they're doing baby steps. they're doing the most basic of
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things which they weren't doing before. it's an improvement. washington republicans, a lot of donors, so so desperate to have someone to rally around that if they continue to improve baby step by baby step, they won't catch up to clinton campaign in terms of structure but it will calm nerves. >> he goes out yesterday and questions her faith and even though she's spoken on numerous occasions about her faith. how is that an improvement? >> i said baby steps. they did respond to her speech. they did have this meeting organized with evangelicals and doing basic things. they'll never catch up to where the clinton campaign is. if they do better, the trick for trump is to convince people he can win. the national polls have spooked so many to say this thing could be over. trump needs to get back in the game. that kind of stuff helps him. >> let's go to steve on those numbers. yes, we saw three battleground
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state polls you have races that are dead heats after clinton had some of the best few weeks of her campaign and trump has had some of the worst few weeks. how do you explain those numbers? >> it's amazing. if you took the 2012 electoral map and kept it the same. if you can flip ohio, pennsylvania and florida, you're the next president. for all of the trouble he's had, dead even in ohio and pennsylvania. florida is bad news for him. he's down in this thing. i think for republicans, a lot of them look at this and say if they run a competent campaign imagine where they would be. >> how worried is the clinton campaign about just that? as you just said and savannah just said great weeks for hillary clinton, terrible weeks for donald trump and they look at those polls in those states, how do they explain that? >> the poll on the economy, hillary clinton gives that speech yesterday. she's trying to discredit trump on the economy. you look up and see in that poll who do you trust more on the economy?
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trump leading clinton by eight points. they're aware of the challenge. that's where the speeches like you saw yesterday from hillary clinton are coming from. >> that poll had him ahead on the issue of terrorism against clinton. there are some rays of light for donald trump. what did you think of clinton's speech yesterday? she did this point by point takedown of him on the economy. was it effective? >> hillary clinton has a slogan to say "i'm with her." clinton wants to make this about don't be about him. i thought she was pretty good at saying some of the vulnerabilities trump has on position on the economy and on the record but as steve said there's indications this is one of the tougher issues for her and it's a big issue for voters. economy will be big. she'll keep talking about it. trump needs to fight back and convince people that her record on the economy isn't what voters are looking for. >> can you put in perspective the fund-raising numbers right now? trump with $1.3 million on hand at the end of june compared to 42 million for hillary clinton.
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have you seen anything like that? >> we've never seen a gap like this. you would say impossible to win in the fall. you would have looked at this situation heading into the primary campaign and said impossible to become the nominee and he did. >> he needs to write a big check or raise money. other people say that guy has enough money. i don't need to give it. it can cut both ways. >> thanks as always. >> let's turn to that severe weather threatening millions of americans today. serious stuff, al. >> it really is. we're concerned about this. especially over a wide swath. we're seeing one area of severe weather making its way from iowa into parts of northern illinois and central indiana. but we're also looking at this afternoon and into this evening. we've got low pressure moving into the plains. above average highs reaching triple digits plus a lot of moisture coming out of the gulf. that's going to fuel the formation of very strong storms.
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we've got morning storms this morning in chicago. a wind and tornado threat later. a strong risk of severe weather. straight line wind gusts of 75 miles per hour. tornadoes likely from just south of milwaukee, chicago, indianapolis, ft. wayne, cincinnati, columbus. what i'm really concerned about are folks live and work in high rises in these major metropolitan areas. what you want to do if there's a tornado warning or straight line winds, get away from the windows. move to your building's core. take cover in interior stairways and stay away from the elevators because if you get into those elevators, you may be looking at power outages that get you stuck in there and you can't get out. it's a real dangerous situation late this afternoon into this evening. we'll be watching this and there's the threat of flooding as well. a lot going on today. we'll talk about the heat a little bit later. >> you don't often sound the alarm like that. we'll take that seriously, al.
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thank you very much. meantime, we're learning more about the orlando gunman's final days and hours as more questions are being raised about whether the fbi missed warning signs. nbc's gabe gutierrez is on the story for us. >> reporter: good morning. as this memorial continues to grow, law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the night of the shooting, omar mateen went to the pulse nightclub at midnight and left for two hours and returned and started his rampage. all this as a man who tipped off the fbi about mateen in 2014 is speaking out. this morning around the pulse nightclub, a new beginning as law enforcement digs even deeper into omar mateen's past. >> i don't truly know what radicalized him. my guess is it was
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self-radicalization. >> reporter: he worshipped with mateen in ft. pierce, florida. >> very introverted. >> reporter: he was the one who tipped off the fbi about mateen two years ago. the agency had been investigating the first american-born suicide bomber in syria who worshipped at the same mosque and watched videos of radical islamic cleric. >> omar mentioned that he had seen videos which threw up a red flag for me. he said they were powerful. that raised the flag more. >> reporter: it's the second time the fbi had heard about mateen. he was investigated for extremist ties for inflammatory comments to co-workers. the fbi says both inquiries turned up nothing of substance. >> we're going back and looking at our contacts with him as we are asking people to look back at their contacts with him as well to determine what, if anything, we could have done better.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: officials are honoring three of the city's police officers who were among the first responders to arrive. officers brandon cornwell told "the washington post" there were tons of people running out of the club. i grabbed my assault rifle and ran toward the club. he told the paper those first officers aimed their assault rifles toward the bathroom where ma mateen was holed up. a source close to omar mateen's wife says she bought tickets to visit her mom in july. an indiana teenager in federal custody this morning accused of repeat dledly trying travel overseas to join isis. >> reporter: judging from the account the fbi provides, this is the story of an american d n
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teenager determined to join up with isis overseas but scared and confused about how to get there. these photos making the same gesture isis figures show in their propaganda. he was arrested at an indianapolis train station. he was stopped a year ago at the chicago airport trying to get to turkey but without enough time left on his passport. the fbi says while he was still in high school, he bought an isis flag, posted pro-isis messages on social media and youtube and began texting with isis figures overseas asking how he could get there to join them. eventually contacted by an fbi undercover operative pretending to have isis connections. how can one go to libya? in another he said he was scared because another isis contact told him he should go through sudan. the fbi says he visited a walmart store last month and
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appeared to shop for pressure cookers after researching explosives online but he didn't buy anything. fbi agents searched his apartment outside indianapolis after he was arrested. the fbi says 2 1/2 years ago after he posted al qaeda prop gran -- p -- >> a rare moment of cooperation between republicans and democrats. president obama expected to sign into law the first overall of toxic chemical rules in 40 years. lawmakers from both parties plan to join the president for that ceremony. the goal is to standardize on the national level what has been state rules governing an $800 billion a year industry. to a strange event tied to the olympics. a jaguar was shot dead after it
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escaped its handlers in brazil shortly after it poised with photographs with the torch. military officials tried to recapture her but when she lunged at a soldier she was shot with a pistol. efforts to save her were unsuccessful. the rio organizing committee expressed regret over the incident. rory mcilroy says he will not be competing in the summer games because of concerns over the zika virus. in a statement released this morning, the four-time major winner says "i've come to realize my health and my family's health comes before anything." even though the risk is considered low, it's a risk he's unwilling to take. the virus linked to birth defects and neurological issues
7:16 am
in adults. this kick by lionel messi etched his name in argentina's record book. argentina, 4, u.s., 0. argentina will play in sunday's championship game against the winner of the chili/colombia game. did you see that goal? he had this much room to fit that in. and made the kick. >> amazing. >> let's get the rest of your forecast. >> we're talking about heat and fires out west. this is in the foothills of southern california. it's more than 8 square miles. 5,400 acres. still not under control. we'll be watching that very, very closely. as you look at that heat, we're going to look at really marine layer helping to bring a little moisture down but it will be
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sizzling in the midsections of the country. temperatures will feel like from 100 to 120 degrees in some parts and is not going to really breakdown until early next week. we're going to get to your local forecast c twenty more years of this job? yikes. my kids say go for it, mom. be that woman who does what she loves. knows what she wants. "yeah, mom's gonna go for it!" except... i don't have a clue where to start. hey we hear you. that's why aarp created life reimagined. it's designed to help you find your true passion - with personal advice from experts, coaches and people like you who are going for it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know aarp. get to know us at good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a bought full summer day ahead. a breezy day but the winds will help us, bringing in drier air. it will warm into the upper 80s for philadelphia. the suburbs and the lehigh valley also seeing a warm
7:18 am
afternoon but the humidity drops as the temperatures come down. for south jersey, the jersey shore, into the 80s, those northwesterly winds pushing warm temperatures to the shore. a nice warmup with sunshine, for wilmington up to 87 degrees. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> coming up, drama at the south pole. aa rescue plane arrives to help save a sick worker but will the weather allow them to get out in time. high powered pair. ivanka and her husband are emerging as the new power couple driving this year's campaign. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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nbc 10 news starts now. good wednesday morning. i'm tracy davidson. just about 7:30 and we're seeing areas of fog out there. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley has an up ayet dan that. bill? >> dense fog in parts of the area. down to a quarter mile visibility in coatesville. look at quakertown at zero visibility this morning. some light fog in trenton has thickened up, dense fog there, too. scattered fog for south jersey, though improving conditions there. we will see sunshine take over. we're already seeing some sunshine but still clouds around. no rain clouds today. we'll warm into the upper 80s this afternoon. tra tracy? >> let's check conditions on the roads. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. we're watching 95, just
7:27 am
typical delays headed into center city. these are our cameras around cottman avenue. 26 minutes right now. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. also watching north wildwood for a downed tree on route 147 headed eastbound at west anglesey drive. there are lane restrictions and closures in the area. watch for detours. tracy in. >> >firefighters rescue a famil after a fireç started at west d street and yarnell that had six apartments. two adults and three children were pulled out through the fire escape. no one was seriously hurt. the red cross is helping tennants forced out of their apartments. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. the "today" show continues in just minutes. i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching. have a great day. ♪
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we're back this 7:30 wednesday morning, 22nd of june 2016. tomorrow the streak continues. macklemore and ryan lewis on our summer concert stage and if that's not enough, steven tyler will be here live on our plaza. >> good week for music lovers. let's look at some of the headlines this morning. after being the target of a harsh attack by hillary clinton on tuesday, donald trump promising to hit back today in the big speech focusing on her record on trade, terrorism, human rights and the clinton family foundation. the coast guard is searching this morning for a missing
7:31 am
father and three teenagers in the waters off florida. the father called a family member on sunday to say the boat was hitting rough seas. they have not been seen since. a celebration 52 years in the making in cleveland this morning. around 1 million people expected at the victory parade for the nba champion cavaliers. first title in a major sport for that city since 1964. now to a rescue mission at the bottom of the world. encouraging news this morning in the desperate effort to rescue at least one sick worker stranded at a remote research center at the south pole facing risky weather conditions one evacuation flight has arrived there. nbc's bill neely on the latest this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that emergency plane is poised to take off but it's got to wait for a break in this. terrible weather. such biting cold that aircraft parts can freeze as well as sick
7:32 am
patients. normally nobody takes off in this for eight months of the year. but this is a life or death mission. a risky rescue is under way this morning. the fragile plane now in a brutal landscape on the darkest day of the winter. >> this is the toughest time of year we could possibly be going into antarctica. it's dark 24 hours a day. very cold. >> reporter: in fact, right now it's more than 100 below zero with windchill. a real danger to the plane. >> you get to the point where temperatures go low enough and fuel itself could gel. >> reporter: the mission is to evacuate a worker who in spite of all of the medical facilities there now has a life threatening illness. jeffrey worked at the base. >> getting sick is an issue there based on the isolation. that is absolutely something people worry about. >> reporter: the plane flew
7:33 am
1,500 miles from the edge of antarctica to the base but a second plane is waiting to rescue it if it has problems. the conditions are horrendous. this is a previous rescue. today's crew has landed. they're now resting and then they have to wait until the polar weather is right to take off again. >> have to be very deliberate in this sort of thing. you can't just rush out. >> reporter: i know because i've been there. eight years ago in what was perfect conditions for a rescue. antarctica is already the windiest place on earth. 70-mile-an-hour gusts today and this is midsummer. today it's mid winter so they wait in ice and dark at the bottom of the earth while a life hangs in the balance. now, how long they have to wait is anybody's guess. i waited four days in these conditions for a flight out and that was midsummer.
7:34 am
i just checked the very latest temperature. it's still dropping. 115 degrees below zero. your breath would freeze and the coffees would always be iced. fingers crossed for the success of that mission. >> incredible you've been there and experienced that. thank you very much. mr. roker, what's going to happen there? >> the good news is at least as far as any kind of precipitation, they're not going to have any problems there. they are going to look at currently -- this is current air temperature at the south pole. it's minus 78. winds out of the west at 14 so windchills are minus 82 but reaching about minus 100. it's going to be very, very difficult. >> tough conditions. >> thank you very much. now more on the race for the white house and the surprising new power couple emerging as a force in this year's campaign shaking up the dynamic already. peter alexander has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this recent shake-up within team trump is focusing new attention
7:35 am
on the real power players behind the scenes. daughter ivanka trump has always had a direct line to her dad but so does her husband, jared kushner. despite limited political experience operating with extraordinary influence. while the spotlight is on donald trump, another power couple gaining traction. ivanka trump and jared kushner. >> do you love ivanka? i love ivanka. jared is a successful real estate person but i think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. i must tell you. he's very good at politics. >> reporter: now taking up central roles in the campaign sources tell nbc news that the family is fully in charge. >> he's not surrounded by political operatives. it's his kids and his son-in-law who are coming and going. >> reporter: 34-year-old ivanka made her name as a model,
7:36 am
fashion and style mogul but long been a presence in her father's boardrooms in real estate and tv and ivanka launched his father into his latest venture. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you today a man who i have loved and respected my entire life, my father, donald j. trump. >> reporter: friction between her husband and former campaign manager cory lewandowski led to his dismissal. >> ivanka likes corey. i read the reports about children and it's all nonsense. >> reporter: ivanka's husband is involved in a search for vp and crafting speeches like this one to the pro-israel lobby.
7:37 am
>> when i become president, the days of treating israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. >> reporter: the 35 year old no stranger to power or controversy. in 2004, the age the 23, taking over the family's lucrative real estate business after his father went to jail for tax evasion. kushner has been publisher of "new york observer" for a decade. a paper that endorsed trump in april and when support from fellow republicans uncertain, trump is counting on family to keep his campaign on course. we learned that jared kushner will help craft -- did help craft trump's speech he will deliver attacking hillary clinton later this afternoon. what's next for kushner and ivanka? it sounds unlikely they would fill out a cabinet here in washington. asked if there will be a role for them in a trump white house, donald trump answered simply probably not. matt and savannah.
7:38 am
>> thank you very much. speaking of the news, timing is everything. we just brought you that story about the rescue mission at the south pole. >> ten seconds later we got word that rescue mission has taken off. they're on their way. we'll keep you posted on what happens there. let's turn to the weather. >> we will be looking at heavy rain later on today into tomorrow for parts of the mid-atlantic states. look at what happened in washington, d.c. late last night into this morning. so much rain metro station flooded out and people had to be evacuated off of subway trains there in washington d.c. the other big story, the heat. this high pressure ridge has pushed the jet stream way up to the north. look at these temperatures. st. louis today, 102 degrees. that's 16 degrees above average. by the end of the week, mid 80s in new england, new york city, buffalo, charleston and it will extend all of the way into the southwest and again the big problem is the heat in cars. if you have an air temperature outside of about 80 degrees, the closed windows in your car,
7:39 am
within ten minutes, it goes up to 93 degrees. within 30 minutes, the temperature inside that car, 109. within an hour, you can see a temperature of 127 degrees. and even if it's about in the mid 60s outside with the windows closed and the window cracked, the temperature can get to 100 to 110 degrees in that car. that's why it's so dangerous to leave anybody in that car in a closed environmen good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful summer day ahead. a breezy day but the winds will help us, bringing in drier air. it will warm into the upper 80s for philadelphia. the suburbs and the lehigh valley also seeing a warm afternoon but the humidity drops as the temperatures come down. for south jersey, the jersey shore, into the 80s, those northwesterly winds pushing warm temperatures to the shore. a nice warmup with sunshine, for wilmington up to 87 degrees. have a great day.
7:40 am
>> that's your latest weather. >> timing is everything. speaking of the subject just talked about, the heat in cars -- >> we'll have a story later about new technology they hope will prevent those kind of accidents. coming coming up on "trendit mark zuckerberg doesn't really want you to see. cleared for takeoff. the new rules for drones that could let thousands more fly could let thousands more fly each day. technology is useful. could let thousands more fly each day. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending. lol.
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7:43. we're back with something new in the air. the skies are getting friendlier for drones with new government rules on those unmanned flyers. >> nbc's tom costello covers aviation and has more. >> new rules are opening up for drones use. for the most part they'll only be allowed to fly during the day within line of sight but for companies looking for big profits from drones, it's not all good news. this morning there are new rules in the air for drones. now clear for takeoff, commercial drones used by the likes of ski resorts, filmmakers, farmers and real estate agents. >> just gives you one more tool to make a buying choice. >> reporter: until now you needed a special waiver to fly a commercial drone. 6,300 granted since 2014. now the door is open for tens of
7:45 am
thousands more without the special waiver. >> this is the faa doing something that they really have never done before which is to create a permissive, progressive environment that makes it easy for people to be able to operate. >> reporter: the drones must be under 55 pounds and fly within sight of the operator. they can't fly higher than 400 feet or faster than 100 miles per hour and they must stay at least five miles away from an airport. the rules are important because close calls happen. pilots report 100 run-ins with drones each month mostly around airports. >> the stakes are very high in the sense that nobody wants to see a catastrophic incident or commercial fatality. >> reporter: still in the works what's considered the next frontier for drones. >> you're getting a message on your tablet to say that your delivery is arriving. >> reporter: commercial delivery drones flown out of the sight of operators and that means companies like amazon need
7:46 am
permission from the faa. >> there is hope for them to have this dream of package delivery. >> reporter: business now increasingly with a bird's-eye view. >> the faa will only allow the packages delivered on drones within the operator's line of sight. the new commercial drone rules go into effect in august. get one and bring it home to the kids. >> or to the husband in my case. tom costello, thank you. coming up, breaking silence about the mid air outburst. >> but dylan is in the orange >> but dylan is in the orange room with a be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer.
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7:50 am
so convincing. big improvement. awkward... >> there's a reason we're playing the barney song. it's carson's birthday. >> have a super duper day. >> we got him a barney cake. why barney? >> it's a very interesting story. the brave firefighters in alabama rescued a girl after she was trapped for 45 minutes inside a barney head. 15-year-old put the head on to prank her friends but got stuck when the whole thing slid over her shoulders. she couldn't get out. her friends tried whatever they could. they tugged and pulled and
7:51 am
rubbrub rubbed vaseline on her. you head down to the firestation and thanks to the help of these fi firefighters they used tools to free her. i asked darby if she is claustrophobic. >> initially i'm not. when it came to being stuck inside the barney head that changed. >> so your friends are posting pictures and video all over social media. were you embarrassed to let the world know what was happening? >> honestly know. it was really overwhelming. i was stunned to see how far it had gone. it's just a big laugh. >> i'm glad she can laugh about it. the fire department went onto share the story on facebook and posted this. serving the community no matter what the need may be. i asked her if she knew who barney was and she said she grew up watching barney. >> luckily they had just done a barney drill the week before.
7:52 am
>> always prepared. dylan, thank you. still to come, mustard or ketchup? a new twist on the old debate, which is better for you. >> white house drama. the cast of the "west wing" is back. our all-star reunion after your local news. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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7:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. i'm tracy davidson. good morning. let's check the forecast with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill, last time we checked with you there was fog and reduced visibility. >> still some areas of fog but most of the area seeing more and more sunshine. look at the suburbs, for example. that's king of prussia, few scattered clouds there. no sign of any fog, 76 degrees at 10:00. into the low 80s by 1:00 this afternoon. the fog will be disappearing. the clouds will be out of here. sunshine, look at these humidity will be falling during the day. a warmup even for the shore, 86 degrees and the wind blowing out of the northwest there, too. tracy in. >> we like lower humidity. how about it, jessica boyington? >> definitely good for the hair day. route 42, we're starting here, not good for your morning drive right now. this is over in deptford where northbound we're approaching an
7:57 am
accident scene, doubling this drive time, almost tripling it actually. it's typically a four to five-minute trip. now 13 minutes. heading into philadelphia northbound from 55 up through the walt whitman bridge, we'll we'll be seeing those delays today the national weather service will investigate whether a tornado caused damage in cape may county. residents will be cleaning up today. at least a dozen trees fell on shirley avenue. the national championship villanova men's basketball team will get another award. they'll be presented with the 2016 john wanamaker athletic award during a ceremony at the crystal tea room. summer season officially opens today at some of the city pools today. all will be open by july 1st. another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. the "today" show tens in just minutes. i'm tracy davidson. have a great day.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, life saver. as temperatures heat up, so does the risk for hot car deaths across the nation. we've got the latest technology aimed at preventing the fatal and all too common mistake. >> we can sense there may be something in the back seat. we can let you know. plus, reunited. >> come help us out. >> the cast and creator of the "west wing" together. >> this guy was a staffer and he goes, hey, i just want to tell you that your show is the reason i went into politics. i spy. why this photo of facebook ceo
8:01 am
mark zuckerberg's laptop is turning heads this morning. today, wednesday, june 22nd, 2016. >> we came to be in your neck of the woods. >> we're from mississippi. we love the "today" show. ♪ >> celebrating my 16th birthday. ♪ we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 22nd day of june, 2016. we've got a huge crowd out on the plaza on what is a picture
8:02 am
perfect summer day. al, explain this. this is not spring break anymore. >> this is summer break now. wow. a lot of family reunions i see. girl scouts over there. >> it's so loud out here you may have missed natalie morales' throwback wednesday song. >> it's a good summer song. "california girl." clearly she doesn't know the words but that's okay. coming up, summer entertaining cheaper and chiccer. great steals and deals that will want you to invite the whole neighborhood over. >> a new way to eat your veggies in cake believing it or not. we're cooking up meat-free meals including a show stopping black velvet cake for dessert. >> man, can she cook. that's all i'm going to say.
8:03 am
let's head inside. natalie has a check of the top stories. >> good morning, everyone. it's donald trump's turn to go on the attack today with a speech that is expected to hit hillary clinton hard on trade, terrorism, immigration, and the clinton family foundation. on tuesday, clinton mocked trump's record as a businessman saying all of his books seem to end at chapter 11 and he appeared to question her faith telling a group of evangelicals that clinton has been out there for years but the public doesn't know anything about her in terms of religion. clinton, a longtime methodist says she's a person of faith. republicans are expected to bring a bipartisan gun control bill to a vote this week. the effort spearheaded by main republican senator susan collins would block people on two terrorist watch lists from buying guns. the measure is opposed by the
8:04 am
nb nra. speaking for the first time about the night of prince's death. >> reporter: this morning new details from onboard prince's plane just six days before his death. >> what's the nature of the emergency? >> onboard the flight, judith hill, prince's protege speaking out publicly for the first time telling "the new york times" it was she who noticed prince suddenly lose consciousness. if she had glanced away down at her phone or instant, she might have thought he dozed off. thankfully, hill says, i happen to be looking into his face. >> what happened on the plane was a shock to her. she had no idea that he was taking anything. and she never experienced him have an episode like that. >> reporter: hill who later went to the hospital says prince was serious about getting help
8:05 am
alluding to his reported problem with prescription pain pills. in a strange change of events, hill was scheduled to perform a duet with michael jackson in his comeback tour but three weeks before that show, the king of pop passed away. >> such an overwhelming shock to go from this huge show. >> reporter: hill says she only new jackson as a fan and as someone that worked for him. the "times" reporting her grief for prince was much more personal. asked whether her relationship with prince was romantic, she said only that "there was a very intense relationship. i deeply cared for him." >> his story is her story because they were so intertwined for the last two years. their lives were so connected. >> judith hill told "the new york times" prince never revealed to her she was in pain. a portrait has set a record. an unanimous bidder paid more
8:06 am
than $63 million tuesday night in london. picasso painted the portrait inspired by his lover while they were on vacation in 1909. very nice. a monkey opened a door and escaped when a zoo employee stepped out to help a visitor. he's been spotted climbing on trees and buildings within the zoo grounds but the tough part is luring him back down now that he's had a little taste of the high life. bananas don't do it. not enough in the world. >> up the game there. >> natalie, thank you very much. coming up, protecting kids and pets from an all too common summer tragedy. the new technology that could make hot car deaths a thing of the past. prescription for health. how google may be the answer when it comes to your biggest medical question. and jimmy fallon meets all
8:07 am
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8:10 am
we're back. we have life saving technology to tell you about. the record setting heat has already been deadly. children are vulnerable during these hot summer months. >> dozens of children die after being trapped in hot cars. there's encouraging news this season. >> reporter: with a heat wave gripping much of the country , s we're seeing reports of children dying in hot cars. a story far too common this time of year but there's hope new
8:11 am
technology will help save lives. it's a deadly mistake being made by an increasing number of parents. >> a 3 year old is the latest hot car death. >> reporter: forgetting your most precious cargo in the car. >> i can understand how it can happen where parents get in the routine and you just kind of forget. >> you do see the news and you wonder, yeah, it could easily happen to me where you could forget about things because there's so many things going on in your head. >> reporter: each year an average of 37 children die from heat stroke trapped in a hot car. >> children heat up three to five times faster than an adult. >> reporter: kate carr is the president of the nonprofit safe kids worldwide. >> there's been a lot of research into how in the world can a parent forget their child and what we see is that in most cases parents were operating outside of their routine. >> reporter: and now new high tech products are adding reminders to stop hot car deaths. this week gmc is rolling out a new rear seat reminder in select
8:12 am
suvs. if you open the rear door when you get in, the alarm will go off when you get out. tricia helped develop the technology. she's the mom of two. in tampa, florida, two dads turned entrepreneurs started this kick-starter to fund sense a life. a new iphone app and sensor. if your phone gets too far away from the sensor on the car seat, the alarm sounds to remind parents their kids are in the back seat. and online, dozens of new products to help keep your little one safe like ride and remind. a device that will sound your car alarm if you forget to open up your back door. why not have a warning signal for what actually matters most? if you want a lower tech option, consider getting an extra large back seat mirror which serves as an added visual reminder. some parents also like to leave
8:13 am
their briefcase or handbag in the back seat to direct their attention to the back before getting out of the car. >> anything that sparks your memory is important. thank you very much. >> joe, thank you. let's shift gears. it's "trending "time. >> have you ever felt ache and pains and decided to do a google search for answers. information can be wrong. that's putting it mildly. sometimes you diagnose yourself with a life threatening illness when it's a cold. google is trying to fix that. okay. on the google app you'll find approved information on common health problems like a stomach ache and the feature will tell you if the issue can be treated at home or if it requires professional attention. who likes to google their own diseases? >> any time the kids have a stomach ache, my husband goes they have appendicitis.
8:14 am
relax. thank you, google. >> there are things where your symptom is a headache. it's brain cancer. >> or a flu. amazing how the spectrum is this large. >> dr. google. now something interesting in a photo. people are noticing it. mark zuckerberg posted this photo online. do you see anything unusual here? mark posted the photo on facebook to taut instagram's success. facebook owns instagram. what really got people talking is mark's laptop. look closely. he has a piece of tape over both the camera and the audio jack. security experts warn that hackers can infiltrate computers secretly taking control of cameras and recording sound. zuckerberg taking no chances. i also noticed an anchor of nbc "nightly news" does it on the phone. >> it's weird when you take a
8:15 am
selfie and can't see anything. >> we started doing that at home in our kids' rooms especially. >> do you have black tape we can borrow? >> duct tape. >> all right. go around the table. quick survey. favorite condiment. >> relish. >> you are pregnant. >> natalie? >> that's for sure. i like salsa. >> salsa. >> sauerkraut. >> spicy mustard. >> we now have the best and worst condiments ranked based on health and not taste. calories and fat. the top three, number one, mustard. i love mustard. mustard healthy. and the worst, no surprises here. tarter sauce. ranch. just to kill your joy completely, mayonnaise. dead last. mayonnaise. >> it's so good. >> miracle whip.
8:16 am
>> by the way, you did a great job. makes everything a little salsier. >> she makes it up. let's try an experiment. we've given you a piece of circumstan paper with a circle drawn on it. draw a face. >> add a smile. >> i'm drawing you, matt. >> you guys are getting really into this. >> let's see your -- you did -- >> what? >> al? that's al's. natalie's is good. >> really good. >> okay. do you know what's interesting
8:17 am
here, everybody pretty much got this right? >> i'm no picasso. what happens is according to researchers, almost all people if you're a child or adult, you put eyes too high on the face. >> did we? >> most of you did pretty well. most people assume the eyes are up in the forehead when technically your eyes are in the middle of your face. yours are too high. >> you did a tune face. >> almost center. >> i'm not an artist. this is a first. >> button nose there. >> natalie can draw and say things elegantly. >> i've been getting made of my whole life for saying forehead. i say farhead. >> all right. i thought i had someone who said it the way i did. >> if you engage in farplay.
8:18 am
i'm confused. i'm sorry. >> dylan, take it away. >> there is absolutely no segue. okay. we're talking about selma blair talking about a bizarre incident on a plane. she was pulled off on a stretcher after she was reportedly seen mixing some sort of medication with alcohol. witnesses said she had been crying and speaking incoherently. she went on to explain what happened. she did tell "vanity yfair" i made a mistake mixing alcohol with medication and that caused me to blackout and led me to say things and do things i deeply regret. selma apologized to passengers and crew calling herself a flawed human that makes mistakes. we first introduced you to jack last week.
8:19 am
he used his graduation speech to impersonate several of the presidential candidates. take a look. >> you are now going to hear a speech from the magnificent donald trump. let me just tell you that this has been such great school. they've given us the skills we need to get through sixth grade and seventh grade and eighth grade. he will me start with bunches. they're delicious. >> incredible. >> tonight jack shows off his skills next to jimmy fallon. >> we make quite a team. same voice and same air. >> and we have the same size hands. >> big, beautiful hands, aren't they? we also have the same brain. >> we think exactly alike. in fact, we even finish each other's -- >> whoa. >> awesome.
8:20 am
>> you can see more of jimmy and jack later tonight on "the tonight show." check out today's facebook page for more news. >> al, a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we have going on. looking at severe weather sliding just to south of chicago into central illinois and indiana. we're going to see more of this developing later today. chicago morning showers and thunderstorms but we do have a wind/tornado threat later this evening. we're looking for strong storms from chicago all of the way to indianapolis, columbus, and cincinnati. 62 million people at risk. we may even see a good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful summer day ahead. a breezy day but the winds will help us, bringing in drier air. we'll warm into the upper 80s for philadelphia. is suburbs and lehigh valley also seeing a warm afternoon but
8:21 am
the humidity drops as the temperatures come down. for south jersey, the jersey shore in the 80s with northwesterly winds pushing warm temperatures to the shore and nice warm up with sunshine for wilmington up to 87 degrees. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. ten years after the fictional bartlett administration left the white house, the cast of the emmy award winning show "the west wing" and its creator reunited last week at the television festival in austin where they sat down with an exclusive interview with nbc's hallie jackson. >> how lucky am i? it's a different kind of politics you could say. cast sitting down together. first time they said in more than a decade they had all come together for this and it was obvious they still love each other. during the reduring the reunionp down memory lane and sounding off about this year's presidential campaign.
8:22 am
when is the last time you all saw each other in person? >> last night. >> when the show first came on, there was not an appetite for political television. >> it was in the air that political shows don't work. turns out that bad political shows don't work but you have scandal, you have "house of cards" and incredibly rich environment that's full of conflict. >> for me a home run would have been positive critical reaction and just enough people watching so that we could stay on the air for a little bit. >> a show about the inner workings of the white house didn't seem like it would be a prime time hit but "the west wing" was. a critical darling earning 26 emmy awards including nine wins in a single year and loyal fans not scared away by the show's deep dive. >> recess appointment.
8:23 am
>> professional consultation. >> richard even prompted a surprising reaction from a future presidential candidate. >> the episode where there will only be two people working for every retirees. i don't understand a word of that episode. hillary clinton wrote me a letter delineating why my plan wouldn't work. >> did you have people come and say you inspired me to get into politics? >> i was in d.c. and this guy was a staffer on the hill. i just want to tell you, man, your show that's the reason i went into politics. oh thanks. that really means a lot to me. >> i hate you now. >> i am exhausted and broken. >> did you get the flowers? >> then one of the most closely followed story lines. the relationship between josh
8:24 am
and donna. you had the slowest burn romance in history. ever a point where you said my god let's just do this already? >> i never wanted it to happen. >> you don't want it to happen? >> once that tension was broken, i was afraid i wouldn't be on the show anymore. >> i had it to do over, i would let them have a relationship. >> interesting things can happen after that. >> "the west wing" the first major tv role playing presidential's personal aide, charlie young. >> want to come help us out? >> i do. >> charlie looked to the president and was inspired by him and wanted to step into those shoes and i don't know if i'm as earnest as charlie is. >> you're not. >> thanks for stopping by. >> thank you, mr. justice. mr. bartlett. mr. president actually. >> joshua joined "the west wing"
8:25 am
in season four. >> i heard rob lowe was considering leaving the show i sent an e-mail saying if that happens, how about somebody who is less handsome, less well known and willing to work for less money. >> the group couldn't resist chiming in about who could end up in the white house next. >> i don't think that among donald trump's base of support there are a lot of "west wing" viewers. to the extent there might be some, i think that they believe that donald trump is their jed bartlett and any crisis that comes up we can take care of by the end of the hour. >> he's fantastic television and a lot of horrible things can be really wonderful television. >> what are you thinking about? >> tomorrow. >> do you think about bringing the show back? >> if there was a way to bring it back without harming its legacy, i would. >> would you guys?
8:26 am
>> of course. >> in a minute. >> you could do >> good morning i'm tracy davidson. just about 8:30. looks like a beautiful moaning out there. let's get your nbc 10 first alert forecast with bill henley. >> fog is disappearing. improving visibility in quakertown. down to zero visibility. fog disappears sunshine stays. 60ss and 70s. the humidity comes down. a breezy day but nice warm up. 88 degrees in philadelphia, 88 in interior new jersey. thanks to those winds a warm day at the shore as well. let's check conditions on the road. jessica boyington has that. >> we're watching 94 right now.
8:27 am
right approaching the betsy ross bridge. an accident tying things up. an hour drive time from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. average speeds in the tens. slow speeds on the 42 highway. around route 41. but by 295 there's an accidents there. >> this morning mayor mathe firl is looking for the cause of this fire. no one was seriously hurt. today the staff of the upcoming democratic national convention officially moves into the wells fargo center in philadelphia. the convention starts july 25th. we'll have another update in 25 minute. you can always stay updated with the latest news and weather while you're on the go. the "today" show continues in just a few minutes. i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now. it's a wednesday morning, 22nd of june, 2016. a lot of people are very excited about that music. macklemore, ryan lewis will be performing on this very plaza in just 24 hours. we are so excited for that. >> imagine how loud they're going to be for that one when they're this loud this morning. on friday, another huge treat. steven tyler takes our concert
8:31 am
stage. we can't wait. first coming up this half hour, the name is lewis. da damian lewis. the question is james bond next? >> interesting. and jill martin has a special steals and deals to make a host or hostess out of any of us at 70% off no less. and zucchini christina is not just fun to say but a meatless meal. it looks delicious. >> now, al, a check of the weather. >> let's show you what you got as we look at today. a strong risk of storms in the upper midwest into illinois and indiana and ohio. we're also looking at strong rip currents in southern california. cooler and wetter in the pacific northwest and then for tomorrow, that heat continues throughout the southwest and into the central plains. a slight risk of strong storms
8:32 am
mid-atlantic states as well and more wet weather in the pacif ic good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful summer day ahead. a breezy day but the winds will help us, bringing in drier air. we'll warm into the upper 80s for philadelphia. the suburbs and lehigh valley also seeing a warm afternoon but the humidity drops as the temperatures come down. for south jersey, the jersey shore in the 80s with northwesterly winds pushing warm temperatures to the shore and nice warm up with sunshine for wilmington up to 87 degrees. have a great day. >> don't forget. get that weather any time you need it at online. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. for three seasons damian lewis starred as nicholas brody. now he's taking on a new spy
8:33 am
thriller. "our kind of traitor." this time he's an agent that re recruits a couple to help a defecting russian mafia man. >> he should come on the plane with me. >> no. we're staying with him. >> i can't guarantee your safety. they'll be coming after you. >> then you better hurry. >> damian lewis. good morning. >> hello. >> you play an mi-6 agent. for most of the movie, i wondered whether you were a good guy or bad guy. that's your specialty. you made a real career of this. >> my wife is still wondering. he's a fantastic character. one of these great ambiguous
8:34 am
characters. and he is ambiguous because he is out to do something good but he sees an opportunity to do something for himself. there's a personal story which he's very much involved in and gets a chance to exact revenge he sees against this crooked british politician. >> it's interesting. it's after a novel. if you did the american accent, you could do it. >> yes. >> you're just showing off. an interesting premises that a normal civilian couple on vacation is asked to help a russian mafia guy defect. if i were on vacation, keep pushing russian mafia man. i'm going to drink my fizzy drink. >> i'm not going to take a memory stick back to england for you.
8:35 am
yeah. you know, the couple have a dysfunctional relationship. they're not happy. he gets sucked into this world of intrigue and excitement larger than life character. that's when they come back to london and give me the memory stick and then the plot goes. >> we talked a little bit about your accent and facility with accents. we know you from "homeland." loved you. we see you in "billions." do you like speaking in the queen's english for this role? >> it's nice having an accent because it removes you more from yourself and actors enjoy that. i did enjoy playing a typical sort of maverick iconic character who i think actually there's always a representation of his beliefs and one in his stories and i think hector is that guy in this. >> a lot of people ask you, i don't know if you like talking
8:36 am
about this or not, people see you as a potential james bond. then you just give me that look. it's a very bondy look. on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being call me, would you like to play james bond? >> who wouldn't like to play james bond. it's like meeting your heroes. you have to be careful when you meet your heroes whether they'll disappoint you or not. maybe one shouldn't play one's heroes either. no one has called. i suspect actually this chatter has been going on for a long time, i suspect someone would have been called already. >> do you do your stomach crunches just in case? >> i will be bond. i will be bond. who knows. the chat is fun. >> it's flattering. you would be great. you have my vote. >> thank you. you heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. >> my vote doesn't count for anything, sorry. is there any kind of role you haven't played that you would
8:37 am
like to. you got the start in stage. accomplished shakespeare actor. maybe you should be in a romantic comedy or animated picture? i never really talked to you before. i thought you would be serious and terrifying. you're excite charming and lovely. >> matt leblance is a friend of mine. i interviewed with him for his last sitcom that he was doing. he said -- he's very funny. damian came in. i was excited. we finished and seemed like we were going to have a bar fight. he didn't get the role. i was just trying to be funny. >> that didn't work for you? >> didn't work out. >> damian lewis, a pleasure. the moft movie is called "our f traitor." we'll toast to summer with steals and deals on everything
8:38 am
you need to entertain. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back now on a wednesday morning with more of our series fresh start today. today marks the official week of summer as we know. that means parties, barbecues, good weather gatherings. jill martin has steals and deals to help you entertain or be a party guest in style. good to see you. >> good to see you. i love good weather gatherings. >> we'll get to a good weather table in just a second. let's start with a great hostess gift. >> this is the aroma candle. retail is $60. it sort of has a summer theme to it and comes in a set of three to split them up for three hostess gifts. instead of bringing a bottle of wine, just a nice thing to set the mood. deal for three is $18. 70% off.
8:41 am
>> watch your step. there's a rise there. let's join the party and see what we've got. >> thank you. >> let's start with what you have on the table. beautiful. >> i want to say these are nonalcoholic drinks for dylan and savannah. let's start with the tablecloth. it's so nice if you already have a table to sort of give a pop to it. this is retail of $98. it's a tablecloth. a beach blanket. hole in the middle if you want to put an umbrella or table in the middle. if you want to set up wine or food. it could be a throw. all different colors. the retail 98. deal $29. that's 70% off. >> silverware. >> this is major silverware. this is knork. it's elevated and makes the
8:42 am
table. they really like silverware. it is either black matte or anti-copper. go to to see the different versions. it can change the table. retail is 279.99 to 299.99. the deal is $84. what a nice gift to give somebody. >> i'm going crazy on the cheese. talk about the cheese plates over here. >> we are eating too much cheese at this hour. the cheese board retail $74. it's a five-piece set. you get cutting board and then you get four little plates to go with it. >> how chic is that. >> the retail is 74.
8:43 am
the deal is 23. 70% off. barware. cheers. crystal barware. retail is $80. a set of eight. all different versions. red wines, white wines, champagne flutes. retail is 80. deal is 24 for eight glasses. 70% off. now you just need seven friends. >> a complete set. let me run through products one more time. candle sets, the tablecloth, silverware sets, cheese board and plates and barware. any questions about these products or past orders, go to steals and deals at we'll look to why people are turning to their smartphones to make money. >> thank you. >> we thought 100% done.
8:44 am
>> up next, meals making the most of zucchini season with vegetarian dishes that will surprise you. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back now with "today food." we're cutting back on meat and giving you delicious vegetarian alternatives. author of "the free range cook" is here with great ways to use zucchini. great to see you. you know, when we do reciping with zucchini, they go crazy on our website. >> anyone that has gardens, if you have a zucchini plant, it goes crazy. >> it's fantastic. something that's readily available this summer and you make it three different ways. >> it's so simple. >> talk about the ingredients first. we'll look at this. anything jump out? >> it's kind of italian. that's the thing.
8:47 am
you will saute zucchini with garlic, lemon zest and chili and at the end you'll add feta cheese and basil. i grated this. this is an important trick. you grate it and then you will squeeze it. >> why do you need to get moisture out of that? >> otherwise it's soggy. if you keep twisting and you notice that water will start coming out. >> wow. that's a lot of moisture in there. >> it makes it soggy. we don't like soggy. then a little bit of garlic and lemon zest. the thing i like about this is if you put lemon zest in rather than lemon juice, you get bright flavor. the juice will make it lose its color. >> put zucchini in there. >> all good. it will only take two or three minutes. >> i'm a helper when i have to
8:48 am
be. it will come out looking like that. >> it will look like this. once it cooled down and i like to let it cool down otherwise what happens is the cheese will melt and i don't want it to melt. i want it to have texture through it. i have feta cheese here. and basil. you'll mix it through. i'll grill these. >> talk to me about the bread you use. >> sometimes holes are too big so filling will fall through. the trick i have here to get those nice lines on there is i just put a frying man on top and weight it down and you get beautiful lines. >> load them up and they look like that. can i say something? you know how much i love new zealand. i was there not that long ago. you and your husband invited me for dinner. you made these. fantastic. >> we're going to make cakes.
8:49 am
>> that was savory. now we go to sweet. >> zucchini in a cake keeps it moist. you can change it out with seasons. in winter you can make it with pumpkin and you get, dark rich cake. super easy. in here we mixed together -- we just got sugar and eggs. this is one of the things that's so simple your kids could make it. >> or at least help you with it. >> kids could make it. and then everything else goes in. you can start pouring that in on your side. i'll put zucchini in. we have flour. spices. i use that really nice pumpkin -- you know how you have pumpkin pie spice, makes it aromatic. >> we have our tasters at the table.
8:50 am
>> i keep going in a circle and eating everything. >> i like it. love it. >> you don't taste the zucchini. it's so good. >> you don't taste a lot of zucchini. >> you don't. this is baking soda. activate it by adding it to orange juice. it will give you your rise. >> perfect. >> also what it does is the baking soda breaks down the zucchini so you wouldn't know there's zucchini in there. this is a point you may want to cover it up or we'll get stuff all over us. just want to mix it until it comes together. a bit of vanilla. i love vanilla. it's a moist mixture. sometimes you think is that right? should i have that much liquid in there. that's done. that's your cake. it's good to go. >> you can put that in a cake tin or you can do it as cupcakes. >> yeah. when you do it as cupcakes, you
8:51 am
can just make this beautiful frosting because we love frosting. what do you like more than butter? more butter. >> that's so delicious. >> by the way, we've got one other thing. one other take on zucchini. how about these fries? >> they are good. so light. so i just dip them in egg and res approximatecipe is on the w. >> another reason to love new zealand. thank you so much. great to see you. >> a pleasure. >> find the recipes for zucchini fries and other dishes online at this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we're back. it's wednesday morning. only one thing to do. bif birthdays. >> we're ready to go. let's spin the smucker's jar. let's get started. first up, happy 100th birthday to nell from new jersey. a positive lady known for finding something to laugh at. and seab celebrating 100 years serves as deacon at his church and happy 100th to ruth stone. holds a ph.d. in science and
8:54 am
education and mani is 100 years old. rumor has it he makes the best indian chai tea in all of southern california and happy birthday to miriam. she became a published author when she was 94 years old. you're never too old. say hello to these love birds. clarence and luciell howard celebrating their 75th anniversary and say the secret to a happy marriage is to make sure you always laugh with one another. if you know someone turning 100 years old or celebrating an anniversary of 75 years or more, we want to know about them. head to and don't forget a photo. >> thank you so much. what do you have coming up? >> we've got "keeping up with the joneses." and best sunglasses for your face. jamie lynn spears.
8:55 am
>> most people put them up too high on their farhead. >> good.
8:56 am
good wednesday moaninrning. i'm tracy davidson. >> a sunny warm summer day. skies are clearing. sunshine will warm us into 80s. wind develop thank will bring in drier air. humidity will be coming down as temperatures go up.
8:57 am
upper 80s for the philadelphia, suburbs, lehigh valley and look at the warm up in south jersey, 87 for vineland, glassboro and haddenville. upper 80s for delaware. even the shore will be warm today. >> as people in cape may county continue to clean up from the damage from last night's storm today the national weather service will try to determine if a tornado was responsible. heavy winds ripped part of a roof off this kondo building in wildwood. you can see pieces of the roof scattered all over the property. a lot of clean up left to do here. nbc 10 viewer snapped this picture of a lightning strike off the beach in wildwood. a lot of you sent us pictures of where you live. the national champion villanova basketball team will get another award. they will be presented with the 2016 john wanamaker award.
8:58 am
swimming season officially begins today at some of philadelphia's public pools. the first pools will open this afternoon and then all of the city's more than 70 public pools will be open by july 1st. i'm tracy davidson. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. up next experts help you pick the best sunglasses to fit the shape of your face. that's ahead on "today".
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" jon hamm hamming it up with his fellow co-stars in "keeping up with the joneses" and a purple people eater when a teen gets stuck inside a barney head. all coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to a wednesday morning, june 22nd, 2016. i'm al along with natalie and dylan. willie and tamron are not here this morning. >> you have the morning jam.
9:01 am
>> given the size of our crowd outside, lots of people on vacation. "vacation" by the go-go's. >> you can bounce like this. you can just kind of dance to. >> this is where i live. >> don't go too far out. stay in my bubble. we're going to keep it on a nice level starting about a great story. thankfully everything turned out okay. everybody talking about 15-year-old darby from alabama. she got trapped inside this barney head for 45 minutes. super dee duper. she put the head on to scare her friends but when it slid down over her shoulders, she was the one a little scared. her friends tried everything they could even rubbing vaseline all over her arms. it didn't work in "friends" and didn't work for her either. eventually she ends up at the
9:02 am
trustville fire department where she was freed by firefighters who used tools to get her out. dylan, you spoke with darby this morning. >> i asked her if she was claustrophobic. this is what she said. >> initially i'm not. when it came to being stuck inside the barney head, that changed. >> so your friends are posting pictures and video all over social media. were you embarrassed to let the world know what was happening? >> honestly, no. it was actually really overwhelming and i was stunned to see how far that it had gone. really, it's just a big laugh. >> where did she get the barney head? is that something you have lying around. >> it kind of is something that her and her friends have had lying around. >> that's funny. >> i guess it comes out on occasion. >> where is the rest of barney. >> good thing she didn't try the rest. >> it went down over her shoulders. >> slid down. >> her arms were out.
9:03 am
she looks like a t-rex. what kind of dinosaur is barney? >> i think he's a t-rex. >> a purple dinosaur. >> i'm so glad my kids kind of missed the whole barney thing. >> that song gets stuck in your head. >> i was scarred by that. courtney was into it and then it lasted just long enough for lila. they got into teletubbies. >> they don't use a lot of words, right? >> they don't use any words. >> it's weird. >> freaky. >> that was a direct quote from the show. >> our kids came out okay. >> i think. jury is still out. i don't know. all right. i don't know if you watched "america's got talent" last night. i love the show. i love simon back on. so fun. we watch it as a family. this is an act that got everybody's attention.
9:04 am
first of all, how long does it take for you to get ready to go out? you're no time. you're out like that. >> i bet 50 minutes. >> really? >> i thought you were less maintenance than that. >> that's from shower to out the door. >> i thought you were low maintenance. >> pardon her for wanting to be clean. >> how long do you take? >> how about deborah? >> a good hour. >> i can be ready in 15 and out the door. shower. wet hair. i don't care. i'm out the door. >> it's that kind of day. >> if you're talking about quick changes and how quickly you can get ready, this is the act for you. married magicians performing a very fashionable trick. take a look. ♪ >> give it to me.
9:05 am
♪ ♪ >> that is crazy. >> not even outfits that you could maybe spin around and turn it into a new outfit. >> where does she hide those outfits? they were skimpy and tight. i don't know how they does that. i would like that bag of tricks. >> i would like a bag of glitter. great to walk around with. >> make a mess trying to get ready at home. >> i'll spray this bag tof
9:06 am
glitter. let's go. >> we need that in the studio. >> they did make it to the next round. >> that was pretty cool. so we all use an alarm clock to wake up. how many do you use to wake up? i use three. >> one. >> again, high maintenance thing. >> i had no idea until this moment how high maintenance i was. >> just the phone. do you press snooze? >> i'm a snoozer. three alarms and a snoozer. >> i wake up a little before the alarm. i am petrified of waking deborah up. >> brian sleeps through my many alarms. i'm getting to this because there's now an alarm that you can set to go to sleep to remind you to go to sleep at night. a new fitbit app reminds you when to go to sleep. gets you more on a steady cycle. there's been research done that it provides you with the amount of sleep logged how much your body needs and it keeps you on a
9:07 am
much better schedule. someone is sleeping upstairs. so sleep experts from the university of arizona have said that this actually can get you on a much better cycle. >> i think that's a good idea. i think i would press ignore a lot. >> you have stuff to do you just -- especially if you have kids. sorry, kids. got to go to bed. >> i don't have kids yet. 8:00 my body is telling me it's time for bed. >> last night at 10:00 i was trying to get to bed. deborah and lila came home from an event and nick came back downstairs and it's 10:15 and pepper is on the bed. i need to go to sleep. >> set an alarm that daddy has to go to sleep. >> deborah says are you trying to get rid of us? yes. >> some of us have to be up early. >> do you not know what i do? >> you're still wide awake. >> barely. >> he's always awake. energizer bunny always ready to
9:08 am
go. we have something we want you to help us out with. it's called our red, white and you contest. share photos and video of your patriot patriotic rise for a chance to win tickets to macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular in new york. we've been overwhelmed with entries. take a look. 5-month-old addie may. her first fourth of july. she's going to debut that gorgeous outfit. i love it. kathy from rockford, illinois, sent a photo of her son and grandson at last year's fourth of july parade. and here's karen wright and her mom, gwen. congrats to them.
9:09 am
you have until monday, june 22nd to enter. share your red, white and you pictures. we like video to. i like that. mr. roker, what about a look at the weather? >> unfortunately we've been talking about this in the weather center. there's severe weather to talk about coming up. we've seen one line of storms already move south of chicago into central illinois, indiana. we're also looking at more activity coming out of iowa. look at this. at the surface low pressure system really hot temperatures. plus a lot of moisture coming out of the gulf so that will fuel the formation of these strong storms. chicago, you already had your morning showers and thunderstorms. you're going to see wind and tornado later this evening. look at what we expect. the threat of really serious threat of tornadoes. 62 million people at risk from chicago, milwaukee, ft. wayne, indianapolis, columbus, cincinnati. the thing we're concerned about, these are a lot of towns that have high rises that people work and live in. so you want to just like at your
9:10 am
home, you want to stay away from the windows. if you are in a high rise, you want to get to the building's core. take cover in interior stairways and stay away from the elevators. if you lose power, then you are going to have big, big problems. some areas may pick up four to five inches of rain out of this as well. there could be flash flooding. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful summer day ahead. a breezy day but the winds will help us, bringing in drier air. we'll warm into the upper 80s for philadelphia. the suburbs and lehigh valley also seeing a warm afternoon but the humidity drops as the temperatures come down. for south jersey, the jersey shore in the 80s with northwesterly winds pushing warm temperatures to the shore and nice warm up with sunshine for wilmington up to 87 degrees. have a great day. >> and that it is your latest weather. coming up, willie and mr. jones
9:11 am
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9:14 am
don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. a new movie putting a spin on keeping up with the joneses. it seems mr. and mrs. jones aren't who they appear to be and we've got an exclusive first look at the trailer. >> this is what i love about hr. you learn these little things about people. margaret will show us the meaning of trust. >> what am i really doing this summer? i sent the kids to camp. i'm redesigning bathrooms. >> think exposed brick and a urinal. >> meg wants me standing up again. >> neighbors aren't wasting any
9:15 am
time moving in, are they? >> hey, honey. >> still spying on the neighbors. >> hi. we're the joneses. >> that's just the beginning. when jon hamm and gal gadot move in, antics ensue. >> the all-star cast kept laughs coming when willie joined them on set as they took a break from the action. take a look. >> imagine your neighbors were jon hamm, saddam hussein, isla fisher of "wedding crasher" and gal gadot that just played wonderwoman in "batman vs. superman." i got to visit that dream neighborhood as cast shot the upcoming film, "keeping up with the joneses," and this block party was just as fun as you would expect. set the stage a little bit. what's going on in this movie? >> isla's character and my character are married. hardest acting job -- >> me, too. i thought it was going to be jim
9:16 am
carrey. >> and then gal's character and my character are married as well. we move into the neighborhood. >> mr. and mrs. smith with nosey neighbors spying on them. >> then we start learning that they're not -- >> who they say they are. >> mama wants to cuddle. >> help! >> how many of you worked together before this move. zach, you and jon knew each other a long time. >> i worked with you. >> okay. >> did you just now realize that? >> didn't we have a scene together? >> trust me, i remember you very well. >> i did his tv show "bored to death." >> i'm following natalie jones. >> hello, karen. >> so, gal, who are your
9:17 am
characters? deep in the world of espionage. >> we're two spies. we're married and we come to the cul-de-sac and we are on a mission and we end up hooking up with them and then -- >> swinging with the joneses. >> sorry. >> here's the thing about trust, once it's gone, bad things can happen. >> as hunky leading men go, how does zach do? >> zach is my favorite. >> i'll take that one. >> as far as leading hunky men on a scale from 1 to 10. >> way up there? >> .5. >> before i let you guys go, people who watched your career, jon, know how funny you are. >> if it pleases the court, i would like everyone to clothes their eyes and join me in a flashback. >> how funny is jon hamm as an
9:18 am
actor? >> 9.5. >> highly frustrating how funny jon can be given the genetic makeup. highly annoying. >> looks like fun. "keeping up with the joneses" hits theaters later this year. you can head to and watch the entire trailer. coming up next, perfect shades for summer. we'll help you figure out which sunglasses will figure your face shape after this. ♪ ♪
9:19 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
ask your doctor about it by name. before you go shopping for a new pair of sunnies for summer, find ones that flatter the shape of your face. here to help you find sunglasses that look best on you is fashion stylist preston conrad. this is always a difficult thing finding the right shades for the shape of your face. i never know what i really am. a lot of people don't. >> they don't. it's not as tricky as you think. finding your face shape used to be difficult. trace your shape and outline it. with the help of phones there's a new way to find face shape. i called this app called face shape meter. i used you as my guinea pig. you upload a picture or take a picture and move coordinates around and you have instant face shape so result for you is you're rectangle. >> i'm a rectangle. what does that mean for glasses?
9:23 am
>> it means that you have a very strong face. you have very clean lines. you do. very strong lines in your jaw and cheeks. look for sunglasses that add more fluidity and movement to your face. something round or something curved on the bottom. majorly trending right now is cat eye. >> i always gravitate to that. >> houston on the runways and massive right now. these are $20 from urban outfitters. other friends you want to look out for are tortoise colored lenses, clear frames. >> are these too round. these are really in right now. those are very round. >> those look great. with that strong jawline the rounds are perfect. >> what about al? what shape is he. >> al is a round face. >> you're right on it. look at the glasses you have now. with the round face you want to look for something with strong lines to give you that instant cheek bone. >> because i have no chin.
9:24 am
>> think of it as an instant cheek bone upgrade. we want to look for something classic. this is classic style. these are from top mountain man. i love that. >> is that a light tortoise? >> light tortoise. it's a matte tortoise. one of the new trends are matte. >> these are my elton john. >> a trend with lenses is again reflective and color. a little bit of fun and attitude. i love this classic wayfair style here. very 1950s. it will look amazing on you. >> what about dylan? >> dylan is a heart shape. so for heart shape face you want to look for sunglasses that balance out how narrow the chin is. >> most sunglasses do not look good on me. >> i like this one. this adds a mini cat eye up to the top here. look how it extends the center of the face and adds more width
9:25 am
in the center. reflective lenses. >> they look a little big. >> let's try the middle one here. >> this is a spin on aviator which is also great for a heart shape face. these are cool. >> these are not bad. these are okay. >> that clear frame. the metallic. so in right now. >> preston, you have an oval face i've been told because i don't know. >> you open face people like myself are lucky. we can wear a lot of different things. round is huge. >> those look good. >> i love more metallic lenses with aviators. >> thanks so much. >> we'll be back right after this. these are awesome.
9:26 am
good wednesday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get you updated on the forecast. check with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> storms are out of the picture. clouds moved out. sunshine and a warm afternoon. this is a view from center city today, upper 80s for philadelphia. even warm at the shore in new jersey. 87 degrees, middle 80s at the shore. tomorrow another round of showers and possibly some thunderstorms but they are done as we go towards the weekend. friday, sunshine. 80s. upper 80s inland for saturday, near 90 degrees sunday. tracy? >> this morning fire marshal is trying to figure out what caused a house fire in chester
9:27 am
overnight. a house had six apartments, first responders had to pull two adults and tle s and three chilf a fire escape. today the staff for the upcoming democratic national convenience officially moves into the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. the convention runs from july 25th through the 28th. and the phil 76ers have the top pick in tomorrow night's nba draft. all signs pointing taking lsu forward ben unttimmons. >> please welcome the best 19-year-old on ben simmons. >> he talked about the excitement of possibly being the first overall pick. fal fallon treated him to a faithful had cheesesteak. you can get the latest news and
9:28 am
weather with the nbc 10 app. the "today" show continues.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, more americans are spending money for complementary health therapies like acupuncture, meditation and health supplements. over $30 billion was spent on these treatments in 2012. the study finds people with the highest incomes spent over four times as much on complementary health approaches than those with lower incomes. behavior problems in early childhood appears to impact the education of boys more than girls. a brown university study compared the long-term success of boys and girls with similar behavior problems and it showed boys were more likely to be punished and repeat grades and less likely to graduate from high school or college than girls. google is taking some of the
9:31 am
fear out of googling your medical symptoms. it's not unusual to enter a term such as abdominal pain and get that frightening diagnosis from a source with unknown cr credentia credentials. google released a new site that tells you about common health problems related to your symptoms and can be treated at home. as usual you should consult with your doctor about any medical concerns. an update on a story we first told but in april. a federal judge is allowing a bulk of a lawsuit accusing starbucks of underfilling lattes to move forward. they claim that starbucks lattes are only filled to 75% of the cup's capacity. the lawsuit says starbucks instituted a recipe in 2009 to create smaller lattes in order to save money on milk. a starbucks spokesperson says in the statement that the company believes the lawsuit is without merit and will be prepared to
9:32 am
defend itself in court. a new credit card promises to make it easier to donate to your favorite charity. americans failed to redeem billions of dollars worth of credit card rewards each year but now the charity charge mastercard gives your 1% cash reward to the nonprofit of your choice and it does not deduct a processing fee which means that your charity gets the entire amount. good idea. let's get a check of the weather right now from al. >> all right. thanks so much. so for today we have a strong risk of severe weather making its way from eastern iowa into central ohio. we're watching that. wet weather around the central rockies. beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. showers but cooler conditions. the heat continues from the mid-atlantic states all of the way into the southwest tomorrow. we do have a risk of strong storms in the mid-atlantic states into the mid mississippi river valley. look for more wet weather in the pacifi northwest.c good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful summer day ahead.
9:33 am
a breezy day but the winds will help us, bringing in drier air. we'll warm into the upper 80s for philadelphia. the suburbs and lehigh valley also seeing a warm afternoon but the humidity drops as the temperatures come down. for south jersey, the jersey shore in the 80s with northwesterly winds pushing warm temperatures to the shore and nice warm up with sunshine for wilmington up to 87 degrees. have a great day. . >> that is your latest weather. bobby moynihan was an animated ced character as a cas member on "saturday night live." wait until you see his latest role. >> he lets the fur fly in the animated adventure "the secret life of pets." he plays a pug that lives in a new york city apartment building with other four-legged friends. take a look. >> get this. last sunday my owner feeds me a small white pill, right. i start to feel a little groggy.
9:34 am
next thing i know i wake up and i'm in the sky. >> the sky? >> there are suitcases everywhere. i'm locked up in a crate. >> suitcases in the sky? >> i pass out from fear. when i wake up, i'm in florida. >> this did not happen. >> i will never eat a pill like that again unless it's covered in peanut butter because i mean, come on, right. it's peanut butter. >> welcome. >> it's true. it's true. >> eat anything in peanut butter. >> absolutely. so tell us about mel. >> mel is a crazy little dog. mel is very energetic. likes to run around in circles. spends most of his day working at squirrels. he's a little maniac. >> where does that action come from as you sit in the animation booth and now i'm going to give him brooklyn. >> you kind of look at that dog and hang your tongue out like that and start talking like that. >> is that what you do in the booth? >> a lot of panting and barking
9:35 am
and running around sounds. mel runs into a lot of things. >> you do look a little like mel. >> pretty much. >> keep your tongue out. >> i think that's it. >> so speaking of barking at squirrels and grunting and everything else, are you actually making those noises, too? >> yeah. that's always a fun little time when you're doing voiceovers 20 minutes of making any sound you can imagine. lots of exertion sounds. for mel it was a lot of running into walls. he does a lot of that. >> we got the screener early. i watched it three times with my kids. >> amazing. >> they love it. >> it's so great. >> huge fans. you've never had a dog though. >> i've never had a dog. i've had family members with dogs. i never had a dog of my own. >> your pet is a goldfish that's outlived -- >> orientation day for college i won two goldfish for a fair. these will be gone in a week.
9:36 am
nine years. nine years they lasted. they were gigantic. they passed on the same day together. they were in love. >> very special. nine-year goldfish. it's hard for me to believe you've been on "snl" one year less than your goldfish. >> isn't that insane? >> if you told 15-year-old bobby that, why does al roker know who i am? i remember seeing your wax statue being, like, it's him. >> what is that like for you? you're a mainstay at "snl." >> one of the longest running cast members almost. it's bizarre. >> do you like watching it? >> i can't believe it. watching myself on "snl" i used to do it in the beginning now i get nervous and i can't. the best part is when an old "snl" episode comes on and you walk in and you're like, hey, that's me. i don't remember doing that. >> i love it. so funny. >> we have a quick game.
9:37 am
we want to see if you can guess a first famous pet. first clue, this famous pet uses his owner's toothbrush to groom his ears. can you make it the famous pet? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> is it a real character? the owner of the pet is named john. >> i know. >> jon hamm? i don't know. >> garfield. >> there you go. do we have time for one more? this famous pet wrote a self help book called wish it, want it, do it. >> i know this one. >> brian. >> brian from "family guy." >> there you go. that's all the time we have for you. >> thank you so much. >> i'll see you in nine years.
9:38 am
>> "the secret life of pets" from our sister company universal hits theaters friday, july 8th. up next, jamie lynn spears back in the spotlight after taking time to raise her daughter. we'll talk about her return to the stage and how her big this is mister kitty. mom doesn't know we have him. it's something about "responsibility." i made you-know-who promise not to tell. but she's got the nose of a bloodhound. we have to be super duper careful. so we're using fresh step with the power of febreze. it doesn't mask litter box odors. it's designed to trap and eliminate odors for 10 days. guaranteed. victory is ours, mr. kitty! fresh step. with the power of febreze. it's so easy now. new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. our 1st creamy wax crayon sculpts and tames as it colors, in one easy swipe. maybelline's new brow drama pomade make it happen ♪ maybelline new york
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9:42 am
actress and singer jamie lynn spears is best known for her leading role in "zoe 101." after becoming pregnant at 16, she opens up about her life since. >> take a look. >> when i became pregnant, the world that i knew came crashing down. i look back now and, i'm, like, oh my gosh. i knew i had a lot of young girls who looked up to me. i felt that responsibility but at the end of the day, i knew i had to make a decision as a young girl myself to do something that i knew i could sleep with every night. i knew deep down that i was going to have my little girl. even if i had to raise her on my own and that's what i did. >> jamie lynn, good morning. >> good morning. >> haven't seen you in a while.
9:43 am
first time we're really getting to see you talk about this time in your life that obviously was emotional and hard. you got through it. you're on the other side of it. why did you want to put this out on a documentary? >> like you said, the world met me as a young girl. as a little girl on zoe and brittany's sister and those things. after i had my little girl, i needed to take time away to not only figure out my life but my future and what i would do for the rest of my life. i went to nashville and started writing music. really soaked myself in that community and then i wanted to introduce myself to the world as the adult that i am. i needed to bridge that gap. i figure a one-hour documentary would bridge that gap of where i was to who i am now and introducing myself as a young woman for the very first time instead of the little girl that the world met me as. >> you stepped away to raise your daughter. what's the thing that surprised you most about motherhood?
9:44 am
>> i think there's a lot of surprises. the biggest thing for me is the sense of purpose i have every day when i get up. i feel no matter what it is whether taking her to school or doing something like this today, there's just a different purpose and motivation behind what i'm doing that i guess at a young age you don't ever expect you're ever going to feel at such a young age. >> your daughter just turned eight. had a birthday this weekend. what is motherhood like for you? how do you think it's changed you from that sort of superstar that you were and now to back to your music again? how have you grown? >> well, i made sure when i took those eight years -- it was out of the spotlight but i was working really hard. i was writing. i was living in nashville and just really focusing on that. i needed to grow not only as a person but as an artist to find my voice so when i came out and did something i really had something to say. and i think that really the
9:45 am
biggest difference is i was a baby. i needed to grow up. i feel like i've done that. i feel secure with where i am now. i feel ready to really tell my story for the first time. >> your sister, britney, has grown up in the limelight. you have for a certain period of time. how will you protect mattie from that same glare? >> it's hard. this industry has its good and its bads. you have to choose what you embrace. i choose to embrace the good part of it. you can't protect people from anyone. as a mother, of course, the mama bear comes out in you. you want to be protective. i got to really just teach her to embrace the good part of it and understand the bad but really just focus on the good. >> you're back to making music again. we look forward to hearing more from you. thank you so much this morning. you can catch her documentary on this sunday on tlc. coming up next, pool toys and beach gear that will make a big splash with the kids righ
9:46 am
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padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. one of the first items on your kids' to do list this summer is a trip to the pool or beach. >> we want you to be prepared. we called in lori to show us the coolest new gear for your summer
9:50 am
fun and al is taking advantage. >> i'm ready for the weekend. this is not a rubber ducky for the bathtub. you can have multiple riders on this. al is doing what you're supposed to do. just lounge on it. pool, lake. anything. just great to lounge at the pool. >> or studio 1a. >> this is the best cooler. >> coolest cooler if you're going to have a party. this has a blender on it. it uses a rechargeable battery. it has removable bluetooth speakers. >> it's a party cooler. >> it's a party cooler. it has a ubs waterproof cord. charging your phone. it's it plates and cork screws and everything you need for the ultimate party. all you need. we all know noodles but they've come a long way. this is really cool because it's a fun chair. put a noodle in and we have a great lounge chair. and we have these characters and they are awesome.
9:51 am
>> and talk about games in the pool. this is tick tack splash. waterproof floating bean bags. okay. it's like the regular game. the whole thing floats. it's a lot of fun. and notice that kids are sitting on these chairs. these are from american plastic. they're $5. kiddy pools. everyone loves their favorite characters. throw in 40 gallons of water and you're set and littlest one can have a party. >> what are girls playing with? >> let's start with these. we can have the ultimate water fight. these are hurricane reusable water balls. so if i squeeze them and you throw them and get wet. stick them back in the water and they fill right back up. >> of course.
9:52 am
>> you want to start that? >> here comes al. >> if you're ready for a treat, our parents and kids can operate this from up to 80 feet away. it's awesome. if you want to swim with sharks. this is the one to swim with. you put it in the water. no batteries. put it in the water. it fills. give it a push. 40 feet in the water. it's awesome. a lot of fun. all right. natalie, hide. >> this is our shelter umbrella. look how cool this is. eight feet of protection. whether it's raining or you just need some shade, plus we have an extra two feet and you can have this umbrella standing up or down. >> you have to get from under the umbrella, nat. >> this one i love.
9:53 am
look at this. it's huge. >> that can go in the water? >> it's supposed to be in the water. when kids are getting good at this they go ten miles an hour. when they're done, sit back and relax. you have shade from the sun. awesome floater. >> that's incredible. >> are these only kids toys? >> kids and for those young at heart. >> you had no idea this was coming, did you? >> we're going to clean up. we're back in dear fellow citizen, spending time hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful.
9:54 am
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9:55 am
>> so refreshing in there. >> everybody calmed down? >> coming up, kathie lee and hoda and jennifer pez. >> aftloer
9:56 am
just before 10:00. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get you updated on the forecast with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> a beautiful day ahead. lots of sunshine. warm wind coming out of the north-northwest dry air flooding in to the area. temperature going up but humidity coming down. upper 80s for philadelphia, the suburbs, the lehigh valley. plenty of sunshine in new jersey at the shore those winds will really heat things up even on the beach and delaware upper 80s
9:57 am
this afternoon with mostly sunny skies for wilmington and dover. chance for showers and thunderstorms return information but dry for the weekend. weekend looks nice. as people in cape may county continue to clean up from the damage from last night's storm today the national weather service will try to determine if it was a tornado that was responsible. heavy winds ripped part of this roof off a condo building. these are on east 10th avenue. and we have more video and pictures of storm damage online. good reminder to download the free nbc 10 app. it sends out severe weather alerts before dangerous weather approaches your neighborhood. and there was no jackpot winner in last night's mega millions number. here are the numbers. the estimated jackpot had been $33 million it goes up to an estimated $363 million.
9:58 am
next drawing is friday. i'm tracy davidson. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. thanks for watching.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. good for you, you've made it to hump day, winesday wednesday, june 22. that is ain't yo mama by the one and only jennifer lopez, singer, actress and producer sat down with our hoda to talk about her latest project, the new film "ice age, collision course." she also opened up about her family and father. hoda can get anybody to open up. >> didn't she look great, by the way, in that awesome orange jump suit thingy? >> i love her


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