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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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more of the stories we're following for you. >> first the traffic alert. overturned tractor trailer has well traveled route to blue route shutdown. signaling a challenge, uphill battle president trump's pick for supreme court could face. and battered on broad street. group of men caught on camera attacking unsuspecting man on the sidewalk. 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning. good morning. nbc 10 today. >> i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. february in terms of weather. let's get to bill henley. most accurate forecast for your nand, bill. blowing in. the wind is blowing. not a strong wind, but just enough to make it feel a little chillier than sit. 41 in philadelphia. mild for the beginning of february.
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moved up to 35 in the lehigh valley. when we went on air at 4:30 this morning. temperatures in the 20s to start with. climbing in spite of mostly cloudy skies. bit of sunshine at 9:00. clouds 41 degrees at noontime. then into the 40s for most spots. one exception will be delaware. 50 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. winds blowing today. break these down hour by hour to show you how quickly things warm up. this is a tractor trailer accident between 95 south and 476 north. driver was trapped. figure out how seriously that person was hurt. now let's get you around this. jessica boyington has been watching this all morning. what we have been watching of course is the beginnings of what the morning rush will have to deal with.
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this will be here quite some time. clearly is see the situation is not under control yet. truck is still on side. we have to fix all of this before the ramp is going to reopen. in the beginnings of rush hour going to be a little bit of a mess out there. also watching 95 southbound. the blue route northbound they're open still. that's the good news here. beginning of the ramp where they visitor closed off. highways are still open. not going to cause problems there. do need to get around it. how you're going to do that, this is about the general area of where that accident scene is. you're going to get off on 95 southbound just around stuart. make a left on chester pike. once you get to fair view road. make a letter there. age success blue route on northbound side that way. best bet for alternate. not going to take you that much longer to get around. just different this morning. keep you update when it becomes clear. have alternates for you the rest of the morning. back in ten. new from overnight.
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philadelphia police have one man in custody, looking to talk to two others who ran away from accident scene in center city. authorities say the suv they were in slammed into another car. 13th and vine. two people were in the car that was hit. they are in the hospital list instead stable condition. now if you look closely at this exclusive video see the accident and then the driver shows people getting out of his vehicle and running away. officers caught him nearby and now expected to face several charges. president trump could be up against two new battles this morning. >> one for supreme court pick and the other over a new move involving controversial pipeline. last night nominated conservative appeals court judge neil gorsuch to fill the spot left by antonin scalia. currently serves on tenth circuit.
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senate confirmed him for that post in 2006. >> justice scalia was a lion of the law. agree or disagree with him, all of his colleagues on the bench share his wisdom and humor. >> democrats plan to fill buster and block the nomination. meantime opponents of the dakota access pipeline plan to immediately go to court to stop construction after told the army corp. will get a permit to proceed. president obama denied that last year. president trump last month signed executive order clearing road blocks for the project. 6:04. employee of the new jersey state police is accused of sexually assaulting a child and producing child pornography. he was arrested monday. he's worked in the repair unit of the state police marine services bureau for three years. judge says he will remain in
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jail until a detention hearing is held within the next few days. this morning hearing from a man attacked as he walked down broad street in south philadelphia. four men knocked him to the ground. kicked him punched him. he said he held on to cell phone the whole time considering it a lifeli lifeline. attackers got away empty happened. police still looking for them. >> hording is what fuelled the flames in this house fire in bensalem. breaking news yesterday morning. the blaze killed 92-year-old julia. her son is hospitalized in critical condition. still don't know what sparked the fire. a jury in philadelphia now has to decide the damages defendants will pay survivors in the deadly market street collapse. yesterday jurors found all six defendants liable in the 2013 collapse. seven people died.
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and 12 others were hurt when a wall crushed the salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market. 6:06. 41 degrees outside. the widow of orlando nightclub gunman is expected to get out of jail today. authorities arrested her in california last month because prosecutors allege she had knew he husband planned the shooting at the pulse nightclub. attorneys will argue for release. prosecutors want her extradited to florida. efforts to reopen revel hotel hit another roadblock. straub argued he didn't need a license and still wants to reopen the complex as a hotel called ten on february 20. repairs to the closed delaware river bridge connecting the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes take a step forward today. crews expect to finish work on
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one of eight towers that will jack up the bridge in preparation for permanent repairs and still no timeline for when all the repairs will be completely. the bridge closed more than two weeks ago when inspectors found a crack. live picture right now from center city philadelphia. top of the air. see the flag. . little windy out there. this wednesday morning. che check in with first alert bill henley who has most forecast for your neighborhood in the city. wind the blowing in the poconos too. view from camelback. fresh snow on the ground. no sign of wet weather today. wind around through the day. right now 13-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. coming out of southwest. for us that's a warming direction. going to boost the temperatures in spite of mostly cloudy skies. we're getting a pretty mild start this morning. 41 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in delaware. south jersey is at 32 degrees.
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some suburbs 39 degrees in some spots. little bit colder. 35 right now in phoenixville. down to 37 in new hope and bedminster just a little bit chillier at 36 degrees. sunshine going to be limited today. wind will not. even though we get a warmup into the upper 40s with wind going it's going to feel like low 40s at best. 30s by 7:00 this even is what it's going to feel like. the windchill will be a factor today. even more so tomorrow. we don't have to deal with anything falling from the sky. we'll see clouds. it will be dry today. 40 degrees at 9:00. by noontime and early this afternoon, temperatures will be well into the 40s. 47 degrees at 1:00. mostly cloudy skies at 5:00. may by filtered sunshine. mostly cloudy skies. into the 40s by lunchtime and early this afternoon. lehigh valley a bit of sunshine to start with. 9:00. 36 degrees. turning mostly cloudy.
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wind will be blowing. even though it will be the low 40s, going to feel like it's in the 30s at those hours. for delaware, dry day today. mainly cloudy. 41 degrees at 9:00. warmup in spite of clouds. at the shore, not quite as cold this morning. chill will be blowing through this afternoon. clouds and 44 degrees at 5:00 today. we will get rid of the clouds. unfortunately as the cloud move out, these milder temperatures also disappear. ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 6:09. 95 southbound. 95 period and 476 well worn thoroughfare throughout the city. >> now there's an accident. tractor trailer accident on the john ra on-ramp. we have rays around it. >> this will definite affect the morning commute for a little
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while. 95 southbound the ramp to blue route headed northbound is closed. now all morning we haven't been seeing any delays moving by is scene. 95 open and so is the blue route. right now starting to see a little bit of that. when cars get to area, unaware that the accident scene is happening. turns into a slowdown and a little bit of a panic whachlt do i do now. how do i get to blue route. actually video from just a few minutes ago of what it looks like over top of the scene. just had sky force ten on the scene about ten minutes ago. truck on the side. cleanup of the accident scene and investigation of it will still be there for quite some time. how to get around it that. get to blue route northbound. if you're moving southbound towards the scene, have to get off way before this. why it's important to tune in before you get there. south stuart avenue is where you're going to go. make a left on chester pike. make a right to fair view road and get to mcdade boulevard. make a left and you can get back on the blue route headed northbound in that direction.
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good alternate for you there. also a crash in chester county. hanover street. battling back against bullies. >> delaware's new plan to protect students next. plus, ink. abduction and the rescue that follows.
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live picture over a house fire in kensington. location is will lard near allegheny. fire reporter on the first and
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second floors. no injuries reported. you can see fire crews on the scene started just a few minutes ago. we're working to get you more information and we do have an nbc 10 crew on the ground as well. keep you updated on air and nbc 10 app. philadelphia mare wants a new tattoo policy to be put in place in the city's police department. this comes after an officer was cleared in an investigation into one of his tattoos. here's the picture of the officers tattoo that started controversy on social media last year. showing a tattoo with the eagle and word fatherland above it. some believe is a symbol from nazi germany. because the department had no policy in place, officer could not be dismissed. mayor released a statement saying he's deeply offended by the toot too and looks forward to policy. pennsylvania home to sixth highest number of hate groups in the nation. according to nonprofit group studying extremism.
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sites the kkk skin heads and 38 other hate groups active in pennsylvania. new jersey and delaware rank much lower on same list. stopping school bullying is the new campaign in delaware. le no bully to teach students and faculty how to work together. they hope to roll out the program in ten of the state schools by next fall. while president trump is stopping syrian refugees from entering the united states. philadelphia families are welcoming them to neighborhood. shared dinners with refugee families. mother and son fled a war zone in syria. after years of vetting arrived in philadelphia over the summer. now the rest of their family is stuck in limbo. despite the uncertainty with the chance to bridge the divide. >> our country is doing things right now that i could never have imagined. you a all welcome here. >> we learn about them.
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they learn about us and to inject kindness and stability. >> refugees say they hoe to reunite with family members when executive order expires after 120 days. mpl been on the air for almost two hours now. since we came on the air been checking the situation with tractor trailer update. >> going to be there for a while. it's going to be there awhile because the truck is still over on its side blocking the ramp from 95 southbound to the blue route northbound. now 95 is open and so is the blue route. not seeing any closures or lane restrictions there. just the ramp where 95 runs to blue route. going to run into some problems. video taken from sky force ten just a couple of moments ago. what the scene looks like still. going to get the situation under control and cleaned up. move that truck back on its right side and get it towed out of the way. for now still watching it this way. going to need an alternate before you get to scene.
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especially because you're starting to see a lot of brake lights moving by the scene. a lot of cars starting to park of pullover. don't know where to go. once you get to apply route, you don't want to keep going down 95 southbound and move towards delaware. going give you alternates. important to pay attention before you head out the door. here's stuart avenue. get off around 95. make a left on the chester pike. once you get to chester pike. make a left there and head to blue route there. northbound side is where we're having a hard time accessing this morning because of the crash. cherry hill new jersey. route 70 right around kings highway. no problems or delays. just a few cars heading out the door. better scene there. 6:18. get you updated on forecast and day ahead. bill henley has most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. chilly breeze blowing. see the flag at pens landing.
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the temperatures are on the warm side this morning. even though it's the first of february. it feels like an april morning at 41 degrees in philadelphia. delaware at 40. there are colder neighborhoods in the lehigh valley and suburbs and into new jersey. some spots down to freezing mark. 31 now in millville. just below freezing there. most of tthe neighborhoods in t low 40s. look at princeton. that's a loan one in the 20s this morning. 25 degrees to start with, but all these numbers will be climbing. won't be a huge warmup today. going be held back by the winds and clouds. looking at mostly cloudy start. see some breaks and sunshine. that's at 8:00. mainly cloudy for philadelphia, atlantic city, wilmington, trenton and 30s and 40s will top out for most locations. see some clouds blowing through right now. the wind is going to try to
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bring in some of the showers for us. that's not happening. today they're not going to make it mast the mountains. what we will feel is breeze blowing. today's wind will be different than tomorrow's. that's going to make a big difference for us. look at winds. 13-14 miles an hour. southwesterly winds going to help with warmup today. tomorrow the wind is stronger. shift out of northwest near 20 mile an hour winds in coatesville. up to 20 in wilmington. winds blowing at the shore too. colder air coming in tomorrow. temperatures dropping over the next several days. breezy and 48 degrees with mostly cloudy skies today. we'll see sunshine tomorrow, but it's going to be a blustery one. peeking at 40 and then comes the cold for friday and for at least the start of the weekend. saturday and sunday will be in the 30s. sunshine will be fading on sunday. we could see light snow a weak system that will blow through and then be drying out monday. look at the warmup.
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40s monday. 50s tuesday with late day showers possible and near 60 degrees even though we'll get rain on wednesday. thursday we're drying out and temperatures dropping just below freezing next friday afternoon. >> thanks. 6:21. septa is changing the way it does business. next the policy switch that could end up costing certain riders. behind the time. what a new report says about the safety of roads in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. and later, a tiptoeing prowler. the community on alert after this guy was caught lurking on camera. >> we continue to follow breaking news. sky force ten to get a better view, house fire in kensington. the home was occupied, but the flames have been doused by fi firefighte firefighters. they're on the scene. no injuries reported. get you an update coming up.
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it group advocate for highway and auto safety ranked all 50 states. found new jersey needs improvement and delaware has made significant advancements. for pennsylvania report recommends increasing front and rear seat belt laws. booster seat laws for kids up to age eight and helmet law for motorcyclis motorcyclis motorcyclists. report suggest new jersey add interlock system for all offenders. suggests delaware add open container law. now too big change for regional rail riders. septa will no longer offer refunds if your train is late. stopped issuing refunds last summer when a third of cars were taken offline for repairs. said it won't be coming back. they had been able to apply for refund if the train was more than 15 minutes late.
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>> good morning, everyone. watching the roads. right here is video taken from sky force ten a couple of minutes ago over a tractor trailer, overturned tractor trailer accident. closing down the 95 southbound ramp to blue route northbound. tell you how to get around it when i come back. just put up the help wanted sign. and that will job alert. we'll have that up next. abducted at gunpoint on her way home from work. nbc 10 has exclusive details in the search for philadelphia woman's kidnappers and the rescue that followed. sleeps. moving at the speed of light. and now, gcu is leading in the area of computer science and it. join the most inventive concept in education today. find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit
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breaking news. flames shoot out of kensington home. live on the scene gathering details as firefighters battle
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the flames. abducted at gunpoint. lead police on a chase through philadelphia. on the prowl, neighborhood is on alert after a menacing man is caught on camera. good morning. on this wednesday, february 1. this is nbc 10 today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. >> getting closer to first sunrise of february. getting a better view of some of the clouds in the distance. we'll see sunshine to start with. there will be more clouds blowing in during the day today. winds are already with us out of the southwest at ten miles an hour. southwesterly breeze tends to worm things up. starting off warm. we'll be near 50 degrees this afternoon. some thin clouds in the suburbs. 39 kree degrees in the lehigh valley. 35 see these numbers climb. at 39 degrees. king of prussia. 36 degrees at 9:00. then the clouds fill in.
6:31 am
and it's counterintuitive. you expect sunshine and warmer temperatures. the warmup will come because of the wind at noontime. clouds and 44 degrees. it will go a little bit warmer this afternoon. 46 for the suburbs. 48 in philadelphia. 50 degrees in delaware. break these forecast down hour by hour so you know how quickly it warms up in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. >> we continue to follow breaking news. this tractor trailer accident has been causing problems for hours now. on the ramp between 95 south and 476 northbound. sky force ten over the scene about a half hour ago. authorities say the driver was trapped. no word on the driver's condition. we're working to get that. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington to help you get around this area this morning. >> we are watching video right now. that was taken about a half an hour ago. sky force ten on the way back to
6:32 am
seen right now. still seeing delays now on 95. haven't been seeing that all morning because it was before 6:30. now seeing the beginning of rush hour. these are away when cars look like that want to go to blue route headed northbound, but can't because the vamp closed. the traffic is being forced to bypass the scene. all the traffic trying to get to blue route north on 95 is being blocked right now because of tractor trailer accident. what you need to do to get around that i'm going to tell you. make a left on chester pike. once you get there hit fair view road. once you head there, run into mcdade boulevard. make a left there and access the blue route that way and get back on one of those ramps. get you back to blue route northbound to bypass the delays on that scene before it gets any worse. also a crass on chester county. we continue to following breaking news. sky force ten left the overturned tractor trail tore get to house fire thchlt is
6:33 am
about 20 minutes ago. 20 minutes ago. see the flames shooting up out of house. this is on east will lard street. will lard is between allegheny and west moorland. flames are now out and this fire is under control. house was occupied no report of injuries here. we continue to monitor the situation. getting information bring it to you as we get it. 6:33. new details in an abduction and rescue in philadelphia that we've been following for you since late last night. police say two men kidnapped a woman at gunpoint and led them on a chase. nbc 10 matt delucia live outside special victims with a story. police were there to watch this unfold. watch what happened. man was positively iechd,
6:34 am
but the officers and victim. here's a back story on what happened. just after 8:00 last night. jurnd cover narcotics officers got a tip there was about to be an abduction in a shopping center along the avenue in kensington. officers then saw two men get out of jeep and force the 25-year-old woman at gunpoint into the back seat of her own car. officers chased that car for about four blocks where it lost control on the 2600 block of emery in port richmond then the men ran off through the neighborhood. here's one of those neighbors. >> i was scared. he pushed me at the gate. i was scared. i thoeld the cop, i said i'm scared. i told him to check my house. >> reporter: victim was shaken up, but not shird. still have that one suspect. looking for three other people possibly four who were in that jeep at the time. they did find discarded cell phones and a hooded sweatshirt
6:35 am
on the ground. also try to find out why this woman was targeted in the first place. also trying to see if this crime is connected to any other crime. possibly some home invasions that happened recently so the investigation and the search for those individuals not over yet. live in hunting park this morning. bethlehem police released this video. show as prowler and they're warning homeowners to be on the look for suspicious activity. no reports of this breaking into any homes. patio furniture was moved around. after a woman report add masked man. ran away after she confronted him. investing a car on roof and sky force ten arrived on the scene. three people hurt in the crash. in the hospital this morning.
6:36 am
former county commissioner expected to by arraigned today on charged he touchdown a 103-year-old woman at a nursing home in wayne. he was held for trial earlier this month. police say nursing home employees reported seeing him touch the woman's chest area multiple times. >> an argument over a baby may have led a philadelphia woman to allegedly kill her boyfriend last month. a preliminary hearing yesterday for her revealed she and the victim were arguing over having a child as they drove. she told police she just wanted to scare him when she picked up the gun and pulled the trigger. crashed the suv after he was shot. >> take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories across our area happening in your nand. >> delaware county new jobs now available at the industrial compl complex. looking for full-time operators. also technicians. anyone interested kd submit
6:37 am
applications right now. new castle county the iconic hotel due ponte is changing hands. developer based in the city is buying it. plans to keep hotel names and amenities. opened in 18913. and has hosted several presidents. in cape may county. an old landfill may have a new feature. mayor of wildwood says the vacant lot could be sold to a developer as soon as this week. the developer had not been named. wants to build dozens of new homes there. 41 degrees for first day of february. not a bad start at all. >> i like the bill sayings it feels more like april. >> we're just getting there as fast as we can. >> this morning feels like april. this afternoon will feel like march. >> i'm so confused. >> we do have clouds moving through. there are breaks in the clouds this morning. we'll likely see more clouds this afternoon than this morning. about a half an hour away from
6:38 am
sunrise right now. 41 in philadelphia. definitely april like. 10-mile-an-hour wind not bad. temperature will be in the 40s through the morning and into the middle to upper 40s this afternoon. that's in spite of mostly cloudy skies. we will see filtered sunshine during the day. enough to help warm things up. also the wind that's helping with the warmup today. see that in the suburbs too. 37 to start with. 30s at 8:00. by 10:00 low 40s. breaks of sunshine this morning. less likely to see sun this afternoon. 45 at 2:00. winds at 12 miles an hour at 2:00. lehigh valley starting off with scattered clouds. live picture from easton. 35 degrees right now. one of the colder spots. when we went on the air at 4:30 this morning. 26 degrees. then the wind kicked in just a little bit of a breeze has helped with the mixing of the atmosphere to bring the temperature up. could cool down a little bit
6:39 am
after sunrise. then it's into the 40s. sunshine this morning and the clouds fill in this afternoon for the lehigh valley. new jersey will be dry. you'll see clouds around and new jersey 42 degrees. dropping into the 30s at 8:00. right back into the 40s this afternoon. upper 40s which is typical for march. for new jersey. 2:00 this afternoon. those winds at 12 miles an hour will be a little stronger at the shore. in the 40s all day long at the shore. 33 right now. quick warmup into the 40s at 8 clonk this morning. delaware dry. skies will be mostly cloudy. sunny break this is morning. filtered sunshine at times this afternoon too. 46 at noontime. 47 at 2:00. wouldn't it be nice if all of february was like this. >> not going to happen. >> cold air starts moving in tomorrow. got the details with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. you toy with us, bill. almost 20 minutes before 7. just joining us.
6:40 am
significant accident on 95 southbound off-ramp. >> jessica, fill us in. the scene doesn't look that much different unfortunately. that was about 40 minutes ago they were overover the scene in the first place. overturned tractor trailer still on the side here. off-ramp completely blocked off from 95 southbound moving to blue route northbound. earlier this morning wasn't a huge deal because the alternates were very easy to get around. not a lot of traffic on the road. now approaching 7:00 hour and the traffic starting to head out the door. big delays on 95. maybe a lot of these cars here are people that didn't know this was coming. now let's get really slow by is scene. pullover. that's a dangerous situation in itself. we need alternates to get by the scene. 95 is open. blue route is open. ramp to head to blue route is not.
6:41 am
you can see on 95 starting to turn to parking lot here. get off before this why it's important to pay attention to that. stuart avenue, head left on chester pike. make a right on fairview road. thup way. once you get to mcdade boulevard. make a left. these roads look a little bit better. still in the green there. not seeing major slowdowns there. once you get to mcdade hop on the blue route that way and northbound side as well. no problems on the other side of the blue route on north or south. 95 moving through delaware looks great now. 10 minutes north or south from 295. speeds in the 60s. 6:41. you heard raise the roof. what about raise the cat? >> just like that. next up. catch phrase that's gaining steam in philadelphia thanks to the sixers, and, of course, social media. also overcharged and unhappy. woman says she brought a gift card, but the amount she got didn't match what she paid. all new next, she puts harry
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lotly runs through february 13. only two weeks. selections are random. equal chance to motor when you sign up. registration information is available on nbc 10 app. remember if you're not running, you can watch the race live on may 7 right here on nbc 10. when the company corrected the issue. she was still shortchanged. nbc and harry hairston.
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she just wanted to do something nice for her friend. last december she tried using her walmart money card to buy a 50 dollar gift card from dress barn. tried three times on dress barn's website, but didn't appear to work. >> it said it didn't process or didn't, you know, go through. >> she tried again the next day and success. she was able to buy the $50 gift card, but when she checked her walmart account, she was charged add total of $200 for four 50 dollar gift cards. >> when they refunded. they put back 100 as opposed to 150. >> so she kept calling. >> i spoke to maybe two, three different people. even a supervisor. they told me my information was -- their information was correct and mine wasn't. >> she called nbc 10 responds and we called walmart. >> once you contacted walmart,
6:47 am
they called me and apologized. gave me back my $50. >> walmart would not say what happened. she says it also gave her an extra $24. the money she spent to fax her paperwork to nbc 10 responds. >> thank you so much, harry, for your help. can i get a hug? >> of course. lindsey says she checks her accounts daily to make sure she's accurate. that's how she was able to notice the problem. always a good idea. good reminder to stay on top of statements so you can call the bank or us if you have any disputes. >> just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> matt lauer and hoda standing by for a preview of what's on today's show. good morning, guys. good morning. >> nice to see you both. coming up we have overnight reaction to president trump's supreme court nominee federal judge neil gorsuch. democrats already promising a showdown over confirmation. going to talk about that and other things.
6:48 am
also ahead the newest battle in the clash of retail titans. what walmart is doing to win your business away from amazon. 50 shades darker star. dakota johnson stop by studio 1 a as we get started. 1-a as we >> that's what you're talking about. >> thanks. >> now let's talk about the morning weather. take a beautiful. >> i love it. right before sunrise. bill henley says that comes about nine ten minutes after 7:00. this is the perfect time. when the colors are extraordinary. taking in the sunshine. blue sky this morning. a it has day goes on, we're going to see a lot of shades of gray. >> oh, come on. >> it's true. >> clouds are moving in. view from the nbc 10 scattered
6:49 am
clouds in easton as well. clouds filling in during the day. enjoy the breaks in the clouds in wilmington. mostly cloudy. see a little bit of sunshine this morning at the shore. complete cloud cover this morning. live view from cape may. the entire area it is dry. there's no wet weather near us. temperatures in the 30s for the lehigh valley. the suburbs low 40s in delaware and philadelphia and south jersey is at 32 degrees. most of the suburbs in the 30s. well above treez freezing 6789 chance of 41 degrees. doesn't look like the first of february. normal these temperatures would be in the 20s. nowhere near it this morning. we will see limited warmup during the day. see sunshine to start with. redding just not a lot of sunshine. 30s to start with. wind blowing and going to. doppler radar showing just a few
6:50 am
scattered clouds. no wet weather at all. going to morph into the west. >> trying to lay awe cross the mountains. not happening with this one. >> in fact the next few days are dry. wet weather minimal storm comes in for sunday. philadelphia redding less likely at the shore. dover you're less likely to see showers on sunday, but today will be dry. just mostly cloudy and breezy. tie temperature feel like lower 40s today. blustery tomorrow. stronger wind out of northwest. then here comes the cold. friday. saturday and into sunday. even a chance of very light snowfall on sunday. by monday it's gone and here comes warmup. 60 degrees by wednesday afternoon. should come with wet weather. chance later in the day on tuesday. turns cold er.
6:51 am
thanks. ten before seven. getting ready to head out the door. remind you of the major issue we've been watching all morning. >> looks like a backup there. fill us in. >> watching this all morning. wasn't any backup because it was so early. on the air at 4:30 this morning. tractor trailer already a problem. overturned on the off-ramp 95 southbound moving towards the blue route northbound. ramp is closed. 95 is still open. so is the blue route. no major closures there. is starting to become a major problem with major delays in the area as well because all the traffic that typically moves and merges on to the blue route doesn't know where to go. that's where i come in. i can help explain that to you right now. 95 southbound earlier you could have went past the scene and gotten off one of the nerks ramp off 95 to access the blue route the other way and get on and off the ramp and no problem or delay. the now there's starting to be slow moving by the scene. that's what i'm trying to get you to avoid.
6:52 am
headed to the blue route from 95 southbound. get you to avoid all of this delay as well. sitting in that and still get you to the blue route without sitting in any of that traffic. the way to do that is off around stuart avenue. it is starting to back up towards that point, you won't be sitting there that long. get off on stuart. make a left on chester pike. once you get to mcdade hop back on the blue route here and head northbound in that direction. also watch now for southbound delays on the blue route. southbound traffic has to murer into the traffic slow. sixers fans. wells fargo center be ready to become part of the newest movement. do it ♪ ♪ >> love that. that is the one and only raise the cat camp. sixers just rolled out the new interactive fan feature. live crowd camera super imposes the imagine of a cat over sixers
6:53 am
fans in their seats set to the circle of life from the lion king. started with this tweet injured rookie ben simmons posted pictures after every sixers win. next run down the headlines and stories following for you throughout the day. >> includes the two new battles trump could face today. also the search for armed abductors wanted for abducting a woman in philadelphia. have more on her rescue up next. it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. i want to be around just to be a grandma. learn more at
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here are some stories we'll be following throughout the day. continue to follow breaking news in kensington. house fire now under control.
6:57 am
sky force ten just over the scene after 6:00 when we arrived. flames shooting from the home. no one was hurt. philadelphia police looking for suspects. you can see police arresting him. two men grabbed the woman. forced her in the back seat of car. officers chased car until it lost control in port richmond. president trump supreme court nominee heads to capitol hill today to begin selling himself to lawmakers. last night named neil gorsuch. he pledged to uphold the same prince prince physical and mental -- immediately go to court and try to stop work from moving forward. after north dakota senator said last night within days the government should issue an easement needed to complete the final stretch. >> three minutes before seven
6:58 am
today. federal reserve announce latest decision on whether to increase key interest rate. experts believe the fed will believe interest rates unchanged while it waits to see what the new economic policies look like. jury has to decide the damages defendants will have to pay survivors in the deadly market street collapse. yesterday jurors in the civil trial found autodefendall defen liable. good morning. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. watching from the sky in sky force ten live over the scene of this overturned tractor trailer that's taking out the off-ramp from 95 southbound moving towards the blue route northbound. now, serious cleanup underway of course. this doesn't look like it's moving any time soon. causing major delays for the morning commute. beginning of ramp as well. i'm trying to get you to avoid. would have been easy to pass it and get off the next exit off of
6:59 am
95 southbound and turn back around that way. not a good idea. you're going to be stuck in delays. what i'm suggesting to avoid all of this mess here and avoud blue route southbound mess once all the lanes are merging together. get off at stuart avenue. take a left on chester pike. right on the fairview road and mcdade boulevard. get on blue route northbound that way. mild start for the beginning of february. temperatures above prefreezing everyone this morning. 33 degrees in the lehigh valley. closer to 40s in delaware. 40 in philadelphia. temperatures climb. in spite of cloudy skies for most of the day. 49 degrees in new jersey. up to 48 in philadelphia. and topping out at 50 degrees in delaware. always get first alert forecast on today's 101.1 more fm. >> always follow jessica on twitter for updates on that accident on the 95 on-ramp, off-ramp. >> nbc 10 app is best bet also to get information on that.
7:00 am
we'll continue to update you throughout the morning. >> thanks for watching. today show starts right now. have a nice day. good morning. supreme showdown. president trump nominates federal judge neil gorsuch for the supreme court. >> outstanding legal skills. a brilliant mind. tremendous discipline. >> republicans hailing that pick. democrats vowing to fight it. >> this is a seat that was stolen from the former president. >> gorsuch heading to capitol hill today to try to win over his skeptics. breaking overnight. new violence erupts between government forces in ukraine and russian-backed rebels. could the fighting there hit president trump against vladimir putin in trump's first foreign policy test? and up in the air. a father trapped on a sinking r


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