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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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focus on the battleground state of pennsylvania, one republican congressman says he's had enough of trump's antics. nbc 10's deanna durante reports from berks county. >> reporter: when you talk to some republicans from this area, they say not only are they not ready to vote for donald trump, but the speeches and language he's using, are forcing them not only to distance themselves from the candidate, but the republican party. >> i'm not supporting hillary clinton under any circumstances. i think she's unfit to serve as commander in chief. >> reporter: you would think with views like that, charlie dent is a donald trump supporter. >> that said, i'm not supporting our republican nominee either. >> reporter: while he's asking voters to vote for him, he says he can't cast a vote for either of the major party nominees. >> i feel like millions of americans right now who aren't happy with the choices at the top of the ticket. but there's always the option to write someone in. >> as a party leader i don't want to do anything that would help him in any way. i don't even want to be
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associated with him. >> reporter: dent isn't the only person denouncing a trump presidency. this sa committee man running for more than 20 years. he's the longest serving chair in the reading city committee. now he's giving it up because he said he can't support trump. he's hoping a third-party conservative will emerge or the nomination will be rescinded. dent says none of that is likely to happen. isn't it a little late for this? some could argue we saw this coming months ago. >> yes. but we had the convention in late july. some of us were hoping that the delegates would be free to vote their conscience and pick a different nominee. >> reporter: he isn't the only republican committee person to resign his post. another person put on his twitter account that he's endorsing the libertarian candidate. as for the state gop, they tell me that they will work to elect the party nominee to the white house. in exeter township, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. just an hour ago, donald trump wrapped up a rally in maine.
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trump telling supporters there that house speaker ryan is a good guy. he also said despite what you hear, there is no divide between himself and his running mate, mike pence. trump's wife melania broke her silence about her immigration status. recent reports questioning her visa when she came to the u.s. to work as a model in the 90s. she said let me set the record straight, i have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws in this country, period. any allegation to the contrary is simply untrue. in july 2006, i proudly became a u.s. citizen, end quote. on the democratic side this evening, hillary clinton toured a company in las vegas and then held a rally there. she said that company was living proof that businesses succeed in america by investing in people. if clinton becomes president, former philadelphia mayor michael nutter could end up in her cabinet. today political reports, nutter's under consideration for both transportation secretary and secretary of housing and urban development.
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new franklin and marshall poll shows a tight senate race in pennsylvania. in a survey among likely voters, it shows katie mcginty with a lead over republican incumbent pat toomey. toomey has not backed donald trump for president. other news now. chaos in center city. an elevator accident sent two workers to the hospital. one with critical injuries. the malfunction with the elevators closed the main criminal courthouse today. nbc 10's cydney long is joining us live from center city. one of the victims already out of the hospital? >> reporter: jim, that's right. that woman is a clerk. she was alert as she left here on a stretcher this morning. we're told she was in tears in the e.r. this afternoon, and that she was also instrumental in letting authorities know that someone else was trapped and hurt. one moment in an elevator, the next on this stretcher. >> fell down on top of the
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elevator. i have no idea. >> reporter: as paramedics worked to get beverly smith to the hospital, judges, jurors and employees got out safely. >> we heard a loud boom, a loud commotion. the fire alarm sounded and we evacuated. >> reporter: smith said something crashed on her elevator on the first floor. >> thank god the first lady who got hurt alerted us about the sheriff -- the sergeant. >> reporter: they went to higher floors to find paul owens trapped. his elevator in the next shaft, thrust upward, breaking through the ceiling before settling near the 13th floor and sending debris crumbling down. >> just heard a loud explosion. a loud sound. we thought it was an explosion, earthquake, didn't know what it was. >> reporter: his thoughts turned to the thought of terror. responders quickly ruled out any incidence of explosion. >> it's a real safety issue for an officer and sheriff and the
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court. >> reporter: authorities shut down the courthouse for the day. it comes as loved ones, the s.o.p. and sheriff came to the hospital to pray sergeant owens makes a full recovery. >> he's in pretty bad shape. several broken bones in his back, and he's on his way to surgery. the mayor's called and talked to the family. >> reporter: and we just found out a few minutes ago under the guidance of the city of philadelphia, that the cjc will remain closed and off-limits until tomorrow. both owens and smith were alone on those separate elevators. but sergeant owens we're told was just moments away from bringing a jury back onto his elevator to take them to a courtroom. live in center city, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> that could have been much, much worse. right after the accident, the nbc 10 investigators started looking into how and when
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elevators are inspected across pennsylvania. investigative reporter mitch blocker has those details for us. mitch, what did you find? >> jim, i spoke to the state this afternoon. every elevator in pennsylvania is supposed to be inspected every six months. the building owner is responsible to make sure that that happens. in this case, that is the city of philadelphia. here's what we know. most elevators are inspected by private companies that are certified by the state. if an elevator fails inspection it is taken out of service until it passes. a building owner, if they don't send the state the inspection, they send a state inspector to look at those elevators. we have also confirmed that the state has sent one of its inspectors to philadelphia to investigate today's incident. but the state would not provide any specifics about elevator investigations inside the cjc, because they are now part of an ongoing investigation. jim? >> mitch blocker, thank you. on the road to rio, ahead of
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the opening ceremony, tonight the olympic games are under way. there's a lot of action in rio de janeiro. that's where my co-anchor jacqueline london is at this hour. hi, jackie. >> reporter: i'm here live at the olympic park in rio de janeiro, brazil. today the men's soccer matches got under way, with brazil taking on south africa. and south jersey's own carli lloyd and the u.s. women's soccer team, they got a nice big "w." they got a victory in their game. and they'll play again on saturday. the opening ceremony will take place in rio de janeiro tomorrow night. it's an aspect that so many people look forward to. and with good reason for the olympics. rehearse always for tomorrow night's opening ceremony have been going on for the entire week. fireworks have lit up the sky over the maracana stadium. the details of that ceremony, it's tight-lipped. they've really been kept under wraps. the olympic torch is on the move. it is almost here. earlier today, the crowd swarmed
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on the beach as a brazilian surfer carried the torch off the coast of rio. a popular bar owner, he'll get nice honors carrying the torch through copacabana tomorrow. he's known as the owner of a hot spot for tourists and locals. opening ceremony of the 2016 olympic games tomorrow night. everyone seems to have their favorite opening ceremony. there have been so many that have been memorable. athens, barcelona, tokyo, london, beijing. many people are wondering where is the one going to rank for brazil? and we did get to speak to matt lauer and hoda kotb. they've been going through this information, studying up on the opening ceremony. they could not release one detail about what to look forward to, but they say it is spectacular. you will only see that on nbc 10
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tomorrow. you want to keep it right here from opening to closing ceremonies. join our keith jones tonight at 7:30 for "olympic zone." and the opening ceremony tomorrow night at 7:30, followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. let's send it right back to jim rosenfield in our studio now with more. >> jackie, that surfer, so much pressure on him carrying that flame. it's one thing to run with it, but on water? that was quite a sight to see. >> reporter: i'm sure it is something he will never forget. >> definitely. more from you to come tonight at 11:00. jackie, thanks so much. to news back at home now. a wallet is stolen at the promenade in marlton, and someone racked up $18,000. the woman bought gift cards and charged them on the victim's credit cards last saturday. easton police hope someone recognize the thief you see in this picture right here. monsignor william lynn,
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trial date set today, lynn arriving at the court this morning in the grayish-blue polo shirt there. the first u.s. roman catholic priest put on trial for helping to shield the child molesters in the church. a judge overturned the conviction last week. next at 6:00, the owner's message tonight, what the trump taj mahal owner told workers about losing their jobs. new at 6:00, a local athlete going for gold makes big news off the court. we'll have her story for you, next.
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i'm jacqueline london, live in rio. we can tell you that an olympic athlete from delaware made international headlines today. we're talking about elainea deladon, she will play in the arena if she makes it to the finals. they're expected to make it to the finals. she made international news today. let's go to nbc 10's tim furlong to explain why. >> absolutely, i think she's a
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great role model. >> reporter: wnba star has been well loved here in her home state. >> we made a lot of history in delaware. i think we've made our fans very proud. >> reporter: now as an olympian in rio, elainea will continue to make the area proud. a super quick mention of her fianc fiancee, amanda. yes, she's gay. they posted on instagram, they seem amazingly happy together. >> she represents us well. she's a remarkable young woman. and what makes her happy is what she ought to do. >> reporter: the group delaware pride is loading up supplies for the annual festival in dover this saturday. they're happy elainea felt comfortable coming out. >> just another step forward to the public to realize that, you know, we're out there. we're just like everybody else. >> reporter: the group is thrilled nobody seems too shocked to hear about a celebrity coming out anymore.
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they say they will understand if elainea doesn't want to be the face of gay pride in delaware. they just want her to be happy. >> that's why this is america. you're supposed to do -- i mean, as long as you're not husrting anybody, just live your life. >> tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: the first women's basketball game is sunday against senegal. we can tell you that elainea's family and fiancee will be there to cheer her on. a live look at baja olympic park right now, it is the heart of the games, where basketball will be played, swimming, so much to look forward to here in rio de janeiro, brazil. for now let's send it back to jim rosenfield in philadelphia. >> see you again at 11:00, jackie. trump taj mahal owner carl icahn wrote a letter to workers accusing the union of destroying
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jobs by taking part in a month-long strike. icahn said it was a bad bet to gamble on taking over the taj mahal. the casino will close after labor day, putting about 3,000 employees out of work. today workers continue to strike for a record 35th straight day. just another gorgeous day out there. temperatures in the 80s. but the humidity, low. so it's nice and comfortable. 83 in philadelphia now. the high today was 86 degrees. pretty close to average. but then the humidity was way below average. the cloud cover is way below average, too. hardly any clouds around. and really, not much rain for hundreds and hundreds of miles. it looks like we're in pretty good shape for tomorrow, too. lots of sunshine here on our neighborhood forecast. yardley 85. easton 84. the humidity will be still relatively low. so that the feels-like
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temperature will be pretty close to these actual air temperatures. 85 in robbinsville. longport 79. wilmington 86 degrees. rehoboth beach 79. as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow, we stay dry. the clouds are getting a little closer. as we go through friday, maybe late shower in the poconos or berks county tomorrow afternoon. but it's another pretty nice day across most of the area. saturday things change. we start off with at least some clouds. and then here comes a front. and this is the latest computer model. just in, within the last hour or so, showing that line of showers, maybe thunderstorms coming through. this is at 3:00. pretty much coming right through the i-95 area. drying out in allentown, and still not raining at the shore. that would come later in the afternoon, or into the evening hours. so even at the shore, we're going to be seeing most of the day on saturday with decent
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weather. so here we are, for example, wildwood, up to 85 degrees. the thunderstorm comes late in the day. some sunshine during the day. sunday, though, it's nothing but sunshine. and in the pocono mountains, we're likely to see those showers on saturday, earlier in the day, perhaps even before noon. and then drying out sunday again, just a picture-perfect day. the weekend forecast, 92 and high humidity for saturday with that afternoon thunderstorm, and then sunday, lots of sunshine and much lower humidity. now, nbc 10's new weather vehicle is going to help us track the weather in your neighborhood even better. first alert meteorologist bill henley shows you the technology inside storm ranger 10. >> reporter: have you ever seen anything like this before? the answer is no. because this is the world's first mobile television top ler radar. up until now, radars have been
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locked in place. unable to adapt to rapidly changing severe weather. we started with a clean sheet. and designed storm ranger 10 from the road up. it's packed with the latest technology. our first innovation, solid state radar. which means it's ready to go with the flip of a switch. older radars use tubes that can take an hour to warm up. next is the radar control center, installed in the back of storm ranger 10. this rack of computers tells the radar how fast it should spin, and where it should search the sky for storms. it also processes the radar signal and turns it into data that question analyze and display on television. its main control center and display, this integrated laptop. finally, there's our control room on wheels. this is how we get the radar data back to nbc 10. and streaming on the internet. these computers utilize the fastest lte cellular network to send data directly to the nbc 10
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operations center and from there to our neighborhood weather center. we can even send storm ranger 10 to remote locations, and deploy a satellite to beam high-resolution pictures to space, then directly back to nbc 10. pretty cool, right? here's the bottom line. we're taking the newest and most advanced radar technology and we're hitting the road. all to alert you to dangerous weather first. ahead, i'm amy with sports coming up. sam bradford talks about training camp so far. the phillies go for a sweep of the giants. that's next.
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i'm amy from csn. you can add two more names to the eagles injury list, jason peters left practice early today with a quad injury. and safety malcolm jenkins' day cut short with a hamstring injury. sam bradford and winston continue to get acclimated to the new doug peterson offensive system. bradford said he's more comfortable in his second season with the birds. >> i feel much more comfortable in the huddle speaking to those guys on the field. i feel much more comfortable in the building here to be honest. i think that's probably why it seems i'm a little more relaxed than last year. >> i feel i have a good grasp of the protection and everything. i like where i'm at. >> starting pitcher jake
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thompson will make his major league debut against the padres in san diego saturday. thompson has a 2.50 e.r.a. in 21 starts this year. he hasn't lost since may 31st. the faelts go for a sweep of the giants right here on nbc 10. bottom first, phils down 1-0. until the one through the gapper. hernandez ties the game at one. the base was stolen until he came off of it. tag out. we go to extra innings. denard span with his third most hits of the day. phillies fall 3-2. that will do it for sports.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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i'm jacqueline london. tonight at 11:00, live from rio. we're going to introduce you to one of philadelphia's olympians who will not be wearing red, white and blue during the games.
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also, we're going to tell you the story of this local rower who has trained right on the schuylkill river for years putting in so many years of hard work and practice. that's all new tonight at 11:00. i'm jacqueline london live in rio. we have more olympics coming up for you. the "olympic zone" will start this evening at 7:30. and then an nbc special on the olympics at 8:00. and i will see you back here from rio at 11:00. jim rosenfield, back to you. >> jackie, lots of olympic coverage to come. we can't wait. thanks so much. final look at weather. >> another beautiful day tomorrow. nice and comfortable. then the heat and humidity for saturday, with a thunderstorm moving through quickly. setting us up for another really nice day sunday as the humidity goes back down. later next week we start heating up again with the humidity. >> sunday is looking fantastic. >> the best day of the weekend by far. unless you like a lot of humidity, then you might like saturday a little bit better.
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>> all right. that's nbc 10 news at 6:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. lester holt live from rio. good night. tonight, tale of a tape. donald trump and the video he claims he saw despite no evidence that it exists. a new firestorm amid new questions about how melania trump came to america. knife attack horror. an american woman stabbed to death on a london street. a florida college professor's wife. five others wounded amid fears of terrorism. what investigators are now saying. major mob bust. dozens arrested on a laundry list of charges. and the americans to watch. some familiar faces, some new hoping to strike gold here in rio. plus matt lauer with michael phelps. why he says this olympics is so different as we reach the eve of the games. "nightly news" begins


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