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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  July 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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today, the dallas skyline is bathed in blue to show support for the officers who were killed and wounded on thursday. the latest on what we're learning about the suspected sniper is coming up as well as what we're hearing from the families who lost so much. >> there is too much violence, too much hate, too much senseless killing. >> and a plan for peace. hillary clinton comes to philadelphia to lay out her ideas to stop the violence that's ripping apart police and the public. plus as you wake up this saturday morning and step outside it is another hot and
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humid one. a live look right now as you get ready for more sweltering temperatures. temps were already in the 70s when we walked out this morning and it's only going to get steam yer. >> good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. it is 5:00 a.m. on your saturday. let's get right to the weather story today. we have had a few hot days and i think we are in for some more. karen thomas is here with our neighborhood weather forecast, a detailed focus focused on where you live. >> that's right. it really has been hot and steamy the last couple of days, an official heat wave for sure. waking up this early saturday morning you might think cool and a little cloudy out there with some spritzers but it's feel quite warm, 72 degrees in philadelphia, mid 70s in wilmington and 70 degrees in dover. we did have an official heat wave as we started with temperatures in the 90s midweek, rolled right on through to yesterday and we are looking for temperatures at about 91 degrees
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in the city again today. we will watch out for the afternoon possibility of some thunderstorms rolling through the area. doppler radar showing right now that we did have a large area of rain move off the atlantic county/atlantic city coastline. right now we just have a lot of humidity out there, a lot of moisture in the area. so some spritzers may be falling where you are at this hour. we're dry right now to the north as well to the west, but we will go wider and show you that we do have a cold front that will be pushing west to east through our area later on today and we could expect some pockets of scattered showers later on and the potential for some storms. right now we've got some lightning strikes headed right through williamsport with this particular cell right here and it doesn't look like much, it doesn't look like much former there, but there is a line of energy here out front of the cold front and that will be building and making its way
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through our area later on today. so we are looking for sun and clouds today and then the possibility of those scattered showers. we will get some scattered showers, light variety, early this morning, then some sunshine and the potential for scattered storms later on. but we have some comfortable news in the forecast coming tomorrow. i will be back with that in just a bit. katy. >> all right. karen, thanks. now to the latest on the deadly ambush of police officers by a sniper in dallas. the homeland security security says the alleged shooter did not appear to be linked to international terrorism. the mayor of dallas said the suspect acted alone and his city is now safe. the apparent gunman was killed by police during a standoff. thursday night's attack during a peaceful protest against police violence killed five officers and wounded seven others plus two civilians. dallas police and law enforcement across the nation are mourning the five officers who were killed in that ambush. officer michael smith was with
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the dallas police department for 26 years. he also worked with at risk kids. he leaves behind a wife and two children. and officer lorne ahrens was married to a dallas police detective. he served the department for more than a dozen years. officer present thompson worked for the dallas transit system. he had just gotten married in the last two weeks. and officer patrick zamarripa was a navy veteran who served in iraq before joining the dallas police department, he was married with a two-year-old daughter. and officer michael krol worked for the dallas police for almost a decade. his family said all he ever wanted to do was become a police officer. >> president obama is shortening his trip to europe so that he can visit dallas in the wake of the ambush shootings. the white house says the president will travel from poland to spain today as scheduled. he will leave for washington tomorrow, a day earlier than
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planned. president obama will visit dallas early next week. now, yesterday he called the dallas shootings despicable. and in philadelphia protesters against police brutality held a third straight night of demonstrations. there were two separate groups that began marches in north philadelphia last night. now, those groups eventually joined together calling for police accountability while disrupting traffic in the area. nbc 10 was with those protesters as they rallied near city hall just before midnight. you can see the street congestion from our kimmel center campus camera. much of the crowd was vocal in their frustration over the deadly police shootings of african-american men in louisiana and minnesota this week. one woman passing by told us she agreed with the protesters message and hoped her grandson would grow up trusting police. >> i don't want him to think that he can't call on them or, you know, go to them for what they're supposed to be there for, protection. >> deal with the communities
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feelings, emotions, anger, rage or whatever and stop discounting what we are and who we are. >> the demonstration was peaceful and ended soon after midnight. police made no arrests. there is too much violence, too much hate, too much senseless killing, too many people dead who shouldn't be. >> hillary clinton chose not to cancel her appearance in philadelphia last night. the presumptive democratic nominee for president spoke to the church convention about healing follow the violent events of the week. in just about an hour people attend that go convention are expected to hold a prayer session at the pennsylvania convention center. nbc 10's monique braxton is live for us with more on the day's events and what clinton told the ame church members yesterday. hi, monique. >> reporter: hi, katy. mrs. clinton had two messages for the ame bishops as well as
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the delegates who have been gathering in philadelphia for about a week now. she called for a major change in the nation'sl policing. this is after two police involved officer shootings of black men. she also asked people to support their police departments the day after a sniper killed five officers in dallas. >> americans need to do a better job of listening. when african-americans talk. >> reporter: now, this morning the delegates and push ops are to gathering for an extraordinary hour of prayer. that's what they're calling it. then there will be other presentations throughout the day. you may recall a few months ago when mrs. clinton kicked off her campaign she came here to philadelphia to meet with the bishops and to pray with them so they weren't surprised that she then returned during their week of the bicentennial convention.
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we're going to talk to the delegates as they begin arriving for prayer service and hear more from mrs. clinton throughout the morning. live now outside the convention center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the presumptive republican nominee donald trump released a video statement in response to the deadly attack in dallas. trump offered prayers to the victims and their families. >> a brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our country and an attack on our families. we must stand in solidarity with law enforcement which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos. >> in light of the dallas ambush trump canceled a campaign event in miami with new jersey governor chris christie yesterday. ahead in our next half hour hear from one of the families who lost a loved one in that sniper attack. remember, you can get instant updates on this story on the nbc 10 app. happening now, a new jersey
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road project is expected to stop for at least a week, it's the latest fallout after the governor and state lawmakers were not able to reach a deal on raising the price of gas in new jersey. governor chris christie wants a gas tax hike of 23 cents per gallon to pay for those projects, but senate lawmakers refused to take action on the bill. the governor then signed an executive order that suspended those projects. now a $1.7 million project on route 38 between routes 295 and 206 in burlington county that you see there, that's among those that are on hold. also in camden county the same goes for a million dollar project to repair the nicholson bridge over east atlantic road. and the cuts are not just limited to roadways, multiple projects to make improvements along the river line have also been shelved. moving to pennsylvania transit, septa hopes to get back on the move. there's finally help on the way to make your septa ride home a
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lot quicker. a resolution for the trouble on the tracks is coming up. plus, there's one winning ticket for the giant mega millions jackpot. we'll tell you where it was sold and is there any local winners for part of that pot?
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good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas with a look at your first alert weather this morning, waking up, heading outside maybe early this morning it is a bit steamy out there and temperatures indicating that we are on the warm side. 74 degrees right now in philadelphia, we do have some cloud cover out there and some areas of fog, close to 70 degrees in new jersey, 71 in lehigh valley and delaware almost to the mid 70s. feeling warm, a bit steamy. we do have a lot of moisture in the air as we show you doppler radar. we did have a large area of
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precipitation move off of the atlantic city coastline a couple hours ago and behind it just some stray shower activity to the north, a little bit of a spritzer moving through the city of philadelphia, but as we take it wider we'll show you there is a cold front building, coming in from the west, and this is expected to move through our area today and could bring us some scattered shower activity. when i say scattered, down along the shoreline we may be sunny and dryer but getting some rain up to the north and west of philadelphia. we can't rule out the possibility of a late day scattered thunderstorm moving through. right now we do have some lightning strikes happening with the cell that's just pushing into north central pennsylvania up near williamsport, north of harrisburg. so, like i said earlier, it doesn't look like much on the map, however, this energy here should be building and that front will be moving west to east as we move on through the day. your seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen, just
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pick your neighborhood and be sure to check out your seven day. i will be back to talk about more comfortable conditions for tomorrow and we will take a look at the ten day in just a bit. >> karen, we like to hear that. we'll see you then. happening today, it's time for the and his panic fees is that at penn's landing. this is the 35th year for the event and you will find a wide array of food, you can enjoy live music and performances by local dance academies, also many of your favorite personalities from telemundo 62 will be there. it runs today and tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00. dallas tries to stay strong in the face of tragedy. >> texas is a tough state. but just like we have overcome so many challenges in the past, we will overcome this challenge. >> texas and the nation look at how to prevent another tragedy like what happened in dallas. coming up, what is being learned
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from this deadly sniper attack.
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welcome back it's 5:17. we have more details on the deadly ambush of police officers by a sniper in dallas. nbc 10's national correspondent jay gray has the very latest. >> reporter: there is an eerie silence in downtown dallas. just over 24 hours after this chaos and carnage, five officers shot and killed, seven more wounded by a sniper targeting police from an elevated perch downtown. >> this was a mobile shooter that had written manifest owes on how to shoot and move, shoot and move and he did that. >> investigators say this man micah xavier johnson was the lone gunman. johnson was eventually killed by
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dallas s.w.a.t., officers using a bomb robot to detonate a controlled explosive, that's the first time that's ever been done in the u.s. >> it seems as though the sole suspect now has received his justice and what will be important is to ensure that there are no other potential co-conspirators. >> reporter: police did detain at least three people but have not said what, if any, role they may have played in the attack. the shots rang out near the end of what had been a peaceful march protesting deadly shootings in louisiana and minnesota. hundreds were caught in the crossfire. >> couldn't tell where it was coming from, what building. >> reporter: the center of the city remains locked down now. investigators searching for evidence and answers, while dallas and the nation search for strength. >> texas is a tough state, but just like we have overcome so
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many challenges in the past, we will overcome this challenge with the future being even better than the past. >> reporter: a painful past that now includes the most deadly attack on police since 9/11. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. in transit news here at home septa rail riders could see a little relief next week but we're also learning that the slow down could last longer than officials thought. septa is leasing train cars from amtrak maryland and new jersey transit which will add an additional 1700 seats to ease commuter congestion. those extra seats are needed since there is concern that the silver liner 5 fleet could take more time and effort to fix. crews may have tone material replace the defective steel beams and since they're molded from scratch it will take longer than expected. >> at this point it's not
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looking good for a repair or a quick return to service, but we're not done, but it's not at this point. >> septa hopes to have those fixed cars back on the tracks by labor day. they were operating on a modified schedule up to this point but plan to put out a new schedule tomorrow. the mega millions frenzy has sadly come to an end. one ticket sold in indiana matched all the numbers to win, $540 million jackpot. a ticket was sold in new jersey, however, and did match the five white balls to win a million dollars so check your tickets. here are those winning numbers from last night. 8, 19, 20, 55 and 73 and the mega ball is 5. again, the winning numbers are 8, 19, 20, 55 and 73 with the mega ball being 5. the show boat in atlantic city is back in business but
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without the games of chance. yesterday the former casino reopened as a hotel only. the show boat has hundreds of rooms and suites plus a restaurant and coffee shop and fitness center. the property was one of four atlantic city casinos to close in 2014. philadelphia developer bart blass between purchased the show boat in january. daily online sports fantasy games are no longer legal in delaware. state justice generals sent a cease and desist to fan kings and they want those companies to remove sports fantasy games from their betting operations. this he do not allow those sites to charge players or offer them prize money. comcast is an investor in fanduel. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. and i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we will go ahead and take a look at our weather stories for today. hopefully you kept cool over the
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last couple of days with our heat wave. we will continue with temperatures with temperatures in the 90s. we are looking at the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms and dryer by tomorrow. we are looking for that cold front to move through and cut our humidity considerably come tomorrow. doppler radar showing that we have some moisture in the area, we've got a system that's building here moving in from the west and that's what we can expect later on today. future cast scattered pesky showers, this particular weather model says hang on to the umbrellas, especially later on today. we are looking for sun and clouds but we can see hour to hour this morning that we do have the potential for some isolated shower activity to be moving through philadelphia, mainly northern delaware. it's looking like things will be fine down along the shoreline. we have meteorologist erika martin who is out on our patio and she will be talking to us a little bit about the conditions outside right now. no umbrella, huh, erika?
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>> no umbrella. i'm going to go ahead with this mist and enjoy the glowiness that i will get afterwards. it's humid, it's muggy, a little uncomfortable but i'll take it, at least for now. as you mentioned earlier we do have the threat of some thunderstorms later on in the day, but really the big story is areas of patchy fog. so it's thick and soupy out there, clouds are thick. notice that the visibility is poor right now so that's something to be concerned with early on during the daytime hours, unfortunately you also talked about not having too much sunshine in the forecast for today but improving by tomorrow. so again it's all about these temperatures in the 90s, dew points in the 70s. we did make that heat wave yesterday so another day in the 90s for today, cooling down by tomorrow, but again, it's muggy, it's dewy out here, a little misty, however, not that bad. as you mentioned, karen, those thunderstorms for later in the afternoon hours. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we have certainly paid the
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price, right, with the heat wave that has been for the last couple of days. we will go ahead and take a look at our ten-day forecast. do we get relief? well, 91 in the city for today, we have some scattered isolated thunderstorms, potentially sun and clouds. tomorrow the humidity will drop and dew point will drop, it will feel a lot better. look at our temperatures as we get closer to tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. we go back into the super heat with temperatures well above our average. our average high temperature this time of year, 87 degrees and so you can see come tuesday we're going to be jumping back up into the 90s. so enjoy when we get that cut in humidity tomorrow. kate. >> all right. karen, thanks. a popular concert is back at the jersey shore this weekend after a controversy about bad beach behavior threatened to shut it undo. we'll take you there next and tell you what the decision has been.
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it is almost 5:30. we're going to tell you a story that it's not your normal sweet 16 party. jenny the hippo is celebrating her birthday at the adventure aquarium in camden this weekend. the aquarium threw her a party to remember yesterday, complete with fruit and veggie cupcakes, she enjoyed them with her hippo friend button. they both weigh more than 4,000 pounds each so it's a good thing that those cupcakes were veggie, i guess. happy birthday to jenny. a controversial music festival continues in cape may county later today. the beach glow music festival kicked off last night in wildwood. local businesses filed a lawsuit to block the concert after they claimed they had problems with bad behavior among concert goers in the past, but a judge gave the concert the okay. proceeds benefit music programs
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in philadelphia and atlantic city schools. well, if you like blueberries and they are so good, you will want to head to linzilla orchards, it's hosting the annual blueberry festival and pie eating contest. visitors can pick their own blueberries and enjoy concerts and crafts. the tragedy in dallas has the presidential candidates talking about change. and we do have some cloud cover around, a little bit of a spritzer out there, heat and humidity continue today, but we have the possibility of some thunderstorms moving through the area. there you see. we're in the soup, but changing all the way for tomorrow. so it's a 50/50 split this weekend. i will be back with all your weather details after the break. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling
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right now on nbc 10 news today, another night of protests over police brutality. we'll hear from those who took to the streets in the wake of recent tragedies. and one person is in the hospital after an overnight fire in philadelphia. what neighbors tell us they did to help. and a live look outside at center city, philadelphia, as the sun is coming up. we'll get ready


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