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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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breaking news. authorities are b about to announce more charges against this man accused in a child sex assault case. countdown is on. the last minute negotiations now to avoid the strike. and a big disappointment in the big game. dallas and the eagle let eat ooth one slip away. right now, commuter chaos could be a reality tomorrow morning if septa and the worker's union don't avoid a strike by midnight tonight. if you're one of the hundred of thousands of people that could p impacked by a strike, now is the time to come up with back up
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plan. we're live in center city with the latest on the negotiations. >> a short time ago, negotiations between twu and septa began. i called the hotel room where they're meeting and asked for an update. i was told at this time, there would be no update. but i can tell you this is a big deal for so many people across the city. negotiations are taking place here inside this hotel. if no agreement is reached by midnight tonight, more than 5,000 u operators will step off their bus, trollies and trains. issues include hemt care, pensions and scheduled. university of pennsylvania and drexel are planning to provide limited shuttle service for students and employees. the city will provide shult u shuttles along broad street and those serving jury duh thety. indigo will increase, ub ber and
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lyft are working to provide diskoudi discounted rates. i talked to commuters this morning. >> i'll probably drive. i have a car, but it's convenient to take the bus. >> what is your contingency plan? >> this time tomorrow morning, i'll be driving. very unhappy on 76 because i got to figure out how to my kids to school. >> if you don't have the train, what will you do. >> walk. >> i have my bag here. i'll have to go stay somewhere else so that i can get to work. >> now, septa has promised us that will thel update us on the negotiation, but we should tell you, more than 800,000 people are affected. 60,000 of them are students. so, it's no surprise that the mayor is encouraging a resolution along with members of congress, local representatives as well as members of city counsel. all wants to participate in
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these negotiations. live for now nbc 10 news. >> thank you and stay with nbc 10 and the a p pp as the strike deadline gets closer. we have links to the plan if workers happen to walk off the job and as soon as we get word about a decision, we'll send out alerts to your smart phone or b tablet. authorities are about to announce dpishl charges in a child sex assault case. we're watching now to hear from the district attorney. he's olding a news conference at this hour to anoubs the charges. police are preparing now. we're told they involve additional victims in the case police raided the house in june and found a dozen girls living kaplan's home. he allegedly admitted to fathering a youngest child, a
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6-month-old and a 3-year-old child. an omish couple face charges for alleged ly gifting the girl to kaplan when he helped them with financial problems. we're monitoring the conference and when it begin, we'll pay attention to it and bring you information on charges as soon as we ge it. >> now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather. >> sunshine on this halloween morning. there's a cool breeze out there. you see the flag flap ng the wind. a big difference in temperatures from yesterday at this time. giving you a live look now. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist is here with the forecast. >> it is a whole lot colder than yesterday, but at least we're not going to get thunderstorms late in the day from the trick or treaters. some parts not even up to 50 and the computer is going haywire in part of delaware. it's about 65 degrees there. no way.
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it's 23 degrees colder right now than it was at this time yesterday in allentown. 18 in philadelphia. 22 degrees in mt. holly. 19 degrees in atlantic city, so, of course, it's going to be colder. at 4:00 this afternoon than it was at 4:00 yesterday. a lot colder. 56 degree, but sunny. there's not going to be a lot of wind. by 6:00, the sun is setting at 6:00. gets totally dark at 6:30 so, the temperature will start dropping quickly after 6:00. so, by 8:00, we're down to 44 in parts of chester and montgomery counties. jersey, 45 in lehigh valley, so you have to dress the kids on the warm side and especially from getting spoiled over the weekend. we'll talk more about our next
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chances for rain and when the 70 redskins coming back in just a few minutes. >> thank you. we're going to breaking news right now. and we're going to check in with authorities this bucs county who are about to announce additional charges in a a child sex assault case. let's listen in. >> new development in the case of commonwealth versus lee kaplan. as you know, this is a child sexual assault case. mr. kaplan was originally arrested in june on charges that alleged that over a number of years, he raped a juvenile girl who gave birth to two of his children. as a result, the investigation in mr. kaplan an his crimes has been ongoing. as we said, even way back when he was originally arrested. today, we have filed additional charges. allegeding that he also raped or other sexually assaulted five
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younger siblings of the victim that i just mentioned in addition to charging him with other crimes against his original accuser. mr. kaplan was a friend and business associate of the children's parents as you probably remember. he took these children into his home. not far from where we stand here today. over time, he played on their trust and affection for him. he groomed them. to believe that he was a religious cult like figure to whom they should submit their will. he took advantage of his hold over these children to assault them in ways that are detailed in the charging document i believe you all have a copy. of that. while it wasn't easy at first for these young female victims to share this information with our investigators, they ultimately have come forward.
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and they're to be commended if their bravery. the most courageous thing any of them i'm sure has hads to do. these allegations are unspeakable acts against children will be vigorously prosecuted by our office in the most serious extent that law allows. i've assigned kate koehler to prosecute this and spearhead the effort support ed by other investigator that is you see before you hear. mr. kaplan, who has been in custody since his arrest up until a couple of moments ago, was in prisoned on $1 million 10% bail. has been given an additional bail on these new charges of an additional $1 million cash. with another component of his bail being that he is to have absolutely no contact with any
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of the six victims or the victim's mother or father. he has been arraigned by video conference. not on the premesis. he remains in prison. mr. kaplan has represented himself to these girls as a cult like figure at a prophet from god, but now, it is time for mr. kaplan to be held accountable under the laws of mankind and the commonwealth of pennsylvania. i have a slide to show you, which details all the charges and how they line up against mr. kaplan. i would ask detective if you want to run that. if you guys would allow the media to see this. i'll take questions at this time. >> these are all the girls in the same family, right? >> yes, they're all sisters. >> from the same family? zpl yes.
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>> and the more charges on that. >> that's correct. a sister victim one and if you read in your probable cause affidavit, which accompanies the complaint, she was the subject of victim of original charges and since disclosed additional allegations of abuse that mr. kaplan perpetrated on her as is often the case as you know. these things tend to come out over time. >> the five other girls in the same family abuse snd. >> absolutely from age 8 up to age 18. if you look at the top, each one is headed with their -- >> you've been listening to the district attorney. he has delegated this case to assistance da, kate koehler. they're going of lee kaplan. they just announced five additional charges have been added to the original case of the 18-year-old.
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the five victims are alleged ll raped and assaulted with by kaplan. the youngest who was 8 years old. close arguments in the bridge gate trial are underway. bridgette kelly and bill -- are facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. two former aides of chris christie are accused of creating traffic jams on the george washington bridge in 2013 as part of a political payback scheme. they thought the bridge closurers with part of a traffic study. prosecutors in the bill cosby trial will try to u prove he went on a sigonature crime spree. they say he used his fame an power to befriend impressionable young women then would drug and sexually assault them. they'll call 13 others to prove that. cosby is only facing criminal charges with his encounter with
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a temple employee in 2004. he pleaded not guilty in the case. the pretrial hearinging starts tomorrow. the defense will likely try to have the case thrown out. eight days until election day and we're following the latest twists in an already unprecedented campaign. what top democrats are saying about james comey and as the bureau looks into thousand of newly discovered e-mails and donald trump's renewed push to capitalize on the investigation. sunny and cool rig now. i'll break down your trick or treating forecast for later today and let you know when temperatures are going to warm up again. you out.
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just eight days until edition 2016 and the fbi is looking at 650,000 newly discovered e-mail to see if they're related into the investigation of hillary clinton's private server. hallie jackson reports the fbi director is now under fire. >> today, democrats signing a
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new target in the battle for the white house. b fbi director, james comey. >> the fbi director took an unprecedented action. >> it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and it is deeply troubling. >> top senate democrat harry reid doing battle, accusing comey of possibly breaking federal law by telling congress so close to the election about new e-mails related to the inquiry into hillary clinton's private server. part of a complicated story that intertwined some of this year's most explosive political plot lines. here's the latest. the fbi today has a warrant to go through e-mails found during a separate investigation into anthony weiner. accused of sexting an underaged girl. he shared the computer with huma abedin. they see comey's move as purely
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political. >> do you believe this could cost you the election? >> i don't think so. >> now, clinton is demanding comey share more. maybe even duplicates of what fbi knows. republicans want comey to give more details, too, for a different reason. to confirm their suspicious clinton did something wrong, but right now, nobody really knows what the e-mails show and may not until well after the election. that hasn't stopped donald trump tr trying to capitalize. >> now, the fbi has found, you're not going to believe this one. this just happened. another 650,000 e-mails. i think that's called the mother load. >> to his campaign, it's an october surprise that's surprisingly helpful with the race gets tighter in battleground florida starting to catch up to clinton nationally, just eight days out. >> that was hallie jackson reporting. the trump campaign will continue to make its push from
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pennsylvania this week. melania will be stomping for her nuz the area. the candidate's wife will speak at a rally in suburban philadelphia on thursday. and tonight, vice president joe biden and nancy pelosi will headline a democratic fund-raiser in south philadelphia. the dinner will be held at the sheet metal worker's hall. as we count down to the election, you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage. for updates from the trail and our interviews with the candidates, just tap the nbc 10 app. time now for a late morning check of the roads with jessica. what are you see iing? >> it looks okay right now. earlier debris around montgomery has cleared, so no we don't anything there. watching in both direction, east and westbound.
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an earlier service suspension due to a power problem. now, that service has been retore stored within the last 20 minutes. the service is in effect between the stations now, so again, this service is restored. there's an accident on city avenue, the left lane is blocked in both directions and there's a downed tree and wires closing bethlehem pike. watch for some construction on kelly drive eastbound between hunting park and 5th street and lastly, we'll check in on the wilson boulevard. no big problems now if you're heading up over the ben franklin bridge, we have westbound delays and construction. as you can see through the toll plaza, no big problems or delays. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> still a little chilly out there, especially since the
11:20 am
temperatures were in the 70s. got to 80 degrees. 48 in allentown. 49 in mt. holly and trenton. 52 degrees in vineland and in delaware, for example, we have some places not even to 50 degrees yet. we're not seeing any kind of georgetown, millsborrow, 53. look at how much colder it is it was this time yesterday. 23 degrees below in allentown. 23 degrees below what it was yesterday in coatesville. that is quite a bit add some wind on that. so, we have 57 on friday. 69 saturday. beautiful day.
11:21 am
sunday, 79. in philadelphia, we got to 83 in redding. setting a record. barely 60 today in some spots, most places won't get out of the 50s and then 63 degrees tomorrow. we have dry northerly wind coming in. you can see the affect as they, the cold air goes over the warmer ocean. so, for trick or treating, this evening, 55 degrees at 5:00 then drop ng the city of philadelphia. to near 50 by 9:00, but outside the city it's going to chill pretty quickly. sun sets at 6:00. by 7:00, it's 48. 9: 9:00, 45. lehigh valley, 41 degrees by 9:00. 46 degrees by 7:00. you got to put some clothes on underneath the costumes here. even delaware. 47 by 9:00.
11:22 am
much of new jersey in the 40s as well. so, we have the sunset around 6:00, so it gets totally dark by 6:30. so, of course, if you're out after 6:00, wear something reflective and again, you got to dress in layers to stay warm and it is chilly out there. and tomorrow, it's going to start off cold in the 30s as you can see. temperatures getting up only to the low 60s, so maybe not quite as cool in the afternoon as what we saw today. but it's still going to be a chilly day out there tomorrow, compare today what we saw over the weekend. temperature only 62 degrees in delaware for example.
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big name store rs going to be closed on thanks give thg year. just a few of the stores that won't be open on thanksgiving and we did some check ong king of prussia will be open on thanksgivi thanksgiving. we are following breaking news where authorities have announced more charges in a child sex authority case. we'll have an update ahead an it's trick or treat time for septa riders. what you need to know for the union that runs bus, subways an trollies in the city. goes on strike.
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(bright music) ♪ we're fol logue breaking news this morning, the district aattorney just announced additional charges in a child sex assault cases. lee kaplan is now charged with
11:30 am
raping or sexually assaulting five younger siblings of the original victim. police raided his house in june and found a dozen girls living there. he allegedly admitted to fathering the youngest child, a 6-month-old and a 3 child with the youngest girl, who's 18. the other five sisters of the now 18-year-old girl told prosecutors they were also abused. >> over time, he played on their trust and affection for him. he groomed them. to believe that he was a religious, cult like figure to whom they should submit their will. >> prosecutors say the victims should be commended. kaplan has been in custody since his arrest. he's been arraigned by video con and is being held on $2 million cash bail. time is running out for a settlement. union members could walk off the job at midnight if they don't
11:31 am
reach a deal. monique braxton has more on the threat and what it would mean for commuters. >> those negotiations have been underway now for more than an hour and i called the room where it's taking place and was told there would not be a comment at this time, but while the negotiators aren't talking, people who use the service are. >> i take the bus sometimes or the train. but if they going straight, i don't know. i'm going to have to walk. >> well, i'm going to be in trouble. but i'll make the best of it. i may have to try driving. >> that's what some of the more 800,000 riders tell us they're planning to do if no agreement is reached between negotiators on both sides by midnight to want. septa has told us to prepare should the operators go on
11:32 am
strike. issues include care, pensions and scheduling. the city of philadelphia, university of pennsylvania and drek el all say they will provide limited shuttle service for students and employees. the city will have shuttles along the broad street and market frankfurt line for the city employees and those serving jury duty. indigo are will increase bikes at about four stations across the city. uber and lyft are working to provide discounted rates. i've been talking to commuters all among and some share d a message or two for transit workers. >> work it out if if you can, it would be good. >> i don't think they'll come to an agreement. it's transit city. hope they figure u it out. >> there are benefit, what they need, but some of us, we work without benefits. >> now, they have promised to stay up on negotiation, but we can tell you that mayor wants a
11:33 am
resolution. some are tryinging to participate in the negotiating bargaining session. but no doubt, we're going to be monitoring all the talk and have any godevelopments for you as sn as it becomes available. >> thank you and of course, stay with nbc 10 and the app as the strike deadline gets closer. we have links to the contingency plan if workers happen to walk off the b job and as soon as we get word about a decision, the strike or agreement, we'll send out push alert to your phone or tablet. you've got to fill your tank today in new jersey, the gas tax hike goes into effect tomorrow. that means the tax will go up 23 cents gallon new jersey goes from having the second lowest fuel tax to the sixth highest. tax rate state lawmakers voted
11:34 am
earlier this month for the gas tax increase to help pay for transportatiprojects. the state fund has had run dry and construction work was sidelined. now, your first alert weather. >> and lots of sunshine on this hol wean morning. but it's a cool, little breezey out there. nobody on the beach this morning. glenn hurricane is here with the forecast. >> it's a beautiful looking day. not getting any repeats of storms we saw during the afternoon yesterday, but the temperature is way down. the traffic is moving just fine. 51 in philadelphia with sunshine. sunshine you can see the picture, the live picture, all across the area and some places, not even reaching 50 degrees yet. the temperature, 10 to 20 to 25 degrees colder. than it was at this time yesterday. and of course, you're going to
11:35 am
feel that headed out for trick treating later today. 56 degrees at 4:00. close to the highest temperature of the day, around 5:00. 6:00 is sunset. so, right after that, that's when the temperatures starts dropping quickly. th it drops faster of course in the suburbs than it does in the city, so, by 8:00, it's down to 44 in some of the pa suburb, chester, bucs, montgomery counties. lehigh valley, 45 dedegrees, so dress in layers. it's going to be a lot colder than it was over the weekend. with we have a huge warm up again coming in the ten-day forecast. that's coming in a few minutes. >> see you then. we have new information about a paint ball attack near temple university's campus. police say a 16-year-old boy is facing aggrevate assault and other charges.
11:36 am
the boy shot at a group of people walking past a home on diamond street. two men were hit. one went to the home and confronted the boy who shot at him again and ran back into the house. new this morning, a suspicious conversation leads to big delays on a flight. a flight from florida to texas was declayed for nearly seven hours over terrorism concerns. a passenger reported seeing a message about a bomb threat another passenger's phone. everyone was take ben off the phone. the suspicious passenger was checked and cleared and everyone got back on and the flight let left. overseas, a desperate rescue effort is underway in china after an explosion traps 33 miners underground. a gas explosion ripped through a coal mine. china is the world's largest producer and consumer of coal. it has more than 1,000 outdated mines that it has promised to
11:37 am
close. in italy, residents are being escorted to their quake damaged homes to retrieve belongings. sunday's quake hit an area that had been badly damaged. no was hurt or kill, but many buildings damaged and tremors collapsed on sunday. more than 15,000 people need help the shelter. firefighters are sill on the scene of this massive fire in northern california. an apartment complex under construction in oakland went up in flames early this morning. no word yet on how the fire starts or in fin was hurt. >> got the philadelphia eagles. wide open for the game winner. >> the tangle in the eagle's defense cost the birds a game in an overtime heartbreaker in dallas. jason whiten hauling in a
11:38 am
touchdown. the cowboys t the win on sunday night football. froms and the sports section cover of the morning's philadelphia daily news reads that's the knife prescott cuts out eagle's heart. he threw the game winner in overtime to beat the eagles 29-23. eagles even had a ten-point lead earlier in the fourth quarter before they let it splip away. for carson wentz and doug peterson, it was the first taste of loss and for their reaction afterward boent don't saver the flavor. >> just made more plays than us. i'm kind of kicking myself over. i'll have to go back and watch the tape. we had two chances to go win the ball game at the enof regulation. >> we're takinging them as they come and you know, just makes us a better football team. >> peterson will talk more are reporters about loss coming up at noon. the eagle rs now 4-3.
11:39 am
they're two games behind the first place cowboys. eagles have another road game on sunday when they visit the new york giants. it is a 1:00 kickoff at metlife stadium. happening today, the eagles just back from dallas, will trade their football uniforms in for halloween costumes. some of the birds will dress up a surprise patients at children's hospital of philadelphia. this is video from last year's event. the players will spend the afternoon with the youngster, pass out candy and treats. the annual bash is part of the eagle's community outreach program. and the cubs, they're still alive in the world series. a chris bryan homer and a long save by chapman led chicago to a 3-2 win at wrigley field last night. they resume tomorrow night with the indians up three game to two. it is the night little ghosts and goblins fill the
11:40 am
streets in search of candy and also one of the most dangerous nights for children. up next, tips to keep your little ones safe this halloween. and let you know if trick or treaters will need the heavy coats this evening and get ready if for the return of warmer weather. i'll have the first alert neighborhood forecast. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away republican party bosses looked to find brian fitzpatrick. they "hand-picked" him to run for his brother's seat. but all mike and brian fitzpatrick share is a name.
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tonights thousands of trick or treaters will be walking around trying get candy. make sure the costume is flame retardant so it can't catch fire. add retro refleckive tape to flighten up costumes. avoid face masks. aaa suggests using none inine ie paint. face it, we have issues. it's safe to say many of us have
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body issues. a new musical to premier takes a closer look at those things that we don't like about ourselves. liz and kate are the mother and daughter book writers and producers of the show called in my body. thank you both so much for being here. you two have been work ong the for years now. tell me how you developed the idea, was it something, were they personal? this is very posht to you? >> it's definitely. these are personal stories. ten years ago, my husband and my father, my -- were in a near fatal car accident and we were exposed to seeing disability and trauma and after seeing the way our society views those thing, we knew we created to create some change. the results show a strong -- at the fringe festival, in my body,
11:45 am
a song written by michael -- and dan martin and the song was all about finding home in your body, so i kind of had this tucked away in my heart for a while then my own personal body issues, what kate talked about and the wofrk a local philadelphia photographer whose photographs tell stories about people living their bodies. all these things came together to inspire. >> so much of what i've heard about the show seems to be about self-discovery. is that accurate? >> yes. >> delve into that. >> we feel that everybody tells a story. and we just think that a lot of times, in life, people are afraid to reveal what's really going on inside. so, our show is telling the unspoken stories and we're doing it in a creative way, we're using beautiful songs and visual art to exe press these stories.
11:46 am
>> talk about during the break, how you almost always associate body image with women. you guys found something out, doing some research. >> yes, initially, all of our story rs true stories. and initially, we didn't include men, but then we brought some actors in to try some things out and it was clear that in the world today, the member's stories are just as essential as women. so, our show covers it all. >> this is quite a fascinating discussion and what an interesting subject for a musical. you can catch performances of in my body the from november 9th to the 13th on broad and chestnut street. for more information, head to our website, we'll have a link. thank you very much. good luck with the show. >> thank you. >> thanks. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, the flag is still
11:47 am
blowing and it's blowinging the cooler air in and the temperatures are way below where they were yesterday. 51 in philadelphia. but only 48 in the pa suburbs a lehigh valley, so a chilly start to the day. 50 degrees in pyles grove. clayton, washington township. vor hees, mt. laurel. only 48 degrees right now. princeton at 50 degrees. the temperature trend is really jumped up over the weekend. 69, saturday. 79, sunday. 83 for a record in redding for example. look at today, the drop. then we start going back up on tuesday. we have lots of sunshine and we'll continue seeing that. and halloween planner, trick or treat iing this evening, rememb, the sun sets exactly 6:00, so it
11:48 am
gets dark by 6:30 and by 7:00, that temperature is really down. it's in the 40s. in just about every area outside the city of philadelphia itself. 46 degrees in the lehigh valley. that's by 7:00. 49 new jersey, so have to bundle up during the evening hours, redding tomorrow, only 60 degrees after a low of 34. easton, low of 32. up to 59 degrees. newtown, 35 in the morning, up to 60. phoen phoenix, low of 33 degree monte and in the city. high of 63. so again, pretty close to average tomorrow after a chilly morning, 36 degrees in trenton with a high of 61 and 36 degrees in gallaway township for the morning, but much less cold at the beaches. 39 in wilmington in the morning and then warming up into the
11:49 am
60s. the ten-day forecast, well, that shows the temperature rise, 57 today, 63 tomorrow. 72 degrees on wednesday and dry, then a front comes through on thursday. with some showers. 75 degrees in some places could be warmer than that. when we start dropping down later in the week and the weekend, but nothing too dramatic. significant lit cooler next week and remember we fall back turn our clocks back over the weekend. >> all right, thank you. it's the number one cancer killer in both men and women in the united states and tomorrow's november 1st and the start of the lung cancer awareness month. this sunday, thousands will gather for the annual philadelphia free to breathe 5k run and walk. dr. tracy evans is yat professor of medicine.
11:50 am
and also -- who's undergoing treatment for lung cancer. doctor, start with you. almost always a stigma attached to lung cancer that it's almost always a smoker's disease. >> that's not true. about 20% of lung cancer cases are diagnosed in never smokers. at this point, a majority diagnosed people that are not currently smokers. they either were neverers or did the right thing and quit. >> why is it so high for lung cancer? >> it tends to be found late. produce much in the way of symptoms until it's spread, so that's part of the problem. ours haven't been as good, although they are starting to get bert. >> you're a nonsmoker. tell us what happened to you. >> years ago, i was feeling back pain, i was over 50 and figuring, could be just aches and pains. then my wife said go get it checked. had an mri and found out it was
11:51 am
not, it was a cancerous tumor. the first time i found out about it. unfortunately, i hexcellent car at penn. surgery to remove it. radiation, a kooem therapy treatment. i've been on several and just started over two weeks ago, a pbd brand new therapy. feeling pretty good. i took part in the cancer run walk. i don't run, the walk part last year. i had a team of 15 of us. one of the top five fund-rais s fund-raisers. >> your mind today had to have been reeling when you first learned this. >> not only that, that it was lung cancer. i was a nonsmoker. to find out that that it is a, it is genetically possible for anybody who is not a smoker to get lung cancer, just very surprising. >> me what you're doing to spread awareness of the disease and let them know it can happen to anybody. >> i'm very active in the
11:52 am
community. i do a lot of writing and things like that. and people know me that, they're smocked to hear that i have lung cancer. so i let them know and that thankfully, if you have any symptoms of any sort, you should get it checked out. >> good advice right there. 11th annual philadelphia free to breathe 5k and walk is is run and walk is happening this sunday. you chose to walk, you can run if you wish. you think do either. or both. november 6th at 8:00 a.m. at memorial hall in fairmount park. for more, head to our website or check out the app and we'll have the link there. thank you very much for all your work and what you're doing. lee, we're glad you're feeling good and cancer free good for you. we'll be right back. stay with us.
11:53 am
when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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our chief meteorologist is here with us this morning for a final look at weather this afternoon. >> yeah, and today looks like it's going to be the cool eest y of the week. trick or treat day. but at least it is sunny. it's not going to be that windy. later today either. the high of about 57. so, of course temperatures will be going down after that and look at the temperatures of the next couple of days. especially wednesday. they really jumps, even lehigh valley, 70 degrees by wednesday and then with with the ten-day forecast, it looks like it gets even warmer. thursday should be the warmest day of the week. 75 degrees. that's when we have shower, with the cold front coming through. temperatures then drop in to thes. we don'see really cold weather through the weekend, but remember, we turn the clocks back next weekend. >> very good. layer up all you little goblins.
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all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. be safe. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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>> john: damn it, damn it. >> steve: how is that son of a bitch still alive? >> john: i don't know, i keep asking myself that over and over again. >> steve: i mean, marlena saw him take the drugs, right? >> john: yeah. >> steve: we were in the room when she tried to revive him and failed. >> john: that's what he was counting on so we'd let our guard down, and we did it, pal. >> steve: they can't still be anywhere in the hospital, right? i mean, the minute you put out that apb, the place was swarming with cops. >> john: that's why i got the security footage here. we snuck 'em out. you know, all those cameras are on the exits, so all we got to do is figure out where they went out and then we'll know where to start looking. >> steve: what do you got there? where's the morgue? >> john: right over here. [tense music] ♪ [door opens]


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