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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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maybe significant snow. >> dry this weekend for sure. thank you so much for watching. up next nbc nightly news. tabernacle. tonight, praising putin. president-elect trump calls russia's leader, quote, very smart, for defying calls to retaliate against the u.s., shrugging off punishments from president obama. and inside the secretive russian compound shut down today by u.s. authorities. breaking news, after three years of freedom, will knedy cousin michael skakel be sent back to prison for a four-decade-old murder? snow emergency. as much as two feet of snow, across a wide swath of the country. will it impact new year's plans? mystery flight. a plane over the great lakes suddenly disappears. what happened to the six people on board? and uber rescue. when he overheard that
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launched him into action to save a teenage girl. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. i'm peter alexander, in for lester. tonight, donald trump is once again raising eyebrows for his glowing words about russian president vladimir putin. it comes just hours after the russian leader announced he would not retaliate against the u.s. for imposing new sanctions following russia's attempts to interfere with the election. trump's response, great move on delay by vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart. also tonight, our first look inside one of those luxurious compounds the russians are being forced to leave. we begin tonight with nbc's hans nichols. >> reporter: tonight, president-elect trump, tweeting more praise for vladimir putin. after putin's unexpected move not to expel any u.s. diplomats from russia.
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putin, holding fire after president obama ordered 35 suspected spies out of america and sanctioned top russian officials for hacks aimed at influencing the election. putin writing, we will not create any problems for u.s. diplomats, but insisting that we are keeping the right to retaliate. >> trump's response, great move on delay by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart. putin's decision, surprising administration officials and coming just moments after his own foreign minister publicly called for american diplomats to be kicked out. but the former kgb colonel, instead, personally inviting the diplomats' children to a new year's eve celebration. nbc's lucy caff nof is in moscow. >> reporter: the holiday parties will take place behind me at the kremlin palace. the move comes as putin's spokesman seemed to dismiss president obama's actions saying in three weeks, there will be a new american
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president. >> reporter: but trump's move today, not as surprising as putin's. despite assessments by 17 intelligence agencies that russia was behind the attack. the president-elect has never been convinced russia was to blame. >> reporter: trump has said he'll meet with the intel community to see the fresh evidence against russia, but his approach carries risks. >> i would hope that he wouldn't give away the farm just for a good photo-op. we have real concrete interests that need to be pursued with russia. >> reporter: and here at the russian embassy in washington, they retweeted trump's praise for putin. but a u.s. official tells nbc news, that putin's decision not to retaliate may be an acknowledgement they crossed the line. peter? >> hans nichols reporting in washington tonight. as part of the punishments leveled at russia, the u.s. closed down two properties used by the russians here in the states. the u.s. government believes those sites
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may have been involved in espionage. tonight gabe gutierrez has a look inside these compounds that have stood in plain sight for decades. >> reporter: tonight inside this compound, a rush to pack up and get out. a day after the u.s. has said it was shutting it down, and another one in retaliation against russia. the obama administration has not detailed what type of intelligence took place in these buildings, but an official said they were not part of a cyber campaign against the u.s. instead, they were security facilities where the russians could hold quiet meetings. across the bay, the maryland compound is 63 miles from the white house and near nsa headquarters. these pictures from inside show massive dining rooms and luxurious lounges. the sprawling 45-acre estate where the vodka flowed. closing the compound
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now, perhaps more symbolic than operational. >> it is possible that this is more of sending a message, almost an annoyance to the russians, look, you had these nice facilities and we're no longer going to give you access to them. >> reporter: the properties were on the u.s. radar for decades, but even the reagan stration at the height of the cold war let them stay. >> if we arrested every person we suspected to be a spy and kicked them out of the country, they would do the same to us. >> reporter: tonight the two russian retreats, now under the control of the us state department. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. with three weeks left in office and his legacy on the line, president obama will gather with congressional democrats next week to strategize ways to protect obamacare from republicans who want to repeal it just as soon as the president is out of office. for more on that, we turn to nbc's kelly o'donnell tonight. >> reporter: good evening, peter. meetings where we see president obama go directly to capitol
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hill have been infrequent and saved for urgent business. this time he'll make that trip with two weeks and two days left in his term. advisers say the president wants to meet, not only with leaders but all the democrats who will serve in the house and senate after the obamaarobama era ends. he want to strategize about how to fight for his signature health care law. all of this comes as republicans are planning to repeal it, delivering on a campaign pledge. democrats are bracing for that. the only thing that has stopped it has been the obama veto pen. without that, they are looking for any attempts to adjust their fight to try to preserve the best parts of the health care law with republicans in chrge. peter? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. breaking news tonight from connecticut. that state's highest court has reinstated the murder conviction of michael skakel, in a ruling that could send him back to
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prison for the killing of his 15-year-old neighbor four decades ago. >> reporter: at issue, whether kennedy cousin michael skakel received an adequate defense when he was convicted 14 years of martha moxley's murder. >> reporter: skakel served 11 years of his twint to life sentence when a judge ruled that mistakes by his attorney cost skakel a fair trial. moxley was beaten and stabbed to death with a golf club. today the connecticut supreme court split 4-3 on the issue. reinstating skakel's conviction, saying skakel's defense attorney did provide constitutionally adequate representation. this could mean skakel will have to return to prison to finish his sentence. skakel's attorney declined to comment. skakel is the nephew of robert kennedy's widow ethel. the case attracted national attention, opening the door into privileged lives, a
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fascination that endures. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. parts of the northeast are still digging out tonight after the first big snowstorm of the season that caused numerous accidents and left thousands without power. morgan radford reports on the challenges going into this year's new year's weekend. >> reporter: tonight, millions of americans, scrambling to clear the streets. >> unless you have to go out, don't bother going out. it makes live easier for us. >> reporter: in upstate new york, plows clearing up to eight inches of snow. after the first major storm of the season clobbered the northeast. >> reporter: almost 100,000 people in plan without power which officials say may not come back for days. parts of that state saw more than two feet of snow. nor than a foot in parts of new hampshire. tonight responders trying to prevent this. the aftermath of a forceful 24 hours. here in new hampshire, you can see melting snow still covering the streets. this is something
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officials warn can quickly turn to ice as soon as the temperature drops. dangerous streets, under harsh conditions. >> such low visibility, that it's very, very hard to even tell what lanes you're supposed to be driving in. >> reporter: residents hoping to end the year with a different type of bang. morgan radford, nbc news, concord, new hampshire. a frantic search is under way for a small plane that vanished shortly after takeoff from cleveland. officials fear it may have plunged into lake erie last night with six people on board. nbc's ron mott has the latest. >> reporter: a race against time and frigid waters of lake erie as the coast guard leads the search for a missing plane with six people aboard, feared lost. >> reporter: officials say they're picking up a faint emergency signal activated after a crash. >> there's several faint hits, but we have not received a strong hit of a steady
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elt signal. >> reporter: the plane took off from burke lake front airport with light snow falling and strong winds gusting to 36 miles an hour. it made two turns toward the north before disappearing from radar. john t. fleming, ceo of a columbus ohio beverage company was piloting. he was joined by his wife suzanne, their two teen sons, and two others. an adult and child. neighbors of both families expressed hope. >> let's hope a miracle happens. >> reporter: rough conditions hampered the search overnight. teams from canada are aiding in the effort. >> we'll be hopeful until we switch off to assisting with recovery. >> reporter: records indicate they were flying back to the columbus area. tonight investigators still don't know why the plane disappeared as concerns grow for the families. ron mott, nbc news. and still ahead right here tonight, how an uber ride saved
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get fast sinus relief...with vicks sinex. and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head, medicine. back now with an uber driver being hailed as a hero after he overheard something disturbing from his back seat. rather than simply moving on to the next fare, he launched into action, and now police are praising him for helping save a
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16-year-old girl from alleged sex traffickers. we get the details tonight from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: it was just a 13-minute ride, an $8 fare, but in that time, keith avila could sense something wrong. he said the girl in his passenger seat wore a surprisingly short skirt. >> it struck me as odd because she was so young and dressing like that. >> reporter: he said the two women in the back seat were giving the girl strange instructions, like this. >> when you're hugging him, just ask, do you have any weapons, pat him down. >> reporter: so after dropping off the trio at a hotel, he called police. during a facebook live stream, he described what happened next. officers arrived and arrested the two women, saying they arranged for the girl to have sex with a man. the girl was a 16-year-old runaway, a common target for traffickers. >> i think this is a perfect example of the community coming together and recognizing that something is not
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right. >> reporter: in the u.s., fomore than 4,000 sex trafficking cases have been reported to the national trafficking hotline. >> it really is getting the service industry and corporations trained to be able to recognize this, because this is a crime that is out in the open. >> reporter: uber says it does send drivers up to date information about spotting the signs of human trafficking. >> i went online and saw the situation. >> hats off to that driver. in a moment, the growing concern about the health and environmental impact
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...gently remove more plaque and... ...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. the city of los angeles is synonymous with hollywood, but it's also an unlikely source of oil production, and that's led to growing health and environmental concerns. those concerns were
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heightened by a state audit that called safety tests at oil sites inadequate and found more than half of the inspection records were missing or incomplete. we get more on this from nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: long before los angeles was the tarmt capital of the world, it was one of the largest oil producers in the country. today, it still is. los angeles county has more than 5,000 active oil well sites, 1,071 in the city. sometimes they're disguised as art or behind high walls, or even hidden in towers like this building in beverly hills. but most can be seen throughout l.a. neighborhoods, not hidden at all. >> we don't have to be doing this. >> reporter: after mark ruffalo led a tour around toxic sites in l.a., he said he's shocked by what he's seen. >> i want to wake up
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los angeles here. >> reporter: gladys is part of a group suing the city, alleging lack of safety requirements have forced health burdens on the people. >> reporter: one concern is about a technique used to extract oil from depleted reserves using acid to dissolve rock and release new oil. >> unfortunately, the operators are allowed to use the acid and the chemical cocktails. >> reporter: one of the biggest concerns here in los angeles is that many of these sites are literally right next door to people's homes, but across the country, many cities are now starting to restrict oil pumping in neighborhoods. l.a. city officials say they are taking action. >> you will see the city move very, very, very quickly. because we recognize we need to get a handle on these things. >> reporter: but until any new changes are put into place, oil pumping in the neighborhood continues.
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>> so many remarkable lives. our thanks to producer katie rem chin and editor barry silverman for that remembrance. before we go, we do have an announcement for our viewers in new england. starting this sunday, january 1st, there will be a new nbc station in boston. if you're looking for "nightly news" or any other nbc programs, you'll find them on channel 10 on most cable providers in boston. again, starting this sunday, new-year's day. that will do it for us on this friday night. i'm peter alexander in for lester. for all of us at nbc news, we thank you for watching. have a good night. > debbie reynolds and carrie
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fisher, their complicate the love story. the new documentary going behind closed doors with the hollywood dynasty now on "extra." they were mother and daughter. they were also best friends. >> i take her advice, and i
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follow her example. >> mesmerized by her mom as a child, a ten-year falling out, a reconciliation. >> i lost happiness from my daughter, so that makes me sad. >> and then rare video of their life in beverly hills from hbo's new debbie and carrie film. >> mommy, i'm home. >> hello. >> and from mother/daughter to father/daughter, president trump and ivanka taking d.c. together. what role she'll flplay in the white house. >> i would not be surprised if she played a role that might typically have been occupied by the first lady. then mariah dnce, pitbull. >> we are going to get off the chain. i'll tell you why. >> we're channel surfing for the ultimate new year's eve preview. plus days after going public with drake, our new interview with jennifer lopez. why she's getting ready to test her strength. >> it's intense. it's scary to go i


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