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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  November 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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temperatures are going to be warming a lot. looking at cool air hanging over the region. right now, numbers are slowly starting to climb. just in the last 30 seconds, we saw numbers up some. we are in the 40s in some places, better than the 20s and 30s we started with this morning. 40 in wilmington, 42 in dover, philadelphia. lancaster holding on to the 30s, barely at 39 degrees. a lot of us, trenton, mount holly, right around 40 degrees. 40s right now. aren't going to see a lot warming into the afternoon, upper 40s to low 50s for forecast high temperatures. looking at radar and satellite, we are clear currently, clear the rest of the day, not expecting rain in the forecast. and actually we are expecting winds to stay on the light side compared to yesterday. currently winds are 10 miles per hour across the board, philadelphia, wildwood, dover. that will continue later today. light to breezy winds,
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temperature staying cool and also staying dry. that doesn't last for long. we will check chances for rain in the extended forecast coming up. >> see you shortly. thanks, krystal. new details about racist messages sent to black students at penn. we learned a student from university of oklahoma has been suspended for allegedly being involved. nbc10 monique braxton is live this morning on the university of pennsylvania campus. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. fear and anger yet unity permeate u of penn class of 2020. if you look here on the campus, folks are beginning to wake up, get out and about this morning, we have learned from the university president that she received a call from oklahoma university's president last night involving the facebook page of a student. the statement says in part there's a basis for temporarily suspending one of the students as they investigate his involvement in this matter. this is the matter.
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racist texts surfacing on cell phones of 161 freshmen. look at part of one message. the message students showed us appears to be from a group do r identifying as trump's disciples. it showed african americans hanging from trees by nooses. also saw a reference to daddy trump. the president-elect graduated from penn as did some of his children. they hadn't downloaded the app but got an invitation to daily lynching. moments ago spoke to david last ter of black penn. >> this is rooted in where our country is as relates to white supremacy, dominance and privilege. >> reporter: the college republicans posted a message that reads in part these messages are absolutely despicable, hate such as this
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has no place on penn's campus or in our nation. in the next half hour, we're going to have advice for students who are reeling after hate filled messages surfaced and we will show you an online petition being circulated by penn alumni. live on the campus of u of penn, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, monique. last night for a third straight evening anti-trump protesters marched in philadelphia. hundreds moved along market street in center city. police escorted the protesters the entire time. no reports of arrests. today at noon, a rally supporting president-elect donald trump will be held in easton. police were busy with similar protests on the west coast. this is an aerial view of them making arrests in los angeles. another protest in new york also led to arrests. in the next half hour, we will show you the incidents that broke out in portland, oregon
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including a shooting investigation there. it appears president-elect trump is softening his tone when it comes to obamacare. mr. trump told "the wall street journal" he is considering keeping two popular provisions of the affordable care act, one allows adult children to stay on their parents' health insurance plan. the other requires insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. the president-elect told 60 minutes he will still replace the law. >> repeal it and replace it, and we're not going to have a two day period, not going to have a two-year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced and you will know. it will be great health care for much less money. >> tens of thousands of people signed up for the affordable care act the day after the election. more than 20 million people rely on the law for their health care coverage. when wall street resumes trading monday, it will open at the highest level in five years. yesterday the dow, nasdaq and
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s&p 500 all posted their best weekly gains of the year. one analyst says the market is giving president-elect donald trump the benefit of the doubt. another analyst says the republican election sweep should trigger tax reform for individuals and corporate levels. hillary clinton made her first public appearance in new york city since conceding the race for president. the former democratic nominee attended a staff party in brooklyn. she urged them to keep fighting for democratic causes. now to a developing story overseas. the u.s. military says a man wearing a suicide vest killed at least four people inside the largest nato base in afghanistan. more than a dozen injured in that bomb attack at the airfield near cab you will. officials put the base on lockdown following the attack. five minutes past 9:00 this
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saturday. sinking in. what crews are doing to correct this massive sinkhole. and a super show in the sky. when you can see the supermoon this weekend and what makes this one so special. my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers.
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we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. welcome back. right now, temperatures are finally starting to pick up into the lower 40s across the board. much better than the low 30s we started with a few hours ago. right now, we are at 42 degrees for philadelphia, 40 in lehigh valley to delaware. same for new jersey. winds are mostly around 10 miles per hour. a little higher in philadelphia. we are dealing with light to breezy conditions this morning. that's about it for expectations. winds won't be anywhere close to yesterday in philadelphia, they officially got into the mid-30s. looking at the planner today, it will be cool out there. staying in the 40s through lunch hour, only making it to lower
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50s in philadelphia. the suburbs barely make it to the lower 50s. it will be around 50 degrees for the forecast high. lehigh valley, expecting highs to cap in the upper 40s. staying sunny, clear conditions and chilly already by 8:00 at night. then through delaware, new jersey, same deal. temperatures by 9:00 at night already in the upper 30s to low 40s, but we stay dry. that will continue through the weekend with more on sunday. folks headed to south philly to raise awareness about alzheimer's disease may want to bundle up. this is citizens bank park where the annual walk to end alzheimer's begins at 11:00. money generated helps to fund alzheimer's research, care, and support. 8 minutes past 9:00 on this saturday. still ahead on nbc10 news today, a shake up in president-elect trump's transition team. vp elect pence is now in charge, replacing new jersey governor
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chris christie at the helm. but what about trump's children? we're breaking it all down next.
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president-elect donald trump is shaking up the inner circle by changing the leader of the transition team. mike pence will replace governor chris christie in that post. mr. trump tapped christie for the job in the summer. yesterday, the president-elect shifted the governor to a vice chairman role. a source close to the transition told nbc news said the change doesn't mean christie is out of
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the running for a top post in the new administration. mr. trump's campaign manager explained why pence is now in charge. >> governor pence being in charge makes sense, he is number two in the government. >> the president-elect also says his adult children and ivanka trump's husband are now in charge of his business interests will help with the transition. the trump transition will be the featured topic on "meet the press." join moderator chuck todd tomorrow at 10:30 here on nbc10. now to news from overseas. crews are working to fill a massive sinkhole that opened in the middle of a city intersection in japan. trucks are dumping loads of gravel and soil into the pit trying to fill it. officials say it could take 2,000 truckloads to fill that hole. cell phone video shows the moment it swallowed a five lane road tuesday. it measures 98 feet long and
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nearly 50 feet deep. fortunately no injuries, but it caused widespread disruption to electric, water, gas supplies. look at a massive sinkhole closer to the area, massive for us. this hole opened up in lancaster county tuesday. crews found another cavern that's about 60 feet deep. it is threatening a nearby apartment building and more than a dozen have been forced to evacuate. officials say the cost to repair the street is estimated in the six figure range. happening now. a holiday tradition arrived in new york city. rockefeller center christmas tree arrived at 30 rock a little more than an hour ago. watched it happen live on the "today" show. crews are unloading the 94 foot spruce. once it is set up, it will be decorated with five miles of lights. then the lights will be switched on. the tradition dates back to 1933 and draws thousands of
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onlookers. you can see the annual tree lighting november 30th here on nbc10. time again to start watching for the supermoon. this one will be the biggest and brightest in the sky for the next 18 years. the supermoon will reach fullness tomorrow night into monday morning, will appear red in the sky when it rises. full moon becomes a supermoon when it moves to its closest orbit to earth. we will watch that supermoon, grab the jacket. it is feeling cold out there. >> lows in the morning are chilly, especially this morning and tomorrow morning. again, expecting those conditions. let's start off by talking about temperatures right now because we are finally seeing a boost in temperatures. sun is up, takes awhile to heat up the temperatures. we have gone from the 30s to now low 40s. still cool out there as you step out the door with low 40s across the board in philadelphia neighborhoods. and holding on to the 30s.
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39 degrees. rittenhouse, 41, kensington, and 43 for graduate hospital. much of the same looking up by fox chase. 41 to 42 degrees. it is not as cold as earlier this morning but still chilly out there. the thing is temperatures are not going to warm much in the afternoon. talking highs that are considerably lower than what we saw yesterday. delaware neighborhoods also starting to warm, but more 30s than what we saw through the philadelphia area. harmony hills, 39 degrees. also at 39 around wilmington and most temperatures are going to be again just capping upper 40s and low 50s. dover is at 42 degrees, milton at 43. that's the same for lewis beach. moderating effect for areas at the beach. we did not see the 30s earlier
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this morning. radar and satellite, this is a wide view. shows us clear. not tracking clouds nor rain for the forecast. not today, not tomorrow. we stay dry. we will see changes to the weather pattern. that's good news when it comes to the afternoon high. this morning, still tracking winds pushing in. we are looking at cool air continuing to pull air from the north. watch going through the afternoon and evening, now we are getting a direction shift from the west. that's good news. as you move through afternoon, you can see a boost in temperatures with air from the west and southwest. that's what we get sunday. sunday morning we are still very chilly. mid-30s across the board. philadelphia 34 degrees. some parts of philly by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. but as we move into the afternoon for sunday, that's when things are looking better,
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making it into the 60s instead of the 50s like today. ten degree difference. 52 for today in philadelphia. 62 for sunday. if you want to get outdoors to rake up leaves, sunday is better than today. we are 52 for south jersey. that ten degree bump goes from low to upper 50s at the jersey shore. we will talk about the ten day in the next half hour. >> see you then. time to check in on this week's wednesday's child, an inspiring young man that loves to connect with people and excited about his future. hoping to find a forever family to help him reach to the stars. vai sikahema introduces us to julian. >> you get inside. >> you wouldn't be nervous? >> maybe at first coming out. >> reporter: walnut street theater, the oldest continuing
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operating theater in the english speaking world and in the u.s., as julian and i visit, they were wrapping the run of south pacific, preparing for another classic, "the wizard of oz." he is a teen with a passion for plays. >> tell me why you're in love with musical theater? >> the thing with theater sets it aside from regular television is that you are able to have that connection with the audience rather than with the television. you don't have that much connection with television. >> reporter: the human element is why this young man is so special. >> tell me what kind of family you'd like to have. >> i'd like to have mother and
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father with a brother and a sister that are my age and my ideal family would be to do things that i have never gotten to do, go sky diving or hiking. >> reporter: julian is 16 and a junior in high school. the kind of kid that would make any parent proud. >> julian has excelled now that he is in the third year of high school and looking at things to do after high school. he is going to be doing some vocational training as well. thus far his grades are very
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good. also has good behavior in school. never had any complaints of bad temperament, gets along with everyone. >> what do you hope to be someday? >> i want to be a singer. i want to be a song writer. i want to inspire people and an actor and i want to help people. >> julian is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make julian's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. 1-866-do-adopt. still ahead, it's as good as it gets in high school football. we are taking you around the region to the best games in the high school blitz that's still ahead. and coming up at 9:30, a wild ride for a south jersey
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police officer that ended in a shooting. we'll fill you in on what happened in between.
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hey, sit back and settle in. another friday night blitz. tonight as good as it gets. playoff football in pennsylvania and delaware. but we begin in south jersey. one of our area's best teams. the number one seed in group two, west deptford taking on delran. the number one seed exerting their will early on. west deptford breaks a few tackles, and he is gone. eagles grab a 6-0 lead. later in the first, misdirection. the tomfoolery fools everyone except the full back. he cashes in. deptford rolls 60-7.
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>> collingswood going at it in the group two playoffs. abdul bangora. watch him work. settles under the kickoff. catch him if you can like the gingerbread man. 96 yards to the barn. one of two kickoff returns for t.d.s in this game. collingswood hangs on. group four action. cherry hill west and highland. brian cooey drops the snap, picks it up and throws a prayer. goes through the arms of one teammate into the arms of another. sanders takes it in. it's highland's night. they win 30-8. back in p.a., district one quarterfinals, bishop shanahan and academy park. stroud, nothing shy about this. gets the fortunate bounce and goes the distance. 46 yards in all. academy park advances, 26-13 the final. district one class 6-a quarters. garnet valley and unbeaten neshaminy.
9:25 am
jewel ann know scored from 15 yards away. we're tied at seven. second quarter, sam rudolph. rudolph, won't you guide my sleigh. garnet valley up 21-7. let's head to the air for some skylights. more district one action. springford and unbeaten north penn. north penn up 21-0 but their qb scrambles short of a first down. on the ensuing position, springford's t.j. stones gar selly. beautiful name. springford cuts the lead to two, but north penn hangs on. district one, west chester henderson at upper dublin. salino calls his own number. stretches for the end zone. get in there. just short. but dust yourself off and try again. two plays later he's in. henderson wins a tight one. city action, catholic league
9:26 am
final between lasalle and st. joe's prep. prep the number one team in the state forced to punt on their first possession. they go for the fake, but the explorers ready for it. turnover on downs. lasalle capitalizes off the inside handoff. madden, get you some. staten down the sideline. a 53-yard touch. state joe advances. lehigh valley. subregional quarterfinal matchup. southern lehigh and white hall. zach bill bert connects with harrison. he's got reservations for six. that ties the game at seven. later in the half, braxton gets in on the action. a 35-yard scamper. white hall leads 14-7 at that point and wins 35-14. delaware playoff action. flight b title game. glasgow and st. george's. tavion jones hill, gone. glasgow wins first conference
9:27 am
title. 22-7 the final. up next, our game of the week. pottsgrove and interboro playing to keep their seasons alive. playing for the class 4-a district one title. four seconds left. one shot left of regulation. good pickup. no score. going to ot. potsville leads 27-20. more drama than a soap opera. chris thomas, not sore ordinary game. roll the dice. he said you will not get in here. they win 27-26. that's the high school blitz, appreciate you watching. i am danny pommells, csn.
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hhgregg the fbi steps in to investigate racist messages sent to penn students from self proclaimed trump disciples. we are live on campus as new information comes in on where the messages may have come from. in his first sit down interview since the election, president-elect donald trump talks about obamacare and clinton concession call.
9:31 am
we will hear from him coming up. caught on camera, what should have been a routine traffic stop leads to a crash, brawl, and shooting. the police officer claims he didn't know the gun went off. details on the investigation next. good morning. welcome back. i am rosemary connors. it is just after 9:30 this saturday. thanks for being with us. it is one of the coldest mornings of the season. temperatures are starting to warm up. earlier they were in the 30s. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei with more on the first alert forecast. >> we warned of this. last weekend we were saying by next weekend, it is looking chilly. and that's exactly what we've seen so far. this is a look at the 24 hour change map, comparing temperatures to 24 hours ago. as you would expect, way cooler. 16 degrees cooler in allentown, 14 degrees cooler in wilmington,
9:32 am
same for atlantic city. vineland, 12 degrees cooler in philadelphia. temperatures themselves are in the 40s for the most part. better than the low 30s we saw much of the map earlier today. 40 in allentown, trenton, mount holly. these temperatures aren't going to warm much moving through the rest of the day. some of us will stay in the upper 40s for highs. that's tonight into tomorrow morning, cold again. a freeze watch is in place for much of delaware and cape may county. these areas potentially seeing the first freeze of the season. want to talk more about cool air and warmer temperatures on the horizon in a bit. we are following a developing story about racist messages sent to black students at the university of pennsylvania. this morning, learning that a student at the university of oklahoma has been suspended in connection to the hate speech and threats. nbc10's monique braxton is live
9:33 am
this morning on the campus of university of pennsylvania to fill us in. monique? >> reporter: hey, rosemary, we've also been monitoring the website at university of pennsylvania and learned that the fbi is working with counter parts out in oklahoma. a lot of students no doubt are waking up this morning reading the message posted from the university president which says she received a call from university of oklahoma president overnight involving the facebook page of a student there who has been temporarily suspended. what we learned is 161 students in all received racist texts like this. take a look at part of one message. the group that sent the text identified as trump's disciples. also learned racial epithets and photographs showed african-americans hanging from tease by nooses, another reference to daddy trump. the president-elect graduated from penn as did some of his
9:34 am
children. the social media app message hnlt been downloaded and they also got invitation to daily lynching. moments ago, spoke about his advice to the students. >> i think students need -- they need to find opportunity to speak back to the narratives with op-eds, classroom conversation, talk to those trusted and genuine and authentic mentors at the university of pennsylvania. >> reporter: if you're just waking up, check this out. found an online petition where u penn alumni call on the president-elect and alum nis donald trump to break the silence on the issue and follow through on his declaration that the nation must come together by making a whole throated
9:35 am
condemnation of hate speech. we are following developments in the investigation and be watching the president-elect should he make any statement on the latest developments here at uh- u of penn. monique braxton, nbc10 news. today in lehigh valley, a pro-trump rally is set. they plan to meet at the center circle roundabout at noon. trump backers encouraged to bring signs and spirit. following the election of donald trump as the next president, protests continue across the country, including this one in philadelphia. similar demonstrations went on into the evening in other major cities. in portland, oregon, a demonstration there turned violent. >> whoa, whoa! time to move. police in portland used tear gas
9:36 am
and flash bang grenades to disburse the car. someone was shot on a bridge and drove away. the victim expected to be okay. several arrests were made in portland overnight. authorities also reported vandalism and at least one assault. governor chris christie of new jersey took charge of transition preparations for donald trump during the summer but yesterday the president-elect tapped his vice president mike pence to take over. a source close to the transition tells nbc news christie's apparent demotion doesn't meanest out of the running for a top post in the new administration. political observers say christie's issues with bridge gate scandal haven't helped. christie released a statement. i am proud to have run the preelection phase of the transition team along with a thoroughly professional and dedicated team of people. two former aides to chris christie filed for new trials in the bridgegate case. they were convicted of fraud and conspiracy last week.
9:37 am
they filed their appeals yesterday. prosecutors accuse them of organizing traffic jams to retaliate against a mayor in north jersey who did not endorse christie in 2013. the governor has not been charged in the case and has denied any knowledge of the scheme. look at newly released video that shows a haddon township police officer hanging on as a truck speeds off in a traffic stop. the officer was able to let go before the truck plowed into parked cars. the suspect then tries to runoff. he was shot during a fight with the officer. in the video you hear the officer say he was unaware his weapon went off. the suspect, edmond brown, is now in jail. authorities are investigating the shooting. happening now. atlantic city police hosting a basketball fundraiser
9:38 am
for an officer killed in the line of duty. josh vadell was wounded in september. opening ceremonies at 9:30 a.m. games kickoff at 10:00 today and tomorrow. it is happening at atlantic city high school. first responders from the northeast are expected to play in the event. new at 9:30, an ambulance stolen from a fire station has been found. woodland volunteer fire company posted on social media that the ambulance was taken from just in front of the station around 7:45 last night. the vehicle was then discovered in war minister, bucks county, about an hour ago. a quick heads up for drivers that may be headed to northeast philly. left lane of betsy ross bridge ramp to i-95 south will be closed until 2:00 this afternoon. crews are making repairs to the area. keep that in mind. 9:38 now on saturday. the eagles are undefeated, at home that is.
9:39 am
the birds haven't lost a game yet. coming up, hear from doug pederson who talks about the importance of defending home turf. get your oil changed, hair done and nails done. who can beat that! >> one stop shop for anybody that needs to get their car serviced. hear from the woman opening the new car shop that caters to women.
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welcome back. looking at the temperatures again, finally bumping up a bit here. looking at new jersey nabld neighborhoods, in the lower 40s. better than the 30s hours ago. most of us are lower than that. mount laurel, still holding on to 30s. that 39 degrees currently. 41 up the board, all right now 41 degrees. broken past the freezing mark and only going to see some cap in the upper 40s. it will be a slow warm through the afternoon. radar and satellite, clear conditions currently. that's going to continue today as well. no longer tracking potential for rain. we are also looking at a dry forecast that continues through sunday. sunday is going to be warmer than today. we'll get to that in a minute.
9:43 am
let's talk temperatures today. if you're getting out, it is manageable, low 50s in some areas. westchester, 50 for the forecast temperature. adjusted some of these a tad, most of us looking at the upper 40s to low 50s for forecast high temperatures. mostly sunny conditions and for the most part winds on the light side as well. we are 51 for the forecast in trenton, 52 in atlantic city. looking at the falcons and eagles game tomorrow, that's when the forecast gets better. temperatures are warmer in the afternoon. good news. 50s for tailgate weather, 60 by 1:00 p.m. fourth quarter, temperature down to the upper 50s, seasonal this time of year. should be a nice day. still sunny and dry as well. let's take a look at the hour by hour forecast. chance of rain in the forecast
9:44 am
for saturday or your sunday. we're going to remain dry. chances of rain don't move back in until monday evening through tuesday. next week is severe winter weather week. that doesn't mean you expect a blizzard or anything. what it does mean is that every day the first alert weather team, krystal, glenn, all of the meteorologists are visiting different malls in the region. >> there's a reason we pick these malls aside from meeting different people in their neighborhoods. these locations are designated as weather ready ambassadors. here is why. from severe storms to winter whiteouts, we live in a region where we get hit hard by winter weather. how do you keep yourself and your family safe when disruptive weather hits. >> all security guards have grab and go bags for any kind of emergency. >> reporter: all the malls, including premium outlets are part of weather ready nation, an initiative led by the national
9:45 am
weather service. >> the weather service is trying to get more involved making sure people are not only getting weather information but are prepared to take action based on that information. >> reporter: we met with kate johnson at the outlets to breakdown how they got the designation and how it effects you. >> largely an online training course that the management team went through and security team as well, it told us what to do in events such as tornadoes severe snowstorms which we will be dealing with this winter perhaps and other types of severe weather that could come through. >> reporter: if shopping on a quiet day or during the holiday rush and rough weather hits, the malls are ready. >> we have an on-going process of scheduling training drills and evacuation drills for different types of storm emergencies. >> reporter: this outdoor mall sends people to exit hallways where restrooms are usually located. >> there's no glass, they're safe to go to in case of tornado, hurricane, that kind of thing.
9:46 am
>> reporter: and they're stocked with emergency supplies to keep you and employees safe. >> involves evacuation charts, flashlights, first aid kits, things like that they would need. >> reporter: a life line when you get caught up in dangerous weather. >> monday, kicking off severe weather week. our team will be on the roads to show off high tech weather, tracking equipment like storm ranger 10. we are excited for this. location and dates are on the screen. stop by, check it out. >> a lot of people will be out there. >> getting a lot of messages. >> hope we get a ton of people out there. coming up. sixers blow a lead with 25 seconds left, sending the game to ot. could they pull out the first win of the season? csn danny pommells is back with highlights in your saturday morning sports.
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good morning. happy saturday. i am danny pommells from csn. sixers looking for the first win of the season, let a five point lead slip away with 25 seconds to go. says never mind that minutes restriction, i am playing in ot. they get their first win.
9:50 am
109-105. flyers and maple leafs. wearing 88 to honor eric lindros going into the hall of fame. flyers down a goal. turn it over on the power play. beats steve mason for the shorthanded goal. flyers get doubled up 6-3. eagles head coach doug pederson said today allen barbre will not play sunday. bennie logan is questionable but all signs point to him playing. the college basketball scene begins tonight. >> emphasis on home games and the crowd. you mention home games, a lot of it has to do with our crowd and the way they fill the stands and noise and making it hard for
9:51 am
opponents to come in and play. the phils acquire howie kendrick from the dodgers. kendrick hit .255, expected to play corner outfield spot. nova, their title defense taking on lafayette on the main line. this was all nova. brunson, cash money from the far side. wildcats up 39. they win by 40. 88-48. big five, temple hosting lasalle. in the final seconds, a jordan price trifecta from straight away. in overtime, it's d squared. daniel dingle, the lefty hook puts the owls up. that's your look at sports. i am danny pommells, csn. loyal viewers know this is the time we bring in amy from
9:52 am
act philly, joining us with juju bee. she's the most adorable girl. she's only 8 weeks old but is spade, ready to find a home. >> krystal, maybe you'll take her. >> i'm in love here. you said she is not the only puppy you have. >> correct. any of the viewers follow us on facebook, she's one of a litter of nine we posted video of the other day that was popular. she might loom familiak familia. her and her sisters are available. and her five brothers are in foster care and soon available for adoption as well. >> the everyday adoption center is where you have the event? >> today and tomorrow, all pets, including this one, i believe they're half price. adoption specials on every single pet. adult dogs, too. these little guys, small breed dogs, cats and kittens, anything
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you're looking for you can find it. >> here's the big question for families out there who have little children begging mom and dad for a pet for christmas, for a puppy for christmas. will she stay a puppy by december 25th? >> yeah, definitely. she will be a little bigger but still a goof ball. this is the youngest we can legally adopt out a pet. tiniest little guy. will be a puppy about a year. >> if you can't make it out, give them a call. 267-385-3800. visit them on the web and on their facebook page. she was dropped off with siblings. any more information on her background, what kind of dog? >> we don't know too much about them other than it was an accidental litter. that's why we are here. we don't see a lot of puppies come in because a lot of people
9:54 am
do spay and neuter pets and understand the importance of it. we try to help people get pets neutered if they aren't already. >> do you have any idea how big she might get? >> i would say about 60 pounds. >> all right. thanks for joining us. krystal, after the break, one last check. >> talk about the weekend forecast. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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nobody likes to wait for a car to be repaired. a new shop will pamper you before you wait. the grand opening is on black
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friday. here's a look at the forecast. 52 degrees for us today. not warming much. sunny and dry. better sunday, 62 degrees. next chance of rain monday night into tuesday. tuesday we could see a good amount of rain, depending on a system that we have a close eye on the next couple days. >> the puppy was so cute. >> have a good saturday. [ roars ]
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sara gore: i'm sara gore, and this is "open house." this week, we check out the former home of warner brothers founder harry warner. plus of venice california labor of love. but first, a luxurious estate in beverly hills that provides you with everything you could ever possibly want and more. james harris: and if this isn't straight out of a design magazine, i truly don't know what is. sara gore: welcome to "open house." right now, i'm coming to you from a glamorous penthouse duplex atop an historic loft building in the heart of new york's chelsea neighborhood. this place was designed to take full advantage of the new york city's skyline, with open views in every direction. the dramatic circular entryway forms a unique focal point around which the generous living


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