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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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specific neighborhood. absolutely. normal temperatures in the 20s. that's what we've got this morning. just dropped. middle 20s for the suburbs and new jersey and lehigh valley 24 degrees. wind did blowing too. eight mile an hour wind in delaware making it feel colder. the wind will be with us all day long. even though ethe temperatures will be climbing 37 degrees in new jersey and 38 degrees at the shore, the wind will be blowing so it's going to feel like the 20s all day long. low 20s this afternoon for lehigh valley. 38 degrees high and delaware up to 36 for philadelphia, but the wind blowing will make it feel colder. and clouds are moving in too, but the chance of showers not looking that great. go through it hour by hour with the future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. first it's friday morning and jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> happy friday. good morning, everyone. watching the blue route. no problems or delays so far. see nothing going on here. just a few cars moving around.
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roads are dry. there's the bridge closure we're watching. new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike connector. still closed for structural repairs. 422. not doing bad here. eight minutes eastbound to the schuylkill. speeds in the 60s. no morning delay yet. same goes for new jersey roads. route 73 around 295 in mount laurel. both directions look clear. not seeing backup or delays. following breaking news from france. a man armed with two machetes was shot outside the world famous louvre museum in paris. picture right now from the scene. live picture. police say the man tried to stab soldiers standing guard after they told him he could not enter an underground shopping mall with the two backpacks he was carrying. shot five times. he is in grave condition. police say the backpacks did not contain any explosives. one soldier suffered minor
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injuries. french soldiers are patrolling tourist attractions in light of deadly terror attacks over the last two years. tap the nbc 10 app and stay with us on air for updates. >> now to deadly prison standoff in delaware. today the community will remember the corrections officer killed while inmates held him hostage. >> sergeant stephen floyd is being called a hero this morning. saved colleagues lives by warning them inmates had set a trap. community will hold a vigil for him tonight. matt delucia outside the barracks with more on how floyd is being remembered and the rescue that brought the ordeal to an end. the vigil will be held at smyrna complex. as to what was going on in the prison at the time and what led up tow that deadly standoff. sky force 10 was over the prison
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yesterday morning showing you the aftermath. the demands from inmates included access to water and food at that time. police did get inside, they rescued add female staff member. other hostage in there was sergeant steven floyd. 46-year-old corrections officer is being accredited with saving lives. >> sergeant floyd was a great man. even in his last moments, as the inmates attempted to take over the building, sergeant floyd told couple of the lieutenants to get out of the building, that it wias a trap. >> back live you can see the flags flying at half staff here at the delaware state police barracks in newark. as for the prison, 120 inmates in there at the time in the building. at the moment, all of them are
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considered suspects. coming up at 6:30. question about staffing. was there enough in the prison at that time. live in newark this morning matt delucia nbc 10 news. we have new details about a sex abuse investigate in bucks county involving men dress instead animal costumes. josh shapiro says investigators received a significant number of tips related to the case. five people including these three men are facing charges after a boy was allegedly raped. police say one of tv suspects would dress in a fox costume before attacking him during fetish parties. police say the alleged victim is in foster care and receiving therapy. >> it's 6:04. sara packer accused in rape and murder of adopted daughter faced federal charges of theft and records tampering. federal authorities say packer cashed thousands of dollars in soci social security checks for grace while she was listed missing.
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she was found last october in the woods. sara and her boyfriend are charged with the murder. senator told he wants social security to make changes to prevent anyone from cashing benefits for a missing person as is a ra packer is accused of doing. in philadelphia school cafeteria accused of dealing drugs to student. selling marijuana to several students in george washington high school in northeast philadelphia. iran is reacting to possible sanctions from trump administrati administration. yesterday it will president repeated national security adviser warning that iran is on notice after recent ballistic missile test. trump administration also putting north korea on notice.
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south korea today warned north korea that if it uses nuclear weapons on the u.s. or allies, it would trigger overwhelming response. meanwhile here at home, hundreds of lgbtq activists protested the trump administration last night. >> over city center. demonstrators feel many of the president's politics are divisive and discriminatory. new poll suggests many americans think president trump needs to slow pace on policy change. almost half of the country thinks he's moving toofs too fast. 25 points more than president obama got in a similar poll after beginning of his presidency. happening today, mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman heads to court. extradited from mexico to u.s. to face charges. guzman pled not guilty last
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month to 17 counts of manufacturing and distributing drugs over a period of almost 25 years. if he's convicted, he's looking at life in prison. >> it's 6:07. 29 degrees in philadelphia. live look outside right now shows the wind blowing so you got the temperatures and then you got the wind. tell us what's to come, bill henley. it's going to be a pretty good snow day to come. they've been making snow all night long at camel back. got the snow mobile out. it's going to be a good skiing conditions. just going to be cold and windy. get sunshine in the poconos. clouds moving in to dover. wilmington, and philadelphia. temperatures cold, but not going to come down a whole lot more with the clouds. 23 degrees in pottstown. little bit colder where skies have been cleared overnight. allentown 24. poconos at 11 degrees this morning. a lot of cold neighbors. 20s for new jersey. all in the upper 20s.
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mount laurel, florence, all in the upper 20s. that's to start with. we will see the temperatures come up during the day, but with clouds around and a steady wind, not going to be much of a warmup. going to be a cold wait at the bus stop this morning. 8:00 this morning. some breaks of sunshine in the wakertown. allentown,quakertown. allentown, into some of suburbs. clouds will be increasing and temperatures just into the 30s this afternoon. 34 degrees at 1:00 for philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies for the suburbs and clouds hanging in there through the day and lehigh valley to 29 degrees at 5:00. delaware, mainly cloudy, but what you don't see here is any wet weather for delaware and possibly a late daybreak of sunshine, 35 degrees at 5:00. new jersey the wind will be
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blowing. middle 30s at the shore. going to feel like the 20s all day long. colder as we head into the weekend. look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. >> all right. see owe then, bill. following that earlier construction which typically clears around the 5:00 mark. had that out of the way for an hour now. now watching the vine arnoound h street. no big problems or delays yet moving through center city. just fine. now new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike connector bridge still closed for structural repairs until further notice. watching 76 right now. this is right around market street in glosser city. 76 in new jersey before you get to part where you split before the walt whitman bridge and ben franklin bridge. no problems or delays. you can definitely see it
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starting to pick up from earlier this morning. the rest of jersey roads look great. 42 freeway clear. no problems reported on the turnpike. 295 looks good in north and southbound sides. vai back to you. >> trip to animal shelter turned out to be a life changing decision for one local college student. >> next, unique relationship that is giving new meaning to the phrase man's best friend. ten after six right now. fiery rescue of montgomery county after a car crashed and burst into flames.
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friday morning. super bowl weekend. you know what that means, wing bowl. here at the wells fargo center, action is underway now. nbc 10 haddon township county this morning where p.j. was
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throwing up some 10,000 chicken wings for big eating contest. sellout crowd. special guests include prowrestling rick flair. grammy winner coolio and a lot of people hungry and watching people eat and other things happen at wing bowl. >> other things. new this morning, story of a shelter dog to the rescue. >> delaware county man recently adopted kirby from shelter and are appears to be a case of who is saving who. nbc 10 katy zachry with that story. >> reporter: definitely a good question. we were there shooting the story, employees got emotional seeing the interaction between kirby and new owner. it's easy to see why. kirby was rescued from the woods in kentucky and faced being euthanized because of shelter overcrowding there. so providence agreed to take him and not long before college student elliot newman adopted him and started training him to
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be a service dog. elliot has trouble with balance and he's just amazed how quickly kirby caught on. >> he's very bright. you can see he's staring at me. super attentive to me. we have only been together about two months. watching any move anyone makes. >> hard not to cry when you see this relationship. it's everything we work for. >> they're all pretty emotional there. kirby has learned to pick things up off the ground, keys, food. can even open doors for elliot. basically things that elliot has trouble with. kirby is truly a life changer for him. >> only had him two months and he's trained. i've had my dog ten years still not trained. >> you'll notice we're sporting red today. >> teams got red on national wear red day. posting on all of social media too. wearing red to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke. causes one and three deaths a
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year. also happening today, kids across our area can get their teeth checked out free. part of annual give kids a smile day. provide x-raies, cleaning and more. find it on nbc 10 app. locations closest to your family. >> you mow who has a great smile and wearing red today? >> jessica boyington and she can get you to work. how about that. >> all you have to do is pay attention. we're all wearing red today. look great as a team like that. good morning, everyone. we are watching area bridges. right knew watching 26th street around penn avenue. what's behind that is the platt bridge. no big problems or delays. oftentimes accidents at the base of the bridge. no problems or delays. everything moving along just fine. check in with route 73. just before the bridge. toll plaza right back in here. no openings at least scheduled
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for this moment or at least in the next half our or so. so you'll be good. rest of the bridges okay. ben franklin clear. no scheduled openings there either. remember the bridge closure connecting new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike. still closed for those structural repairs. that's going the effect your morning commute until further notice. 6:17. let's talk about chilly temperatures this morning and what's to come. first alert. >> notice the change getting stronger now. heading out the door temperatures are dropping. wind blows in colder. the wind will be blowing through the day. turns cloudy. going to be colder today than the last few. cold gusty winds increasing this evening. push clouds out of here. make for a cold r night. 24 in the lehigh valley. suburbs at 25 and 28 in delaware. south jersey 25.
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colder neighborhoods just dropped to 29 degrees at the airport. park side is 27. 27 for west mount, andorra, look at parkwood, 27 degrees this morning. colder this morning than the last few days. certainly below freezing for center city. all at 30 degrees at this hour. the wind is not all that strong just yet. now up to six miles an hour in philadelphia. eight miles an hour in wilmington. wind will increase during the day. temperatures will come up. only into the 30s. wind blowing the feels like temperatures. stomach in the 20uz all day long from first thing this morning. right into the evening by 9:00 this evening. windchill 20 degrees. winds get stronger tonight. sunshine, you might see a little bit to start with in allentown. clouds already moving up from the south. coming from a system that's going to pass to south. not expecting any wet whether with clouds. going to hold temperatures back today. colder tomorrow. 30s with one exception.
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lehigh valley just 29 degrees. that's in spite of sunshine all day long. below normal temperatures on saturday. above normal readings on sunday. straex of sunshine. look at that temperature for delaware. eaks of sunshine. look at that temperature for delaware. 36 degrees is the forecast for this afternoon. with the winds blowing feel like in the 20s. winds increasing tonight will bring in colder air for tomorrow morning. down to 22 degrees. just 34 in the afternoon on saturday. sunshine will fade on sunday. clouds moving in, but the temperature moves up nicely. into the low 40s in the afternoon. here's that trend that continues for monday. 47 degrees and into tuesday. clouds move in, expecting some rain. especially later on tuesday and wednesday, but the warmup continues even though we're getting rain. then once the rain is done, so is that warmer air. at least for several days.
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thursday, trfriday, saturday afternoon temperatures in the 20s next friday and saturday. then we're on track for another warm yu warmup starting next sunday. >> 20 minutes past six. work is on the way to fix a summer shore destination. change visitors will notice on the board walk in atlantic city. bl plus a daring rescue.
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car burst into flames as bystander rushed to rescue the driver. went down the en bancmembankmen 2:00 in the afternoon. two men pulled him from the car. driver is expected to be okay. here's a look at nbc 10 news headlines and what's happening across the region.
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candle light vigil will honor steven floyd. found dead in a prison standoff. today begins damages phase in market street building collapse civil trial. jury hear testimony in deciding how much money the liable parties will pay. 2013 tragedy killed 7 people and injured 7 others. easteiran reacting to presi trump's travel ban. iran says it's banning american free style wrestlering from make accident upcoming visit. put iran on notice after recent missile test. 6:24. 29 degrees outside. take you county by county for a look at some stories across our area. >> first new opportunity for veterans in south jersey. new veterans center open in berlin camden county. provide meals, clothing and haircuts. also host tell your story nights when veterans can share their
6:25 am
personal experiences with their peers. >> in delaware county, the state will help spruce up chester's business district. awarded the city a grant of more than $900,000. use the mown to add curbs, sidewalks, and chetrees along t avenue of the states. famous walkway undergoing major expansion project. new board walk is going up along the inlet. an area cutoff from the main boardwalk near the casinos. in the lehigh valley lehigh county is getting money to help fight elis icit drugs. create a drug id and tracking system to use throughout the county. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. saying good morning to cherry hill new jersey. route 38 around haddon field road. couple of cars out the road
6:26 am
there. no problems or delays reported right now. check in with more of the majors and try to find trouble spots when i come back. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with bill henley. >> so could outside. feels like february this morning. can you believe that. it is february. we're back to normal. 29 degrees. little bit of a breeze blowing. see the turbines moving. neighborhood forecast just ahead. plus mother and daughter reunited. little girl rescued after man drives off in family's suv with the baby in the back seat. also a fight for her life, how the woman until this surveillance video turned the tables on her aattacker. tacker
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prison standoff aftermath. baby on board. thief drives off with family's suv with a child in back seat. bigger boardwalk. jersey shore town getting a makeover ahead of summer season. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. chilly. we've been spoiled. let's find at what's to come with meteorologist bill henley and accurate neighborhood forecast. >> we have been spoiled. everything was fine until the groundhog did see his sad doeha right. winter. here we go. 26 in new jersey. lights are on and clouds overhead. see the clouds and just starting to move into the lehigh valley. clouds increasing. 26 degrees at 9:00. temperature will increase, but not like we've seen lately. 30 degrees at noontime. philadelphia warm up to 36.
6:31 am
with a breezy day ahead, that will feel like 26 degrees this afternoon. barely above freezing for the lehigh valley. and at the shore, a little warmer than inland areas. 38 degrees with skies turning cloudy this morning. those clouds lingering into afternoon. go through it hour by hour. break them down for each part of our area when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> starting on the boulevard. route 1 around roberts avenue watching here. see a good amount of traffic going on the southbound side. that's what traffic moving towards the schuylkill typically see more delays there. right now no major problems reported. the schuylkill seeing more delays moving towards center city. typical of this time. not seeing them -- they're not that bad. 21 minutes eastbound. average speeds into the high 30s there. seeing some of those slow downs. also here for septa route 36 trolly. dealing with delays. trollies will be operating in both directions from woodland
6:32 am
avenue from 49th and island avenue due to accident near there. watch for that. will see delays because of it. new information on breaking news we've been following throughout the morning from paris france. it appears the area outside the louvre museum is getting back to normal aftera man with a machete tried to attack showed yers the soldiers there. looking at a live picture. trying to stand soldiers standing guard after they told him he could not enter an underground shopping mall with two backpacks. police say the attacker was shot five times. listed instead grave condition. police say the backpack did not contain any explosives. one soldier did suffer a minor injury. >> 6:32. breaking news out of bucks county. five people displaced after hotel room caught fire in doylestown. here's the scene. happened just after midnight on the first floor of main street
6:33 am
in. crew s investigating the cause. he tells us he expects arson. red cross working to help out those displaced. now to prison standoff. flags flying half staff across the state this morning. called for all flags to be lowered in memory of sergeant steven floyd. remembered in candle light vigil tonight. correctional officers association of delaware hosting a tribute. nearly 20 hour long standoff ended yesterday morning when law enforcement used a backhoe to charge into the facility. second hostage safely rescued. inmates shielded her from harm. was a counselor at the prison. at least 120 inmates now considered suspects. deadly standoff now leading to questions about staffing levels in delaware prisons. >> nbc live outside the state police barracks in newark with more on those concerns.
6:34 am
matt? >> reporter: right. that is one of the big complaints we heard yesterday. just a little over 24 hours ago when police were getting ready to move into that briz buipriso wrg the hostage situation was going on for so long. sky force 10 was over head showing you the aftermath here. this was around 5:00 in the morning. law enforcement used that to charge into the building and rescue a female employee. the other hostage still inside, sergeant stephen floyd is being credited with saving lives, but to give you an idea of what was going on around that time of the hostage situation. again lasted almost 20 hours. take a listen to audio recordings of radio transmissions including those from hostage and inmate and negotiator. >> they're at my neck right now with a knife if you don't hurry up and turn phones on. >> after that, you give us our
6:35 am
demands, i'm just trying to get this thing over with so everybody can go home safe. >> sergeant floyd's death was preventable. we told state leaders this was going to happen. sergeant floyd told them this was going to happen and still no meaningful changes were made other than to maintain the status quo. take a live look here. this is newark outside the state police barracks. see the flags flying half staff. 120 inmates in that building in smir that. at the in a moment all considered suspects. yrna. at the in a moment all considered suspects. vigil scheduled for 6:00 tonight. >> obviously questions remain about how and when he was killed during the standoff. you can count on nbc 10 to keep
6:36 am
digging to find the answers. we'll continue to follow the story on air on nbc 10 app and social media. 6:35. right now in south philadelphia toddler safely back with mother after car thief swiped the suv with the child riding inside. nbc 10 with the mother when she was reunited last night. daughter found unharmed in car seat. that's where the minor owns a laundromat. inside getting a toy for the girl when the man stole the vehicle. >> the baby is safe. she was crying then we carried her and she's fine. >> the individual driving hears the baby in the back seat turns into a much higher crime. >> looking for the driver and mother's gray toyota rav 4 with license plate jmt. >> you're looking at graumt video of a laundromat worker in
6:37 am
upper darby who fought off suspected robber by grabbing gun and shooting him. drama played out wednesday morning. >> you know what, either live or die so i just grabbed, cruwrus d wrestled him with the gun. >> the robbery suspect is in the hospital facing charges. the laundromat worker said she's looking for a new job. today testimony begins in the penalty phase of the civil trial involving a deadly building collapse in philadelphia. all six defendants were found liable in this case. now the jury must decide how much each defendant will pay to the survivors and relatives who filed the suit. seven people died. 12 others were hurt when a wall crushed salvation army thrift store on market and 22 in june of 2013. the injujury is expected to deliberate in about a week. judge will make a decision
6:38 am
next week on whether a criminal conduct complaint against chris christie can move to next step. former firefighter filed the complaint over the george washington bridge lane closure scandal. he said the governor knowing about the revenge plot against the mayor of fort lee did nothing to stop it. christie deniy ies any involvem. >> looks like the temperatures did below 30s in the last half hour. the beach is always so pretty before sunrise. 40 minutes from now, bill? >> coming up at seven after. half an hour away. see by that picture you're not going to see a lot of sunshine. clouds over the city. some breaks in the clouds in the distance. live view from philadelphia. and cape may is going to stay cloudy all day long. it is dry on beach avenue. live view from the hotel. sunshine returns over the weekend for cape may. clouds moving in and wind is picking up.
6:39 am
combined in all going to make for a cold you aer day today. little bit stronger in wilmington. go into the afternoon, wind picking up. north westerly wind. always a cooling direction for us. feel that today. 29 degrees. the windchill at 8:00 this morning will be in the low 20s. while the temperature is still in the 20s. we will warm into the 30s. look a lot tht this. mostly cloudy during the day. feels like 25 degrees. suburbs clouds moving in right now. cloudy day. still below freezing at midday. and up to 32 degrees at 2:00 and in the lehigh valley, bit of sunshine this morning. scattered clouds right now. sunshine will fade after a bit of sunshine at 8:00. mostly cloudy skies at 10:00. clouds all day long. what you won't see is anything falling from the clouds. new jersey, 28 degrees right now. 20s for the next few mours. by 10:00, just goo the very low 30s. wind picks up along with
6:40 am
temperature. 2:00 a degree above freezing it will feel like it's in the 20s in new jersey. at the shore, not a lot different. 28 degrees now. 28 at 9:00. middle 30s this afternoon. little warmer. winds continue and make it feel like the 20s right through the afternoon. delaware skies are already cloudy this morning. wind at 8 miles an hour. 28 degrees at 8:00 and into the 30s by lunchtime. middle 30s and see those 30s continue with some breaks of sunshine latd this afternoon. then it clears out tonight and colder air moves in tonight. and that's going to make for cold start to the weekend. saturday 34 degrees. this is where the cooling trend ends. and it's back to a warming trend. have us in the 50s come wednesday. show you how long that's going to last. warming trend when i come back. >> can't quite make out a 95,
6:41 am
but i do see flairs on the road and care facing wrong direction. not good. >> i'm not sure if it's really just an accident. seems like the only vehicle involved is the one facing the wrong direction. see it looks like the crew right there trying to help the guy. right in front there's a vehicle on the wrong way of 95. fortunately he's the only vehicle involved. at least thatky see right here. not belonging any lanes. volumes light. all across the board. headed to the vine street expressway. speeds in the 30s. nine minutes eastbound from schuylkill. speeds in the 50s there. back to you. department store cutting ties with ivana trump. >> up next, reason behind the product drop. spotting a fake. local sports fan called nbc
6:42 am
responds when the flyers jersey he bought online showed up looking less than authentic: harry hairston helping him and you avoid problem websites.
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fellow planner and fellow citizen. but at least he tried hard. count on nbc 10 to stay on top of all the president's movements
6:46 am
all day long. including what he's saying on social media. a story that's trending on social media. nordstroms says it will stop selling ivana trump clothing and accessories. department store chain said the decision was based on sales performance. spokesperson didn't say whether the move is permanent only that they make buying decisions each season. the move comes amid a week long campaign by a group called grab your wallet which is calling for boycott of retailers that carry ivanka and donald trump merchandise. turning to nbc 10 responds. website that may look legit, but they could be selling counterfeit sports merchandise. >> or you may not get the products at all. nbc 10 responds shows us how to spot a fake. >> wanted to show you one of my favorite jerseys here. >> when it comes toebsite that
6:47 am
nhl gear for less than half the price. site official nhl world. jumped on the chance to save on a jersey for his son. >> i work very hard for my money. as well as my wife. we were trying to save a few bucks. >> more than a month went by and the jersey never showed. >> it's a letdown, honestly. >> hi, how are you doing? >> reached out to nbc responds. turns out the site is not official. the nhl tells us the only official way to buy its merchandise is through shop skpchlt the company never responded to request for comment. barry has this message for anyone else looking to save on gear. be careful who you order from. harry hairston. few other red flags, tell us us look for grammar, spelling mistakes. if you come across what maybe a
6:48 am
fake site, report it to nhl and credit card company. barry tells us he'll pay full price in person next time he buys a jersey. if you have a problem, let us know about it. reach out on the screen. we will respond to you. >> about 12 minut:00 minutes be a.m. cool friday out there. february 3. give you a live look at center city. looks a little hazy out there. grab your coat before you leave. >> bill henley, most accurate forecast. >> cloud cover moving in. the wind picking up and combine the two to make for a cold day today. >> see the clouds as well. view from the stadium. wilmington cloud cover across delaware and south jersey. clouds move in after the temperatu temperature. delaware in the upper 20s.
6:49 am
lehigh valley and suburbs slow to warm up. even though they will be warming up. west bradford. exon the, westchester. will be limited to the 30s this afternoon. the winds will be blowing in bedminster all day long. warm into the low 30s. feels like the 20s all day long. the wind right now six miles an hour. didn't completely die down overnight. just starting to pick up right now. increases during the day. just enough wind, just enough cloud cover. going to be a cold wait at the bus stop. little bit of sunshine in allentown. may see a few breaks in the philadelphia. mostly cloudy. cold as everyone will be below freezing to start with. here are the clouds moving into the area. coming off a system passing to the south. find the wet weather in virginia and north carolina. we will stay dry today. not going to stay drew throuy t
6:50 am
the weekend too. expect the winds to get stronger this evening. bring the temperatures down even more by tomorrow morning. 22 degrees in the morning. some suburbs in the teens on saturday. wind die down. sunshine bright. 44 degrees on saturday. warmer weather ahead on sunday. after another cold morning: 42 in the afternoon. clouds increase. expect it to stay dry on sunday. dry with sunshine monday and look at the warmup. 47 degrees. upper 40s again on tuesday. with rain moving in and even warmer even though we'll get rain on wednesday. high of 56 degrees. then a cold front swings through and see what it does for the temperatures for thursday. that cold weather stays with us friday and saturday. another warmup next sunday. let's get you to work on this friday morning. >> jessica boyington has her eyes on 95. >> 95 still looks good in terms of drive time. not really seeing much of a
6:51 am
morning rush right now. look at the zsh side of 95. we're good. no delay right here. 20 minutes. adding about five, maybe seven minutes to morning drive right now moving southbound from woodhaven road to the vine. vehicle on the side right here. a loan vehicle facing the wrong direction. looks like lost control of the vehicle there, but we're trying to get that out of the way. not blocking any lanes. traffic moving by nicely. schuylkill expressway pretty much the same story here. nothing major going on. slow in the normal spots. making it 23 minutes in center city. the 42 freeway mpl, this right around creek road. belmar area. bright lig brake lights ahead. still closed for that structural repair. vai, back to you. in honor of african-american
6:52 am
children's book fair. presented the resolution to vice president of news williams and two others. nobs 10 and telemundo are proud spon terrors of the event. book fair is saturday from 1-4 at the community college of philadelphia. and it is a free event. so come. >> philadelphia hazmat ryan back back for sunday super bowl. this is a look at ryan when he called signals for pen charter and holding a lunchtime pep rally for him. graduated in 2003. lead the falcons in sunday's big game. >> ting pats are going to win, but i'm rooting for mattie ice.
6:53 am
>> includes breaking news in paris where an attacker has been shot at the famous louvre museum. >> breaking here at home. out in the cold this morning. where should you start when you're
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here are some of the stories we'll be following today. >> breaking news. soldiers outside the louvre hotel. shot a man who tried to attack them with a machete. live picture there the scene. man carrying two backpacks. authorities say nothing in the backpacks: breaking news out of bucks county. five people displaced after a hotel room fire in doylestown on
6:57 am
the first floor of main street in. the owner suspects arson. red cross is working to help out those displaced. stay with nbc 10 for both breaking news stories. happening tonight candle light vigil. hosting the tribute for him. happening at 6 cc this afternoon. taken hostage by inmates yesterday. south philadelphia mom has her little girl back after car thief stole her suv with a toddler still inside. the thief abandon the girl in her car seat nearby. witnesses returned the child safely to her mom. police say the thief took the woman's vehicle while she was inside the lon droe matt she owns getting a toy for her daughter: president put iran on notice
6:58 am
after it conducted ballistic missile test. ban on the wrestlers came in the wake of temporary travel ban. today testimony begins in the penalty phase of the civil trial involving a deadly building collapse in philadelphia. all six defendants were found liable in the case. seven people died, 12 others hurt. when the wall crashed into the thrift stone re? june of 2013. injury is expected to deliberate in about a week. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. 95 and cameras around cottman avenue. disabled vehicle on the shourd. not causing huge delays southbound from woodhaven road
6:59 am
to the vine street expressway. 18 minute strip. speeds in the 40s. crash in montgomery on bethlehem pike. >> just before 7:00. sun is just getting ready to come up. see the clouds that are moving in to the easton area. cloud cover already over philadelphia. clouds and wind is going to make for a cold one today. 31 degrees the temperature at 9:00. feel like 24 treedegrees. see the feels like temperatures in the 20s all day long. bundle up this morning. gets colder at night for the first part of the weekend. temperatures won't warm up much. don't forget always get the first alert forecast on 101 more fm. good cause. local updates throughout the morning. get realtime news and kwl and traffic on the nbc 10 app.
7:00 am
>> thanks for watching. today show starts right now. >> go red. good morning. breaking news, a man armed with mache machetes, attacks a soldier outside of the louver. the world's most famous museum evacuated. the suspect shot. a likely terror attack thwarted. we're there live. > say what? kellyanne conway raises eyebrows as she tries to defend the president's order on immigration. >> two iraqis were radicalized. and they were the moster minds behind the bowling green massacre. it didn't get covered. >> there's never been a terrorist attack in bowling green. what was her point? today, exclusive. caroline kennedy speaks


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