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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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family who fought to bring their loved ones into the united states. >> and kobe bryant's stolen memories. a local high school wants to know who took off with their own piece of nba history. >> we begin with breaking news in the past 20 minutes we got new video from the scene of a stolen cab that crashed in rittenhouse square. >> let's go right to nbc10 news jim rosenfield. police arresting the suspect. take a listen. after the cab tries to drive away, you see someone stick a gun into the cab. the driver tries to get away. smoke you see there pouring out of the car. quickly several people surround the driver and bring him to the ground. now these people aren't dressed like police officers but it does look like they put him on the
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ground. so let's show you what it looked like from skyforce10 after this whole thing ended about an hour and a half ago. ted greenberg is on this scene. there you see the cab and another vehicle right there. will get new information as soon as he gets there. we will turn around some sound on that for you coming up in just a bit. reporting live in the breaking news center. >> thank you. right now at 5:00 police say this is the man here behind the worst case of sexual abuse they've ever seen. they think he was victimizing children for decades and now they want those victims to come forward. >> deanna durante is following this case. police think there could be dozens and dozens of victims. they don't even know about. >> reporter: they're looking for people to come forward here not just people who may have been victimized but people who may have hired this man. he lived in this trailer here in falls township. they say it was common knowledge this was a nice guy but they
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also say it was common knowledge that no one was allowed to go inside there and that's because police say they found a treasure trove, a shrine to his alleged victims. these are pictures of william thomas through the years and his mug shot of what he looks like now. police want you to look at his picture and pay close attention if you or your children or kids you know ever lived in the bucks county neighborhoods where he has lived. >> this man in essence was found with over 1,000 pornographic child images. >> reporter: police say the pictures thomas took himself. the trove if i items could have come from victims and from the houses and trailers where he worked as a hand dipman. he used this business card and was alone with neighborhood children. some were assaulted over weeks, others longer. police say they've talked with some victims and will be talking with more. >> a lot of them are broken people, they've been through a lot.
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>> reporter: here's in the trailer park where he lived and work, everyone seemed to know him but few wanted to talk about him. >> he was a nice guy soy thought all these years. you're looking at a monster. >> he would work with thomas doing odd jobs. he knew him for years but was never allowed inside the trailer where thomas lived. >> reporter: willfully went by bill or billy and thomas kept records detailing the size, age and hair color of his victims. they have evidence of many others they have not yet identified and say they're still going through boxes and photographs of other evidence displayed inside this trailer. >> this was a per verse shrine. >> reporter: now people who live here in the trailer park say they knew thomas but he was probably in every single trailer here because he worked as a han did iman and several other neighborhoods around here where he also worked. they want to know if you hired him or if your kids were ever around him or if you saw anyone coming from this trailer to call
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bucks county detectives. >> also tonight exclusive new video of a family reunited. nbc10 was inside the home of the aisraellys in allentown. they were kept apart because of president trump's immigration order. this morning we were there for the happy reunion as the family arrived at jfk airport in new york. now they're ready to make a new home in a new country. >> lauren mayk was the only local reporter to join the family inside their new home in allentown. quite a celebration for them, lauren. >> reporter: they are finally now getting some time to relax tonight. this is a day that has really been years in the making for them. this family has been working to bring their family members here and going through the immigration process but really it is the past week that has been a flurry of phone calls, of lawyers and anxious moments. inside the assali home, food and
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family together again. >> looking around, what are you taken in today? >> the love in the room, the family reunion. everybody's together. everybody's happy. relieved. >> reporter: today there's laughter min angeled with two languages. she stands with her brother-in-law who after two tries made it here to allentown. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> he cannot describe how he feels but he's very happy. >> reporter: it was a little more than a week ago that five family members were turned away and sent back to syria for one teenager a stressful trip. >> i was thinking i'm going back to syria, my life ruined, going to the military because my age in syria they would take me to the military and i don't know
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what happened. >> reporter: now in the u.s., some relief and a reunion with a brother who's been living here who he hasn't seen in years. >> reporter: how old was he last time you saw him? >> 14. >> reporter: and now he's? >> 17, bigger now. >> reporter: a big brother getting used to the other growing up now united for what lies ahead. >> i want to show you america and how america is. >> reporter: and as we have been out here today, as you might imagine some neighbors were coming by asking what was going on. some of them have heard the assali families story and they were happy to here today that they're all together again. live in allentown. i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> pennsylvania is joining the fight against president trump's executive order on immigration today attorney general josh shapiro announced pennsylvania and 15 other state attorneys general filed a brief in support of a federal lawsuit against the
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immigration ban. now this was the scene at philadelphia international after president trump's signed that executive order late last month. trump's immigration ban led to massive protests at airports across at the time country. >> first alert weather let's take a live look at cape may. doesn't feel like february out here or even across the region. the bug in the corner says 52 degrees in philadelphia. the mild temperatures they're going to be spoiled by rain. >> let's get the timing for your neighborhood, chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your most accurate first alert forecast. >> we are expecting some rain to move in it's certainly been a beautiful day and a lot of sunshine still shining down on the ben franklin bridge here. temperatures in the 50s in most of the area, 52 in philadelphia. we got up to 54 for a high today. 48 in allentown, even mount pocono at 40 degrees. this gives you an idea of how
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warm the atmosphere is. nothing on radar close by, almosting into west virginia now. not all that heavy. more building up around cincinnati so that whole system is strengthening a little bit and we do expect it to move in but this would be well after midnight so your evening plans are just fine, but as we go into the start of the morning rush, you can see some of this rain moving in. once again not especially heavy but it's covering many counties special from philadelphia northward just in time for that morning rush and the temperatures, well they're not going to be dropping a whole lot that's for sure as we go through the night. by 6:00 a.m., 43 degrees in philadelphia. that's above the average high for this time of the year. some showers in parts of the suburbs. chester, bucks, montgomery county but warm enough for rain.
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it gets even warmer than this before it changes to snow. snow? that's coming up in a few minutes. >> glenn, used that word. not good. montgomery something grabbed the national attention here. kobe bryant's memories gone. the high school alma matter is reeling tonight. they've been stolen from a kobe showcase. the administrators said the thieves broke into the school and display case between 6:30 and 7:30 last night. they swiped kobe's bryant's framed high school replica jersey, several pairs of nike sneakers signed by the retired nba star and the 1996 state championship trophy. >> it's just unfathomable to all of us as to why someone would do it. >> police say they're working to obtain and view the surveillance video. bryant has offered to do whatever he can to replace the stolen items.
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>> expect delays if you ride septa's busiest routes. more than half of the cars on being taken off the tracks. they've discovered tracks on subway cars. now coming up at 5:30 the specific steps septa leaders are taken to help ease the burden on commuters. >> the senate is now in session 24 hours a day. here's a live look at the senate floor where democrats plan on speaking from now until the vote on president trump's education secretary nominee. that's set for noon tomorrow. >> devos is a wealthy gop donors who's drawn particularly fierce opposition. two republican senators have announced plans to oppose her. that would result in a 50/50 senate vote tomorrow which would leave mike pence to break the tie. they've been swamping their
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local leaders with phone calls. nbc10 news lauren mayk shows what happened in the office when you make that call. >> the new jersey residents could be in for a lucky delivery. a new law signed today allows courier services to bring lottery tickets to your door. the service can purchase, deliver and redeem lottery tickets. this is for state lottery tickets and this can only be delivered within new jersey. >> plus digging for answers the nbc10 news investigators go back to the scene of a dangerous explosion. >> it was too close to home. it was too close to home. >> neighborhoods feared for their own safety so what is peco doing to fix the problem? >> how can a major utility not know where it's lines are? >> and why will it take so long? that's coming up all new on
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nbc10 news at 5. >> your neighborhood weather and every forecast only on nbc10. count on it.
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>> new tonight, an explosion's fallout. >> i heard a big bang sound. >> our utility's biggest utility company an incomplete map ended up leveling this home and now state regulators have concern about the timeline for peco to fix the problem.
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>> how can something that is this important take that long? >> peco says it has already made unprecedented changes since nbc10 news first reported that home explosion in coatesville back in 2014. >> investigator reporter george spencer wanted to know why it could take up to two decades for the utility to gets its maps up to date. >> there was a house right here. >> reporter: what she remembers as a house is now this small parking lot. a natural gas explosion turned the home inside out and it left neighbors afraid for their own safety. >> it was too close to home. >> reporter: peco now acknowledges on that day in july 2014 it's crews did not even know the pen rose lane home was connected to the gas lane they were testing because the crews map had been incomplete. by pushing natural gas through
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it. high levels of the gas built up inside the house and it ignited. richard cooper wits has worked in the utility industry for more than 40 years and regularly -- they need to have maps that are responsible. >> how can a major utility not know where it's lines are? that seems like a primary responsibility. >> we have more than 400,000 individual maps and drawings across our system. >> reporter: and peco's says before the explosion those smaller individual maps would be pieced together like a puzzle to form a larger map for an entire project area. >> that piece of the map was left out of your broader map that day. >> correct. >> reporter: because the house was in an ununusual spot and the gas meter was inside. after the investigation into
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this explosion peco agreed to this settlement and to spend more than $5 million on infrastructure improvements and new mapping but it says that remapping will take ten to 20 years. at the october hearing when the settlement was approved, the chairman of the public utility commission raised a red flag over the timeline. >> because this work is so essential, i do not understand why it should take up to 20 years. >> reporter: how can something that is this important take that long? >> we have more than 12,000 miles of natural gas main and service line. >> reporter: arm strong tells us in-person field verifying all that pipeline isn't quick. right now the utility is incorporating technology. >> we've taken all of those maps and converted them and converged them. >> reporter: layering all 400,000 individual maps on top of satellite images with software that can help spot
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inconsistencies and new construction with accuracy of less than a foot. >> this would be a red flag. >> reporter: but the utility's focus should be on basic accurate mapping, always knowing what's connected to what rather than on high tech 3d imaging which may create false confidence especially when pipelines shift under ground. he's confident that can be done in less than 20 years. >> if the operators are responsible there's a way to get the vast majority of the information to put into maps. they don't need the accuracy of subfloor accuracy. >> reporter: peco says it has made other changes that would prevent a similar explosion. they're testing now using air pressure rather than natural gas and crews send cameras underground to check home connections. >> the steps we've taken and the steps we are taking are unprecedented. >> reporter: and yet, neighbors still have their fears. no one was injured in the coatesville explosion, but she
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worries that so easily it could have been very different. >> we don't want to be the next ones. >> reporter: reporting in coatesville for the investigators george spencer, nbc10 news. >> get ready for a wild ride. we could see '60s and snow in the same week. >> krystal klei joins us this is a roller coaster ride of temperatures. looks great right out there now. >> reporter: yeah. this is a good assignment to have today. we're on the blue cross river rink and conditions are perfect for those who want to be out ice skating because it doesn't really feel like ice skating weather. you can see now that the sun's going down, we also have people that are right now skating some of them with their sleeves rolled up and the ice looks better. we had ponding on it earlier when the sun was meting it. now it's looking pretty good.
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let's talk about the temperatures that we're dealing with today and these aren't even the warmest that we're going to be seeing as we go through the next several days. you see 50s in spots now into the mid upper 40s. a lot of us were in the 50s earlier this afternoon and if we look at some of our new jersey temperatures a lot of us still are in the 50s right now. washington township sitting at 51 degrees. medford at 51. we see 52 in florence. these low 50s way warmer than average. you did some spots in the 40s at hopewell township 49. yesterday we were at 44 which was already two degrees warmer than average. today 54 officially in philly. some spots were warmer. tuesday we get to 63 degrees and by wednesday up to 65. we're talking more than 20 degrees above average for this time of year and then look at that drop.
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thursday down to 38 for the forecast, temperature in the afternoon so we are looking at just a huge ride up and a big quick drop. you might be thinking 30s could we see some again, let's talk to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for the details on that. >> we're going to take it from here because we can't believe it either. mid wooek 24 hours so much changes. so much more has to happen between then and now. >> let's get over to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> she was just talking about that possible record high on wednesday, 65 degrees. well less than 24 hours after that, much less than 24 hours after that, it's likely to be snowing. wild things can happen this time of year in this part of the country. 52 and a southerly wind in philadelphia. pushing in here, lehigh valley look at that practically clear skies down to 48 degrees.
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the sun sets now right around 5:30 so it's sunny a little bit later than it used to be, the days are getting longer. here's the rain getting into parts of west virginia right now and it is approaching and its likely to effect parts of the area by the morning rush as you can see. not necessarily everybody and not necessarily a steady rain real heavy this is certainly going to be affecting a part of the area for a part of the morning rush. then it starts tapering off. later on during the morning and by afternoon we may even start to see some breaks of sunshine out there and that will help push the temperatures up even more into the 60s tomorrow. you can see your own seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen. wednesday night a separate system is coming in. starts as rain and then changes to snow as that colder rain
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comes in and it could changeover to some briefly heavy snow which could accumulate a little bit especially on the grassy surfaces and this is early thursday morning, potentially effecting the thursday morning rush before we get another really cold day coming in on friday. so as we go through the night tonight you'll notice the clear skies to start, then the clouds move up. by tomorrow morning, few places getting a little bit of light rain including philadelphia but that's rain, not snow for this first hit and then things start drying out during the afternoon. we get more and more places with dry weather and 62. then it goes up from there on wednesday. >> a battle at the capitol the bill that has governor tom wolf threatening to use his veto power, plus a fan favorite returns. the famous philly who will be calling the games next season.
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♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. >> in harrisburg a new abortion bill pass tds and now heads to the full senate. the republican backed measure would ban abortions after 20 weeks except in cases of emergency. it bans abortions after 24 weeks. governor wolf said he will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. >> as the township could be home
5:27 pm
to the marijuana grow house. it would be used to process pot and distribute it to wholesalers. state law forbids the facilities to be in residential areas near schools, day care and shopping centers. >> the board of commissioners is meeting tonight to talk about it, eventually they'll be 50 marijuana dispensaries against pennsylvania. 20,000 people would be eligible to use them. the marijuana can only be sold in pill, oil extract, nebulizer or topical form. >> you can find all sorts of unique items at an estate sale. >> one of them brought out the bomb squad that's next at five. >> we continue to follow that breaking news. a stolen taxi barrels into rittenhouse square. we'll here from the good samaritan that tried to stop the runaway driver. >> missing us on facebook. >> like nbc10's page and click
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>> we continue to follow breaking news we spoke to a good samaritan who pulled a man out of a cub in rittenhouse square. >> this video we're going to show you just takes your breath away. first i want you to look at this new video that shows the cab driving right into the middle of rittenhouse square. now of course people were in the
5:31 pm
park when that happened. they stopped what they were doing to see what was going on after the driver went through the park. that's when he was stopped by good samaritans. take a look at this. the driver tries to get away but then he was surrounded. one person even pointing a gun at the driver who turns out was naked inside that cab. eventually they pulled him out of the car. they seemed to subdue him on the ground and in the past few minutes we spoke to someone that pulled the driver out. >> i first ran up on him. he was trying to fight me off and everything. i had to punch him so that i could get a hold of him and everything. and then and as i'm trying to hold him, he's hitting the gas so that's why he started to go that way on to the curb and everything. >> that driver now in custody. ted greenberg is on the way to rittenhouse square. he'll have a live report at 6:00. >> thank you. here's some of the other top
5:32 pm
stories we're following on nbc10 at 5. this guy here's behind bars accused of sexually assaulting children for more than 40 years. falls township police arrested william thomz. investigators recovered thousands of images of child pornography from inside thomas's trailer. they've working to investigate his victims. >> a family reunited and only nbc10 was inside the home. president trump's executive order on immigration forced the family to go back to syria more than a week ago, but their travel plans changed when the order was pud on hold friday and today they finally returned to the u.s. >> news involving kobe bryant. someone sold sentimental pieces of school pride from lower merion high school. including his framed high school replica jersey. nike sneakers signed by the star and state championship trophy.
5:33 pm
thieves broke into the school and display case between 6:30 and 7:30 last night. >> in lower merion someone reported finding dynamite at an estate sale and closed roads around the area. officers gave the all clear and left around 3:00 this afternoon. >> it was a teacher strike that cancelled classes at one school district in the poconos. teachers union and the school board couldn't agree on a contract last friday. it's not clear how long the strike could last. >> philadelphia's pre-k programs getting a closer look. the national institute for early education research is conducting a three year valuation, the program the study paid for by a grant from the william penn foundation. look at the programs impact on children's learning and development. it's designed to offer improvements in support. >> dozen of students spent the day in the life of government leaders. 36 students from 16 police,
5:34 pm
athletic league centers attended the annual pal day at city hall. then shadowed senior level public officials including mayor jim kenny. >> karl icon will try to sell the former trump taj mahal in atlantic city. a failed bill by the leader of new jersey's state senate was the last straw. the bill would have punished icon for closing the taj by stripping him of a casino license for the property for five years. that bill was vetoed by governor chris christie today. >> camden's water front technology center is getting the new name. the building on federal street will be named after former governor jim florio. florio's extensive record of helping new jersey residents is the reason for that renaming. >> john kruk is back with the phillies. >> he's going the club as part
5:35 pm
of the phil's announcing team. kruk who spent six seasons with the phillies during which time he was named three all star teams. he was also key part of that phillies 1993 pen ant winning team who could forget that. he previously worked as a color analyst for the phillies back in 2003. pay close attention to this screen here. >> this little girl has a brand new name and the adventure aquarium announced their first ever little blue penguin chick. she was born in december. she's staying behind the scenes but she'll be introduced to the colony once she get her waterproof feathers. >> also tonight answering the call. >> good morning senator casey's office. >> nbc10 news gets behind the scene looks. why the phones are ringing off the hook? and how staffers are trying to keep up? plus inspiring america lester
5:36 pm
holt joins us with the story of a learning center? strawberry mansion that's helping to transform the neighborhood. that's next on nbc10 news at 5.
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>> we have new details about a slowdown on the frankfurt line. >> today we got our first look at the structural cracks responsible for side lining more than half of the rail lines cars. >> reporter: it's a slowdown on
5:39 pm
septa's busiest line the market-frankfurt and here's why. cracks like this in nearly 60 train cars vent boxes. two other cars were discovered with more serious cracks in the car's bolster system which attaches the car to the wheel assembly. >> the beams also provide the pivot points for the trucks to rotate in curves. >> that nearly half of the cars on the subway line are out of commission. >> would we have had a catastrophic failure had this crack progressed further, there's a lot of the experts believe that the car deflections would've become made things pattern like doors not shutting. >> it will have shuttle buses to help ease the reduce service. things ran smoothly today. >> i'm not saying it wasn't crowded, but we did not see crowding conditions that created a lot of problem. >> but that could change tomorrow. >> we think it's going to be heavy tomorrow. heavier. >> with no time table to get all
5:40 pm
the trains running riders we talked to they're making plans to deal with the slowdown. >> tomorrow i'm going to have to even get a ride or find a way on a different bus. >> now this problem is not related to the summer slowdown. back then a fleet of 120 silver liner five regional rail cars were forced off the tracks when a crack was found in the wheel assembly. >> also tonight a local neighborhood is getting some well deserved national attention tonight. >> nbc10 news lester holt made a trip to strawberry mansion to see how a storefront is helping keep kids on the right track. the buildings been in his family for years. it used to be a bar owned by his mother but the mother saw the neighborhood changing and in 2007 shortly after her passing he reopened the place as a learning center. kids now spend hours here and he says it goes behind just reading and studying. >> listen to them.
5:41 pm
we have -- we sit down and talk to them. they tell you a lot of things if you listen to them and one of the things we do, we ask them what they like to see in the neighborhood? what do we need in the neighborhood? >> and lester holt also heard from the kids who are getting kevin's message loud and clear. >> and he joins us now on tonight's inspiring america report. sounds fantastic, lester. >> it was a great experience. what i love about kevin's stories is he grew up in strawberry mansion. he still lives there. this is a man that's making a difference in his own community. he works over nights as a youth detention counselor at a facility and then comes there in the afternoon so he's tireless, he's got a lot of folks that have helped donate stuff. really great story. >> while we have you here, what else is coming up on nightly news? >> we've got nbc10 excluf, details about the yemen raid.
5:42 pm
we'll tell you what we've uncovered about the real reason behind that high risk top secret operation. combatting human trafficking a flight attendant with a heroic story and the latest on the trez's travel ban. we'll see you back here at 6:30 for nightly news. >> thanks lester. no matter which team you're pulling for in the super bowl, most people agreed on one thing. >> that's right that lady gaga was a hit during halftime. and now she's bringing her show to philadelphia. that's next at 5:00.
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>> right now senate democrats are holding a 24 hour protest against president trump's education secretary nominee betsy devos. this is a live look at the senate floor.
5:45 pm
bob menendez of new jersey speaking right now. debates have been happening all day. a vote on devos set for noon tomorrow. >> hey, hey, ho, ho. betsy devos has got to go. >> hundreds of local teachers, school employees and parents rallied against devos today outside senator pat toomey's office in center city. they're calling on toomey to break party rank and vote against the secretary of education nominee. >> devos has no experience in education or experience in public school. she's totally unfit. senator toomey should really listen to the constituents in his state. >> toomey continues to say he will vote in favor of devos. that is despite some voters asking senator toomey to oppose here. >> people on both sides have flooded his office with phone calls. lauren mayk takes us inside the very busy office of senator bob
5:46 pm
casey. [ phones ringing ] >> reporter: in senator bob casey's philadelphia office, these interns are the first line of defense for the phones. but with volume up it's up to the whole office to pitch in. >> the phones have been busy and which means we're very busy. >> reporter: the calls and the e-mails are coming as senators like casey consider the president's cabinet nominees and his nominee for supreme court. kaesy is a democrat up for reelection in 2018. constituents have also been lobbying his republican counter part about cabinet nominees like betsy devos. toomey's office releasing a statement saying, in part, voice mail accounts are being emptied regularly but with call volume as heavy as it is, mailboxes do fill quickly. we appreciate everyone's patience. back at senator casey's philadelphia office, press
5:47 pm
secretary jack lynn roads voice mail here holds about 100 message anesthetize was full this morning. volume is up at all seven offices across the state. >> we are experiencing about 900% increase in corresponds to the office. calls, letters, e-mails of over where we were this week a year ago. >> reporter: small calls are clearly scripted. they all get logged. >> each week senator casey gets a breakdown of the calls and the e-mails and the other correspondents coming into this offices. he gets that tomorrow by then he'll get an idea of what the people flooding the phones and the inboxes wanted to tell him. in center city lauren mayk nbc10 news. >> tells us on friday alone they received 1,200 phone calls and 15,000 pieces of mail. we also ask for access into senator pat toomey's office, they do not allow access to cameras inside.
5:48 pm
right now let's get an update on your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> we could see '60s and snow in the same week. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. >> even more than that, we could see the record warmth to snow in less than 24 hours. that's pretty amazing. we're seeing some high thin clouds out here in the western sky as we go into the sunset. sign of things to come. the temperature not dropping really quickly. it was in the 50s in most places now it's in the 40s in several places. now one of the cool spots was right at the jersey shore because the wind's coming in off that cooler ocean so it was in the 50s in mullica township and dennis township in woodbine while it stayed in the low 40s and elsewhere. we have those high thin clouds increasing across the area and the rain gets a little bit closer moving into west virginia now and it should be into the
5:49 pm
parts of the area. as you can see by the morning rush, generally on the lighter side, kind of scattered around until after 9:00 when it starts to get a little steadier and heavier. by 11:00 much of the area is seeing some rain here and then it tapers off. later on during the day, by the afternoon rush it should be dry. we may even see peaks of sunshine out there. here's what happens wednesday night. the cold air starting to come down after those near record highs. the storm tracking west to east, tracks just to the south of us which is classic type in order to get rain changing to snow. ahead of it we have -- it's warm enough for rain. behind it, that blue that indicates the snow. the darker the blue, the heavier the snow and you could get up to a burst to cause some slippery driving right during parts of the morning rush, at least in
5:50 pm
parts of the area so this is something to watch because this is not flurries and this is not just snow showers that we're talking about. we're talking about some places in the 60s tomorrow, 63 in fairmount, 58 in shh wanksville. reading in 65. we do expect those showers mostly in the morning. robbinsville 60, dover 62 degrees and we could be breaking some records on wednesday. philly's record is 63, i'm predicting 65. wilmington is going to be close to their record of 66 degrees. look what happens here. we're in the 60s and 60s and bam. 32 in the morning with snow and 38 in the afternoon after the snow's over. p.a. suburbs from 62 to 36. lehigh valley from 58 to 34 and
5:51 pm
even at the jersey shore 63 down to 40, a mix of rain and snow at jersey shore and delaware on thursday. ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ >> sky full of drones, those are drones. i couldn't believe that. lady gaga super bowl halftime a little bit of everything last night. after singing a medley gaga ended the show by throwing down the mike, jumping off and catching a football all at the same time. we've got some good news for you. lady gaga's world tour will make a stop at wells fargo. tickets will go on sale a week from today. >> she was good. >> local nonprofit is changing the way people think about food. >> they're not just feeding clients but treating their meals as medicine.
5:52 pm
we'll meet the man behind their menu next at five. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we offer equal upload and download speeds. cable can't say that. get this great offer: 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only 79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
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>> as we celebrate black history month we're recognizing people in our community making a difference and tonight we introduce you to chef keith lukas of the nonprofit mania. >> mania feeds thousands of people across the delaware
5:55 pm
valley. rosemary connor serves on the board. >> this is for our large soup. >> reporter: managing the conditions of volunteers and cooks soenl half the heavy lifting for chef keith lucas. he's the brains behind the meals that manna a nonprofit based in philadelphia serves to thousands of people who are battling life threatening illnesses. >> you have to be take foot scientist to put this thing together. we're used to getting. these are for people who can't have the aseids or potassium. >> they make a million meals a year. it will be 2 million in the year ahead when they move into a new facility. keith had no idea when he first stepped foot in manna's kitchen that he would be here almost two decades later.
5:56 pm
they were looking for a production chef. >> reporter: at first it was just about the job. keith previously worked as a chef in hotels never in the nonprofit world. quickly he fell in love with mania's mission. >> keith's inspiration for crafting dlirs and nutrition meals on a budget comes from watching his eight older siblings cook for his young sister. >> it's more than the ingredients. it's his heart and soul and throughout the year's he has been such a mentor to so many people in our kitchen. he never says no. and people love him. >> i just hope people see this and become inspired to go work in their neighborhood and hen their community and help each other. we all need to be help. >> reporter: words keith lucas lives by. >> reporting from center city i'm rosemary conners nbc10 news. >> and our celebration of black
5:57 pm
history month continues throughout the month of february. be sure to tune in this saturday night for special coverage from the african-american museum in philadelphia. that's at 7:00 p.m. only on nbc10. >> jim rows enfield and jacqueline london. >> we continue to follow breaking news at six of a stolen cab in rittenhouse square. >> kobe bryant memorabilia stolen. how the nba legend in promising to make it right tonight. >> also soda tax clash, new at 6:00 how the state is trying to get rid of the fee on sugary drinks in philadelphia.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> chaos in rittenhouse square when a stolen taxi drives right through the park and then crashes. good samaritans stopped the suspect until police could arrest him. >> ted greenberg is live on that scene tonight. what are you learning right now about what happened? >> reporter: really a wild scene and that taxi is right there. you can see it, it's in the process of going on to a tow truck but at one point that taxi
6:00 pm
cab was driving right through rittenhouse square, driving through the park and it was really a wild scene for people who were in this area, just imagine that seeing a taxi driving right through rittenhouse square but it ended right where we are this wild scene ended right here at 18th and walnut. let's take a look at the video. you can hear it there and the screeching tires. in the last half hour we learned that the suspect in this case, a man got into the driver's seat after the cab driver got out of the taxi to help a woman who was apparently with that man. you can see the video there. the cab driving right through the middle of rittenhouse square. people were in the park at the time. this was a couple hours ago right in the middle of the afternoon. they stopped what they were doing to see what was happening. after the driver went through the park, he crashed into a van and that's when good samaritans reached into the taxi, to grab the steering wheel. take a look. >> as i'm trying to


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