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tv   NBC10 Issue  NBC  January 15, 2017 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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♪ a power shift like no other. president-elect trump moves into the white house on friday. now the question is how will the new commander in chief affect our area and our day to day lives? >> he's an inner city guy. he's from new york. he understands the city of philadelphia. >> i do worry that some of his policies are difficult for cities to absorb and i think mayor kenny will be fighting for the city of philadelphia. >> he'll be judged on his success of jobs. >> "nbc10 @ issue" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm rosemary connors. on friday, the nation transitions to trump and the new president promises to quickly
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shake things up. it could cut funding to sanctuary cities like philadelphia and support school choice which could funnel money away from philadelphia's struggling public schools. some positive plans include the president-elect's tax proposal which promises to help small businesses and corporations and he's promised to boost infrastructure rebuilding and this could mean upgrades to highways and rail lines and he's vowed to create jobs and jobs and more jobs. joining me to discuss what a trump president could mean are the head of the philadelphia republicans, jodie feliz and dalen leach and nbc10 political reporter lauren make. so lauren, we're being to start with some of your exclusive interview with president-elect donald trump. you spoke to him while he was on the campaign trail. here in philadelphia, late -- >> august or september. so we'll play portions of some of that interview and obviously get your take on it.
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let's take a listen. >> what type of money -- federal money would you be withholding from cities that you consider sanctuary cities? >> we hold back -- >> completely? >> we hold back money. the sanctuary cities are a disaster in this country. >> will that include medicaid money or law enforcement money? >> they're a method for criminals to protect themselves. >> philadelphia of course is a sanctuary city, it protects undocumented immigrants who commit nonviolent crimes from federal authorities. lauren, you have been looking into the numbers and in terms of funding. what have you found out? >> as you saw there, we don't have a breakdown of which federal funding he's talking about. would it be all of it or would it be just be a portion of it? if you're talking about all of it, you're talking about a lot of money for philadelphia, just in the general fund alone, more than $30 million. but it's much more than that. >> joe, do we expect the president-elect to make good on his promise?
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>> i guess we'll see. but it wasn't the president-elect who created this. it was mayor kenny and mayor nutter and even he realized it was bad and pulled back from it and mayor kenny reinstituted. we're talking about bribery and arson they're all covered under the sanctuary city policy in philadelphia. i don't think it's a good thing. it's not anti-immigrant. it's more pro philadelphia, they pay us us a at the -- it passed at the state house overwhelmingly. i'm sure the senator can speak pore to that. >> senator leach? >> yeah, remember when you talk about this issue we're talking about human beings and sometimes children being sent back to abject poverty and extreme violence. and we have to decide whether we as a country that type of people. and also, you know, we're talking about in most cases the overwhelming majority of cases nonviolent interactions with police officers and police officers will tell you and they have told me that it actually hurts them to be the arms of immigration enforcement because
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it hurts their ability to form relationships within the community, get information they need to be law enforcement officers which is what they are, they're not border patrol agents. i think we have to be cautious before we institute policies that up end all that. >> when mr. trump was in philadelphia back in 2016, late august, he had some harsh words for the mayor. >> you have tremendous violence on the streets of philadelphia. your mayor is doing a terrible job here and there's no communication between the police and the communities. it's a very big problem. >> mayor kenney did respond after that, after he made those comments. he had some colorful words saying the word that came to mind was nincompoop and he defended the record on crime saying that serious crime had gone down by 2.2%. that was in september that he was saying this. >> senator leach, let's begin on this one. the nutter administration certainly enjoyed a positive relationship with washington
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while mr. obama was president. it seems like mayor kenney has a long way to go with president-elect donald trump. >> it's not just a personal relationship but policy differences. we are not sure what policies the president-elect trump is going to push. there was some things on the campaign trail that were contradictory and sort inconsistent. we have to see which direction he's going. but i do worry that some of the policies are difficult for cities to absorb and i think mayor kenney will be fighting for the city of philadelphia. and there's some tension there. >> is the assessment of the mayor is accurate? >> i think the mayor is doing a terrible. we just got a soda tax and mayor kenney didn't think trump would win. so he tweets him christmas eve is a iing can i come up to trump
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tower? even labor unions are starting to appeal to trump, talking about the infrastructure projects and illegal immigrants. things like that. i think we'll see a turn on how he handles these things going forward. >> here's another clip from donald trump, from president-elect trump on inner city philadelphia and the relationship with city officials. take a listen. >> it's disgraceful, frankly, what's happened with respect to the african-american community, how badly they have been treated by democrats who have run the inner cities for so long and have given them nothing. all they want is their votes. so i met with a phenomenal group of people. we had a really great session and they're with me all the way. >> of course this is when president-elect was meeting with some african-american leaders. your thoughts? >> real quick on soda tax, you can't talk about a tax without talking about what it pays for
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and when people know it's for the better schools, people may be okay with it. this is a person who would -- you know, repeatedly point out african americans in his audience and say, oh, look, an african-american friend. he'd have people beaten up in his audience when they were. sometimes they were his supporters when they were african-american. his proposals -- i mean, look at his cabinet so far. only one african-american. he's put where -- the place where they -- a lot. republican presidents put their one african american in their cabinet which is housing and urban development. a person, ben carson, who has expressed no interest in housing his entire life. it is really -- there is no one else in the administration and i think the idea that he's going to be looking out for the interest of african-americans -- i'm very skeptical about that. >> agree, dispute? can president-elect donald trump can he bridge a gap with the african-american community? >> of course. it has been disgraceful. chaka fattah, prison.
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liana washington, prison. we can go down the line. 26 philadelphians who have been indicted, convicted -- >> john purcell. >> that's one from seven years ago. >> brett fees. >> i can give you a lot of people -- >> the entire track in philadelphia was removed due to corruption. it has been a total disservice to the people of the city of philadelphia. he's right on point. they're not serving them. we go from jp miranda with his ghost employee into leslie acosta who was serving as a convicted felon. you have watson currently under investigation. we can go down the line. back to the soda tax, they talked about pre-k and then we'll send it to the general fund and then a tax on the distributors. tell that to my neighbor that are now driving out to your district to buy their soda now. >> i would say it's very easy -- >> the conversation has evolved into and lauren -- you want to chime in? >> when you talk about how he is
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going to be held -- how the president-elect is going to be judged perhaps in his first term, and whether or not he is able to as you say bridge that gap and to reach out to voters, the republican party may not have convinced in the past, one of the things that he will be judged on is his success in the economy, and jobs. that will be something that people have told me over and over again that is one thing they're looking for. from him. so that is one way he'll be judged. >> i would also feel compelled to say, you can pick the 1 or 2% of people who have gotten in trouble. i think it does a disservice to the overwhelming majority of elected officials of both parties who work extremely hard, very sincere people, trying to make their lives better. look at donald trump, a person who wouldn't disavow white supremacy when he was first asked about it, endorsed by the klan and david duke and every white supremacist nation in the country.
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so therefore, donald trump is a good idea for african-americans it's a disconnect. >> joe, i wonder back to bringing people in, how inclusive is the president-elect trump going to be? >> i think he's definitely struck a cord. he won 51 more than mitt romney won. we have two up in the northwest and one in south philadelphia, so we began increasing our presence in the african-american community. donald trump was in north philly meeting with african-american leaders, his daughter, daughter in law came here to philadelphia and mitt romney never stop foot here. john mccain never did. he understands the inner cities. he understands the city of philadelphia, he went to penn, he lived in new york. i think having an interest in urban areas can help us dig ourselves out of the mess we have been in the city in the last 50 odd years. >> in terms of talking about the
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president-elect's connection to philadelphia, he had some negative comments about the city when he was here. >> look, i went to school here. i know the city very well and to see how far it's gone down, the inner city and the neighborhood, i can't believe it. >> as you mentioned, joe, obviously the president-elect a graduate of the university of pennsylvania. he graduated from penn in the late '60s. i was a few decades behind him. closer to his daughter ivanka. and since the late '60s the city has improved tremendously. >> well, you can't tell that to all of my friends who moved out of the city. every single one left the city of philadelphia except me. why? education and taxes. bottom line. you want to talk about crime and everything, our office at 16th and lehigh, there's a casket marked in the middle of the street, all lives matter because the kids are dying there every single day. is this urban america across america i'm sure it is. it is happening in philadelphia. we can't pretend it's not just
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because we have new nice beer gardens and pop-up restaurants downtown. >> i grew up in northeast philadelphia and philadelphia who is not from philadelphia, the city is dramatically better in every single way than it was when i was growing up. it's just not true to say it wasn't and donald trump obviously doesn't know what he's talking about when he talks about the city of philadelphia. he should spend some time with the people here. >> i want to talk about the inauguration. lauren and joe, we'll get to you in a moment. lauren, you will be leading our coverage as the political reporter on the ground. you have been talking to volunteers with trump's campaign. obviously folks are going down to washington to protest. tell us your thoughts. >> yeah, people are going for different reasons. there are quite a few people from our area who will be in washington, d.c., this coming week. not just for the inauguration but for some of the several protests that are going on. although some are going because they want to be there or just -- i spoke with someone who says he wants to be there for history
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once in a lifetime experience. >> joe, you will be there as well? >> i'm excited for personal reasons. i have been around politics for a long time. this will be my first convention and first inauguration. a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. i'm looking forward to it. >> we have much more to discuss when we come back. next on "nbc10 @ issue," how the president-elect plans to tackle health care and how our region could be affected. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to worry about student loan debt. i graduated into it. so i couldn't do the things i love, like traveling. but i knew there had to be a way to manage it. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... an education refinance loan helped me save on payments each month. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen.
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this is "nbc10 @ issue." >> welcome back to "nbc10 @ issue." as we discuss what our area can expect from a trump administration. the process to repeal the affordable care act started this week. now, many are wondering if they'll lose their health care all together and when. >> most likely will be on the same day or the same week, but probably the same day. could be the same hour. >> that was mr. trump's response during his press conference on wednesday. when he was asked about repealing obamacare.
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jodie feliz, daylin leach and lauren mayk are back. joe, what does the replacement look like? >> i don't know what the replacement will look like, but i think it's better than what we have now. we have the largest majorities across the state here. and in the senate and in the house. we saw the republicans take the senate. we have ridiculous amounts of govern governorships and voters don't want this. i have heard from several small business owners how it's hurt their business how it's hurt their businesses. just another crippling tax on top of it. >> i see people that say that obamacare saved their lives. now they have health care and they were denied earlier because of fre existing conditions. during the campaign he said i'm going to replace obamacare with something tremendous. it will be terrific. it's going to be classy. everyone is going to love it, believe me. that was his entire plan. okay?
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and since then, he's not gotten any more specific. frankly, the congress can't come up with anything to replace it with. because the physics of health care are that either you have single payer or you have a mandatory -- mandate. people buy health care and provide for pre-existing conditions or there is no pre-existing condition coverage. there's no third way to do it. so what -- if they just repeal it without replacing it, 25 million americans with the stroke of a pen are going to lose their health care. many people will die and i think that's a national tragedy that i am skeptical that the republicans are going to pull the trigger on. >> i'm sure, joe, you want to comment on this. but lauren, you have been speaking to people on both sides of this. >> people who are watching this play out very carefully, not just patients but also hospitals. hospitals in this region are watching this very carefully. they have been -- they have been trying to meet the requirements
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and there could be different requirements or just a different way of doing things. so they're watching it very carefully as well. but yeah, i have spoken with people who have insurance through the affordable care act on both sides of it. some say it has gotten too expensive and they want it to go away. even knowing they'll lose the coverage they have. some say i don't know what i'd do without this. i have found both. >> joe, in terms of the timing obviously we know this going to be really crucial. we have heard both and we're starting to see one version of this. we have heard we'll repeal it, but we'll something to replace it. we're already starting to see some of it being replaced. but there's not plan in place yet. >> i do people want something, but it is not this. when their premium goes up, you know? and some of the stuff coming out from the left, the idea they'll replace the other things, with the medicare and the medicaid and stuff like that, that's not going to happen.
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and it is just fear mongering that's playing into this. we're getting calls into the office regularly on this. i think we'll be in good position in the next coupling of weeks. >> senator leach, can you talk about how medicaid expansion in pennsylvania would be impacted. >> well, yeah. it would go away. and i've covered 800,000 additional pennsylvanians. once in a while i get someone who says to me, well, people can go to the emergency room. the emergency room is required if you're hit by a bus to stabilize you or if you have a heart attack to stabilize you. you can't get a liver transplant, chemotherapy or dialysis or psychological treatment. you can't get that in the emergency room. if you're not insured the overwhelming majority of cases you don't get it. that is something that every other country in the world has figured out how to do. every other developed country other than us. and it's really embarrassing that we have citizens who are going to lose their lives for lack of access which is available and can help them because we're -- if we
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recklessly just premier league this and not replace it with something that provides coverage to these people. >> lauren, you'll get the last word on this. you have spoken to both sides of this, you have heard from small business owners who are split. >> absolutely. some of those people who i had heard from on both sides are -- as joe as you said, small business owners who are buying the coverage for themselves. and they're watching this very, very carefully with hope for a different outcome. >> all right. thank you, everyone, for being here. joe defe lice, and daylin leach and lauren mayk. our coverage starts wednesday afternoon at 4:00. she'll be joined by jim rosenfield and jacqueline london later on in the day. don't miss our special reports thursday night at 7:00 and friday at 7:30.
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next on "nbc10 @ issue," vaccine controversy. why doctors are worried the trump administration will spark new concerns about their safety.
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learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. this is "nbc10 @ issue." >> welcome back to "nbc10 @ issue." a potential trump appointment we learned about has reig nated the debate about autism and vaccines. it was debunked years ago. some doctors believe drawing attention to it again harms public health. >> doctors in our area are unwavering. >> the vaccines don't cause autism. >> now some fear that it can be pushed aside after robert kennedy is chairing a commission on vaccine safety.
11:54 am
>> he has some concerns about the vaccine safety. >> the president-elect is nearly exploring the possibility of a committee. although trump has not shied from voicing his doubts about vaccinations. >> i'm totally in favor of vaccines but i want smaller doses over a longer period of time. >> we are worried about anybody saying that vaccines are not important to get. because we're confident that the science is on our side. >> even groups like autism speaks which advocates for people with the communication disorder agree. stating on the website, over the last two decades extensive research has asked if there's any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. the result of the research are clear. vaccines do not cause autism and parents like mary ann have sided with science over the president-elect's concerns. >> i'm pretty sure he hasn't gone to medical school. >> she says she has every intention of having her 10 day
11:55 am
old son immunized the parents who choose not to vaccinate are putting their children and others at risk. >> their child could suffer fatal infection, infections with diseases like whooping cough which are still out there. measles and mumps are still out. it's not a risk free choice, but a choice to take a different and more serious risk. >> what's concerning when people bring this up -- >> the false link between vaccines and autism began because children got diagnosed around the same time they were vaccinat vaccinated. but he said newer tools have helped the doctors learn that the condition typically begins before children are immunized.
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this is "nbc10 @ issue." >> that's it for this edition of "nbc10 @ issue." thanks for watching. don't forget to stick with nbc10 as we transition to a new
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