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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and then a warmup. 80 degrees for this afternoon. well into the 70s for the suburbs of delaware and new jersey, close to 80 degrees in the afternoon. it's completely dry in the area. if you're heading out, trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, no sign of wet weather. but the system that i'm tracking is now in western pennsylvania. we'll look at the forecast hour by hour when i come back in just a few minutes. the septa strike in philadelphia is in day three. idling buses, and trains. septa board chair issued a statement calling the union to engage in good faith negotiations. and said when septa thought there was progress, the union brought a halt to negotiations. so we're going to get a response from the union right now. and our strike continues as we see with jessica boyington. >> yeah, we're watching delays and regional rail services that
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are in service. we're not seeing any delays. 15-minute delays from warminster. we saw yesterday, delays up to an hour. some trains were suspended as well. but we're just keeping an eye on it and we'll be here all morning to reminds you about the delays and expect the delays as well. so not yet, but we'll get there. also watching the blue route. also on germantown pike. but we're watching disabled trucks over to the side. no big problems or delays either way. 202 looks great here. 11 minutes at the most from the schuylkill. tracy. for the third street day there's no bus, subway or trolley service across philadelphia. >> septa and its biggest union were at the bargaining table until just after midnight but had no progress there to report. pamela osborne is with us at the
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septa regional rail station. >> reporter: well, the biggest hangup this morning, vai and tracy, seems to be pensions. now septa, the union representing septa employees says that septa transit is offered a larger plan. septa say the union brought things to a halt. they're also asking the union to assure the public that if the deal isn't reached by tuesday the strike would be suspended for election day. if not, septa says it will enjoin in the strike. the union representing septa workers hasn't talked since talks broke down overnight. they also want to keep health care affordable for workers and also demanding steadier schedules for employees. in many ways the strike has crippled the city when the buses, trolleys and subways
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stopped 900,000 people, left trying to figure out alternative ways to get around. >> i'm rooting for them. i want them to have what they deserve. but i also need to -- i need to get to my children. i haven't seen them since the strike. it's one of those things to get worked. >> reporter: as you know, the regional rail is the only service running right now. passengers have been using that. others have been finding other ways to work. some walking, some biking into work and home to avoid some traffic we're seeing on the roadways as a result of this strike. we know negotiations are set to resume at 11:00. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc10 news." >> make sure you have the free nbc10 app to get through the strike. you'll also find information on alternative transit services, special deals and contingency plans. we have you covered for the
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morning rush. and the "nbc10 news" team is in place for septa updates for your ride home from work or school. remember, you can watch "nbc10 news" from 4:00 to 6:30 on the free app. philadelphia police say a burned body was found underneath the schuylkill expressway overpass. >> nbc10's matt delucia is live for us at the scene. matt, tell us exactly where this is. >> reporter: vai and tracy, the fire marshal is here on the scene. you can see all the crews are still out here at this point. what we've been told by philadelphia police, several people driving in this area around 2:30 this morning saw a fire and called 911. it wasn't until firefighters got here that they saw there was a human being engulfed in flames right there under the schuylkill expressway. firefighter has to put the body
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out and they said it was on a mattress burned so badly it's unclear to tell how old this person is and if it's a man or woman. it was in a makeshift homeless camp but there was no one else here when the firefighters showed up. >> we don't know if this body was intentionally set on fire. or it was possibly a homeless who accidentally caught fire trying to keep warm. >> reporter: the medical examiner is in the process of removing that body right now. there's also a dog here sniffing around to see if there was an accelerant used in the fire. the medical examiner has been on the scene for the past half hour or so. you see all the crews still here at the scene, but there are no closures right now. traffic is getting by on all of the ramps, even as this investigation continue this morning. live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, "nbc10 news."
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>> thank you, matt. as you get ready to head out the door, brace yourself to another day of commuting headaches across philadelphia and beyond. >> septa strike is now in its third day. now, we check "first alert" to see how your travel is impacting your ride to work or school. also, the gap is tightening, with only five days until election day, pennsylvania is looming large as an undecided state. we'll hear from sun decided millennial voters.
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blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" hey, good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads and the rails. watching the regional rails for delays due to the septa strike. right now, we're not seeing anything major. we are seeing minor delays and the train 403 running about 15 minutes late.
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vine street expressway open. we're not dealing with that construction right now. our camera around 8th street looking on. eastbound, 95, westbound towards the schuylkill also looking okay. we'll check with the regional rails when i come back. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. another warm morning. and there's that warm air that's coming, moisture, that's creating a little bit of fog in parts of the area. a live view from the east. you can see a bit of fog starting to form. in some areas it's already a little thicker than yesterday morning. dense fog in lancaster, a mile and a half in allentown. there's plenty of time for the fog to thicken up before we get sunrise and start to seat temperatures warm up. two miles northeast philadelphia, philadelphia international. about the same in new jersey with fog forming in delaware. it's already a bit thicker than it was yesterday morning about the same time. we're likely to see more fog today. we are going to get clouds, too,
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along with the following. clouds are on the way. there's no wet weather in the area this morning but that changes later on today. you see the clouds building to the we have. these are the clouds that have moved through the world series and later this morning and still this afternoon. behind it, chicago is already cooling down. and that's the cool weather that we're going to feel. hour by hour, futurecast, lehigh valley, 11:30 this morning, some showers moving into burks county and lehigh valley. that's the first chance of showers. kind of falls apart at 2:00 in the afternoon. a possibilities of late afternoon showers but by 10:30 this evening, they're out of the picture and the temperatures will be coming down. but during the day, we're going to watch them go up. even warmer than yesterday. what a beautiful day yesterday but more clouds today. sunshine, 58 degrees. 73 degrees building in
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philadelphia for the suburbs. clouds will be increasing. there's a chance of showers this morning and into the afternoon but we're not looking at a lot of rain, just spotty showers in the lehigh valley. that's 11:00. 68 degrees. with a chance of showers it will stay cooler until lehigh valley. look at those afternoon temperatures even though we get more clouds it will peak in the middle 70s to upper 70s this afternoon. at the shore, lots of sunshine this morning. for much of the afternoon, a slight chance of a late day shower and 75 degrees. your weekend forecast when i come back. now to an nbc10 exclusive. someone stole from a 5-year-old boy. >> yeah, the crime is personal for this little guy and his family. up next, hear from him about what was stolen. and the push for pennsylvania subpoenis up next. we'll have new information to show just how tight the race is becoming. you out.
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it's about a quarter to 5:00 this thursday morning. today, philadelphia commuters will deal with a third day of the septa city transit strike. talks broke down just after midnight but will pick up later this morning. septa's chair called a meeting to negotiate in good faith negotiations. the union would not issue an official response. we're following breaking news out of afghanistan. nato says two service members were killed. nato said the service members came under fire during a training mission. we're working to get you more information as soon as we get it. someone stole a rocker from a 5-year-old boy. >> we talked exclusively to the family about how important it is to get it back.
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monday morning, this mother brought the walker outside of the home to get the boy ready for the bus. but when she went back inside to get douglas, only about a minute, when she came back out, the walker was gone. douglas needs it because he has a disease that weakens his muscles. for now, he's using a walker that was borrowed from school but his walker is specifically fitted and costs money to replace. >> obviously, somebody saw something unusual on monday and they have the right to return it. >> they can call police if you have any information about douglas' walker. josh hoff admits he made a terrible decision after being pulled over with a gun. huff admitted to police he had marijuana, handgun and bullets
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in a car. we asked why he was armed. >> i'm a professional athlete. i mean, what professional athlete don't have a gun. i have a wife and my job is to protect them at all costs. my job is to protect myself as well. >> huff is licensed to carry a weapon but not in new jersey where he lives. he does plan to play on sunday. it's 4:48. we want to get you to work, we're specifically watching the regional rail where is there were delays yesterday afternoon. >> jessica boyington, tell us what's happening. >> we're watching the rails and the roads, pretty much like we do all the time. pretty much really hard for the remainder of the septa strike. because we're going to see the delays throughout the morning and through the evening. 15-minute delays, warminster
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403. and this is pilesgrove township, there's a downed pole. and maybe you're headed up towards the delaware memorial bridge or the turn spike, 295, to might be a problem there. just a delay also. here's admiral wilson boulevard. this is the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. no problems. if you have to get to the city, now would be a good time to go. >> jessica, thank you for that. 10 minutes before 5:00. let's talk about the warm weather. it's already really warm as you walk out the door. >> yeah. we're getting into the midhigh 70s, bill, today? >> yeah. and if this continues, by christmas, it's going to be 300 or 400 degrees. fortunately, it's not going to continue. today is the last day of the warmup. a really warm start to
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philadelphia. there are clouds starting to move in. we'll see fog here but it's starting to thicken up in the suburbs as the temperatures drop. lehigh valley, 58 degrees which is quite warm for the suburbs. delaware, 64. 58 in philadelphia. and cooler temperatures in south jersey and still falling. we're seeing lighting fog in south jersey. mt. laurel, light fog, at 55 degrees. as the temperatures cool down a little bit more. princeton is at 56, that's when the fog will thicken up, that's before and after sunrise. but then we will see a warmup. upper 70s for philadelphia. scattered showerses will roll through this morning and early this afternoon a chance for westchester, lansdale and doylestown. the showers will start out in the lehigh valley first. we'll see them there first. as far as new jersey and jersey
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shore, just a chance of scattered showers, before they move in, look at the warmup. atlantic city, 80 degrees. 76 for ocean city. a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. it's a chance. not a huge threats. and showers are going to be scattered in wilmington, too. certainly not an all day rainfall. completely dry right now. showers will make progress into northwestern pennsylvania. warm air is surging in front of those showers. and the chance of showers they'll be here today and gone tomorrow. 76 in philadelphia. some spots in the suburbs cooler. others in delaware and south jersey it will be a bit warmer. then we'll cool down as the winds will pick up late this afternoon and this evening. and that cool weather stays with us for the weekend. saturday and sunday, we'll be dry. a little warmer on saturday afternoon. saturday morning, 38 degrees, the low temperature. and another chilly morning on sunday. low 40s. back on the 30s on monday. look at the warmup. a little bit of a warming trend.
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not as significant as what we're seeing today. we will warm into the middle 60s by wednesday and thursday of next week. by saturday, we're back in the 50s. as the race for the white house enters the final stretch, polls show the race is tightening. look at the top of the map. the numbers say right now hillary clinton is projected to get 274 electoral votes. that number is down from 287 last month. remember, you need 270 to win. donald trump had the projected 180 electoral votes. the lay of voters will be key. yesterday, actress anne hathaway was in temple. and are you guys planning on voting? >> november 8th. >> it's nerve-racking because obviously, the numbers do add up, you think what if i choose wrong? what if something bad happens, will i feel bad because i voted
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for this person? >> reporter: the pew research center says millennials are now the country's largest generation. >> vilified for political reasons. >> that's what bill cosby's political team says is happening to his sexual assault case. all new at 5:00, he said he's facing trial because of political motives. we'll explain. and the future is now for gamblers in atlantic city. next, see where the newest video game technology is now available. this is about more than trying your luck.
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priorities usa action is responsible and i was a republican forair every one of them. i was rationalizing donald trump's behaviors until... i heard that tape, that was the last straw. i don't want my granddaughter thinking it's okay to be... treated that way, and my grandson growing up thinking... that's how you should treat women. that scares me, that scares me a lot. so hillary's got my vote. we don't see eye to eye on everything, but she's strong, and i respect her. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too. im hillary clinton and i approve this message. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington really quickly watching the roads and we're watching 495 right now. these are our cameras around woodhaven road there's an accident scene on the northbound side. coming away from the city, you can see the scene, we have an ambulance there as well.
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looks like one of the vehicles is over into the shoulder also. no delays by the scene right now. we're going to keep our eye on this for you. we'll have updates on 95 and the regional rails. you can outgamble on your video game skills in atlantic cit city. herrod's and the city, they're hoping the new machines will bring in more millennials. happening today, philadelphia will celebrate its successful food drive. since september, catholic schools have collected nearly 50,000 pounds of peanut butter and jelly for local food pantries. a new class of local sports figures will be inducted into the philadelphia sports hall of fame tonight. among the abductees, brian
4:58 am
dawkins, and former philadelphia manager charlie randal. two teamless also honored, the wildcats and arena football champions philadelphia soul. congrats to all of them. well, identical twin cities from north jersey recently learned a truth about themselves. >> yeah, their reaction has gone viral on social media. take a look at this. >> you were born one minute earlier than alexis. >> i want to be older. >> you want to be older? >> don't cry. >> you won't be when you're older. >> alexis and nava, the 3 year olds when alexis learned she's the younger twin. it was ava who turned to tears when she discovered alexis is taller by a half inch. >> i'm bigger than ava.
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>> now, ava is upset because she thinks you're bigger than her. >> i like that attitude. >> they're 3. can you imagine at 21. alexa tried to make her sister feel better. the very nice. mom says the girls are very competitive but they're also very compassionate with each other. >> you can see that. it's okay. more of the stories we're following right now at "nbc10 news" at 5:00 a.m. >> another night of negotiations, still no deal. it's day three of the septa strike after negotiators couldn't reach an agreement. taking a toll, school attendance is philadelphia it taking a big hit from the strike. one school said more than half of its students didn't show up. >> they won the series! >> there's no more next year. for the first time in 108 years, the chicago cubs are the world
5:00 am
champions of baseball. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. it's great. >> it is great. >> good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorology bill henley who couldn't be happier about the win last night. >> i could be happier, i had an early start time. unbelievable for both teams. hey, the weather they had last night, there was a rain delay late in the game. we will see some of that rain during the afternoon and late morning hours too. this morning, before the rain moves, i'm watching for fog. wilmington a big thicker in the suburbs. berks county, reading and lancaster, coatesville thickens up typically in a hurry. right now,


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