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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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a 24-hour session on the senate floor in an attempt to block her. >> i can't say it strongly enough. a vote for ms. devos is a vote to destroy our public school system. >> this marks the first time the vice president had to break a tie on a cabinet nomination. vice president pence is expected to swear in devos tonight. shortly after the confirmation, the vice president tweeted today's vote to confirm education secretary betsy devos was a vote for every child having a chance at a world-class education. democrats have been concerned about devos because she's a longtime critic of public schools. >> she's also been a strong backer of private and charter schools. tim furlong found out how devos could impact the school choice debate right here in our area. >> reporter: the protests against her were loud. >> we are here because our children deserve better. >> reporter: but today with the vice president casting the deciding vote, betsy devos was
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confirmed. >> this is not a job for amateurs. >> reporter: even two republican senators who voted against her. but like her or not, some say she'll push for more localized school control and something many americans say they want -- choice. >> the idea is that parents know their kids best and they know what their interests are, they know how they learn. so having the opportunity to choose the school that's right for your child, that's great for everybody. >> reporter: she says charter schools are public schools but around the country some teachers unions fear devos, who admits she's never attended or had her own children in public schools, doesn't know education and she may be jeopardizing the education of kids. >> if schools compete, the best ones win. the way the best ones win is if the parents make the choice and parents vote with their feet. >> reporter: in charter s have
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failed and some argued the potential chaos isn't good for kids at charter or traditional public schools. and the union representing philadelphia public school teachers is reacting to today's developments. it issued a statement, by confirming her nomination, the gop members of the senate have demonstrated that they value deep pockets and anti-public school ideology over the needs of america's school children. to our first alert weather now. and a crucial 48 hours for our forecast. >> a storm brewing right now in the rockies could bring several inches of snow to our area by thursday morning, and that snow will be good news for the poconos. taking a live look at camelback mountain where they've really been waiting for mother nature to help them out. that snow could bring a 30-degree drop in temperatures in a few hours. taking a look at penn's landing.
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this weather we know will not last long. we're keeping you prepared for the big changes. >> let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the snow with your most accurate weather forecast. >> looks like in a good bit of the area, this will be the biggest snow of the winter season so far. a lot of these places haven't gotten very much. we've issued a first alert for thursday snow for the entire area except for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. 4:00 a.m. to noon. it's not an all-day event. we've got accumulating snow, heavy at times especially during the morning rush. slick roads and poor visibility especially during the morning rush. let's take a look at hour by hour as we go through tomorrow. here comes the snow. not until overnight tomorrow night. there's 3:00 a.m., the darker blue indicates heavier snow. it's 6:00 a.m.
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some of the heaviest snow and the whole storm going all the way down to dover and just about to atlantic city. it will cover much of the area for just about the entire morning, and then finally moves off shore in the afternoon. so it starts as rain around midnight in at least parts of the area. snow begins north and west, 1 to 2:00 a.m., changes to snow in the philadelphia area 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. right during the start of the morning rush. and changes to snow south of philadelphia 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. now the fact that it starts as rain prevents them from pretreating the roads. so that could lead to some other issues. one incredible thing will happen before that is potential record warm. krystal klei has more on that. >> this is one of those scary roller coasters.
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it will take a big plunge. definitely warmer than average still. if you take a look at the temperatures, we still see 50s out there. cape may courthouse, 53, now at 48 atlantic city. we saw spots along the 60s along the shore. and may's landing still in the 50s. 20 degrees warmer than normal. our philadelphia neighborhood, we're a little slow to warm. 51 manayunk. that's not going to be happening for us as we go into tonight. in fact, if we look at our temperature trend, yesterday we capped at 54 officially, today we'll cap at 60. you might have said, wait, we're at 50 right now, that's because overnight that temperature continues to climb which sets us up for a very warm wednesday. 65 the forecast high. then look at that drop for
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thursday. just in time for that system to pass and the snow potential, 38 degrees thursday and 31 on friday. so again we're live outside the nbc 10 studios in bala cynwyd. conditions are not terribly cool and we're talking warmer as we move into tomorrow. we'll talk more on your snow chances coming up in a bit. >> be prepared for the next two days of big weather changes with the nbc 10 app. download it now to get severe weather alerts and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood right on your smartphone. to this now. new details about the kobe bryant merchandise stolen from lower merion high school. we have our photos of those thieves. hard to make out anything specific about the one. he's in the two pictures on the left. but the guy in the two pictures the on the right is wearing a brooklyn nets pom pom hat and gray michael jordan sweat pants. the two broke into the gym sunday night. they took several items from a trophy case including kobe's framed replica jersey, some
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autographed sneakers and the school's 1996 state championship trophy. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is pushing to create more jobs and increase the minimum wage. >> erin coleman is here to break down the spending plan he outlined today. >> governor wolf is looking to plug a projected $3 billion deficit, and he unveiled his plan to do that today. the $32 billion budget does not increase tax rates on sales or income, however, the plan does impose a $1 billion tax on natural gas production and $2 billion in spending cuts including production. >> our commonwealth has been operating for a long time with a structural deficit. that means harrisburg has been living beyond its means. households can't do that and neither can we. >> the governor is also proposing raisiing pennsylvanias
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minimum wage from 7.25 to $12 an hour. he said that will create new jobs and raise more money in income taxes. the spending plan also calls for an additional $10 million to extend access to naloxone. the battle over president trump's travel ban is heating up again. the administration wants the order restored and it is arguing its case in front of a federal appeals court in san francisco. the order stops refugees and other immigrants from entering the u.s. from seven predominantly muslim countries. president trump told reporters today that the fight could end up in the supreme court. >> hopefully it doesn't have to. it's common sense. you know, some things are law and i'm all in favor of that. some things are common sense. this is common sense. >> an allentown family is enjoying another day together after president trump's
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executive order briefly kept them apart. nbc 10 was there for the family celebration. six family members arrived in new york sunday from war-torn syria. they were sent back to syria from philly international last month just as the president's travel ban went into effect. this group of demonstrators gathered outside senator pat toomey's office in center city today. they're calling on the senator to support the efforts of workers pushing for better conditions and compensation. >> although those corporate profits continue to make record profits after record profits that really need to look at that because they're working that off the back of workers who are giving their lives and their souls to those. >> the demonstrators are part of the group that comes to senator toomey's office each tuesday to make their voices heard. a teacher in the lehigh valley is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of
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her students. heather montero teaches at emmaus high school. she's suspended from her job. advocates are calling for an investigation into last week's prison takeover. they made the announcement today. it also said it wants state lawmakers to provide more money and training for staff and job skills training for inmates. correctional lieutenant steven floyd died during the 24-hour standoff. three other staffers were held hostage. the family will receive friends on friday and funeral services are saturday at delaware state university memorial hall. a new jersey state senator has introduced a bill that could make it easier for the former revel casino to reopen in atlantic city. hotel owners would not need to have a casino license as long as the company operating the casino has one.
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the commission last week ruled that straub needed a license to reopen it regardless of who runs the property for him. new details about a deadly crash in montgomery county over the weekend. police tell us two cars were racing saturday morning along route 422 in west pottsgrove when one car fell 30 feet down an embankment. two people in that car were killed. police are still looking for the second car described as a newer model black dodge challenger with delaware plates. check out this fire that destroyed three row homes in kensington. it happened early this morning. it all started along jasper streeter in venango avenue around 1:00 a.m. it then spread to the homes on either side. two dogs died in that fire. everyone else made it out safely. it's unclear what started it. they have ruled out foul play. we have a dramatic picture to show you this afternoon. you might want to stop what you're doing and take a look at this. the georgetown basketball team
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helping to pull a mother and son out of that suv this morning. the team bus crashed on its way to a game against villanova. here's the moment right here. you can see the players surrounding the car and coach john thompson standing in the background. the players weren't hurt. the hoyas play villanova tonight. former vice president joe biden is headed back to washington, d.c. he'll lead the penn biden center for diplomacy at the university of pennsylvania. a new center focused on diplomacy, foreign policy and national security. the center will be located in washington and opens later this year. and in delaware bide beenen will serves a the founding chair of the biden institute. the new research and policy center will focus on developing solutions for everything from economic reform to criminal justice. most of septa's cars are back in service after cracks were found on dozens of the subway cars. >> passengers told nbc 10 today that the lines seemed to be
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running normally, but over the weekend septa workers found those cracks in the main load carrying beam of two cars, then nearly 60 more were found to have cracked vent boxes which can spread to the beam. no word on when all the cars will be back on the tracks. people are helping a girl scout who was robbed while selling cookies near philadelphia's rittenhouse square last weekend. the scouts say the generosity of residents has helped recoup the money that was stolen and the girl has decided to continue selling cookies. a man took $50 from her saturday and then took off running. delaware beaches are getting more popular today at the dew point brewery. tourism in the state is now a $3.1 billion industry responsible for 42,000 jobs. the governor says it's up to the people to spread the word about all that delaware has to offer. >> a big part of our marketing has to be us.
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we got talk up our state. delaware's a great place to live and work but it's a great place to visit. >> officials say the beaches get a lot of the attention but they say tourism is also up at state parks and other natural attractions. in the past hour, salem county mother reunited with the team who helped deliver her baby right there. >> this wasn't a team of nurses and doctors. it was three new jersey state troopers. nbc 10 at the point north police barracks where she delivered her baby girl last month. she was on her way to the hospital but knew she just wouldn't make it in time. nbc 10's ted greenberg was there for that reunion. he'll have her story all new at 5:00. >> they look good holding her right there. a philadelphia neighborhood saddled with high pov either et and crimes getting well deserved national attention. lester holt made a trip to strawberry mansion to see how a storefront is helping keep kids on the right track.
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since his report last night, donations have been pouring in. deanna duranty live for us in strawberry mansion today. >> reporter: yeah, those donations coming in from across the country, not just people here in philadelphia. take a look. the kids have arrived here after school safely. they've worked on their homework, they've played a game. they're sitting around here in the strawberry mansion learning center. they're talking about their day and things they're doing in school. it was last night on nbc "nightly news" that you saw the story profiled by lester holt. since then look at the go fund me page. they've gotten $10,000 just since that story aired. it costs about $80,000 a year to run this center, giving kids a free safe place to come after school. take a look at some of the video shot in that story. kids come here, they work on their homework, their riding, public speaking, things they're not getting at school and maybe there's not a parent at home to help them. this is a safe, free place for them to come. the organizers here not only
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want to keep this momentum going, but they want to make it bigger. they want to improve the bathrooms here and give the kids a kitchen so they not only have nutritious food to snack on after school but they can learn how to make it themselves. again the organizers thrilled after last night's story on nbc "nightly news." >> so exciting that i've been running around all day, i haven't had much rest because the phones have been ringing. we have a go fund me page that we've been promoting for a while to do some upliftments to the property, such as the kitchen, the bathrooms. >> again, this isn't the natural thing that you kids would be doing. you're kind of frozen because this is the first time you've had anybody in here live, huh? what do you say about the people making those donations for you guys? and keep it coming, right? >> yes. >> we'll have a full story coming up for you tonight. but for now that's the latest reporting live in strawberry mansion, deanna duranty, nbc 10
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news. >> they get to see how live television is done, thank you so much. >> that's true. >> since that center's been opened, the kids have been thriving. right here is some of the first video coming out of louisiana where several tornadoes touched down today. >> the twister has torn apart homes, flipped over cars. there are reports of injuries. power lines and trees are still down. authorities are trying to get to some of the more damaged neighborhoods. [ thunder ] >> and these are the sights and sounds of severe storms sweeping over arkansas. the storms brought heavy rain, lightning, gusty winds to the overnight hours and right into the morning. >> back here at home, it was a rainy day at rittenhouse square. hats were on, umbrellas were up in rittenhouse park. still fairly mild out there. >> and the clouds have kind of brightened up a little bit. our first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane"
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schwartz is here with your most accurate forecast and that snow we're worrying about on thursday morning. >> a pretty wild forecast, i would say, over the next couple of days. we have fairly cloudy skies now and tremendous temperature contrast across the area. but by thursday, much of the area is going to be seeing snow. and that's why we have a first alert for the entire area except for the jersey shore and southern delaware. this is 4:00 a.m. to noon thursday, not tomorrow thursday. and we're expecting accumulating snow, heavy at times, especially during the morning rush creating the slick roads. of course, the poor visibility. but right now it's a different story. and look at the kron trast here. it's 65 degrees in dover. 72 in baltimore, maryland. while it's 51 in philly. that's the high for today. only 39 in allentown. the warmer air is on the way up. temperatures are going to rise
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during the night tonight. the last of the showers on radar coming through bucks county. with this system we may get some more with this coming later tonight or first thing in the morning. but that's not the storm. that storm back to the west. here's tomorrow night. we're try all the way through tomorrow night as the low gets closer this area of snow spreading out. now it may be cold enough to start a snow up in the poconos and the lehigh valley. as this low tracks across washington, southern delaware, it's going to be pulling down more cold air, changing rain to snow and the darker blues indicating the heavier snow. and right at 6:00 a.m., right in the middle of the morning rush is when we may have the heaviest snow. it's accumulating and the temperatures starting to go down. by 8:00 a.m., the low is already moving off shore. everything is moving fast.
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that limits the potential for this storm because we're not going to get a slow moving or a stalled storm out of here by afternoon we may be drying out because it will be very windy. how much snow? well, whatever falls pretty much melts on the roads in extreme south jersey, jersey shore, southern delaware, maybe an inch or two of slush. 2 to 4 inches northern delaware up through philadelphia and into burlington county assuming a good bit of it melts. and 4 to 8 inches everywhere north and west of philadelphia. chester county, most of montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley, berks county and even the poconos. now the storm impact scale, of course, is going to be highest in the lehigh valley, berks county, the p.a. suburbs. that's a high impact event because the snow's starting before the morning rush, heaviest during the rush, 4 to 8 inches ending around noon. in the philadelphia area,
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delaware and south jersey, a moderate event partly because of the timing during the morning rush. generally 2 to 4 inches. if there's less melting, there will be more accumulation. that heavy snow during that morning rush and a low impact event at the delaware beaches and at the jersey shore. and after that, a cold blast that lasts one whole day. >> well, a marine veteran says he ran into a fight he couldn't handle alone. >> when the going got tough, he got nbc 10 responds and harry hairston on his team. still ahead, how they helped go to battle when an appliance company didn't follow through on a promise. and a big birthday for what's known as college basketball's cathedral. the big showdown tonight. first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street today.
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big celebration in university city to mark the anniversary of one of the most history can facilities. the palestra opened on january 1st, 1927, seated about 10,000 making it one of the world's largest arenas. take a look now. the palestra still has that same cozy feel. penn will host clemson. . tickets are $19.27 in honor of the year it opened. students will play 55 cents. and popcorn 90 cents tonight. through the years they hosted more games than any other
4:26 pm
facility in college hoops and hosted noncollegiate games during an nba labor dus put. lebron james took on a team of players with connections to the philadelphia area here at the palestra. remember when popcorn was -- i don't remember, but it would be great when it was 90 cents again. get ready for weather whiplash over the next 48 hours. >> we'll go from the 60s right to snow. >> look at this. 65 in dover right now. yet it will be the biggest snowfall of the season for some folks on the heels of what could be record breaking heat. i'm tracking the timing of that system headed our way in the most accurate weather forecast. might feel like spring in philly, but on the mountain it looks like snow. next how local ski resorts are tackling another mild winter.
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right now first alert weather is tracking what is expected to be the biggest snowfall of the season. >> the system well off to the west right now in the colorado rockies. but by thursday morning that storm could bring several inches of snow to parts of our area. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the timing and what we can expect. >> the problem is going to be pretty much the timing. that will be the biggest issue. plus the fact that it's warm ahead of it. it starts as rain, that means you can't pretreat the roads like you normally would. we've got a first alert out for the entire area except for the
4:31 pm
jersey shore and southern delaware from 4:00 a.m. to noon. so it's not all day. there's going to be a quick moving storm, but it will be accumulating snow, it will be heavy snow at times right during the morning rush. and slick roads and poor visibility added to the problems with the start of the snow. here we are tomorrow night. still nothing by 11:00. but as we go into the early morning hours, the snow comes in, any rain changes to snow, the darker blue indicates heavier snow which is right there at 6:00 in the morning. and so 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. that's the peak of the storm. by noontime it's already moving out. so again it's a limited period. around midnight anywhere precipitation starts, it would most likely start as rain, but it begins north and west, 1:00
4:32 pm
to 2:00 a.m. changes and snow, 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. changes and snow south of the philadelphia area. that will limit the snow totals. i'll get into the snow totals neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in just a few minutes. the poconos have been waiting on mother nature to help them out with more snow. >> and pushing people to the slopes, that's not easy with the warmer weather we've been having for most of the season. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at bear creek mountain in the poconos. >> hard to get in the spirit of ski season when it's this mild, but i like that you are in the spirit. >> reporter: you know, we had a rainy and warm morning. it's been replaced by fog in the evening. by can tell you one problem they do not have is a lack of snow. we just did a couple of runs down the mount nt. the skis is actually pretty good right now. the problem they're facing is a marketing one, convincing people in places like philadelphia and beyond to make the trek north to
4:33 pm
the rely valley and the poconos even when it feels like spring in your backyard. at bear creek mountain, no lines at the chair lifts today. these die hard snowboarders squeezed in as many run z as they can get. >> it's been pretty nice. rains off and on, then three days of winter and three days of spring. >> today's rainy weather creating a dense fog on the mountain. >> i always wish we got nine feet of snow like california but you can't complain with what you got. i love it here. >> for the third year in a row, ski resorts in the poconos and the lehigh valley dealing with a stubborn mother nature. at blue mountain, they're hoping thursday's approaching snowstorm will get people thinking winter. >> hopefully that will remind people that you can still get out and ski and snowboard. >> reporter: they've got $14 lift tickets for valentine's day and deals for couples despite the mild season, they say last winter was actually worse.
4:34 pm
>> if you love winter and you are down in philly where it's a little less winter-like come up here. we've got winter here. we're hoarding it in the poconos. >> reporter: the coming weeks will be crucial, hoping for a consistent cold, but no matter the weather, the season ticket holders and lifelong skiers will be out here every day. >> that's what happens when you're a ski die hard. it gets in your blood and you just got to get out there, regardless of what it's like. >> reporter: now, i'm told that all of the fog here actually does cause some problems. it helps the snow disappear from the surface. they're hoping that coming snowstorm this thursday will provide a natural snowfall that might even get people out here this weekend. live at bear creek, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> if you keep skiing there, randy, put on a helmet. be prepared for the snowstorm headed our way with the free app. you can get the hour by hour forecast right on your smartphone. to breaking news about the
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deadly prison standoff in delaware. the state's governor just announced there will be an independent review of the events a tt vaughn correctional center. officer floyd was killed by inmates that took over that prison. prison reform advocates have been calling for an investigation. both state police conducting their own investigations but governor john carney says that will begin after those are complete. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. people are getting ready to grow and sell pot. the pennsylvania department of health is accepting permit applications starting february 20th for medical marijuana growers, processors and dispensaries. the state expects its medical marijuana program in full swing by next year. money for schools was center stage in gloucester county today. center president steve sweeney was at glassboro high school.
4:36 pm
he spoke at a forum for public schools. in kent county a new exit could make it easier to get to the dover mall but don't expect it any time soon. the exit would be built on route 1 to encourage people to shop in dover instead of the christiana mall and rehoboth beach outlets. but this project comes with a $31 million price tag and del-dot doesn't have that money right now. atlantic city council deciding to vote tomorrow on fares for boardwalk cams. it will call for a $1.75 hike on an all day pass. they'll consider allowing tram cars to carry advertisements, too. to this now, rebate runaround. >> nbc 10 responds goes to battle for a local marine who says an appliance company did not follow through on a promise. riding the waves.
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how president obama is getting r and r with his family in the british virgin islands.
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there could be a break in the long search for a male contraceptive. researchers say a new gel injection successfully worked long-term in test monkeys. doctors are hoping the shot will eventually replace a vasectomy. next they want to find out if the birth control is reversible. how about this? google says it will design and create a an addredress just for. they're looking for things like location, where you've been, even the weather around you. if you say yes to this, they'll make your dress. it will cost about 100 bucks. the app called coded couture becomes available later this year. tech leaders tackled some of the toughest questions about
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technology and social media. nbc 10 at the national constitution center for safer internet day. get those snow shovels and snow boots ready. >> tracking what could be the biggest snowfall of the season yet. glenn? >> parts of our area are expected to see several inches and that snow will also bring a big drop in temperatures. i'm tracking the big changes you can expect in your most accurate weather forecast. plus cover girl and model mom christie brinkley back on "sports illustrated's" swimsuit edition with two younger models who may surprise you. we'll show you next at 4:00.
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nearly 40 years after her first "sports illustrated"
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appearan appearance, christie brinkley is showing she still has it. take a look. that's christie brinkley in the middle with her two daughter, alexa ray joel and sailor brinkley cook. you can get your hands on the magazine monday. there's some other pictures making headlines today. >> check out former president barack obama kite surfing on vacation. yeah, with the weight of the free world off your shoulders, you can see mr. obama's really enjoying the time with his family. the exxacommander in chief can enjoy some water sports that were previously frowned upon by his security detail. he stayed up 325 feet. that's a little shorter than a football field. doing well there. that's not easy. >> i've never tried it. >> i'm telling you, i'd be in the water in a second. >> you wiped out? >> all right. let's take a live look at the schuylkill river boardwalk. beautiful evening.
4:46 pm
warm weather out there to head out for a walk, maybe a jog as the sun goes down. no kite surfing there on the schuylkill. we're talking much colder temperatures and snow. >> people say they want it to feel like winter. here you go. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking those changes for us. >> if you want warm weather, you got that, too, even right now. 65 degrees in dover. 51 in philadelphia. 39 degrees in allentown. the temperature's going to be going up during the evening. watch this. philadelphia we're 51 at 6:00, 56 degrees by 8:00 and we might be up to 60 by 10:00. that will be our high today will be closer to midnight. we've had showers this morning and breaks this afternoon. got another round perhaps coming later tonight, but that should be on the lighter side. the big issue, of course, going to be the snow. we've issued a first alert for the snow thursday. everywhere except for the jersey
4:47 pm
shore and southern delaware. 4:00 a.m. to noon. and we're talking about accumulating snow, heavy at times especially during the morning rush, slick roads, poor visibility and schools are going to be affected by this, too. here we are tonight with the temperature up to 61 degrees. and there we are tomorrow morning, still 60 degrees. 10:00 a.m., still 60 degrees. and above the 60s during the day. in the evening we're still in the 50s. come on. it can't snow. 12 hours after that, can it? there's 11:00 p.m. there we go, 5:00 a.m. down to 35 and snowing. below freezing north and west. it's accumulating in parts of the area. by 8:00 a.m., this computer model has our temperature down to 30, which it came with accumulation. we're above freezing at the
4:48 pm
shore, southern delaware. i don't think there will be a lot of accumulation there. noon time it's starting to move on out. how much snow in most of it melting down toward the shore because of those above freezing temperatures. but this area is going to get the most. 4 to 8 inches, chestnut hill, kutztown, reading, pottstown, francona, local spots could get even more than that, especially higher elevations. parts of chester county with 4 to 8, coatesville, west chester, charleston, hatfield also in the 4 to 8 inch category. adington, bensalem, florence, cherry hill in the 2 to 4 inch category. that's assuming there's melting at the beginning. if there nt there will be more toward that higher end. the 2 to 4 inches trenton,
4:49 pm
yardley, salem, east windsor, tom's river, midland. could be more. and bridgeton, vineland, salem in the 2 to 4 inch, same with much of delaware, wilmington, newark, middletown, smyrna in the 2 to 4 inch category. and farther to the south it is mostly melting. then it refreezes thursday night. all right, glenn. a local veteran went to battle over a rebate for his washing machine. >> when he couldn't get the help he says he was promised he called nbc 10 responds. how they went to battle and got the veteran some answers and some money.
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time for nbc 10 responds. a marine veteran says he ran into a fight that he just couldn't handle alone. >> when the going got tough he got nbc 10 responds and harry hairston on his team. >> you're talking about a very tough vietnam veteran. when this veteran didn't think he had to fight so hard to get what was promised to him. vietnam veteran james donegan proudly served his country. now laundry is part of his new marching orders. but the wash was put on hold when his samsung washing machine was recalled due to a faulty top that posed a risk of injury. when you found that out, what went through your mind? >> fear. >> reporter: he says samsung offered to repair the washer or
4:54 pm
give him a rebate towards a new purchase. he chose the rebate. >> i want to protect my family and get it out of here. >> reporter: he bought a new washer, had the old one taken away and filled out the rebate form. >> i was ready to send the paperwork in, but i noticed in the instructions it said you must, must send the two stickers with it. >> reporter: problem is the stickers he needed were on the old washer. donegan said he offered to send samsung proof of purchase but samsung wouldn't budge. so he contacted nbc 10 responds. >> you were the only one to turn to. >> reporter: we contacted samsung. the company told us it would review donegan's case. a few weeks later problem solved. samsung sent him his $396 rebate check. >> if you want help with a product or service, you call harry. >> all right, thank you. i appreciate it. >> semper fi, harry. thank you. >> all right. now, i appreciate that. samsung says it's working as
4:55 pm
quickly as possible to support every customer affected by the recall. on average it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a rebate check. make sure you read the rebate instructions carefully and send in all the proper documentation so you get your money sooner rather than later. at ease. >> yes, cutting through the red tape for the veterans, harry. >> let's check our recovery counter. getting money back for you in the delaware valley, we're at $278,819 of your money back to you. >> all right. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, there's the number on your screen. we'll respond to you. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a family moves to a new house but the bill from their old one won't seem to go away, that is until harry gets involved. that's tomorrow. right now we're working on several stories for 5:00. >> here are keith jones and erin coleman. >> all new at 5:00, rescued from
4:56 pm
the rails. >> a 5-year-old girl push pd on the train tracks. the officers who saved her talk only to nbc 10. plus born at the barracks. we're there as mom and baby reunite with the officers who helped make this special delivery. and i'm outside the nbc 10 studios here in bala cynwyd where right now mild temperatures but even warmer tomorrow then some spots a 30-degree drop with the potential for snow. we'll track all that to finish out your work week.
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weather whiplash. as temperatures climb into the 60s, we're also tracking snow. history on the hill. the vice president is forced to break the tie over one of president trump's most controversial cabinet picks. the right place at the right time. a girl was pushed in front of an oncoming train and the officers who saved her, they're talking only to nbc 10. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good evening. i'm erin coleman. >> i'm keith jones. right now at 5:00 those officers had to act fast to save that 5-year-old girl. the officers were on patrol near burlington town station when the girl was pushed in front of the train by a total stranger. >> tonight those officers spoke exclusively to cydney long. scary situation, no doubt. how did they know this girl was in danger? >> reporter: erin and keith, it was a friday night at 8:30 and a new jersey transit bus driver
5:00 pm
alerted police in this area to hurry up. they said a woman was acting strangely right here on the new jersey transit river line platform. before they could even put the car in park, they couldn't believe their eyes. >> i immediately told them to stop the car. >> reporter: cameron long and david edwardson hit the brakes on their cruiser and made a run for the platform. new jersey transit's river line train was about to arrive. >> adrenaline shot from 1 to 100. there was nothing else. >> reporter: that's when police say they witnessed 20-year-old autumn grab a 5-year-old girl who was standing beside her mother. >> as we get to about the middle of the tracks i see a female throw a little girl on to the tracks. >> reporter: you saw it? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: both officers jumped a small barrier in front of the oncoming trains. >> both hands up in the air telling the train to stop. once we heard it come to a screeching halt, made sure the


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