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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the department of correction is planning a news conversation here hearing, either here in dover. he used to be the warden at this very facility. he knows what's going on here. we're told earlier there is no threat to the public outside of this facility. all state facilities are in lockdown. we're told that is standard operating procedure. one other thing to add, the delaware newsroom reporting that they received a call with demands from the hostage takers. i'm going to try to get a list ton that and learn more information as it unfolds. as soon as i get more information, i'm told from the department of corrections this is still very much an active situation. live in new smyrna, tim ciesco. le no lnow, breaking news ou washington. president trump is on his way to delaware. we learned he's involving to dover air force base for the return of a fallen u.s. navy
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s.e.a.l. the s.e.a.l. was killed in a raid in yemen. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is on the way to that base right now. he'll be coming up live at 5:00. and out of burks county, two parents refused to get medical treatment for their young daughter who later died from pneumonia, erin. >> jim, about an hour ago, police announced the arrest of jonathan and grace foster. they're charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of their 2-year-old daughter ella foster who died last november as a result of pneumonia, their daughter had been sick for four days and that their religion restricts them from receiving medical treatments of any kind. >> if the victim had medical treatment, there was a 95% chance or better that the victim
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would have survived. and the treatment for this pneumonia would have been antibiotics. >> the couple is at home tonight with their six other children. nbc10's rosemary connor is works the story from berks county, she'll have a live report all new at 5:00. erin coleman, nbc10 news. >> and we're keeping a close eye on all of the breaking news stories. we want to show you the live pictures once again from skyforce 10. we are told we are allowed to broadcast once again. this is a picture of the chopper of the vaughan corrections facility. a hostage situation there. nbc10 investigative reporter george spencer digging into the security features at this facility. he'll have a live report on what he found. that's coming up at 4:30. turning to our weather, a really mild start to february. a live look outside the philadelphia museum of art. temperatures were above normal
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today. don't get used to it, though. it's a bit breezy this morning. we found this person bundled up as he walked his dog at a community center park. a fawarm start to february t it's not going to last long. >> nbc10's glenn hurricane schwartz is tracking it for us. >> oh, yeah, it's going up and down and up and down and that's just until next week. even with the clouds we managed to get up to 50 degrees. 10 degrees above average. 49 in philadelphia. even allentown, 43 degrees. that barely got above freezing yesterday. so, things have certainly warmed up. and that's about it. for the warmup. because tomorrow is going to get a little colder. and then friday and saturday are very cold. the low normal temperatures, before we start going back up
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again on sunday. during the night tonight, not all that cold. a lot of clouds around. but no precipitation expected other than a few snow flurries up in the poconos. and we're starting the day tomorrow, above the freezing marks. it's not going to be that cold tomorrow. but those winds that you're going to be feeling tomorrow are going to bringing in some of that colder and colder air. we'll see how long that lasts, coming up. the mainline teacher is accused of sexually assaulting a student on school property. and local parks and her chester county home. nbc10's dieanna durante is live. that abuse went on for seven months. >> reporter: yeah, she's charged with a number of crimes including institutional sexual assault. we reached out to the home a place where police tell us kids in the foster system in the
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courts system go for treatment where they live. they tell us they had no idea that the alleged acts happened on campus. what were you thinking? did you honestly think you weren't going to get caught? she holds her head low. all to get a glimpse of a woman who kids trusted her most. 28-year-old nina scott didn't work for presbyterian village for long. she began kissing or engaging in sexual activity here on the campus. at times when the girl ran away, police say they would take her to parks or her home where the two would engage in sexual activity. >> this is a private campus. we were asked to leave. when asked for a comment the school had not been made aware of scott's arrest. a statement received by nbc10 said scott was let go from the school when it became aware of
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the investigation. and school denied any knowledge of activity happening on the campus. scott's employment was short but she fear others may have come in contact with her and want to know more about this teacher named nina scott. >> we could ask the community if you know of any particular incident at pcd, whether radnor, please make contact with the respective departments. >> reporter: how did an investigator come to learn about this case were we're told because the victim had run away in radnor, and placed in a more specific secure facility in another county. they found love letters written by scott that said she wanted to marry the victim. deanna durante, nbc10 news. and breaking news outlets of washington. president trump has left the white house on marine one.
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to delaware. traveling to air force base for the return of a fallen u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in a raid in yemen. meanwhile, washington was the scene of another showdown. democrats taking steps to stall votes for several of donald trump's nominees. >> this as president trump's supreme court nominee on capitol hill. back to erin. >> it's just the latest escalation in the new congress. republicans took an extraordinary step to move forward with two of president trump's top cabinet nominee. republicans on the senate finance committee suspended committee rules to advance the president's pick for health and treasury secretary. that is after democrats boycotted the nomination vote for a second straight day. the rule that was suspended required at least one democrat to be present for votes. >> the nomination of a man who will not --
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>> that protester interrupted a vote that sent jeff sessions one step closer to being named attorney general. sessions expected to be confirmed by the full senate next. he is one of president trump's most controversial nominees because he's taken conversational positions on civil rights and criminal justice reform. now, the senate this afternoon confirmed donald trump's pick for secretary of state. rex tillerson is a former ceo at exxonmobil. the defense secretary is headed to the far east on his first overseas official trip. james mattis left this morning for south korea. he will also be making a stop in japan. president trump's supreme court pick is receiving a warm welcome on capitol hill. neil gorsuch was accompanied by vice president pence.
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mr. trump announced that he selected gorsuch to be the supreme court justice. confirmation hearings are expected to begin in about six weeks or so. it could be a heated battle with several democrats already threatening to block his confirmation. >> we want to have him go through an elegant process, as opposed to a demeaning process. it's very demeaning on the other side. and they want to make him look as bad as possible. >> the supreme court has had a vacant seat since justice ant antonin scalia passed away last year. lauren mayk spoke with the choice. coming up at 5:00. pennsylvania state senator is cleared of charges, a jury acquitted larry farnese.
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prosecutors argue that he spent $6,000 of democratic money to bribe. farnese's lawyers contended the payment was a good deed for a constituents. and a bucks county school. nine teachers who had relationships with students, the offenses took place from the 1950s through 2005. authorities say one person could still be prosecuted, but the accuser does not want to press charges. the other allegations are too old for prosecution. the evening commute could be a little smoother than the way things went in this part of delaware county. a tractor trailer toppled over the ramp from i-95 and the blue route in woodlny. it happened 3:00 in the morning and caused delays throughout the morning. the driver was taken to the hospital to be checked out. two high school students are
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under arrest, and police say one of them took a loaded gun to school at delaware county. officials were tipped off that a student may be taking a gun to school. they met the 17-year-old as he got off the bus. police said he had a box with the loaded gun and marijuana inside that box. authorities say this is not his first run-in with the police. >> back when the pope visited, he threatened to kill the hope. he threatened to kill the pope. he got locked up for terrorist threats. >> and police say the 12th grader tried to pass the box to another student after getting offer the bus. they say that teenager became physically aggressive and was also arrested. in montgomery county, abington county police department has a new top cop. >> by the board of commissioners of abington township -- >> by the board of commissioners of abington township -- >> thank you. >> john goodman was sworn in and
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replaces chief kelly after heading abington's force for more than three decades. new video of a thief breaking into a home. you see him here forcing his que into a house, happened on june 4th. once inside, he grabbed sneakers and a computer and took off. police are still looking for him. crew, making progress on the delaware county bridge connecting p.a. and the new jersey turnpikes. workers will begin work on one of eight towers yie s needs to p the bridge. there is no time line and drivers will be able tour using the bridge again. the bridge was closed two weeks ago after a crack was discovered. >> there's new live for a bill that will give child sex abuse
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more times for cases. it would extend the time for civil indications to be filed. the case died last year but the pennsylvania senate reintroduced it today. charles ramsey earned $112,000 for his work as a consultant for wilmington police last year. the wilmington police reports there is no guidelines to show for it. the paper reports ramsey was not actually compiling written reports and that the information was delivered verbally. florida prosecutors say the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter accompanied him on several trips. her husband murdered 49 people inside the pulse nightclub before being killed by police in orlando. authorities arrested salman last month because they say she knew her husband had planned the attack. some 500 jobs are headed to
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camden county. new health care broke office in pennsauken. the company is consolidating into one office. they got a tax break of more than $18 million to set up shop in south jersey. a second elected official is under fire for a facebook post. vince manzeo is facing criticism for sharing a video featuring a wall with men racing up it with ladders. the post has since been deleted. and john coleman is criticized for a post on his website. will the women's march be over in time for them to cook dinner
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. >> the game commission has given preliminary aprufproval for usi shotguns instead of rifles. former vice president joe biden is launching a new foundation to promote equal rights and opportunity. mr. biden said his nonprofit foundation will work to make sure everyone, quote, gets a fair shot at achieving the american dream. the foundation will also promote the causes he supported as v.p. including cancer research. military families and preventing violence guess women. delaware governor john carney signed a proclamation citing teen dating awareness. national figures show 1 in 3 teens will experience abuse in a dating relationship. and two-thirds of them will never report it. well, we are following three breaking news stories right now. the first one is in delaware, where officials are dealing with a hostage situation at the james t. vaughan
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correction center in smyrna. you can see someone being taken out of that facility on a stretcher. officials tell us several inmates have staff members hostage inside. no word on how many inmates or workers involved or severity of those injuries. a live look from skyforce 10 close to that prison. we are expecting a news conference at the prison at any moment. when that happens, we will bring you there live. meanwhile, president trump is on his way to delaware, he left the white house on board marine one on an unannounced trip about an hour ago. he's traveling to dover air force base on the return of a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is on the way to the air force base. he'll have a live report as soon as he arrives. and a couple is charged in connection with the death of their 2-year-old child. jonathan and grace foster's
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child had pneumonia and her parents never took her to the doctor. their religious beliefs don't allow any medical treatment. taking a look at the campus camera, a clear day out there. february 1, first day of february, not bad. >> not bad for too long, according to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, it's not going to be this warm for several days. next week, we're going to get at least this warm for at least one day. in philadelphia, despite the cloudy skies, we've gotten up to 50. we have a lot of clouds across the area, as you can see. everybody has temperatures that are above average. we had places in lehigh valley yesterday that barely got to freezing. and now they're well into the 40s. and at the jersey shore, we've got a southwest wind, stone harbor, woodbine, upper township. ocean city.
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summers point, bentner, egg harbor township, all of them, 44 degrees, the ocean temperature, 42. that of course continues to be above average. a few sprinkles on raid czar. a few snow flurries in the pocono mountains. that's about it. for february 1st, that is a pretty quiet pattern. tomorrow, we've got colder winds coming in, and you ought to feel that, especially in the afternoon. but then friday and saturday, that's when we really feel the cold. 30s during the day, 20s at night. teens in many of the suburbs by saturday morning. that's a cold start to the weekend. but then we start warming up again. especially next week followed by another cold draft. that's why we're a roller coaster because we're up and down and up and down. speaking of up and down, we were up during the month of january, compared to normal. our town, that was the eighth
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warmest january ever recorded. last january was above average, but not nearly as much. philadelphia, 5 1/2 degrees above average, compared to 1.2 last year. so, you're going to save some money on your utility bills. but those of you who love snow and winter cold, we're just not getting it. at least not anytime soon. fair tomorrow, 46 degrees, partly because we start off at 32. doesn't have to go up that much to get into the 40s tomorrow. looks like it's going to be dry. looks like it's going to be kind of windy. allentown, 38 degrees, impaired to mid-40s today. so it will be down. longport, 48. dover, at 47 degrees. associati so, it's going to be a milder than average day tomorrow. but not on saturday. a lot of sunshine, temperature may not even get to 30 in the
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lehigh valley. then on sunday, i just have the chance of a little bit of light snow for lehigh valley and some of the p.a. suburbs. and the chances are lowered even more. so i've taken the drops and flakes out of the philadelphia forecast, jersey and jersey shore. more about changes coming up next week a little later. nbc10 following breaking news this afternoon. a hostage situation at a delaware prison. the nbc10 investigators are uncovering more about the security at this particular prison. more live coverage, still ahead. plus, overcharged and unhappy. a woman says she bought a gift card but the amount she got did not match what she paid. she contacted harry hairston on the "nbc10 responds" to work. that's still ahead. baby, oh, baby, for queen b., beyonce making a big announcement on instagram. we'll share her big news.
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first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all finished the day higher. >> announcer: sponsored locally by crash proof retirement. shielding your future with proof.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. "nbc 10" you say you'll never let me go ♪ ♪ say you'll never let me go . beyonce news, the pop star said she's pregnant again, this time with twins. she made the announcement posting this photo of her baby bump. beyonce writes she and rapper husband jay z are blessed two times. today markings the start of black history month. >> a legal pioneer is kicking the history off by letting his legacy be seen. he donated a slew of local media to washington today.
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miller was born in 1972, he became the first african-american to own a car from indianapolis 500. he's looking forward to the future. >> it just gives me hope that some day that a black driver will come along and win the indy 500. >> miller's memorabilia will be part of the museum sports history collection. president trump met with african-american supporters to mark the first day of african-american history month. he pledged he would be honoring the heritage of african-americans quote, more and more. >> nbc10 doncontinues to follow breaking news on a hostage situation. >> that hostage situation has been developing all afternoon. we'll explain next at 4:00. plus, why the woman leaving work was the target of an an
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deduction. how investigators put a stop to the crime. >> announcer: "first alert" traffic on nbc10 is sponsored by cherry hill nissan.
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let's get you back to breaking news out of smyrna, delaware, where officials are dealing with a hostage situation at the james t. vaughan correctional center. earlier this afternoon, skyforce 10 captured video of someone being taken out on a stretcher. right there, you see prison officials and others gathered at the facility. this has been going on since shortly after noon time today. we are still working to confirm how many inmates and hostages might be involved. this is video of skyforce 10 of someone on a stretcher being rushed to get medical help. we will get information at a news conference scheduled at 4:45. and we'll bring that to you live. meanwhile, george spencer
4:30 pm
uncovered information about security at that prison. >> he joins us live from the news center with those breaking developments. >> yeah, jacqueline, this is the only prison that houses male death row inmates. we counted right now there are 13 death row inmates at this facility. obviously, this is a facility with hundreds of maximum security cells, but there are also medium and minimum security inmates at the facility. we also found an annual report from 2015 that vaughan has been highlighted for its security enhancement. that is a new guard tour system was installed there. such systems typically log and monitor guards' rounds as they patrol the system. according to that, this equipment augments facility management security controls. the technology requires correctional officers to electronically check in at designated scan points when
4:31 pm
making patrol rounds." all that said, there was at least one other major incident at this prison, about 12 1/2 years ago. in july 2004, an inmate armed with a shank kidnapped and took a 27-year-old female prison counselor hostage. inmates forced that counselor into an office barricaded the doors and sexually assaulted her. some seven hours later, the inmate was shot and killed by law enforcement but that incident led to heavy criticism of the department by the victim. and for thorough reviews of the facility's security. now, the current warden down there at vaughan knows delaware systems well. david pierce was actually installed into that post about 3 1/2 years ago. but he began his work in the state in the mid1990s as a corrections officer himself. he had been working there at vaughan for about ten years
4:32 pm
before becoming wardsen. george spencer, nbc10 news. >> you can count on nbc10 to bring you updates on this developing story throughout the next couple hours. again, we're expecting a news conference or statement at least from the prison in 10 or 15 minutes. we'll bring that to you live when it happens on air and online. nbc10 is learning more about why a woman was targeted in an abduction before officers put a stop to the crime last night. >> skyforce 10 got exclusive video of police arresting one of those suspects. officers are looking for three for people. this breaking news last night at 11:00. >> what are your sources telling you? well, this abduction is related to a home invasion. the suspects grabbed the victim around 8:00 last night, outside of her workplace, a dental office in port richmond and tried to hold her for ransom. little did they know, officers, under cover officers, were on to them. the arrest of an accused
4:33 pm
abductor captured exclusively by skyforce 10. a source close to the investigation tells me the suspect and three others targeted a 25-year-old woman for ransom at the port richmond village plaza. >> that's scary. i saw this in the news. hold on, about four blocks. this could happen in nighttime, it could happen in daytime too. >> reporter: abductors tried to capture her to shake money from her boy friend. undercover narcotics officers were staked out at the plaza just after 8:00 after receiving a tip. they witnessed two men get out of a jeep and force the woman in the back of her own car once she got off work. police followed the car until it lost control on the 2600 block of emery street where the woman was rescued. her two captors darted down the street and through this man's
4:34 pm
property. >> ran through, i was in the house. i had tools and others, they knocked it over. >> reporter: one of them was caught. police recovered a cell phone and hood ie who got away. police are still searching for the other suspects. they believe all are related to home invasions. to our weather right now, not exactly beach weather but not a bad start, february, down on the shore. >> no, cloudy and windy in atlantic city, but temperatures warmer than usual for this time of year, february 1st. here's say live look from camelback resort in the poconos, where skies are cloudy. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the weather in your most accurate forecast. glenn. >> yes, we're certainly starting the winter months with warmer weather.
4:35 pm
a good bit of january. temperatures five degrees above normal for january. we had a lot of clouds around, but even with that, temperatures have gotten up to 50 degrees officially. 36 tomorrow, still above average with colder winds coming in later in the day. and at night setting us up for a couple of really cold days. temperatures in the 30s. and low temperatures in the 20s. and saturday morning, there will be a lot of folks in the teens. you add a little wind to that and it's a whole lot colder than it is now. 49 degrees in philadelphia. 45 in coatesville. 46 in trenton. 44 degrees in vineland. and it's not going to be all that cold during the night tonight. the wind, of course, will be diminishing as we go through the night. barely below freezing in the lehigh valley as you can see. the high temperature was around this yesterday. so, it's still going to be rather loud to start off tomorrow, so the colder air is
4:36 pm
going to take a while longer to get in here. we'll see when it warms up, and it's going to warm up even more than today, coming up next week. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following, county by county at 4:00, in delaware county a teacher is accused of sexually assaulting a student on school property and local parks and her home. nina scott was a teacher in radnor township. police say she carried out a relationship with a girl for nearly six months. and new protection to make sure opiates are provided safely under expanded prescriptions. the new rules take in effect april 1st. in camden county, families are thinking about next school year. today enrollment opens for 38 public schools across the city. the camden school system is
4:37 pm
designed to streamline the process. and in atlantic county, miss america will return september 10th. officials made that announcement today. this will be the 97th year of the miss america pageant. passion is the focus of a new installization at the rodan museum in center city. embracing couple it's and other figures highlight the new display of marble, bronze and plaster statues. it's centered on philadelphia's copy of "the kiss." the installation marks a century since the death of the influential sculpture rodan. no more clydesdales, but puppies. >> we'll explain how the ad is striking a chord on social media, less than a week after
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built for business. local hospitals found an adorable way to raises awareness about heart health. babies born in all mainline health locations will get a pair of tiny red booties. the bootie, a reminder of detection of heart defects. february is american heart month. moms and dads really need to bundle up their babies this weekend. >> oh, yeah, we're tracking colder temperatures this next coming of days. >> i'm tracking that chill after yet another warmup in an accurate weather forecast. >> announcer: "first alert" traffic on nbc10 is sponsored by cherry hill nissan.
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to want to relax with your family. but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen. this is nbc10 news. so, just four days until the super bowl, with sunday's
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celebration of super bowl and food, too. >> of course, the commercials, they're always one big part of the bash. one in particular, already generating a lot of buzz. >> you don't look like you're from around here. >> budweiser's super bowl ad tells the story of adolphus busch. the anheuser-busch co-founder made his way to the u.s. in the 1860s. the ad comes less than a week after president trump's executive order on immigration. anheuser-busch said that wasn't the plan and that the company has been working on the ad since last may. the company released a statement, we believe beer should be bipartisan. and did not set out to create a piece of political commentary. however, we recognize you cannot have the american dream without being part of the conversation. researchers say advertisers
4:46 pm
are holding back on spending money because they're uncertain about the future of of the economy. meanwhile, former president george h.w. bush out of the hospital, and heading to the super bowl. we learned that he and his wife former first lady barbara bush will flip the coin before the game. the bushes live in houston. if we do get any, it will be light enough, that it's not going to hamper any kind of travel. so don't cancel any kind of plans. 49 degrees and cloudy skies in philadelphia. even with the clouds it got up to 50. 10 degrees above average for this time of year. a lot of clouds around the rest of the area as well. temperatures in the 40s. lehigh valley and burkes county, that's where we'll zoom in on the neighborhood forecast. landon at 44, kutztown, at 42. allentown at 42.
4:47 pm
nazareth and easton at 42. bethlehem at 43 degrees. and they were barely to freezing yesterday. that's quite a change. we have a couple of snow flurries that we've seen in the pocono mountains, snow flurries in the mountains on february 1st is not exactly a big headline. this is a big headline. the amount of snow that we've had this season, philadelphia, on six inches compared to what we had last year, about 23. most of that occurred in one storm. so, we can catch up with one storm if the pattern is right. allentown, quite a change. 2.8 inches this winter so far. compared to 32 last winter. wilmington, 4 1/2 inches. and atlantic city, believe it or not, the most snow in the area because of a couple of those coastal storms. and they're closer to what we saw last year. now, tomorrow, we're going to be
4:48 pm
seeing no snow. it's going to be kind of windy and colder than today. redding only getting up to 39. easton at 36. newtown, 41. westchester 40. these temperatures are closer than average but in many areas, above average. mt. airy, 40. 43 in glassboro. 43 degrees in trenton. at the shore, 48 degrees in atlantic city. delaware, 48 also in wilmington. now, as we go toward the end of the week, this arctic blast is coming in, it's not going to last that long. just a couple days' worth. and then it starts to either up by super bowl sunday. and then some of this mild air moves in for tuesday and wednesday. and then it gets cold again. later on during the week. so, we're up and down and up and down. we're down on saturday. that will be the coldest day for a wild.
4:49 pm
29, lehigh valley rose in the morning, in the teens. sunday, the chance of snow is still is there, but pretty small. so small enough that i've taken that symbol out in philadelphia and jersey shore and delaware. and still have the white snow symbol for the p.a. suburbs and also the three high valley. but emphasize the word "light" in this case. 36 degrees for the high friday. 34 saturday. and then we're going back up. near normal sunday. then look what happens in ed temperatures. we're going up to the 50s for a while. showers tuesday and wednesday. then back to winter-like temperatures, highs in the 30s, lows by the teens by the end of next week. >> glenn, overcharged and not happy. >> a woman said she bought a gift card but the amount she
4:50 pm
bought does not match what he got.
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4:53 pm
now to "nbc10 responds" a woman shopped for a holiday gift but she ends up getting charged four times. >> when the company supposedly corrected the issue she was still short-changed so she contacted harry hairston at "nbc10 responds" for help. >> she said if nothing else, i can count and i knew something was wrong. this woman said what should should be simple math just didn't add up. >> reporter: janice lindsey just wanted do something nice for her friend. last zdecember, she tried using
4:54 pm
her walmart money card to buy a $50 dress on dress barn. she tried three times on dress barn's website. >> it actually said it didn't process or go through. >> reporter: she tried again the next day and success. she was able to buy the $50 gift card, when she checked her walmart account she was charged a total of $200 for four $50 gift cards. she called walmart and she said they would refund her for the first three transactions. >> but when they did it, they actually put back $100. >> reporter: so lindsay called them. >> they said their information was correct, mine wasn't. >> reporter: we contacted walmart. >> once you contacted walmart, they called me, apologized, gave me back my $50. >> reporter: walmart would not say what happened, lindsay said
4:55 pm
it actually gave her an extra $24, the money she used to fax the papers to "nbc10 responds." >> thank you, harry. >> lindsay says she checks her account daily to make sure they're accurate. a good reminder to stay on top of your statement so you can call the bank or us. >> that's vigilance, checking it every day, huh? >> sometimes, i don't check my bill like i should. you never know what's going to be on there? >> you might have to call yourself. >> yes. let's see what's happening right now in the counter, folks we now have $273,000 and $273,549 saved for you. >> if you have a consumer complaint for "nbc10 responds" fill out the form on our website or give us a call at one of those numbers on the screen and we will respond to you. coming up tomorrow, a woman
4:56 pm
buys a new smart phone with a promise of money back. after no money, she calls "nbc10 responds" and harry is on the case. right now, we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. jim and jacqueline, we continue to follow the hostage situation at say prison. the police is on lockdown. we expect an update any moment now. we also just spoke to a man whose father works in that prison. that's coming up. all new, next at 5:00. fios in the house!
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nbc10 breaking news -- >> right now at 5:00, a hostage situation. night the vaughan corrections center. skyforce 10 is live over the scene right now, being kept quite a distance away. you dole see the facility. we have crews inside and outside the prison. we're monitoring the latest developments for you. we're also expecting updates from authorities at any moment. as soon as that begins, we'll, of course, bring it to you live. right now, let's go to tim furlong at the prison. tim, what's the latest situation you have about the situation going on in the prison walls behind you? >> reporter: yeah, certainly, we're going to get more information at the news conference about 15 minutes behind. it's going to happen as you guys
5:00 pm
said. it's still unfolding at the prison complex about 350 yards away from our position in smyrna. inmates took authorities hostage this morning. the department of corrections is saying very little about what's happening. the delaware news received a call from an inmate. they basically are upset with the treatment they receive. some reports aren't filled out accurately. they say they want better management inside the prison. this is certainly going to be cause do for not only those in the prison but for families outside of the prison. take a look at this, a person was rushed to the hospital. we're not sure if that's an inmate or a hostage. they don't know if employees who work in the complex are somehow involved or on lockdown. we just spoke to the son of a man, he's driving around the pete


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