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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 7, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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morning. little bit of rain moving through easton right now. good news is the temperatures are above freezing. only rain. all right starting to dry out in redding. allentown to north hampton county still seeing rain drops right now. temperature 41 degrees in philadelphia. 30s in the suburbs and look at the lehigh valley. 35 degrees. late day breaks of sunshine. 64 degrees in delaware. into the 60s for philadelphia and entire area is going to be above normal. go through the forecast hour by hour so you know when the rain comes in and moves out of your neighborhood. first, jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. started moving through center city this morning. open on the vine street expressway. typically tune in around this time. usually starting to pick up some of the construction spots. cameras around 24th street. look like a good drive here. westbound towards schuylkill. eastbound towards 95. not dealing with problems or delays or construction zones. all of those lanes open to traffic. watching route 202 as well.
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here's drive times here. looks great. green ten minutes in both directions. and watching the market franceford line running on modified schedule today. be prepared for delays this morning. more than yesterday. shuttle buses provided during peak hours. prepare for delays to get where you have to go a little earlier this morning. now to breaking news from overnight. flames roar out of a home in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. just look at the viewer video of the fire on jasper street. the fire started around 1 this morning. dozens of firefighters worked to get it under control. three homes damaged beyond repair. no one was hurt. also breaking overnight, another fire in port richmond. just about a mile from where the one was we just told you about. this was joy street as crews put out the flames in the rear of the house around 11:30 last night. at least one pet being treated
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for injuries. right now, online offensive to block president trump's pick for secretary continues. lawmakers are still speaking in the 5:00 hour. the vote will take place today on nomination of betsy devos. pamela osborne joins us live in digital operation center. >> reporter: this is the last-ditch effort for really senate democratics to derail betsy devos's nomination. here's a live look at the senate chamber. two republicans said they will vote no for devas. every democratic has said they will not vote to approve here either. there's a 50/50 tie right now in the senate. if one vote isn't swayed from one side to the other, up to vice president mike pence to cast a tie breaking vote on devas's final confirmation. he has said he woeuld vote in
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favor of devas. they are not giving up. continue to hold the senate floor to prevent republicans from voting earlier than the scheduled noon vote. why the opposition? devas has been a sharp critic of public schools and personally invest instead private and charter schools. democrats say she has little understanding of public schools. her business ties pose questions about conflicts of interest. local democratic senator bob menendez. >> her limited experience and advocacy for policies that fundamentally undermine public education make her unqualified to be the secretary of education. >> reporter: again that final vote scheduled for noon today, but vice president mike pence has to step in to break the tie. first time a vice president has ever done so for cabinet picks. reporting looifr in the digital operation center. pamela osborne, nbc 10 news.
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hundreds of local teachers, school employees and parents rallied against betsy devos yesterday outside of pat toomey's office. they want toomey to break party rank and vote against secretary of education nominee. >> devas has no experience in education or experience in public schools. she's totally unfit. conflicts of interest. senator teemy should listen to constituents in his state and listen to those who have education in experience. toomey says he plans to vote for devas. police are looking for more victims after that i have say they arrested a serial child abu abuser. worked as a handyman at several mobile home parks the in his trailer, police found thousands of images of child pornography, souvenirs of crimes against little girls and a diary of what he did to victims.
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they believe he is responsible for attacks up to 40 years ago. police say they have identified six victims, but they think more may come forward now that thomas is arrested. take a look at this taxi cab out of control. bystanders dove for cover. others rushed to stop the ear screeching rampage in the streets of philadelphia. police arrested the man behind the wheel. say he attacked a woman and peeled off his clothes before stealing a cab. cell phone video shows the cab peeling through the square yesterday. people dodged the taxi to avoid being hit. good samaritan got the suspect to stop and dragged him out of taxi. police covered him up and cuffed him. taxi was stolen after the drive went to help a woman being assaulted for no apparent reason. >> he grabbed the lady from the hair and collar and dragged her on street. then before jumping in the cab,
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he just took off his clothes. >> the woman attacked is expected to be okay. the suspect is in the hospital. working to find out his condition. in south new jersey, warning about possible robbers on campus. two students held up. four guys jumped out of a car showing what victims thought was a gun. demanded money. no one was hurt. new grant will help philadelphia improve new universal pre-k program. the national institute of early education research is conducting a three year evaluation of the program. the study is being paid for by nearly $2 million grant from the william penn foundation. look at the program's impact on children's learning and development, designed to offer improvements and support. today's the 17th annual national black hiv aides awareness day. new jersey state leaders will hold the event at 10:00 a.m. at the greater mount szion church n trenton to encourage
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african-americans to protect themselves. nearly 80% involve minorities. today in harrisburg continue push to put in place new abortion restrictions. gop senate committee sent a bill to full senate banning elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of emergency. current law bans after 24 weeks. new project could bring dozens of home to delaware river water front. pierre 35 is now for sale as a townhouse project. rendering of what the complex would look like. property at north delaware and fair month is the site of failed trump tour philadelphia. bridge in scranton will not be renamed. state representative kevin wanted to rename the harrison avenue bridge to honor biden born in scranton. then learned the span was already renamed the kernel frank duffey bridge in honor of fallen
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world one soldier. eight minutes after 5:00. we've got rain moving into the area. that includes camelback mountain. light rain in the area right now. dry in wilmington, trenlten. see showers to the south across the shore. ton. see showers to the south across the shore. to the north. only rain moved throuberks coun little bit of precipitation and colder to the north. not much. more rain. before in arrives the temperatures will go higher. in fact we're in for a big warmup. right now 35 degrees in allentown. look to the south. dover at 50 degrees. 51 in wild wood. in the how lomountains 34 degre above freezing. temperatures well above yesterday. some areas 18 degrees warmer in south jersey.
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48 in at co-. this morning a few showers for the bus stop. temperatures very unfebruary like. 40s for quakertown. redding up to 41 degrees in philadelphia. drying out this afternoon and warming up too. neighborhood planner, 45 degrees at 8:00. lunchtime in the low 50s. still seeing showers in philadelphia at that time. trying out this afternoon. headed for 60s later today. suburbs 43 degrees. clouds and a few showers into the noontime hour. 58 as we're drying out later this afternoon. lehigh valley didn't get cold. chill will still be in the air at 8:00. waiting for showers at that time. next round moving in later in the morning. for the noontime hours. drying out with late afternoon breaks in the clouds. 53 degrees.
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high temperature in the lehigh valley. look at the warmup for delaware. chance of showers this morning. 57 degrees at noontime and then 62 this afternoon. some showers this morning into the noontime hour for new jersey. that won't stop the temperatures from warming up into the 50s by lunchtime. close to 60s later today for new jersey. at the shore, few showers this morning and a chance of showers, but most of the day it's going the be dry. 53 degrees at noon. and into the low 50s at 4:00 this afternoon. that's today. got even warmer weather for tomorrow before the snow moves in later this week. see you then, bill. ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. let's get a look at area roads. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. nothing really. watching traffic move along just fine. germantown pike right now. no big problems or delays. pretty much what most of the
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majors look like now. earlier construction approaching route 23 in both directions. that's clear. east and westbound driving fine from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds into the mid 60s. dealing with eight minute trip on eastbound side. watch the eastbound side. most of the traffic in the morning time stypically see backup hitting the schuylkill. because the connection there is still closed for structural repairs. burlington bristol is a good alternate for you as well. check in with that. also to make sure of any scheduled openings not yet this morning. of course be the first to update you there. i'll be back in ten minutes with more. 11 minutes past five. having fun and saving money. next we continue our series to help you plan for summer. what you need to know if you're planning to rent a house at shore, including the best and worst times to go. and lucky delivery. we will tell you what may soon be delivered to kour doorsteps that could win you some money.
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continue week long look at ways you can save money. >> this morning giving you the dos and don'ts of renting a house at the jersey shore. we also want to be bogged down with contracts and rental agreements and payments. we just want to worry about how long we can sit on the beach. this is another nice room. has a nice deck. >> in the dead of winter, there's no better reason to head to the shore than to do a little research. 4th of july week alone we have over 100 properties. if price is your problem, try early june. those times are generally cheaper. most popular and usually most expensive period would be the
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first two weeks of august. >> really depends on each family. everybody has their need. >> here are dos and doebtss. make sure you have enough brooms and parking for the guests. don't wait. winter time book fast. work with reputable agency. make sure you're really free the borinquen week you book. that's why it's important to work with a real estate agent and reputable company. they're going to work with you. we don't want o to see you lose money and be unhappy. make sure we can get someone else in and fill that spot so you're not stuck with a contract. >> someone eelss misfortune could be a bonus for you. >> call and a lot of times we can find you something last minute. have to be flexible for sure. it is a good idea to check it out in person.
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what if you break something? that is the big fooer. especially if you invite bill henley. ear. especially if you invite bill henley. it's 5:17. happening today, boston holds a victory parade for the super bowl champion new england patriots. >> team pulled off stunning comeback sunday to beat the atlanta falcons in overtime. biggest super bowl comeback ever. tom brady, bill belichick. brady still looking for his jersey. let's get you prepared to walk out the door and check the roads. >> looks like a problem in 295. yes. right around route 38 just into our traffic system a moment ago. actually a vehicle fire. you can clearly see police activity here with the flashing
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lights making it difficult to see. on the northbound side. traffic moving towards the trenton area. lanes blocked here. start to see some pretty big delays and looks like that i can see next to the lights here, looks like about one lane may be another part of the shoulder that's open right there headed northbound t. traffic really slow coming out on the other side as well. big delays on 295 at route 38 on the northbound side if you're headed towards trenton going to see delays. may want to get on new jersey turnpike right now. 42 freeway in new jersey as well. four minute trip or five minute southbound. mass transit watching the market frankford line. running on modified schedule today. about three dozen cars short. will be providing shuttle buses during peak hours, but either way, expecting more traffic today. considering we're not directly out of weekend anymore and day after super bowl. give yourself extra time before you head out the door. more updates on 295 when i come
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back. >> 18 minutes past 5:00 a.m. i think for those who are heading out the door, might be handy to grab the umbrella. >> relatively warm. meteorologist bill henley talking about snow. has you covered with all the information. fortunately won't all be happening in one day. >> that's good. >> we are getting a dry hour in ocean city. seen a few rain drops move through the shore. won't see a lot of rain. a lot of clouds. few showers possible at the shore. here see a few rain drops moving through ocean city. cape may getting light rain. most of this first batch is already offshore for south jersey, but there is some moving to the level. clearing berks county. lehigh, north hampton getting rain to the north. temperatures colder and find mixed precipitation there. just rain for allentown. that's just the first round. really light stuff. going to come down a bit stead jer. happen later this morning and
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into this afternoon. >> rain moving through ohio valley as well. doesn't look like a normal february. let me show you where we get the snow from. this is the system. california and dpon. that will be the snow maker for thursday morning. so much for cold coming from california. 63 degrees. tuesday, today. we'll see that temperature warm after showers this morning and early this afternoon. might even see late day breaks of sunshine today. tomorrow, even warmer. 55 in the morning. a record breaker. up to 6 a degrees in the afternoon. that's where warming trend ends. here comes california cold on thursday. 38 degrees. snow moving through in the morning. most destined for grass. could see slippery conditions develop thursday morning. friday drying out. get sunshine and here comes warmer air once again for the weekend. 50 degrees on saturday. 57 on sunday.
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chance of rain showers on sunday. we'll be dry and mild on monday. still pretty mild for tuesday and wednesday. afternoon highs in the upper 40s. then back to normal winter cold on thursday. >> thank you, bill. this morning continue to celebrate black history month. get a look at the man behind a men you at local nonprofit. how he's helping change the way people look at food while giving back to the community. plus, while you were watching tv, maybe watch iing y too, paying new jersey millions of dollars.
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new jersey residents can now play the lottery without leaving their house. bring lottery tickets to your door. only applies to state lottery tickets and can only deliver within new jersey. >> you watch your tv. is your tv watching you and could flying cars finally become
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a reality? landon dowdy has more on both stories in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning landon. viz owe is paying more than $2 million to settle lawsuit. tracked what customers watched and selling that toll marketers without consumer knowledge or conse consent. never included personally identifiable information such adds name or contact. meanwhile uber hired former nasa to spear flying cars. future of vehicles that can take off and land vertically and land over congested areas. still be decades before we see such cars flying overhead. over on wall street. try to come back on monday's losses. futures slightly higher.
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stock falling yesterday as a drop in oil prices dragged down energy sector and suggested more earnings report. look for data on trade deficit. earning from gm and disney. dow falling 19 points to 20052. nasdaq also down. live report from the scene with latest details. local family is reunited after president trump's immigration ban put on hold and only nbc 10 is there as they celebrate.
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explosive discovery. tell you what we found at an estate sale that caused a scare. nbc 10 news starts now. 5:30. tuesday morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. get right to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. expected we've seen a few showers this morning. first of them have moved through the lehigh valley. you see the light rain is now exiting allentown and redding. just a few rain showers at the shore. that's first round of showers. have been heavier downpours. now moving past allentown and through north hampton county. those will end. get a dry period and later this morning here comes more wet weather moving in from the west. definitely need rain gear at some point during the day today. likely later this morning. delaware 42


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