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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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journey. and more than 30 hours later, help finally arrived. >> nbc 10's deanna durante spoke to her from her hospital bed in utah, and she told us love is what got her through this grueling ordeal. >> i can't leave my son without a mom. i can't leave my husband without a wife. i can't have my parents bury me. >> reporter: from her hospital bed more than 2,000 miles away, karen klein says she couldn't doubt that she would find help. >> i feel very, very, very lucky. >> reporter: ckaren is a colleg professor. she was with her husband and ten-year-old son. they were in vegas and attempted to explore the grand canyon with their gps. the car went into the ditch in a blizzard and the family was trapped with no cell service. karen decided to make the trek to get help. >> i had been eating aspen twigs and twigs from evergreen trees.
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because i thought i would only be gone for like an hour or two. >> reporter: she was gone more than 30 hours. >> i knew if i fell asleep that i would freeze. >> reporter: scared and without her cellphone -- the battery died -- she stayed awake under a tree. >> the instinct kicks in, you have to protect your family, you have to just keep moving forward. >> reporter: when the sun rose, she walked again, finding an empty ranger station. she broke a window with her elbow and waited inside. >> the first thing i said, officer, i'm so sorry i broke the window, don't arrest me. >> reporter: instead those rangers and rescuers gave karen food and water and evacuated her to a hospital. she wants to thank them and to those of you at home she says, she'll see you soon. she's hoping to be back in the area by wednesday. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 spoke with karen's sister in montgomery county. see more of our interview with
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her right now on she describes getting the news about her sister's rescue and her emotional first phone call to the hospital. right now a search is under way for a south jersey grandmother and her great granddaughter. police say the 71-year-old woman and her 5-year-old granddaughter were heading visit family in the holidays. here is her license plate, 2014 silver toyota rav-4. anyone who has seen the pair is asked to call police. new at 5:00, a jersey shore family wants to know who killed their loved one on christmas. a car ran into keith elliott yesterday morning in tom's river and just kept going. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg spoke with elliott's parents and sister. tonight they have a strong message for that driver who still hasn't come forward had.
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>> it's terrible. it's every mother's worst nightmare. >> reporter: his loved ones were unwrapping christmas presents. instead of keith elliott enjoying the celebration with his parents, sister and nieces, the police showed up to say the tom's river man was dead. >> we're still numb. we really haven't been able to process it. >> reporter: tom's river police think the 45-year-old was struck and killed by a hit and run driver around 10:30 christmas morning, right up the street from the local bus terminal. it's believed elliott was walking there to catch a bus to his sister's house in leahy township where the rest of the family was already gathered for the holiday. >> for somebody to hit you and not even have a heart to stop, it's heartless. >> an absolutely animal. >> terrible. that's an animal that does that. >> reporter: investigators have been checking the area for evidence, including surveillance video. at this point they don't have a description of the vehicle that
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struck elliott in broad daylight. >> he wasn't a small guy either. it wouldn't have been a little bump. >> you would have known if you hit him. >> i hope the person is found and he gets what's coming to him. >> reporter: where he lost his life, a small tribute to keith elliott. for his family, christmas now forever changed. >> i'm just praying that my brother didn't suffer, you know. i wouldn't want him to suffer alone. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. turning to a local professor under fire tonight for a controversial tweet. drexel university professor george ciccariello-maher has been summoned to a meeting with school officials after he tweeted, quote, all i want for christmas is white genocide. he says the tweet was meant to be satirical. drexel released a statement saying, this professor's comments are utterly
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reprehensible, deeply disturbing, and do not in any way reflect the values of the university. nbc 10's monique braxton will have more on the controversy and reaction ahead at 5:30. taking a live look right now at the christiana mall in newark. check out that parking lot. many people are off work or school, and that is -- take a look at the cars, driving around looking for a spot. so they've headed to the mall to spend all those gift cards they get for the holidays. those post-holiday shoppers could see a few sprinkles tonight. by tomorrow, they could be shopping in 60-degree weather. >> roller coaster weather here. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz as more on your neighborhood forecast. >> yeah, keith, and a lot of delaware will be well into the 60s during the day tomorrow, especially in the afternoon, it's going to be a nice day. now you can see the traffic, less than usual, of course, coming out of center city on this sort of holiday.
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temperatures vary quite a bit. 35 in allentown. that's up a degree. 47 in vineland and atlanta city. temperatures are rising tonight, you don't have to worry about precipitation coming in and causing ice or snow. it will be plenty mild tomorrow morning. this is the next area of showers. most of it by the time it gets here is going to be on the light side. but the temperature jump is not light. it's pretty significant. we're jumping up into the 50s in philadelphia by 10:00 and 55 with those morning showers around at 6:00 a.m. even the lehigh valley, in the 30s at 6:00, up around 50 with some of those showers tomorrow morning. so it's a totally different kind of day than what we were seeing. once again, the clouds keeping
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in that all night, clouds, fog, a little bit of drizzle, and then some of those morning showers. we'll talk more about future rain chances and see if that includes new year's eve, coming up. >> glenn, thank you. tonight, the murder of an elderly store owner has the community baffled. no motive has been determined in the shooting death of 81-year-old marie buck. investigators say a man in dark clothing shot her 12 times inside the grocery store she owned for four decades on south 6th street. the victim's daughter says the murder is beyond explanation. >> it was murder. she was murdered. and i saw my mother when i went in there. i couldn't believe somebody would do that to her. >> a memorial is now growing outside the store. buck's family says she was set to retire next month. a day after his death, memorials to pop icon george michael are growing outside his home in london.
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fans are also remembering the singer at his home in the town of goring, where he died suddenly christmas day. george michael first reached fame in the '80s as half of the singing duo wham. he even went on to have a successful solo career with hits like "faith" and "freedom." michael's sudden passing has left fans in disbelief. >> devastated. as a teen growing up, i idolized him. >> george michael was 53 years old. authorities are calling michael's death unexplained but not suspicious. they're waiting on an autopsy to reveal more information. russia's intelligence agency says it hasn't found anything pointing to terrorism as the cause of yesterday's crash of a defense ministry passenger jet. divers have recovered fragments of the plane from the black sea. it was carrying 92 people from sochi to syria. dozens of them were members of
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the russia's world famous military choir. today mourners gathered at this church service in sochi to remember those killed. russian officials say pilot error or a technical fault are likely to blame for that crash. new details tonight about that plane crash in colombia last month that killed dozens of members of a brazilian soccer team. colombian aviation authorities say the plane ran out of fuel before it crashed. the conclusion of the investigation based on the plane's black boxes. the plane was trying to approach an airport in medallin when it went down. january 1st, new jersey is joining other states that allow adult children who are adopted to have access to their original birth certificates. birth parents of as many as 300,000 children who were given up for adoption in the state have until saturday now to have any identifying information removed from their child's birth
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certificate. otherwise adult adoptees can get it. today marks the beginning of the 50th year of kwanzaa. it's a week-long celebration of african heritage with an african-american culture. each day the celebration carries a core principle such as unity and responsibility. today nbc 10 talked to naisha sullivan, who worked with the man who created kwanzaa. she said the holiday brings millions of people together. >> people of african descent are disbursed around the planet. it has united us across land, across water. it's one of the only holidays we have that does that. >> kwanzaa runs until january 1st. the celebration to mark the holiday will also be held at city hall tomorrow. many of us are still trying to recover from this christmas. we found some people getting a head start next year. nbc 10's lauren mayk has their story from the christiana mall.
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>> reporter: it takes discipline to stay on tap for deals here. these shoppers are looking for things they won't even use for another year. we'll break down their strategy. plus read the fine print. see how stores have changed their regular return policies just in time for the holidays. and talk about a white christmas. parts of the country are getting more snow than they can handle.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. christmas may be over. but that has not stopped the crowds from showing up at malls across the region today. nbc 10 at cherry hill mall in camden county. we spotted shoppers returning and exchanging gifts. others were exchanging some of that christmas cash. >> a similar scene at the kohl's at andorra. a lot of people online at the service department. we found others taking advantage of post-holiday deals, picking up something that wasn't under the tree this year. other shoppers have started planning ahead for next year. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk found them at the cries tea hristiana. it takes a lot of dedication, lauren. >> reporter: it certainly does, but gifts, even wrapping paper, this is a strategy that can
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really shave some money off your budget for next year. you could look at this bargain-hunting muscle as the day after christmas, or maybe if you look closely at these shopper selections, 364 days until next christmas. david is ready to wrap next year's gifts. >> we're trying to be proactive. the wrapping paper is only $2 a roll. >> reporter: jenny is getting paper and bows at target. >> that's what i usually do, the day after. i don't go and get it that year. these are all for next year. then next year i'll get more for the following year. >> reporter: an especially shrewd move, when you're wrapping gifts for the kids, who may not take in the time to soak in the artistry of the perfectly wrapped present in the fancy paper. >> they destroy it. >> reporter: the bargain hunting here ain in delaware has an exta deal that could convince some to cross state lines.
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>> it's tax-free here. >> it was like a christmas present for me that i'm getting after christmas. >> reporter: while for some, finding bargains is a strategy, others like jason williams luck into them. >> you had to grab something. >> reporter: he got some discounted decorations. you may see the results at his home next christmas. >> we want to do it bigger next year. >> reporter: i even talked to two families who told me they were using these post-holiday sales to replace their christmas tree, a bargain they can enjoy next year. live in newark, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> and i can't believe all the people behind her in that shot right now. the christiana mall is packed. thank you so much, lauren mayk live from delaware. guys, did you get a gift yesterday that wasn't quite world? according to "consumer world," millions of americans will be returning gifts this week. >> keep this in mind.
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stores not as lenient as they used to be. some major retailers such as macy's, kohl's, and costco are scaling back open-ended return policies. if you received a drone this christmas, stores like target and walmart have shortened their return periods. today is the last day this year to park and shop for free in newark, newcastle county. the city is offering free parking at meters and lots downtown. they hope to encourage residents and visitors to shop and dine local to support small businesses. after today, the free parking will return for new year's day and january 2nd. right now, a chanukah celebration is lighting up the streets of philadelphia. this is a live look, look at all those folks out there. this is at independence mall. hundreds of cars topped with men or i can'ts h orahas have made their way there, the music, the dancing,
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the fun is under way. tonight is the third night of the jewish holiday of chanukah. >> we'll keep going back to this live picture later in the show. you can get in live this new year's eve. the north hampton transportation authority is offering free bus service starting at 6 carbon monoxide, encouraging riders to leave their cars at home and celebrate without the hassle of driving. now a live look at the blue cross river rink in penn's landing. we're inviting you to celebrate the new year here with us at nbc 10. there will be two fireworks shows that night, one at 6:00, one at midnight. if you can't make it to penn's landing, nbc 10 will be broadcasting the earlier fireworks live during our 6:00 news. glenn is keeping track of your new you'reear's eve foreca. we're hoping for no rain. the pressure is on, glenn. what do you think? >> i don't think there will be any kind of rain or snow for new
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year's eve. somebody is moving the camera as we speak. getting a little dizzy out there? we had temperatures in the 30s in northern parts of the area, getting close to 50 in parts of south jersey. it's cloudy everywhere. we're going to have a little fog tonight, a little drizzle. these temperatures are going up. you don't have to worry about any kind of icing or snow or anything like that. west bradford township, 41. malvern, 41. chatsford, 44. farther north, collegeville, warrington, all at 38 degrees. milford township, only 35. that's going to be their low. why? because of the wind. the wind is going to be coming up from the south. look what the wind has done to pittsburgh. it's 60 degrees there. and if you think that's warm, how about 70 in cincinnati?
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now, it's not going to stay warm around here. it's 19 in minneapolis. there's colder air that's going to be moving in eventually. but at the same time, there's that warm-up for tomorrow. the coldest of the arctic air is going to miss us to the north. it's going to be cold for new year's weekend. but nothing unusual for this time of the year. more typically. but as we go into early january, this arctic air mass is going to build, i think. and by perhaps the second week in january, we're going to start getting some really cold weather. we have clouds around now. a few light showers in western pennsylvania. more significant showers back in western ohio. they'll be with us tomorrow morning. as you can see on the futurecast, we may get a couple of sprinkles here during the night. the temperature going up. a little bit of drizzle.
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you get fog in situations like this. and some showers coming through. the allentown temperature in the morning, 54 degrees. then potentially getting up into the low 60s from tom's river to mt. holly to philly, wilmington, dover, mehlville, all over the place. that is pretty warm. in the middle of the afternoon, it's still warm by 7:00. that's not too cold. tomorrow afternoon, things looking pretty good if you want some warmer weather and dry air. as we go through the day tomorrow, you'll find these showers are in the morning. voorhees, for example, up to 61 degrees. avalon at 59. egg harbor township at 61. newark, delaware, at 64. and rehoboth beach at 62 degrees. it's not going to be anywhere near that warm. as we head to new year's eve, once that cold shot comes in. the first fireworks, 42. right around average for this time of the year.
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midnight, 34. pretty close to average. again, i expect dry conditions all across that region as we go through new year's eve. new year's day, most likely looks dry as well, as you'll see here in the ten-day. there is the coldest weather on friday. by sunday, we're up to 48. we do have some clouds come in, especially in other parts of the area. stay tuned for your local forecast. you can get them at any time at the bottom of your screen while we do the weather. >> hurricane, thank you. for a second day, nothing is moving in parts of north dakota. a different scene, look at that. a blizzard dropped more than a foot of snow in bismarck, making travel impossible. snow drifts are three to four feet high, burying cars. people are advised to avoid travel in many parts of the state. this guy couldn't believe how bad it was outside. >> i was in a lot of shock, thought to myself, how the heck
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am i getting out of here? >> a blizzard warning is in effect until late this afternoon. who would give up free pizza for a year? why a lehigh valley man decided someone else needed it more. plus you can celebrate the new year with a furry addition to your family. how cute is that? see how one local shelter is making it easier and cheaper to adopt, that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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an entire year's worth of free pizza is going to a local food bank thanks to the generosity of a north hampton county man. 36-year-old josh katrick won a raffle for the free pies at his favorite restaurant, mario's pizza. he just completed his eighth round of treatment for colon cancer and said he wanted to give it to those who need it more. mario's is now supplying double the prize to the food bank. there are still plenty of pets in need of a new home. look at this, this is alona. she's with the animal care and control team of philadelphia, one of many pets looking for a forever family. acct says this is a really great time to adopt a pet. >> people like to focus in the new year on bettering themselves
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and leading healthier lifesty s lifestyles. having a pet is actually a big part of that. they increase your social life. you meet a lot of new people. and they encourage you to be healthy. >> the animal care and control team is holding an adoption event all this week called bark in the new year. there are new special offers on every day. on wednesday, pick your own adoption fee. on friday, all puppies and kittens are free. we've posted a link for more information on the nbc 10 app and when we went to bed it was green. we woke up to this. >> this is a whole lot of snow. it's not just a pain to shovel. still ahead at 5:00, how it's preventing people from getting home after the holiday. plus was it offensive or just satire? a single tweet is sparking a lot of controversy for a drexel professor. what he wrote and how he's responding to all the backlash.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. right now at 5:00, a drexel professor steps in a controversy outside the classroom. and it all started on twitter. the professor wrote something about white genocide. >> now he tells nbc 10 his comments are being misunderstood. nbc 10's monique braxton is following the story for us. >> reporter: leaders at drexel say they want answers from the professor. good evening to you both.
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a source at drexel tell us it's taking the situation very seriously. right now, administrators are working on arranging a meeting with the professor. >> he should have been more careful with his words. >> reporter: this christmas eve tweet seen by thousands has sparked controversy. associate professor george ciccariello-maher tweeted "all i want for christmas is white genocide." now the politics and global studies professor, who calls himself a radical political theorist, says it was satire. >> even if it was a joke, there are still people out there who may have gotten offended due to personal experiences in their lives. >> reporter: after we knocked on the professor's door, he sent us an e-mail. in the statement he says, "the term white genocide is an imaginary concept he was mocking." yet one merchant near campus calls the comments inflammatory. >> any time you use the word "genocide," you have to be extremely careful. >> reporter: in his bio, dr.
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ciccariello-maher describes his specialties as colonialism, latin america, and race and racism. drexel university condemns the tweet and tells us, while the university recognizes the right of its faculty to freely express their thoughts and opinions in public debate, professor ciccariello-maher's comments are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing and do not in any way reflect the values of the university. pro professor ciccariello-maher calls the university's response chilling. he says there has been a coordination of mass tweets. he says he's received death threats. >> we serve a lot of drexel students. i would hope it doesn't put the university in a bad light. >> reporter: no word yet when the university and drexel will sit down, but we'll be monitoring the situation. live from drexel university, monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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other stories we're following on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a search is under way at the jersey shore for the driver who hit and killed a man on christmas day. 45-year-old keith elliott was hit at the intersection of hyland parkway and herflicker boulevard in toms river. tonight investigators are searching for answers in the murder of an 81-year-old south philadelphia store owner. police say a man in dark clothes shot marie buck 12 times inside her grocery store on south 6th street. it happened on new year's eve. no motive for the shooting has been determined. and nothing was taken from the store. an easton woman tells nbc 10 love is what got her through being stranded for more than a day near the grand canyon. we spoke to her via facial time this afternoon. karen klein, her husband, and son got stranded in blizzard conditions last week. she decided to go for help and wound up wandering alone for more than 30 hours.
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klein eventually found a ranger station where rescuers located her. they also located her family a little earlier. patriots week is under way in trenton. today we took a tour of the old barracks museum, just one of several events this week planned to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the battle of trenton during the american revolution. there are walking tours, reenactments, and lectures. if you're still enjoying your holiday vacation, you can get a couple of bucks off your admission to the national constitution center. all you have to do is bring school supplies to donate. that deal is in place through this weekend. visitors got a taste of history outside the constitution center today. it warmed up into the 40s on independence mall, and a bigger warm-up is on the way. >> let's get all the details now from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. you're also tracking a little bit of rain there. >> light showers, not a whole lot. we have cloudy skies now.
5:35 pm
visibility is not all that great. we may be seeing some fog a little bit later. and some of the warmer air, just in the southern portions of our area. vineland at 49 degrees. dover, 47. while it's still 35 degrees in allentown. but it's 60 degrees in pittsburgh right now. so much of the area is colder than it was yesterday. but vineland is 11 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. that warmer air is surging in. the temperatures are going to be going up tonight as a result. now, we have a few light showers. there may be grays in the poconos in a couple of hours. the main area is way back to the west, with the warmest air, in the 70s in cincinnati this afternoon. you can see these temperatures rising as we go through the night. cloudy skies continue. and by tomorrow morning, some showers in the area. but you're certainly not going to need a heavy coat tomorrow. when you start off in the
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mid-50s, it doesn't take much to get to 60 degrees. that's what we'll see in a good bit of the area. parts delaware getting into the mid-60s. we'll tell you how much colder it will get by the weekend, coming up. a live look at boat house row. if you pass by here over the next few days, you'll notice their tribute to chanukah. a different house will light up for each of the eight nights. tonight, as you can sell there, is night three. let's take another look at the chanukah celebration happening right now at independence mall. look at that, wow, music, dancing and fun under way as we wait for the lighting of the menor menorah. you can see here, i believe they're on market street. you can see the giant menorah in the background, a lot of people having fun as they celebrate chanukah. we'll keep an eye on this live picture for you. could president obama have beaten donald trump in the
5:37 pm
election? the president saysço. now the president-elect is responding. if you busted your budget at the holidays, there could be more bad news at the gas station. see how prices have gone up in the last month and why drivers will be paying even more in part of the region. ♪
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turning to the presidential transition, president-elect trump is sparking an international controversy after backing israel in a heated u.n. vote. >> it comes as mr. trump announced new changes to the trump foundation. nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest details. >> reporter: with just a few weeks before donald trump steps on this platform to be sworn in as president, he has stepped into an international hornet's nest. mr. trump pushed to block a u.n. resolution about israel and west bank settlements. the u.s. instead abstained. >> friends don't take friends to
5:40 pm
the security council. >> reporter: the u.s. has long opposed settlement construction but kept the controversy out of the u.n. >> the real store is how an outgoing president would fundamentally change u.s. policy towards israel in the waning days of the administration. >> reporter: but pro-arab activists say the u.s. had to step in. >> its system program is settlem violates the fundamental rights of a people captive under that occupation. >> reporter: mr. trump is also making headlines after announcing he's dissolving his charity, the trump foundation. >> it's going to be very important for donald trump to separate himself from his business enterprises and focus on being president. there's a lot of work to do, there's a crisis in the middle east. >> reporter: the new york attorney general says it cannot legally dissolve until an investigation by its office is complete. trump is calling the
5:41 pm
investigation by the democratic ag partisan. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. this all comes as president obama said today he's confident that he could have won the presidential race again if he had been able to run for a third term. mr. obama made the comments in an interview with former adviser david axelrod. he told him he believes he could have rallied many americans around his vision of a tolerant and diverse nation. president-elect trump responded on twitter saying, quote, president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that. but i say, no way. jobs leaving, isis, o-care, et cetera. a lot of clouds around today. and on the chilly side. but much warmer weather is on the way. it's not going to last that long. i'm tracking the roller coaster temperatures and what to expect for new year's weekend.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. gassing up in pennsylvania is going to happen cocost more. you'll pay an additional 8 cents in tax per gallon. penndot says the money will be used to fix thousands of old bridges and roads across the state. new jersey's gas tax went up last month. residents now pay 23 cents more for each gallon of gas. after the increase, the garden state went from having the second lowest gas tax in the nation to the sixth highest. drivers around the region have seen the gas tax go up from 11 to 16 cents a gallon just in the last month. trenton's sun national bank
5:45 pm
center is undergoing a major overhaul. 100 truckloads of dirt was dumped inside the building today for this week's monster jam truck series. oversized trucks will speed around the track and obstacle course. the event runs through friday. tickets are still available. it's not a gold medal but it's an honor for gymnast simone bi biles. >> she won a record-tying number of awards at the summer olympic games in rio de janeiro. the male athlete of the year also announced tomorrow. tomorrow is a big day for temple football. the owls are in annapolis for the military bowl, facing off against wake forest. with a win, this team could stake its claim as the best in school history.
5:46 pm
the team is showing they're already winners off the field. over the christmas weekend they hit the bowling lanes with local veterans. the team tweeted, quote, this is what it's all about, bowling with those who have served our country. that's awesome. nbc 10 will be following temple as they compete in the military bowl. look for our live reports tomorrow from annapolis. while we're talking football, the eagles are gearing up for their final game of the season. they take on the cowboys on new year's day. nbc 10 will have exclusive pregame coverage including a one-on-one with quarterback carson wentz, sunday at 9:30 a.m. a busy time for the ski resorts up in the poconos. this is a live look at camelback mountain. it still feels like winter up there. but we do expect a big warm-up for us tomorrow. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your neighborhood forecast. glenn? >> yeah, there are going to be a
5:47 pm
lot of places to get over 60 degrees tomorrow. this is one of them. this is cape may, from the marquee de lafayette, getting foggy here. cape may a nice place to visit even in the middle of the winter, a lot of nice bed and breakfast places. temperatures still in the 30s in northern parts of the area, but nearing 50 at the jersey shore. and in the 50s in parts of delaware. as we'll prove to you right now by showing you the neighborhood weather. 45 in glasgow, 44 in wilmington and claymont, 45 in reedy point, 48 in middletown. what about farther south? oh, yeah. we've got some 50s. georgetown is at 51. millsbo millsboro, 51. close to 50 at the beaches. and they're going to be well in the 60s tomorrow, maybe even 65. temple may be playing in near 70-degree weather tomorrow afternoon in annapolis. it's going to be amazing. a high today, so far 45.
5:48 pm
i say that because it's still rising this evening. we may get into the 50s by midnight. tomorrow is 60. then we're back down. this is just a temporary warm-up that we have here. a few light showers in north central pennsylvania, the main area is still back to the west, but it's moving in our direction. we may see a few of those showers during the morning hours tomorrow. a couple of sprinkles or drizzle drops around this evening as the temperature goes up. and very often, as the temperature goes up at night, you end up with a lot of clouds and fog and sometimes drizzle. 7:30 in the morning, even allentown, 53 degrees. look at these temperatures to start off the day. it doesn't take much to get to 60 degrees. and you can see probably half or close to half the area is in the 60s tomorrow. the other part in the 50s, except for the mt. pocono at 44 degrees there in the afternoon.
5:49 pm
and it's dry. we've got sunshine coming out. so we have some pretty amazing weather tomorrow afternoon. it would be nice to have that day off too. and as we go into wednesday, it's definitely colder. temperatures are starting off closer to the freezing mark. and so the neighborhood forecast for tomorrow, we start off with the showers. that's what that raindrop is for. and this is the afternoon sunshine, helping to push these temperatures up. reading at 55. bethlehem to 56 degrees tomorrow afternoon. phoenixville, 58. new to newtown, 58 degrees as well. fairmount in philadelphia, 60 degrees. northeast philly may get to 60 as well. haddonfield, new jersey looks like it will get there. glassboro will be very close. and at the shore we're going to be getting a better chance at
5:50 pm
atlantic city, 62 degrees, than we do farther to the north. and wilmington, 64 degrees. now, that is not going to last, as we said. so by new year's eve, we're back to wintertime. but we're back to average kind of wintertime. 42 degrees for the 6:00 fireworks. 34 degrees for the midnight fireworks in philadelphia. even some of the colder spots, lehigh valley, 34 at 6:00, 29 at midnight. those numbers are about average for this time of the year. so we have the one warm day. then we start cooling off, especially on friday, when it gets really windy. and the weekend still looking pretty decent. a cold start. and then next week is looking kind of stormy, wet, and maybe by the end of the week we get some wintry weather. many americans are hopeful that things will turn around in 2017. >> that's according to the
5:51 pm
annual new year's poll. it found 55% of americans believe next year will be better for them personally. that is a 12-point improvement from last year's poll. about a third of people also said things were worse for the country in 2016 than in 2015. only 18% said things got better. the poll was conducted by the associated press and times square alliance. let's take another look at the chanukah celebration happening right now at independence mall. they are lighting the menorah. tonight is the third night of the jewish holiday of chanukah. let's listen for a little bit here. this is independence mall as we saw earlier in live shots. there are hundreds of people out there watching the guys all the way up in those crane lifts right there and the giant menorah. take a look at the scene. shutting down parts of old city if you're traveling, be wary of this, an awesome celebration happening on the third night of chanukah. erin, we are so attached to
5:52 pm
our phones these days. >> and that is what hackers are counting on. what you need to know before you log on to that public wi-fi account, that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
the weather causing some frustration among travelers today as they try to return home for the holidays.
5:55 pm
heavy snow pummelled the upper midwest and great plains. some areas saw blizzard conditions. state officials closed down hundreds of miles of road because travel was too dangerous. as a result, there were some delays and cancellations. >> people at christmas, they come and visit families, they're headed home. this kind of throws a wrench into that. >> it's a little frustrating, what can you do? they can't control it. we'll figure it out and make the best of it. >> a different story else somewhere today, several cities from texas across the mississippi valley to florida set or approached record high temperatures. if you're headed to the airport today or maybe shopping, we have a wi-fi warning for you. high tech thieves are looking for private information in public places. at the mall, on the beach, and at the airport. free wi-fi networks and charging ports are everywhere but these public places are popular targets for hackers. the networks could be called something as simple as airport
5:56 pm
wi-fi set up by a hacker to dupe you, which means signing into your bank account or shopping online could lead to a hacker getting your personal information. >> you have a malicious hotspot here, you're punching in what you think is going to be your secure name and password. >> it all seems innocent, but i was hacked. >> it's called juice jacking, when you plug your phone into a usb port, a prompt comes up saying do you trust the connection. experts say don't do it, use a cord instead. be generate cal of generic network names. and dare to be disconnected. put your phone down, keep your defenses up. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. here is keith jones. >> erin, stranded in the freezing cold with no water or food for 30 hours. next, one woman's amazing story
5:57 pm
of survival when her family's car got stock going to the grand canyon. plus an 81-year-old store owner was working on christmas eve. a gunman opened the door and started shooting. tonight, her family wants justice. tomorrow is the day to plant something outside. we've got warmer air coming in. i'll take a closer look, plus a look at new year's eve.
5:58 pm
murder mystery.
5:59 pm
tonight, a family's plea for help after a store owner is killed right before her retirement. controversial tweet. a local professor defends his comments after the university issues a strong statement. and survival story. hear from the local woman who survived 30 hours stranded near the grand canyon. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. we start tonight with a family wanting justice. a woman is shot and killed inside a convenience store. but nothing was taken from inside. it's a murder mystery in south philadelphia. who killed an 81-year-old store owner on christmas eve? marie buck was getting ready to finally retire when someone walked into her store and shot her. she owned the store on south 6th street for years. nbc 10's denise nakano is live from there with more. >> reporter: she was targeted, say police, but they don't know why and neither does her family.
6:00 pm
she was 81-year-old, 4'10", shot 12 times inside her store. >> it seems like it was very n vindicti vindictive, very planned. they watched my father, obviously, walk out of the store. my father came home, they were right behind my dad. >> reporter: a gunman shot buck 12 times behind marie's groceries and left without saying a word or taking anything. an 89-year-old witness inside the store and neighbors heard the gunfire. >> she said all she heard was shots, so many shots. she said it wasn't like pow, pow, pow, it was like, boom, boom. >> reporter: the shooting christmas eve morning rattled family members who are concerned about the search for a killer and for their own safety. >> i think that we will be more cautious. but i don't even want to be here without my mother. >> the worst


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