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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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watching to the west. that's the rain that's going to be moving in later this morning and with us into this afternoon, but mainly dry right now. 37 degrees at the suburbs. 45 in philadelphia. no sign of any cold weather for new jersey and 38 degrees in the lehigh valley has stayed above freezing and the rain moved through 34 degrees in the lehigh valley. 37 in delaware. sunshine possible late this afternoon, 64 degrees in delaware. before you get sunshine, you'll get rain showers. more rain on the way to lehigh valley and suburbs too. few showers in new jersey. temperatures climbing into the 60s at the shore this afternoon. see the showers for king of prussia. noontime today, 46 degrees. and then drying out and warming into the 60s for philadelphia. 63 the high today. i expect it will go warmer tomorrow. go through the forecast hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first check in with jessica boyington first alert traffic. starting off in cherry hill.
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route 70. no major problems or delays moving through the intersection. here's 95 moving through delaware. okay for drive time. everything still green. 11 minutes now. northbound from 295 headed to 49 495. there will be delays have to give yourself extra time. running about 3 dozen cars short. make all stops. and will be also providing shuttle buses for bandapassenge during peak hours and into the afternoon and evening as well. jessica, thank you. breaking overnight. following three different fires all in kensington within a mile of one another. first one, this fire consumed three row homes on jasper street. all the people inside did get out safely.
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two dogs unfortunately were killed. less than a mile from ta scene, another house fire on joyce street in port richmond. crews put out flames in the rear of this house around 11:30. people did get out okay. these are pictures of two pets rescued from the fire. animal rescue groups who stepped up to care for the dog and the rehab it posted these pictures on twitter. a third fire in the same area is being investigated in morning. crews called to frankford avenue in elk hart in kensington a few minutes after the other two fires. found a car in flames. no one inside. investigators are not saying if the three fires could be connected. it's 6:02. 45 degrees outside. battle to confirm pick for education secretary is going on right now. could force an historic vote later today. staging a talk through the night. protesting the confirmation of
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betsy devos. following the hold the floor effort. she joins us live in digital operation center. >> reporter: democrats are not backing down. this is a last-ditch effort for senate democrats to derail betsy devos's nomination. get you back to live senate floor chamber right now. every senate democrat plus two republicans have said they will not vote to approve devas which means there's a 50/50 tie right now in the senate. if one vote isn't swayed, it will be up to mike pence to cast the tie breaking vote on final confirmation. still democrats are continuesing to hold the senate floor top prevent republicans from voting earlier than the scheduled noon vote. the opposition isn't just coming from democrat lawmakers. protesters taken to the streets and citying all across the country including here in philadelphia and media pa. lawmakers said they received a
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high volume of calls over the matter so why the opposition. devas has been a sharp critic of public schools and personally invested in private and charter schools. democrats say she has little understanding of public schools and business ties poses questions about conflicts of interest. the republicans have made it clear, no matter her inexperience, no matter her radical views, no matter her potential conflicts of interest, no matter her secrecy, no matter her blowing off basic anti-corruption practices, they will ram this nomination down the throats of the american people sideways. >> republicans maintain that devas dedication to children makes her a strong choice. final vote is scheduled for noon today. vice president mike pence has to step in to vote to break the tie, it will be the first time ever a vp has done so for a
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cabinet pick. in the digital operation center, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. happening today, president trump's travel ban goes before a federal appeals court. he wants the court to reverse the judge's ruling that froze his temporary ban on travelers from seven mostly muslim countries. that judge put the ban on hold friday night after washington state and minnesota filed suit. allentown family reunited after president trump's executive order briefly kept them apart. nbc 10 at the asali's home in allentown for a celebration. six family members arrived at jfk airport yesterday morning. turned away at philadelphia international a week ago. matthew asali tells us it's been a stressful trip. thinkingly go back to syria. my life. >> it's still a dream. the dream has come true today. >> asali family plans to make lehigh valley their new home. five minutes past six.
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grieving the shooting death of philadelphia organizer urging anyone to come forward. her environmental nonprofit university city green was an open. nbc visited yesterday. saw pictures on door with the message we love you. police found her shot several times in her home on friday. >> she lost her life. >> director of community outreach in the city for five years and gems like her don't come every day. >> it's sad you can't even do when you're doing right. horrible things happen. >> friends are planning a vigil for later this week. her funeral is scheduled for monday. 6:06. 45 degrees in philadelphia. kent county, a man kicked in the face by a dover police officer will receive a settlement of $300,000. video of tv incident from 2013. left him with a broken jaw. settlement with the city was reached back in 2015, but
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details about it were just released today. the city had kept that confidential until the attorney general office ruled it was illegal. thomas webster is the dover police officer who kicked dickerson. jury awitted him on felony assault charges. happening today in harrisburg, tom wolfe deliver annual budget address. proposed spending plan include $2 billion in cuts and savings without major tax hikes or cuts to schools and social services. governor would still need money to close a $3 billion budget gap. shows pictures of cracks in bolster beam of two subway cars. prompted inspection of all the cars in the market and frank fofrd line. found cracks in 58 more cars. oempting with 100 of the normal 144 cars they use at one time.
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shuttle buses will be available to help ease delays. 6:08. 45 relatively warm degrees. take a live look outside. thing you need to remember today, your umbrella. seen rain, the mountains. camelback mountain seen very light rain showers this morning. there they go. really thinning out now to the north. that first round of showers has already cleared. redding and berks county. and allentown and lehigh and north hampton as well. few showers off the shower. more rain in store for us today. moving through western pennsylvania into central pennsylvania. there's some steadier rainfall.
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temperatures are above freezing. colder neighbors just enough above freezing to see things stay out of the problem area fist thing this morning. just dropped to 32 degrees in mount poconos and rain is coming to an end. do doing traveling, might see slick spots in the poconos mountains. a little bit colder nor milford township. bedminster at 33 degrees. dry right now. temperatures will be climbing before the next round of rain moves in. bus stop this morning, not bad for february. little bit of rain. chance for light showers. 40s for wilmington and philadelphia. redding and big warmup during the day. here's hour by hour. 9:00 this morning. steadier rain moves into philadelphia and wilmington. inching into south jersey as well. with the temperatures coming up,
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it won't be any problems as far as frozen precipitation. 37 degrees at 10:00 allentown and 54 in millville. watching what happens as we go into the noontime hours. just a few remaining showers in philadelphia north. while it's starting to break the cloud cover to the south. that's going to leave temperatures in the 60s. by 2:00 this afternoon. and tomorrow, will be even warmer. ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. ten minutes past six. jessica's pattern to check on 95. >> let's see how things are moving. we're actually looking at it because it doesn't look that bad. typically around this time it starts seeing slowdowns towards center city. not yet. cottman avenue, great drive. 14 minutes. average speeds still high. no problems so far.
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also watch the delaware river bridge. closed for structural repairs this morning. also watching the blue route. check the drive times here. everything looks great as well. still seeing it looking quiet on the roads this morning. 15 minutes southbound from schuylkill to 95. mount laurel, new jersey route 73 just around the 295 off-ramp right in here. no big problems back and forth on route 73 and earlier car fire on 295. all of the delays have cleared. no big problems. most of our majors right now. back in ten for more updates. >> thank you, jessica. new option for water front living is coming to philadelphia. >> next, plan to put new homes along the delaware river. plus, may still be winter. summer is on the way. coming up. i'll tell you how you can get ready and how you can save.
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just about 6:15. 45 degrees outside. meteorologist bill henley is tracking rain. update your neighborhood forecast coming up. new this morning, lehigh valley school district is warning passionarents about a confirmed case of whooping cough. student at the school came down with highly contagious bacterial infection. con tastagious contagious. renderering of what the complex would look like. ing of what th would look like. and we want to save you time and money this summer. today's dos and don'ts of renting a shore house. sent matt delucia to the
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beach to do the lag work for you. >> if only i could still be on the beach, it would be very nice. here to tell you about tips. more than having the money to rent a place. good to have time before you move in. a little research can definitely go a long way. spoke with city real estate agent and she gave us a tour of a property that still available. winter time is the big time when it comes to glob lg up properties. get a great deal if you go early june or late august. usually pretty nice down there. >> july week alone we have over 100 properties. we have a two bedroom two bath for 1400 for the week. all the way up to five bedroom beach front for about 78 hundred for a week. >> range of prices there. do a lot of research online.
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looking at properties, signing contracts and even paying. often a good idea to check out a place in person to see if it's the right feel for you. more tips shortly on one more thing if you're worried about the party getting rowdy, get a damage protection policy from most agencies cost you a fee around $50. nonrefundab nonrefundable, but cover you for small damages. always read the fine print. >> worried about the party getting rowdy. >> no, that never happened. >> that never happens. well, watching an easy drive right now. right around trooper road. not backed up yet. looks dark. you can see delay. cars starting to stack up a bit on the eastbound side. moving from 29 to the schuylkill. only a nine minute trip.
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the total isn't really that bad. you can start to see some delays moving down the eastbound side of 422. checking in with mass transit. running on modified schedule. will still be in operation between 69th street and frankford transportation center. making all the stops. running about three dozen cars short. the shuttle bussing passengers as well during peak hours. be prepared to give yourself extra time. watching the garden state parkway. no problems or delays right here. see the roads look good. few cars going on the north and southbound side. updates for you for the rest of the morning when i come back in ten. 6:18. get you updated on the forecast. need umbrella today. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> you will need it. just don't need it right now. dry in philadelphia. view from pens landing. still waiting for showers. clouds are overhead and it has stayed warm through the night.
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just about every one. lehigh valley, has seen rain and ocean city nnk new jersey. dry for cape may courthouse. chance of showers increasing as we go into the late morning hours for the shore. more showers will be moving back into the lehigh valley and berks county. see light rain drops moving through upper berks county and just a few scattered light showers in allentown. that is what is yet to come. this is rain. only rain. in fact rain all the way to ohio valley. keep temperatures way above normal. breaks of sunshine this afternoon, we'll likely make it into the 60s today. even warmer tomorrow. that is where the warm ends. the temperatures pl s plummet f thursday. it will not be dry. so you know what that means. snow will be coming in. hour by hour, noontime tomorrow. 62 degrees in philadelphia.
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62 in wilmington. get some clouds, but a good deal of sunshine for millville. 50s for the lehigh valley and for redding at 55 degrees. that's at noontime. late in the afternoon and early evening, those temperatures start to come down 40s in philadelphia. still well above freezing. late even hours, 11:00 tomorrow night. there's the snow developing. develops first to lehigh valley and some of the upp eper suburb and that's rain falling in wilmington and philadelphia. temperatures above freezing, we're unlikely to see any accumulation on the roads. at least to begin with. more likely on the fragrass. the temperatures falling in the morning. five in the morning just above freezing in philadelphia. looks like we're going to have a messy situation on thursday morning. greatest impact is going to be north of the city where the temperatures will cool down first. the temperatures will be a bit warmer to south. maybe some sliping and sliding
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in the morning. that thursday morning. for today, don't have to worry about snow. will need rain gear at times later this morning and this afternoon. warmup wednesday. here comes light snow coming through thursday morning. done by afternoon with just a few scattered showers later in the day possible. friday sunshine and a cold one. it's on the ground it will stay frozen. 19 in the morning. 35 in the afternoon. here comes a warmup for the weekend. a chance of rain showers on sunday, then drying out. still mild for muonday, tuesday wednesday before it colder next thursday. theft at a local high school caught the attention of a nba legend. still ahead. the break in that has kobe bryant coming to the rescue. and this, police say that is a stolen cab with a naked man behind the wheel. mayhem in the square coming up.
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boston holding victory parade. pretty much know the parade route at this point. fifth parade since 2002. happening tonight here at home, penn hosts princeton for college basketball showdown. arena is the main attraction. celebrate 90th anniversary. wildly known as college basketball's cathedral. only 187 seats. boast an intimate atmosphere that most modern arenas don't have. tickets for tonight's game are still available. 45 degrees. 6:25 is the time. tracking showers. need your rain gear today. neighborhood forecast just ahead. and also ahead, look at this video. that's a stolen taxi cab just
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breaking overnight. panic in the park. naked man joyride through the square in a stolen taxi. >> all night offenses take democrats, taking a final protest ahead of a vote that will impact the future of education. nbc 10 news starts now. >> just about 6:30. good morning. nbc so news today. i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley first alert neighborhood forecast. the most accurate neighborhood forecast for you. bill. tracking clouds in the area.
6:30 am
view from here at the nbc 10 studios. mostly cloudy skies. few breaks and no rain, not yet. first showers have moved through the lehigh valley. berks county. seeing some rain and now in upper bucks county. very light rain showers. look to the west and see the rain that quickly moving across pennsylvania. this moves in during the morning and continues in to the afternoon, but it's only going to be rain. too warm for anything else. 37 in the suburbs. 45 in philadelphia. look at the 30s above freezing by two degrees. lehigh valley and delaware is at 37. sunshine maybe late this afternoon. after a few rounds of showers later this morning and earlier this afternoon for new jersey. at the shore, mainly dry. we see a few showers. see some breaks in the clouds right now. 60 degrees this afternoon. goes even warmer for delaware and philadelphia up to 63 degrees today. go through these forecast hour by hour so you know when the rain moves in and when it moves out out of your neighborhood when i'm back.
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first jessica boyington with the latest from the roads. moving through center city this morning. watching the vine around eighth street. westbound moving towards the schuylkill. little more traffic heading in that direction. nothing terrible rites now. eastbound towards 95 is a good drive as well. if you're out on 95 watching for some delays. slightly seeing it. 20 minutes right now. adding seven to eight minutes to commute. and the speeds are into the 40s. still moving out there. route 30. white horse pike. everything looks great through the intersection. roads still dry. no big delays to report. vai and tracey. breaking overnight. following for you. flames shot out of kensington row home and spread to two other homes forcing people to escape. nbc 10 katy zachry live on the scene. you talked to a man who escaped out a second floor window. tell us about that. >> that man owns the home where this early morning fire started.
6:32 am
take a look behind me. we're going to show you where he esca escaped. had to climb out second floor window and get from roof to street the fire was so bad. when i spoke to him earlier this morning he was with a friend and was distraught. he lost two dogs in the fire. he says they're barking helped alert him that something was wrong. this is how bad the fire was. flames shot from that first home and spread to a couple of neighboring homes on either side. one of those houses was empty. the other had a family with young kids in it. they did make it out safely. one neighborhood who lives down the block said she came home to find her mother had rushed her family out to the street. >> she grabbed the baby and kids and came outside to get away from the fire. >> did she alert the neighbors. >> yes she did. >> how did she do that. >> she started screaming fire and the neighbors called 911. >> you see the fire very bad.
6:33 am
he get up on the window and the roof and he walk on the roof because he's scared. looking for the dog and. >> that was a friend of the homeowner. describing how he got to safety. said he just moved into the house last year. he did not have insurance on it. so he has lost everything. i did speak with the fire investigator who has left for the time being. back when the sun comes back for more evidence. at this time ruled out foul play. 6:33. two controversies playing out today could help define president trump's first 100 days in office. travel ban goes to court and education secretary comes up for a senate confirmation vote. the nomination of betsy devos could hinge of vice president mike pence. break a 50/50 tie.
6:34 am
supporters say she's dedicated to children. opponents site lack of experience. live look of the senate floor. making a round the clock push against betsy devos. holding the floor until the confirmation vote set for noon today. also today, president trump's travel ban goes before a federal appeals court. he wants the court to reverse the judge's ruling that froze his temporary ban on travelers from seven mostly muslim countries. that judge put the ban on hold friday night after washington state and minnesota filed suit. the appeals court will give both sides 30 minutes to make arguments by teleconference. >> 44 degrees outside. take a look at this video. taxi spinning out of control on the streets of center city. police arrested the driver who they say attacked a woman and peeled off his clothes before stealing that cab. cell phone video shows the cab screeching around the square yesterday. people dove out of the way. finally a good samaritan got the
6:35 am
suspect to stop the cab. other people grabbed the keys and dragged the man out so police could cover him up and cuff him. nbc 10 spoke with one of the good samaritans and others at the scene. >> he had nothing on him, but what god gave him. >> trying to fight me off and everything. i had to punch him so i could get ahold of him. >> we hear him start screaming i'm mentally ill. >> the woman attacked nearby is expected to be okay. the suspect is in the hospital. bucks county man suspected of sexually abusing children over a 40 year time period will appear in court today. 58-year-old william charles thomas worked as handyman at several mobile home parks in the falls township area. inside his own trailer, police found thousands of images of child pornography, souvenirs of crime against little girls and a diary of what he did to victims. they've identified six victims so far. think more may come forward. thomas has a preliminary hearing this morning.
6:36 am
charges will be laid out and get the chance to post bail. >> a delaware woman could spend the rest of her life in prison. yesterday in court she admitted she killed her husband by lacing his steroids with anti-freeze. she pleaded guilty to second degree murder in a kent county courtroom. her husband james who was a competitive weight lifter died in 2013. she'll be sentenced in march. >> 6:36. take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories across our area. in south jersey, university warning students about possible armed robbers on its campus. two students held up sunday night in front of campus wellness center in glassboro. four guys jumped out of a car showing what the victims thought was a gun. dha demanded money. no one was hurt. >> basketball legend says he's help to replace the items stolen from a trophy case. someone swiped the replica
6:37 am
jersey, autographed sneakers and 1996 state championship troefy. now to delaware, owners of dover mall hope to drive more business by adding an exit for the mall. problem is going to cost $31 million. >> not start work until 2021 at the earliest. fast track the road construction. >> officials in the lehigh valley want to ban bamboo. the bethlehem city counsel will meet today to consider new restrictions on growing bamboo within the city limits. bucks county adopted similar rules. bamboo is a hard variety of grass that can damage lawn, foundation and water lines. >> at the jersey shore, the former trump taj mahal in atlantic city is up for sale. investor carl icahn closed the casino hotel in october. he said he made the move after state lawmakers passed a bill to revoke casino license for five years. governor chris christie vetoed that bill.
6:38 am
6:37. relatively warm today, but as bill has been telling you all week, remember the umbrella today. you'll need it. >> 45 degrees. check in with bill henley for the most accurate forecast. >> less than half an hour away from sunrise. see the skies starting to lighten up. clouds moving through. few breaks in the clouds. going to be a cloudy morning. dry right now in the city. already tracked rain showers. not in the city, but just to the north. see very light showers. upper bucks county just a few sprinkles. the main event happens later this morning. this arrives right around midmorning. to too warm for anything else. 34 in the lehigh valley. 37 in the suburbs. delaware at 37 degrees. some neighbors in philadelphia are in the mid 40s. 46 right now in graduate hospital. low 40s for andorra. northeast philadelphia. all in the very low 40s.
6:39 am
warm start. these numbers will be climbing even though we will receive rain moving in. chilly morning at the bus stop. not your normal february cold. just a chance of rain showers for redding. get showers in philadelphia. very light wilmington. 42 degrees. chance of light rain at 8:00. hour by hour forecast shows that chance of rain is increasing at 9:00 this morning. moving into chester county, berks county. lancaster klt. just starting to inch into delaware too. by 10:00 more widespread rain reaching into new jersey. look at temperatures. 54 degrees in millville. 46 at that hour in philadelphia. into the 40s for redding too. sunshine breaking through as we go into the afternoon hours, chose showers come to an end. temperatures sore into the 60s today. even warmer tomorrow. before we get a cool down and snow on thursday. you may have noticed the change. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. more on the potential for snow when i come back in ten minutes.
6:40 am
>> forgot what those little snowflakes meant. >> let's check in with jessica boyington find out what's happening on 95 this morning. little bit of a slow down. crash on the southbound side. watching over into the right hand left hand shoulder. as you can see there southbound side. so traffic still is moving by. little bit of a delay there. little bit of a slowdown. plus the normal morning rush. 95 slow into center city. also watching market frankford line running on modified schedule today. still in operation. making all of the stops, but it's about three dozen cars short. additionally adding shuttle buses for passengers during some of the peak hours as well. route 73 around the atlantic city expressway. everything looks great here. no big backups and delays. hillary clinton is making a prediction about the future. >> up next, what she has to say about women in her first public statement since the
6:41 am
inauguration. also, lucky delivery. change making it easier to play the lottery in new jersey. all new at six. rebate run around. nbc 10 respond goes to battle for a local marine. appliance company didn't follow through on a promise.
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recalling canned dog food. . some of the canned dog food became contaminated with the medication used to euthanize animals the hunk of beef product was distributed in 15 states
6:45 am
including pennsylvania. 12 ounce cans made june 6 through 13 and have expiration date of june 2020. a lot more information on new jersey residents can play the lottery without leaving their house. governor chris christie signed the law yesterday allowing courier services to bring lottery tickets right to you door. only applies to state lottery tickets. couriers can only deliver the tickets within the state of new jersey. >> you watch your smart tv, but is your smart tv watching you? vizio paying $2 million to the feds and state of new jersey to settle claims about its tvs. new jersey's attorney general said the company installed software on tvs to track viewing habits without customer consent. now to nbc 10 responds. marine veteran says he ran into a fight he couldn't handle alone. >> when the going got tough, he got nbc 10 responds and harry hairston on his team.
6:46 am
>> reporter: vietnam veteran proud lly served his country. now, laundry is part of his new marching orders, but the wash was put on hold when samsung washing machine was recalled due to faulty top that posed risk of injury. >> when you found that out, what went through your mind. >> fear. >> reporter: he says samsung offered to repair washer or give him a rebate for a new purchase. he chose the rebate. >> i want to protect my family and get it out of here. i was ready to send the paperwork in, but i noticed in the instruction it said you must, must, send the two stickers with it. >> problem is the stickers he needed were on the old washer. donovan says he offered to send samsung proof of purchase, but samsung wouldn't budge so he contacted nbc 10 responds. >> you were the only one to turn
6:47 am
to. >> we contacted samsung. the company told us it would review donovan's case. few weeks later, problem solved. samsung sent him $396 rebate check. >> if you want help with a product or service, you call harry. >> all right. thank you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> very nice. samsung says it's working as quickly as possible to support ever customer affected by the recall. average 4-6 weeks to get a rebate check back. make sure you read the rebate instructions carefully and send all the proper documentation so you get your money sooner rather than later. now if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds or telemundo respond. let us know about it. best way to reach us here on the screen. we will respond to you. 6:47. we're in february. it's 45 degrees already outside. take a live look.
6:48 am
so beautiful in the few minutes before sunrise always. >> comcast power looks nice there. little cloudy in the background as well. >> those clouds are going to stay with us and give us rain. here's another view of those clouds rolling past pens landing. rain free right now. the rain showers will be here later this morning. ocean city new jersey, see the clouds overhead. already seen a few rain showers here. not much to show you right now on the radar. just a few light rain showers in the lehigh valley and upper bucks county. the showers that move through atlantic city, cape may, ocean city now well offshore. that was the first round. the next round is making some steady progress. moved through western pennsylvania into central pennsylvania and this is going to be here by midmorning. so most of the commute will happen dry. the shower will be here before noontime. and it will come with the warmup. there's a big surge of warm air that's going to be with us today, and, again, tomorrow. then, the temperatures tumble and we've got another system
6:49 am
coming in. that's california. rain and snow in the higher evaluations. that's going the be a snow maker for us come thursday morning. because we're going to see a dramatic change in the temperatures. trend for today, some breaks of sunshine this afternoon. 63 degrees. even warmer tomorrow. record breaker, but here's where the records end. look at the plummet into the 30s for thursday and again on friday, but it's thursday morning that we're likely going to see some snow falling in the area. by wednesday noontime. tomorrow afternoon. look at the 60s. philadelphia, millville late in the afternoon early in the evening in the 40s. temperatures continue to fall as wet weather starts moving in. that's 11:00 tomorrow night. see snow falling in redding, lancaster, pottstown. temperatures above freezing to start with. won't be sticking. as the night progresses, we see temperatures come down. likely see accumulation especially on the grass. ground still warm from the day before.
6:50 am
thursday morning we'll be watching that one. see slipping and sliding. for today, 63 degrees. later this morning, afternoon, breaks of sunshine late in the day. then the light snow moves through thursday morning. out of here for friday. did you want last. back in the 50s saturday, sunday afternoon. closer to 6 degrees. chance of rain showers on sunday. drying out monday. still mild. 50 high temperatures. cool down comes at the end of next week. thursday high of 41. >> thank you. ten minutes before seven. debt you to work on tuesday morning. best of days on tuesday 95 isn't typically good. there's a lot of volume. put a crash, even bigger problems. watching delays now southbound. got ahead of myself earlier saying i'm surprised without them. southbound on 95 because of this crash in the left hand shoulder of the southbound side. right around betsy ross bridge seeing delays moving past now. good thing it's only in the
6:51 am
shoulder. none of the lanes blocked. still see traffic moving slow by the scene. delaware river bridge still closed for structural repairs. connecting new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike. watching the schuylkill. drive times. see them on the map here. little red and yellow. biggest drive time is 21 eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. speeds in the 30s. slow downs moving into center city. back in a little more than five minutes with one last check on your morning drive. >> see you then. could the end be near for sixers uniform? several reports say he's at the center of elevated trade talks with the pelicans. here's what he thinks. >> as a professional in the nba, something i'm going to have to deal with the rest of my career. something i dealt with last year and probably have to deal with next year too. i worry about what i can control and that's the work i put in
6:52 am
every day. >> if the reports are right, sixers could say him for pelican center and protected first round draft pick. new this morning and trending on associate media, hillary clinton is making a declaration about women in her first statement since the inauguration. >> despite all the challenges we face, i remain convinced that yes, the future is female. >> that's the former democratic presidential nominee video message to 2017 makers conference which brings together women leaders. in the video message, clinton went on to say the world needs strong women to step up, speak out, and lead boldly, vai. tonight is international safer internet day. educate the world on cyber bullying and raise arrayness about the risk of social networking. national constitution network hosting the event.
6:53 am
think of a good thing you've done or seen to make the internet a safer and better place and share it on social media. just remember to add the hashtag one good thing to any online post that you make. next, run down this morning's headlines and the stories we're following for do you throughout the day. >> includes two controversies involving president trump that will play out later today. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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four minutes before seven. >> new information on breaking news we've been telling you about throughout the morning. fire destroyed three row homes in kensington section. one owner tells us barking dogs woke him up and alerted him to
6:57 am
the danger. lost two dogs in the fire. no one else was hurt. secretary nominee betsy devos all the way to senate confirmation vote. happening right now on the senate floor. where democrats are trying to hold the floor continuing their around the clock protest against devas plan to hold the floor until the confirmation vote scheduled until noon today. >> also happening today, federal appeals court hear arguments over president trump's travel ban. president wants the court to reverse a judge's ruling that froze temporary ban on travelers from mostly muslim countries. judge put the ban on hold friday night after washington state and minnesota filed suit. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf deliver annual budget address. include $2 billion in cuts and savings without any major tax hikes or cuts to schools and social services. the governor would still need money to close a $3 billion
6:58 am
budget gap. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. nothing major happening right now. we are watching delays on 95. cameras right around the betsy ross bridge. southbound side accident scene over in the left hand shoulder right now. looks under control for the most part. only in the shoulder. all lanes getting by on the southbound side. just a little slow. also watching the modified schedule in effect this morning for the market frankford line. still in operation between 69th street and frankford transportation center making all stops. about three dozen cars short. shuttle buses will be provided also during some of those peak hours of the morning today and into the afternoon and evening as well. end here. here's the admiral wilson boulevard. looks great. no big delays and you happen over into philly this morning. clouds are here and we're tracking a few showers in the area now. you request see steadier rain to
6:59 am
the west going to be moving in this morning. even though most areas are dry to start with, definitely need umbrella later this morning and afternoon. temperatures stayed warm overnight. lehigh valley 34 degrees. cloudy skies. clouds in the suburbs. 38 degrees right now. clouds increasing and chance of showers increasing by midmorning. 40 degrees. still showers at noontime. 46 degrees is the high temperature. 40 philadelphia. will warm into the 60s in some neighborhoods. delaware up to 64 degrees. up to 50 for the lehigh valley. and new jersey, inland and at the shore see high temperature of 60 degrees today, but there are changes ahead. the ten day on ten shows that chance of snow thursday morning. that the looking likely now. the likely make for a messy commute on thursday morning. drying out on friday. another chance of showers this weekend. come with the warmup. we're back in the 50s for saturday, sunday, and monday. >> don't forget always get first
7:00 am
alert forecast if you're on the go, 101.1 more fm. >> today show starts right now. good morning. breaking overnight -- senate democrats pull an all-nighter to protest the confirmation of president trump's pick for education secretary. >> ms. devos has failed to make the grade. >> if you cannot be a champion of public schools, you should not be secretary of education. >> will vice president mike pence make history by casting an unprecedented tiebreaker. an appeals court set to hear arguments over the president's travel ban, as the white house issues a compromise that would allow an exception for some travelers. stormy weather. powerful systems across the


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