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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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only fios can. six alarm fire damaged nine row homes in trenton. what prevented firefighters from getting near the flames and another fire in south jersey. flames tear through three buildings and send seven people to hospitals and nothing to apologize for. the new comments about the on stage -- vice president elect mike pence received at a brad way show. fire races through a plok of row homes in trenton. the flames force people out just days before thanksgiving. good morning. high winds caused the flames to spread quickly. before it was over, every house on the block had burned.
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the fire destroyed nine houses. what more can you tell us. >> even though the fire was on wineberg place, about a block over, you can see the areas here still very much affected. people have lost power, the traffic lights are out. houses and buildings have no heat and electricity and an entire block is gone. >> i was sleeping, i thought it was the wind. >> i was sitting and i heard -- >> like a explosion. >> she grab herd 4-year-old son and got out. she hasn't seen the damage in the daylight and is not sure how she's going to explain to her son what happened here. >> difficult to go back home. there's nothing to go back to. >> nine houses at point, a total loss.
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i keep, i don't know, just because of my boyfriend, i was able to grab something. most important and run. >> on this small trenton block, it was a wake up call they never expected. >> i saw on the fire. i called 911. >> many called 911 an when help arrive d, firefighters had no choice but to hold back. wires had come down in the street and close to the fire. >> electricity waand water don' mix, so because of that, from a safety perspective, we had to pull our firefighters back until public service electric could get out here. once public service got here and actually got the power. >> the fire spread from four houses to nine. >> you'll be safe. >> that's basically why it's not the, not only the houses, the cars started getting on fire. cars are damaged. wheels started popping. >> and at least three cars burned.
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some tell me they were able to get outside. move their cars to a parking lot across the street. we did just go down on weinberg place to see the latest damage. those houses are gone. residents say they are staying with family and friends and don't know what they're going to do in these days leading up to thanksgiving. >> thank you. see you at the bottom of the hour for another update. in south jersey, we have video of another fire. the flames sent seven people there to the hospital. fire started at a group home and spread to the two houses on either side of that home. winds spanned the flames and made things more difficult for firefighters. fighting this fire. took crews a couple of hours to get it under control. no word yet on how it started. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we're dealing with a a cold monday. very chilly and windy.
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center city, philadelphia, you can tell by the flags there, how windy it is. parts of the area saw snow flakes this weekend. but the resort in the pocono, they're seeing a lot of them today thanks to snow making machines there. temperatures are low enough to allow snow making to begin. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn is here with the forecast. >> we've shown this picture many, many times over the years. boat house row and i don't know that i've seen the camera shake this much. that is really windy out there. the flags are blowing like crazy. 42 degrees, so it's cold along with the gusty winds. only 39 degrees at some of the pa suburbs. even at this hour, with the winds on top of that, that is cold. 40 degrees across rest of the area. the wind gust, 43 miles an hour in atlantic city.
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37 in millville, philadelphia, 38 in allentown. 35 in dover. and we're going to be seeing wind gusts like that or a little bit higher than that during the afternoon. you can see gusts of 45 miles an hour, make even one or two spots to 50, so we stay windy all the way through the afternoon into tonight. so, at the temperatures dropping into the 30s, with wind, it's going to feel like it's in the 20s. by this evening. 33 degrees. in some of the pa suburbs. chester, montgomery counties, same story. but 6:00 p.m., 36 degrees. feeling like it's in 20s, so definitely bundle. our bodies haven't adjusted to this yet. delaware, same story, only into the 30s by 6:00 ooechbd a little bit lower by 10:00. we'll see when the wind is going
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to die down, when temperature's going to go up and what travel weather is going to be like for the big holiday weekend coming up. >> we'll see you then. happening now, the man accused in the sex abuse case involving six amish sisters in the court. he went before a judge about an hour ago for a preliminary hearing. he was arrested in june on charges of assaulting the oler sister. last month k he was accused of abusing five of the teen's younger sisters. the youngest just 8 years of age. ? south jersey, investigators will be in the bass river state force. looking into a deadly plane crash. the plane was found yesterday after an hour's loing search. state police had to ping the pilot's cell phone to find the plane. the faa was alerted after the plane which left maryland on saturday never landed at the ocean county airport. the pilot died. in delaware county, a local
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mayor is facing several charges including driving under the influence. we first the story on sunday. officials say that around 4:00 a.m. friday, the mayor rear ended a parked car which was then pushed into two other cars. officialing say he then ditched his car and wandered off on foot. police tracked him down and placed him under arrest. he served as the mayor for more than a decade. >> it's insane that public figure can do that and just not have a care in this world. it's just unreal. >> authorities release him and will mail him a summons for his rainment. we reached out for comment, but he has not responded yet. if you have the nbc 10 app, you were one of the first to learn of the mayor's arrest. download it for free bf you leave the house and get breaking news on the go. police are investigating a possible burglary at
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philadelphia hall. an employee of the christmas village reported seeing two men trying to climb through a window at city hall yesterday afternoon. the workers say he yelled at the mohannad ran to get security, but the suspects then got away. it's not clear if anything was taken. no word yet for philadelphia's international airport on what caused a strange odor on plane yesterday. the flight was canceled because of the odor. the plane returned to the gate and everyone did get off the plane safely. eagle's head coach doug paid e son wipederson will talk to r at noon today about the first ugly loss to the seahawks yesterday. the front cover of the new, dull and void. off their west coast offense. all the time spent this week preparing to play seahawks
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just -- seattle's offense at 300 yards at a half. another problem yesterday. nelson agholor just couldn't get a handle. like on this easy catch there. we caught up with him in the locker room after a the loss. >> it's a hit. pressing so much and worried about so much things. got to go out there and catch like this instead of which my hands because i'm thinking so much and too worried. it's a selfish thing that i need to stop. zpl the eagle's next game is in prime time and it's a week from today. hopefully agholor will get his act together. the birds will be back at the link where they've won every home game so far this year. they play the packer, coming off a big loss of the redskins last night. montgomery county today will help veterans. it returns from 11:30 to 1:30 at college hall. vets can learn b about
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education, employment and benefit services. nothing to apologize for. this morning, a hamilton actor responds to criticism of his curtain call speech directed at mike pence. plus, it's looking more like christmas than thanksgiving. the lake effect snow causing big problems on one of the biggest travel weeks of the year. >> it was near 70 degrees there late last week. we're in for a a blustery day and i'll take a look at the trafl travel conditions for this week and your thanksgiving forecast straight ahead.
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a police sergeant is conscious and recovering this morning after being shot in the face. the officer was ambushed while sitting in his patrol car. he is expected to survive. the suspect got away, but was killed a short time later in a shootout with police. he was wanted for violent crimes and likely feared being recognized. in texas, another man hunt is underway for a suspect who shot and killed a police officer in a targeted attack there. the santon antonio police department post ed this photo o o a man. might have information on the murder of detective mar coney. he was writing a ticket in his car yesterday morning when a vehicle pulled up behind hip t. the driver got out and opened fire. >> suspect reached the driver's side door. and fired a gun shot toward
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detective, striking him in the head. the suspect then reached through the open window and fired the sec shot. >> they don't believe the driver who was pulled over had a relationship to the shooter. an early morning house fire left four children dead in indiana. flames bloke broek out in the two story armt building. the ages have not been released. the mother with was taken to a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation. no word on what caused the fire. a major winter storm slammed the southeast. more on the storm's impact. >> this storm continues to make its way east. here in syracuse, new york, the snow has been falling since yesterday afternoon. already almost a foot of snow on the dwround and it's going to continue falling here through the evening. this part of the country seeing its first dose of winter
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weather. with thanksgiving just three days away, the northeast getting served its first taste of winter. the blast of snow and frigid temperatures creating dangerous driving conditions at the start of one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. overnight in upstate new york, some areas could see up to 20 inches tomorrow. in watertown, new york, the temperature dropping more than 40 degrees in 24 hours. >> it was almost 70 yesterday and now, it's freezing. >> and from new england to virginia, windchill temperatures in the teens and single digits. the deadly winter storm add ransing east after blankets the rockies and the midwest. in minnesota, three weather related deaths and in parts of michigan, powerful wind gusts of up to 80 miles an hour toppling trees and leaving some without power. >> a heck of a winter storm. just came through and took stuff out.
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>> as we begin the start of a busy holiday travel week, it's going to be slow going for this part of the country. we're watching flight delay, but the roads are a serious concern. very, very slick as the snow continues throughout the evening. in syracuse, new york, nbc news. >> wow. and that is all lake effect snow. the cold air coming over the warm lake and that is it. there's no overall storm that is create iing this. it's 28 degrees in mt. pocono right now. 39 at coatesville. 42 in dover and atlantic city and of course, we have the wind on top of it, so it feels like 29 in allentown and coatesville, 30 in philadelphia. so, it is amazingly different from friday and saturday. 72 degree, 44 for the high yesterday. 45 today. 47 tomorrow.
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that is quite a change and as you saw on the report, other parts of the northeast had even more extreme changes. 39 mile an hour wind gusts in wilmington now. 43 in atlantic city. we're going to be seeing wind gusts like that during the afternoon. here's 4:00. lots of places getting wind xwuss of over 40 miles an hour an even this evening by 11:00, we're still seeing gusts into the 30s. the temperatures in the 30s, so it's really going to feel brutal by tomorrow morning. 31 mile an hour gusts up in philadelphia and a little bit less to the north and west, so it's going to be windy tomorrow, but not quite as windy as what we're seeing today. gusts in the 30s instead of the 40s an then tomorrow night, the wind really dies down. what is is it going to do to the temperature? by tonight, it's feeling like it's in 20s across much of the area. 28 in philadelphia, 24 in doyles
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town and later on during the night by midnight, still feeling, look at that. 22 degrees in new jersey. by tomorrow morning, rush. feeling like 25 in doylestown, 26 in sweetsborrow and as we go through the afternoon, all right, it's in the going to feel quite as cold as today. 41 in philadelphia. 37 in allentown. 38 degrees in avalon. so still quite a difference from what we saw friday and saturday. even wednesday morning, it's still going to be cold. still going to be a little bit of wind. feeling like 25 degrees in dover. and in wilmington. and then by wednesday afternoon, just not warming up a whole lot this week. about the only change that's happening is ha the wind gradually dies down. snow flurries up toward the new york state border. there's the lake effect snow going into syracuse. just a classic pattern for that.
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for travel, we're dealing with some problems in chicago wednesday with rain. farther to the south. we have rain in cincinnati. pittsburgh is also going to be seeing the rain on wednesday. we're talking about rain, not snow, washington, d.c. great travel weather in the east. for tuesday and wednesday. there's allen town. new york and boston. also. really good travel conditions and not as windy. especially on wednesday. i'll be back with a rest of the forecast through thanksgiving and the weekend in just a few minutes. >> all right, thank you. appreciate that. retailers are getting ahead start on black friday deals, but should you do your shopping now or wait until friday? just ahead, we'll help you make your hop holliday shopping plan by breaking down the best time to buy. what's thanksgiving without football? now is your chance to vote for
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the high school blitz game of the week. which we'll profile on thanksgiving day at 6 f:00 p.m. just as youfr getting the pies out. and ridley and innerborrow. you can vote on the app and our website.
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as families prepare for thanksgiving, it's important to top and think about those less
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fortunate. tomorrow is the annual turkey drop. it's become a largest one-day food gathering event in all of philadelphia. the morning hosts will broadcast live outside of the center tomorrow morning. john is here is us this morning. welcome. >> thank you. >> last year, the wrought in 9,000 turkeys. >> probably over 9,000. like 93, 9400 turkeys. >> who gets the turkeys? >> they go to city team philadelphia. they hand them out to 900 families that they serve themselves and then other church groups and soup kitchens and anybody who needs that food. when we collect enough, not only does it cover thanksgiving, but sometimes, we have another to cover christmas as well. people are so giving. >> 9,000 last year. what's the goal this year? >> over 9,000. as much as i love the idea of beating last year, and we've done better and worse, but if we can stay in that range, we're
11:24 am
doing really great work. and it's all up to people. we have clients wo stop in and do it. we have sponsors like parks casino. but those $5 donations t. the one turkey. it's all of the small donations that really are what pushes us over. >> you have a flat form, one of the most popular names in radio in the area. you have all kind of resources at your fingertips that you can tap. but there's got to be more reasons than that for why you do this. >> well, look, poverty in philadelphia, this is the highest problem in the city. one this four people in this city lives below the poverty line. seven out of ten of children are living below the poverty line. and most of the people we're helping are what's categorized at the working poor, people who have jobs, but don't have enough money to put three meals a a day on table, so when thanksgiving
11:25 am
comes around with the abundance we have in this country there's in reason why everybody shouldn't have a dpraet thanksgiving meal. it's what we do. and no city in the country is more giving than philadelphia. so -- >> really true. and it's my favorite holiday. >> me, too. and that's more to do with the food. >> football, family and food. nobody does more necessary and you make living in philadelphia one of the great people in philadelphia. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> helps the poor, thanks so much. john will be outside the kimmel center, north broad street. >> freezing. >> have a coat on. from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. also frozen turkey, free turkey coupons or make a cash donation. get that list on our website. we'll have a look at nbc 10. john. >> thank you. >> that's what you do. appreciate you. fire investigation is under way in trenton after flames tore
11:26 am
through a block of row homes. we'll have a live update from the scene as firefighters -- why they have spread so quickly. being in the wrong place at the wrong time. big nfl hit this weekend and oh. happened before the game. we see this? poor guy. look at him. he's tough as nails.
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investigators continue to search for the cause of the fire that forceded several families out of their homes. downed wires hampered the fire fight early this morning and caused the flames to spread quickly. strong winds also complicated the fire, which wiped out an entire block of nine homes. back to janet live in trenton
11:30 am
for an update. >> we can you still a large area of this section of the city affected by the fire. you have the nine homes that are gone. families that are out of those homes at this point. businesses and neighbors without electricity. or gas right now. as fire investigators try and determine the cause and try and get in there and still continue to fight that fire. we can tell you around 3:00 this morning, neighbors say they were sleeping when they heard scream, people pounding on their doors telling them to get out. >> everything. >> i think i was more shocked. the shock coming down and hitting me a little bit. so it's you know, it's difficult to go back home. there's nothing to go back to. >> and when you look at the video we shot about an hour ago
11:31 am
of what is left, it's just a shell of those nine houses. that is the entire block, the entire side of the street. fire gators still putting water on it saying they may have to take down the entire row of homes before they determine a cause. three people have been taken to the hospital including a firefighter, he had a leg injury. residents say a woman who was sleeping inside one of the homes had to be taken to a hospital and also, a man, his condition is unknown. we're told he is being treated as investigators try and figure out what started this massive fire. live in trenton, nbc 10 news. south jersey, another fire sent seven people to the hospital there. this one started at a dproup home run by a church there. sydney long is live for us in glouster county with more on that. >> good morning. it was a rude awakening. all seven of those men who lived here, take a look. this is where they laid their head down to sleep last night and now, this what's left.
11:32 am
i can tell you that all seven of the men managed to get out, but some with injuries. one of them jumped from a sec story window. now, take a look. you can see all that's left is this charred debris of the home. a shell of the house. two cars also destroyed and this fire spread to not one, but two adjacent homes. neighbors say they heard what sounded like explosions about 3:30 this morning. when they lookeded outside, they almost immediately grabbed their cell phone, taking these pictures and video of the bright orange flames. the winds they say were howling, wood bury fire chief saez mother nature played a major role spreading the fire to two homes on either side of the one that was burning. in all, seven men who lived here and worked for the nearby calvary church of south jersey did manage to get out. at least four of them were told remain hospitals. 19-year-old ian picking, who came back to look at the
11:33 am
devastation this morning, says it was an awfully rude awakening. >> did you hear an explosion? did you smell the smoke? >> i was the first one to wake up. the last guys to wake up. one guy said he looked out the window and it was real bright out. looks out, there's a fire everywhere, so he started yelling fire. grabbed a blank e, most everyone was outside. one guy that jumped out the window. >> now, the home on the right we know is owned by one of the churnl ministers, we're told me and his family, including a 5-month-old baby did get out okay. the home over here as you look to the left was also damaged. this one was vacant and was up for sale. meantime, wood bury fire chief says they were playing a waiting gim gaim with the utility companies. to get the gas and make sure the electricity was also turned off so they weren't dealing with electric, with the water. and the wind on top of it all. we'll continue to work on some
11:34 am
of o those questions and bring you answers later this afternoon. for now, live in woodbury, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> gusty winds at the shore today. blustery day all throughout the area. here's a live look right now. and poconos, this is a camel back resort. calling up there for crews to the turn on the snow making machine. parts of our area saw the real thing this weekend. glenn here with our forecast. glenn, last year was a bad winter for those ski resorts. i think they're feeling good now. >> yeah, they're going to be able to make snow through the week and at least into the weekend. so, anybody planning on skiing anywhere from the poconos up to new england, should be in pretty gootd shape. at least as we start the season. the wind is bringing some of the colder air in. make iing it cold enough to mak
11:35 am
the snow. and temperatures only 42 degrees, philadelphia, but of course, we have wind gusts over 40 miles an hour as you'll see. temperatures are are only near the 40 degree mark. you can see generally fair weather clouds. not that thick and they're not going to be producing any kind of rain or snow. we're now gusting to 43 miles an hour in coatesville, along with 43 in atlantic city and we could see wind gusts of the mid-40s just about anywhere in our area. and as we go through the night tonight, the temperature drops into the 30s. now, the wind will be quite strong overnight, but still gusty. over 30 miles an hour making these temperatures feel like they are in 20s. lehigh slal vally, 23 degrees by 6:00 a.m., feeling like closer to 20. similar stories for delaware and much of new jersey. as well. we'll talk more about travel weather and weather conditions all the way through next weekend coming up.
11:36 am
>> all right. thank you. residents of upstate new york are digging out this morning. after the lake effect storm dumped about 18 inches of snow there. we watched one person take their car out of the snow bank in syracuse. driver able to get on the road. you see him leaving there. parts of western massachusetts and northwest connecticut got about a foot of snow. schools across central new york and part of new england were closed or delayed by two hours and millions are hitting the highways and skies as they travel for thanksgiving holiday. some are already on their way to their destinations and their return trips may be complicated by a possible strike. 500 or so nonunionized workers at chicago's o'hare airport have set a strike date for tuesday after thanksgiving. jay gray gives us a look at the scene at o'hare. >> reporter: hey, there. here at chicago's o'hare airport, it's been a steady
11:37 am
crowd throughout the day and only going to pick up. take a look behind me. you can see plenty of people, but the line is moving. that's the good news. extra agent, extra help for this holiday week. whether it's here at o'hare or even roadways across the country, these crowds are only going to build through the week. in fact, the busiest travel day according to aaa likely wednesday before the holiday, then sunday as people are trying to get back home after spend in time out on the roads. most of the people who travel this holiday will be doing so by car, 43 million up to 49 million expected to travel. the plan is still going to travel, make sure you add in a little extra time. if it's getting here before your flight, the tsa says two to two hours. give yourself extra time on the road and if if you want to avoid the crowd, the best day to travel is the holiday. thursday. but if it's me, i'm going to need a little rest after having turkey that day.
11:38 am
that is the latest on the holiday travel as we begin this week. i'm jay gray at o'hare airport. now back to you. and now to transition to trump. president-elect donald trump is meeting today in new york with gary fallon and rick perry. yesterday, the president-elect talked to potential white house hires at his golf club in north jersey. mr. trump advised mike pence met with familiar faces including former new york mayor rudy giuliani and chris christie. one of the stars of f hamilton says he has nothing to apologize for. president-elect donald trump demanded the cast say they were sorry b after they delivered a message to vice president-elect mike pence. after mr. pence attended friday night's performance of the tony award winning musical, brandon victor dixon stood on stage and read a statement directed at him. in it, he expressed concerns about the incoming
11:39 am
administration. on fox news sunday, the vice president-elect said he did hear some boos, but told the family that's what freedom sounds like. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave it to others as to whether that was the appropriate venue o say it. >> president-elect trump had a different take. tweeted that the cast had quote harassed the vice president-elect and called on them to apologize. in a network tv interview, he said they're welcome to meet the cast backstage anytime and quote art is meant to bring people together. he also revealed that the creator had a hand in crafting the message to mr. pence. and new this morning, from the vatican, pope francis is exe tending special permission for priests to ab solve the grave state of women abortions. the pope granted it last year for the wholy year of mercy.
11:40 am
hebtsz that today's document that abortion is a grave sin, but that god's mercy can help a repented heart. federal regulators are urging railroads to test train operators for sleep apnea after the deadly train crash in hoboken in september. thomas gallagher was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea a month after his train slammed into terminal. njt tests for sleep apnea, but updated its rules to prevent engineers diagnosed with the problem from operating trains until they're fully treated. it's not clear if gallagher was screened. federal railroad administration will issue a safety advisory this week on the importance of screening and treem. at least three other train crashes in the last five years were blamed on engineers with sleep apnea. a big rig dumped thousand of pounds of toileter on the northern california highway. the highway patrol says it happened when the tractor trailer hydro planed.
11:41 am
then overturned. three vehicles were involved. all injuries were minor. officials say one driver was arrested for dui, weather was the main fakih in the kaus. one of the roughest dligs cligss on an nfl field this weekend involved someone who wasn't wearing pads. as minnesota vikings ran on to the field, a member of the tv crew tried to run past him, but u didn't make it. got to be faster than that. those guys are big and fast. defensive tackle joseph accidentally slammed right into him. the crew member's name is is bernie boudry. bernie got back on feet and stayed op the job. bernie walked away with a bloody nose, broken pair of glasses. otherwise, he was okay. he's got quite a story to tell. happening today, movie fans are celebrating the 40th anniversary of a film that helped change people's view of philadelphia. on this day in 1976, rocky opened in theatres across the country for the first time. the story of a down on his luck prize fighter helped lead
11:42 am
philadelphia to identify the city of underdogs. the movie made the art museum's spread famous. decades later, fans still recreate sta loan's iconic run on the famous steps. the movie won best picture and had five se ququels. shopters may be tempted by the early deals advertised, but is it worth it to wait? credit card just yet or doing it here, what the experts have to say b about what you should buy now and which ones to wait on. we'll have that coming up. glenn? >> are the current sustained winds. up to 30 miles an hour. the cold windy weather continues. now it's going to last all the way through thanksgiving. i'll have a at your travel forecast, too, just ahead.
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what gift should you snatch on black friday and which should you hol off u on? pamela osborne has advise. >> if you're trafling the week of christmas, the best time to book your ticket is actually right now. that's according to sky scanner, you'll save an average of 6.4% when you book this week. now, let's talk about all the steals that are out there. keep in mind the national retail federation is expecting sales in november and december surpass $655 billion. that means retailers are offering a lot of attractive
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zeel deals to try to lure you in, but what should you buy now and wait for? here is what the experts are saying. electronics on black friday, you can get great deals on previous models of apple product, gaming systems bundles, tvs, tablets. dvds and home alliances and door busters where deals start at 12:01 friday. those are the deals you should go for, but if you're looking for toys, the best deals are closer to christmas. christmas decoration, bedding, winter clothing and other things with mail in rebates hold off on. if you're planning to get away for new year's, booking your travel arrangements the week of december 5th will save you nearly 11%. in the digital operations center, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. i had a pleasure of working with our next guest when i began my career here. bill is a fixture behind the
11:47 am
scenes in philadelphia sports for many years and has lot of stories to tell. are true and he shared some of those in his new book about his life called no curve ball, my greatest sports stories every told. bill is here with us this morning. you know, you have one of the most remarkable careers. when i came rear, you were work wg me, running, producing some of the show, then you disappeared and left the station. you're doing radio and you're killing it. >> i really enjoyed my experience not only in philadelphia, but in san diego. i have a lot of great memories because i work with so many great people. just a great, great time.
11:48 am
i said i got to put this in book form. >> is this a tell all? because you know what wr the bodies are buries. >> it's controversial. but it's also humorous. there's a lot of great stories you can sink your teeth into. my first interview was with wilton norman chairman berlin. they sent me down when te he signed a megadeal with the 76. i went down with your tape recorder and recorded him. he was so gracious. he said young man, don't be nervous. there's a seven foot mocenter tt he was, the greatest basketball player of all time. >> better than jordan? >> no question about it. they changed all the rules because of him. how many rules did they change with michael jordan?
11:49 am
i came here and i remember the question you asked nergs just imposed the 4.5 city wage tax an they were going to impose it on the ath alitos coming into town. i had no idea. what wage tax. the you were never intemperature dated. >> reggie white, i used to call him big cat toodie robins had my number. after the interview, he put his arm around. the oh guy is pete rose. one of the greatest tranl dis in sports ris history. this should have been nipped in the bud. baseball knew u about it, 1976, they let him slide and slide until all hell broke loose in
11:50 am
1989 and baseball had egg on their face. >> try to keep your language clean. this is a family show. >> i always keep it clean. you know what happened. once again, the book is called no curveball. that's your start up book, bill. fascinating story about how you got the radio job in san diego. >> easy to get. easy as one, two, three. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate you. you're doing a great job, pal. hall of fame broadcaster. >> there you go heard it from him. zblmpblt now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> yeah, he needs to open up a little bit. a little on the shy side. we have a mix of clouds and sun right now. no precipitation around, but the wind and the clouds keeping the temperature down. near 40 degrees in the lehigh valley, we have places that still in the 30s. redding is barely 41, but
11:51 am
cookstown 39. allentown, 39 degrees. nazareth, 38. eastman, 39 degrees. after what we saw friday and into saturday in the 70s, that is quite a change. plus we have these winds on top of it. gusting to 43 miles an hour in atlantic city. miles an hour in allen town. 37 in philadelphia. that is brutal. trz and the feels like temperatures as we go toward dinner time, they're back down into the 20s. so, if it manages to feel like it's in the 30s now, like maybe 32, it will be down into the 20s tonight. look at that. down to 22 degrees. by 11:30 tonight. now, the wind is going to be quiet as strong tomorrow as today, but it's still going to be a windy day and that's going to be affecting these feels like temperatures.
11:52 am
feeling like in the 20s to start the day and maybe barely to 40 by the afternoon. as the winds comes down just a little bit. by tomorrow night, it will be dropping down even more. and then wednesday morning, of course, it's going to be cold with the clear skies and lighter winds. it will be chilly through the holiday weekend. now, we go hour by hour, no issues for quite a while into tuesday, but here comes that system that's going to be bringing us some sipation, but looks like it's warm enough for rain in chicago, a mix in cleveland and rain in pittsburgh. a little wit of rain in the philadelphia area for thanksgiving day, but not much.
11:53 am
it's rain, allentown is dry tuesday and wednesday. as you can see here, new york and boston are dry, so pretty good travel weather even though it's going to be on the cold side. temperatures well below average through the entire area. now, what's it going to be like after that? thanksgiving day, temperatures are about average and it doze gown again and as you can see, we don't see anything close to 60 let alone 70. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, ellen kicks off her 12 days of give waways, then the news at 4:00, it may be 2016's most visible crime. now the nbc 10 investigators crunch the numbers to examine the facts bank robberies. we'll di discover patterns that impact your next trip to the bank. that's today at 4:00.
11:57 am
thanks for watching. from all of us here v a great day.
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[soft dramatic music] ♪ >> abigail: mom. mom are you-- >> jennifer: yeah, i'm good. i just... this is... you're here. [laughs] it's not--it's not my dream. you're really here. >> abigail: yeah. yeah, i am. are you sure jj's not gonna come walking in here or anything? >> jennifer: no. no, he works late tonight. he won't be back till 8:00 or 9:00. >> abigail: okay. okay, good. i just... i'm starting to get a little bit claustrophobic hiding up in the attic. >> jennifer: no, you're good. we can just relax, and we have lots of time. >> abigail: i know, but i still feel kind of guilty that you're missing lucas and adrienne's wedding. >> jennifer: oh, no.


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