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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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high kobe showcase. kobe brients framed high school replica jersey. several pairs of nike sneaker signed by the star and the 1996 state championship trophy. >> it's awful. a lot of people are talking about it. >> reporter: administrators say thieves broke into the school and display case outside the bryant gymnasium between 6:30 and 7:30 last night. the director of communications played varsity basketball with bryant. >> nothing that's of significant monetary value but it's a punch in the gut when someone comes into your building and does that to say space that really is a sake cred space. >> >> reporter: he has a place of nba history of one of the all time greats now the works of thieves has his high school reeling. >> he built the gym. his name is everywhere and his picture is everywhere. it's a big loss for the school to have his memorabilia taken
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away in such a brutal fashion. >> reporter: police tell me they're still working to obtain and review the buildings surveillance video. so far that has not been made public. school administrators say bryant has reached out to them offering to do whatever he can to replace the stolen items. >> a tearful reunion for a lehigh valley family after a back and forth battle because of president trump's immigration ban. members of the family landed at jfk airport in new york after a 16 hour trip. president trump's executive order on immigration forced the family to go back to syria more than a week ago but their travel plans then changed when the order was put on hold friday by a judge. the only local tv reporter in new york for the emotional reunion. >> reporter: this is what an
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international family reunion some 13 years and one excruciating in the week looks like. smiles, tears of joy and hugs that are truly nonstop. he hasn't seen his son since he was 18. he's now 21. it is a moment in time they were convinced might never come true until now. >> it's still a dream. it's a dream that i just woke up and became real. we have accomplished it. i am so excited. >> he wouldn't answer questions about how he feels about president trump's executive order or initially being sent home after landing as philly international last week. >> unhuman what's happened to us. i just want to say thank you to all the american people that support us, the congressman. >> reporter: first at philadelphia and denied and 18
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hours back to wore torn syria and to arrive here at jfk today they have logged more than a work week at 52 hours in the sky but finally they're monumental uncertain tolds certain. >> as soon as their visa was stamped. so they're legal permanent residents. >> they would pass lady liberty on their ride from the airport. family attorney offers this keep sake big the liberty bell. >> this is a symbol of liberty in the united states. >> reporter: asking them to ring it whenever they need him. >> this family did it the right way. they played by the rules. we're celebrating -- we're celebrating the rule of law today, we're celebrating fairness and justice. >> from jfk nbc10 news. and pennsylvania governor to have wolf greeted the family when they finally arrived in allentown this morning telling the family and those gathered, this is who we are. >> so this is a great day.
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it not only brings families -- this family together which is a really happy event but it brings really good people into our commonwealth and pennsylvania. people who have gone through the process, done everything, dotted every i and crossed every t and made it here. >> the governor says he hopes the family will enjoy living in pennsylvania. lauren mayk is in allentown with that family. we will hear from them as they arrive home. that's coming up at 5:00. >> our nbc10 news digital team has been following the family back and forth journey. read more on their story and watch the unedited video right now on the nbc10 app. >> turning to your first alert weather. a nice sunny day to take a stroll in center city. people were wearing those lighter coats today enjoying the warmer weather out there. but nbc10 first alert radar take a look tracking rain and the timing of that rain, could really impact your drive to work
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or school. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking those showers in your most accurate weather forecast. >> and this could be our first round of wet weather this week. >> we are going to be seeing more precipitation than just this rain that is going to be coming in. look how warm it is out here. 54 degrees in philadelphia. this is only going to be the third warmest day of the week. it's going to get warmer than this. the average high is about 41. 54 in atlantic city, 52 in coatesville. we're just talking about rain. no precipitation close by. it's a nice evening. here's that rain moving up from the mid-west. and it should arrive at least in parts of the area by the morning rush. there's 5:30 in the morning. we can see some generally lighter rain around the allentown area and also around philadelphia. little bit heavier rain comes in later in the morning covering a good bit of the area, so definitely want to be prepared
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for that. but then it moves out as we head toward the end of the day. so don't think it'll be around for the afternoon rush. as you go through the night and into the morning the clouds are going to increase in philadelphia itself generally just cloudy skies at 6:00 a.m. not very cold at all in those northern suburbs, chester, bucks, montgomery countys that we showed you on the future radars. we're still talking about rain showers for the lehigh valley and even some at the jersey shore. just about everybody should get some rain tomorrow. we got the f. word in the forecast. a lot of places are going to see some snow and we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. >> police in bucks county say it is one of the worst cases of child abuse they have ever seen. a former handy man sexually assaulted children for decades before police put him behind bars.
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dd is live in false township. police now need help identifying those victims. >> reporter: police say they were not prepared for what they found inside this trailer here. this is where they say william thomas lived since 2006. you see it says private there on the deck. residents say they knew thomas, they knew he worked in the area. they also knew no one was allowed inside this trailer. >> used to call him our willie. >> willie was only one of his neighboring names. he was also known at bill and billy. police say he lived here since 2006 but none of his neighbors say they were allowed inside his trailer. >> people say they were acting iffy. when they tried to go into his trailer they wouldn't let him. >> reporter: they say thomas worked in trailer homes here. he was a handy man and houses and trailers nearby. that's part of the concern for police. >> this man in essence was found
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with over 1,000 pornographic child images. >> he took the pictures himself and they say he had more receive nears of his alleged assaults on display. >> he also possessed over 1,000 pairs of soiled little girls underwear. >> residents say they watched at polices took boxes and boxes of evidence. they haven't been able to go through it all yet. >> the human race hasn't come up with words to describe what we saw in that trailer. they became aware of him when he had wrote a diary. it described in detail the assault he inflicted on a young victim. as a handy man he used his business card to get work. he was alone inside local houses and stole items from the houses.
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>> this is a real life boogie man. >> reporter: a concern for police this trailer park is large with dozens and dozens of trailers. they say he was able to get inside of and work. there are neighborhoods all around they say he could've worked and again, police say no one was allowed inside this trailer except for the children that he allegedly assaulted and if you know anything about this man, you're asked to call bucks county detectives. reporting live in falls township, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> someone reported finding dynamite at an estate sale. officers gave the all clear and left within the past hour. >> so expect delays if you ride septas busiest route. right now more than half the cards are side lined. erin coleman with details on what riders can expect. >> septa says it discovered those cracks in subway cars just
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months after officials found cracks in regional rail trains. they told us they discovered two cars had cracks in the main load carrying bolt ster beam. that's what it's called that prompted an inspection of all of the cars on the frankfurt lines, 60 cars had cracks in the vent box. now riders have to deal with fewer trains until all the problems have been identified and repaired. septa says buses will be available along the line to help ease delays. >> we think it's going to be heavy tomorrow. heavier. but we will, you know, do as much as we can. we're also going to have two more train sets out there and, you know, we're going to continue to monitor the situation and adjust as we see. >> now this new problem is not related to the summer slowdown back then a fleet of 120 silver liner five regional rail cars were forced off the tracks when a crack was found in the wheel
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assembly. that meant huge headaches for riders. he believes they found the cracks long before they could've been catastrophic. engineers would have noticed problems like doors being unable to close and uneven floors which would have prompted inspection. erin coleman, nbc10 news. >> to washington now right now democrats are holding a 24 hour protest against president trump's education nominee. >> here's the live look at the senate floor. they plan on speaking now until the vote at noon. two republican senators have already expressed their opposition to devos. if everyone else votes down party lines it would be a 50/50 tie. now if that happens vice president mike pence would break the tie and would vote to confirm her. >> hundreds of local teachers, public school employees and
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parents rallied against devos today in center city. some even brought their children along. the group chanted and carried these signs here as they marched from city hall to senator pat toomey's office. they are calling on toomey to break party rank and vote against the nominee. >> devos has no experience in education or experience in public schools. she's totally unfit. senator toomey should really listen to the constituents in his state and listen to those who have experience in education. >> senator toomey continues to say he will vote in favor of devos. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenny sent a letter to toomey urging him to vote no on devos. this is about whether the u.s. senate should appoint someone to a job she does not understand, which could have tremendous consequences for our most vulnerable children and our economy. the easy answer to that question is no. and today nbc10 got a look inside the office of the other
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senator, bob casey. casier's communication director calls us it's a 900% increase from the week last year. lauren mayk will take us behind the scenes when you make that call. >> more than two weeks into the presidency of donald trump and he is signing executive actions at a rate similar to his predecessor according to the american presidency project. president trump has signed 22 executive actions including eight executive orders during the same time frame president obama signed nine executive orders when he first took office. experts say the high volume of executive orders from the white house tend to come when one political party takes over that's because executive orders can be revoked or rewritten by successors. >> in some sense they're not unexpected because he's carrying through on promises he made, whether you like those promises are not. he said he would build a wall, he said he would cut off immigration from muslim
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terrorist countries. so in that sense, they're perfectly well expected. >> president trump has a long way to go if he wants to be known as the president to sign the most executive orders. according to the national constitution center, president franklin d roosevelt holds that record with more than 3,700. still ahead at 4:30, nbc10 news christine walker will join us live from florida. she's been traveling with president trump. she'll breakdown where things are with the travel ban. >> rowan sent this e-mail to students. that two students were held up last night in front of a hall. they were just walking in front of the hall when a car stopped, four guys jumped out showing what the victims thought was a gun and demanded money. no one was hurt. >> dozens of new homes could be becoming to the delaware river water front. peer 35 and a half is now for
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sale as a townhouse project. the property at north delaware and fairmount avenues is the site of the failed trump tower philadelphia. >> new jersey governor chris christie continued his push against painkiller abuse today. he signed legislation requiring doctors to educate children and teenagers about addiction risks before prescribing prescription drugs. >> new developments in the future of the former taj mahal casino. billionaire says he's now planning to sell it. icons failed bill by the leader of new jersey state is that the as the last draw. the bill would've punished icon for closing the taj. >> governor tom casey wants to make delaware a place people want to live and work. today he spoke at a community forum in wilmington called the
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delaware revitalization symposium. coming up with plans northeast in wilmington and the route 9 corridor in new castle county. >> queen elizabeth is making history today. she is the first british monarch on the throne for 65 years. celebration is called the sapphire jubilee. the pallace said the 91-year-old yeen is spending the day quietly in eastern laengd. >> shoppers had to evacuate a montgomery county grocery store this morning after a conveyor belt overheated sending smoke pouring into that store. it all happened around 9:30. two employees were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the store was closed for more than an hour. if you took the atlantic city this morning you may have been stuck in traffic because of
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this. the eastbound lanes were closed because of this crash in gloucester township. skyforce10 flew over the screen. this suv went off the road just before 10:00 this morning. you can see that hood crumbled and the doors ripped off. the driver was flown to cooper trauma center. >> and take a look at this. some people in the midwest reporting seeing a show in the sky overnight which appears to be a meteor. it shows the brilliant flash right there. the flash could be seen from people to iowa to indiana. unclear, if any, part of the object hit land. >> to our weather now. pretty mild afternoon. take a spin around the ice there. meteorologist krystal klei is joining us live from the river rink. we're really in for a roller coaster ride with the temps this week. >> yeah.
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wow. we are talking temperatures that go up, up, up and then crash down immediately. in fact, it's mild out here today. i'm only wearing a sweater and i'm usually wimpy so that says a lot. i've already counted a couple of people who are rolling up their sleeves because temperatures are so mild you might even notice there's a little ponding of water on some of the ice because it's melting a little with all the sunshine out there. here's what we're going to be talking about. save the next couple mornings you might want your lighter jacket but then as we go into your afternoon, you'll be peeling those layers off. look at the temperatures we're at right now. 55 degrees, 35 for port richmond and west mount airy and parkwood as well. these temperatures are way warmer than average. we're at 42 this time of year for the average temperature. look at some of your delaware neighborhood temperatures, 56 right now if o-decembera and 55 in wilmington. 55 degrees. wow: those numbers that make it
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feel like we're getting in spring. we aren't yet. so as i was mentioning what you're going to be seeing as we move forward, temperature trend 54 what we've hit officially in philadelphia, 63 tuesday and 65 by wednesday. look at that drop on thursday down to 38 degrees. so while you might need the light jacket for at least a little while longer, we're talking the big coat by the end of your work week and then, let's go for it. you're going to need an umbrella too. so let's talk about the changes and precipitation from rain to snow potential with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> thanks. we just have beautiful looking day out there. a lot of sunshine as you saw. temperatures way above average, 54 in philadelphia and lots of sunshine in those areas, but we do have some rain on the way. nothing too close. it's back into kentucky and tennessee.
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it looks like it will be effecting at least part of the area by part of the morning rush especially in some of the northern suburbs but it'll start to move out later on during the morning. now here's the heavier part. that comes in around 9/10. berks county, chester county coming through the philadelphia area and into central new jersey, toward the midday hour and then later on during the day toward the afternoon rush, that is all gone. then we get a bit of a break. but then, here we go. here's the storm. we got the southerly warm winds on this side and the cold north winds on the other and as this moves in our direction we get some rain coming in wednesday night. the cold air is still coming down and believe it or not, that rain has a good chance of changing to snow, even down through the philadelphia area, even down through northern delaware and much of south
4:21 pm
jersey and there could be several hours of this including thursday morning rush hour. it depends on some of the computer models with little bit different tracks and amounts of moisture but there is the general trend of near record warmth to snow within 24 hours. here's tomorrow. temperatures into the 60s. langhorne at 57 even easton and allentown at 53, reading at 55 degrees, 62 in voorhees township. 60 long port. 64 degrees in newark, delaware. we're talking about some tremendous warmth and we could be breaking some records. philadelphia's record is 63 predicting 65 for wednesday, even trenton has a chance of breaking a record as does wilmington. more on that snow chance and other dramatic changes coming up. >> okay, glenn.
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up to skyforce10 with some breaking news. this is rittenhouse square. that is a cab obviously but it was stolen at gun point and wound up here at a crash at 18th and walnut. the suspect robbed the driver at gun point less than an hour ago, took off a short distance then crashed right here. now the suspect we are told by police is in custody. and fortunately no one was hurt in this incident. >> to this now a local high end restaurant hits a low point and goes out of business. now some former diners say they were sold gift cards just weeks before those doors shut. still ahead at four, how the frustrated customers got some answers from harry harriston and the nbc10 news response team. >> plus this. did you see here last night? philly goes gaga. lady gaga announces her world
4:23 pm
tour and yes a stop here in philadelphia. and here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. stocks closed down slightly across the board.
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saving you this summer. >> we're already looking ahead to those warm summer months and giving you ideas on how to save your family time and money. today how to save on summer camp. there are plenty of options but space is limited. getting a jump start on planning will help ensure your kid has a spot. registration starts this week for some programs in cherry hill. >> we can take up to a hundred children, in a town of 70,000 residents that's not that many. >> by registering early you can save on registration fees. >> make sure you're watching
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nbc10 news today all week for more ideas on how you can save this summer. tune in at 4:30 a.m. >> lehigh valley family is back in the u.s. today after an emotional and political battle. >> a judge's decision to stop president trump's immigration order made it possible and next at 4:00, nbc10 news kristen walker will breakdown where that ban stands in the courts right now. >> we've got roller coaster temperatures plus another round of wet weather. i'm tracking those showers and record warmth coming in some of your neighborhoods.
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drive for the morning commute. what a beautiful february day, though in wilmington today. warm and sunny on market street. a lot of people walking around on their lunch break today. tomorrow could be just the first round, though of wet weather we see this week. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the changes in your most accurate forecast. >> we're already starting to see some of the subtle changes. starting to come in to the western skies, we still have a good deal of sunshine out there. not quite as clear as it was earlier today. the temperature continues to climb way above average. the average high is 42, we're 54 right now in philadelphia and it's going to go much higher than this over the next couple of days. you can put the winter coats away for a while but you're going to need them later this week. it's only 47 in dover because the winds coming in off that cooler delaware bay. we don't have any rain close by,
4:32 pm
but it's getting closer. it's almost into west virginia now and some of it will be around by morning especially in some of the northern suburbs as we go through the night and into the morning hours. it's kind of patchy for the morning rush and generally on the lighter side. it gets heavier after the morning rush but by about 10:00, berks county, lehigh valley, chester county getting some fairly steady rain and it does taper off later in the day. i'm not expecting a whole lot of rain with this system. i am expecting much colder air and even some snow in the parts of the rest of the week. that's coming up. >> stay tuned for that. here's a look at some of the stories we're following county by county at 4. a child predator off the streets. william thomas. they say he has sexually assaulted children over a 40 year period. investigators recovered thousands of images of child
4:33 pm
pornography from inside his trailer. they're looking to identify all his victims. >> kent county a celebration of life. buccaneerston was only a governor for a few weeks. the republican was also the state attorney general and the lieutenant governor. buksson died last month at the age of 94. >> camden county a street near the camden water front has a new name in honor of a local pastor. jasper street will now be known as michael doyle lane. he's the pastor of sacred heart parish which sits on that road. in montgomery county, brewing company is expanding. these are pictures of what the new brewery will look like. this is the all hall brewery. the brewing company was trying to open a place in fishtown but
4:34 pm
that deal is dead. >> taking you now to this breaking news. we can tell you it is a shooting in chester city. the location of this we're told it's happening on frank young avenue. you're looking at live pictures from skyforce10. we know the victim was taken to chester kroezer medical center. you see investigators there on the scene. police scouring that area. we can tell you that right now there are no arrests. we'll let you know if that changes. >> a day of tears and joy from one allentown family. >> after they're syrian families were turned away last week we were there as they finally arrived this morning at jfk international. it's been three years since some of the family have embraced one another. today they just simply held on tight not wanting to let go. after 18 hours on a plane they were sent back to war torn syria last weekend because of president trump's executive order. here's matthew asally on how they felt when the family was
4:35 pm
turned away. >> i'm so grateful. i just want to say thank you for all the american people that support us, through all the attorneys, the congressman. >> it's a dream that i just woke up and it became real. we have accomplished it. >> the relatives all have their green cards. they are looking forward to getting settled in and creating a new life here in this country. nbc10 news has been traveling with president trump. >> she joins us now from tampa, florida. let's begin with that travel ban affecting refugees. the judge issued a stay of we know of the president's executive order and now a group of ten exdiplomats opposing the ban. the trump administration continuing to support this order. no sign of the president backing down, right? >> no sign at all. good to talk to you. in fact, the administration is preparing to appeal that stay and it comes as the president is digging in.
4:36 pm
over the weekend tweeting about what he called the so-called judge. that comment raised a number of eyebrows among democrats and republicans who felt uncomfortable about him questioning and essentially creating controversy in terms of the separation between the judicial and executive branches. then today he addressed troops for the first time here at macdill air force base and he again defended the travel ban effectively saying it's necessary to keep bad people out of the country. over the weekend, our own chuck todd prepped vice president mike pence over whether they might just throw out this executive ban given all of the legal challenges. would they try to get something done legislative and the vice president indicated that that wasn't an option that they're considering right now. that they are continuing to stay the course. not surprising, donald trump typically doesn't back down and it's widely anticipated this could go all the way to the supreme court. one more headline coming out of the president's remarks today as macdill air force base.
4:37 pm
he said that the media has underreporting terrorist attacks in europe when his press secretary sean spicer was asked about that just moments ago, he didn't back down and effectively doubled down on the president's controversy comments. guys back to you. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: thanks. >> getting what you paid for. >> and nbc10 viewer said she bought a gift card but the business closed. still ahead at 4:00 nbc10 news responds is on the case if this happens to you. >> fewer shots for your children. doctors say a small change to an important vaccine could have a big impact. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪
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>> doctors are hoping a small change to the hpv vaccine could have a big impact. instead of three shots some
4:41 pm
children now only need two. doctors are hoping this will be abincentive to get their kids vaccinated. apv is spread sexually and could cause cervical cancer. >> it's warmer -- temperatures are going to be climbing over the next couple days. we're going to see some rain along with it. i'm tracking those changes you can expect and maybe even some snow in your most accurate weather forecast. >> plus an eagle at the super bowl. why magic man took to the field before the big game in houston?
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4:44 pm
the eagles couldn't be in it you at least want a good game and boy, we got that. it turned into one of the greatest super bowls of all time. you had to stick with it right
4:45 pm
to the very end new england patriots making history. now the patriots are back in boston. they touched down within the past 15 minutes. fresh off their big win at super bowl li. they're expected to rooa rief at the stadium within the hour. tomorrow fans will fill the streets for a victory parade ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ >> she delivered an awarded performance herself and jumped from the roof to the stage below. she then performed a medially of some of her biggest hits after her halftime performance she announced her world tour. it will make a stop right here in philly. tickets will go on sale one week from today. >> now even though the super bowl's over the big game fun will actually continue this week on the ellen show with the help
4:46 pm
from a very familiar face. >> take a look at this. >> hike, hike. >> eagles long snapper and magician john doren bust how to run football drills as you saw. there wasn't very successful but it looks like the two had a lot of fun at the super bowl in houston. that was just a sneak peek. you can see much more tomorrow on ellen right here on nbc10. >> houston handed off the football to the next year's super bowl city, minneapolis. you can watch super bowl 52 right here on nbc10. >> so mild out today people on without any jackets at all. guess that's going to change. >> it'll take a few days to change because you're going to need even less outer wear
4:47 pm
tomorrow and wednesday than what you got today. by the way, wouldn't you love to go to minneapolis in february for a super bowl? isn't that -- 54 degrees in philadelphia right now. the average high 42. it's in the 50s just about everywhere except near the water. we got lots of sunshine and the temperature just keeps going up. 54 today after 44 yesterday. 63 tomorrow, 65 wednesday and then the plunge comes. thursday and friday or really going to feel like winter, but that's it. it's going to warm up again right after that. back to the west. we have rain moving in to west virginia. it's getting closer and closer. moving in pretty fast and it will as we go through the morning and into the early afternoon. you can see it's not especially heavy or widespread, but a lot of people are going to be getting some showers tomorrow
4:48 pm
morning. may even end the day up with a little bit of sunshine. then we get a break of wednesday, just mostly cloudy skies. taking any rain out of the forecast. but it's wednesday night things start to get interesting. it's warm wednesday. record warm. any precipitation is going to start as rain. it won't necessarily stay rain very long. here comes the changeover to snow by 11:30 at night by the morning rush it is cold enough to snow, all the way down to dover and almost to atlantic city. now, if we get enough of a burst of snow, it comes down hard enough then you got snowflakes falling on top of snowflakes and it doesn't really matter how warm it was the day before. so if it comes down hard enough it could cause some problems for the morning rush on thursday and could even accumulate a little bit especially on the grassy surfaces and then it's not necessarily going to snow all day but computer models very a
4:49 pm
little about that. now, as we take a look at tonight, it's not all that cold. we're starting off clear. clouds start to increase during the night as you can see and by tomorrow morning, we've got some places allentown even philadelphia, exton, reading trenton with some rain showers. warming up for rain. then later in the morning, most places are having rain, but it's warming up. 49 philadelphia. then in the afternoon you see fewer and fewer places getting rain and by the afternoon, 62 in philadelphia. but at least it's not raining and then by thursday morning, it's snowing. wild weather around here. >> wow, from today to snow. what a difference. >> can't even imagine. >> she bought a gift card but the business closed left her with worthless paper. >> nbc10 responds.
4:50 pm
they are on the case. the advice if this happens to you.
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and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. >> now to nbc10 responds a high end restaurant hits a low point and goes out of business. >> and now some former diners said they were sold gift cards just weeks before those doors were shut. they contacted harry harriston and nbc10 responds. that just awfuls. >> nothing more frustrated than that. matter, some patrons had purchased as much as $1,000 worth of gift cards. >> they probably went and picked most of them up there. >> these are some of the gift cards they purchased from mile
4:54 pm
high steak and seafood. >> it was just a nice restaurant. >> but she says without warning in closed in august leaving them with these useless cards. >> this was $100 here. >> so this's one. >> the britains have would reopen in october. but that never happened. >> he tried to play it off that he was having problems with his help and he was revamping the kitchen. >> the owner posted another message in december 2016 stating the future's looking bleak for mile high to reopen in the future if at all. she says her e-mail to the owner about the useless gift cards went unanswered. >> i'd just like to tell them that, you know, don't feel too good to be ripped off. >> so ellen contacted nbc10 responds. >> because you get the job done. >> we tried to contack the owner at his last known address.
4:55 pm
the house appeared empty and there was no sign of the owner but all's not lost. >> it's terrible. will worthtown in heard about what happened he decided to help anyone stuck with mile high gift cards. >> we would offer like $10 on each hundred dollars gift card. >> and that's sits well with the britains. >> i think that's very nice of him. >> here's action you can take if you have a gift card from a company that goes out of business. if you paid with a credit card contact your credit card company sometimes you qualify for a refund. try using the refund at a competitor. in some cases they'll offer a discount trying to earn your business and sign a complaint with the attorney general's office no matter what. >> they're not totally out of luck. not quite yet. you can squeeze out a little bit but you'll never see that full value again. >> let's take a look at our recover counter.
4:56 pm
it's now up to $27,802,423. >> if you at home have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds. fill out the form or give us a call and we will respond to you. >> coming up tomorrow a man waits months for a rebate on a washer and after the company wouldn't give him the money he was owed, you know what he did. he called harry. that story tomorrow on nbc10 news today. we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at five. >> next at 5:00 we have new video just in of that taxi cab that crashed in rittenhouse square. see how the suspect was brought down. >> plus talk about a lucky delivery. new at 5 where people can have lottery tickets delivered right to their door. >> plus all new at 5:00 an explosions fall out. >> i heard a big bang sound. >> incomplete map ended up leveling this home. now state regulators have
4:57 pm
concern about the timeline for peco to fix the problem. >> how can something that this is important take that long. >> the investigators push peco for answers. next all new at 5.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
of the worst police say this man prayed on children for decades and they want his victims to come forward. >> together again. nbc10 news gets a exclusive look inside the home of a syrian
5:00 pm
family who fought to bring their loved ones into the united states. >> and kobe bryant's stolen memories. a local high school wants to know who took off with their own piece of nba history. >> we begin with breaking news in the past 20 minutes we got new video from the scene of a stolen cab that crashed in rittenhouse square. >> let's go right to nbc10 news jim rosenfield. police arresting the suspect. take a listen. after the cab tries to drive away, you see someone stick a gun into the cab. the driver tries to get away. smoke you see there pouring out of the car. quickly several people surround the driver and bring him to the ground. now these people aren't dressed like police officers but it does look like they put him


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