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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  December 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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agholor. breaking overnight, change of strategy. we'll tell you about the move by the green party to keep the election recount in pennsylvania alive. parts of our area could see snow in the next 24 hours. where and when it could hit. oh my god. >> you could call it a foam flood. investigators are working to find out what caused this explosion of bubbles in center city philadelphia. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. it's 5:30 on this sunday. let's start with our weather.
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>> we are tracking the potential for a rain/snow mix moving into parts of our area overnight into tomorrow morning. we're looking at the snow potential for the lehigh valley, burks county and philly. this is going to start overnight about 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. it's right for that morning commute, meaning that not only do we have the concern of some areas of icy roadways north but slippery wet roadways as we move through tomorrow morning. today is a different story. a chilly start, but an okay day. we are tracking temperatures right now that are mostly in the 40s. 43 in philadelphia, 39 in cote
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isville. as the cloud layer builds in later in the day and stops us from seeing a rise in those temps. this is a wide view because it's a show of what's to come. sitting to our west and southwest right now, we see areas of rain and some of the snow creeping near chicago at this point. this system is going to push some of that moisture our direction which gives us the potential of seeing rain/snow mix. tomorrow morning's commute could be tricky. the morning team will be keeping you up to date for traffic
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conditions that may araise. breaking news in the push for a recount in pennsylvania. green party voters dropped their case for a state-wide recount but jill stein iscontinuing the fight. >> the jill stein campaign says she is heading to new york city to make an announcement outside of trump power on monday morning. since the beginning the green party candidate has called for reforming the system. there have been challenges in battleground states like pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. in pennsylvania 2/3 of voters used machines like these and do no have a paper trail backup. the campaign is now forging ahead with recounts in
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philadelphia, montgomery and allegany countys. >> these voters were the ones asked to pay a $1 million bond. >> it's a scam. they're not satisfied with the election results. this is jill stein trying to make a name for herself. >> stein wants the software in the machines to be reexamined. over the past several days it has become clear that the barriers to rever vifying the ve in pennsylvania are so pervasive that the state court system is
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so ill-equipped to address this problem that we must seek federal court intervention. the company says forging ahead, it is dmited to fighting for the voting rights as well as the civil rights of all americans. next we talk to a cyber expert and have that for you in the next half hour. as this court battle plays out, we will bring you the developments as they happen. to a developing story out in oakland, california. recovery crews expect to find more bodies at the scene of this deadly warehouse fire. it's feared dozens were trapped by flames. the fire gutted the building during an electronic dance
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party. oakland's professional sports teams and some threindividual athletes are pledging money to help. in this house fire near boston, the flames injured half a dozen first responders. dozens of families who safely evacuated are now staying in shelters. at least three of the victims are expected to be okay. new video shows an over head view of the foam that flooded a center city neighborhood this weekend. witnesses also heard what sounded like an explosion. now it's onto the task of figuring out what triggered the big boom and the flood. the jolt knocked transformers offline and took out power for
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thousands. using water to press the fire suppressing foam down the street drains. >> it kind of looked like that old movie from the '50s like the blob. >> officials say the fire suppress a suppressant system worked like it was supposed to. the foam has been stirring up quite a bit of reaction on social media. this morning a montgomery county police continue to search for a man who hit a man.
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>> he's a very devoted essentially member of our family. >> he was a special person. >> police do not have a detailed description of the hit-and-run vehicle but it likely has damage to its bumper and windshield. they're certainly celebra celebrating in happy valley. penn state claims its first conference title in eight years. and firing it up. we'll show you how this annual tradition is lighting the way. .
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welcome back. we are under a first alert, but
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that's going to be for tonight. this morning things are actually okay. you see the wind still up just a tad, but really it's a lighter breeze now than anything else. it was windy yesterday, as expected. not the case this morning. these are much lighter winds. that's where it will stay as we move into the afternoon as well. today's forecast will be similar to yesterday, maybe just a couple of degrees cooler in some spots. we're starting out in the upper 30s for some parts of philadelphia. we should peak in the upper 40s by later today. at lunchtime, right around 44 degrees. also notice that mix of cloud and sun, but increasing clouds as we move later in the day. that's ahead of the rain and the
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rain/snow mix later tonight. new jersey at 44 degrees at noon. similar by 4:00. also right around 46 zeegs at shore point. coming up we'll track the rain/snow potential and the huge drop in temperatures by the end of your workweek. it's an annual tradition in one chester county town, the lighting of the firebird. the festival raises money for murals and sculptures throughout phoenixville. the downtown will transform into 19th century london to capture the spirit of the holiday classic "a christmas
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carol." they are our real life heros. coming up, the length some local emergency responders went to in order to save one man's life.
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the community will dedicate a bench and plaque at cooper river park in memory of a toddler found murdered there in an isolated section of the park last year. his father is in jail, awaiting trial next month for his son's murder. prosecutors claim he killed brendan because the boy got in the way of his relationship with a teenaged girlfriend. in west philadelphia family and friends remember a woman hit and killed during a police pursuit. she was sitting in her car at
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52nd and locust street when a driver want in the a police chase smashed right into her. at the vigil her daughter told us what her mother cherished most in life. >> loved her family most of all. family was definitely important to her. i still can't believe she's gone. it's like a dream i can't wake up from. >> police are now reviewing the incident. earlier this week commissioner richard ross said the initial reason for the pursuit, a shooting, was warranted. a man in delaware county can thank the extra efforts of 911 and first upon dresponders for his life. using cell phone data and other sources the dispatcher managed to identify the man's general area. >> road around the neighborhood with their sirens, got out of
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their squads, knocked door to door. no one gave up on this gentlemen. when they broke that door down, this gentleman needed some help. >> medics took the man to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. the free library hosted a gumshoe gala. the theme was in honor of the upcoming detectives exhibition. we all know that santa hails from the north pole but later today he'll be on south street in philadelphia. the annual christmas parade steps off at 3:00 this afternoon. you can catch santa riding on top of a fire engine. also in philadelphia it's the wrap up of the animal
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adomp adoption event in center city. the fee to adopt a friend is just $20. the armory will be open today from 10-6. remember, if you do have a pet it's the time of the year you have to bring them indoors each night. these are actually fairly mild because we're not looking at 30s on the board but low 40s. 41, chestnut hill. officially the airport, 43. same in center city. we switch from philadelphia to some of our delaware neighborhoods and we're also looking at mostly low 40s. harmony hills at 43.
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middletown, 42. the temperature will climb slowly but surely in the afternoon. ellendale at 39. looking at radar and satellite, just some clouds out there. no rain or snow just yet. today will be a dry day. let's take this very slowly because there's a lot to talk about here. notice all the rain and snow that sits to our west. that's going to start heading our way. as we move along here, that moisture is going to start to move into pennsylvania. we just moved through all of your seasoned. now we have thicker cloud cover
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8:00 tonight. by pittsburgh we're starting to see a little rain/snow mix. now we're at 1:00 a.m. this is why we're under a first alert, especially for that morning commute monday. 1:00 a.m. we see the rain/snow mix passing near harrisburg, allentown. it's still mostly rain and mostly west of us. but it's creeping into delaware as well with rain for delaware. rain for philadelphia but that rain/snow line starts to clip through parts of montgomery county, bucks county, the lehigh valley. this is at 3:00 a.m. but this is going to continue that line right near the suburbs and north through 6:30 in the morning and it's rain for everyone else. this means a slick commute no matter what. we'll talk more about a wet
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workweek coming up. some big wins for penn state and temple this weekend. two championships in just one day. also, the eagles have landed in cincinnati. we'll have the latest coming up in sports.
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three, two, one, light it up! >> nbc 10 news helped light the christmas tree at the park. this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. penn state is your big 10 championship. a big second half come back over
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wisconsin. the knnittany lions stopped the badgers. the temple band and plenty of fans were in north philly last night to welcome open the owls from their championship game. good morning to you. happy sunday. the temple owls would set themselves up for a favorable bowl game if they could win their first major conference title in school history by beating navy in the aac championship. easy breezy. bryant inside the five.
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he skates into the end zone for six. makes it 14-0. walker dialing long distance. kirkwood behind the defense for the 56-yard touchdown. owls smash navy to win the aac title. a gigantic win. sixers and celtics in a night cap. he goes under the rim here to tie it. deficit is two now with under 30 to play. thompson's wild attempt is off the mark. celtics prevail in this one. it is game day for the eagles and a win today in cincinnati would propel the birds towards a week 14 show down with washington.
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>> hey, the eagles have arrived here in cincinnati. take a look. you see nelson agholor here? he's expected to play. jordan matthews is questionable with that ankle sprain. he is going to try to give it a go in warmups. the eagles have lost six of eight games. >> this is definitely a must-win for us. >> if we just keep chopping away and gijust go out there and pla ball. >> the eagles are 9-1. in cincinnati, ohio, i'm john clark. on the ice the flyers hosted the black haurhawks here at thes fargo center.
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have a look at him on the bench enjoying the action. blackhawks took the lead. his second of the season and the rookie wasn't done. he did it again 30 seconds later. this time with the wrister finds the back of the net. flyers take the lead 2-1. teammates loving it on the bench. villa know va well to south dakota state.
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and we're tracking the potential for a rain/snow mix over parts of our region. we'll talk about the timing of that storm and more showers over the next ten days.
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we have issued a first alert here at nbc 10. a mix of snow and rain could make a mess of tomorrow morning's commute. a flood of foam and a loud boom. coming up, we'll have the latest into the investigation of what started the trouble in center city this weekend. >> there's wired and beams and metal and wood. deadly inferno. a dance party inside a california warehouse ends in tragedy. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. we have issued a first alert because there's a wintery mix moving iur


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