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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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someone to call 911. as they were getting in the ambulance, the parents thanked teresa lyn for her help. >> the health teacher who taught lyn cpa. >> i couldn't help but have that proud mama bear moment. >> when you need it you can do it and you can save their life. >> reporter: and teresa says last time she saw the baby here when they were taking the baby to the hospital they were awake and alert, but wondon't know he name. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the search of a south jersey man accused of
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murdering his estranged wife in front of their son. jeremi jeremiah monell was last seen >> 32-year-old jeer maya monell is wanted on weapons challenges. police say he killed terra o'shell washington inside her it happened in front of the couple's 12-year-old son. o'shea had been separated from monell. >> i want justice. i want him to come forward, i
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want my family to be okay. >> o'shea's two-year-old -- and again jeremiah monell was last seen driving a blue pick-up truck. monell is described as 5'9" and weighs 160 pounds. mpbls people were bundled up as the chilly weather stuck around. you can see them there. a lot of people in need of some hot chocolate at the christmas village. taking a live look out at camel back mountain, where many people are taking advantage of the cold out here. the last day of fall will actually end up being the first day of winter tomorrow.
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>> isn't that interesting how that happens? we're officially entering winter. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the temperatures now in your first alert weather. >> it was brutally cold today, and it was brutally cold this morning, 11 in allentown. it's 34 degrees in philadelphia now, despite all that sunshine. that's about 10 degrees below normal. as you can see, we're above the freezing point in much of the area. it has certainly been a cold day, it was cold yesterday, but we're going to jump up starting tomorrow into the mid 40s. and only slowly go up as we head toward the end of the week. and up even a little bit more over the holiday weekend. as we go through the night tonight, the thing you're going to notice is the temperature not plunging once the sun goes down,
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the temperature 28 anotht 6:00 morning. it's not nearly as cold tomorrow morning as what we saw this morning anywhere in the area. we'll see how much it warms up over the holiday weekend and when to expect some showers coming up. >> turning now to the transition to trump. next month's inauguration is up and running this afternoon. several jersey shore police officers will be answering the call to serve in the nation's capital when donald trump takes the east of office next move. >> nbc10 jersey shore reporter found out more about the officers role in the
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inauguration. >> reporter: middle township police officer milton bradley is --. bratdly and corporal james james a first for this department. among their upon duties, being stationed along the parade route. >> i have never had the opportunity to do anything this high profile. it's a presidential inaugust right. >> it's a historic event likely to be followed by protests. members of new jersey's state police as well says several other police departments will also be part of the inaugural security force along with many
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other law enforcement officers across the nation. in fact so many officers in wildwood volunteered the police department held a lottery to select who's going to washington. >> each of the officers will be deputized as u.s. marshals while they're down there, so it will be under the umbrella of the federal government. >> reporter: washington will be picking up the tab for these officers salaries. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. nbc news has uncovered exclusive new details about president obama's response to russia's involvement in the u.s. election. the president transmitted a message to russia saying that any interference with the u.s. presidential election will have
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grave consequences. here at home, people are noticing stepped up security at the christmas village in philadelphia. keith jones is following developments in the breaking calling the person who carried out the attack in berlin a soldier of the islamic state. almost 12 people were killed when a truck slammed into a bustling christmas market. earlier today they released a moon after the attack. they say there isn't if evidence to tie him to the rampage, six of the 12 people have been identified and all of them are germans. the president said he has spoken today with german chancellor angela merkel to offer his condolen condolences. merkel visited the site of
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the -- among the dead was a man found shot to death inside the cab. it's believed he was the original driver and that the truck was hijacked. we have a live picture from berlin where people have been gathering the mourn and pay their respects to the victims. flags at all federal buildings throughout germany are flying at half staff today after yesterday's attack. the market is near city hall is busy today just five days before christmas. we saw yuan formed police officers philadelphia's police commissioner tells us it's important for the presence to be viz sbl. >> we're going to add additional personnel, which will be visible, which is the most important thing. that's an added safety mess sang. we don't want to alarm people
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unnecessarily, by we'll be out there. >> lauren mayk spoke with him about the attack in berlin and the story here. live at the breaking news center, keith jones, nbc10 news. the man who set off bombs in new york city appeared in tourt this morning. are he's also accused of planting a pressure cooker bomb in new york city, where 31 people were injured in that attack. the two officials convicted in the bridgegate case are trying to get their convictions thrown out. they're saying the jurors acted improperly.
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they're claiming they deliberated on a day when the judge ordered them not to. pennsylvania and new jersey are getting a major final boost that will help at risk kids. as a result, they will split $33 million with the other winning states. the money will be used to launch educational programs and offer some much needed support from the cradle to the start of their careers. today protesters gathered outside of pat toomey's office. the group protested outside the senator's office because he's pushing to pass his stop dangerous cities bill.
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senator toomey just sent us a statement about today's protest saying he appreciates hear from pennsylvania's constituents. a former professor accused of killing his wife is back in court today as he awaits his release from prison next month. he went to court today requesting access to his money. but a montgomery county court said that rob was -- an act knowledged his client could face consequences for his testimony under oath. rob is due to be released from prison after a so-year sentence. happening now in south jersey, an effort to bridge the divide between young people and police in camden.
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the event is geared towards young men in the city who attend the face forward two program. philadelphia police launch a program to crack down on violence and drugs. the department conducted a three-day initiative in many north philadelphia neighborhoods. today 176 people were arrested in tioday's operation. officials say it was an effort to attack the source of the problem. >> it was one of those investigations that led us to individual houses, individual corridors, where we locked in on certain drug dealers and drug organization. >> police say more than $200,000 worth of drugs and guns were confiscated. police detained a man who fired shots in front of the u.s. embassy there. police say today's gunman used a
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shotgun he hid in his coat and he foured fire shots in the air. no one was hurt. it was just hours earlier that russia's ambassador to turkey was killed. this video shows the ambassador being shot in the back while he was speaking at a photo exhibit. the gunman was an offduty policeman who shouted that it was revenge for russian's involvement in the attacks on the syrian city of aleppo. he then was killed in a shoot-out with police. a 3-year-old pennsylvania girl is found alone on a snowy roof all while her father was allegedly playing video games. the girl crawled outside last month in butler wearing only socks and a diaper. her father is now charged with
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child endangerment. the michigan attorney generation announced charges against two former state attorney managers this morning, along with two city employees, they join nine others who had already been charged in the broke into flint's lead tainted water system. the water was contaminated because the water that was dumped into the river wasn't treated for corrosion for over 18 months. some vehicles reportedly rolled away after they were being put in park. it involves the 2014 to 2016 dodge durango and the 2013 to 2016 dodge pick-up truck. if you have one of these cars, you're urged to set the parking brake. no hole day gift can really compare to this one. >> someone bought a $126 million
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powerball lottery ticket. that winner purchased that ticket in selbiville. once they come forward, they can choose between receiving 121 million in equal installments over to years. >> i called every family member and relative i have and said was it you? >> this is the second highest delaware jackpot winner on a single ticket. as some philadelphia kids learned today, it is never too early to celebrate christmas. the 24th police district and the police district advisory council ho hosted a christmas party for dozens of childrens with disabilities. and christmas of course isn't the only holiday coming up, hanukkah also begins this
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weekend. a 40-foot tall minuora was lit yesterday. and it's going to be a milder day than we have been having lately. >> the sun is not helping a whole lot today, it's still in the 30s, the average high is in the mid 40s. got beautiful sunshine here, wilmington and the temperature, though, still in the mid 30s, approximate 3 degrees, lehigh valley, near 40 at the jersey shore. but in wilmington, where that picture was, 35 degrees, 36 in marshallton. 33 in newark and 34 in glasgow. 34 in louis, delaware and 36 in
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rehoboth beach. we do have clouds coming down from the northwest and there's a lot of cloud cover back to the west, but this is radar and satellite. where's the rain and snow? this isn't any. you have to go up to canada to see the snow, or back into the robberi rockies. the low temperatures here, as you can see in the blue here, not nearly as low as we saw this morning. virtually everybody was in the teens, except for philadelphia which was not 20s and as low as 11 in allentown. and in the afternoon, temperatures getting into the 40s, where they're stuck in the 30s during the day today. robbinsville at 44 degrees, vorhees township 44 for the high, avalon 45 and it's going
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to be about average temperature-wise for the eagles game on thursday night. dropping into the 30s, a little bit of a breeze, so, yeah, it's cold, it's kind of december cold, but nothing brutal like what we saw yesterday and what we saw last friday. now let's compare what we're going to be seeing this christmas week with last year. last year on the 23rd, we had a record high of 70. predicting 48 this year. still above average. then on the 24th christmas eve last year, for a record, me predicting 50,s no lying last year, and christmas day itself, another record, 68 degrees last year, predicting 48 degrees. we have got a long way to go to get to last year's numbers.
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we're just not going to get there of course. christmas eve itself, by the afternoon and evening, it should be dry. i do expect some showers in the morning on christmas eve. 6:00, 47, dropping into the 40s. dropping to 37, lehigh valley, again, that's a little bit above average for this time of the year, and for christmas day itself. as i told you yesterday, taking the showers out of the forecast for christmas day, above-average temperatu temperature, 45 in the lehigh valley. so it's going to be a pretty nice christmas day, just not record blereaking like last yea and not going to be a white christmas. the showers on saturday morning and then not all that cold next week either. >> all right, glenn, members of the nbc10 family, that man right
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there is nbc10 president and general manager rick harris lending a hand at the sharing food drive here. there's aaron hudson, pam osborne was there too. first lady michelle obama says a weight happen lifting off her family's shoulders. >> she's opening up like never before in a can did interview with oprah. what she's saying about her family's eight years in the white house. and the new first family who will be taking over. plus a viewer tells nbc10 he got the run around when he ran into a problem with his brand-new rv. how nbc news responded when he called him for help. plus the journey to the rock and roll hall of fame, who made the cut list for this year's
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inductees. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street, another record day, an up day all afternoon. -
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a couple in california is mixing the holiday season with politics. they have decorates a christmas tree with ornaments with some of donald trump's more memorable quotes. the new rock and roll hall of fame inductees for 2017.
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>> and they are pearl jam. who played at the wells fargo center this past trim. joan baez. journey, yes and tupac khakur. after turning 90, legendary singer tony bennett is the focus of some belated birthday celebrations tonight. ♪ the best is yet to come and babe won't that be fine ♪ >> this is a celebration that you want to mess as toni benefit celebrates 90. >> that voice. you can catch tony benefit celebrates 90, that's tonight at 9:00, right here on nbc10,
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followed by nbc10 news at 11:00. he sounds so good. >> doesn't he? an nbc10 viewer says he wanted to hit the road in his brand-new rv. >> but he says he hit a dead end when he had a problem. plus new mothers on marijuana, what doctors are saying about women using the drug during pregnancy. now today may be the coldest day for the rest of the year. i'm tracking your holiday forecast in your first alert weather forecast.
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a lansdale man says he discovered a problem with his rv. >> this is somebody who had a tree in trump's honor. >> here's the problem, this guy said he got the run around for months. so he got in touch with harry hairston what did you do for him? >> hey, listen, folks, i want to tell you, this was a case of finger pointing when it came to who was responsible for repairing his vehicle. robert latch is showing us his winnebago rv. he says he's taken about 20 road trips in the rv since buying i in september of 2015. he tells us this past spring, he noticed a problem. >> the issue was the speed limit cover was starting to crash.
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>> reporter: latch says he took the rv to the winnebago dealer where he bought it. he said they referred him to west chester mercedes saying the damaged part was covered by him. but west chester mercedes said this wasn't covered by warranty and bounced him back to the rv company. after five months and no resolution, latch says he tried a different approach. >> we contacted nbc responds and your team got right back to us. >> reporter: we contacted solace and west chester mercedes and the two companies worked it out and as an act of good will, both companies fixed the problem free of charge and they're happy the customer is satisfied. >> thanks for your help. >> and he is ready to go driving. max says he received an estimate
4:32 pm
of about $2,000 if he had to pay for the repair. so luckily he doesn't have to pull that cash out. >> that's expensive to replace that part. >> and here's the thing, two between the two different dealership, they kept saying i think that's your fought, no, that's your fault. >> you get bounced around, you go to this guy. >> check this out, adding that to our recovery counter, puts us at a very special milestone, over $250,000. >> you can go to our website and fill out a form or give us a call, there are the numbers on your screen and we will respond to you. coming up tomorrow an nbc10 responds. >> robert latch is showing. >> coming up tomorrow on nbc10 responds, a family has to spend
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thanksgiving without their refrigerator. after several calls to the manufacture. visitors are noticing stepped up security today. 12 people were killed when a truck rammed into a christmas village in berlin. police have stepped up security outside city hall as a result. this man is accused of killing his estranged wife it happened in front of their 12-year-old son. o'shea has separated from monell, the couple's younger children are in protective custody. members of new jersey state
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police as well as local departments in atlantic city, ocean city and wild wood will also be part of the inaugural turning to our first alert weather, the scarves and gloves were out today in center city. taking a live look now at the blue cross river rink where no one is out there, they just think it's too cold, which is you can understand. no ice skating today. >> looks like they're cleaning the ice, maybe. >> go to the cabin where you can get some hot cocoa. the weather is going to start warming up for the official start of winter. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz backtracking the change in temperature in your first alert neighborhood weather. >> those temperatures are going to be going up. we had a lot of sunshine today, sun's about to set, and that sunshine did not help the temp
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go up a lot. 32 in trenton, but those numbers are still way above what we saw at this time yesterday. it's 8 degrees warmer in center city, 6 in mt. holly, 5 degrees warmer in vineland than just yesterday at that time. and that trend is going to continue as we go into the weekend. the average high 43, tomorrow we should be in that area or a little bit above it and then gradually going up. as we head toward the end of the week. > and you'll also notice temperatures don't drop nearly as much tonight as they did last night. they got down to 11 degrees in the lehigh valley this morning around 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, around 23 degrees. so it's a fairly significant jump, more jumps coming as we head toward the holiday weekend, we'll tell you just how much it's going to jump and when the
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showers are coming in just a few minutes. the first lady is opening up about the obama family's eight years in the white house. michelle obama sat down for a can did interview with oprah winfrey. she says there's a weight lifted office is nearing an end. and there's new details about going to bed on election fwhooirgt and then riding the results on her phone. >> the past election was challenging for me as a citizen to watch and experience. >> first lady stressed the need for a smooth transition. as we know this is the season of giving. >> and the philadelphia sheriff's department is showing us how it's done in the northeast. deputies dropped off toys at schools today. there is the third year the department has done it. in new jersey, people were out giving back to those who won't be able to afford a meal for the holidays.
4:37 pm
the season of food event kicked off at the food bank in new jersey. volunteers helped package food that will be delivered to those in need. and in delaware, 150 kids were surprised with new coats just in time for winter. they were donated today at the wilmington head start location, volunteers for the alpha kappa alpha sorority spent the afternoon reading to kids. time's running out for you to get your holiday gifts to their destination on time. still ahead at 4:00, we are breaking down the costs for procrastinators and the deadline for your deliveries.
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women are using marijuana. that's up about 50% than 10 years ago when they asked the same question. experts recommend pregnant women avoid using any type of drugs. >> the start of winter is going to bring some warmer temperatures. i'm checking your first alert neighborhood forecast. where things come from?
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plus a 200 dollar visa prepaid card with a two-year agreement. visit or call 1-888-get-fios to learn more. that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. only from fios. okay, time for the eagles to put sunday's loss in the rear view mirror and gear up for the giants. >> the birds have a quick turn around before they take on the giants on thursday. >> no time to dwell on that loss, they just got to block it
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out. >> they got to put that one-point los behind them. they did it while lane johnson thauz their right tackle. it's been all downhill since then. johnson returned to practice today for the first time since early october. he will start thursday against the giants, he has -- was not allowed in the nova care complex during his suspension and the eagles proceeded to lose eight of their ten games while he was out. johnson knows that he cost his team and he is taking responsibility for his actions. >> talk to them, they called me, i called them. but yeah, they know that i know i pretty much failed the team this year, and that's on me. the only thing i can control is
4:46 pm
how hard i play. i got to go out there and go play good. >> john clark has much more on johnson coming up at 6:00 in the 5:00 hour, and carson wentz prepares to play against a national audience. >> you can watch the eagles game this thursday on nbc10. get started at 7:00 p.m. with game day kickoff. then it's the birds versus the giants. and then it's game day final after the game. nbc 10, your official eagles station. what do we think of the weather thursday night at the link? >> i expect no rain and a bit of a breeze, so you got to be prepared. it's a night game after all, so it's definitely going to be feeling quite cold. there isn't much wind right now, the flag not blowing much, and at the ground, it's being reported as dead calm in
4:47 pm
philadelphia. with the temperatures you can see in the 30s across the area. let's see if we have any places that are actually in the 20s. yes, we do. west callan township, 38 degrees, north wales at 29, millford township. 32 degrees in newtown in bucks county. you can see we have got a lot of sunshine here. but the clouds aren't that far away, and there's a lot of clouds between western pennsylvania and the rocky mountains. there's just no precipitation in that area. a lot of clouds down south, no precipitation there either. so they'll have a hard time getting any kind of rain or snow in a pattern like this. as we go through the neighborhoods tomorrow. lehigh valley, starting off 23 degrees at bethlehem, 2 is in easton. it was 11 this morning in allentown, that's a cold start,
4:48 pm
but nothing like this morning. west chester started at 25 going to up 43. fairmount going up to 46. so it doesn't look like anybody's going to get up to 50 in a good bit of the area, 24 in trenton, going up to 44 and mid 40s at the shore too. avalon only going up to 44 degrees. and normal warm spots in delaware, still shy of the 50-degree mark. for the eagles games itself, may start off with cloudy skies early in the day, but we're gradually clearing, got a breeze out of the northwest, bringing in some cooler air. now a big travel time for late this week, see if there's any problems, none in chicago, a little bit of rain, temperatures above freezing, above freezing in cincinnati. thursday and friday. pittsburgh is dry, you don't normally see weather this good this time of the year.
4:49 pm
and washington, d.c. is dry with a little bit above normal temperatures, even the poconos, dry weather, cold enough to make snow, good ski conditions this weekend, and boston a little bit of rain. so overall, that is really some good weather. now it's rare, but it's happening this year, hanukkah and christmas right on the same weekend. and for saturday night, it's in the mid40s, with not much wind in the area and the christmas planner for christmas day itself, it is starting off on the cool side, but nowhere near as cool as the last couple of days, it looks dry all day, and temperatures by afternoon getting to at or above 50 degrees in much of the area, except perhaps for the lehigh valley. but that is a very nice christmas day to go outside and play with the new toys and whatever. >> that always happens. >> any rain for santa or not
4:50 pm
really? >> no rain, except for saturday morning. so by the time we get to saturday evening, it's clear sailing. >> smooth sailing. >> good visibility too. okay, procrastinators beware. >> is that you? >> yes. >> the clock is ticking on those christmas deadlines. what you need to know to get your gift delivered in time in the next five days.
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one of the holiday seasons hottest toys has people graving cold conditions in your neighborhood. abc nbc 10 was -- the nintendo game system was one of the hottest items for christmas. >> i just want a christmas present for my boyfriend. so hopefully, he takes that and appreciates the present. >> it's hard to get, and my son's asking for it and i want to get it for him. so he can only play for it three times and it sits and collects dust. >> you better play more than three times, waiting outside like that. the nintendo system sells about for $60.
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we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. we have breaking news in that search for a mother's killer in cumberland county. >> we'll have a live update on the investigation and new information on the victim, that's next at 5:00. and we're tracking a warming trend over the next several days and that goes all the way into your holiday weekend, so the dee details on that are coming up.
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plus tell nbc10 they think this is the truck belonging to the man who killed his wife in front of their children. >> the man himself is not in custody. we have also learned more about the victim in this case. her name was tara o'shea. and they want police to bring her killer to justice. >> cydney, you just got the new information on the victim who it appears was in fear for her life? >> reporter: keith, that's right. loved ones and family memorabilmembers tell us that tara o'shea was so
5:00 pm
afraid of her husband that she planned to obtain a restraining order. >> this was pure evil coming out of one person. >> reporter: brian dunne is both angry and heart broken over his cousin, tara o'shea. >> her estranged husband jeremiah monell killed her and then sped off in this blue pick-up truck. >> he just had pure hatred in his heart to do something like this. especially with the kids in the house. >> reporter: now the couple's two children, a 12-year-old boy and daughter, 4, who were excited about holiday decorating and christmas are in child protective services. state police are utilizing their chopper in the air and say homicide and fugitive task force teams are working undisclosed locations to find and arre


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