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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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♪ donald p donald trump begins a week with a twitter storm of comments over three state recounts and claims that millions voted illegally but no evidence. and the death of fidel castro, what is next for the communist nation. one person dead, nine others injured in new orleans as police search for two shooters. >> this is an act of just brazen cowards who took these actions. these are their choices and now we have to make our choice to pursue them. >> today is cyber monday, but deep discounts have already led to hot black friday receipts. >> and domino's is training
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reindeers to deliver pizza. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you on this monday morning. >> it was a long holiday weekend for everyone including president-elect donald trump who wakes up in new york having arrived from his holiday in mar-a-lago. and he's returned to his campaigned slow gap of a rigged election without providing any evidence to back up his climbs. in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions who voted illegally. he writes serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem. >> now california secretary of state is responding directly to trump's allegations, posting this, his will up substantiated claims of voter fraud in california and elsewhere are absurd. his reckless tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of
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a president-elect. trump posted 13 tweets over 32 hours. jill stein amassed $6 million to finance and file recount motion in wisconsin. stein is also pursuing recounts in michigan and pennsylvania, as well. >> and now that the clinton team has said they're joining stein's wisconsin effort, trump is speaking out. hillary clinton conceded the reaction when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. clinton's election lawyer responded to trump saying we are getting attacked for participating in a recount that we didn't ask for by the man who won an election but thinks there was massive fraud. meanwhile as trump looks to fill foreign policy posts in his cabinet, kellyanne conway pulled the prospects of mitt romney as head of state on the sunday shows. >> there was the never trump movement and then there was mitt romney. i'm all for party unity, but i'm
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not sure that we are to pay for that with the secretary of state position. i'm reflecting what the grass roots are saying. they feel a bit betrayed to think that you can get a romney back in there after everything that he did. we don't even know if he voted for donald trump. >> and news outlets are reporti reporting conway's unusual push is part of a block and i had within the transition team against the 2012 presidential nominee as factions within trump's own staff begin to emerge. and there could be an all-out anarchy. >> if we're given the white house and both houses of congress and we don't deliver, i think there will be pitch forks and torches in the streets and i think quite rightly. >> that as the trump campaign reacted to fidel castro's death. the president-elect had a saturday phone call with president obama that stretched up to 45 minutes according to aides. while his transition team showed it is a united front on how the u.s. would work with a new cuba.
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>> we have to have a better deal. we're not going to have a unilateral deal coming from cuba back to the united states without some changes. >> his criticism of what has happened last couple of years is very simple. it's that we got nothing in return, that by reopening diplomatic innovations with cuba, allowing commercial aircraft and the rest, that we really got nothing in return. to the extent that president trump can open up new conversations with cuba, it would have to be a very different cuba. >> cuba enters its third day of mourning for fidel castro and a familiar face is speaking out as elian gonzalez the boy at the center of the fay fuss custody battle now in his 20s says castro was like a father to him. in an interview, gonzalez says he wanted fidel to be proud of him saying i wanted to show him everything i achieved. the reaction from gonzalez is a very different one felt here in the united states where large enclaves of cuban-americans are celebrating castro's death while
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they remain skeptical it would bring an end to the dictatorship that forced them to flee in the first place. for more on the reaction, jay gray. >> reporter: hid willen along this narrow street in old havana, inside this modest but well kept home, roger reflects on a new cuba without fidel castro. >> translator: the loss of fidel castro has two faces. one clear, one dark. >> reporter: but now with raul this power, he has renewed hope. >> translator: when that happened, i saw the salvation of the cuban revolution. >> reporter: a rev liolution no sparked. and with a renewed spirit of many here. dedicated to that prtity despite pressure from the u.s. and others for the cuban government
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to change. >> translator: we're not returning to capitalism, we're going to perfect our social economic system. we're going to do socialism with new philosophies. >> reporter: new philosophies, deeply rooted in their past. >> that was nbc's jay gray reporting. right now police in new orleans are on the hunt for two suspects after a deadly shooting on the world famous bourbon street. a security camera captured the chaos as crowds ran away and police responded on horse back. police say they are searching for two men who started shooting at each other after arguing on the streets. >> i'm confident that we will track down those responsible for this crime. we will hold them accountable for their actions and make sure that they are brought to justice. >> reporter: ten people were shot including a 25-year-old who died from his wounds. after the four day shopping frep zi, retailers are hoping to catch in on cyber monday.
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deals on everything from electronics to appliances, even to home tools. meanwhile we're getting a preview of holiday shopping numbers from this weekend. a national retail federation survey says that more than 154 million consumers hit the stores this weekend, believe it or not that is up from 151 million last year. just to give you p an idea of how crazed some shoppers were on black friday, check this out. is this a photo from a nike factory story in washington state before they opened. and here is what it looks like at the end of the day. the store a sea of open orange boxes with sneakers scattered everywhere. i can't imagine that from shoppers. looked like a tornado just went through. >> going to sales? without a doubt. i just feel bad if tfor the employees. domino's is testing a new way to deliver and they're taking advice from the delivery expert himself, that would be santa claus. the pizza chain is training
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reindeer to pull sleds full of fresh pizza in japan. in case of heavy snow, the company thinks this is the best way to feed their hungry customers. using gps tracking, you can track the reindeer's location in real time. the service should be up and running by early december. >> i wonder if they still do the 30 minute guarantee with the reindeer delivery. just ahead, new developments on the today compadakota pipeli and whether they will forcibly remove demonstrators. and look at this tornado moving across the horizon in nebraska. no injuries reported this holiday weekend. and bill karins, you say 11 million americans are at risk of severe weather? >> a lot of wind damage and
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maybe a few tornadoes. these storms will move to the east during the day today from texas. the area of yellow is a slight risk, 8 million people in that, area of orange 11 million people in that. again, widespread wind damage with a few strong tornadoes are possible. again, alexandria, shreveport, monroe, jackson, those are the areas of greatest concern. that is a look at the big weather story. now a closer look at your day ahead. so for today, what we will watch the thunderstorms, even around little rock and memphis you have to watch out for an isolated severe storm. the north side of this storm, it's snowing good this morning in areas of north toddakota. and we will have a couple storms and a lot of rain moving across the country this week. >> bill, thank you very much. just ahead, after winning sp super bowl tickets for life. it could happen. we'll tell you how. and a company wants to add a spoke to the theme park?
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from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. leading the newsn looef leading the news, chicago is reeling from a violent holiday weekend. at least 58 were shot and eight ti died from gun violence, nearly triple the number of shootings over the same time last year. the stint accidents appear to s from thefts and fights. annu update on the protests against the dakota access pipeline. army corps of engineers now say they won't force protesters from federal land, but the court rps informed dtribal leaders that they had until december 5th to vacate one of the three enkampt
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campments. and in the nation's capital, dozens of demonstrators marched to the washington monument to protest the very same pipeline. this is a bizarre take on thrill seekers but also relaxing. a japanese city is proposing a spa theme park hybrid. the mayor of the city known for its hot springs released this video on youtube. so it's kind of an amusement park, but they're in towels like a spa. he said that he would make the spa a reality if it hit a million. well, you can imagine these scenes here with guests in towels riding roller coasters, in four days the video topped a million, so construction is on. but don't get ready to book your trip just yet. no word on when the park will be completed. so what happens if you're on a roller coaster and gravity ask
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and the wife of vladimir putin spokesman is under fire for this performance, a holocaust themed ice skating routine on a russian reality show. they performed the striped concentration camp uniforms. but she says our children need to remember that terrible time. >> just one of thoefs momeof th where you say what were you thinking. also in russia, a deer has been turned in to a pet. aft after zoos refused to take her in. and a skating rink in western japan was forced to close after it froze fish right into the ice. angry customers called it tasteless. now the owners will reportedly hold a ceremony for the fish before replacing the ice. well, stock futures are lower in the u.s. as investors are keeping a close eye on
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donald trump's future with cuba in the wake of fidel castro's death. geoff cutmore joining us with all the very latest. good morning, geoff. >> very good morning to you. and the message from the trump team, castro's death changes nothing. he's already given a commitment that he will roll back that 2014 agreement between havana and president obama to normalize relations. reince priebus of the incoming white house head of staff saying we will continue with that pledge. i want to switch now to some miss stories here and focus on the auto market. look out if you're planning to trade in your vehicle sometime soon. currently it's turning out trade-in values are lower than many of the loans that are still being owed on vehicles. edmond's.c saying 32% of trade-in customers have found that their loan is higher than the trade-in value. so be very careful about how you
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woah wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. only new wetjet pads have absorb and lock to soak up tough messes and lock them away stop cleaning. start swiffering. while millions will be looking to donald trump when he's sworn into office in just 53 day, many eyes will be on melania trump. and her tiny hometown in slovenia is hoping the attention surrounding the first lady in waiting will give them the boost they need. matt bradley has more. >> reporter: future first lady melania trump has spent most of her life in the spotlight. now her native slovenia is finally ready for its close up. this teeny country of over 2 million people about the size of houston is courts a tourist boom, big lead. enterprising locals want to transform her hometown into a
4:23 am
mecca for melania admirers. this is a cafe. is it possible that melania trump could help make slovenia great again? >> yeah, i hope so . >> reporter: her melania cake sells for three euros a piece. a local band dedicated a song to melania trump. the modest apartment block where melania trump fwru up is a world away from trump tower and the white house, but folks here say they don't need that kind of glamour, but they want just a taste. inside this tourist attraction, a 12th century castle, they hope melania can help put its specialties on the map. >> it takes 100 days. >> reporter: the town is known for its annual salami festival. for reasons no one can remember, only men are allowed to attend. how is it that you will get a male-only salami festal to
4:24 am
attract fans of melania trump? >> we don't know. we'll just make a promotion and i guess more people will come. >> reporter: regardless of how, they are ready to as a result their stuff and give slovenia worthy of a first lady. >> i think that now it will be full of tourists. >> reporter: matt bradley, nbc news, slovenia. >> i'm curious to see melania trump or even the first family fidel castro will ev elect to ever make tlip back there. and maybe they will change the rules when it comes to the salami festival. >> paexactly. still ahead, why the honeymoon may be over for juistn true dough. the waterspout. p down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, targeted and shot. two men followed someone home from a philadelphia bar and opened fire. recount deadline, today is the last day in pennsylvania to officially challenge the results of the election. and efforts are under way to make that happen here. ready, set, shop. cyber monday is here and some of the biggest online deals are up for grabs. we'll take you inside amazon's fulfillment center in delaware. it's monday morning. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. a lot of people may be hitting the snooze button this morning. >> reentry is hard. >> and we get it. let's have a check with bill henley. >> mine is a 24 hour snooze, so
4:29 am
if i hit it, you won't see me until tomorrow. we have a chilly start this morning. temperatures are falling with clear skies. we're in for sunshine today. we're a long way from it right now. 36 degrees currently in philadelphia. just a few thin clouds moving through the area. those thin clouds out of here this morning. once the sun is up around 7:00, we'll see some bright sunshine and 41 degrees at 9:00. the temperatures will be climbing with a little bit of a southerly breeze. especially chilly this morning in lehigh valley, skies are clear, 20s to start with. mostly sunny skies at 7:00, lots of sunshine, look at the warm-up, almost 20 degrees between 7:00 and 10:00. and the temperatures will still be climbing. we'll go from the 20s and 30s and warming into the 50s this afternoon. a little warmer than yesterday, 54 degrees in philadelphia. lots of sunshine this morning and early this afternoon, and then later this achk, we'll see some clouds increasing and those will be increasing for the suburbs, new jersey, lehigh
4:30 am
valley and delaware, as well. but first the temperatures reach in to the 50s today. i'll break the forecast down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. new this morning, a shooting victim is in stable condition in the hospital after being targeted at a bar in philadelphia. police say the shooting happened at 66th street and malvern avenue just before midnight. two men followed the victim, opened fire and then took off. police also tell us that the victim was carrying two i.d.s showing different genders. investigators are now looking at surveillance video to try to track down any suspects. let's head now to south jersey where a vacant home went up in flames. the fire started on north 32 pd street around 3:30 this morning. crews were able to get it under control quickly and nobody was hurt here. one person is in the hospital following a house fire in chester county. firefighters were called to cook street in coatesville. the two inside the home


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