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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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information that says this mother feared for her life? >> reporter: loved ones tell me that tara o'shea watson was not only scared for herself she was scared for her children. in recent months, she had filed for a restraining order. they described her soon to be ex-husband as someone who was controlling and threatened her numerous times. friends and loved ones are mourning the loss of 36-year-old tara o'shea. >> she told them flat out, he was going to kill her. >> reporter: killed they say by her estranged husband 32-year-old jeremiah monell in their cumberland home. o'shea collapsed in front of the couple's oldest child, a 12-year-old boy with knife wounds to her neck. >> this was pure evil coming out of one person. >> it happened overnight sunday into monday, monell vanishing in
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his blue pickup. the 12-year-old boy and a 4-year-old daughter are in state protective child custody days ahead of christmas. >> now they're left without mother, and if they catch the father, hopefully he stays in jail and they're without him too. >> as a state police chopper circled overhead on the hunt for monell late tuesday, friends gathered outside her home, they're praying for justice. >> she's a victim of domestic violence, but she needs to be recognized for the amazing person she was, the amazing mom she was and the fight that she put up. >> all domestic violence documents are confidential and they wouldn't confirm if a restraining order was granted. meanwhile they are planning a candle light vigil outside her home. they're asking everyone to wear purple to honor domestic
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violence victim. the man accused of bombings at the jersey shore and in new york city. am mat rahimi appeared in court today. dozens were hurt in new york. his next court date is in february. tonight isis is claiming responsibility. 12 people were killed and almost 50 were hurt when a truck slammed into a bustling outdoor christmas market in berlin yesterday. police are still hunting for the man behind the wheel of the truck. earlier police arrested a man immediately after the attack. they say there just wasn't enough evidence to link him to the rampage. president obama has spoken by phone to angela merkel to offer
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his condolences, you spoke to people who visited that very market in berlin? >> reporter: first of all, let me show you what's happening here right now. the police commissioner told us victim is important when it comes to security here, and we certainly have seen that, we have seen krun formed officers walk around here kind of dotting this entire market. you will see them in yellow jackets walking around, in case you might need one of them. they are on foot, they are on bikes. they are taking precautions after what happened in berlin. and the folks that i talked to that have been to that market in germany, for many of them this attack was especially upsetting. at city tavern, there's a memento from his hometown on the wall. the chef is originally from southwestern germany, he heard about the deadly attack at a berlin christmas market he's
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visited. >> i saw it on tv last night and i remember standing there just myself. >> reporter: it's something it seems like everyone goes to. >> it gives me shivers honestly. their christmas markets experience is different than ours, it's something that's culturally ingrained in them. >> she tracks down lines from facebook to alert others they're safe. she has family in germany too and is heading there for a visit. >> it's not changed my trip. but you think about it and worry about it a little bit. >> reporter: here in philadelphia, some visible security at the christmas village near city hall. it's modeled after the ones in germany that are so popular and as this chef explains, so important this season. >> christmas without a christmas market wouldn't be germany.
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>> reporter: i talked to some of the shoppers out here in philadelphia today, they tell me that they did think about that attack before they came here today, they they were coming to an open air market. but they were really glad to see that security when they got here and that they are keeping their eyes open. new at 6:00, a woman accused of preying on the elderly in bucks county. today police arrested lisa ann waters. now to our first alert weather, chilly night outside tonight, but get this, starting tomorrow, it's not going to feel quite as cold outside. >> we have first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast for the holidays. >> the temperatures should jump by 10 degrees compared to this
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afternoon. still good weather for the skiers at camel back ski resort. unlike last christmas when it was way too warm for the skiers, it's going to be cold enough to make snow all the way through not only the weekend u but the next month. 26 in mt. holly, 25 in vineland, so it's another cold night but not quite as cold as last night when it got down to 11 in allentown. today's high, 34, but tomorrow, we're jumping up to near 46. a little bit above average, then sort of leveling off for another few days, we're not talking about anything near as warm as what we saw last christmas week when we had record warmth. and look at the temps as we go into the morning, not a whole lot colder than it is right now, warmer air moving into the region, still chilly by 9:00
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a.m., as you can see, but not nearly as cold as "today." 36 degrees at the jersey shore by 9:00 a.m. now to a developing story, a new plea for help from a pennsylvania woman kidnapped years ago by the taliban, nbc10's erin coleman is following the developments from the breaking news center. >> the video posted on youtube last night shows kate lyn coleman and her husband joshua boyle pleading for help. they were hiking in afghanistan in 2013 when thiey were kidnapped. we don't know the circumstances behind this recording, but there's a good chance that the couple was forced to say things in the video. >> we ask quickly in our 14th year of prison for those on both sides to allow us freedom.
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obama, leaving office is important to you as our lives and the lives of our children is important to us. >> today the state department was asked about getting the family released. >> we want to see them all home, we want to see them all safely returned and i can assure you that this administration will continue to work very, very hard to see that outcome. >> kirby said the state department continues to call for the release of the family and says the u.s. government remains in regular contact with kate lyn's parents. in the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc10 news. we'll have more on this kidnapping story out of pennsylvania, that's tonight at 6:30, right after our broadcast. today a federal judge rejected his attempt to keep him out of jail during his appeal.
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he will start serving his sentence on january 25. a jury found him guilty of money laundering. bill baroni and-claim thjur misconduct. they claim the jury deliberated on a day the judge told them not to. some holiday cheer, if you live in newark, tax also not be going up for homeowners next year. the county leaders voted on it's budget and made some adjusts so people will not have to pay higher property taxes this year. a group donated coats to 150 children, the sorority holds
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dozens of charity events throughout the year. dozens of jersey shore police officers will be serving at president trump's inauguration. about half a dozen members of the middle township force will be out there. >> 16 years now, i have never had the opportunity to do anything this high profile. i mean it's a presidential inauguration. >> members of new jersey state police as well as local police departments will be part of the inaugural security force. lesson learned, a high school student's quick action helped save a toddler's life inside a restaurant.
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music to the ears of parents. a special performance by these fourth graders. we're about to say goodbye to the arctic temperatures and cold air. a look at the warming trend for this holiday weekend.
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music filled the air a philadelphia elementary school today. the school's music program donate their time to help out. a high school student in delaware who took lessons in cpr saved a toddler's life. >> the mom's crying, and the dad doesn't know what to do. >> reporter: lucky for those frantic parents, teresa did know what to do when she saw the baby
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on the floor unable to breathe. >> i told them i'm cpr certified, so i started doing cpr on the baby. >> reporter: she's sure glad she paid attention and practiced. the baby's parents thanked teresa on their way to the hospital, but she didn't catch their names. >> reporter: back at school, the teacher was so excited that one of her students used what she taught them and saved a life. i. >> i couldn't help but have that proud mama bear feeling. >> reporter: teresa doesn't know the baby's name so we haven't been able to get an update on her condition. >> we hope she's doing well. that's a future doctor, or maybe
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a paramedic. >> it's one thing to do it in the classroom with a doll, but another thing to do it in real life. >> our weather is changing, it's a warmup. >> if you did not like the extreme cold like we saw late last week, you're not going to have to suffer through it for quite a while because the whole pattern is changing, what wind we're going to see tomorrow is going to start passing us up. it's 32 at cape may point, 34 at hole gate. but 29 degrees in dennis township just inland. we have had sunny skies all day, didn't help the temperature go up very much. some clouds back to the west, and a lot clouds farther to the
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west, but this is radar and satellite, where's the snow in it's not around. as we go through the night tonight, temperatures in the 20s across much of the area, but kind of leveling off as you see, middle of the night, not much colder than it is right now, where the atmosphere is trying to warm up so significantly, it won't allow the radiational cooling to come in, as we say, plus there are clouds that are going to be coming in, during the day tomorrow, temperatures actually getting into the 40s across most of the area, even quakertown and exton getting into the 40s as we go through the day tomorrow. for the eagles game, it's pretty decent weather for december, we're not expecting any kind of precipitation. temperatures dropping into the 30s, little bit of a breeze making it feel cooler, but it's december and it's at night.
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last year, in december, around christmas week, it was exceptional. we had a record high in the 70s on the 23rd. this is the forecast for this year, the 24th, we had 71 for a record. last year 68 for a record christmas day, calling for 54 degrees. so it is going to be above average for the temperatures, but it's not going to be anywhere near like last christmas. now you can see christmas eve, i expect some showers in the morning, but that will be gone by afternoon and christmas eve is dry, temperatures lehigh valley, dropping into the upper 30s, and it's just not that chilly for this time of the year. and christmas day itself, starting off in the 30s, 35 in p.a. suburbs, and as we go through the afternoon, we have got several places getting into the 50s and that is definitely above average for this time of the year.
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so we have that gradual warmup. a big change between today and tomorrow, then we're kind of leveling off a little bit. the best chance of any kind of showers the next five days will be saturday morning. we're fine for christmas eve, christmas day, no rain, and then into next week, we're into the mid 50s again for much of the week, beginning and the end of the week, that's about 10 degrees above average and that mild trend continues until the end of the year. and we'll be right back. coming up in sports, lane johnson had some candid comments when he returned to the eagles following a 10-game suspension. why he's taking the blame for the phillies struggles as of late.
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the eagles are being forced to prepare at warp speed with the giants coming to town on thursday night. lane johnson back from a 10-game suspension. john clark has more. >> reporter: in the ten games lane johnson was suspended, the eagles had to use four other right tackles. lane was remorseful returning to the team. >> i failed the team this year. could have been a lot different and that's on me. i didn't like it, i can tell you much. it was a [ bleep ] situation. let me put that on record. so yeah, it sucked. >> reporter: take a look at lane back at practice, the eagles were 3 and 1 when lane started
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his suspension and then they lost eight of the ten games without him. >> i know what's at stake, i think this will bring the best out of me as a player and hopefully as a person. >> i'm not going to put the blame on others. i got a few people on my [ bleep ] list. so that will get settled here in the next few months. >> reporter: lane says she is in shape and weighs around the same as he was when he left, that's about 320 pounds. at the nova care complex, i'm john clark, csn. >> and you can watch the eagles game at 7:30 on thursday. followed by eagles game day final afterwards. nbc10 is your official eagles station. the phillies are retooling their rotation this off-season.
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today they acquired clay buchho buchholz, he has throned flashes of brilliance, but coming off a rough season, he's make 13.5 million and figures to slide into that lineup. joel embiid will start, noel is not expected to get much playsing time. the goalie pools for the empty net. sergei drums and totally whips. thankfully for his team, they still won the game despite that little gaff. a new type of cyber attack with real life consequences.
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members of the nbc10 family were part of a worthy cause, the food share program. ceo and general manager rick harris was hand working hard. the food share program helps families in need throughout philadelphia. we're just a few days away from the start of hanukkah and philadelphia is ready to mark the occasion, today this 40-foot minora was constructed today. it's going to be warming up for the start of hanukkah. >> and it's very unusual that it's on the same weekend as christmas. that's what you see there for saturday night and it should be dry by then, milder over the
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weekend. >> that's our news at 6:00, thanks for watching. >> up next, nbc10 "nightly news with lester holt." we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. tonight, manhunt for a killer. isis sends a chilling message to the world as police in berlin reveal they arrested the wrong man. and the driver who killed and maimed so many is on the run. and here at home, on alert, stepped-up security being deployed at events all across the country. concerns about big trucks getting too close to crowds. warning signs. eye-opening new information about a leading cause of heart attacks striking younger women. many who have just had a baby. tonight the symptoms doctors say you should know. high drama. the famous pop singer and his famous model wife, who jumped into action in a crisis at 30,000 feet. and brotherly surprise. the moment that brought the crowd to tears. an emotional reunion


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