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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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. on this sunday night, going on offense, the clinton campaign pushes back hard against the fbi over their new review of clinton's related e-mails. the senate democratic leader accused the fbi director of possibly breaking the law. humanitarian crisis as the battle from mosul rages on. a firsthand look where civilians are arriving everyday. edible danger, vote on marijuana. a mix growing concern for children of edible pot that looked like candy. "nightly news" begins now.
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♪ from nbc news world headquart headquart headquarter in new york, this is nbc nightly news with kate snow. good evening, it is been a weekend filled with news. democrats scrambling. we learn from the letter from fbi director comey, the fbi is reviewing a new batch of e-mails reulating r reulating to hillary clinton's use. donald trump calling this the biggest political scandal since water gate. there are still unanswered questions. how were the e-mails discovered or what did they contain and are they duplicates of e-mails known to the fbi. with few details made public, democrats accused the fbi director of playing politics. we have all angles. we begin tonight with kasie hunt in florida.
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>> reporter: democrats upping the anti on the fbi. harry reid of nevada sending a letter accusing james comey of violating the hack act of so close to election day. >> hillary clinton did not mention the fbi issue at all. >> hillary clinton trying to stay the course in the face of the fbi's bomb shell announcement. >> powering ahead like nothing's wrong and working to get out the early voters florida. >> you need to get out and vote. and on church on sunday. >> no matter what is thrown at us, we need to stay focused on our goals. >> the first female president of the united states, hillary clinton! on saturday, partying with j-lo. >> going on offense against fbi director james comey demanding he tells the public
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more about possible new evidence reulating to the clinton's e-mails. >> it is unprecedented and deeply troubling. voters deserve to get full and complete facts. sources tell nbc news the newly discovered e-mails were found in the investigation of anthony weiner, the husband of huma abedin. she's off the trail this weekend. across the country, democrats defended clinton. >> we are not going to be distracted by this. we are going to power forward to make our case why hillary clinton is the next president. will it change the race. >> the polls taken before the news shows clinton ahead by six points in north carolina and dead heat with donald trump in florida. >> do you believe this can cause you the election. >> with nine days to go, millions of
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americans already voted. over 3 millions in florida alone helping to give clinton campaign conference and they're still on track to the win. >> reporter: reid's letter suggested that the fbi had explosive information between the russian government and the trump campaign. that's the charge and the trump campaign and the russians denied. kate. >> kasie hunt starting us there. >> lets get to the la latest now of the new e-mail. pete williams have behas been reviewing this. >> first step is to review the warrant and tonight the fbi has not. >> they had a warrant to search anthony
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weiner's lab top but only evidence for elicit evidence. another one is to look at huma abedin. those that are not copies will be checked for classified information. officials say if this all goes quickly and nothing potentially classified is found, it is possible that the fbi could come out and say so within the next few days. it all depends on how many of these e-mails have not been seen before. >> pete, you have new information how long fbi agents have known about this new cluster of e-mails. >> the fbi went to court and asked to seize weiner's laptop in late november. officials say the full
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extent of the huma abedin's e-mails was not proceeded. it was only recently they say that they understood their potential significan significance. thank you, pete william. donald trump is out west today where he attacked hillary clinton on this e-mail. >> the unexpected fbi announcement of newly discovered e-mail reviving the investigation of clinton days before the election. under lining one of their rival's biggest vulnerability. >> we'd never thought we would say thank you to anthony weiner >> trump told voters justice would be served against clinton. >> this is the biggest scandal since water gate. >> we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval
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office. >> hillary has nobody but herself to plblame. the campaign like everyone else including the fbi does not know what those e-mails contained. it is not stopping them from uncapitalizing the unknown and assuming the worse. >> clearly there is something to do like national security or obstruction of justice. >> you are putting your spin on it. >> have you spoken to the fbi director. >> no, i have not. >> trump regains some ground or deem the bleeding. >> it is something that's going to hang over democrats and why they continue to support her over the scandal. >> the washington post with the front page, three months investigation today, finding trump boasted and credits charitable donations that never happened.
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>> trump told the post that he donated tens of millions of dollars but offered no proof. >> reporter: trump is in colorado right now and he will be in new mexico tonight and michigan tomorrow. the campaign says that's because they're trying to push the narrative that donald trump is on offense and looking to expand the map. >> katy tur out in colorado. thank you. disgrace former congressm congressman, anthony weiner and huma abedin. halie jackson has more on how the campaign is standing by her. >> huma abedin is not able to hide from the fire storm, engulfing not just from anthony weiner today but from her political family. >> the fbi looking at e-mails shared with anthony weiner.
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campaign official told nbc news that aberdeen has n huma abedin has not been contacted yet. >> abedin after working for clinton for two decades. the two is so close, hillary clinton considered her as her second daughter. >> one of several scandals that sunken his career of his sex scandal. >> i wonder if she's going to keep huma. he's been a problem, do we agree? >> a campaign source tells ni tell nbc that clinton and huma abedin is as close as ever. >> she continue to do
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that. >> huma abedin takes on a senior role. campaign officials would not discuss possible staffing but privately signals that nothing changed. >> more fallout and questions about her future. halie jackson, nbc, news. all throughout this election, russia has been the center of some of the campaign's heated debate. we right lane hearing about u.s. presidential race. kearse simmons has that story. >> rising tensions with russia. president vladimir is accusing politicians of whipping up hysteria. he's rejecting claims by u.s. intelligent agencies that russian hackers targeted the clinton's campaign. >> clinton and trump have spiralled about russia. >> from everything i
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see, i have no respect for this person. >> no, that's because he rather have a puppet as a president. >> no, puppet, you are the puppet. >> his spokesperson sitting down with nbc news for an exclusive interview. you know to get more points. >> it is hard to believe that president putin does not favor one candidate over another. he's in favor of any politicians who's in favor with good relationship with russia. >> the chin twar in russia threatens more sanctions. just this past week, russia unveiled images of a new -- the spokesperson warned who ever wins in november.
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>> will do whatever that's necessary to keep us safe >> kearse simmons, nbc news. another powerful earthquake rocked italy this morning. the 6.6 magnitude quake was among the strongest to hit the country in nearly 30 years. toppled buildings already weakened by recent quake. >> italy is still recovering from the same area in august that left 300 dead. iraqis and kurdish forces are still battling hard to take back the city of mosul from isis. a humanitarian crisis in iraq is growing by the day. matt bradley reports from northern iraq. >> two weeks, iraqis troops have yet to pearce isis' defense. >> as the fighting goes on, desperate
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families arrived at this camp each day by hundreds. >> most of them are not from mosul itself. once that city falls, workers are expecting a massive wave of humanity that's overwhelmed and limited resources. >> up to two million people displayed from the battle. >> he fled south of mosul. >> land mine destroyed his work. >> he came here in july and his large family is sleeping in this small tent. >> i asked him how many members of his family had been killed? >> he said seven. isis be headed his father for spying and shot his nephew. the coalition destroyed his home. >> in this growing camp and others like this, the un and other countries are rush to meet the need.
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>> do you feel you have enough resources? >> no, of course, not. >> for the children finding refugee here, their future remains uncertain. >> they may spend their childhood at home or grow up here permanently displaced. >> matt bradley, nbc news, iraq. coming up, the growing concern over children a when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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. this election day, five states are voting on marijuana legalization. >> there is growing concerns on the safety of children especially when it comes to edible marijuana in many instances, it looks like candy. steve patterson has the latest from november. >> with two boys, safety comes first. >> in denver where recreational marijuana use is perfectly legal, jane, keeps an assortment of pot and food around the house. these are all where the products are stored >> edible like this are disstitinguishable. >> it is attracted to a 2 earli-year-old.
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>> four time in six years and nine calls from 2009 to 47 in 2016. >> doctor sam wong says exposure to the mind found in marijuana can lead to symptoms to children. >> anywhere from sleepyness and we had kids having a hard time breathing. >> marijuana is not recognized by the federal government so states are scrambling to self regulate to keep up with the booming multi billion dollars industry. >> this summer, the gummy bear law. >> oh perfect. >> stelers say following the rules take priorities. >> it is paramount. >> we are running a responsible business. >> for advocate like jane west, the best defense is good
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al royal murder could be solved with the help of modern dna testing. story from london. >> it is a tail of a royal love triangle. a discovery some 300 years ago that it could be a murder. >> the bones are broken and you can see it here. it was not very preserved. >> the remains uncovered by construction worker renovating just two months ago. in the 1600 it was home to the future king of england, george the first and his wife sofia and arranged of an happy marriage. sofia's true love was fi phillips. they traded love letters wrote in code. one night in the summer of 1964 after
6:53 pm
sneaking into sofia's castle, phillip disappeared. rumors were spread that he was thrown into the river or buried in the walls. their new home kensington palace. >> these were the rooms king george spent most of the time. when he became king, they celebrated here at kensington palace with more than 300 bottles of wine. >> the british dismi december mi despiced him. >> scientists examining the bones could not determine the cause of death but they were able to get the dna sample. the first answer in
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isolated ra centuries could come in just weeks. nbc news, london. still ahead, how nbc news, london. still ahead, how one pumpkin ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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in california, one innovator pumpkin farmer had been changing the face of jack o' lantern as we know them. joe friar has the story. >> a closer look reveals, it is more like a laboratory worthy of doctor frankinstein. here tony degera is
6:57 pm
the scientist. his creation is not plastic, it is alive. >> when people see these pumpkins, what's their reaction? >> they are blown away and when they realized that they are not carved, wow, how did you do it? >> your answer is? >> it is a secret. >> his hush-hush secret did not come cle easily. it takes five years before he hits the jack o' lantern jackpot. this year, many going to sam's club. >> this is really unique. >> it is the coolest pumpkin ever. >> kids are not the only ones getting excited. >> i thought it was great because you don't have to carve. >> an organic farmer shaped watermelons into squares and hearts before creating
6:58 pm
a new pumpkin-stein. now, like any good parents molding his kids and watching him grow. >> wow, we just carved ours last night. that's nbc nightly news for this sunday. up next, the philadelphia eagles takes on the cowboys. lester holt will be back. i will see you tomorrow and all week long on msnbc, from all of us here on nbc news, have a great night.
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for the nascar sprint cup and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. welcome to arlington, texas. dak prescott and the cowboys are in first place in the nfc east. tonight, they face their division rivals, carson wentz and the philadelphia eagles on "sunday night football." >> the 2016 nfl draft, carson wentz. ezekiel elliott. >> let's go. >> they are the class of 2016. >> let's get it. ♪ let's get it >> one is the nfl rookie rushing leader.


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