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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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alerted police in this area to hurry up. they said a woman was acting strangely right here on the new jersey transit river line platform. before they could even put the car in park, they couldn't believe their eyes. >> i immediately told them to stop the car. >> reporter: cameron long and david edwardson hit the brakes on their cruiser and made a run for the platform. new jersey transit's river line train was about to arrive. >> adrenaline shot from 1 to 100. there was nothing else. >> reporter: that's when police say they witnessed 20-year-old autumn grab a 5-year-old girl who was standing beside her mother. >> as we get to about the middle of the tracks i see a female throw a little girl on to the tracks. >> reporter: you saw it? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: both officers jumped a small barrier in front of the oncoming trains. >> both hands up in the air telling the train to stop. once we heard it come to a screeching halt, made sure the little girl was safely back up
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by her mother's fiance. >> reporter: another officer tackled matacharia. >> everyone who was getting ready to get on the train, i hear them, oh, my god. why did she just do that? did that really just happen? >> reporter: the family of the little girl didn't want to talk today. their attorney told me if not for these officers, this could have been a deadly situation. >> it didn't matter to me. all i wanted to do was make sure that little girl was safe on the tracks and she did not get hit by that train. >> reporter: now matacharia who was pinned down by police officers and arrested, she has been charged with attempted murder. i did also today reach out directly to prosecutor bob bernardy in burlington county to find out what is next for this defendant. i'm still waiting to hear back from him. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> thank goodness those officers were there. thank you for that.
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also tonight new details on that snow that's headed our way. that's right. don't let your guard down. some areas are in the 60s right now, but all that's going to change really quick. >> the first alert weather team has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. let's start with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. you've issued a first alert for that snow that's moving in. >> absolutely. this has happened before. it can get in the 60s one day and snow the next and it's gonna happen. it's only a matter of the details. we've issued a first alert for thursday snow for the entire area except for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. 4:00 a.m. to noon. not an all-day thing. that will help limit the snow totals because it's going to be a quick mover. accumulating snow, heavy at times. especially during the morning rush. creating slick roads, poor visibility as we go through the morning. now, tomorrow night there's
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nothing going on during the evening you got to worry about. it will be extremely warm, record warmth tomorrow. but here we go in the middle of the night. that snow starts coming in, the cold air's coming down from the north. moisture coming from the west. glides right on top of it. the darker blue indicates heavier snow. that's right at 6:00 a.m. and it goes all the way down to central delaware and almost to the jersey shore. the temperatures should be above freezing in these areas even if they do get snow. and like i said, it's going to be moving out fairly quickly as we go into the afternoon. so the snow could begin as early as midnight up in the poconos and berks county. but generally 1:00 to 2:00 a.m., changing to snow in philadelphia right in the beginning of morning rush and changing to snow a little farther south a little bit later. we'll get into the snow totals in just a few minutes. you never know it, either, that snow is on the way with these warmer temperatures.
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this is a live look at cape may, for instance. right now they're in the 50s. and before that snow even arrives, the weather's going to get even warmer. >> hard to believe. krystal klei is enjoying those temperatures the outside the nbc 10 studios. how much warmer is it going to get? >> we're looking at still a pretty big warm-up for tomorrow for more of our region. some saw 60s today. more of us tomorrow. i'm only wearing a fleece jacket right now. in wintertime you can't complain to be saying that. what we're looking at temperature wise across the region, let's go to the delaware neighborhoods. harmony hills at 53. these numbers are way above average. but if you go farther south, now we're looking at sussex, kent county, we've got 60s all over the place. still where that warmer air is trying to spill in, 65 at lewis beach and looking at 63 for felton and 64 greenwood. these temperatures again just
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completely warmer than average for this time of year even in our philly neighborhoods where you're seeing a ten-degree if not more difference. 50 for port richmond, but you might have heard glenn mention a moment ago record heat for some. take a look at this. these are your forecast conditions for tomorrow. the forecast is on the right. the record the left. in white you see 63 philadelphia's the record tomorrow. we're forecasting a high of 65. trenton looking to break a record, too. 63 the forecast tomorrow. the previous at 62 degrees and elsewhere still going to be very warm for this time of year. mid-50s allentown to reading where today we've been in the 30s, then we go from those 60s to what glenn was talking about, that huge drop for thursday which allows us to see snow. we're going to time that out hour by hour coming up in just a few minutes. >> keep you prepared and protected. thank you so much. stay on top of the latest weather updates with the nbc 10 app important now more than
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ever. get the forecasts for your neighborhood and track the winter weather as it moves in. the senate being equally divided, the vice president votes in the affirmative and the nomination is confirmed. and with that betsy devos became the nation's new education secretary. she's a controversial pick with public education leaders holding protests against her and last night democrats held a 24-hour session on the senate floor in an attempt to block her. this marks the first time a vice president had to break a tie on a cabinet nomination. vice president mike pence is expected to swear in devos tonight at 5:30. also coming up, tim furlong found how betsy devos could impact the school debate here in our area. president trump's immigration order will go before an appeals court. the white house is fighting a
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lower court's ruling that the order is unconstitutional. temporarily banned immigration from seven countries and put the entire refugee program on hold. today the secretary of homeland security insisted the order is not a ban on muslims and is necessary to review our immigration policies. john kelly said he's not sure if any dangerous people have come into the country since the order was put on hold. he said we won't know for sure, quote, until the boom. even with the president's order on hold, many immigrants are unsure about the future in the united states. >> lauren mayk joins us live at philadelphia international airport. this battle has left a lot of people in limbo. >> reporter: erin and keith, a lot of the impact of the president's executive order have been very public like here at the airport, but not all of them. we wanted to know when else has been happening. so we sought out some attorneys who are seeing it firsthand. in the hugs and kisses of the
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asali family, will was relief. a reunion that behind the scenes had a sense of urgency. a court halting the president's executive order created a window, and they weren't the only ones who wanted through. >> once that stay, that temporary restraining issue was issued, the tickets were going crazy. we got them the last six tickets. >> reporter: he's one of the attorneys who worked on the case. >> there's is a lot of fear within the immigration community as to what's happening. if you're outside, you want to come in as swiftly as possible. if you're inside, the message is stay. don't go anywhere. >> reporter: we sat down with him and another immigration attorney ricky paladino to find out what's happening with families you haven't heard about. what have you been seeing? >> what i've been seeing is an increase in calls and actually an increase in individuals just showing up in my office. >> reporter: without an appointment? >> without an appointment. fear is a powerful thing. >> reporter: calls are up three
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de three-fold and not just from the seven countries. >> can i travel even if i'm not from a country that's listed. >> reporter: some want action to be not just a legal resident but a u.s. citizen. >> i'm seeing a big push of inquiries of how do i go through the process, how do i become a citizen. part of that, interestingly enough is based on securing your status. part of it is these are people who want to become new voters who play a part in the political process. >> reporter: something to watch. now, coming up at 6:00, another angle, something you might not have thought about. how this is affecting businesses and workers and the jobs they are willing and not willing to do. live at philadelphia international airport lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is following tonight's court hearing and he'll have the very latest developments on nbc nightly news with lester hold at 6:30.
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new at 5:00, separate attacks. five women were knocked to the ground and their purses stolen in northwest philadelphia. police believe one man may be responsible. most of the victims are older. all of them gave police the same description of the suspect and the car he was driving, a marine sedan. one of the women was kicked until the strap on her purse broke. a 27-year-old woman accused of killing three wilmington firefighters pleaded not guilty to the charges this morning. beatrice ruiz appeared in court today via video from the baylor women's correctional institution. she's charged with starting the deadly fire on lakeview road last september. investigators say she was drunk and angry at her stepmother who told her to move out of her father's home. in the past hour, delaware governor john carney announced an independent review into the deadly standoff at james t. vaughn correctional center. carnie says he wants to find out how it happened and make sure it never happens again.
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you'll remember stunt steven floyd died during the 24-hour standoff. his funeral is scheduled for saturday. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is pushing to create more jobs and increase the minimum wage. he outlined his $32 billion spending plan in harrisburg today. governor wolf is looking to plug a projected $3 billion deficit. his budget does not increase tax rates on sales or income. however, the plan does impose a new $1 billion tax on natural gas production and it includes about $2 billion in spending cuts including transportation aid to schools. governor wolf says it's time for thinks to change. >> our commonwealth has been operating for a long time with a structural deficit. that means harrisburg has been living beyond its means. well, households can't do that and neither can we. >> the governor's also proposing raising pennsylvania's minimum wage from 7.25 to $12 an hour.
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it would create new jobs that would raise new income tax revenue. the top ranking republican says he's encouraged by aspects of the governor's plan but he'd like to see more emphasis on privatizing government functions. a warning for pet owners tonight. the dog food that's under recall and why it could be dangerous. plus, they don't have children themselves but a group of new jersey state troopers will always have a special connection o to this little girl. tonight the officers meet the baby they helped deliver in their own parking lot. plus touching down. tornadoes strike the gulf coast. we're get noog video of the damage left behind.
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we want to get right to a live camera for breaking news in philadelphia. we've learned a man was shot here several time. this intersection is 27th street and montgomery avenue. what you can see there is a corner store. police are on that scene. the man who was shot we've learned is in critical condition. so far there have been no arrests as this camera is trained across the way. it appeared at the sidewalk. when we know more about this crime that happened there, 27th
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and montgomery, we'll make sure to get it back to you. at least three tornadoes are being blamed for heavy damage in louisiana. one of the twisters hit new orleans. this funnel cloud was captured in the town of donaldsonville. the storms ripped roofs off homes, flipped car, split trees, dozens of injuries are reported but they're mainly minor. >> for the people of new orleans, we've had our fair share of tragedies. but the people of new orleans are as tough as they come. >> officials say thousands are still without electricity in that region. repair work continues in north wildwood in the wake of last month's nor'easter. this is what the beaches looked like in the days following the storm. mayor patrick rosinello says crews are bringing in 40,000 cubic yards to build the shoreline back up. the emergency repair work should be completed by the end of the week. >> take a look at flames devouring three row homes in kensington early this morning. it started along jasper street
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near venango around 1:00 a.m. then spread to the homes on either side. we've learned two dogs died but everyone else made it out safely. it's not clear yet what started this fire, but investigators tell us they've ruled out foul play. a pet food company is recalling canned dog food after five dogs became sick and one died. evanger's dog food company say some of the food became contaminated with a euthanasia drug. the hunk of beef product was sold in 15 states including pennsylvania. be sure to head to our website, for more information on this. today in honor of black history month, the free life saving test a nonprofit group invited everyone in fish town to receive a free rapid hiv test today. it's part of national awareness day. the group says it wants to educate everyone about the virus.
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it was weather, umbrella weather, i should say, across our region this morning. look at your tvs here. this is in manayunk. you can see this woman's dog trying to use the building as cover from the rain. after the rain comes, the rainbow or in this case two rainbows, a double rainbow, if you will, erin, was taken by ryan lightner. temperatures have climbed to the 50s in some places but in less than 24 hours notice could be falling in your neighborhood. >> we're looking at a wide range of weather to talk about when it comes to the next 48 hours. here's a look at radar and satellite. the showers that we saw earlier, most moved out. we just saw lingering through the northern edge of our viewing area. even that has moved out. we're clear. some spots are watching those clouds really thin out, the sunshine peeking out as well. pull this out more and you can see there's still more rain to
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be had out to our west and tomorrow we may be able to see spotty showers. but this is not what's going to be bringing us snow. you got to go all the way out to the rockies to sew that system and that moisture will come by here thursday morning. let's track things out. we'll go throughout starting now to thursday. you see the mix of some clouds and clearing. there's 4:00 a.m., spotty, lighter rain moves through. but that's it. wednesday looking like a dry one. i don't put any pause points in because we don't need to pause it. average day with some clouds and peeks of sun. 8:00 a.m. wednesday, big difference to 4:00 a.m. thursday. early morning hour hs of thursday, we start to see the changeover. that's a huge drop in temperatures because we're talking record breaking wednesday and 30s by your thursday morning. it's going to start near parts of the suburbs, lehigh valley and berks county here. some may start as rain before the temperature drops to those 30s, but pretty quickly it's
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going to change over here. you see by 7:30 in the morning, right for the morning rush, the deeper blues, purples, that's the steady to heavy snow that's starting to push across the board where we may again see that rain/snow mix at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. we've got that first alert in effect because of this. it's going to last through the first half of your day. we get to the early afternoon, it starts to pull out and we see lingering light snow as we finish off your thursday. we're talking about right for the morning commute a very messy forecast as those temperatures shift and allow us to start seeing accumulating snow. here are the totals we're forecasting. look at the grid here. purple indicating 4 to 8 inches, lehigh valley through berks county, right out through to the poconos as well as drop into montgomery county, bucks county as well. we shift down farther south. now you see the line change over 2 to 4 inches, the blue,
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delaware county, but 4 to 8 inch range that we're looking at. that continues through philadelphia and into lower bucks county as well. but we are tracking that potential for 2 to 4 inches of snow. so you're in ben salem, right on the cusp of higher values. if you go a little farther along into mercer county, trenton as well, right on the cusp between 2 to 4 and 48 to inches. the rest of new jersey mostly in blue. 2 to 4 inches in burlington county and through over to ocean county as well. tom's river and forked river, all looking at that range. we keep going with this through to parts of salem county, camden county and gloucester county all in the 2 to 4 inch range. the lighter blue you see is mostly melting conditions. because of the rain/snow mix and the very warm ground from the day before shore points don't see as much potential. northern delaware, 2 to 4 inches and farther south, mostly melting through parts of kent and sussex county, georgetown,
5:22 pm
lewis beach and longneck beach areas that were hit hardest with our last snowstorm at the beginning of january. here are the temperatures we're looking at for tomorrow. 65 in fairmount. low 60s for the suburbs and we do see some of the mid-50s for the lehigh valley and berks county. >> looks can be deceiving. how to stay safe on the internet? that's one of the topics that they tackled at the national constitution center. panelists included folks from connect safely, comcast internet essentials lifelock and microsoft. twitter is stepping up its efforts against hateful and abusive tweets. the company will stop people from opening new accounts. twitter says it will make it harder to see tweets with sensitive content. 52 companies are hiring people with tech talent right now. there's a job fair going on until 8:00 tonight at the
5:23 pm
philmore in fishtown. it pairs potential employees with the people in charge of hiring. resume reviewers on hand to make candidates loo[uiy
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a live look at citizens bank park. look at this, exactly two months from today baseball returns to south philly. >> the team's home opener is on april 7th right here on nbc 10. in fact, nkt nbt is proud to bring you 12 games this season and on the day of the opener, we'll get you set with our annual pregame show, welcome home phillies. that's when we'll profile the team's newest broadcaster, team wall of famer from the 1993 phillies john kruk. he'll call approximately 90 games this season. at a press conference today he explained, like only he can, why he's taken this role. >> my wife said i'm too young to retire. i called bs on that, but she didn't believe me, but what else am i going to do? i got to do something. my god, if i sit around and eat all day, woo, not a pretty
5:27 pm
sight. >> kruk's first day on the job will be february 25th. that will be a spring training game. the phils have their gear boxed and ready for their trip to clearwater, florida. 2400 baseballs and 1200 bats will get put on a truck tomorrow to make the trip. the first full day for pitchers and catchers is one week from today. >> we're talking about sports, also tonight we have new clues in the case of kobe's stolen memorabilia. >> plus a new secretary of education. how her stance on school choice could affect your child's education. that's coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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it was a rainy start to the day. nbc 10 at haddonfield in camden county as people dodged the wet weather. despite the rain temperatures continue to rise. it's much warmer than normal. maybe a sign of things to come. the rising temperature trend will continue through tomorrow, then a big change arrives. >> yeah, that means much colder weather and, believe it or not, snow, meteorologist krystal klei is here with all the details on this changing forecast. >> we've issued a first alert for that thursday morning snow for everywhere except the jersey shore and southern delaware along the delaware beaches because we're all looking for accumulating snow. as we move forward, that will be 4:00 a.m. through noon on
5:31 pm
thursday that we have this out. the first alert covering accumulating and at times heavy snow. as a result, slick roads and at times poor visibility. by that i mean the heavy snow that does fall. we're getting a little bit of everything. we get near record breaking, then the snow potential both hits within 48 hours. here's the hour by hour forecast starting your thursday early morning. we've got some of the lighter snow trying to develop and may be melting and turning to rain as it hits the ground, but things will turn to snow. especially as you see the deeper blue. it will start to spread to the shore as we get into those later morning hours, then we do continue 9:30 through to about 1:00 in the afternoon with that snow chance before it starts to move off. here's what we're looking at for start times on your thursday. midnight precipitation starts to move in. it will most likely start as rain at the surface. 2:00 a.m. that will turn to snow but by 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. right
5:32 pm
in philadelphia during the morning rush we see it turn over to snow. which makes it difficult for the roadways and on top of that it stretches down south from 7:00 to 9:00 finishing the morning commute. we'll talk about temperatures over the next 48 hours especially with this system coming up. at 5:00, new leadership at america's schools. at any moment vice president mike pence will swear in betsy devos as secretary of education. earlier pence was forced to break the tie. the senate was split 50-50 with two republicans voting against her. >> devos was one of the most controversial picks in president trump's cabinet. tim furlong shows us how her confirmation is raising questions about school choice and the future of public education. the head of the charter school in clayton says he supports betsy devos if she will give
5:33 pm
parents more choices. >> but the traditional schools have to step up to the plate and understand that just because a kid lives in your district does not mean that they have to go there. they have to entice the kid. >> reporter: he says no school is perfect for every kid but parents should get to choose where their kids and the tax dollars that follow them go to learn. >> i will not, i cannot vote to confirm her. >> reporter: even a pair of republican senators did not vote for devos and the head of delaware's teachers union told me on the phone even some of her members are worried, not that she'll cost traditional school teachers their jobs but that she simply isn't qualified for her new position. >> you never attended a public school, did you? >> correct. >> reporter: the head of the charter schools network says she supports choices for parents. charter schools and traditional schools can continue to ko exist and, in fact, make each other better. >> i don't believe that every school needs to be a charter school.
5:34 pm
every school needs to be an excellent school. >> the federation of teachers called devos' confirmation, quote, disappointing. jerry jordan said, betsy devos has no experience with and stunningly little knowledge of the issues and challenges that face our public schools. worse, she is a pro privatization activist who has spent millions of dollars to undermine public education. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county. in lehigh county, a teacher's accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students. heather montero teaches at emmaus high school. they found her text messages with a female student. she's suspended from her job. in montgomery county new photos of the two men suspected of stealing kobe bryant memorabilia from lower merion high school. the one in the two pictures on the right is wearing a brooklyn
5:35 pm
nets pom hat and gray michael jordan sweat pants. police say the pair broke into the kobe bryant gym at lower merion high school sunday night. they took several items from a trophy case including kobe's framed replica jersey, autographed sneakers and the school's 1996 state championship trophy. in camden county, a field trip of sorts for school district officials today. the superintendent and others went door to door in camden to remind families that enrollment applications are being accepted. parents could apply to eight districts, charter or other schools in one application. >> we're right in the middle of things. we just got over a thousand applications in already, which is almost 20% higher than where we were at this point last year. we're seeing real progress for the system. >> last year 3600 students found a new school thanks to ten rolement program. the application window runs through the end of march.
5:36 pm
in atlantic county it could soon cost you more to ride the boards in atlantic city. they're expected to vote tomorrow whether to increase fares for boardwalk trams. the proposal calls for a $1.75 hike on a one-way trip and all day pass would cost $2.50 more. a plan would also allow tram cars to carry advertisements. joe biden is pulling double duty at two local universities. today biden was named the benjamin franklin presidential practice professor at the university of pennsylvania. he'll lead the penn biden center for global engagement. it will focus on foreign policy and national security. biden will also have an office on penn's campus. biden is also teaming up with the university of delaware. he'll serve as the founding chair of the university's biden institute. everything from economic reform to criminal justice.
5:37 pm
what does george washington have to do with a snowball fight? next at 5:00 the story behind a new display at the museum of the american revolution. plus when it's 50 degrees in february, skiing may not be the first thing that pops into your mind. you can also find a great deal. how ski resorts are looking to entice more to the slopes.
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the american revolution museum is coming to life here in philadelphia. >> today we got to see some of the pieces come together. take a look. this week 15 figures will be installed to re-create particular moments during the war. they are incredibly realistic. today crews installed several scenes from the revolution including one where george washington breaks up a snowball fight in harvard yard. >> as you go through the core exhibit of the museum you'll follow the course of the revolution from its causes to its conclusion, so you really understand how this war unfolded. >> the museum at the corner of third and chestnut opens april 19th. visitors at the franklin institute witnessed the transformation of a cirque du soleil performer. lydia harper morphed herself into an avatar character. she's part of the new production, the first flight. it comes to the wells fargo center on march 8th.
5:41 pm
college basketball fans will pack the palestra tonight to celebrate 90 years of the storied philadelphia arena. >> an amazing place to watch a game. penn hosts at the pa rest ra. it first opened in 1927. not much changes. $19.27 in honor of 1927, the building opened that year. but students will pay 55 cents. >> wow. >> because that's how much a ticket costs for the first game played at the arena. that's changed big-time. my goodness. >> what a bargain. >> it's february 7th and we're seeing temperatures in the 60s in some parts of the area. >> let's take a look at the schuylkill river boardwalk. normally you might want to avoid a walk by the river at this time of the year. but temperatures are still climbing tonight. you see people out there right now, they won't be tomorrow.
5:42 pm
krystal klei will have more on the snow coming your way and how much could fall in your neighborhood forecast. that's next at 5:00. closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by the ford escape. life is a sport. we are the utility. be unstoppable.
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delaware beaches are getting more popular. today at the dewpoint brewery in new castle county, officials released new data showing tourism in delaware is way up. tourism in first state is now a 3.1 billion dollar industry responsible for 42,000 jobs. the governor says it's up to the people to spread the word about all delaware has to offer. >> and so a big part of our marketing has to be us. we got to talk up our state. delaware's a great place, not just to live and work, but it's
5:45 pm
a great place to visit. >> officials say the beaches get a lot of the attention, but they say tourism is also up at state parks and other natural attractions. delaware wants to be more bicycle friendly. to do that del-dot wants to talk to people who ride and those who don't. the state wants the public's input on its plan and wants suggestions about preferences and priorities. public workshops are taking place all month long in new castle, kent and new sussex counties. a live look at camelback ski resort. the conditions for skiing are great you up in the mountains. >> but the rest of the region doesn't really feel like winter. how the ski resorts are coming up with new ways to push people to the slopes. >> reporter: after a very rainy morning, we now have a foggy evening here at bear creek. the problem they're facing here isn't the snow. we've got plenty of snow. i just did a couple trips down the mountain. it's good skiing. the problem they're facing is convincing people from philadelphia and beyond to make
5:46 pm
the trek north to the lehigh valley and the poconos. especially when everything feels so much like spring. >> keep hoping for six more weeks wof winter because i like the ride. >> reporter: for the die hards this winter has been touch and go. >> we get three days of winter, then three days of spring. >> reporter: but when billy hefrin and his friends take the chair lift all the way to the top -- >> you forget about everything when you're riding down. >> reporter: almost every trail here is open. it looks like winter on the slopes but further south it feels more like the start of spring. marking the third winter in a row that ski resorts in the poconos and lehigh valley are battling a stubborn mother nature. >> we've been maintaining our conditions pretty well. >> reporter: at blue mountain snow machines cover the trails, but they'd love a big natural snowfall. good marketing to remind people that winter is still on and this week they may be in luck. >> if you love winter and you are down in philly where it's a
5:47 pm
little less winter-like, come up here. we've got winter here. we're hoarding it in the poconos. >> reporter: thursday's approaching snowstorm might help bring out the crowds. >> this winter has been kind of dismal for skiing. >> reporter: caroline mccoy hopes for a big one though she notes the trend lines are becoming clear. >> last year was the hottest year on record across the world. it's got to be rough if you're in the ski business. >> reporter: i'm told that all of this fog does pose a problem. it kind of disappears, a lot of the snow that's already on the ground. meantime they're hoping for a big snowstorm this coming thursday that could mean a big weekend here on the slopes. at bear creek, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. definitely what the ski resorts are going to love, the forecast. >> snow will move in over the next 48 hours. let's get the timing and the total for your neighborhood. here's meteorologist krystal kl klei. >> you hear 50s and 60s, you do not think snow.
5:48 pm
this morning it was just rain that we saw. that has since moved off. we're dry. we pull this out a little bit, there are still showers starting to eblg into western parts of pennsylvania early tomorrow we may see spotty rain showers. but we've got more important stuff to talk about, like temperatures here in your new jersey neighborhoods. clayton at 58 and 54 in pittman. 54 in medford. average this time of year because it is winter, you might have forgot, we're looking at low 40s. not low to upper 50s like we've got on the board. pemberton, mid-30s in florence as well. but these numbers will cap or even climb a little bit overnight so that tomorrow we can make it to the 60s. here's our planner for tomorrow. look how warm we start the morning. 57 degrees the at 7:00 a.m.
5:49 pm
59 degrees at noon. and we should make it to the 50s in the afternoon for philadelphia. upper 50s to low 60s as well, midtemperatures in the lehigh valley morning and afternoon, later in the day still at 40 degrees. 57 new jersey already in the 60s in the afternoon. that's the same for the jersey shore. but then we drop off. as we go late day wednesday near thursday morning we get cold. we're talking 30s. some of us a 30-degree difference from what we'll see tomorrow. here's the storm impact scale. as those temperatures drop, the system moves in. for the lehigh valley, berks county and the pennsylvania suburbs, a high impact event. why? because the snow starts at 2:00 in the morning and heavy snow starts to fall for the morning rush. the highways not in the best situation. accumulation of 4 to 8 inches for lehigh valley, berks county and the suburbs. snow starts to taper right
5:50 pm
around noon. the whole region will be affected by this system. philadelphia, northern delaware and south jersey moderate impact for our forecast here. the snow started a little later but it's rt right for your morning rush. rain will turn to snow. looking at accumulations 2 to 4 inches. heavy snow still possible and likely at least for periods of time. that will end right around noon to 1:00 in the afternoon as it starts to move farther along to the east and off shore. this is the only spots that are not under a first alert. more of a low impact for you guys. snow will change from rain to snow. more of a slushy mix, maybe a light coating on grassy spots but roadways should just be slick. the snow will mostly bhelting and end altogether 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon on your thursday. we're talking record temps for wednesday and snow on thursday. here's a look at the ten-day on 10. that should set a record for heat for the day tomorrow.
5:51 pm
then thursday only a high of 38. we also get very windy as we go through the rest of your thursday which means it will feel colder than it really is. only a high of 31. but 50s for next week and 47 the temperature and sunny on valentine's day. also tonight born at the barracks. >> we are there as mom and baby reunite with the officers who helped make this a special delivery. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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welcome back. lester holt joins us. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nightly news". >> our team is on the ground in new orleans tonight covering the impact from damaging tornadoes and fast moving storm system still on the march. al roker will have an update. we'll get the latest on the urgent hunt for a killer after a string of murders terrorize the gulf coast. late breaking developments for you. and the flu hitting children especially hard this year. we've got some important news for parents when we see you coming up for nbc "nightly news." >> definitely want to catch that. thanks a lot, lester. we'll see you then. now on to this. some special moments for a group of new jersey state troopers. we told you last month about the surprise birth in their station parking lot. >> tonight they actually got to hold the baby girl again under much calmer circumstances, of
5:55 pm
course. ted greenberg has the story. >> you want to held her? >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: a reunion brimming with gratitude. >> i'm not sure what i'm doing here. >> reporter: at the same place where little ka'naih williams made her debut. >> i'm really thankful. >> reporter: this afternoon mom deshyamma dayton came back to the port norris barracks to personally thank the troopers who helped deliver ka'naih a few weeks ago in her grandmom's van. the birth happened seconds after they pulled into the parking lot. >> she's a happy, quiet baby. >> i'm just happy that we're able to have a successful ending and this was just i guess icing on the cake. >> reporter: ka'naih has a fitting nickname because of all this. she's not just princess. she's princess troop.
5:56 pm
>> people talk about the difficult things that state troopers go through, all the negative. but people need to know the positive. >> reporter: she went home with gifts from the troopers. >> now you see, you got to give them something. >> reporter: and her mom says they will be back next week with presents for ka'naih's group of valentines. >> they're going to forever have a connection to that baby. that's so cute. >> that is so sweet. love that. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. coming up, the fight to revive president trump's immigration order goes to court. >> a hearing will start right at 6:00. we're live with what's at stake. a tavern in the strawberry mansion neighborhood is getting inspiration from people around the country. we'll explain why. i'm tracking what could be the biggest snowstorm of this winter. when it will arrive and how much will accumulate in any neighborhood forecast t most
5:57 pm
accurate in philadelphia.
5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, here comes the snow. the first alert radar is tracking possibly the biggest snowstorm of the season set to hit your neighborhood. split second save. a child pushed by a stranger in front of an oncoming train. the officers who saved her life tell their story only to nbc 10. immigration fight, a hearing starting could keep the president from doing what he
5:59 pm
wants to keep foreigners out. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, immigration face-off. a court hearing starting at this moment over the fate of president trump's immigration order. it barred travelers from seven muslim majority nations sparking nationwide protests. for now that order is on hold. and there's a rush of immigrants from those countries trying to get into the u.s. before it's too late. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. president trump thinks his immigration fight could reach the supreme court, but he hopes it doesn't have to. right now a supreme court panel is deciding whether to reinstate his measure. that hearing is starting at 6:00. today trump expressed frustration he's dealing with this legal battle. >> i actually can't believe we're having to fight to protect
6:00 pm
security in a court system to protect the security of our nation. >> nbc 10 has learned people have been rushing to get into the u.s. while the president's order has been on hold. nbc 10's lauren mayk joining us live at philadelphia international airport. some immigrants trying to get into the country while some businesses hesitant to send workers out. >> yeah, jim, we're delving into what all of this means and finding the impact is quite wide ranging from families to businesses, some big tech companies even getting involved because they think they'll be hurt by the president's executive order. but here in our area it is all keeping some people i talked to today very busy. in airport terminals and in families it's been a period of uncertainty mixed with fear. >> it's very scary not knowing what's going to happen. >> reporter: for some, there have been re


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