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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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commuter chaos and cancellations and delays. why the weather might be to blame. how did it happen? a 50-pound dumbbell crashes through a car window on the turnpike. tax or no tax? orange juice, almond milk, sparkling water. what you need to know next time you go to the grocery store. nbc 10 news starts now. a winter roller coaster. one final night of bitter cold temperatures before a drastic temperature swing. good evening. >> we are tracking a big warm upthat could bring temperatures in the 60s this week.
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what should we expect tomorrow? >> well, the temperature is going to be a lot higher tomorrow afternoon than what we saw this afternoon. tomorrow morning not quite as cold as this morning, especially in philadelphia where it's 20 now. but in some of the new jersey suburbs that had a lot of snow on saturday, those numbers are way down at 7 right now in clayton. it is even colder piney hollow at 3. even princeton at 3 degrees at this hour. but the temperature is going to be leveling off a bit as we go through the rest of the night and jump up into the 30s by tomorrow afternoon. the wind is not going to be that strong. so it's not going to feel that much colder. we have clouds advancing and some snow that could be affecting part of the area by
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later tomorrow or tomorrow night. but the big issue is the big warmup. i'll let you know how warm and how soon coming up. well, the bitter cold led to commuter chaos during the evening rush. the flashlights on the left are because of a fire that might be linked to the weather. take a look at the right. that's just one of the cars in our area that stalled in these below freezing temperatures. keith jones with the latest. >> reporter: it's a sound no one likes to hear. unless you're chris zito who's been very busy. he's one of aaa's battery technicians. >> just from the sound of it, doesn't sound like a battery problem. but we'll found out in a second. >> reporter: and finally -- >> come on. >> reporter: success. aaa says this scene has played
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out more than 2200 times today. about half of their calls were for dead batteries. >> when it gets so cold, sometimes the battery will die. but in this case we had either a clogged fuel line, fuel filter or the fuel pump wasn't working properly. >> it just took a lot longer to get to work. it just like how it normally is. >> reporter: better crippled trains. a train started to smoke, possibly caused by the freezing temperatures. >> what is it out, like 20? >> reporter: old man winter impacting everyone's day, even those who depend on their own two feet. >> like a ten-minute walk or so. it's just very cold. >> reporter: very cold indeed. we're back here live. i want to show you what you can do to make sure your car is
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ready for the cold. start at the ground level. make sure the tire has tread. then pop the hood. first things first, fill the fluids starting with your anti-freeze. also your washer fluid is important. and nearby, the battery. again, half the calls that aaa received today for were dead batteries. if you haven't replaced it in three to five years, make sure you do just that. bundle up out here. it's pretty cold. it's not clear yet if icy conditions caused this shuttle bus to topple in northeast philadelphia. the driver was able to climb out through the windshield after crashing near wood haven road around 4:00. a 75-year-old man is hospitalized tonight after a dumbbell came crashing through his windshield on the new jersey turnpike. tonight police are still trying
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to figure out how it happened. >> reporter: i just checked on the victim's condition. he underwent surgery and remains in critical condition with his family by his side. new jersey police identified the 75-year-old man who survived a crash that critically injured him. jack decarlo was behind the wheel of this suv with his wife in the passenger seat when a dumbbell struck the passenger window. sky force ten shows how the dumbbell left its mark as it smashed into the driver's side. he veered off the turnpike this morning. his wife was not hurt. the couple was heading south on the turnpike at mile marker 6
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near two over passes although it's unclear if the dumbbell was thrown from either one of them. state police continue to investigate on whether the cause of the crash was intentional. today the suspected gunman in last week's deadly airport shooting appeared before a judge for the first time. esteban santiago is charged in the killings of five people inside fort lauderdale airport. he told the judge today he understands the charges which could carry the death penalty. the 26-year-old was then ordered back behind bars. take a look at what turned up at philadelphia international airport. this handgun was found sunday in a passenger's carry-on bag. we do know ammunition was found as well. the passenger, who had a gun permit, will likely be fined and charged with disorderly conduct.
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tomorrow president-elect trump's cabinet picks will have their first confirmation hearings for attorney general. alabama senator jeff sessions will be in the hot seat. democrats could ask tough questions about immigration, lgbt issues and voting rights. do cory booker will testify against him. john kelly is president-elect trump's pick for homeland security. he'll face questions over mr. trump's proposal to ban muslims and build a border wall with mexico. the department of justice is called onto investigate after mr. trump named his son-in-law jarred kushner. he has said he plans to resign from the company. tomorrow president obama will give his farewell speech to the nation in his hometown of chicago. thousands of free tricketts to the event were gone in a matter of minutes.
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hundreds of them are now being sold for as much as $5,000 online. nbc news's lester holt will interview the president tomorrow ahead of his speech for a special dateline set to air friday. because of president obama's farewell address, we have some programming changes to tell you about. tomorrow night catch a new episode of the wall at 8:00, followed by the president's address at 9:00. and a new episode of "this is us" at 10:00. nj governor chris christie will deliver his full-time state of the state address tomorrow. his approval rates are at record lows. his presidential campaign failed and president-elect trump demoademot demoted him from his transition team. he signs a new law that requires offend eers to surrender their
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guns, id cards and permit. we're watching you. that's the message family and friends have for the husband who killed a montgomery county woman. he served a ten-year sentence for beating his wife ellen to death. it's unclear if he returned to the house now he's free. >> don't think that we would not act. i'm not sure in what way we would do that. but we are around and we see everything that goes on. >> rob is now on probation for ten years. new details about the woman accused of killing her daughter in a rape/murder fantasy. sarah packer and her boyfriend are facing charges for the murder of 14-year-old grace packer. now the state wants to
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investigate the social work files sara packer handled during her time as a social worker. we're live over breaking news where shots were fired at a checkers restaurant. no one inside the restaurant was hurt but there was damage to the building from the bullets. new at 11:00, a former secret service officer has agreed to plead guilty to trying to solicit sex from a delaware undercover agent he thought was a 14-year-old girl. he surrendered in 2014 after an online sex sting. prosecutors said moore also had online sex chats with actual young girls. two south jersey high schools honored a fallen state trooper as they faced off on the wrestling mat. they met for the first annual trooper cullen memorial mass
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tonight. trooper cullen died when he was did by a car as he investigated a car crash last march. he w the battle over the thin blue line. why the federal government is warning local towns about their tribute to police. from almond mills to seltzers, do you know what's covered under the sugary drink tax? the ground opens up and swallows two cars in philadelphia. why that's just the start of the problems tonight. are you tired of the cold? i'm tracking a huge warmup and wetter weather ahead. coming up tomorrow, they call it a miracle. >> shoppers say a local grocery store has changed their lives. we look at how the business is
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lending a helping hand to those in need. plus, the innovative new step they're about to take. that's tomorrow morning at 4:30 right here on nbc 10 news.
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tonight a battle over a blue line on some new jersey roads as a tribute to fallen police officers. but the federal highway administration says blue paint is for handicapped parking. and they sent a letter to a north jersey county warning penalties could result if those lines aren't removed. the mare syor says he'll lie don the road to protect the blue line. >> the blue line will be there. it's on a local road. >> the north jersey sheriff plans to contact state lawmakers to push a bill that would protect honoring police with the blue line. nbc 10 was in haden township
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for the grand opening at the urgent care facility. patients will have access to walk-in treatment seven days a week as well as x-ray and mri services. a philadelphia man wants to send a message to the mayor and city council, the new sugary drink tax is hitting families hard. this comes as people are still trying to figure out which drinks are taxed and which ones are not. >> basically anyone that says 100% juice, not taxable. anything that says cocktail is taxable. >> reporter: we learned something new tonight about philadelphia's beverage tax. >> the tonic is not sugar but it's sweetened, taxed. >> reporter: letting us know which drinks are taxed and which aren't. >> the flavored seltzer waters are unsweetened they're untaxed.
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>> how many people do you think know that? >> at least 20-30 times a day people are coming up saying is this taxed, why is this taxed? >> reporter: david lee created an online petition against the new beverage tax. at the time we spoke to him, he said he was about a hundred signatures shy of 1,000. >> i hope they hear the message from the people who pay their salaries. >> reporter: the supermarket says the petition can't hurt. he showed us another shopping strategy. gatorade in a bottle is taxed. buying the powdered gatorade to add in your drink is not. now for an update on nthat massive sinkhole. >> nbc 10 was along east boston street in fishtown as workers
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made repairs. the gaping hole was the result of a water main break. two cars dropped into that crater when the ground gave way last night. thankfully the cars were parked with no one inside. we spoke to the owner of one of them today. to our cold blast now. the frigid temperatures could wreak havoc on your home. >> workers were fixing some frozen and burst pipes. experts say it could get worse as the week goes on and any tho frozen water inside a pipe thaws out. this cold blast is not going to stick around. >> we're in for a big warmup. >> that's right. we have one more very cold morning. and then the wind is taking care of things. yesterday it was blowing that way and the cold air was coming in. now it's blowing that way and the cold air is retreating.
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at least it will be retreating. it's 20 degrees in philadelphia. it has not dropped much since our high of 23 today. but in suburbs it's cold. westchester 16. collegeville, 10. we have a couple spots in the single digits. and compared to the end of the week and next week too, it's not going to be nearly as cold. see the arctic air over us now? watch what happens to it as we go through the next of the week. the mild air surges. thursday is the day we could get into the 60s. there's the arctic air just to our north as we go into the weekend and then it exits and it's going to stay away for a good while. as we go into next wednesday, look at all the mild air in the middle of the country that's
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going to be headed this way. we're not going to have anything like this for at least another couple of weeks, perhaps the rest of the month. we have clear skies now. that's one of the reasons temperatures are down. here's an area of light snow coming into ohio that could potentially affect parts of the area into tomorrow evening. as we go through the morning, not as cold as today. we hit 23 today. we're up close to 40 tomorrow. as we go through the night, we could see some of this light snow or freezing rain come into the lehigh valley, but it would be brief, because you see everything is trying to warm up. tomorrow night is mostly rain. wednesday is warmer. thursday is warmer than that. and so big changes here. 39 for a high tuesday. 65 for thursday. we get some of that late rain on tuesday in the suburbs. a mix of rain and snow tuesday night. back in the lehigh valley and
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other areas getting into the 60s as we go into thursday. d delaware which had all of that snow, going to be into the mid 60s and that snow is going to be gone. up next, montgomery county's golden boy. >> how he's responsible for part of "la la land's" record setting success at the golden globes.
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♪ the movie musical "la la land" cleaned up at the golden globes last night. one local guy reaped the benefits. the 31-year-old cowrote the song
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for the film. passic is a 2003 graduate of friend central school in montgomery county. >> i was nervous as much as i was so excited that he had the opportunity to be acknowledged by his peers for the work that he did. how cool is that? >> very proud mom there. he also cowrote a broadway musical. the most talked about part of last night's show came when meryl streep took the stage. >> during her acceptance speech streep spoke out against president-elect trump without ever saying his name. >> when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. >> mr. trump quickly fired back, tweeting that streep is an
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overrated actress and that he did not mock the disabled reporter. sports is next.
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the eagles have made their first move of the off season. they have fired receivers coach greg lewis. he led this receiver group and they were among the worst in the nfl. very little ability to throw the ball down the field, so that position need to be improved. the sixers have won 3 of 4. who will be the bigger star in town? 56% say joel. he's getting love everywhere he
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goes. friday night in boston. >> there were actually really loud and impressive. >> yesterday in brooklyn. he is hearing the love even on the road. >> this is amazing. i'm just going on the road and having the fans all over the place and supporting you is great. >> joel is on his way to being rookie of the year and his campaign to get voted into the all star game is a big hit. >> oh man, it's great. the show is about the fans, the sixers fans especially all over the place. >> any retweet on twitter with his name on a tweet is a vote. he even faked an endorsement from donald trump. and it's working. he is now fourth in fan voting among eastern conference big men. that will get him closer to getting a date with his crush.
11:30 pm
we believe that is rihanna. >> i had a different agenda. but if that's a side benefit for joel, i can see that. he's got good taste. >> now joel has an even loftier goal. >> we are seven or eight games out of the playoffs. it's funny. >> playoffs? don't talk about playoffs. >> that's the goal. i think we have a chance. >> i don't know what's more probable, joel getting a date with rihanna or the sixers making the playoffs. villanova have dropped to number three in the college basketball rankings. flyers getting ready to play the penguins. giants general manager jerry reese says odell beckham junior needs to look himself in the mirror and it's time for him to grow up. strong words.
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the last really cold start to the day tomorrow. and then the warmup begins, especially wednesday and thursday. we could get some chilly rain or frozen weather over the weekend. >> 65. >> january? >> have a great night. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone. jeffrey dean morgan. musical guest, kacey musgraves. and featuring the legendar


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