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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  November 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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krystal klei is tracking the warm temperatures outside. some spots in delaware are actually in the upper 40s, as well. notice the wind speeds. right now, about 5 miles per hour. but they'll start strength bing today into your sunday. we dealt with this last sunday, as well. that windchill. and that will be something you have to prepare for a little bit especially if you have morning plans tomorrow morning. we have clouds and radar still in place over pretty much our entire region. then we have the scattered showers, mostly rain and trying to mix in a little snow on that northern edge of our viewing
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area. for the most part, you don't need the umbrella today. you can leave that at home. we're going to stay dry. and the clouds will start to break apart later in the day, but it's certainly going to be a cloudy start across the board. here is a look at the temperatures we're looking at. today, lower 50s to upper 40s for forecast highs. we see a bit of a dip in temperatures by your sunday. as we track forward, those feels like temperatures are something you'll have to worry about a bit by the end of your weekend, especially if you want to get outdoors. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. we continue to follow breaking thus in morning, fidel castro is dead at the age of 90. exiled cuban americans in miami are celebrating the end of his half century rule. bruce hall takes a look back with at castro's life and legacy.
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>> reporter: for more than four decades, fidel castro was anti-americanism. the dictator delighted in being a constant thorn in the side of u.s. presidents. fidel castro's revolution was born in the remote mountains of cuba. a brilliant tactician, his forces swept into havana in 1979. >> havana and her people went wiley. they surrounded him, clutched and clawed him. fidel, our liberator, they roared, fidel, our savior. >> the 33-year-old revolutionary soon proclaimed his marxist beliefs and formed an alliance with the soviet union that would remain for the cold war. the u.s. fought back at the bay of pigs. castro personally led the resistance and the american invasion faldz miserably.
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a major embarrassment for president kennedy. less than a year later, castro and the soviets orchestrated the greatest nuclear crisis the world has known. after a tense standoff, the soviets relented pulling their missiles from cuba. during the 70s and 80s, castro used his financial support from the soviets to promote leftist insurgencies throughout central america and africa. but as conditions worsened at home, thousands began to flee the island, risking their lives and a 90 mile boat trip to the united states. cuba's economy collapsed. cast on row was forced to ask businesses to invest their western currency in cuba. as time passed, castro began to show the effects of age. he broke his knee and arm in a stumble in 2004. then two years later, he wurnd went intestinal surgery.
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as his health declined, he turned over power to his brother, raul. but with fidel castro's death, cuba now faces an uncertain future. bruce hall, nbc news. back in our area this morning, we're following the fallout of a police shooting in philadelphia. officers got into a gun battle with a suspect in the city's kensington neighborhood. that suspect is in the hospital this morning and an innocent bystander is recovering after getting caught in the crossfire. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. monique. >> hi, rosemary. that innocent bystander is a woman who is in her mid 30s. we understand she has been treated and released from the hospital. during the shoot-out, she was hit in the calf. take a look at our video. sky force 10 was over a six block scene after they attempted to stop a gunman and that stop
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ended in a shoot-out. initially, uniformed officers tried to get the man to stop in the 1900 block of clementine because they saw him with a weapon. >> at some pointed in time, they actually see this male tucking a gun into his waistband area. that gets the officers to stop him or attempt to stop him. when they go to stop him, he flees on foot from them. >> police say the officers chased him to the 3,000 block of helen. investigators say there they fired at him, they returned fire, but the gunman continued running to the 2900 block of amber street. five officers also in uniform joined the pursuit, attempting to stop the man there. police say whether they fired, the gunman was hit multiple times in the torso and legs. we've learned he is 32 years old and in stable condition at the hospital. he's being treated. in the meantime, this
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investigation is being led by internal affairs as well as east detectives. we're going to stay on top of it and have more in 30 minutes. live now outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that, monique. neighbors in west philadelphia are on edge this morning after eight homes were hit by gunfire. police say it happened around 7:00 last night near the intersection of fallon and westminster street. we spoke with one neighbor. >> a bullet came through the window and shattered. me and the old lady hit the floor, laid there for about two minutes. eventually i checked around the house and made sure everybody was all right. >> that neighbor tells us his windows and doors were damaged.d fortunately, though, nobody inside his home was hurt. the holiday shopping weekend continues b today with small business saturday. mom and mop shops hope to draw
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in customers today. american express predicts more than 75% of those shoppers nationwide plan to support a local business and many of those consumers will spend more money than they did last year. santa will arrive at suburban square today at 11:00. he will be on top of a fire truck. there will be free giveways. you can have your picture taken with santa and get a free photo keepsake. let's talk about wilmington. the mayor is urgeling shoppers to check out the downtown stores. there's free two-hour downtown parking during the holiday season and the city is expanding the use of the delaware byway bucks program. the coupe upon style vouchers offer coupe upons on shopping and attractions in will minumin. download our nbc 10 app and
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we'll have a list of stores with the biggest discounts. 5:37 on this saturday. we're tracking breaking news from overnight. fidel castro has died at the age of 90. his death caught some by surprise and sparked celebration in the streets of miami. plus, donald trump says he's working on a deal to keep a major manufacturer from moving jobs out of the u.s. those details ahead.
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good morning. thought we would start out with a look at camelback mountain out in the poconos. a nice, dark shot, but you can see a snowy shot here with snow on the ground. they've been making snow out there. what we're looking at is not actively any snow falling, but in the vicinity, some lighter rain that's been moving through.
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otherwise, no snow in the forecast. this is a dry forecast for us today. in philadelphia, we're 45 at 8:00 a.m. 51 by noon. notice the cloud/sun mix by afternoon. through is suburbs, as well. that is the same for the lehigh valley starting out at 37 degrees this morning. delaware, 43 degrees starting out. 50 by lunchtime and also making it to the low 50s. that's the same for new jersey and the shore. in fact, the shore by noon, 52 degrees with mostly sunshine start to go build in the afternoon, but still going to see that mix of clouds, as well. for your sand, breezy continues. gusts around 25 miles per hour. we'll talk more about your wind speeds coming up in just a few minutes. texas in pucks todbucks cou
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5k begins at 10:00 at the zaip quaker down united methodist which you were. coming up, the eagles getting ready for the packers. we'll hear from anything else wron. will you play monday night? that's ahead in sports.
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this morning, we're watching breaking news out of cuba. former president fidel castro is dead at the age of 90. he embraced communism and went toe to toe with the united states in a nuclear standoff in the 60s. castro survived hundreds of assassination plots before
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falling ill eight years ago. his funeral is set for december 4th. now let's take a live look at miami where cuban-americans started celebrating as soon as they heard about castro's death. right now on the nbc 10 app, you can read more about castro's life and his death. in other news this morning, in new mexico, employees are cleaning up after an explosion at a starbucks in albuquerque. somebody dressed in all black and carrying some kind of a device into the store. the fbi is now investigating. suspicious devices found at three different starbucks. all of the stores are closed. thob was hurt. now to new details in the school bus crash in tennessee that killed six children. we're learning students and administrators complained about the bus driver's conduct wind the wheel weeks before the crash. one student claimed that swraunthony walker would stop the bus abruptly to make
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students hit their head. one wrote he drove too fast. another wrote they needed seat belts because of the driver's dangerous turns. walker is charged with vehicular homicide in the case. this morning, a toddler has been shot by his cousin. investigators in philadelphia say they were making thanksgiving dinner when the kids got ahold of the weapon somewhere in the living room. the toddler was shot in the chest. >> my baby, my baby, my baby. >> he was screaming that? >> yeah, he was screaming, saying my baby, my baby, my baby. >> philadelphia mrid say they found two handguns inside the home. turning now to washington where the trump administration says it's making progress on keeping a type to keep carrier corporation from moving to mexico.
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yesterday, sources told cnbc that vice president-elect mike pence is leading those negotiations. kerrier is planning to move to mexico with 1400 jobs. mr. trump campaigned to keep the company in indianapolis. proteters want the da together ka type line shuft down. trump's federal disclosure forms show he owns up to a quart early million dolls in stock in two companies in the pipeline. the pipeline protesters could be gone by monday. the army corps of engineers are closing the land to public access and ordering the protesters to leave. it's citing increased violence between protesters and the law
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enforcement. protesters say the pipeline is threatening their drinking water. the the pea line developer says it's safe. on a much lighter note in washington, it's begin to go look a lot like christmas at the white house. the official christmas tree arrived by a horse drawn carriage and today it's being trimmed to honor the u.s. military. mrs. oh back ma will unveil the decorations on tuesday. it doesn't feel exactly like christmas. this is through parts of the pennsylvania suburbs we're looking at right now. we're at 38 degrees right now and 41 in west bradford township. those numbers continue around the upper to mid 30s.
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north wales at 35, collegeville at 46. it feels pretty good as you step out the door. radar and satellite shows us that yet again we are seeing some snow, but it's mostly to the north of us. moftsly it's falling as rain because temperatures are on the warm side for this time of year. and we're going to continue with those clouds into the afternoon. there will be some breaks, though, in those clouds, meaning some sunshine by later in the day for your saturday. neighborhoods today looking at temperatures that are mostly again in the low 50s. very similar to what we saw yesterday. 53 in center center and in summerton. yesterday we saw showers moving through, cloudy continues. linville at 51 degrees. 49 for allentown. more coverage through the lehigh
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valley and the poconos. new jersey at 53. atlantic city. rehobo the h why beach, 52. forecast winds for today, right around 10 to 20 miles per hour for your sustained winds. notice they're coming from the northwest. your gusts up to 25 miles per hour today. those will pick up to 30-mile-per-hour gusts for your sunday. as a result, your feels like temperature is going to dip as we move overnight. we drop into the 30s. sunday morning, under 20s to low 30s for what it will feel like for your sunday morning. then through your afternoon, we're only going to have the feels like in the low to mid 40s. so we'll feel cooler through your sunday afternoon, as well. that will be what we're looking like for sunday. into your next workweek, chances of rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we'll get into more detail about
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that coming up in the next half hour. let's talk sports now. the eagles are gearing up to their monday night football matchup with green bay at lincoln national field. this morning, there is more good news than bad when it comes to injuries. still no ryan matthews. also, there's no word of nelson agilar will play monday night. he admitted after sunday's lost in seattle that he has to get out of his own head. coach peterson says it's a real possibility that he scales back nelson's workload. right now, he's trying to prove that he deserves to play. >> i think right now it's important to allow this opportunity to work itself out. to work laughed and prepare and be calm and collect. >> what's in front of me right now is an opportunity to show resiliency, to show opportunity to prepare the right way and, you know, be there.
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the next man up mentality. >> the sixers hosted the bulls last night. joellen didn't play. sixers lost, 105-89. they're off today. they host cleveland tomorrow. the flyers hosted the rangers yesterday. if you watched it right here on nbc 10, rangers won it, 3-2. the fly ers host the calgary flames tomorrow. we'll take a quick break and then we'll be right back.
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while many people hit the malls for black friday sales, lots of people decide to do their shopping online. thanksgiving day sales totaled about 1.9 billion dofls. sales were expected to top $3 billion yesterday, but the final totals are still being calculated. you won't need the sunglasses today when you head the to penns landing for a skate. here is the river rink. even though it's going to be cloudy, it's going to be dry. after you do some laps, you can cozy up in one of the cabins at the winter fest lodge with a cup of hot chocolate. the rink was crowded last night even as the rain was falling. thanksgiving visitors took
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advantage of the opening of the ice last night. for other winter fest is a family tradition. >> this is oir family tradition. we love this. when whole entire setup gets better and better every single year. >> the general manager at winter fest tells us thousands of people turned out last night. he's hoping they break last year's record of 110,000 visitors. be sure to tune in next friday at 7:00 in the evening. tracy davisson, bill henley and jessica will be live to bring you the holiday tree light. you definitely don't want to miss it. >> merry christmas. >> santa claus took a quick train from the north pole to city center yesterday to pose for photos and take down christmas wishes. the franklin square holiday festival which includes a light
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show continues through new year's eve. santa claus made a little louder entrance in montgomery county last night. he got some help from the fire department. after he magically turned on the light with a wave of his hands, he spoke with the boys and girls about what they might like for christmas, good boys and girls, that is. 5:57 right now on this saturday. and we continue to following breaking news. a giant on the world stage has died. former cuban leader fidel castro passed away during the early morning hours. he was 90 years old. we'll take a look at how miami's cuban community is reacting to his death. and taking a look at your satellite and rarity right now, rain/snow sits to our north. a drew but windier forecast is moving forward. details on that, coming up.
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this morning, we're following breaking news. fidel castro has died at the age of 90. he ruled cuba for nearly half a century.
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we'll have reaction to the communist leader's death, coming up. a shoot-out between philadelphia police and a gunman sends the suspect and an innocent bystander to the hospital. we're live this morning following the investigation. today is the day to shop small. stars all along main streets across our region are hoping for the big holiday crowds on this maul business saturday. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. this is flbz 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking a cloudy, but dry forecast. we saw some showers move through yesterday. we were expecting that today. some of the clouds hanging with us with. but we'll see sunshine and breezy conditions in today's forecast. we haven't knocked everything off the list already fro


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