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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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tell us that tara o'shea was so afraid of her husband that she planned to obtain a restraining order. >> this was pure evil coming out of one person. >> reporter: brian dunne is both angry and heart broken over his cousin, tara o'shea. >> her estranged husband jeremiah monell killed her and then sped off in this blue pick-up truck. >> he just had pure hatred in his heart to do something like this. especially with the kids in the house. >> reporter: now the couple's two children, a 12-year-old boy and daughter, 4, who were excited about holiday decorating and christmas are in child protective services. state police are utilizing their chopper in the air and say homicide and fugitive task force teams are working undisclosed locations to find and arrest
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monell. >> i'm not looking for you jeremiah. i want you to just do the right thing, for one, man up. >> reporter: mary watson lives across the street. >> about 2:00 in the morning, i heard a thump and that was it. >> i keep my doors locked now, afraid. >> i didn't see the restraining order, but she did have one. >> reporter: her best friend said if not for custody issues, tara would have left her husband behind to save her life. >> not just a tragedy for this family, but for the community. >> reporter: and we did also check in with the cumberland county court system on those restraining order documents, we're told in domestic violence case cases--
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speak of that truck, here's lives look from sky force 10. it's kind of difficult to see as night begins to fall to. recap, police are investigating this scene, the suspect's truck is right there, it has been found, this is cedarville, about 15 miles from the murder scene. so count on nbc10 to bring you new updates as they come in. meanwhile we have new details in that deadly truck attack at a christmas village in germany, tonight isis is claiming responsibility. 12 people were killed and almost 50 were hurt when a truck slammed into an outdoor christmas market. police are still searching for the owner of the truck. police arrested a man after the attack, they say there isn't enough evidence to hold him. police have stepped up suggest.
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>> reporter: on different size of the market and lots and lots of officers. let me step out of the way so you can see, we're talking one or two officers, here but groups, some on bikes, some on foot. they're wearing these bright yellow jackets so if you need them you can stop. police tell us they have no credible threat here. uniformed police officer a visible security presence amid the holiday spirit. some shoppers welcome. >> it's really comforting. >> i did notice that. a deadly truck attack at a christmas market in berlin, germany. we have learned markets like
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that that one are part of the christmas tradition in germany. the one in philadelphia is modeled after it. >> this is part of our culture, that's how we brought it to philadelphia. for people to enjoy. >> thomas bauer is originally from germany and organizes the philadelphia market. he says there are always police at the event because of the large number of people, but there is more visibility now. >> the philadelphia police is doing a great job overall, making sure this is a great place for people to be. they even stepped up security last night and after all this news broke. >> bauer said he was shocked and saddened by what happened in berlin, but isn't letting it stop the festivities here. >> i feel like we should continue to celebrate the holidays, enjoying the season, be with our loved ones and not -- yeah, only consider terrorism as the reason not to do things we like. >> reporter: and you can see
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just how busy this market is tonight. it is not stopping people from coming out. and that attack in germany is personal to some people here in philadelphia. coming up at 6:00, we're going to talk to some people who have been to that very market. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> and nbc "nightly news" will have much more on the attack in berlin and the search for those responsible. look for live coverage starting at 6:30, right here on nbc10. bundle up. this lady right here, she's got the right idea. a cold start to the day in center city, philadelphia, by the time christmas arrives, you won't need as much of that winter gear at all. >> first alert meteorologist krystal klei joins us now. >> right now, it is cold out
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there, some of us didn't even make it above freezing as we move throughout today. 23 is where we are right now in mt. pocono. 29 for redding and pottstown and right now 33 degrees in philadelphia. we are going to see that jump-starting tomorrow. these temperatures are a little warmer than what we saw yesterday, but the climb really hits as we move into your wednesday. this is a nice wide view showing off a whole lot of nothing. we have some clouds that are sitting off to the north and west of us. throughout the day we have been clear, we have seen a lot of sunshine and no rain. we have a dry forecast moving forward and that goes through tonight. at 7:00, we'll be at 30 degrees, dropping right back into those 20s by 10:00 p.m.
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some cold air sits over us right now. there comes more mild air moving in, so coming up in a few minutes, we're going to take a closer look at that warmup, and we'll focus right in on your mo holiday weekend. philadelphia police launch a new effort to crack down on violence and drugs. the philadelphia police officers are in the midst of a three -da drug initiative last week. today they show 126 people who were arrested last week. a former penn professor convicted of killing his wife was back in court today as he awaits his release from prison next month. rafael rob went to court to request access to his money.
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but he committed perjury while lying about his assets. his lawyer acknowledged his client could still face consequences for the testimony under oath. rob is due to be released from prison next month after 1eten years in prison. police tell us 35-year-old officer ryan kramer has a lacerated spleen and kidney. he was directing traffic near center city last night. the fire department tell us the officer has broken bones after a driver went around cones and hit him. that driver is now cooperating with police. a call for people to leave their keys behind this holiday season, today uber joined mothers against drunk driving to
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help save lives during the holidays. >> use things like uber and taxi services and asking nondrinkings to get home. >>. the family of a woman who died whilie using the a new jersey train. more than 100 people were hurt. new jersey transit isn't commenting on today's filing. camden police officers and a group of volunteers set out on foot tied to save lives. they handed out cards about what too do in the event of a drug overdose. they we canned from fifth and
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market street. patty was part of's generation addicted, an award winning documentary of the power of addiction. pennsylvania and new jersey are getting a major final boost. the keystone and garden states will split $33 million with other winning states to launch educational programs to support at risk kids. improvements are coming to parts of northern liberty. the changes are part of the spring garden street connector project. septa passengers and pedestrians
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will see the improvements. one student got an answer in a dramatic way, see how a classroom lesson helped her save a woman's life. >> why younger women could be most at risk. all new at 5:00. . police at the jersey shore gearing up for the presidential inauguration. i'm ted greenberg, how garden state cops will help provide security in the nation's capital.
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a delaware high school student used what she learned in school to save a life. >> this is amazing. she jumped into action when she saw a toddler choking in a restaurant. teresa went out to chick-fil-a in dover yesterday. when she saw an 18-month-old baby choking for air. she had someone in the restaurant call an ambulance and performed cpr. by the time the paramedics got there, she was awake and alert. >> i was a little bit like
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nervous, but i still did it and i got it done. when you need it, you can do it and you can save their life. >> and she proved just that. the teen learned cpr in health kpl class, she paid attention and now that child will be grateful. an important health warning for women. cardiologists are missing a health condition and it's affecting young women. it's spontaneous coronary artery dissection. 10% to 20% of these cases occur to women who have just given birth. >> i was going to take a shower and i just felt this unusual chest pain, enough to make me stop and take yoets. >> and how old were you at the time? >> i was 40 and i had a 17-day old daughter at the time. so i was 17 days post-partum at that point. >> okay, that's scary.
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for more on this health threat, nbc's kristen dahlgren joins us from new york. >> why are we just hear about s.c.a.d. now? >> well for a long time, they thought this rare complication that women got after pregnancy and it turns out that a lot of women were actually talking online and realized that more than just women who had just given birth were having heart attacks and they got together and they pushed doctors to do research. and so doctors now are trying to figure out who about this. we always think of heart attacks with cholesterol building up in the arteries. that's not what this is. this is actually a tear in the artery. it's the same effect, you get a heart attack. but it's different than what we traditionally see as heart attacks. so doctors not recognizing it when a young woman in particular
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comes in with some kind of chest pain, they're told oh, it's heartburn or something like that and sent home to disastrous results. >> and the trust is scad doesn't just affect women, it affects men too? >> while they're researching, while they're trying to figure out who's most at risk and what you can do to prevent it, the best advice is to know the symptoms of a heart attack, so if you're feeling that chest pain, you're feeling that pain down your arm and your jaw, something like that, death get it checked out by a doctor, and don't whebe afraid to say could this be a heart attack? could this be a scad heart attack and encourage them to take a look. >> we'll have much more on the
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story on nbc nightly news tonight at 7 6 -- 6:30, only on nbc 10. tonight there was a memorial held for craig sager. family and friends, including fellow broadcasters spoke at that memorial. sager passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. he was just 65 years old. and the cold weather isn't keeping folks from exercises. nbc 10 at second and spring garden and northern liberty, jogging and riding bikes. most philadelphia neighbors we broke the friezing line. but already some spots now below it again. andorra, 30 degrees, chestnut hill, 32 degrees. and some spots just barely above
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32 in our philadelphia neighborhood. society hill 34. that official reading at the airport approximate 3. and we're at 33 right now in bustleton. it's cold out there again today, but a warming trend is on the way, we're going to try to boost those temperatures on saturday. a wider view, we have got clouds to the north, the west, they're kind of skirting along the north edge of our viewing area, as we go through today toward tonight we're going to see some spot clouds moving through, but we're going to stay dry. winds at the most about 10 miles an hour. redding at 43 degrees, for the forecast high, and allentown at 43.
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vorhees township 44. notice the icons on the board, we're going to see mostly sunny conditions, 45 degrees in egg harbour township. so the focus is really on that warmup. the contrast between the last few days and the next few days, big difference. look at the average line, 43 degrees, we have been below average, now as we move along, wednesday, thursday, friday, we're above average, 48 by friday. then we talk your holiday weekend, your friday, saturday and of course your christmas on sunday. we're going to see those mostly sunny conditions for friday, spot clouds, saturday morning hours, across all neighborhoods, see some spotty showers moving
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through, but then the rest of your saturday evening, for christmas eve and into sunday, christmas day, things dry out and temperatures continue to bump up. while it isn't as warm as last christmas, up to 47 for christmas day, and in delaware, 50 degrees saturday, up to 52 did sunday. coming up, we'll do a little comparison with last year's temperatures and forecast for the weekend. governor chris christie's administration announced today that more than $2.5 million will go to prevent storm surges betweenal 88th and 99th street. and investigation into the water crisis in flint, michigan.
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the state attorney general announced charges on city employees. the system became contaminated because water from the flint river wasn't treated for corrosion for 18 months. a safety investigation has been launched into fiat chrysler, it comes after some vehicles reportedly rolled away after they were parked. it involved the 2014 dodge durango and the 2013 to 2016 ram 1500 pick-up truck. dodge has received reports of 26 crashes because of this problem. a new program in camden county has gotten president obama's attention, now it's bringing police and young people together to solve their differences. plus, do you recognize the girl in this video? she grew up to be a hollywood star. still ahead at 5:00, find out
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who she is and why she's honoring her fast on the family farm.
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i was on hand there as well, along with nbc10's pam osborne, and there's brandon hudson. the sharing food program helps provide food to families in need throughout philadelphia county. some people made a trip to the grocery store today and got a free holiday meal. fair and square teamed up with the soulful project to get a free holiday meal. we're talking about stuffing, cranberry sauce and the choice of an apple or sweet potato pie. about an hour ago, officers sat down with young men in the city who attended the faced forward program. the goal here looks to stop teens from hating the cops. >> when we're kids, we see cops as people we trust, now it's
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turned into they're the enemies and the targets, and we have to fix this. >> the face forward too program received a letter from president obama, in it he said thank you for the dedication you have shown to our community. i admire your commitment. >> to one president to another. just one month from today, hundreds of thousands will gather in our nation's capital for the inauguration of president donald trump. plus someone in delaware's getting a big christmas gift. but we're not sure who. the mystery behind a $121 million lottery ticket. that's still ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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updating that break news we have been following all hour. police have found the truck belonging to a man suspected of killing his life. jacqueline london is following the developments. >> this has been developing the entire day. a big break came less than an hour. take a look at sky force 10 over that suspect's truck. police are still looking for the man it belongs to. his name is jeremiah monell.
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police say that he killed tara o'shea on monday night. o'shea watson had been separated from monell. we're told she had applied for a restraining order. nbc10's cydney long is out there gathering new details. she'll have that for us coming up in a report at 6:00. now to more breaking news, sky force 10 over the scene in center city. crews you can see on the scene of an accident at 19th and market. you can see right there in the cross walk, no word on injuries in all of this, but we'll continue to bring you updates throughout nbc10 news. creating a traffic situation there.
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also tonight, this is a live look at the u.s. capitol. just one month from today, this is where donald trump will take the oath of office and become the president of the united states. security will of course be a top priority. >> officers from the jersey shore will be to help protect the president-elect. ted greenberg shows us why they were so eager to volunteer for the job. >> reporter: for middletownship police corporal james delonzo, it's assignment he couldn't pass up. >> once i found out it was inaugural police detail, i couldn't wait to sign for it. >> reporter: six members of the middle township force will help provide security in washington for the inauguration of donald trump january 20. it's a first for them and their department, being stationed along the parade route among their possible duties.
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an historic event likely to be accompanied by protests following a bitter election. >> i'm expecting the unexpected, that's every day in police work. >> reporter: members of local police departments will also be part of the inaugural security force, along with many other law enforcement officers from across the nation. >> each of the officers will be down there. >> have never had the opportunity to participate in an inaugural event. >> reporter: in wildwood, i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. the official website for next month's inauguration is up and running this afternoon. the presidential inaugural committee launched this site,
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this morning. make america great again, this is right there on the home page as you might imagine. the site promises tickets, news and event information. philadelphia police are trying to figure out how a woman ended up badly beaten on a kensington street. officers were flagged down around 3:30 a.m., after she was found laying on north third street. the woman had severe head injuries, the area where she was found was fairly secluded. but police are asking surrounding businesses for surveillance video. not guilty plea from a man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey. rahimi was injured in a shoot-out with police before they captured him in north jersey in september. he's accused of setting off a pipe bomb in seaside park, but he's also accused of planting a
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pressure cooker bomb in new york city. 31 people were injureda attack. thousands of people gathered outside the office of u.s. senator at the toomey this morning. senator toomey is urging congress to stop dangerous city bills, it would make cities ineligible for certain funds including community development grants. one woman says simply taking a walk with toomey will make him change his mind. >> i live in west philadelphia, which has a very strong muslim community and a very strong asian community and that contributes to the life of the community. that's what i want to do with the senator, walk around our city and say this is what sanctuary means. >> philadelphia police do not work with immigration and customs enforcement n a
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statement toomey says he appreciates hearing from pennsylvanians and keeps their thoughts in mind when considering all issues. bill baroni and-the jurors deliberated on a day when a judge ordered them not to. the former allies of new jersey governor chris christie were convicted last month of closing lanes to the george washington bridge has political retribution. christie has not been charged. more than 200 men and women in bucks county just got closer to becoming firefighters. 35 students finished firefightering school tonight. it appears the cold weather may finally be on its way out. let's take a live look, this is the blue cross river rink where
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the chilly conditions here are perfect for ice skating. >> we're going to start to see some warmer temperatures, but we do have another chilly night ahead. >> we're still cold out there, still going to be a chilly night and a chilly morning tomorrow. but then we really start to see a shift with those temperatures. we expect a big boost by tomorrow afternoon. so here's where we are currently, it really is a nice night to get out, if you want to feel those cold, wintry temperatures. because we're already at 33 degrees, and it's only going to go down throughout the night. new jersey sitting at 29 degrees, 30 at lehigh valley and 31 delaware. a lot of spots have started to slip below the freezing mark. today it was a sunny one, tomorrow we should be mostly sunny into some scattered clouds moving in. here's a temperature trend for wednesday. there's the boost i was talking about. we're going to continue up. today we hit a high of 34.
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we're past that by 11:00 a.m. as we go throughout your afternoon, we should make it to about the mid 40s for a high temperature in philadelphia. as we drop off into the night, notice that things aren't as cold either. above freezing. les do a little comparison here, 2015 versus 2016. if you don't like the warm christmas, we hit 70, by christmas last year, 68, notice we're going from 40s to just those lower 50s. we'll have more details on your christmas forecast coming up. we'll you've probably seen it in the movies, the so-called red foam. the obama administration has used it for the first time to send a message to russia. and it's the moment that warmed hearts around the country, two brothers reunited on the basketball court. we're going to hear from them all new coming up at 5:00.
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three people killed in an orlando nightclub massacre are taking to facebook, and twitter. during the june rampage at the pulse nightclub pledged allegiance to the islamic state group. 49 people were killed including mate mateen. the youngest person to die was 18 years old. her friend patience carter survived the shooting. a similar lawsuit against twitter was dismissed in august. a solemn ceremony in turkey. a crowd gathered to remember
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russia's dwrambassador to turke. still images show the assassin standing over the ambassador's body after shooting him in the back. the gunman was an offduty policeman who shouted that the attack was in retaliation for russian involvement in syria. nbc10 has uncovered exclusive new details about a serious warm than obama september to russia just before the election. the president transmitted the message to russian on october 31 and said that the u.s. would consider any interference of the election a serious matter. it's an e-mail line directly
5:43 pm
between moscow, russia. it was originally put into prays after the cuban missile crisis 53 years ago. the eagles are gearing up for a divisional rival on thursday. we'll hear from carson wentz as he gets sets for the giants.
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♪ one night will remind you how we touched and went our separate ways ♪ >> after 40 years the band journey made the list, today the rock and roll hall of fame announcement it's inductees. other inductees include elo,
5:46 pm
tupac shakur. comedian amy schumer is giving her father a christmas gift to remember. she released this video showing her at the farm as a kid. when schumer was a child, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, her family went bankrupt and they lost that farm. but now they are celebrating getting it back. another holiday history, winning the lottery. >> one bought a $121 million winning power ball ticket in delaware. the winning ticket was bought at is selbiville convenience store in bucks county. once the winners come forward,
5:47 pm
they can choose between receiving $71 million as a sum or 1$121 million over 20 years. >> i called every family member i had and said was it you? >> that would be me right there. this is the second highest delaware jackpot winner on a single ticket. >> wow. when it comes to the playoffs, talking about sports, the odds are no longer in the eagles favor. >> but they can still play spoiler to the giants, their division rival. here's more on this thursday night showdown. >> the eagles know the playoffs are no longer a realty, but they can hurt the giants chances. if the cowboys win, it could knock the giants out of the
5:48 pm
title. the eagles put the ball in carson wentz' hands and the pass was batted at the line and was incomplete. >> i would say coming in here right away monday, tough emotional los the way it was in baltimore. just to flip the script and go forward was a good thing, turn the page and go on to new york is a good thing. i finally felt good about getting into a routine and i was excited. being on thursday night, is something different. at this point of the year, it's good to it up and change it. it's been a quick week but a good week. >> coming up at 6:00, lane johnson will be back and the phillies trade for a starting
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pitcher. >> and of course nbc10 is your official eagles' station. we'll be live at the link on thursday night, with exclusive pre-game coverage. join us at 7:00 for pre-game coverage and kick off at 7:30. >> we're looking at some temperatures boosting over the next several days and we'll get to that'sless'sles eagles forec. it's been a sunny day, a nice day, if those temperatures had only boosted up. but they didn't. we stayed in the 30s pretty much across the board. tomorrow is when we see that warming trend put into motion, we're looking at a high of 46 in philadelphia. in south jersey, 44 and mid 40s as well for the shore and delaware. so there's a big difference fro the 30s we saw today and it's
5:50 pm
going to feel a little bit more comfortable result. let's talk about thursday forecast, because as we move through your wednesday, we'll still feel the forecast. 4 degrees will be your temperature. as we move along, some clouds out there for kickoff, 39 degrees, end of game 37. the thing is it is going to be a bit breezy out there, that's going to make it feel a little cooler, even though we're above freezing, it's going to phifeel lower. maybe some precip moving through on friday, but for that travel outlook, thursday, friday, cincinnati, we're not seeing amount of snowy weather moving through, thursday and friday in pittsburgh, temperatures moving into the upper 30s.
5:51 pm
the 50s sneaking into the forecast for washington, d.c. poconos will be staying in the forecast. sunny for your friday, and if you're traveling to new york or boston, 40s, boston may see some showers on your thursday if you're traveling that direction. let's talk about your hanukkah forecast, hanukkah falling saturday night. partly cloudy conditions, temperatures are going to be in the mid 40s out there, and we are looking at light winds as well. and for that christmas planner on christmas day, starting with your morning, santa has dropped off those gifts for philadelphia. just clouds mixing in as we get into the afternoon. as you notice, most locations will be bumping above average in the 50s. now to the holiday home coming that has everybody talking. >> matt farrell thought he was getting a taped message from his bowe brother bo.
5:52 pm
>> for us, home is wherever we're together and i look forward to being home with you soon, really, really soon. >> bo wasn't supposed to come back to work until february. look at this, the two are to hug it out here big-time. there wasn't a dry eye in the house. matt farrell smoke to nbc night news about 2 huge surprise. >> even for my teammates to be there and, you know, my family was there and we had friends there, it was just an unbelievable experience and just a phenomenal moment i'll never forget. >> having two brothers myself, that really warms your heart. >> we'll have more from those two brothers on nbc "nightly news." >> hey, lester. >> looking forward to sharing that story for obvious reasons, after the wrong man is held for the deadly berlin truck attack,
5:53 pm
the hunt is on for the real terrorist as berlin remains on head. what you should know about a type of heart attack that can strike younger post-partum women when we see you on nbc "nightly news." they're going to be popular gifts this holiday season. >> the amazon echo and google home can be a great help around the home. but arrest they spying on you? that's next at 5:00.
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turns out when they are on, they are always listening and recording, even when you are not giving a command. here's the good news, those recordings, they don't go anywhere unless you use the command words for alexa or google. >> a lot of these tech company have figured out that consumers
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will pick out cool devices. >> it also has a mute button and you can delete your recordings. >> but it would be bad with you had a daughter named alexa. now to nbc10 news at 6:00 6:00. we're following breaking news, the man hunt for the husband who killed his wife. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year!
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standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. a mother murdered in south jersey. tonight new developments in the man hunt for her estranged husband. >> good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> in the past hour, a break in the case. state police found jeremiah monell's truck in his hometown of cedarville county, new jersey. officers searched for him. new jersey police say monell killed tara o'shea watson in her cumberland county home yesterday. cydney long has been following this case all day. >> cydney, i know you have new
6:00 pm
information that says this mother feared for her life? >> reporter: loved ones tell me that tara o'shea watson was not only scared for herself she was scared for her children. in recent months, she had filed for a restraining order. they described her soon to be ex-husband as someone who was controlling and threatened her numerous times. friends and loved ones are mourning the loss of 36-year-old tara o'shea. >> she told them flat out, he was going to kill her. >> reporter: killed they say by her estranged husband 32-year-old jeremiah monell in their cumberland home. o'shea collapsed in front of the couple's oldest child, a 12-year-old boy with knife wounds to her neck. >> this was pure evil coming out of one person. >> it happened overnight sunday into monday, mon


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