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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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in fiphiladelphia with a pretty strong wind, in spite of the rain we'll see a warm-up into the 60s this afternoon. i'll break these down hour by hour. first, jessica boyington has your traffic. from broad street to the expressway, we'll see some of those detours. take local vine. that's a detour. also out in philadelphia a traffic light is malfunctioning around the boulevard and 9th street. you might be diverted there. looking for an accident in king of prussia to route 422. no major delays because of that right now. most of the majors are looking good and dry. more updates in the next ten minutes. it is 4:30 and we're following breaking news. a plane crash carrying a brazilian soccer team has crashed near medellin, colombia. it was on the way to the airport when it went down.
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in just the last ten minutes colombian police confirm five people survived. the charter plane was carrying members of the brazilian soccer team which was on its way to compete in a tournament. in all, 81 people were onboard. we'll follow the story and have much more in the next half hour. new this morning philadelphia police are looking for five men who tried to abduct another man and then shot him. the victim was found on south robinson street near elmwood avenue in southwest philadelphia around 11:00 last night. police say at least 16 bullets were fired. some hit parked cars in the area. the victim is expected to survive. it is 4:31. philadelphia police want to know who shot and killed a teenager. >> the 14-year-old was hit three times in the chest while standing on a street in mayis fair. matt, what do we know about the investigation so far? >> reporter: the boy was just a couple weeks away from his 15th birthday. police are trying to figure out
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who murdered him. take a look. this was the scene last night on the 6200 block of brous street in mayfair. it was around 9:00 fabs heard gunfire and then the 14-year-old boy was shot three times in the chest and torso area. the officers showed up and quickly rushed him to the hospital. one neighbor says it happened right outside her home. she went outside and tried to help. >> i was down in the base. i heard pop, pop, pop, and i quick ran out the door and i wasn't expecting to see a young child -- a young kid laying down like that. and i tried to talk to him. i tried to, you know, reassure him, you know, we're going to get help. >> reporter: she says she tried to get the boy to tell her his name but he was too weak at that point. police say his last known address is about a mile from where this all happened, but at this point they don't know why he was shot or who shot him.
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detectives have been looking for surveillance video in the area, also talking with witnesses who say there were two males who made off in a hurry but the descriptions of them and the getaway vehicle are pretty vague at this point. the investigation continues. for now we're live outside police headquarters. i'm matt delucia. firefighters at this point their battle over brownouts which they say puts lives at risk. under the program the city shuts down one engine a day, and we've learned one of them, engine 6, will be shut down until further notice. christopher leetch and jerry psyc sykes were assigned to engine six. members of the firefighters union went to a council meeting last night only to find out they were off the agenda. >> went down there to rally around those who support us only to find out that they cut us from their agenda and have yet to give bob williams or any of us an answer on why they cut us. >> the union says it also plans
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to protest the rolling bypass program at the mayor's farewell address tomorrow. it's 4:33. 50 degrees outside. the fiphiladelphia federation o teachers has reportedly made a counterproposal after it rejected $100 million contract offer from the school district. the union says the deal doesn't include back pay or retroactive raises. the school district says it would offer more money if it could. we don't have details about the counteroffer but published reports say a source called that union's proposal, quote, completely unworkable. the eagles face a steeper climb to the playoff after falling to the packers on "monday night football" at the link. >> the back page cover of this morning's fiphiladelphia daily news, there it is there, carries the headlines "birds lay egg." an unfair fight this night. now right now you're looking at video of carson wentz's first nfl rushing it htouchdown that
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evened the game in the first quarter. but too much aaron rodgers and green bay's control offense doomed the birds to play from behind all night. >> you can't let a guy like aaron rodgers stand back there and he's going to pick you apart. you just can't hold up in the back end that long. >> we can't dwell on it. we have to keep plugging along. can't throw in the towel. i know the guys in the locker room. that's not going to happen. >> the eagles first loss at home dropped them to 5-6. it's a long shot now to make the postseason. next up for the eagles, a trip to cincinnati to meet the bengals. kickoff on sunday is 1:00 p.m. well, eagles fans did have something to cheer about at halftime. the birds inducted former all-pro linebacker jeremy trotter, a longtime radio voice reese, both men say they were humbled by the honor. >> i want to thank you guys, the greatest fans in the national football league. >> i'd like to thank you, the most loyal, passionate, and
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wonderful fans in the entire nfl. >> he's so awesome. reese called trotter's name for the birds. it's giving tuesday and a new program that uses yoga to reduce stress and improve mental health is asking for your help. it may sound unusual but it's happening in helping people at nearly a dozen centers in our area. through the transformation yoga project. founder mike higgins began the program after serving time himself. he and his team of instructors are specially trained to teach people with addiction and trauma related issues. we spoke to delaware county detention center about the positive impact the program is having on young people there. >> some of the students come in agitated if they're new to the facility, if they come in 3:00 in the morning and they're sitting in a yoga class.
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they seem much more calm. >> transformation yoga project and its team of teachers are working to reach as many inmates in facilities. they are trying to raise $50,000 for 10,000 people. be sure to look out for our full report on this. pamela osborne is looking at yoga they arapy in detention centers, in prisons coming up at 5:00. well, it's 4:37 and we have new information about train technology that experts say could have prevented the deadly amtrak derailment. >> you remember eight people were killed in ft. richmond. hear how close amtrak and new jersey transit rail systems are to implementing positive train control. and there's this -- rebuilding a neighborhood once decimated by fire. hear from people living on the block rebuilt after the move disaster about new plans to
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redevelop the area. 50 degrees right now and dry in the city but not for long. we have rain on the way. first alert for the potential for heavy rainfall today and again tomorrow. neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with first alert traffic. we're watching the vine street expressway. our cameras right around broad street still having it closed down. this is the westbound side closed west and eastbound this morning, in between broad street. you can take local vine as an alternate for you. watching route 202. there is construction between marshall and elm street with
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only one lane getting by. that will be until 5:00 this morning. another 20 minutes or so for that. northbound and southbound from route 20 to the schuykil and average speeds into the high 50s. there's an accident in upper marion. no big major delays because of that. we'll check in with boulevard when i come back in about ten minutes or so. we have rain and it will only be rain with those warm temperatures. you see some scattered, very light showers in south jersey moving into cape may and southern atlantic county and then these light rain showers in southern chester county. a few sprinkles, seeing some light rain and allentown for now is dry. there are a few rain drops in lehigh county. you can see lehigh and hampton county getting a few rain drops
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as well. light rain to start with but it is going to be a rainy day during the day today. 50 degrees right now in spite of the rain the temperatures are going to really warm up. by noontime in pill fill and into the 60s this afternoon. the key is those winds out of the south near 20 miles an hour at lunch time and at 2:00 and they still continue late in the afternoon. the suburbs, 46 degrees right now, waiting for the first rain showers to moving into the suburbs. low 50s at 8:00 but there you have it. near 60 degrees at noontime and up to 60 degrees by 4:00. now there will be some periods of heavy rain during the day and with the wind blowing not only is it going to make it warmer but it will feel like heavier rain than what you would otherwise see and you'll see that in the lehigh valley, too, winds of 12 miles an hour, that's at noontime. 15-mile-an-hour wind at 10:00 this morning. some heavy downpours this morning into this afternoon for the lehigh valley. new jersey is dry right now. 45 degrees.
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the rain will move in this morning and it will get gusty. those winds this afternoon, 20-mile-an-hour wind from noon to 2:00 and still breezy at 4:00 today. and at the shore, the temperatures are not all that cold, right now 56 degrees. 60 degrees at lunch time and hanging in the low 60s with that rain at the shore. and delaware, yeah, you'll be in for heavy downpours. it's dry right now but the rain moving in from the west will be with us for most of the day and the wind really picking up to 20 miles an hour later this morning and well into this afternoon. i'll show you how long the rain will last and how much to expect when i come back in less than ten minutes. >> the rain moving into this morning means your commute to work and school could be dangerous. yeah, but wet conditions are not the only driving worry. coming up next we talk with experts from aaa about how to drive on roads packed with those slick fall leaves. plus, when every second counts. ahead, hear how one south jersey police officer risked his own life to save a man from a burning car.
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it's 4:46. now to breaking news. a plane crash carrying a brazilian soccer team has crashed near medellin, colombia. the plane was on the way to that city's airport when it went down. 81 people, including members of the brazilian soccer chapecoense team were onboard. only five people is yosurvived. we will continue to follow the story and will have much more in our next half hour. it's 4:46. as bill henley told us earlier, a first alert today for rain and slick conditions. here's the reason why. fallen leaves. aaa is warning drivers to be careful of leaves that may blow on the streets and combine with rain it could be like driving on ice. >> you definitely don't want to brake hard on those leaves. you want to take a patch of
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leaves that you happen to drive over very slowly. >> i'm still going it to do what i have to do regardless of the weather. as long as it's not snow, i'm cool. >> aaa urges drivers to be careful of any ponding or flash flooding. and before you head out to work or school make sure you have our app. download the nbc 10 app. you'll have interactive radar and severe weather alerts right on your smartphone or tablet. you can track the rainy conditions to your neighborhood. it's 4:47 and 50 degrees outside. now to an nbc 10 exclusive, a major effort to rebuild a west philadelphia neighborhood destroyed by the bombing decades ago is under way. only nbc 10 was there as companies interested in it redeveloping dozens of vacant homes toured the area. more than 60 homes burned down after a police helicopter dropped a bomb on a home serving as the headquarters of the radical group move back in 1985.
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efforts to rebuild over the years ended with shoddy construction. now the city is hoping to avoid making the same mistakes. nbc 10 spoke exclusively to neighbors who welcomed the news. >> i would like to see it all come back together as a whole community. and people living in the homes. and i've had homes allees years. >> the city will take proposals from developers through the middle of next month. now let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories from across our area. >> camden county will hold a veterans career fair in cherry hill. career workshops, one-on-one counseling, and jobs search resources. veterans should bring copies of their resumes. 4:48, burlington county where the police and teams together program will hold a forum in west hampton tonight. the program encourages discussion between law enforcement and young people on a range of issues.
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teens will get a chance to role play as officers to get a better understanding of the policing process. in sussex county delaware governor will unveil a list of grants to help schools, business and communities rescycle. the event is set for the elementary. the recipients will get more than $700,000 in grants for their recycling efforts. and in delaware county you can have a stay of the route 24 bridge over stony creek. the township building at 6:00>> tim:. penndot will focus on traffic changes to the area. 4:49. speaking of traffic, let's get you to work on this tuesday morning. that's right. the rain, as people deal with that as they head out and potential traffic troubles. jessica boyington joins us with some flashing lights behind her. >> that's because they're trying to get this construction out of the way. around broad street you can see
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there's actually a few vehicles involved right now. the police officer there on the scene moving backwards. they actually have a pedestrian, a construction worker, working and picking up the cones one at a time. i just watched that happening. something to watch out for within the next ten minutes or if you'll be there in the next couple of minutes you may run into some of those delays. we won't see it completely lifted until the next 10 or 15 minutes or so. also out in fiphiladelphia, traffic lights out around the boulevard and 9th street. so cars just really flowing through the intersection. watch for police activity directing traffic as well. so we have issued a first alert for the rain that's moving in. let's get you updated on the timing and how much and where. meteorologist bill henley joins us now. what can you tell us? it's 50 degrees at 4:50. if you're heading out i am tracking some showers, just cloudy skies over the city but it won't be long before the first rain drops move in. light to begin with, but during the day today and again tomorrow that's when we could see some heavier showers and some
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downpours that could cause slipping and sliding with leaves on the ground. showers will be with us, windy, warm and wet during the day. the winds will be pushing out of the south. that will really push the temperatures up in the 60s. a you few evening showers though the showers will diminish during the evening hours. 50 degrees in fiphiladelphia. no neighborhoods are cold this morning. well above freezing at 56 degrees. the bus stop weatherwise, rainy. maybe dry right now but the rain will be falling at 8:00 this morning. the temperatures will be moving up. 52 degrees. look at wilmington at 52 degrees. the showers just moving into the suburbs right now. chester county into burks county and the lehigh valley getting rain drops in allentown and to the north. this morning it's all rain. these light rain showers just coming into the area ahead of a system that is going to bring us two round of wet weather.
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heavy downpours this morning and this afternoon. we see some steadier rain now in central pennsylvania. that's going to be moving in this morning. 9:00 this morning, that's some steady rain from south jersey to philadelphia into the lehigh valley. and then this afternoon for the evening commute as you head out, we'll still see some showers and potentially some heavy downpours pushing to the north into north jersey at that hour and then during the evening hours we'll start to get a break from the rainfall. it will really tape earp off before we get another round tomorrow. by 8:00 this morning we could see close to half an inch on the ground. by noontime, look at that, close to three-quarters of an inch in wilmington. the time you head home, we're looking at more than an inch for south jersey. an inch and a quarter and closer to 2 inches of rain on the ground at 5:00 this afternoon. and then we will get a little bit of tapering off this evening before things ramp back up for
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wednesday. 62 degrees. the southerly winds will be with us. 70 degrees in the afternoon and then we'll be drying out for thursday and friday. rain showers return sunday and into monday. followed by partly sunny skies for next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. all right, bill, thanks for that. tune in to nbc 10 this it friday night at 7:00. our morning team will be live at the blue cross river rink to bring you the holiday tree lighting live. the show will be filled with performances and special guests. tweet us your creative holiday family friendly shots. >> and come see us at the ice rink. we'll take lots of pictures at that tree lighting. it's 4:53. new details about the deadly plane crash in colombia. next at 5:00, we will update you
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on what we know about the victims right now. also next what we're hearing from police after a woman pushing a baby in a stroller was hit by a septa bus. and positive train control could have prevented this deadly derailment. a closer look at where transit systems are at making rails safer.
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you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. only at longhorn steakhouse. new details about train safety in our region. the nation's three busiest commuter railroads all in the northeast are still not up to speed when it comes to positive train control. that's according to federal regulators. the technology slows down a speeding train. s septa is the only train that has nearly finished installing the syst system. ptc is in place on all but one stretch of track. the equipment is in all of the septa trains and employees have been trained in how to it use it. amtrak has ptc instuld along the northeast corridor. it's on most of the rail
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company's 450 miles that it owns between washington and boston. but a 56-mile stretch between new haven, connecticut, and new rochelle, new york, still does not have the technology. new jersey transit has made little progress in getting the ptc into place according to federal railroad administration. it's not on any tracks. the railroad says the federal data does not reflect the amount of progress it's making. it's on schedule to meet a deadline december 2018 to have it fully installed. 50 degrees outside. today philadelphia's rolling out new services to help homeless young people. the city will announce new funding that will go to groups to help get homeless kids off the street. $700,000 was secured. city leaders will talk about where the money came from and which groups will get it. the nbc 10 digital team spent months profiling the faces of homeless youth. you can watch their in-depth reports now on or on
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the nbc10 app. a quick thinking police detective is being credited for saving a man from a burning car. >> the show of bravery came just weeks before his retirement. take a look at this video. it captures the moment the car went up in flames with a man still inside. it happened the day before thanksgiving in pleasantville. 63-year-old james watt had a medical program in the car and slammed into another vehicle in the parking lot. that's when adam bromley ran straight to the burning car and pulled him to safety. >> i would have never seen my family or another thanksgiving again. >> detective brownly is set to retire next month. the city will honor him with a lifesaving award. now more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. heavy rain is moving into our area, and you can see it there right on the nbc 10 first alert radar. the combination of that rain and
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wet leaves means your commute will be a slow one and potentially slippery. >> struck and killed. police want to know why a woman who was pushing a baby stroller was hit and killed by a septa bus. and default danger avoided. financial experts now say that atlantic city is being run by the state of new jersey while the cash strapped city is in better financial shape. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. >> and i'm tracy davidson. we have issued a first alert today for the heavy rain moving into our area. meteorologist bill henley is tracking that in the weather center. bill? >> you see that first alert covers our entire area. all the neighborhood will see rain today, steady rain today, periods of heavy rain today and another round tomorrow.
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into tomorrow night. those roads that are clogged with leaves, the drains, the roads, the rain. not a good combination. light rain now just starting to move in. those are steady, light showers that are moving into chester county. not in philadelphia just yet but new castle county and wilmington seeing the first rain drops right now and this rain will be getting heavier during the day today. this first round of rain is not going to be heavy but windchill warning as it moves into limerick the first thing this morning. temperatures are not bad at all. they are much warmer. rain with this system. 47 in new jersey and the lehigh valley. out of the northeast at 7 miles an hour, but we'll see that and with a gusty wind the temperatures will warm from the upper 40s to the upper 50s and the rain continues this afternoon. into


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