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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that will be steeply discounted, $300 instead of $600. but a cheaper generic version has been stuck in regulatory red tape. we asked why, and we learned mylan has fought a fierce war to stop a low-cost epi pen from hitting pharmacy shelves. >> and then i jab it in my legs for ten seconds. >> reporter: haleigh andrews and her mother have used an ep i pen several times for the young gymnast with food allergies. there are just seconds to act. >> we can't go without the epi pen. it's a matter of life and death. >> reporter: the company behind epi pen mylan now says it will make a generic version of the drug that's 50% cheaper. but the nbc 10 investigators uncovered documents that showed mylan and its production partners have fought for years to stop a cheaper version of the drug.
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this so-called citizens petition asked the fda not to approve the generic epi pen reportedly designed by israeli pharma company. in a study paid for by mylan, the generic product would have a failure rate of 93%. but the study had no control group. and participants did not actually manipulate the device or perform the injection. >> the study was just flawed from start to finish. >> reporter: diana zuckerman heads a nonprofit fda watchdog. she said studies like this waste health regulatorregulators' tim stall approval of generic products. michael carrier has studied more than a decade's worth of citizens' petitions and found nine out of ten come not from patients, but from brand name companies arguing that cheaper generics should be blocked. >> it's not about what a citizen petition is about, it's really
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about the brand company, delaying the generic form from entering the market. >> it's being used by industry, it should be called an industry competitors petition. we hope the fda would know better than to take it seriously. >> reporter: mylan sent us a statement saying the generic epi pen doesn't meet fda rules for generics. experts say the study is flawed, mylan told us it offered a valid examination of the product design and how the injector might be used in an emergency. by the way, carrier also blames teva for delays. in 2012, teva settled a lawsuit related to the epi pen. and that supplement reportedly agreed to delay production of their generic for at least three years. >> it does raise a whole bunch of questions as to whether or not teva entered as quickly as it could have.
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>> reporter: this family is hoping the new round of scrutiny will hope the floodgates of how life saving drugs are approved. >> i hope they can explain, and are held accountable. i hope that it stops. i hope the stall tactics stop. >> after taking nearly six months to review mylan's petition to block teva's generic, the fda denied mylan's challenge. at the same time, the fda has continued to withhold approval. the fda won't say why the generic is not ready for market. the agency said that information is confidential to teva. a spokeswoman for teva said they found major deficiencies with their design. the company did not address its previous settlement to delay production. jacqueline and keith? >> george spencer, thank you so much. a live look at cape may, where dangerous rip currents are causing problems in the water for beachgoers during the unofficial last week of summer. i can't believe i'm saying that
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already. last week of summer. further south, the calm before the storm in north carolina. a massive tropical depression is set to clip the outer banks. it's expected to bring winds up to 45 miles per hour. and of course, heavy rains. the question a lot of people around here are asking, what does this mean for us? >> let's send it over to sheena parveen with more. >> yeah, for us it means we're going to see an increase in our rip current threat. that's going to be right at the shore. now, that is mostly going to be tomorrow as well as later on today. but temperatures right now are still on the warm side. you can still enjoy today. look at the shore points, though. we have a pretty good onshore wind, 81 degrees stone harbor, 83 in avalon. the onshore wind giving some areas upper 70s like ventnor city 78 degrees. but with that tropical depression, staying offshore, it is going to increase our risk for rip currents along the shore and the delaware beaches. farther inland, we don't have to worry about even increasing wind speeds.
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we're going to stay dry, even by tonight, philadelphia 84 degrees. sunny still. by later on this evening, it will still be fairly warm, but still pretty comfortable. here's a look at the radar. we have a tropical depression in the gulf of mexico. the other one right off the coast of north carolina. not too large here. it will skim the outer banks and give us the higher risk for rip currents. along the jersey shore and the delaware beaches, rip current threat, it will be lasting through labor day weekend. we'll talk more about that, and what you can expect coming up. firing gunshots at another vehicle. heading toward atlantic city. >> new details, the new 911 calls following this deadly shootout on the a.c. expressway. we brought you the story yesterday. tonight five people are under arrest. nbc 10's jim rosenfield joins us live from the breaking news center. >> he has the details on the arrests plus more of the 911 calls. >> new jersey state police released a photo of a third vehicle that may have been involved in the gun fire, which
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sent those bullets flying along the busy highway in grod daylight. it's a dodge ram. it has a temporary delaware plate. there you see some damage to the fender. this is another vehicle involved. the ford expedition that finally stopped at an egg harbor township wawa. it was hit with some 21 bullets. three men and a 16-year-old boy inside the suv were wounded. troopers found 22-year-old roseman octavius of egg harbor township dead in the passenger seat of a nissan on the nearby garden state parkway. 911 calls described the chaos as it unfolded in broad daylight. >> total of five people have now been charged with weapons offenses, including four from the expedition, and also the
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driver of the nissan who was not hurt. state police say it is not yet clear exactly who shot whom. live in our breaking news center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. >> jim, thank you. to a developing story now. the number two in command for isis was reportedly killed in an attack in syria. abu mohammad al adnani was also the spokesperson for the terror group. he sent six years in u.s. custody after being jailed in iraq. officials have not confirmed how the isis leader died. decision 2016 coverage. donald trump appears to be chipping away at hillary clinton's national lead. in a new nbc news survey monkey poll, it appears clinton is losing support among independent voters. trump arrived in california today. four leading house democrats said they want the fbi to
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investigate whether trump's campaign was involved in the recent hack of democratic party computers. the letter to director james comey notes connections between russia and aides including former campaign manager paul manaforte. >> kaine is saying trump is being too secretive for his finances, foreign ties, taxes and even his health. he speak in erie today. he said the republican nominee has utterly failed to answer basic questions about his finances and background. nbc 10's lauren mayk joins us from lancaster, where kaine holds a rally later tonight. lauren? >> reporter: jacqueline, this is not a county where democrats running for president have had a lot of success. but this is where democrat tim kaine is spending his time today. the campaign says that they believe there are voters here, in particular college educated voters, possibly republicans they can appeal to.
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it is a strategy similar to the one they're using in the philadelphia suburbs. on the ground in lancaster, volunteers and supporters await democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine. >> i was very surprised when they said he was coming. >> reporter: kathleen said she thought maybe they would get a visit later in the campaign. but kaine's first solo swing through pennsylvania includes a stop in lancaster. do you think having him here means that the campaign might be able to make more inroads here, more of a traditionally conservative county? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: it comes three weeks to the day after mike pence stopped in the region. >> lancaster is typically more republican, i think. but with donald trump as the candidate, it definitely makes it a lot more interesting, and maybe some people are feeling different than they would in other years. >> reporter: laurie's been hosting phone banks at her home
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for the clinton-kaine ticket and she's encouraged by what she's seen. >> the turnout has been amazing. we did the same activities for the obama campaign back in 2008 and 2012. and we are seeing about three times as many people showing up at our phone banks and volunteering. >> reporter: she plans to keep working. they're not taking anything for granted. they'll work right up until election day. we have also learned that governor tom wolf will accompany senator tim kaine here to this event at the boys and girls club in lancaster. they also made a stop at a local store. senator kaine will be speaking in less than an hour. live in lancaster, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thank you. staying in the keystone state, there's a new attorney general in pennsylvania. today the state senate unanimously confirmed bruce beemer as the new top cop. he was sworn in privately in governor wolf's officer. he said beemer had the skills to
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heal the office racked by infighting and scandal. beemer said he hopes to restore honor and integrity to the office. governor wolf nominated him earlier this month after former attorney general cakathleen kan was accused of leaking grand jury investigation and lied under oath. now to new jersey, where governor chris christie vetoed a bill that would have raised the state's minimum wage. democrats say they will try to get it on the 2017 ballot for voters to decide for the boost in minimum wage. we want to tell you about two dog stories you'll be talking about tonight. the first one involves a new study generating a lot of attention. see what new research claims to prove about your pooch, and the words you say. and also, a dog who defies
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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mourners in italy said final
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good-byes to more than 200 victims of last week's earthquake. the state funeral was followed by an evening mass. nearly 300 people died. the former stanford student convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster will soon be out of jail. he's served three months behind bars. you may remember a judge came under fire after sentencing him to six months. a sentence that many people considered too lenient. a close call, the next story brings a new meaning to the term lucky dog. look at this new video. in case you blinked, watch it again in slow motion. a speeding car jumping over a dog in its path. it happened along a racetrack in bolivia this weekend. somehow the dog got onto the course. the last-minute jump saved the dog's life. good thing the bump was in the
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road. i'm convinced here, my dog, charlie, understands every word i say. >> i love the way he cocks his head. scientists say they now have proof our pooches can understand human language. erica edwards with the details. >> reporter: dogs have many ways of telling us how they're feeling, from happy, to not so happy, maybe even a little embarrassed sometimes. now there's evidence dogs can understand humans, too. researchers in hungary trained dogs to sit very still in a functional mri scanner. trainers then spoke words both familiar and unfamiliar to the dogs in various ways. in a sing-song good boy voice in a neutral tone, then good boy. brain scans showed the dogs processed the words correctly, regardless of tone and how they
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sounded. meaning they understood the meaning of the words. how do they do it? the theory is that dogs start to understand that the words good boy are a good thing when they're said in a positive tone. even if our furry friends sometimes have selective hearing -- >> sit down. hey, sit. >> reporter: -- eventually they figure it out. >> good boy. >> reporter: erica edwards, nbc 10 news. >> so now my puppy charlie has no excuses anymore. he's going to be listening to everything i say. >> we knew they were smart. charlie and bella are smart, too. charlie, i guess i do it in that voice. >> it doesn't matter how old they are or how old we get. >> mine has selective hearing unless i have food. it's funny. but yes, we love the dogs. i'm sure you can bring the dogs out to the beach this weekend. but be very careful if you're heading in the water.
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because we have a higher risk of rip currents as we go from tomorrow, possibly through your labor day weekend because of two different tropical systems. this is rehoboth beach right now. clear skies right now. beautiful weather today. in fact, it will be dry as we go into your labor day weekend. so that is the good news. that's the forecast everyone's waiting for. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your seven-day. you'll notice quite a bit of a cooldown by the end of the week after the rain. 90 in philadelphia. delaware temperatures near 90 degrees. south jersey neighborhoods about the mid-80s for the most part. new castle county, wilmington 86. reedy point 87 degrees. dover, 87. ellendale 83 degrees. and closer to the beaches in sussex county, temperatures here are more around 80 degrees. because of the onshore wind. rehoboth beach coming in right around 80. so very comfortable. but it is the rip current risk that we'll be watching as we go
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through your labor day weekend. but also, for tomorrow as well. along sussex county beaches and cape may, atlantic county, moderate risk of rip currents. we'll watch to see if it needs to increased a little bit. be very careful. sky conditions looking really good, though. one tropical depression off the north carolina coastline, that's the smaller one. the bigger one in the gulf of mexico, that's tropical depression that may be named very soon. but now we're looking a little closer to home. there's the smaller tropical depression off the carolina coast. could be skimming the outer banks. we expect it to move out to sea. we do not expect rain from it. that will be the first one to impact those rip currents along the shore. locally we're nice and dry. a few pop-up shores along the shore points, in atlantic and cape may counties today, even in sussex county. but those showers have ended. we'll take a look at tropical depression 8, still a tropical
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depression. but quickly it should be taking a turn out to sea. could become a very weak tropical storm, as it does so. it will churn our waters up even more, so that rip current risk will be increasing. tropical depression number 9, in the gulf of mexico. it's still a tropical depression. it could become a tropical storm before it makes landfall. that would put it somewhere along the florida panhandle, and north of the tampa area. this is the most updated tracks from the national hurricane center. that would be by thursday afternoon. crossing over much of the southeast, moving out into the atlantic again, that would be by about saturday where it's closest to our coastline. but not moving in. it's going to stay offshore. but again, affecting our rip currents. we'll be watching that very closely. we don't expect rain from it, but we do expect an increase in, again, the rip currents at the shore. for tomorrow, your forecast looking pretty good. 88 degrees. if you are in reading, mostly sunny skies.
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if you're in new jersey, temperatures still around 90 degrees. tomorrow trenton 88 degrees. along the shore, that's where we have the threat of rip currents, that's why we have the red exclamation points. swim by lifeguards. dover, 86. wilmington coming in at 89 degrees. coming up, we'll take a closer look at your labor day weekend forecast. of course, the big cooldown before we get there, that's straight ahead. it came from 95 light years away, but generating quite a bit of interest tonight. and fired up. what a local man does to an nfl jersey that's made him the subject of a viral video.
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a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage.
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"she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. officials don't know what caused six balconies to collapse at a long island, new york, apartment building this morning, but could be linked to repairs nearby. fortunately no one was on those balconies when they fell, or got hit even. the fallout continues from colin kaepernick's anthem protest. people have been flooding social media with reaction, and most of it on the negative side. this video was posted by nathan of easton. since the video was uploaded, it's received nearly 4 million views. in the video, he throws a kaepernick jersey into a hole and lights it on fire.
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calling it the worst $50 investment he's ever made. this is the photo that ignited the firestorm. you can see kaepernick sitting during the anthem friday night. he says he will continue to do so until there are changes made for the social injustices that african-americans face every day. ryan lochte is keeping quiet about whether he'll return to brazil to face charges for filing a false police report. he said his legal team is dealing with the situation, adding, we're just trying to get this over with. he admitted to nbc's matt lauer that he lied about having a gun held to his head at a rio gas station where he and three teammates stopped to use a restroom. lochte agreed to reimburse feigen for a fine he had to pay before he could leave brazil. a distant blip intriguing astronomies. a loud sound was defected from the area near the constellation
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hercules. they say it could be a signal from an extraterrestrial, others feel it's just interference from earth. beachgoers are being told to beware. the shore will be packed with people looking to enjoy the holiday weekend. >> there's potential trouble churning in that water. blame it on tropical systems brewing way offshore. rip current dangers are rising at the jersey shore. what you need to know if you're soaking up the last few days of summer, next.
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surf is up at the shore. storms far out to sea have things swirling and swelling, raising keshs tonight as people prepare to flock to the coast for the holiday weekend. nbc 10's cydney long is in ocean city where swimmers are warned about rip currents. >> what precautions are being taken out there, cydney? >> reporter: the surf is rough out here. on some beaches you can only go up to your knees or to your waist. the ocean city beach control confirms they've had seven successful rescues down the seven miles of coastline. they say tomorrow will be a repeat of today. >> we were just out there. a couple of times i got swept out. and came up and looked, and she's standing there laughing at me. >> reporter: at 6'2", this dad was glad it was him and not his
5:30 pm
10-year-old daughter jordan who got roughed up in the ocean surf. >> seeing the people test the limits of the lifeguards is amazing that they're trying it. >> reporter: beach patrol has tightened the green flag swimming zone on several beaches in front of the lifeguard stands. they're limiting the use of boogie boards, and some beaches there are knee and waist-high restriction sgls it was really, really rough. but it was fun. but it was really rough. >> reporter: the rip current high risk signs are posted. swimmers felt a little nervous after witnessing two young girls get rescued on ocean city's 4th street beach. michelle wilson and her family have been here all summer. >> the flags have been spread out, all the way to this pipe here. just in the past few days, they really tightened up the flags. >> reporter: 10-year-old jordan always listens to her dad. >> he tells me to always stay in between those flags.
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>> reporter: but she has the best advice of the day. >> when the lifeguard tells you to come back, just listen to the life guard and always listen to the lifeguard. >> they know what they're talking about. once you're gone, you're gone. listen to them. >> reporter: and once the lifeguards are gone for the day, you can see they've pulled up their stand here on 4th street in ocean city. that is the cue that it's time to simply get out of the water. live in ocean city, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. we have team weather coverage tonight. krystal klei has a list of the rip currents along the coast. >> the hotter than usual temperatures. it can be dangerous out there. >> that's absolutely right. let's talk about that rip current threat. first tropical depression 8. this isn't a rather large system, but it will still bring
5:32 pm
rain to parts of north carolina and then track out to sea. not necessarily bringing us showers, but affecting us with that rip current threat. what we're looking at from tropical depression 8 is today into tomorrow, focusing on that moderate risk for dangerous rip currents. that's the color you see here in blue, parts of the jersey shore, as well as the delaware beaches under that threat. we drop farther south. this is now sitting to the southwest of florida. but pumping a lot of rain into florida. the projected path here if it continues should pull through florida and up the east coast. now, once it does that, it nears us around saturday into sunday, again we are looking at that moderate risk for dangerous rip currents friday, saturday, sunday. that means right into the heart of when you might be heading to one of the beaches or the shore. this is a heads-up, something we'll be continuing to watch with tropical depression 9 as it moves along our direction. just a reminder, if you do get yourself in that dangerous situation, do not try to swim against that pull, but instead
5:33 pm
try to swim parallel to the shore until you're no longer feeling the tug and then diagonal back to the shore. let's talk about temperatures. those will be dropping, but still hot right now. let's go to first alert meteorologist sheena par sheen. >> it still feels like summer. average high 83. today many areas still around 90 degrees. but nice sky conditions out there. that will continue, good news, through your labor day weekend. we'll have to deal with some rain showers, maybe some thunderstorms before we get there, but in the meantime will we're going to stay dry. 89 degrees philadelphia. 87 degrees for wilmington, delaware. we'll look at the philadelphia neighborhoods. we have warmed up nicely this afternoon. 88 degrees rittenhouse. society hill 88 degrees. take a look at what our temperature trend has been. we're talking about the heat. it will continue again tomorrow. temperatures have been in the 90s since last friday.
5:34 pm
but take a look at thursday, that is the day where we drop to the mid-80s. also the day you may need an umbrella. we expect scattered showers, maybe some thunderstorms. then look at friday, yes, we will be cooling to below normal, only by a couple of degrees. still, it is going to feel quite a bit different to you. high temperature only around 81 degrees. that is going to fall into your labor day weekend. nice conditions. it will be quite a bit cooler. i think a lot of people will in fact like it. we'll take a closer look at your labor day weekend forecast and talk about your rip current threat, too, all coming up. now the headlines we're following on nbc 10. police are searching for this dodge pickup truck in connection with a deadly shooting yesterday on the a.c. expressway. # 2-year-old rosemond octavius was shot to death. four others injured. a total of five people have been charged with weapons offenses. philadelphia firefighters are keeping an eye out for more small fires at an historic
5:35 pm
church after a massive blaze destroyed it yesterday. crews were back at the scene this morning in overbrook. investigators believe the fire started in the basement. but they're still searching for a cause. a rude awakening for some south jersey families. investigators believe a driver was under the influence when he lost control along haddon avenue and camden. he's at the hospital in critical condition. six families were forced out of their homes while crews inspected the structural damage. a chester county man has come down with west nile disease. state health officials say two other men were also hit with the illness last week. in rare cases, the mosquito-borne disease can lead to brain and spinal cord inflammation. a philadelphia neighborhood is going organic, and getting a face lift. the city broke ground today on
5:36 pm
the fresh grocer of monument road. it will offer organic and fresh foods at affordable prices. it will also include a beer garden and wine department. the site used to be a pathmart supermarket. the new store will open early next year. they're here. all 52 miss america contestants. the beauty queen hopefuls hit the boardwalk today to begin two weeks of pre-pageant festivities. a new miss america gets crowned september 11th. made in america festival will likely cause some traffic headaches this week. a live look for you at the ben franklin parkway where the concert will take place. two lanes are closed in front of the art museum, along with spring garden street. new today, park restrictions begin in the area along pennsylvania avenue. an additional closure continues through tomorrow through saturday. drivers have been asked to avoid the area all together. the roads return to normal before rush hour tuesday, september 6th.
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$14.5 billion. apple's unprecedented tax bill, and who's giving it to the company. plus, chipotle's giveaway as it tries to get back customers. it could be your kids who could be clambering for this one.
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the eu claims ireland gave illegal tax benefits to apple, and must now recover the unpaid back taxes, plus interest. ceo tim cook said the iphone maker never asked to receive special deals from ireland. he said apple has followed the law since it opened its factory in the city of cork four decades ago. what do an ipad and sedative have in common? a lot apparently. according to new research, kids who play video games before surgery are just as calm as those who take a drug to relax. in fact, the study found playing on an ipad prior to an operation made anesthesia more effective in kids.
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no cash for vacation? now you can finance your trip. cheap will let travelers make monthly payments for airfare. it could cost a 30% in interest. if your kid likes mexican, you are in luck. during september, chipotle's offering free kids' meals on sundays. the restaurant chain is hoping to bring back customers lost to last year's e. coli scare. high school and college students can get a free drink with a meal. a new fitbit measures your strokes over your stride. it monitors your laps in the pool. it also tracks steps and sleep. it's slimmer than other models. it's not in stores yet. but it can be pre-ordered. the controversy is captivating the country. an nfl quarterback taking a stand, by refusing to stand for the national anthem. the eagles' new coach is opening
5:41 pm
up about what he's telling his players to do. that story straight ahead. we're talking about the tropics affecting our shore communities for the weekend. we're talking about the rip current risks. i'll show you what to expect in your labor day weekend forecast. today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen.
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pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a live look inside lincoln financial field. the eagles have their preseason finale here this thursday. tonight the birds' new coach is weighing in on the league's latest controversy. >> csn's amy joins us now. >> amy, a lot of people still
5:44 pm
talking about this. >> absolutely. every day it seems like this controversy is gathering more and more steam. yesterday eagles rookie mike said he would join colin kaepernick's stance. he later apologized for being a distraction and said he will stand up during the anthem. kaepernick has not backed down after sitting during the national anthem during the 49ers preseason game this past saturday. a move that's been met with a lot of harsh criticism as well as support. doug pederson was asked about his stance on that behavior during the national anthem. >> i don't necessarily have a policy per se. i mean, i addressed it with the team. and listen, i can appreciate everybody's opinions, and i respect everybody's opinions. but at the same time, i feel it is important, and it's obviously out of respect for the men and women of our country who sacrifice in order for us to coach and play this great game. i get it. i understand it. but at the same time i encourage
5:45 pm
everybody to stand. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll hear more from pederson on thursday's preseason finale. plus we check in on tim tebow's baseball workout in california. back to you, keith. >> a lot of people looking forward to seeing that for sure. thank you, amy. nbc 10 is the official station of the eegs also. don't miss the birds' final preseason game this thursday at 7:00 when they play the jets at the linc. join us before and after the game for exclusive interviews and coverage you won't see anywhere else. one player not at practice today was jon doen bos. >> he's in los angeles chasing down his other dream. dorenbos is also a professional magician. "america's got talent" returns tonight at 8:00. he said he never thought he would get as far as the semifinals. he said he couldn't have pulled this all off without the eagles' help.
5:46 pm
>> the team steps forward, and coach pederson, they're like, this is a great thing. this is a great thing for you as a person and we care about you as a person, and as an athlete as well. we'll support this. let's dive in deeper and see what the schedule is going to be, and if it will affect other people and go from there. i was like, wow, okay. i'm not going to say no to that. >> by the way, dorenbos is the longest tenured eagle. he's the second longest tenured athlete in philadelphia. another day where we are pretty well above normal for this time of the year. temperatures are around 90 degrees through the philadelphia area, even for delaware and south jersey. now we're looking at chester county. 84 degrees west bradford township. 86 cochranville. mal vern coming in near 90 degrees right now.
5:47 pm
north wales is coming in 90 degrees. glad win 85. new hope at 86 degrees. not too bad with the humidity today. fairly comfortable, but we'll be staying hot and dry until thursday. so tomorrow's going to be another day near 90 degrees. take a look at the next three days. dry tomorrow, near 90. thursday scattered showers and storms, mid-80s. look at friday, 81 degrees for the high temperature. pennsylvania suburbs same story, near 90 tomorrow. showers thursday. friday, high around 80 degrees, and much lower humidity. friday's going to be a really nice day. lehigh valley tomorrow upper 80s. if you're in new jersey, expect near 90 tomorrow, and dry mid-80s thursday with showers as well as the shore around 80 degrees thursday with showers. and delaware. but look at the high temperature on friday. sunny, dry. everybody pretty much around 80 degrees and dry with the low humidity. cooler temperatures with the
5:48 pm
very low humidity relative to what we have seen lately, that's going to be around for the weekend. pretty much the entire weekend. so your labor day is looking great. the one thing that we are watching, though, dangerous rip currents, an issue at the delaware beaches and jersey shore. this will be tomorrow as well. and then into most of your labor day weekend. so all of the jersey shore, and the sussex county beaches in delaware expect dangerous rip currents. we have a moderate risk of that. we'll be watching it to see if the risk gets elevated as we go into the weekend. the reason for it, the two tropical systems. right now we're looking at tomorrow's weather, 1:30 in the afternoon, dry day. by tomorrow later at night, we could already see the approach of some showers through the poconos and lehigh valley. by thursday, this is the day we'll have scattered showers, maybe some thunderstorms. 2:30 in the afternoon. thursday, have your umbrella. once the rain moves away, that makes room for the cool air to move in. by friday you'll definitely notice some big changes. and they're going to be lasting into your weekend.
5:49 pm
so here's your shore forecast if you're heading here for the labor day weekend. temperatures mostly near 80 degrees saturday, low humidity, sunday, mid-70s by monday. temperatures right around 80 degrees. again, that rip current risk. sky conditions look good. we look to be mostly dry over your labor day weekend. so that's also the good news no matter where you're heading across the area. the tropics, one small tropical depression off the coast of north carolina. another one off the coast of south florida. we're watching both of these because they both will be affecting those rip currents i just mentioned. tropical depression number 8 is off the coast of north carolina. that one will take a sharp turn and move out to sea, possibly as a tropical storm. for tomorrow, we're also calling for that rip current risk at the jersey shore. and the delaware beaches. by this weekend, tropical depression number 9, that one will be causing issues as well. could be making landfall anywhere from the florida panhandle to north of tampa by thursday. that would provide a lot more
5:50 pm
rainfall in florida than what they're seeing now. off the coast by saturday. another issue with the rip currents. we'll take a closer look at that, and your weekend forecast, coming up. this is a live look at cape may where the surf is rough right now. a far offshore tropical depression has stirred up the ocean. breakers could break up to four feet knocking swimmers over. and another beach popular with us, the outer banks. >> mike seidel has the latest from kill devil hills, north carolina. >> reporter: here on the outer banks of north carolina, we're watching tropical depression number 8. it's going to be a brush by the locals, they're not concerned at all. >> hopefully it goes by quick and i can be back at the beach. >> reporter: worst of it could be some gusty winds, maybe downpours before it makes the turn and heads out to sea on wednesday. we have lost a little bit of sand. there is a bit of a berm here. high tide this morning only came up to about here.
5:51 pm
last night high tide went almost to the lifeguard stand. this moves out. then they'll be watching tropical depression number 9 which is down in the gulf of mexico. that is forecast to track well offshore friday, that we don't get any direct impact. but once again, it will be a surf and rip current issue. i'm meteorologist mike seidel, the weather channel, for nbc 10 news, kill devil hills, north carolina. a typhoon slammed into northern japan last night. the storm forced some residents to evacuate. it is the biggest case of cattle rustles neighbors have ever heard of. someone stole 500 cows in a farm in new zealand. it happened over the past month. the farmer isn't sure when. he had 1,300 cows in his herd and it took him a while to realize some were missing.
5:52 pm
they might have not been stolen all at once. each animal weighed about half a ton and worth about $1,000. savannah guthrie joins us from the nbc studios in new york. >> here's a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." good to see you, savannah. >> good to see you of the tropical trouble. the latest on the triple threat taking aim at the u.s. breaking her silence, the victim of a sexual assault at an elite prep school speaking out to nbc news tonight. caught on camera, strangers rushing to free a driver trapped after a ten-car pileup. an amazing story when we see you in just a few. >> looking forward to that. thank you, savannah. see you at 6:30. coming up next, the franklin institute's new exhibit, 65 million years in the making. >> honoring the nation's bravest.
5:53 pm
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camden county is thanking the veterans wounded in action with a special parking spot. officials showed off the first of eight spots in front of the gloucester campus. they're for purple heart recipients. one vet said that some feem the purple heart is even more precious than the bronze star.
5:56 pm
>> they tell me they value the purple hearts more, it's because they had to shed their blood to get it. >> more parking signs will go up at camden county libraries, and government buildings. how do you like that. this new exhibit got its inspiration from the movie "jurassic park." they say they look more realistic than anything on film. >> this 15,000 square foot larger than life exhibition takes the word extraordinary to a completely new level. >> today the museum showed off one of the life-like dinosaurs that will be part of the exhibit which opens in late november. the museum says the dinosaurs are based on real world dinosaur dna. tickets go on sale september 10th. can you imagine the kids who are
5:57 pm
fascinated by dinosaurs. >> even as an adult, i would love that, too. if. >> let's go. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rosenfield. guys, coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, the search for a dangerous attacker. also ahead, nbc 10 gets results for a local family fed up with crash after crash after crash right into their home. and we're talking about the tropics, and rip current risks at the shore and delaware beaches. i'll show you that forecast as we go into your labor day weekend.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
tonight the 911 calls and new developments in the a.c. expressway shootout. push for pennsylvania. a vice presidential candidate makes a sweet stop in p.a. will it be enough to win the keystone state? dangerous house, cars crash into their home five times. nbc 10 gets results. pennsylvania still in play. tonight another high-profile visit has new poll numbers show the presidential race is getting closer. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. we begin with decision 2016. hillary clinton's lead is shrinking in the latest nbc news poll. clinton now has 48% support from
6:00 pm
potential voters. she leads donald trump who has 42%. just last week, clinton led by 8 points. >> that's how big her lead is right now in the push for pennsylvania. new monmouth university poll came out this afternoon, shows 48% of potential voters are backing clinton right now, 40% are picking trump. vice presidential candidate tim kaine is in lancaster right now, about to take the stage any minute. and nbc 10's lauren mayk has been talking to voters today. she's joining us live from there. lauren? >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, we're inside the gym at the boys and girls club here in lancaster. let me show you what's happening right now. we're waiting for tim kaine to take the stage. hillary clinton's running mate has been ramping up attacks on donald trump as he makes his first swing across pennsylvania. tim kaine making a stop in lancaster county. the democratic vice


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