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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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world. >> and that transition starts tomorrow with a meeting between donald trump and president obama here at the white house. this is a live picture from washington, d.c. after 18 months and an unprecedented campaign. a new chapter in our nation's history is under way. as the country prepares for a trump white house, count on nbc10 to cover every angle of this story. >> nbcex we begin with george s live outside the white house where donald trump will take over january 20th. george? >> reporter: tonight the focus was on some sort of unity and healing this divided country moving forward towards a trump administration. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america and i always will.
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>> hillary clinton spoke out today for the first time since losing the election. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: she thanne ene enn supporters and asked them to be part of the way forward. >> we are now all rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> reporter: the president said he was proud of hillary clinton and her campaign, and he's proud of his staff and this is just part of polls. . >> we try really hard to persuade people that we're right. and then people vote and then if we lose, we learn from our mistakes, we do some reflection, we lick our wounds, we brush ourselves off, we get back in the arena.
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>> again, president-elect trump will be meeting with president obama here at the white house tomorrow. nbc10 will bring you live coverage of those transition meetings starting on nbc10 news at 4:00. reporting live in washington, d.c., i'm george spencer, nbc10 news. we have much more decision 2016 coverage ahead with a look at the world of new jersey's governor and trump's transition to the white house, what does it mean for the garden state and does it christie is headed to washington? plus the election day hangover, the relief, the anxiety, the anxiety and what's next for the country. our election day 2016 coverage continues in a moment. people were trying to stay
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dry this morning along woodland avenue in university city. a live look at what's happening right on boathouse road. the lights are there, but it is rainy and continuing to be wet. >> a little dreary out there. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. >> glenn, how long is this rain going to stick around? >> just another couple of hours, most places have already seen the rain end. we can see the tops of the buildings and the philadelphia skyline, so conditions there have improved at least a little bit over the last couple of hours, but we're finding that this rain is moving very slowly, it's moving kind of in a circular way, rather than moving straight out to the east. that means low pressure is off to the east and is going to take a while for that to move out. it's fairly small area as you see, but it's secentered right top of us, and this rain is on the heavy side, not as heavy as
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what came through philadelphia a couple of hours ago, but it is a batch of some heavy rain moving through the area, the heavier rain is south of vineland going into millville and that will be moving out, you can see clearing in the redding area already. a sign of things to come. we'll see what's coming for the weekend in just a few minutes. fire investigators want to know who set this massive mill fire. this is a look from sky force 10. fire engulfed five buildings at the historic wilmington fabric mill. the building was set to become condominiums. >> we brought out all of our fire marshals, we're not going to say it's arson, but we're investigating all leads and pursuing all avenues. >> nobody was hurt and officials say it could take days to put out all the hot spots.
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back to decision 2016 and the role new jersey's governor may have in the donald trump-led white house. governor chris christie was on the stage during donald trump's victory speech. what a donald trump victory could mean for chris christie and the garden state. >> reporter: i can tell you we didn't hear directly from governor christie or his office today, even though the governor's departure from the garden state may end up being imminent. the voters we talked to not feel dismal or gloomy about that possibility. while taking the temperature of new jersey voters on this, the day of the election. >> i don't like him at all. >> reporter: we got a chilly reception about governor christie's role as the head of president-elect trump's transition team.
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>> reporter: we asked people outside a busy wawa and author of "american governor" if christie will trade the state house for the white house. donald trump could tap christie for one of his positions in washington, d.c. >> i think it's quite likely he won't be governor in january. i imagine that he is going to get a position in washington, i don't know what that position could be. >> i don't have much to say about kris kwchristie, honestlya mess. >> reporter: this man is upset about the gas hike and the bridgegate convictions. >> i don't think christie will do anything besides being governor. hopefully nobody will elect him to anything. >> reporter: since january, he's been a staunch trump supporter after clamming after after. >> "access hollywood"'s bus
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scandal. >> he cannot recover from the negative reading where he was a couple of years ago, but i think he will jump at the chance to go down to the nation's capital. >> governor christie has not been in the spotlight lately, governor christie has not been reaching across the aisle to democrats like he eused to and e has not had one of those chris christie press conferences lately. some say clinton never connected to residents in these small towns while mr. trump made promises they believed. for the first time in almost 30 years, pennsylvania turned red
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in this election. while residents in the try county area voted democrat. we caught up with some trump supporters and they tell us rural voters felt left behind as manufacturing and blue collar jobs vanished. he says that donald trump spoke to them promising them to bring jobs back from overseas. trump's support among rust belt voters also drove home wins in ohio and michigan. we want to break down the key counties in our area that supported donald trump last night. >> the race hinged on pennsylvania, particularly our area, in philadelphia, i want to show you that first. because this is the widest margin of victory for hillary clinton. 82-15. that was expected. moving to montgomery county, another big lead for the
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democrats, 59-38. in delaware county, about the same margin here, same thing happened in 2012 and 2008 when president obama won big. over in chester county, hillary led there as well. this was pivotal here too, because mitt romney actually won chester in 2012. but here's the key. look at bucks county, look at how tight the race was. obama won here in 2008, trump gained a lot of ground here in bucks. a diner in berks county, a big win for donald trump right here, 10 points, 2012, romney also won big here up in the lehigh valley. hillary clinton held a slight lead, north hampton county, look at that, donald trump with a four point lead. so when it was all said and done, nbc news projected pennsylvania would go to donald trump. keith jones nbc10 news.
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>> so interesting the disparities between the counties and great way to dissect it, keith. at 7:00 tonight, we'll take a close of the what it means for the economy, health care and immigration. graffiti was sprayed all over queens village. he sprayed the name trump and trump rules on buildings and cars, neighbors were working to clean it up today. so far there's no word on who the suspect may be. new jersey governor chris christie's administration has seized power of atlantic city tonight. tonight the state's finance board voted to take control of the state's assets and decision making power. the state can now sell property, it can also reverse decisions made by the city council.
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the city is $5 million in debt. donald trump's triumph brings the dawninging inof a n and the expected split reaction. >> happy that hillary didn't get in. >> with donald trump, anything goes. >> up next, the election hangover as our country givens to move forward in a fractured political landscape. plus it's been a wet wednesday. is that rain going to be there in the morning? i'll have the answer next in my exclusive first alert forecast.
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>> we have a live look at the white house where president obama is set to meet with president-elect donald trump. >> the presidential campaign of donald trump began back when he announced himself as a candidate of june of last year. here at donald trump tower tonight, the business tycoon turned business personality is the president-elect of the united states. clinton revealed she would seek the presidency for the second time in this video released in april of last year. time in between was one of firsts, lasts, highs and some
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lows too. >> after some are recovering from what they're calling election hangover, we're looking at the vote in pennsylvania. a heavy wednesday post election hangover weighed on voters who have endured a barrage of attack ads. an election where results swayed in favor of one candidate, then the other, with donald trump elected president in a stunning upset over hillary clinton. the bucks county vote split down the middle between hillary clinton and donald trump at 48%, making it the perfect place to check with voters on the post election guide and where to go on from here. voters at this hair salon found themselves divided. >> i think it's the unknown. >> i was disappointed, however i
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feel that he is the president now and that we all need to pull together. >> reporter: next door at the cafe, students from bucks county community college talked politics and where to go from here. >> it's difficult and there will probably be a big change. >> i have a sense of uncertainty, i really don't know what to expect. >> and we can hope for the best. >> reporter: nothing cures a political hangover like a good cup of joe and we found many customers drinking plenty of it. in bensalem, nbc10 news. and tomorrow president-elect trump is heading to the white house to meet with president obama to start the transition talks, i'll be heading to the nation's capitol to cover that event. you can see my report tomorrow on nbc10 news at 4:00. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> well, we're officially in a drought, so i guess we needed this rain, but not necessarily
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all day. you could see which way the rain is moving, and it's an indication that there's low pressure right off the coast, and it will gradually be moving out, it's just taking it's good old time, as we see drier air starting to come in from the north, but another little batch of at least moderate rain coming into philadelphia right now. but this one is moving quickly as opposed to the last one that kind of hung over the area for a while. you can see a good built of the city is in at least moderate rain, nobody's getting real heavy rain at this point. but you can see the rain coming down into northern delaware, coming down toward dover and they haven't gotten much rain at all, as a matter of fact, look at the doppler rain totals, well, not much, except for right around philadelphia area and doppler estimates of a half-inch to about an inch, especially around the norristown area, a little north and south of there. we have rain reported from
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philadelphia down to south jersey, jersey shore, but it's drying out, the lehigh valley and many of the northern and western suburbs, and that trend will continue toward the shore as we go through the 8:00, 9:00 hour, finally drying out in philadelphia today, skies are going to be clearing, by the time you get up in the morning, it will be clear. can't say it's going to be sunny, because you might wake up in the dark. but it's going to be cold. temperatures into the 30s throughout the area first thing. then we warm up into the 50s during the afternoon. so it will be a real nice day, so here it is. the timing, 8:00, you're still getting some rain, atlantic city and trenton, but other areas are drying out, quaker town is clearing out by 11:00. notice the rain is gone, as we go into the morning, 32 in allentown, 34 in quakertown, 33 in redding.
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it's also going to be chilly to start off the weekend. friday going to feature some pretty chilly winds, parts of the pennsylvania area are not even going to get out of the 40s on saturday, but jumping up on sunday, so sunday looks to be a really, really nice day for most of us. temperatures up near 60 for highs the next couple of days, but windy for the high, that's bringing in the colder temperatures on saturday, sunday, monday, looking pretty good. the next shot of rain not until next wednesday. i'm danny pommells, the eagles getting a shot in the army before sunday's game in south philly. that's next in sports.
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the eagles return to practice today. brian celek sat out with an injury. and with more births news, here's john clark. >> the eagles have lost four of their last five games, all four of those losses on the road, so they're happy to be back home at the link, they're undefeated at home 3-0. take a look at the births offense. the eagles have lost those four games by a combined four points.
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they believe those tough late losses will make them better. >> we're sick to our stomach with all these close games. we talked to you buy this, it's tough not to finish. we have to go do the job and show that we have learned from our mistakes. >> we have worked on some things during practice, i'm confident in him, i know he can tmake the throws. >> the eagles offense had four big plays against the giants defense and the falcons d is susceptible to giving up big plays and they have given up the mess touchdown passes in the nfl. at the nova care complex, john clark, csn. >> the sixers and the pacers tonight. joel embiid not playing. it's all part of the process,
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says embiid. >> i'm going to do whatever they have for me. >> he's most disappointed that he can't be with his teammates. >> it's like i get why i can't play, and i respect him, put me on a plane an let me go with the guys. >> that's sports is, i'm danny pommells. now for a look at what's coming up tonight on nbc10 news at 11:00. >> change is coming to the way you call people in philadelphia. the difference you'll notice with your phone calls, that's tonight at 11:00.
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a live look at the white house as president-elect donald trump heads there tomorrow to meet with president obama. and join us at 7:30 tonight, for
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special coverage on the transition to president, we'll take a look at issues ranging from the economy, to health care and immigration. >> tomorrow is going to be a drastically different day than what we have seen today. we still have rain out there and a good bit of it as you can see, much of that radar scope is filled up all afternoon the philadelphia area, with the bull's-eye right in philadelphia. and so we're getting some moderate rain occurring. it is going to be moving out, it's going to set us up for a real nice, sunny day tomorrow, up near 60 for a high after a chilly start, then a windy day friday, that sets us up for a cold day saturday, but then we get sunshine over the weekend. and no more rain until next wednesday. you get plenty of time to dry out, you get a great weekend out of it. >> and then some more rain that we really in fact need. >> exactly, we're in a drought, so we needed a nice soaking rain
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like today. >> that's our news at 6:00. thanks for watching. tonight, shock waves across america and around the world as donald trump defies the polls and the pend its again. the dramatic triumph as the brash billionaire turned reality star is elected the 45th president of the united states. >> i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> for hillary clinton, one of the most stunning defeats in american political history. >> last night i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. >> the candidate and her campaign, so confident victory was in their grasp. what happened? we have exclusive details inside trump's planning. plus the immediate impact of his policies at home and abroad.


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