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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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officer and a counselor. they called a delaware news journal tipline with their demands. >> on the co's treat inmates. that have to change. we want education first and foremost. they keep on playing games. it's going to get ugly. >> reporter: 2:25, hostages were removed on a gurney. another officer was released at 8:00 a.m. >> three maintenance workers who were hiding in the basement were able to work their way from the basement up to the roof and our tactical teams were able to rescue them. >> reporter: it was broadcast on the web as inmates demanded to speak to the governor. corrections officials indicated the water be turned on. they made a blockade. when police hadn't heard anything about sergeant floyd.
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inmates were getting taken to a prison yard and they found sergeant found unresponsive. >> we lost one of our family member and it pains my heart to make these statements. >> you saw inmates coming out in groups. at this point i'm told it's not clear if any of them were involved in the execution of this plan. they snuck out or if they were trying to get out to get away from the whole mess. all 120 inmates who were in that building when this started are considered suspects. it's not clear at this point if this was a well-organized plan. officials trying to figure out if this was spontaneous or a well-planned event. we're live in newark, delaware, nbc 10 news. >> many questions to be answered. all right. sky force 10 was overhead this afternoon as a procession
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brought the body of sergeant floyd from the vaughan correctional center to the medical examiner's office where the autopsy will be conducted. officers on motorcycles, they led the way. along the route, we spotted one officer who wasn't even part of the procession stopped on an overpass. he got out of his vehicle and he saluted before getting back in his car and driving away. about 30 minutes later, the procession arrived at the medical examiner's office. a flag draped coffin carried his body. a 16-year-old veteran of the department of corrections. the governor today has ordered flags across the state to be flown at half-staff in honor of sergeant floyd. he also vowed to leave no stone unturned in his words there, in this investigation. >> these brave men and women go to work every day knowing that they may not come home. we owe them an incredible debt of gratitude.
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>> and late this afternoon, the union representing the prison workers says they're risking their lives with a smaller staff at this correctional center you see behind me. our team coverage continues with nbc 10's rosemary connors who is live in dover, this afternoon. the union says this is a problem that was in fact no secret to the state? >> reporter: that's right. in fact the union gave us these complaints written by officers telling them they're being attacked on the job at facilities all across delaware. the union president had harsh words for delaware's governor. >> sergeant floyd's death is due directly to staffing issues that have been going on with the department of corrections through there administration. >> reporter: the blame was pointed directly at the previous governor, insisting the union's complaints were ignored. >> staffing, retention,
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shortages, overtime, we've been talking about these issues for quite some time. >> is the prison understaffed? we face staffing challenges throughout the day. >> reporter: the secretary admits that state wide on every given day prisons are short about 90 positions. >> when we're short staffed we compensate with overtime. if we can't fill holes, wardens have authority to cancel visits, programs, and things like that. >> the fact our overtime budget is over $20 million is not safe. >> reporter: with tears in their eyes and black bands over their badges, sergeant floyd's colleagues listened to their union president say this could have been prevented. >> sergeant floyd didn't have to die yesterday. we've been asking for help from the previous governor.
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>> reporter: nbc 10 did reach out to governor markcell to get a comment on this but no response. as for governor carney who has been on the job a few weeks, the union president says he has the utmost faith that they can work together to fix this staffing issue. reporting live in dover, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> all right. ro nbc 10 has been talking to locals who say they are shocked the situation escalated and turned deadly. nbc 10 spoke with a retired prison guard who spent 30 years in those same cell blocks. he says the inmates had other options. >> they usually take a group of inmates and talk to them to try to resolve the problem. >> in a phone call to a local newspaper, the hostage takers complained about abusive guards, they also asked for more
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education and rehabilitation opportunities. meantime, this group of demonstrators showed up at vaughan correction center this morning, they're from an adv advocacy organization based in baltimore. they say they were here to show support for the inmates and that the department of corrections should or could have prevented this from happening in the first place. >> this could have all been avoided had d.o.c., you know, hired the proper people. if d.o.c. would have put in place the proper protocol and procedures, but it could have been avoided. >> the demonstrators are calling for an independent investigation into the standoff here at the prison and the events that followed. negotiators worked for hours to try to bring the standoff to a peaceful end. coming up at 4:30, a former hostage negotiator will join us live to break that process down for us. explain to us how it works. but for now, let's send it back to the studio and erin coleman in philadelphia. >> we'll see you in just a bit.
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now, to an upper darby woman who is telling her dramatic story of survival, escaping a laundry mat where she expected to be raped and killed. it shows her running off with a gun as a man collapsed. nbc 10's drew smith explains what she did to get free. >> reporter: it was 3:00 a.m., she was halfway through her overtime ship at a 24 hour laundry mat. she went inside the bathroom and you can see who followed. police say she wrestled with him. he locked the bathroom door and ordered her to take off all her clothes. >> either he's going to kill me or i was going to be dead afterwards. >> reporter: surveillance shows the moment she broke free, running out. this time she had the gun. i dove after the gun. you know what? either live or die. so i just grabbed, wrestled him
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with the game. >> reporter: he followed her outside but you can see him collapse. his arm shattered from a gun shot. >> and this bum comes in and wants to rape her and rob her and who knows what else. >> reporter: the mother of three works the job for a decade. she thinks it's time to move on. this is the second time she's been held up. >> i don't want to work there again. >> reporter: the police superintendent said he's brave. >> she fought for her life, she won. victim one, scrum bag zero. >> reporter: brooks is recovering at the hospital, his next stop is jail. drew smith, nbc 10 news. people were dressed for spring in chester county today. our cameras found people in light coats, but keep that big coat handy. because you are going to need it again this weekend. taking a live look down the shore. things are still cool in cape
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may. the temperatures are only going down from here. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking a big drop in temperatures in your most accurate weather forecast. >> yeah, it's definitely going to feel a whole lot colder tomorrow morning by the time you get up than what we saw this morning. the flags showing the wind coming in and it's bringing in some colder air. not that cold yet, 45 degrees in philadelphia. above average for this time of the year. down to 39 in coatesville. 38 in allentown. but the big change is going to be coming during the night tonight. the average high temperature is 41 for this time of the year. yesterday 50, today 46. look at the next two days, friday and saturday, those are the high temperatures. lows will be in the teens before we start coming back up a little bit on sunday. as we go through the night tonight, you can see that temperature drop pretty sharply. we've seen some nights where
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hardly it's going down autoalt . we have a little bit of wind in the morning so it will feel like it's in the teens. expect it to be dry through the night and into tomorrow. but this is just the beginning of the cold blast that's coming in here. it's going to be even colder by saturday morning. i tell you how cold that's going to get, how cold it's going to feel and when it's going to warm up again. coming up in a few minutes. thank you, president trump defending his recent phone calls with world leaders. he spoke this morning at the national prayer breakfast. earlier reports surfaced he told mexico's president he might send u.s. troops to mexico to deal kykmñ]no carrie?
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the obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegals immigrants from australia? why? i will study this dumb deal. the president also tweeted today that iran has been formally put on notice for firing a ballistic missile. should have been thankful for the terrible deal the u.s. made with them. mr. trump was repeating comments made by national security advisor michael flynn. flynn warned wednesday that the u.s. will act against iran unless it stops testing ballistic missiles.
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state department workers welcomed their new boss to his first day on the job. the senate on wednesday confirmed rex tillerson as secretary of state. tillerson is a former ceo at exxonmobil. donald trump's pick as betsy dovos could be in trouble. bob casey has received calls about people who are concerned. two republican senators have vowed to vote against betsy devos tomorrow. the nomination could die if she loses the support of one more gop senator. devos a charter schools advocate. teachers unions have charged she plans to dismantle public education. president trump is saying uc
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berkeley should stop receiving federal funding. protests forced a lock down of the campus and forced the cancellation the speech of breitbart writer milo yiannopoulos. if uc berkeley does not allow free speech and practice said violence on innocent people, no federal funds? people in atlantic city spoke out against president trump's immigration order. leaders held an interfaith and social justice vigil this afternoon dozens of community members packed the lobby of atlantic city's city hall to condemn the order which they called a muslim ban. >> we are all nations, we are fighting for one goal. this is to establish human rights, to establish equality and to establish justice in this
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country. >> some at the vigil held signs indicating their relatives were also immigrants. federal officials are warning pennsylvania that it isn't doing enough to keep the state's drinking water safe. the epa says drinking water violations nearly doubled in pennsylvania over five years. it blames inadequate staffing. governor wolf's administration says it's working to address the warning. lehigh county is getting some help in the fight against drugs. grant is on the way from the state for more than $148,000. that money will be used to create a drug identification and tracking system. the system's information will then be used by police departments throughout lehigh county. new details on a crash outside two schools in salem county. we learned a woman was killed when her truck collided with a tractor trailer here on route 40 in woods town early this morning. the crash happened right outside the woods town middle and high schools. the driver of the tractor
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trailer was not seriously hurt. a school cafeteria worker is accused of giving drugs to students. they say they have video of him selling marijuana to several students. they found nearly $300 worth of pot at his home. a new jersey judge will rule next week on whether a criminal misconduct complaint against governor chris christie can move forward. a former firefighter filed that complaint over the george washington bridge lane closing scandal. he accuses the governor of knowing about the alleged political retaliation plot against the democratic mayor. but doing nothing to stop it. christie has denied any involvement. my faithful followers, i clearly see a perfect clear shadow of me. six more weeks of winter it shall be. >> if you believe in the
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prognosticating powers of groundhogs, there's more winter ahead for us. punxsutawny phil saw his shadow. tradition states that means six more weeks of winter. the handlers revealed phil's forecast at sunrise today. for those keeping score at home, phil has predicted more than -- more winter 103 times while forecasting an early spring only 18 times. for the real deal on the forecast, nothing against punxsutawny phil but we have glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> thanks. i have my own that i consult with. >> oh, boy. >> every year at this time. and the reason that punxsutawny phil sees his shadow is that he always sees his shadow because there's always six more weeks of winter in north western pennsylvania. it's really cold and cloudy and nasty up there. you can see we've had
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temperatures today above average, despite all the cloud cover you see. picture of the lehigh valley there, maybe a few sprinkles or snow flurries. but that's just temporary. everybody's above freezing, except for mount pocono. 40 in lancaster, 45 in philadelphia. we've been as high as 47 within the past hour or two. berks county, lehigh valley, seeing temperatures dropping into the 30s, 37, reading, 35 in fleetwood, 37 in allentown and nazareth. 38 bethlehem and in easton. this is just the beginning of the temperature drop we're going to be seeing more than that. there is a few sprinkles you can see going through parts of bucks and montgomery counties, racing to the east. most of it not even reaching the ground, if it does it melts because obviously, the temperature is above freezing. al but it's not going to stay above freezing, we're going back to winter friday and saturday. the wind chills, the way it's
4:18 pm
going to feel is going to go down into the teens. but generally speaking, drive through monday, no significant precipitation at all. and as we've been saying, the chance of that precipitation for sunday, just kept getting lower and lower every day we looked at it. we took it out of the forecast yesterday and we're leaving it out. next week, warmer then it gets wet and we get another cold blast. this is not the last one. we've got those west to northwest winds coming in. coming from the great lakes, even canada. but it's not going to be long lasting. it is going to be colder at night. here's an example. allentown, the average low is 20, we've been in the 20s the last couple of days. tonight and tomorrow morning, down to 18. saturday morning down to 14. sunday morning, 18. so that's some three pretty cold mornings and a little bit of wind to add to that chill.
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let's see what these feels like temperatures are like. tomorrow morning, 20 in philadelphia and teens in many other parts of the area. that's not the coldest part of this. tomorrow afternoon, even in the middle of the afternoon it's going to feel like it's in the mid20s. remember, 47 today. 50 yesterday. you're going to notice the difference. feels like 20 in allentown. middle of the afternoon. tomorrow night, 10:00, headed out to dinner, staying out late, feeling like the teens again. saturday morning, some spots single digits. so, yeah, this is going to be a cold blast. but it's only a couple of days' worth. tomorrow looks dry, a lot of clouds around and some wind. temperatures into the 30s. robinsville 33, longport 38. newark, delaware, 38. dover, 37. hardly anybody gets to 40 degrees during the day tomorrow.
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and nobody gets to 40 degrees on saturday. everybody's got sunshine. lehigh valley doesn't get to 30. sunday we have taken the precipitation out and it's another cold day but not as cold as saturday. thank you. diversity and inclusion were the focus of a forum at the springfield country club in delaware county today. comcast senior executive vice president david cohen was the keynote speaker. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. area business leaders were at the forum to learn more about creating an environment that's diverse and focused on the needs of everyone. a woman bought a new smartphone with the promise of money back in the form of a rebate. after six months and no money, she made a call to nbc 10 responds. ahead at 4:00 how harry hairston and the team were able to sort out the situation. plus, get off your phone. the message a daycare had for parents picking up their children and why it serves as a good reminder for all of us.
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burns and blindness. experts say the laundry detergent pods are no longer just a swallowing hazard to children. we'll explain still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00. first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street.
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hauonoring black history toy at philadelphia city hall. a resolution was introduced in honor of the african-american children's book fair. she presented the resolution to nbc 10 vice president of news and two others. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are proud sponsors of the event. the 25th annual african-american children's book fair is saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 at the
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community college in philadelphia. and it's free. nbc 10 continues to follow our big story out of delaware, a deadly prison standoff. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is live in smyrna, jim? >> negotiators worked for hours to try and are bring the hostage situation to a peaceful end. coming up next at 4:00, we'll take a listen to the call between the negotiator and one of the suspects. and a former hostage negotiator will join us live to break down the process in these tense situation. yeah, that cold blast is definitely coming. it's going to feel like the teens over much of the weekend. i'm tracking the drop in temperatures for your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast. coming up all knnew at 5:00 pennsylvania is america's dumping ground. is the cash worth the cost? >> if waste is being imported for profit, we need to ask the question, who is it really
4:26 pm
profiting? >> the nbc 10 investigators follow the trail of trash.
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right now at 4:30, we continue to learn new details about a deadly standoff inside a delaware prisons. sergeant steven floyd was killed during the standoff here in smyrna. the siege ended just after 5:00 this morning when police used a back hoe to get into the building. once they got inside, they rescued another hostage, a woman who worked as a counselor. she was okay. i'm jim rosenfield. welcome back in smyrna, delaware. hostage negotiators worked through the night to try and end
4:30 pm
the situation peacefully. part of the negotiations, they wound up online. take a listen. >> we liberating right now. liberated. >> liberation is good. you had your liberation all day long. you have your liberation after this, too. but you still want your voice to be heard. isn't that what this is all about, you being heard? >> around 9:00 last night the officers turned off the negotiations to the public. we wanted to get a better idea of what's involved when you're a hostage negotiator and negotiations line this. i'm joined by ray carr, a former hostage negotiator for the fbi. thanks for being with us on nbc 10. >> thank you, jim. >> with this kind of situation versus out in the public at someone's house or apartment complex, you're dealing with prisoners, you know that at the outset. how is this a special situation for a negotiator? >> the situation is contained,
4:31 pm
which is a good thing. the negotiators and the correction officials know who they're dealing with. they know the -- they have access to mental health professors, records, access to family members, who the family member sas might be. that's a big advantage for negotiators versus dealing with those on the outside. >> what's your goal as a negotiator to try to end it? >> when you coming into a situation like this there's confusion on the law enforcement end and the inmates. you have a lot of inmates, you have leadership issues, conflict issues. a lot of what the negotiators trying to do, they're trying to win power, someone they can choose as a leader they're able to deal with on a regular basis. >> you want to keep it as calm as possible, i know -- >> yes, you want them to vent, to be able to talk as much as possible. the thing that negotiators used a thing called active listening. >> we did see them release some
4:32 pm
of the hostages, two of them during the whole process. at a certain point, obviously, it became clear among the negotiating team and correction officials they needed to get inside that building. what do you think determined that for them? >> very, very difficult to be able to give you a concrete answer with that. but there's something that occurred. a window of opportunity where something that they saw that they thought was escalating that they thought they needed to make the move at that point and they did. >> all right. ray carr, former negotiator with the fbi, we appreciate you being here. >> thanks so much. >> we're sorry it ended the way it did. >> so am i, difficult day. >> our live coverage of the big story continues at 5:00. randy gyllenhaal is talking with members of the community about sergeant floyd and his service at the prison. and then at 5:30, smyrna's mayor will join us to talk about the deadly standoff that has rattled her community. for now, let's send it back to erin coleman in our studios in philadelphia.
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>> all right. we'll see you next hour as we continue to follow this big story. we want to turn now to the weather. a calm day down the shore, the sun was shining but the winds kept things really cool today in atlantic city. pretty shot there. a nice sunny day on camel back mountain as well. you can see the skiers live. if you're skiing this weekend, you want to make sure you have those extra layers on because it is going to be cold out there. you'll want to bundle it wherever you are over the next few days. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the weather drop in your most accurate weather forecast. >> yeah, it's been unseasonably mild over the last couple of days, actually. the entire month of january overall unseasonably mild. things are going to change at least for a couple days. we have cloudy skies that have moved in to the shore. hasn't stopped the temperatures from going up. 47 in atlantic city. 46 in dover.
4:34 pm
starting to drop into the 30s in some of the northern and western areas. the temperature trend is going down. it was 50 yesterday, 47 today. 36 for the high tomorrow. 34 for saturday. it's definitely getting there for a couple of days. you can see as we go through the night tonight, the temperature going well down into the mid20s. this is even in philadelphia here. and the feels like temperature going into the teens. that's one of the warmest places in this area. so it is really going to be feeling cold and tomorrow night will be even colder than tonight. we'll get into that and when it's going to warm up and when we could get heavy rain coming up with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county. salem county, the salem memorial hospital is in the spotlight. the state health planning board met to discuss the pending sale. a healthcare foundation from california announced it was buying the hospital a year ago.
4:35 pm
but the deal is still being reviewed by the state. in newcastle county, three doctors at a stanton pain clinic are barred from prescribing o n opio opioids for at least six months. they were accused of improperly administering pain medication to a patient who later died of a heroin overdose. delaware county, chester is getting help from the state to spruce up its streets. penn dot is providing a grant of $900,000 to the city. chester will use the money for improvements along the 600 block of the avenue of the states. the improvements will include sidewalks trees and lights. cumberland county, there will be a meet and greet tonight from 5:30 to 7:00. the event is meant to bring downtown businesses and the public together to get to know and network with each other.
4:36 pm
parents too preoccupied with their phones when picking up their children from school, still ahead, how a daycare is telling parents to disconnect in order to connect. new concerns over the laundry deternalant pods and injuries they're causing children. local police departments says an overdose drug is getting too expensive. they're accusing the drug company of price gouging. that's coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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cleaning agents and can lead to vision loss if they get into the eyes. experts recommend storing those packets up away and out of reach of kids. barnes and noble is recalling thousands of power adapters sold with the nook tablet 7 because of a shock hazard. the adapter casing is break when plugged in exposing its metal prongs. consumers can register online for a free replacement. until a new adapter is received, consumers are advised to charge their nook tablet 7 through their computer. young children of divorce benefit from spending time with each parent, including overnights. researchers found spending nights with dad did not harm the mother/child relationship. the study found kids who had overnights with their father at a young age had better relationships with both parents compared would those who only stayed with their mothers. they're not born yet and
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beyonce's twin babies are taking the world by storm. we showed you the big news yesterday at 4:00. how the announcement is setting a world record. next. we're not going to be breaking records with the cold blast, but it's going to still feel like the teens over the weekend. i'm tracking the changes to help you plan ahead in your most accurate weather forecast.
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billion and her husband has not said when the twins are due. a texas daycare's message for moms and dads has gone viral. the message is simple but blunt. a sign posted outside the daycare reads you are picking up your child. get off your phone. your child is happy to see you. are you happy to see your child? it goes on from there. a mother liked the sign so much she posted it on facebook. it's been shared more than 1.2 million times. campbell's soup stepped back in time to celebrate a 102-year-old recipe. guests enjoyed samples of beef steak soup made from a 1915 recipe. only 10,000 jars were made. it's available at select new jersey and pennsylvania cracker barrel restaurants. temperatures are getting ready to plummet on us.
4:46 pm
chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the timing of the big cooldown. >> as soon as the sun sets tonight, you're going to start to feel it. the longer you stay out tonight, the more you'll feel it. it's down to 38 in the lehigh valley. we showed you the picture a half hour ago, very thick clouds. but now things have really cleared out. and we're going to be seeing clear skies most of the night. it's in the 40s across most of the yaarea. everyone has a west wind, bringing the colder air in. temperatures are above freezing everywhere, except for mount pocono at 28 degrees. 46 degrees in dover right now. and 47 in atlantic city. let's take a closer look at delaware, 45 in glasgow. greenville 42. further to the south, warmer. georgetown, reading, mills boro. bethany beach 48.
4:47 pm
we're not going to be temperatures like that for several days. we have a little batch of sprinkles or snow fluraeries racing through the area. that's about it for any kind of precipitation threat for several days. we have the dry northwest flow coming in here, bringing in colder air. but it's just going to be a couple of days' worth. as we go through the night tonight, tomorrow morning it will feel like teens across much of the area. and then it's just getting started. even during the middle of the afternoon, it's barely feeling like it's in the 20s. then tomorrow night, that's when it's getting to be the coldest. staying out late tomorrow evening? going to feel like it's in the teens. remember, it was 50 degrees yesterday. this is quite a shock to the system. no where near record breaking, but it's a shock to the system when we've been unseasonably mild. feeling like 8 in allentown by saturday morning. that's pretty cold. even during the day, saturday
4:48 pm
afternoon, still feeling like it's in the 20s. and as we go through the rest of the weekend, the temperature a little bit colder on saturday, allentown, not even getting up to 30. monday, it's still only 39 degrees. while wildwood is up to 50 by monday. this is what we do with neighborhood weather, we get specific in different neighborhoods. sometimes you get big differences across the area. philadelphia going up to 47 by monday. after 42 sunday. i don't have any precipitation in any part of the area, all the way through that period. but as we go into next week, middle of next week, it's a different story. the actirctic comes in and it will be moving out as we go into tuesday and wednesday. the ten-day forecast, couple of cold days, then couple of not so
4:49 pm
cold days, then a couple of rainy days. look at that. and increased winds. wednesday up to 56, but then down to 36 the very next day. this just in, new charges against a montgomery county woman accused of murdering her adopted daughter. sarah packer has been charged with theft of federal money. packer was already charged with killing her 14-year-old adopted daughter, grace. prosecutors say she and her boyfriend killed and then dismembered the teen last year. a viewer brought a smartphone with promise of money back in a rebate. after calls, e-mails and even visiting the store in person she wasn't getting any answers or money. until she made one more call to nbc 10 responds. her story is next at 4:00.
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built for business. turning now to nbc 10 responds, a woman bought a new smartphone with the promise of some money back in the form of a rebate. after six months and no money, she called nbc 10 responds and harry harrison got on the case. >> you know these folks get frustrated. they contact us and we go to work for them. this woman said she called, e-mailed even visited the store in person. mary is a loyal t mobile customer >> our service is good. they greet you with the local office we go to. >> last may she bought the samsung s 6 edge plus. made more affordable with the $150 rebate. >> it was a big deciding factor.
4:54 pm
>> she said she went online and followed the instructions to get her credit. eight weeks went by. she called and e-mailed t mobile and was told to refund was on its way. then she said she got a different story when she stopped by the t mobile store to talk to someone in person. >> the response that she had provided us when we went in there is that promotion is over, there was nothing they could do for us. >> so she called nbc 10 responds. that same day, she sent us her receipt and we got in touch with t mobile. >> 7:30 that night we had corporate executive offices calling our home. >> they apologized and immediately credited her account $150. >> you did in 12 hours what i couldn't do in six months. >> now, of course we did talk to t mobile. t mobile did not tell us what the hiccup was in processing the rebate. but -- >> frustrating nonetheless. >> but she finally got it.
4:55 pm
>> you got it, yeah, right. >> we're going to do our recovery counter. we have it up to $278,323. >> climbing up there. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, give us a call or fill out the complaint form on our website and we will respond to you. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds there are websites that look legit but they could be selling you counterfeit sports merchandise. harry hairston will show you how to spot a fake tomorrow on nbc 10 news. we're working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00, including the deadly prison standoff in delaware. jim rosenfield is live outside the vaughan correctional center, following the latest developments, jim? and the community wants answers about what went on in this delaware prison and how it led to the death of a corrections officer. nbc 10 has uncovered new details about how the prisoners pulled this off.
4:56 pm
and how that sergeant warned his colleagues about what was happening. a cold blast headed our way. just in time for the upcomingwalk. i'm going to tell you how cold it's going to get in the first and full weather. see you then. trash for cash. pennsylvania takes in more garbage than any other state. and neighbors are noticing. >> i literally said to myself, what a disgusting place to live. >> is the cash worth the cost? the nbc 10 investigators follow the trail of trash, next all new at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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right now at 5:00, from stand off to tragedy. the community wants answers about what went on in this delaware prison and how it led to the death of a corrections officer. nbc 10 has uncovered new details about how the prisoners pulled this off. and how that sergeant warned his colleagues about what was happening. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is following all the latest developments for us tonight. >> he joins us live from the vaughan correctional center in smyrna. this ordeal ended this morning after 18 hours? >> a long ordeal, and today delaware's governor said he prayed it would end peacefully. sadly we know it did not. tonight, we continue to learn new information about the standoff. and the corrections officer who
5:00 pm
lost his life. here is what we know, sergeant steven floyd was found unresponsive when police stormed the prison around 5:00 this morning. he was pronounced dead minutes later. late today, the head of the corrections officers' union revealed sergeant floyd warned other officers that the inmates had set a trap. the union said he believed inmates practiced before they took the three guards and a counselor hostage yesterday morning. investigators still trying to figure out exactly who was involved in all of this. right now, all 120 inmates in that building are being considered suspects until they figure it out. tim furlong is joining me now live. he's been following the standoff from the very beginning. investigators do have some idea of how the prisoners pulled this off, right? >> reporter: yeah, i think they're getting there. at this point they're trying to figure out how it unfolded. they want to make sure it doesn't happen again.


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