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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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end of the retreat. despite demonstrationings in center city. off the mark. what president trump said about philadelphia crime that has the mayor fighting back. falling apart. new report that sites problems at the schools in the city. good morning. welcome back. i'm rosemary conner. >> i'm katy zachary. let's get to bill henley with the most accurate nbc 10 neighborhood forecast. definitely a little chillier this morning. >> wind is making a difference. temperatures still pretty mild for this year. 40s right now. 43 degrees in philadelphia. wind is 20 miles an hour in the city. temperatures still falling. clouds overhead.
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43 degrees right now. 7:00 we're down to 40 degrees. then it gets a little bit colder. even though we'll see sunshine. winds bringing colder air. and that wind is going to really limit the warmup for philadelphia, for the lehigh valley. for delaware and south jersey. 40 now in easton. 36 degrees at 8:00. back up to 40 at 11:00 this morning. you can see the temperatures move a little. not going to get a whole lot warmer than we are right now. 45 degrees. that's for philadelphia. the suburbs will be in the low 40s. and 44 in new jersey. inland and at the shore. be a little bit windier at the shore. the winds will be blowing extra cloud cover into the lehigh valley. so it will stay dry today. delaware sunshine and then clouds blow in this afternoon. i'm break each of these forecast down hour by hour how the temperatures will change during the day when i come back in ten minutes. first let's see how the traffic is running. right now with francesca. >> thank you, bill. we're over in south jersey.
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toms river township. marked it with graphic. road closure. route 9 and sizion road. where you're seeing green right now not affecting traffic. still very early. get closer towards the heart of rush hour. wherever you go is going to be affecting traffic in and out of area. keeping an eye on that as long as it hasn't cleared yet. take a look the 95. see the most volume. again, this is southbound traffic towards the center city area. northbound over here. traveling southbound from wood haven to vine still hanging on strong. travel speeds in the fd. going to take you 13 minutes. coming back take a look at rest of majors as well as the bridge closure. send it back to you. this morning, nobody is in jail following yesterday's demonstrations against republican retreat and president trump in philadelphia.
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keep demonstrators away from loews hotel. during the rally, we spoke to a supporters of the president who had this message for the demonstrators. >> i say give him a chance. i say give donald trump a chance. >> the only way we can fight this is collective perspective. we have to come together. >> police did not make any arrests, but they did issue one civil citation for disorderly conduct. mayor jim kenny thanked police in a tweet for keeping everybody safe. >> here in philadelphia, the murder rate has been steady. i mean just terribly increased. >> president trump's claim about philadelphia's murder rate has city leaders setting the record straight. police statistics show 10 more murders this year than last year. 2016 murder count is the third lowest in the last ten years. mayor gym kenny says the claims
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undermine the hard work of police force. >> they're out there standing on the street. 12 hours in a shift taking care and protecting him and he stands before the people and denigrates our police force. i think it's disgraceful. they want help from the federal government. hope that includes common sense gun legislation. read more about what the president had to see here in philadelphia plus you'll see more of the demonstrators calling for attention right now all on the free nbc app or nbc march organizers held a rally yesterday to get ready for event. today marchers will protest the 44th answ anniversary of roe v.
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decision. it wouldn't be the first time that mr. pence has come to the march for life and he is -- he's just on these issues. >> today's rally begins on the ground to the washington monument. >> we have new details on the deadly accident on the new jersey turnpike involving a 50 pound dumbbell that smashed into a car windshield. police tell nbc 10 they have found in evidence it was a deliberate act. they are still not sure where the dumbbell came from. 75-year-old jack died tuesday night after the dumbbell hit the windshield as he was driving in se lsalem. you can see the hole has been filled in. the ground gave way here on wednesday morning. nearly swallowed up a pickup truck in the process. people who lost water because of it are still being advised to
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boil water. >> school district in philadelphia says it needs close to billions of dollars to fix aging buildings across the city. new report outlines more than 12,000 repairs need to be done. district officials say the most urgent needs are for heating and cooling systems and electrical service. report says about a third of city schools need so much work, engineers recommend they be replaced or closed. >> students in others gathered on university campus in glass borough last night to mark international remembrance day. peco taking steps to prevent power outages. the company is spending $2 million to trim trees and plants that could knock down nearby power lines. project is already underway and expected to end in march.
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5:37. the wind is blowing to make it feel chilly this morning. temperatures are not bad. the wind is already on the strong side. we've seen wind gusts of 31 miles an hour in the region. wind stays with us right on through this afternoon. right now 15 mile an hour wind at philadelphia. wilmington. little bit stronger. that's where we had wind gusts of 31 miles an hour in the last hour. not as strong as atlantic city. it will get stronger during the day. those winds will deliver clouds later this afternoon, but we'll get sunshine before that happens. 43 degrees right now. well above normal. almost 20 degrees above normal. the temperatures are falling. we'll see 30s this morning. back into the 40s this afternoon. suburbs will see some scattered clouds at times. more cloud cover this afternoon than this morning. 39 degrees right now. 37 at 8:00. 10:00 and some of the tupper 30s at lunchtime today. more clouds in the lehigh valley. i'm tracking snow showers.
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i don't think the snow showers will make it into the lehigh valley, but the clouds will. so that's going keep the warmup limited to the low 40s this afternoon. and the wind blowing in new jersey, 42 degrees right now. clouds overnight helps keep temperatures warmer. 38 degrees at 8:00. low 40s by lunchtime and late in the afternoon, those clouds start moving in with 15 mile an hour winds. at the shore, the winds of 18 miles an hour. 2:00 this afternoon and later this afternoon. that's when the clouds will start to move in. before we get there, we'll get enough sunshine to warm the temperatures from the 30s into the low 40s. for delaware, a dry day, yes, clouds around right now, but 42 degrees. not a bad start. just a little bit windy at 15 miles an hour now. those winds pretty steady if not increasing some this afternoon. pickup truck during the afternoon. that's where i get clouds later in the day today. sunshine, clouds, 40s today. turning a bit colder this weekend and especially next week. show you the trend with the ten
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day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> bill, thanks for that. if you're getting out the door right now, bill said, little cooler, might want to add a extra layer. >> that's right. she's got the details for us on what to avoid. what's looking okay out there. tell us about it. >> rose marry. we're going to be checking in on travel conditions. so far in montgomery seeing east and westbound traffic. speeds in the 60s. problem free and accident free. just seeing it very, very light traffic heading into center city right now. what has been cleared yet within the secondary roads, lower pottsgrove is vehicle accident. charlotte street as well as maugers mill road. not entirely affecting traffic. still early. look at the majors in new jersey. 295. new jersey turnpike and 40 in terms of accident, accident free. majors coming up. take a look at southbound traffic on 95. accepted it back to you ladies. >> thanks, francesca.
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take you state by state and county by county with look at stories we are covering. portion of philadelphia will feel like hollywood today. philadelphia native kevin hart has a new movie. and hart will not be onset today. crew will be. road closures for drivers starting at 7:00 this evening. shoot is happening on market street and jfk boulevard between 16th and 20th street. septa will be detouring buses around the filming. go to nbc 10 app to get full list of closures and detours. heather summons is the new president of new jersey association of counties. she was sworn in yesterday in trenton. the association supports laws and policies that health county governments set up services and saves taxpayers money. hold a ribbon cutting ceremony. new va outpatient clinton. also discuss how the va is improving services for veterans in cumberland county.
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news from delaware bureau. announce a plan to prevent youth violence. council give six key recommendations on how the city can improve services to keep safe. >> tough decisions ahead for some of pennsylvania's state colleges. officials say they're reviewing the state university system. could result in the merger or closure of some of the 1478 campuses. problems include declining enrollment and financial challenges. >> a jersey shore police chief is warning parents to look out for children's safety. and changes to state law forced him to take that message to social media. police chief posted a rare warning on social media about a sex offender in the community. the post went up on wednesday. soon after, sources say 20-year-old christopher wilson was released from jail. police arrested wilson last week
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after allegedly offering a girl a video system in exchange for sexual favor. judge allowed him to go free under state's new bail reform law. >> outrageous, ridiculous. don't understand this system. >> people look to us for safety and guidance. if i can't provide that, i can't do my job. >> the chief says he can't officially name the previously named sex offender, the man is appealing status under megan's law. process could take months to sort out. quarter before six on this friday. and panic over a parrot. a bird stuck in a tree is causing quite a secene in a locl neighborhood. effort underway to rescue a parrot and why it's so hard to get down.
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5:46. today the republican retreat will wrap up. >> comes a day after president trump's speech sparked widespread demonstration. the president has returned to washington this morning. gop leaders have a breakfast event planned. three-day retreat wraps up at 11 this morning. joins us live with the details. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned. this thing is coming to an end here this morning. the convention, retreat that was taking place by gop leaders, it's the ending with an 8:00 breakfast this morning. the develop leaders will be wrapping things up at the low loews. president trump and vice president mike pence were in town yesterday. this was the scene across the city. thousands of demonstrators hit the streets. some making way to police barricade just outside of the loews hotel. among the speakers here,
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yesterday, the prime minster of the uk at times saluting mr. trump for vision and also reminding him and the gop of their responsibilities to the rest of the world. reporting live now, outside of loews hotel. pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. pharmaceutical company with headquarters in chester county laying off dozens of workers. cutting 90 full-time positions. the move will save up to $50 million a year. more layoffs to reported. progressive facility in vineland. general mills filed with the state to start the layoff process. vineland mayor says the city is talking to several companies who could move into the site. in delaware t mayor of dover is combatting homeless by forming a new commission. made of members of city and confiscate government of
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nonprofit organizations. look at what the city is going right. work to figure out what else it can do. the mayor says there can be as many as 100 homeless people in dover on any given night. in philadelphia getting a count on how many people in that city are homeless. that number will be available in march. earlier this week, volunteers in camden did the same thing. exotic bird is spending another morning outside in wilmington. >> here's the story. the owner has been trying to recapture it without any luck. >> come on freddie. come on, buddy. >> the macaw escaped from owner's house last week and has been flying from tree to tree. tree service company stepped in and donated bucket truck to help catch the bird yesterday, but you say when somebody got too close. flew to another branch. >> because he doesn't know how to fly downward, he's been flying around in circles and landing in the tops of trees. >> freddie has never been
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outside before his escape. owner is worried how freddie will cope with cold temperatures this weekend so going to try another rescue today. this morning, music fans learn the lineup for fire fly music festival. at 10 this morning. organizers will announce more than 100 acts. tickets go on sale just a few hours later at 1:00 today. four day event begins june 15. june, seems like a little ways away. yes. definitely. we'll have the temperatures warmer by june, i think. this is not bad this morning. i mean, this time of year, we should see temperatures in the 20s. we're in the 40s right now. it's the wind this morning that's making it feel colder. we're dry. there are clouds moving through. that's a live view from philadelphia. see some sunshine today. there will be clouds blowing through the area at times. right now the temperatures. 43 in philadelphia. trenton.
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millville. all in the 40s. factor in the wind and this is where you get the feels like temperatures that are in the 30s. still above freezing. wilmington, philadelphia, northeast philadelphia. it's pottstown that feels like freezing. allentown just below. winds a little bit stronger at 20 miles an hour this morning. feel the windchill this morning. actually, we'll see it for much of the day. look closely, few echoes that are returning on the radar here. might see a flurry as there are some clouds blowing through off of the snow showers that are in western and central pennsylvania. not going the see snow showers. we'll see clouds blow through and we'll feel the wind. colder air that's blowing into the area, that snow extends into ohio valley even into midwest seeing snow. cold air moving our way. temperatures will be dropping this weekend. just back to normal january levels. look at that, pretty quite. nationwide. we have no storm systems coming our way.
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not next next week. weekend forecast we'll see sunshine and temperatures climbing into the upper 30s and 40s for most of the area saturday and sunday. mornings that will be colder. below freezing in philadelphia in the morning. sunday morning, 20s to start with for most areas. then turns even colder next week. so doesn't look too bad for this time of year. 45 degrees. 41 on saturday. 42 the high after morning low of 28 degrees. the winds settles down. clouds move in. get as little bit colder on monday. 36 degrees in the afternoon. slight chance of flurries on monday. better chance we'll see some flurries on wednesday, but no big storm systems. next weekend really the next chance of some wet weather later saturday and into sunday. could see wintery mix in the area. temperatures next weekend in the upper 30s. >> bill, thanks for that. about ten minutes before 6:00 on friday. if you're headed out the door, francesca has an update for you.
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rosemary and katy, watching southbound traffic on 95. this is taillight traffic over here. camera at girard avenue. looking at travel speeds still. pretty good in the 60s. wood haven to vine going to take you 13 minutes. starting to see more added volume. schuylkill looks pretty good as well. over in new jersey starting to see road closures. came into my report not long ago. route 9 and zion road closed due to download wire. not affecting traffic, but this will be closing once we start to see yellow and red. we'll keep watching the section as we get closer to 7:00. send it back to you. now update on a story we told you about earlier this week. sussex county woman who waited six years for a kidney transplant finally got one. she received it wednesday and is
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recovering at a baltimore hospital. it happened shortly after her husband put up a sign outside their home saying she needed the organ. a cuteness competition is spreading across news. the mic drop moment the philadelphia zoo hopes puts it on top. plus, all new at six, always a good idea to get travel insurance, but even a better idea to read the fine print. tell you how this local mom learned the hard way after she booked a recent get away.
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good morning. over in center city. starting to get business on the majors. added volume east and westbound on the vine street expressway. camera at broad street. travel speeds still in the 60s. problem free and accident free on the schuylkill as well as 95. coming up. take a look at sinkhole in cheltenh cheltenham. changes coming to historic betsy ross house. >> launching the project which
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visitors can experience when they visit the old shop. that can be in place by the tend of year. also be a new exhibit called historic threads. 250 years of flag making in philadelphia. >> it's the return of to. sort of. for one. fans got to hear from outspoken eagle while enjoying a dinner. part of a live radio broadcast from steak house. to joined eagles in 2004 and helped the team get to super bowl. right now he is a finalist for nfl hall of fame. middle schoolers can brag about basketball. hosted sixers academy yesterday. was for seventh and eight graders. camden promised charter schools. players taught the kids importance of team work. super bowl and chicken wings. >> usually go hand in hand around this time of year.
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according to national chicken counsel. americans are expected to consume more than 1.3 billion chicken wings. the counsel says if all those wings were laid end to end, stretch the home state of massachusetts to the falcons home in atlanta. almost 80 times. shifting gears. zoo joined in on a pretty cute competition. posting slew of pictures on twitter. started with this little guy right here. smithsonian national zoo posted a picture on twitter to announce new baby saeal. got the ball rolling. raised it by posting this pick. a combo of an otter and osprey. added the word mic drop and added the word cute animal tweet
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off. >> that was awesome. what a little cute guy there. just before 6:00. more of the stories and headlines. taking it to the streets. right now on nbc news at 6. republicans in congress wrap up retreat here following daily demonstrations in philadelphia. lead in the drinking water. 21 school districts are reporting. tell you why we could see that number climb higher. rolling into town this weekend. philadelphia auto show the back. live at the convention center with a preview of what you'll see this year. good morning. nbc 10 today. i'm rosemary conner. >> just about 6:00 on your friday. if you're wondering how to dress this morning. bill henley is here to tell you need that extra layer. >> something fashionable. i would suggest. extra lay eer is a good ide wind is blowing. making it feel colder. 42 in philadelphia.
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now 41 in the suburbs and new jersey and lehigh valley is at 40 degrees. clouds will linger for most of the day in the lehigh valley. might see a little bit of sunshine at 9:00. clouds blowing in at 41 degrees at lunchtime. don't expect to see any wet weather today. we'll be in and out of clouds. temperatures will climb in philadelphia after they come down a little bit. 42 now. drops into the 30s. back into the low 40s at 11:00. 17-mile-an-hour winds at 11:00. those winds will be present right on through this afternoon. so we'll be in the 40s for most of the day. 45 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in the suburbs. middle 40s for new jersey at the shore. also in the 40s, there it is. 44 degrees. little bit windier at the shore. winds will deliver clouds for lehigh valley and later in the afternoon in delaware. take a look at forecast hour by hour with the future cast when i come back in ten minutes. first see how the traffic is moving on friday morning with


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