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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 18, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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>> new york won again today. the giants who have beaten you twice. they own the tiebreak. knowing that coming into this ga >> just win. stay focused. look for it and win. >> congratulations, dak. >> thank you. >> let's turn over to zeke. another big running night for you. but let's lk decision to jump into the salvation army pot. what made you decide to do that? >> i mean, just sitting there in the end zone. perfect celebration. but i mean, we should work the salvation army. they're one of our biggest partners. had to show them a little bit of love. >> would you do it again? didn't sound like your coach was really happy about it. >> he wasn't happy about it. with the penalty for special teams. him or the special teams coach were not happy. i can't keep making them mad. >> one person you can't be mad at or one group, is your offensive line. runehind this group? >> it's a great group of guys. hard workers. every day, they come to work, no
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matter how sore you are. they get banged up. we play physical. and teams know we're going to run the ball. week in and week out, we rely on those guys. and i love them. >> congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> bob? >> okay, michele, thanks. let's look at the nfc playoff picture. with tonight's win, the cowboys take a big step towards securing the number one seed. dallas needs just one win or one giants loss to lock up home fields advantage throughout the playoffs in the nfc. the lions are just a game up on the packers in the north. green why has won four-straight. they will play in detroit in week 17. and a game that will likely decide the division. the detroit loss also moved atlanta into the third spot. and the falcons are a game up in the south. tampa has lost control over the final wild card. if washington wins out, washington would be in. we turn to tony dungy. there were a lot of questions about dallas and tampa bay coming in.
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what do you make of tonight's results? >> well, for tampa, bob, you see a team with a lot of talent, a lot of energy. but they're not quite ready yet. four turnovers. missed opportunities. really cost them the game. on the other side of the coin, the cowboys, one question got answered tonight. should dak prescott be the quarterback? obviously, he should. 32 for 36. he answered that question. but i think all of those nfc contenders that you read off there could take something from this game. prescot played as well as he could play. ezekiel elliott had a career-high rushing. tampa turned it over four times. they had the ball with a chance to win on the last drive. if the cowboys are the number one seed, people are not going to fear going in there. not to say it's going to be an easy game. but dallas is not unbeatable at home. >> let's switch conferences to the afc. new england has clinched the east. and oakland is also in the playoffs. in good position for a bye,
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thanks for the chiefs loss to tennessee today. miami controls its playoff outcome. if the dolphins win the last two, they will be in the playoffs. pittsburgh and baltimore play on christmas. if the steelers win, they win the division. the ravens would win the division if they win out. tony, what do you expect? >> that pittsburgh/baltimore game should be tremendous. both team knows each other very well. a lot of playoff experience. and they're really mirror images. they both are playing very good defense right now. they have super bowl quarterbacks. they both have big play receivers. but the difference, to me, is that the running back position. le'veon bell, i think gives the pittsburgh steelers an edge. should be a great game. i think bell could be the difference. >> tony, thanks. you're allowed to take the rest of the night off. busy few days. thursday in seattle. saturday in new jersey. tonight, you're done. for a while, at least.
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let's turn to mike florio. >> thank you, bob. >> a lot of news c the jacksonville/houston game. the jaguars fired coach gus bradley. and the texans benched brock osweiler in favor of tom savage and went on to win the game. is that a change we can expect to see next week? >> after the game, bill o'brien refused to commit to any specific quarterback. but this is a shocker because brock osweiler was the big ticket off-season investment. million guaranteed. he was supposed to turn the texans into a championship contender. and one thing o'brien did say, they're not going to make the decision based upon quarterback salary. it does open the door for savage moving forward. the door is closed, as you mentioned, on gus bradley in jacksonville. they made the decision, after last sunday's loss to the vikings. and they wanted to start the search. and they did not want to start
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the search while gus bradley was still the head coach out of respect to him. they decided time to move on. we'll end the relationship. we'll begin the search. and that's why the move happened today. >> a lot of people are wondering about this. they're on the road. they lose the game. is he on the charter back? isn't that an awkward situation? >> it's either that or give him a ticket to fly back on his own. they brought him back on the charter. he had to know that this was coming. they were very patient with him. and some say they give him more chances than they should have. now, when you go forward, should be an attractive job. to have a young defense. they get somebody to fix the offense, this is a playoff contender as soon as next year. >> you can catch mike tomorrow morning on pro football talk live from 7:00 to 9:00 eastern, followed by the dan patrick show, with matt ryan as a best. final score, cowboys 26, bucs 20. al and cris wrap it up after this.
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welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." here, now, al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> heading to the penultimate week, the 16th week. start thursday night, the giants and philadelphia. the giants start 2-3. win six in a row. get beat. now, they've won two in a row. beat dallas and now beat detroit. the giants in good shape in terms of the playoff situation and maybe have a chance to win the division. >> what you pay attention to, come playoff time, is who is hot and who is playing great defense? that category is filled on both counts by the new york giants right now. steve spagnuolo has done a fantastic job. joris jenkins is. drc was tremendous today. that's a giants team to keep your eye on. >> they face the eagles on thursday night. and christmas night, you can end
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your day with us. denver and kansas city. denver would have to win out to have a chance. they dug a big hole losing to new england. and oakland is now on top. if oakland and kansas city wind up with the same records, since kansas city won the season series, they would win the divisions. a lot at stake in this game. >> all i know is the denver/kansas city game we did earlier, was fantastic. came down to a doink off of one upright. almost hit the other upright at the end of overtime. and it was terrific. we hope we get one just that good. >> it's philly and new york. and it will be denver and kansas city. nose are our two games next week. meanwhile here, the dallas cowboys go to 12-2. tampa bay's winning streak is snapped at five. as dallas wins the game. final score is 26-20. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. george hill, andy freelen,
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melissa horton. our entire gang. we'll see you thursday and sunday on nbc. s yofor watching this special presentation of the national football league.
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school bus crash. two people are dead after a car slams into a bus that had just dropped off a group of teenagers. >> the electoral college voters will formally end the election season tomorrow. why the president-elect is lashing out hours ahead of that process. and bummed in baltimore.
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the eagles drop their sixth straight game but head coach doug pederson is still finding a reason to feel proud of his squad. nbc 10 breaking news. >> i'm denise nakano. breaking news. a deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard involving a school bus. and we've learned the bus had dropped off two dozen teenagers minutes before a car slammed into it at a red light. two people in that car were killed. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas joins us from near the accident scene. what are you learning so far? >> that school bus is traveling northbound here at this intersection on roosevelt boulevard. it was all stopped at a red light when that mercedes crashed into it. i talked to a witness who said he didn't even hear screeching tires which would signal an attempt to stop. he just heard the devastating impact. this mercedes is mangled.
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the driver and passenger pronounced dead on the scene. >> the time i got out here, i seen people run up to the car to try to get the person water -- try to keep the car from catching on fire. the guy had to back up because it was so bad. >> reporter: the mercedes slammed into a school bus stopped at a red light on roosevelt boulevard. the car went under the bus and the impact lifted up the bus and moved it forward before the car burst into flames. >> we were able to find out it was a 2000 mercedes-benz by running the vehicle's license plate. >> reporter: no children were on board at the time of the accident but minutes before it was filled with 28 teenagers. >> just dropped them off at a nearby church. she said about three minutes prior to the accident. so we're really lucky in that respect. >> reporter: speed was definitely a factor. the speed limit is 45 miles an hour. it's a constant concern for nearby residents. >> it's the worst intersection ever. highway ever. because everyone speeds. everyone thinks this is i-95 and
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it's not. >> reporter: the identities of the man and woman who died are still unknown. they are believed to be in their late 20s or early 30s. as for the school bus driver, she is okay. she actually refused care here on the scene. now although the scene is clear, crash investigators are still going to reconstruct what happened. they're going to get help from two off-duty police officers who were together and witnessed this entire crash. reporting live along roosevelt boulevard, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. turning to our weather and gusty conditions out there right now. you're looking live at the wind turbines at lincoln financial field. the windchill is making the temperature tumble feel even more dramatic. people were bundled up outside city hall with temperatures in the 30s tonight. that's after weather in the 60s earlier today. meteorologist erika martinez tracking the changes in the first alert neighborhood
11:46 pm
forecast. >> that's going to be the story through tomorrow and tuesday. cooler temperatures ahead. if you look at the bottom of the screen you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. the winds are diminishing just a bit. still northerly which is why they are feeling colder right now. otherwise big story, of course, the temperatures going from 60s to 30s and here it is. see the northerly direction of the wind but they are diminishing. 13-mile-per-hour wind speeds for wilmington. 14 for dover and 13 for atlantic. so we have that chilly night ahead. lehigh valley, upper 20s and 30s. nas neth 29. and easton at 29 degrees. it's ault about those temperatures by early tomorrow morning because when you wake up, it's going to be in the 20s. but coming up in the full forecast, i do have your feels like temperature. it's going to feel a lot colder than these actual temperatures. >> election season officially
11:47 pm
ends tomorrow as the electoral college meets around the country to place votes for president of the united states. this is normally a routine event but this year a lot of people will be watching. protests are planned and president-elect donald trump is sounding off about it. nbc 10's drew smith is live in our breaking news center to explain how this will all work. >> this is how our system works. the designated electors will meet at their respective capitols tomorrow and all over the country. it's possible a few of them could defect from donald trump but experts don't expect that to cost him the election. it's something "saturday night live" had fun with this weekend. their portrayal of hillary clinton borrowing from the movie "love actually" to make the case for electors ditching donald trump. but local political experts say that possibility will likely stay a fantasy. >> huge, huge, huge shock. no reason to believe that would happen. >> reporter: still protesters
11:48 pm
like these one on the steps of pennsylvania's capitol building are hoping to get their message out about the president-elect. >> he has the atitudes of a 2-year-old and attention span of a 6-year-old. >> reporter: they arrived this afternoon and will stay out overnight and greet electors in the morning. their passion not isolated to harrisburg. the pressure on electors nationwide has been going on for weeks. something the incoming white house chief of staff takes issue with. >> now they're going forward tomorrow with this attempt to intimidate and harass electors. we've got electors receiving 200,000 e-mails. >> reporter: trump also tweeted sunday, if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they'd be scorned and called terrible names. experts say the difference between the result of the popular vote and the electoral college, plus russia's hacking, has ramped up the attention on tomorrow's meeting. but it could still be pretty boring in the end. >> we should expect business as usual tomorrow. >> reporter: students will be
11:49 pm
getting involved in delaware's electoral college. watching the ceremony in dover. we've also learned new jersey lieutenant governor will be in trenton for the elector meetings there. mr. trump's team says democrats are trying to delegitimize his victory by suggesting russia interfered with the election. president-elect's incoming chief of staff reince priebus said on fox news sunday the suggestion of russian interference is a spin job. this as the new bipartisan calls for congressional investigation into whether hacking affected the outcome. >> want to find out what the russians are doing to our political system, what other foreign governments might do to our political system. >> we need to get to the bottom of this and we need to find out what was done. >> intelligence sources have told nbc news u.s. officials believe russian president vladimir putin was personally involved with trying to influence the u.s. election.
11:50 pm
the cia concluded the hacking was done to help mr. trump. more than half of americans are concerned that russia elect. and that's according to a new national nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. 55% said they're significantly bothered by the news that hackers worked in connection with a foreign government to influence the election. international migrants day in new york. immigration activists held a rally to protest president-elect donald trump's policies. some held signs that read we refuse to accept a fascist america and new york rejects hate. another week, another close loss for the eagles who have now lost five straight games and nine of their last 11. this time it was the baltimore ravens who got the better of th. it came down to the final play.
11:51 pm
carson wentz and the eagles electing to go for two points and the win. it's easy to get down with the losses piling up but head coach doug pederson is proud of his players' perseverance. >> everybody is dejected, disappointed, obviously, in not being able to finish on the winning side of these games. but that's been the feeling the last couple of weeks. it's a tough locker room. they're hanging in there. they're battling. love those guys. >> and we'll have full highlights coming up in sports. and then "eagles gameday final" right after this newscast. john clark has complete locker room reaction from baltimore. plus, an exclusive interview with head coach doug pederson. that's right after this show right here on nbc 10. less than a week until christmas and post offices across the region are bracing
11:52 pm
for impact. officials with the postal service anticipate that tomorrow will be the busiest mailing day of the year. the postal service says it's expecting this year to be even busier than last year. we stopped by this post office in north philadelphia where people are trying to get a jump on those crowds. >> i think it gets worse as it gets closer to the 25th. and we've experienced the line on the 23rd. and we decided to try to preempt it a little bit. >> there's still time to get those packages out before christmas. the deadline for first class shipping is tuesday. now here are some other shipping deadlines. if you want your packages to arrive by christmas, monday is the last day for three-day select shipping through u.p.s. you have until friday for u.p.s. next day air. if you plan to use fedex, tuesday is the last day for tuesday delivery. shipping has come the shopping. nbc 10 was out and about for the
11:53 pm
final weekend before christmas as shoppers work to check those final names off their list. it figures to be a busy week at area malls. and for those last-minute shoppers out there, there are plenty of deals to be had. >> got a basketball and other things through my pollyanna. and just going christmas shopping for my family and friends. >> you can still find a list of local malls extend holiday hours at some stores in the king of prussia mall weren't able to ring up sails sundles sunday af due to a power outage. the mall remained open. crews were able to get power restored in about 30 minutes. hollywood is mourning the loss of actress and socialite zsa zsa gabor. gabor's husband said she passed away at her los angeles home after suffering a heart attack.
11:54 pm
along with her two sisters she became a fixture on hollywood's social circuit in her prime. she'd been deal with health problems the last few years, including an amputation. zsa zsa gabor was 99 years old. it's been one month since an 8-year-old died in a hit and run. on sunday, people in overbrook said a prayer and released balloons in her memory. her family and friends stood in a circle at 63rd street and the man police later tracked down and arrested in the case will appear in court this week. the family says this is all tough to handle, especially during the holidays. >> to lose a child and our family is hurting really bad. so all we can do is be strong. >> she will always be remember. she'll never be forgotten. >> paul woodland faces homicide
11:55 pm
by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter charges. in south jersey, leave your quarters at home. residents and shoppers can park for free through the holiday. there will be free meter parking throughout the city starting in the morning through january 2nd. no tickets will be issued until january 3 rd. ♪ the christmas spirit was alive and well in north philadelphia. now today, hundreds of homeless families took part in the "operation ho ho hope" celebration. and after a few christmas carols were sung, more than 2,000 presents were handed out to children. up next -- police play santa to bring an early christmas to children in need. we'll take you to their south jersey celebration coming up next. and while temperatures will be dipping into the 20s by early tomorrow morning, it's those northerly winds and those feels
11:56 pm
like temperatures we certainly have to keep an eye out for. i have your feels like temperature coming up hour by hour on the other side of the break. see you then. he gets a lot of compliments.
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christmas came early for some kids in camden today. members of the police department welcomed santa and some of his little elves. nbc 10 was at the center for the police department's gift-giving event. more than 50 families were selected from local churches and community organizations to receive the gift.
11:59 pm
the event was organized by the fraternal order of police lodge 218. look at all those now your nbc weather. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. your forecast is full of surprises. much cooler temperatures for tonight into tomorrow. you'll see your local neighborhood forecast at the bottom of the screen. high and dry in philadelphia. current temperature 34 with northerly winds at 14 miles an hour. we're talking about sustained wind speed. mainly in the 30s for the philly metro ray. kensington 34. along with andora. 34. and bustleton at 33 degrees. but notice northerlies and northwesterlies. vorhees 33 degrees. s shamong 33 and hopewell township
12:00 am
currently in the low 30s. your neighborhood temperatures starting at ig and pause this a 5:00 a.m. i want you to see that temperatures will be mainly in the 20s. we'll compare that to your feels like temperatures in just one moment. 7:00 a.m., still seeing 20s. 9:00 a.m. 20s. 26 for philly. west chester 24. and wilmington, 26 degrees with those northerly winds. even though they won't be too strong, feels like temperature by about 5:00 a.m., it's going to feel like it's in the mid to upper teens. it will feel like 19 in philly. allentown, 14 for you. west chester 16 degrees. those are your feels like temperatures at 7:00 a.m. it will feel like a very chilly 15 in allentown. burlington, 16 for you and by about 9:00 a.m., still seeing those feels like temperatures in the teens. big stories to be sure you bundle up. out the door forecast tomorrow morning, bundle ip, layer up. you can take off those layers throughout the day.
12:01 am
we'll have plenty of sunshine throughout your monday, tuesday and wednesday. all due to a high pressure system. pretty much dominating, influencing the entire region through wednesday into thursday. that's next time we see the chance for some showers. look at this, new jersey, lots of sunshine for tomorrow. jersey shore seeing a few clouds. otherwise a nice monday as far as the sky goes. but we have those much chillier temperatures. so your ten-day on 10 brings us 34 tomorrow. 40s on tuesday. and then warming up a little by thursday. but tracking potential for showers here and it looks like it will not be a white christmas. reaction from being dropped from the sixers reaction. what the big man had to say. plus the eagelgs came up two yards short of avoiding a losing skid. find out if doug pederson's players back his decision to go for two with the game on the line. sports is next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> danny poems with you. the eagles brought a four-game losing skid into their game. allen barbre was unable to play. the o-line was showing signs of life early, believe it or not. the second kwrkquarter, eagles a touchdown. ryan matthews on his game. bullies his way into the end zone. birds trailed by six at intermission. to the fourth quarter, more drama than a soap opera. eagles


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