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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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flying south, donald trump says he's heading to mexico to meet with mexico's president. >> police standoff. chris brown arrested, how he taunted the officers who surrounded his home. and a magical night for philadelphia eagle, proving he's
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just as talented off the field. nbc 10 news starts now. >> an explosion of gunfire in north philly tonight. three people hit, including a 12-year-old girl. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. the girl was hit by stray bullets while leaving a neighborhood grocery store. brandon hudson is live where she's recovering tonight. brand brandon? >> reporter: the girl shot was a block and a half away from home. she's spending the night here at this hospital behind me. fortunately, she'll pull through, but for a 23-year-old victim, a man shot in the neck, it doesn't look good. this cracked glass, a chilling reminder of where a 12-year-old girl was shot leaving a corner store around 6:30. philadelphia police say she was hit in the right thigh. >> she was a wonderful little girl. >> reporter: she says like many children in the neighborhood, the young girl visited the store
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often, but now that's becoming too dangerous. >> it's not good for the kids around the neighborhood. ain't no need for all this. >> reporter: two men were also hit, a 23-year-old in the neck and a 31-year-old in the ankle. investigators recovered two guns from a camry near the crime scene, but no arrests were made. >> we don't have a motive for the shooting, but based on witnesses, we believe there were two shooters. >> reporter: more than 20 shell casings littered the street in west kensington. some bullets also hit the trash bins. sturgis told nbc 10 he saw the two men, who he knew, moments before they were shot. >> turned the corner, this is at the, you know, when i sat down, five minutes later, bang, bang, bang, bang. sounded like a war zone. >> reporter: the two men who were also shot are at temple hospital. philadelphia police are looking at surveillance video from the store for any leads. live at st. christopher's hospital, brandon hudson, nbc 10
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news. >> and this is the third time in two days a child has been shot in philadelphia. last night we told you about a 13-year-old boy who police say accidently shot himself and an 11-year-old girl in south philadelphia. both children are expected to be okay. today we learned he's now facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault. singer chris brown is in trouble again. los angeles police arrested him tonight after an hours long standoff outside his mansion. according to police, the woman claimed the 27-year-old threatened her with a gun this morning. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon and could face prison time. the singer took to social media while holed up in his home. keith jones has that part of the story coming up at 11:15. to decision 2016 now. just minutes ago, donald trump announced that he's meeting with mexico's president tomorrow. >> the last minute trip will happen in mexico tomorrow hours before trump's immigration speech. trump has made illegal immigration a centerpiece of his
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campaign, pushing for a wall along the u.s. border with mexico, but he appears to be softening his stance. mexico's president invited trump and hillary clinton to meet with him. a meeting with clinton has not been confirmed. to the democrats now and a push for pennsylvania vice presidential nominee tim kaine is heading to bethlehem tomorrow, but tonight he campaigned in lancaster. he and hillary clinton are trying to hold on to their narrowing lead. a new poll shows clinton ahead by six points nationally, that's 48% to 42%, but last week clinton led trump by eight points. lauren mayk reports. >> reporter: senator tim kaine in lancaster on his first solo swing through pennsylvania as hillary clinton's running mate. >> can i just tell you how proud i am to be on this ticket? what a humbling experience. >> reporter: but kaine spent much of his time here talking about the top of the other ticket. kaine hitting donald trump for not releasing his tax returns.
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>> richard nixon released his tax returns. if you can't come up to the ethical standard of richard nixon, you should not be within ten time zones of being commander in cheefr. >> reporter: kaine saying voters have a right to know more about trump's business dealings. >> this campaign has a feeling of a next trump con. >> reporter: a county that traditionally goes republican. barack obama lost twice by double digits. why do you think you have a chance in a county like this? >> we just feel like the energy is very strong, and we owe it to folks to go out and answer their questions, tell them who we are, and make our case. >> reporter: supporter jerry mitchell is from lancaster. >> this county has been turning a little more democratic year after year. i don't know he'll win this county, but i think he'll come really close. >> reporter: the campaign also counting on a nontraditional year and a field of college
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educated voters. in lancaster, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> while her running mate was in pennsylvania, hillary clinton partied with rock and roll royalty in the hamptons, dancing with sir paul mccartney, while jimmy buffett played "cheeseburger in paradise" at a fundraiser. the trump campaign continued its push for pennsylvania with a stop outside of scranton. eric trump paid a visit to trump summit. he then rallied voters. trump's middle son spoke about the close connection he has with the people of clarks summit, having spent time there as a child. >> it's a part of the country that's very near and dear to my heart, waverly, i can go on and on, it's a place i care immensely about. >> reporter: trump's son also took aim at hillary clinton, saying her failures as secretary of state are a sign of things to come should she be elected in
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november. overseas, the top spokesman for the terror group isis is dead tonight. isis says al adnani was killed while inspecting military installations in aleppo. al adnani was considered the most public figure. he spent six years in u.s. custody after being jailed in iraq. new at 11:00, state police in new jersey recovered this truck tonight in connection with a deadly shootout on the atlantic city expressway that claimed the life of one person and injured four others. police made no arrests tonight, but five people have been charged in connection with the shooting. philadelphia police need your help to find a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint. police say it happened around 4:00 this morning in long crest. according to investigators, a man forced his way into the home and tied up the 24-year-old woman's family before sexually
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assaulting her. the special victims unit is handling the investigation. there's a new attorney general here in pennsylvania. today the state senate unanimously confirmed bruce beamer as the state's top prosecutor. he was sworn in privately in governor wolf's offices. he told state lawmakers he hopes to restore honor and integrity to the office. governor wolf nominated him earlier this month after former attorney general kathleen kane was convicted of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it under oath. he publicly clashed with her and provided testimony to help prosecutors convict her. a special gift for hundreds of local kids tonight just in time for back to school. those are brand new pabackpacks. 400 kids got the new bags thanks to the philadelphia parks and recs department. new at 11:00, big night for the eagles as they made a major
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announcement about their future. only nbc 10 cameras were there as owner jeffrey lurie announced a $1 million donation to the hospital's commitment in the fight against autism. and coming up in sports, a look at the path as we find out who will be joining the eagles hall of fame. thank you, guys, thanks for having me back. >> talent off the field. how a philadelphia eagle captivated the world on national television this evening. hidden history. just wait till you hear the surprise a woman found in our area. she found it in her bathroom wall. and we still have the risk for rip currents if you're heading to the jersey shore or the delaware beaches this weekend. i'll show you that forecast, along with your labor day forecast for all your plans coming up next.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. worshipers held a vigil
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outside their church that was destroyed in a raging inferno yesterday. a small group gathered to pray tonight outside the good shepherd presbyterian church. the building, which stood at lansdowne and 56th street is banding together in the aftermath of the blaze. >> various congregations here have offered space for worship on sunday, which is more than we can expect. it's just been a wonderful outpouring. >> reverend anthony jenkins' christian temple baptist fellowship church. about 300 people use the church each week. the cause of the fire remains unknown. tonight, chris brown is in trouble again and this time police say he was armed. >> keith jones has the latest on the hours-long standoff in los angeles, including the singer's play-by-play accounts on social media. >> first it was an assault conviction, now it's a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. >> right here, right here.
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>> reporter: singer chris brown arriving at police headquarters tonight, hours earlier -- >> walk right up in here and see nothing, you idiot. >> reporter: brown taunted officers online during an hours long standoff inside his l.a. mansion. >> have you seen my house? i'm a barricade myself in the palace. i'm not coming out. >> reporter: police were called after an unidentified woman claimed the 27-year-old singer pulled a gun on her early this morning. >> we have to interview the victim and potential witnesses that may be involved. >> reporter: brown has been in trouble before, in 2009 he was convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend rihanna. tonight he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon. that's brown in the red hat. police coerced him out of his home without weapons. >> i can't comment on anything found or recovered at this point. >> reporter: brown could face up to three years in prison if convicted on this charge. keith jones, nbc 10 news. now, new at 11:00, a piece
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of hidden history unearthed today in wynwood, montgomery county, and it all happened by chance. >> kristen stewart's home was built in 1941 and she and her husband decided it was time to renovate. today was the first day of demolition. she heard of people finding newspapers so she told her contractor be on the lookout. she didn't expect what happened next. >> so, ripped open the wall, an hour later, look what i found. cool, a newspaper. no, look at the date. oh, august 30th, 1941, 75 years ago to the day. >> stewart says she might frame the newspaper, put it on display in the bathroom, but she also might leave her own newspaper in the wall for someone else to find some day. what are the chances? >> gives you chills. >> it does. spooky, i don't know. jon dorenbos may not be the most prominent eagle, but he's becoming the most magical.
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>> the birds' long snapper was in l.a. tonight performing on "america's got talent" and he showed off his football skills in the process. >> i look between my legs and snap it to a guy that kicks it. >> dorenbos showing off his long snapping prowess in front of the judges. and once again, he wowed them with his magic. dorenbos getting rave reviews from all four judges. we'll find out tomorrow night if he did enough to push himself through to the finals. as for the eagles teammates, every one of them was in attendance tonight at the team's first annual taking flight for autism event. dorenbos not only wowed the judges, but also brought smiles to the faces of the players and coaches. >> pretty impressive, you know, obviously, he's got a great talent and the guy's amazing. he does that kind of stuff for the guys all the time. just so happy, obviously, represents us and look forward to trying to figure out his next trick. >> dorenbos is expected back on
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the field for the team's preseason finale on thursday. >> you can't help but smile when he does his tricks, too. he has such energy and enthusiasm. >> such a good personality. >> sheena parveen, you have a few tricks up your sleeve? >> i hope so. by the end of the week a lot of people will love the forecast. we're talking about a big cool down and lower humidity. just in time for your labor day weekend. i think you're really going to like this weekend. if you look at the seven day at the bottom of your screen, you'll notice the big cool down coming. until then, hot and dry until about thursday. then we'll start to see changes. so for the next three days, quite a few changes. about a ten-degree dop from tomorrow to friday. tomorrow sunny, dry, 90 degrees. thursday some scattered showers around, friday highs around 81 in philadelphia and dry. for the pennsylvania suburbs, 80 and sunny on friday. lehigh valley, you could see showers as early as late tomorrow afternoon.
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highs near 90 degrees in some spots. thursday some showers around for the lehigh valley, quickly clearing, and by friday, 78 for the high temperature. new jersey tomorrow near 90 degrees, as well as delaware and staying dry. by thursday, that's when we'll have the showers around, mid 80s by friday, 80 degrees, the shore points expect showers thursday, but then into friday we will be drying out. some parts of the area north and west of philadelphia could see showers late in the day tomorrow. going into the weekend, that's when we're going to get cooler air and lower humidity. it's going to start friday, continue saturday and sunday, but also across the weekend we're talking about the risk of rip currents. we have a risk tonight and tomorrow. we also have a risk as we go through your labor day weekend for a second tropical system passing by offshore. the delaware beaches and sussex county expect dangerous rip currents. be very cautious, stay by the life guard stands. here's a look at future weather, tomorrow we're going to stay dry
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most of the day. 7:00 p.m. could see showers, pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, not till later in the day. tomorrow night, pick up on showers around and for your thursday, we'll have some scattered showers in the area, maybe a couple thunderstorms, clearing quickly, though, and that's when we will see the big cool down. so the next five days, philadelphia on top of the jersey shore, 90 tomorrow, there you see the showers around thursday, bigger cool down on friday. by saturday and sunday going into your labor day weekend we're talking about nice weather. temperatures in the low 80s. if you're heading to the shore or no matter where you're going, philadelphia, pennsylvania, delaware, everyone at this point is looking dry for the labor day weekend. that is great news. humidity will be very low, too. it's going to feel fantastic. temperatures mostly across the weekend mid to low 80s. so really nice setup for hopefully your three-day weekend. now we're looking at the tropics, two tropical depressions that we're still
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watching. the first one, tropical depression number eight, has not strengthened, but it's already taking the turn offshore like we expect. it's going to continue out to sea because of the location relative to us, going to cause the rip currents into tomorrow along the shore and beaches. tropical depression number nine is still off the coast of florida and the gulf of mexico, still tropical depression here, but as we go into thursday, expect it to make landfall in florida, maybe as a tropical storm, strong tropical storm, then it moves into the atlantic after that. by saturday it would be closest to us, but staying offshore and that's why we have another risk for rip currents across the weekend. we'll look at the ten-day forecast coming up. >> all right, sheena. nice night for softball and for a good cause in evesham. eight teams took part in tonight's tournament at arrowhead park and donations went to the families of two
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local fallen heros. to a college tradition tonight for local freshmen. >> the annual welcome picnic at rowan university. this is the scene on the university green. the class of 2020 met at the same place they'll march out with their undergraduate degrees. after they were treated to a picnic. coming up next, paging dr. love. remember the teenager accused of impersonating a doctor? why he's in trouble with the law again.
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tonight he's getting more tough medicine. >> i'm deeply saddened and a little disrespected. >> that was malakhai love robinson back in february.
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he was accused of opening a medical clinic and treating patients all without a medical degree or a license. now he's 19 and today he was arrested again in florida. he's facing new charges of larceny and fraud. his lawyer asked the judge to assign another attorney to the case. the ice bucket challenge took the nation by storm a few summers back. >> sure did. well, tonight in south philadelphia, a different spin on the als fundraiser. als association volunteer larry kaplan capping off his 50 in 30 als challenge at xfinity live. instead of ice came that right there, that's cheese wiz and everything else you could imagine. kaplan traveled to all 50 states to raise money. proceeds from his challenge went to fight the disease als. let's go to amy in sports. from football to baseball. >> yeah, for tim tebow that's exactly what's happening there, jim. tim tebow is now on a baseball field.
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we'll tell you about that and hear from him. plus, two new members of the eagles hall of fame announced tonight. plus, controversy surrounding 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick continues to grow. you would never know it listening to his head coach championship kelly. hear from him next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> the phillies entered tonight's game against the nationals just 1-6 against their n.l. east rivals at home this season and they were staring down the nats' best pitcher. max scherzer had allowed only two hits in the game until this point in the seventh inning. ryan howard, big piece. gets a piece of this one. two-run blast makes it 3-2,
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nationals. ninth inning, phillies last gas, franco grounds into a game-winning double play. nats beat the phils 3-2. now to the growing controversy surrounding colin kaepernick. after his actions during the national anthem before a preseason game last weekend, kaepernick has not backed down from his stance after sitting during the national anthem during the 49ers preseason game on saturday. a move that's been met with harsh criticism, as well as support. here's niners head coach chip kelly on his quarterback. >> we recognize his right to express his feelings, but that doesn't affect what we do when we get here at 8:15 in the morning until we leave here at 8:00 at night. we're all about preparing for the chargers game, obviously, this thursday and more importantly for the rams when the season opens up monday night. >> the eagles announced tonight jeremiah trotter will be inducted into the team's hall of fame this season. trotter spent parts of eight seasons with the eagles and was a member of the championship team in 2004.
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going in, legendary voice of the eagles, merrill reese. he's been calling games since 1977. the pair will be inducted monday night, november 28th, when the eagles play the packers at the link. tim tebow, former quarterback held a private workout for 28 major league baseball scouts, including one from the phillies. reports say a venezuelan team has already offered tebow a baseball contract. here he is on his workout. >> i had fun. i think it went pretty well. obviously, this form of a workout is different than what i'm used to, but being out there and running 60 and throwing it around and then catching fly balls and hitting some b.p., but most fun for me is trying to hit live pitching. >> one more nfl note, teddy bridgewater tore his acl and dislocated his knee at practice today. he will miss the entire upcoming
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season, including, of course, the game against the eagles. right back after this.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. that's nbc 10 at 11:00, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. have a great night, see you tomorrow. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mel brooks, rita ora, musical guest banks & steelz,


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