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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  December 4, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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rethinking the recount. the green party is changing its strategy in pennsylvania. caught on camera, a foamy substance followed by a loud bang left center city residents wondering what created this frothy mess. all new at 9:00, desperate parents lined up extra early to get their hands on one of the hottest holiday toys of the season. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. it's 9:00 on this sunday. as we begin to wind down the weekend, we want to make sure you aware of what's coming tomorrow. we've issued a first alert.
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>> i'm glad those parents are out there this morning not tomorrow morning because it's going to be a big difference in your forecast. that's why we've issued that first alert. we're looking at the potential for a rain snow mix. the entire area will at least see rain. but berks county and areas north of philadelphia that's where we're looking at the mix potential as we move throughout the morning. that's going to be overnight into your commute on monday. and what we're looking at here is a slippery commute as a result. that forecast is for tomorrow morning. today's forecast is actually a pretty good one. temperatures in the 40s. 42 allentown. philadelphia you're at 43. atlantic stay the same. by tomorrow morning a lot of us will be in the 30s, which is why some of us will see the wintery
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mix moving through. right now on radar and satellite, mostly clear conditions scattered clouds. later today bigger clouds start to build in. the moisture will build in our direction gives us that rain snow mixture for some. we're going to track out where the rain snow line is and we'll talk more about chances of rain continuing throughout the workweek. get ahead of the game now by signing for nbc 10 school alerts. we will send you a text message if your kid's school is delayed. continuing coverage in the le ex-recount in pennsylvania. after finding out that the recount would cost more than originally thought, the party is taking its fight to federal court. nbc 10's monique braxton live
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with details. >> as you mentioned the state fight is over but for those of you just joining us this morning the federal effort is stepping it up a notch. jill stein is going to march to the front of trump tower tomorrow morning and make an announcement. take a look at this video we've been gathering for you. green party candidate stein is calling for reforming the system. there have been allegations but no of election result cyber hacking. in pennsylvania, two-thirds of voters used machines like these. don't have a paper trail. the campaign will continue ahead with recounts in pennsylvania. the grassroots effort funded by voters dropped the statewide effort after they were asked to pay up. >> certainly vulnerabilities. but there's no evidence to show
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that somebody acted on those vulnerabilities. >> they really can't know if their vote is going to count. that is a very serious issue. there's been all this foreign interference with the election. >> stein's campaign wants more than a recount and recanvassing. they allege software in the machines need to be reexamined. commissioners denied that request saying code does not allow for an audit of the software. we have a statement from stein's lead attorney. the campaign says it will contin protect the civil rights and voting rights of everyone who is registered to vote. local republicans are saying
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this step by stein does not have any merits whatsoever, but they do look forward to celebrating the inauguration of donald trump. we're going to continue to monitor all calls for recount and have any developments for you as soon as they become available. stein already filed suit in federal court for a recount in michigan. the recount is likely to start wednesday but could begin late tuesday. count on nbc 10 to keep you covered on the election recount. take a look. new video shows an over head view of the foam that flooded a center city neighborhood this weekend. witnesses say they also heard what sounded like an explosion.
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now it's onto the task to figure out what triggered the big boom. the jolt knocked transformers offline and took out power for thousands yesterday afternoon. rescuers helped eight people stuck in elevators in high-rise buildings. firefighters spent all afternoon using water to push the fire suppressing foam down the street drains. >> i thought we were having an earthquake. >> it kind of looked like that old movie from the '50s like the blob. >> although it may have appeared startling, officials tell us the fire suppressant system worked like it was supposed to. the foam's been stirring up quite a bit of reaction of social media. just tap the nbc 10 app to check out more videos and pictures. that is the sound you will hear tomorrow if you live near
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the limerick nuclear generating station. they will perform their semiannual test at 2:00 tomorrow average. the sirens will sound for three minutes. if there's ever an emergency, the sirens will signal people to turn to emergency broadcasts on tv or radio. police continue to search for the hit-and-run driver who killed a man in lower marion township on friday night. police say the victim was walking to a bus stop when a car hit him from behind. he was 72 years old. police do have a detailed description of the vehicle but they say it likely has damage to its front bumper and windshield. a developing story out in oakland, california. recovery crews expect to find more bodies at the scene of this deadly warehouse fire. the death toll stands at nine but that number could climb as they fear dozens were trapped by smoke and flames.
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the fire gutted the building during an electronic music concert and party. organizers did not have a permit. >> i was pulling him out. he was a larger gentleman. there was a lot of stuff in the way. the too much. i'm also glad i had this vest on my whole back would be blistered right now. >> firefighters and neighbors described the warehouse as a death trap filled with junk, loose lumber and rickety stairs. back here on the east coast, investigators will be looking for the cause of a house fire near boston that injured several first responders. flames broke out yesterday afternoon in cambridge. they scorched several homes and cars. it took crews about six hours to contain the fire. the chief says he's amazing that nobody died. >> this is a miraculous
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situation. this looked like a ball of fire across the street. looked like something you would see in a war zone. >> families are now staying in shelters. the first responders areokay. nine minutes past 9:00. still ahead on nbc 10 news, they are the coveted toys that have at the very top of their list this christmas, hatchimals and nintendones. parents waited hours in the cold weather to be the first inside the store. you'll hear from some of those parents about the d coming up. and we are back. penn state has a behind win to earn the title.
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welcome back. starting with those live cameras outside, we see pretty nice conditions out there. still clouds over head but plenty of sunshine. low 40s in new jersey to the lehigh valley with a lot of sun starting to peek through. winds not as strong as wed. overall sunday looks pretty good. it will be chilly, though, as we move through the afternoon. and a huge difference as we move overnight and into your monday morning. note the increasing clouds. 's because that's going to be ahead of the trarain that's mov in. we should see highs closer to about the mid 40s.
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closer to upper 40s, low 50s for parts of delaware, new jersey. but all of us seeing thicker cloud coverage as we move into tonight. some folks were able to check off those hard to find gifts from their holiday shopping lists early this morning. we were at the toys r us in king of prussia. many were able to buy hatchimals and nintendo systems. shoppers were only able to get one of each item but they got around that rule. >> i grabbed a hatchimal and an n.e.s. we traded. >> the deals people make for their children. toys r us just restocked the toys today. those parents and families out there heard about it.
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that's how they got in line. but the haty have been sold outt of the season. president-elect donald trump still mulling key cabinet positions took a break last night to dress up. we'll take you to the costume party on long island doesn't w be showered with gatorade? more on temple's first aac championship win coming up. zñzñzñzñúzñññzñzñzñzñtçtçtçtçtñ
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that's where we'll cap. very seasonal for this time of year. actually today the winds are going to stay lighter than yesterday where we saw those gusts into the 30s. in your delaware neighborhoods also mostly around the 40s. wilmington at 43 degrees. lincoln at 42. lewis beach also 42. temperatures are fine to start your sunday. if you're getting out to r run errands, you're okay. just down to our southwest we see rain and snow picking up. to our west a lot of snow
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starting to develop. we're going to tap into some rain and snow showers. hour by hour forecast shows off what we currently have. then we go into motion here through your lunchtime. clouds starting to build a little closer to frus tus from southwest. overnight these clouds extend into air our area. the green is the rain. you see it moving into parts of chester county. this is at 1:00 a.m. that we also start to see a little snow move into the poconos and the lehigh valley, berks county area. as we go from 2:30 through 6:30 that rain snow line sets up north of philadelphia. poconos with snow. a half an inch to an inch accumulation is possible.
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then rain extending further south. chances of rain return by your tuesday. that will be mostly rain. we'll talk more about the wet forecast continuing through your workweek in just a few minutes. penn state is your big 10 champion. this pass capped a big second half come back over wisconsin. the defense put the game away by stopping the badgers on the fourth down. final score, 38-31.
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good morning to you. happy sunday. the temple owls would set themselves up for a favorable bowl game if they could win their first major conference title in school history by beating navy in the aac championship. easy breezy. phillip walker off play action hits bryant inside the five. he skates into the end zone for six. makes it 14-0. walker dialing long distance. kirkwood behind the defense for the 56-yard touchdown. owls smash navy to win the aac title. a gigantic win. sixers and celtics in a night cap. he goes under the rim here to tie it. deficit is two now with under 30 to play. thompson's wild attempt is off the mark. celtics prevail in this one.
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it is game day for the eagles and a win today in cincinnati would propel the birds towards a week 14 show down with washington. >> hey, the eagles have arrived here in cincinnati. take a look. you see nelson agholor here? he's expected to play. jordan matthews is questionable with that ankle sprain. he is going to try to give it a go in warmups. the eagles have lost six of eight games. >> this is definitely a must-win for us. >> if we just keep chopping away and just go out there and play ball. >> the eagles are 9-1. in cincinnati, ohio, i'm john clark.
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on the ice the flyers hosted the blackhawks here at the wells fargo center. have a look at him on the bench enjoying the action. blackhawks took the lead. his second of the season and the rookie wasn't done. he did it again 30 seconds later. this time with the wrister finds the back of the net. flyers take the lead 2-1. teammates loving it on the bench.
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looking at that rain snow chance north of philly. chances of rain tuesday and then a big cooldown.
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coming up next, eagles game day kickoff. have a good one.
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now it's down to desperatio. >> we still want to compete and go out and win football games. that was the message and the challenge to the guys. >> we'll examine the and have o exclusive conversation with the teamdefender. >> there is no my bad or i'll get it next plus, today's bird this old school eagles rap. ♪ >> twa


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