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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  July 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. donald trump accepts the nomination and now becomes the republican hopeful to take back the white house. the rnc comes to a close with a blizzard of balloons. this morning, we're recapping and wrapping up the convention. now the focus is on philadelphia and the democratic national convention. we'll explain how the city is getting ready to shine in the national spotlight.ç
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nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. just after 5:30 on your friday. unfortunately, the heat and humidity stick around today. in some spots it could feel like 100 degrees. the guy who knows it better than anyone is meteorologist bill henley. >> it will be a fast warmup from a warmer start this morning. not as cool as it was yesterday. 69 degrees in the suburbs. new jersey and the lehigh valley in the upper 60s. 74 in philadelphia. delaware will warm into the 90s. in fact, we'll see 90s across the board. the only exception will be the shore. most of the day, sunshine but late this afternoon, storms are possible for the lehigh valley. the suburbs and philadelphia. but the main feature for today and this weekend is the heat. dangerous levels of heat and humidity for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. they'll be feeling it from today right on through the weekend and
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into next week. the very hot and humid conditions will give the feels-like temperatures to 100 to 105 degrees. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour today. right now, let's see how the traffic is moving before sunrise. jessica boyington. jessie? >> we have our first incident of the morning on one of our majors. this is 95 approaching academy, right after woodhaven road. we have a tractor-trailer, another car and a vehicle that seemed to have spun out facing the wrong direction. this is on the southbound side of 95. hasn't at faffected brave timesm woodhaven road to center city. i'm sure we'll have more lane restrictions with this. i'll keep you updated. this morning, it is
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official. donald trump is the republican presidential nominee after delivering a speech at the rnc. matt delucia live in the digital operations center with more on trump's big night. matt? >> the convention as a whole had its moment of controversy. this is the moment republicans were waiting for, a chance for donald trump to address the nation one on one. it was an hour and 15 minute speech, the longest anticipate sense speech dating back to 1972. at one point he said nobody knows the system better than me, which is why i alone can fix it. another point he talked about illegal immigration and building the wall between u.s. and mexico. >> we must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place. we don't want them in our country.
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>> and trump also talked about attacks on law enforcement and condemned attacks on the lgbtq community which was met with applause. we went to local members of the delegation after the speech. they and other p.a. delegates are say they are rallied, foc focused and energized for the fight ahead against democrat hillary clinton. >> he was amazing tonight. he was on point, he was forceful, compassionate, sympathetic, all-inclusive. what else could you ask for? >> i cried. it was so move and to see ivanka trump and to see mr. trump was to special and inspiring. i'm excited to be here.ç >> all right. what's next? trump and his running mate, mike pence are heading back on the campaign trail. live in the digital operations center this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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>> matt, thank you. nbc 10 is partnering with fact for both political conventi conventions. tap the nbc 10 app to see what we found when we checked the speeches at the rnc and check back next week when we fact check what is said at the dnc. 5:35, this morning the focus is shifting away from cleveland and now it's here in our area. the philadelphia is days away from hosting the democratic national convention. pamela osborne is live at the home of this year's dnc, the wells fargo center. in less than two hours there will be a big unveiling there at the arena. tell us more. >> i'll tell you about that in just a moment. it's been a big job trying to get the wells fargo center ready and prepared for the dnc. security a huge issue. you can see the fence has been installed. it goes all the way around the wells fargo center. in the next hour and a half we'll be allowed inside to give you a better look at the
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transformation that's taken place there. at 7:00 a.m. officials will be unveiling the podium where very soon hillary clinton will accept the presidential nomination for the democratic party. 50,000 participants are expected to attend and another 50,000 more protesters are also federal law enforcement to ensure that everything goes as planned. >> for people who travel to these convention for the express purpose of protesting and some for the express purpose of causing a little bit of chaos. we have to be prepared for all of that. >> a heads up for you. if you do live in south philly and you're used to working in the median on broad, you will not be able to do so during the convention. the secret service has provided us with a list of road closures, most of those closures are happening on 95 near the sports complex. we have a full list of all of the closures on our website.
5:37 am, reporting live, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. the coast guard is setting up security zones on parts of the delaware and schuylkill rivers. petty officer james mcgwire explains how the dnc is different from their routine patrol. >> you have to be more vigilant, maintain a good lookout, where are people's hands at? how many people are on that boat? >> parts of the water will be closed at certain times but boating during the dnc next week is not off limits. whether you're a democrat or republican, starting today explore the evolution of american politics during politicalfest. nbc 10 happened on a flash bus with governor ed rendell, get the tour of the seven participating venues in the museums. see everything from the first
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dresses that were worn by first ladies. entire family. for more on politicalfest and the countdown to the dnc, tap the nbc 10 app. and philadelphia will be a no drone zone during the democratic national convention. the faa released this video about the restrictions that will be in place. the restricted area around the wells fargo center, officials are warning people that if they even try to fly their drones, they could be charged. nbc 10 is planning extensive coverage of the democratic national convention starting this weekend. we'll report live fromç inside the wells fargo center each morning, afternoon and evening. just like the rnc, we'll air a live special at 7:00 p.m. amazon is expanding across pennsylvania with new fulfillment centers. amazon is getting $15 million in
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tax credits to do this from the state. one of the new centers will open in northampton county in the lehigh valley. happening now, the camden county mosquito commission is spraying expected breeding sites for the pests. they are spraying along roads in gloucester township, voorhees and cherry hill until 6:00 a.m. the they remind home owners to remove standing water from their property since that's where mosquitos thrive. pennsylvania will get $1.8 million to help fight the zika virus. almost 2 million will go to new jersey and delaware will receive $423,000. the states can use that money to address health problems related to zika like birth defects. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> battling the heat is the issue for today. one place people will be looking for relief is the shore. it will be a busy day.
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lots of sunshine, plenty of sunshine, into the 80s. temperatures inland will be soaring. 74 right now in philadelphia. 84 degrees at 10:00 and then it's into the 90s at 2:00 this afternoon. sunny skies, low 80s later this morning and into the low 90s. that's by 2:00 this afternoon. the lehigh valley high clouds, 67 degrees. one of the cooler spots this morning. this will be one of the hotter spots in the afternoon. by noontime, 87 degrees. the entire area will see southwesterly or west/southwesterly winds today. that will make it hotter and more humid during the day today. the lehigh valley may see late-day storms. that's a possibility in central new jersey as well. but most of south jersey will stay dry. with sunshine, warms from the 60s into the upper 80s by noontime. it's 90s this afternoon. with the elevated humidity it's going to feel like it's closer
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to 100 degrees this afternoon. the shore, different story. we'll be in the upper 80s with winds to 17 miles an hour. that's 2:00 this afternoon. at 4:00, still quite warm but just shy of the 90 degree mark for the jersey shore. delaware, high clouds right now, they'll thin out, sunshine, 80s starting at 10:00. 90s by 2:00 this afternoon. and going hotter. hot and humid conditions. they will persist right on through the weekend. a look at the ten-day outlook when i'm back in just a few minutes. 5:41 on your friday. as bill said, it's getting warmer out there. let's check out things on the the roads. >> 95 is where you're watching? >> yes, we've had a quiet week so far. this is approaching academy road, between woodhaven road and that point. we are starting so see a
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slowdown. you can see on the southbound side, that's approaching center city. police officers just got to the scene. we have a vehicle facing the wrong direction. it seems to have spun out and hit into the shoulder guardrail as well. there was a tractor-trailer on scene as well. maybe they pulled up so they are not blocking the çlane. a 13-minute drive time southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. here's the schuylkill expressway, no increase here into center city. 13 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we are getting insight into donald trump from former eagles quarterback randall cunningham. what he learned about trump during an enter view in the
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'90s. and we're getting ready to clear the shelters.
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quarter to 6:00 on this friday morning. what is donald trump really like? i talked to former allegheny
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quarterback randall cunningham who says he has a pretty good idea. the former eagles quarterback interviewed trump back in the u$rq)e on nbc 10. randall cunningham's celebrity wrap. >> when you're a winner or not a winner, the money is a score card. it's fun, nice, it solves problems, even creates problems. >> trump was using now familiar phrases. at that point trump was known mostly for being a successful businessman. i asked cunningham if there were hints of the man we're seeing now on the campaign trail? >> donald doesn't play. i remember one time donald had paper in his hand. he said, look, look at this. it's a bunch of numbers. it's millions and millions of dollars. what is this? these are my casinos, man. i'm looking, look closer, i'd have to put my glasses on nowadays. donald just showed me how much he was making. and it wasn't a big deal. he's real like that. >> cunningham says he loves him as a man but won't say who he's
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voting for come november. i was out there before his daughter is going to the olympics. it was fascinating to hear his insights. the rnc is over and the dnc starts monday in philadelphia. >> tracy davidson asked local republicans what they expect from the city of brotherly love. >> next week, the spotlight turns on philadelphia. i asked local delegates in cleveland how they think philadelphia will do. >> i'm excited. we are a great town. we'll put on a first-class show. >> i think they have to be prepared to put on a good show not only inside but outside. i think philadelphia is up for the challenge. i love philadelphia. i don't wish the democrats any bad will. i hope they have a great
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convention. >> cleveland, i've educated every single person on the street and every person on the street is so amicable. >> a up of the local delegates said they hope the city does very well but doubt very much the democrats can have the party the republicans had in cleveland. this weekend, nbc 10 is clearing the shelters and we need your help in doing so. we're working with local shelters to find pets forever homes like this pair of dogs you're about to see. meet kate and blue. they became orphaned after their owner in west virginia was killed. she was electrocuted in historic flooding in june when she went into her basement to retrieve photo albums. neighbors only learn something was wrong when her dogs kept barking and crying. a family friend brought the dogs to our shelter. they are being fostered out in
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pottstown but they need to find a home together. >> they love to just kind of do what he's doing, lay down and just be in the shade, maybe when it's less warm, they'll like to sun themselves a little more. >> april moyer says it's extremely difficult to find a home for two dogs but it was the wish of their late owner. help pets like kate and blue. more than 3,000 animals will be available at 35 local shelters. adoption fees will be waived. you do need to bring your i.d. and other things with you, though. we have a list of what you'll need and a list of the shelters participating on our nbc 10 app. just click on clear the shelters. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we're heading into weather that will be challenging for
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pets and owners alike. the temperatures will be soaring,ç starting today, we'l be in the 90s. we're getting closer to sunrise. this is about as cool as it gets this morning. it's a bit warmer than it was yesterday. during the day, turning hot and more hume than yesterday. late this afternoon and this evening, there's a chance of some storms in the area. 74 degrees, a couple spots in the 60s, allentown and mount holly. everybody is running warmer. up by 8 in vineland and look at allentown, 9 degrees warmer than yesterday. a hot and humid afternoon. the humidity will make it feel hotter. the actual temperature will make it into the low 90s by 2:00 this afternoon. with higher humidity, it feels like it's closer to 100 degrees today. these numbers will go higher over the weekend. dangerous heat. this is why we wished a first
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alert for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. for today, the we, and into next week, the hot and humid conditions will make feels like temperatures go up to 100 and 105 degrees. we're watching the satellite and radar. no activity other than a few high clouds. look at the storms moving into northwestern pennsylvania right across lake erie. today, steam heat continues through the weekend. 95 degrees this afternoon. the storms later today. steamier for tomorrow and sunday. not quite as hot. the high humidity persists in our area. it will feel like it's more than 100. potentially the hottest day, monday. which will likely see late-day showers and thunderstorms. tuesday, still in the middle 90s and slowly coming down, those temperatures by friday afternoon, 90 degrees. friday and saturday, a chance of
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showers and thunderstorms. look at that. we're still in the 90s for sunday. that's ten days straight of 90 degree plus weather. do your best to stay cool. >> thank you, bill. >> eight minutes before 6:00. in her last couple reports, jessica has been checking on a situation in 95. >> a slowdown. >> tell us where. >> 95, vai and katy, this is headed southbound, towards the center city area. we have an accident scene clearly. we have police activity on the scene. we had a tractor-trailer involved earlier. i think it's pulled up and out of the view of the camera. we're losing the right shoulder and part of the right lane. two lanes getting by and very slowly. we are, again, with those two lanes being lost, 15 minutes, maybe starting to increase a little bit. we also are approaching the
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morning rush in the next 20 minutes or so. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine, speeds averaging into the 5rgs. septa, warminster train 404 and 415 are running two cars short today. expect more overcrowding than normal and we'll have some of those delays as soon as they become available to us. we'll have them to you. >> another lottery jackpot is starting to make waves. >> up next, we'll tell you about the latest drawing to soar near the $400 million mark. and unveiling a piece of equipment for young players.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on your first alert traffic. right now we're watching 95. that's because there's an accident scene. you can see a vehicle about to be toed out of the way. headed southbound. one lane is getting by. we'll have updates on this for the rest of the morning and when i'm back in the 6:00 hour. we'll see you then, jessica.
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we're in the middle of another round of powerball pandemonium. >> this is a good thing. the jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing is $390 million. the most recent winners were pearly may smith of trenton and her seven children. they split a jackpot of worth more than $429 million in may. it's the largest prize ever won by a single lottery tick net new jersey. a new training center for young baseball players carries the name of a phillies slugger. nbc 10 was there for the unveiling the ryan howard training center. howard an his wife donated a huge chunk of the money towards the ç$2.5 million project. it will be used by thousands of kids and the phillies rbi program, which stands for reviving baseball in inner cities. the phillies start a road trip, the first of a three game series against the pirates.
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the republican national convention has come it a close as donald trump officially accepts his nomination. up next, we'll break down trump's speech that had him on the stage for quite some time. now it's philadelphia's turn to shine in the political spotlight. we'll explain how the city is getting ready for its own convention.
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i am your voice. nobody knows the system better than me. which is why i alone can fix it. >> right now on "nbc 10 news today," it is official. donald trump accepts the republican presidential nomination and makes some bold promises during an historic acceptance speech. that speech capped four nights of controversy and chaos during the republican national convention. we're breaking down what happened in cleveland as we get ready for the other side of the aisle. >> that means the


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