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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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henley. we'll see snow in much of the neighborhoods, many of the neighborhoods. and rain further to south. mix for our area. that's tomorrow. that's why we issued a first alert for entire area, except the jersey shore and southern delaware. that's where you're going to see warmer air and mainly rain out of this one. snow heavy at times. leading to slick roads and poor visibility. that's tomorrow. this morning, fog in the allentown area. pottstown, light fog in quakertown. not a problem for philadelphia, northeast philadelphia or new jersey. 59 in philadelphia. 40s for the suburbs in new jersey. there you can see the fog and lehigh valley 37 degrees, but the fog will disappear.
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look at the warmup between now and 9:00 this morning. up to 47 degrees and into the 50s this afternoon. 59 degrees for philadelphia. sunshine and temperatures will take off into the low 50s for king of prussia by noontime and topping out in 60s by the afternoon. forecast calling for unusually warm temperatures today. record breaker for philadelphia. 55 in lehigh valley and for new jersey, inland, and the shore into the low 60s. i'll break down the forecast hour by hour and show you when you can expect to see the first snow falling in the area when i come back in ten minutes, but first, jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. >> thanks, watching the schuylkill expressway this morning. disabled vehicle on the westbound side. cameras around south street. this is the ramp. this is the westbound schuylkill here. all lanes moving by. you can see police activity there. little slow coming on and merging on to the highway there. also watching just a little bit of a slowdown with cars moving by the scene. also, checking in with new
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jersey roads. this is route 73. just around the atlantic city expressway. no problems or delays there. 42 freeway looks just as good. so far headed northbound from 55. maybe up to philadelphia. walt whitman bridge. new from overnight, fire broke out in the back of a home. flames started just before 2:00 a.m. on roxborough avenue. rocks bxboroug roxborough. a vote today that could cement another controversial cabinet pick. full senate votes tonight on jeff sessions' nomination for u.s. attorney general and debate on floor turned contentious overnight. things took a turn when massachusetts senator elizabeth warren gave her speech opposing sessions nomination. she was interrupted, silenced and barred from speaking on sessions all together.
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take a look at the debate on whether toll approve sessions as attorney general continues right now. sessions was up for federal judge zship denied him. sessions maintains he is not a racist. senator warren addressed those claims last night. reading a letter that loretta scott king had written. in it accused sessions of intimidating black voters. during the reading of that letter that senator majority mitch mcconnell stopped her and told her she's in violation of rule 19. new jersey senator cory booker spoke out about sessions and allegations of voter fraud.
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>> we listened to what the priorities are of senator sessions. to investigate the fiction created, documented that somehow millions of americans woke up in the morning and said, hey, you know what i'm going to try to do. i'm going to try and go down to a polling place and fake my way into voting. questioning records on civil rights, women, health care and immigration. debate playing out now without any further remarks from senator warren. digital operations center, pamela osborne, nbc 10. after a long and bitter confirmation battle, betsy devos was sworn in as secretary of education. vice president mike pence casting the tie breaking vote. first time in history a vice president's vote was needed to get a cabinet approved.
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reaction from the philadelphia education committee is loud and mostly negative. called devas's confirmation disappointing. in a statement, said in part, betsy devos has no experience with and stunningly little knowledge of issues that face public schools. lieutenant steven floyd died during 20 hour standoff and hostage siege. his funeral is can she thisched saturday. bliems state officials for ignoring chronic staffing shortages. woman charged with killing three wilmington firefighters says she's not guilty.
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27-year-old appear instead court yesterday via close ed circuit and pleaded not guilty. she's charged with starting a deadly fire last september. investigators say she was drunk and angry at stepmother. three wilmington firefighters died battling that fire. this morning, new evidence to show you as police search for whoever stole kobe bryant memorabilia from lower marion high school. take a look at pictures here. kind of hard to make out anything specific about the person on the left. the guy in the two pictures on the right is wearing a brooklyn nets pom pom hat. they took framed jersey, sneakers and school's 1996 state championship troy ifpheytrophy.
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on patrol last month when a woman push add five-year-old girl in front of a train. officers cameron long and david edwardson saw the whole thing. jumped into action. spoke exclusively to nbc 10. >> hands were up in the air, telling the train to stop. once we heard it come to a screeching halt. made sure the little girl was safely back up by her mother's fiance. >> could have been a lot worse. and thank god everyone was where they were. >> police arrested her. she's charged with attempted murder. it is 6:07. give you a live look right now at pens landing. >> going to look much different 24 hours from now. warm winds have boosted temperatures for much of the area into the 60s. clouds breaking. get sunshine. 65 degrees. break the record of 63 for
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philadelphia. clouds move in tonight. those are the clouds that are going to bring us snow tomorrow morning. so cold air will also be moving in. right now, 59 in south jersey and philadelphia. delaware just dropped to 59 degrees. there are some chillier neighbors. 41 degrees right now. not everyone seeing cooler temperatures. further to the south, warm. west bradford township. head to the north. look at gilbertsville. 38 in bedminster. warm air pushing into the area and has created fog in these neighborhoods. the fog will disappear and clouds quickly moving out too. get sunshine and everybody is going to see a quick warmup today. last few showers already thinning out. the snow moving into the midwest, that's snow maker for tomorrow morning. for today, sunshine, 59 degrees. 61 at 1:00. clouds building in philadelphia late in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine for the suburbs until late afternoon
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when the clouds start arriving in the lehigh valley. warm into the low 50s at 9:00. 53 at 1 chok:00 this afternoon. does start to cool down late this afternoon. beginning of change that's needed for snow to happen tomorrow. new jersey, up to 60. that's at 1:00 this afternoon. sunshine continues into the late afternoon hours. and you'll see sunny skies at the jersey shore as well. low 60s at 1:00 and falling back a bit late this afternoon. then the clouds, they move in overnight and first thing tomorrow morning, that's 2 in the morning. very light snow just moving into the lehigh valley. we're going to start off dry and warm above freezing. at 2 in the morning. morning progresses, the atmosphere will be cooling. lead to accumulation. philadelphia, 34 degrees. by the time the commute is in full swing, that's when we'll get heavier snowfall tomorrow. talk totals when i'm back in ten
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minutes. meanwhile, let's talk traffic. >> let's get an update on the schuylkill. good thing i can talk about all those things right now. schuylkill, right around south street. on-ramp right here. accident or disabled vehicle. only one vehicle involved. coming off a ramp, may have been slippery conditions involved in this right here. police activity there on the scene. no big backups, but it looks like a lot of the traffic seems to merge over just naturally and go slow by the scene. westbound schuylkill moving by south street seeing a little bit of a slowdown. also watching the delaware river bridge. still closed for structural repairs. remember that connects the new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike and still closed until further notice. checking in with mass transit. market frankford line running on modified schedule because of equipment shortage because of cracks found in trains. still in operation between 69th and frankford transportation center. making all the stops. shuttle buses provided for extra
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passengers. >> thank you, jessica. summer is months away. now is the time to start getting into summer shape. >> next the workout that can save you time and beauty trends that will save you money. plus not backing down. philadelphia business owner fights back when robbers pull a gun on him. 11 minutes past six. rising from the rubble. roller coaster to replace this iconic ride ruined by hurricane sandy.
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614 full-time. first alert radar tracking winter storm for tomorrow morning. impact depending where you are ranges from rain to several inches of snow. nbc 10 will be on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. keep you informed of everything that's happening in the meantime. bill henley back in just a few minutes with the timing and totals for your neighborhood.
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let's think warmer thoughts. shall we? >> nbc 10 helping you prepare for summer. today all about getting in bathing chute shape. >> nbc 10 katy zachry found ways to do it. >> it's easy to think of summerer with warmer temperatures. if you're getting up right now and maybe headed to the gym. good news, you're already on your way to summer body. fitness expert dory says it's key to form the habit now so you'll be in shape come summertime. think about using your own body weight in place of a machine. to save you time, height workouts are big. that stands for high intensity interval training. it's where you go hard for a short amount of time. she says it's all about moving and keeping active. outside. biking, trail walking, valley forge park. so many other forms and other
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ways to get kpersz other than just the gym. >> all right , sir. so tapping the biggest beauty trends for summer. eyelash extension tes. save time and money. eliminate the need for mascara. foe freckles is also trending. spray tans so hot there's now a market for mobile spray tans where technicians come right to you. either at work or home to save you time. if you heard me laughing during that report, that would be because my colleagues are right next to me being active. taking some of these tips to heart. >> yes, i love it. >> we do this during the break. >> you watch on us facebook live. you know we do this. >> give us an excuse to do it on tv. >> this is not a charade. you're pretty active at this time. >> we really do. katie, thanks. >> lett talk to jessica. 16 minutes past six. sometimes jessica jumps in and does it.
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>> that's not true at all. >> jessica always in good shape. ready for the summer always. >> i'll do lunges after my nap. i don't do that at 7:00 in the morning. you guys are nuts. >> at the gym watching us get workout now. right around south street. no major problems or delays because of accident or disabled vehicle here. only one vehicle involved. police activity here. westbound on the schuylkill is approaching the scene here. all lanes still open. definitely see a slow down by the scene there. other than it's good. also watching blue route. drive times look great. 15 minutes in the green. northbound. average speeds also into the 60s. watching this is haddon heights route 30. white horse pike right up here. you can see everything looks great in both directions as well. we'll end with mass transit. market frank ford line running on modified schedule still. equipment shortage still in full operation making all the stops.
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they will provide shuttle buses for extra passengers during the peak hours as well. more updates on the roads when i come back in ten. >> now let's talk to first alert meteorologist bill henley most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. the wind is blowing this morning. temperatureses are way above freezing, but that changes in a big way for tomorrow. poconos could see a foot at the higher elevations. right now, 60 in northeast philadelphia. dover is 60. just cooled to 59 in wilmington. still chillier neighbors north and west. find fog this morning. poconos 46 degrees. starting point. we will see a warmup. clouds are moving out. be in the 60s this afternoon, but it does not last. cold air will sweep in and that happens this evening and overnight tonight. that's the snow maker for tomorrow morning. i am expecting accumulating snow. here's the snow potential. this computer model shows 5:30 in the morning. see an inch or two in the lehigh
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valley and into potstown and berks county. westchester could see two inches of snow on the ground on the grass at that hour. ground is going to be slow to cool off. get warm during the day today. eventually it does cool off and we will see accumulation on the roads. highest totals will come on the grass. 7:30 tomorrow morning. five inches possible in pottstown. four inches in westchester. three inches and climbing in wilmington and philadelphia. fast moving storm system so going to clear out in the afternoon tomorrow. 65 degrees today. 38 degrees the high temperature tomorrow. snow in the morning out in the afternoon. anything still on the ground come thursday night and into friday morning. frozen solid. be in the teens friday morning. cold one. just 31 in the afternoon with sunshine. milder this weekend. near 50 saturday and sunday. could see rain showers on sunday. then the clouds break on monday. mild start to the workweek, but then it turns colder at the end
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of next week and come thursday, changes of more snow moving through the area. 38 thursdays afternoon. so today enjoy it while it lasts. we will be looking at snowfalling and accumulating at this hour form. >> where is that shovel. >> i heard you talking about the. stay up-to-date on the storm's track. find out what it means if you are your neighborhood. also realtime alerts when the school is moving in along with school closings and delays. meantime, parts of the south are recovering from punishing storms there this morning. still ahead t damage left behind. >> at 20 minutes past six, fizzing out. hoe coca-cola's move will exact
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dozens of families in our area. what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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seaside heights marks as new beginning. name of new roller coaster. hydrus. the mangled frame became one of the most unforgettable imagines from the storm. cleanup continues in southeast louisiana after tornados caused devastation. worst damage in the ninth ward. same area heavily flooded by hurricane katrina in 2005. and severe storms also slammed central mississippi. possible tornado tore through that area yesterday afternoon. the powerful winds destoried a flea market that stood since the early 80s. and happening today, a federal judge in philadelphia will live stream a hearing in the nfl concussion case so
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retired players can listen in. hearing involves estimated $1 billion settlements of thousands of lawsuits which accused the league of hiding what it knew about the risk of repeated concussions. tracking snow. it's moving into the midwest. that's our snow maker for tomorrow, but today, spring like temperatures. right now, the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. neighborhood forecast just ahead. plus reunited. south jersey mom thanks heros after turning parking lot into a delivery room. and then later, fighting the flu. the steps you can take to protect your family as the virus picks up steam.
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winter weather warning. tracking storm could bring us heaviest snow of the season so
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far. firing back. takes a shot at a team of robbers wanted for a string of holdups. whoa baby. takes on the roll of doctor when a new bomb's bundle of joy decides it's go time. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get right to meengt bill henley. he has the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. talking about snow for tomorrow. yes. snow will be falling at this time tomorrow. issued first alert for the entire area. that snow that will be accumulating coming down heavy at times through the morning commute. slick roads and poor visibility. there it is. that's a snowstorm. doesn't look like much. really going to fire up as it moves into our area. also going to come in with cold air. this morning, a surge of warm
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air. look at winds pushing warm air into the area. that can lead to fog. look what we have in the lehigh valley. live view from easton. fogky conditions. 59 degrees right now. upper 50s at 8:00. warmup to 60s degrees. still climbing and expecting record high temperature of 65 degrees for philadelphia. into the 60s for new jersey inland and at the shore. watching 95 this morning. bill, it's doing okay. right around cottman avenue right here.
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see bright lights up ahead. it is getting slower. this is typical though. 23 minutes average speeds into the 30s there. also a few accidents just popping up into our system. pottstown watch for unon hanover street. easton road. end in maple shade new jersey. route 73 around fox meadow drive. no big problems in both directions. roads a are a little dampb out there. philadelphia business owner accredited with helping police catch one of three robbers in an ongoing crime spree. see the hold upcaught on camera. how the owner fought back. matt, tell us more. >> reporter: he took his matters into his own hands. >> reporter: take a look at the surveillance video from the one we've been talking about here. the incident on january 29 at a
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restaurant on the 6200 block of spruce street. two men went into the store, pointed a gun at the owner and demanded money. as the robbers were running away, owner grabbed his own gun and shot at them hitting one suspect and that suspect was later arrested when he showed up at the hospital for treatment. here's the owner of that restaurant talking about what happened. >> other one a little bit slow. he got shot. i fired for them. >> we do not feel too safe because -- so i think there has to be more police around. we have to feel more secure. >> that was an employee of another robbery that happened at another store. five corner or restaurant stores were robbed in recent months and police say just two days after the restaurant robbery that happened on spruce street, masked men pulled the same crime at vine street deli. and every case one or two men demanded money from the register. surveillance video and patterns
6:33 am
allowed police to connect the dots. none of the store employees were hurt these five robberies. police still looking for two men in question here and they are also looking for the get away car they believe is a 2000-2005 dark colored monte carlo. live southwest detectives. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:33. 59 degrees. look at news headlines. all involving controversial decisions by president trump. >> first senate democrats continue all-nighter on the senate floor. here's a live look. the senate is expected to vote sometime today on that confirmation. >> new education secretary, betsy devos will address her staff for the first time this afternoon. devos begins her new post after a contentious confirmation fight decided by the narrowist of margins. vice president pence had to take
6:34 am
the historic step of casting a tie breaking vote in order to give her the job. >> three federal appeals court judges are expected to rule later this week on president trump's ban on travel to the u.s. from seven muslim majority countries. the judges heard arguments last night by phone whichever way the judges rule, either side could appeal it to supreme court. pennsylvania governor tom wolf's new $32 billion budget plan does not increase taxes on sales or income. it does add a add a new $1 billion tax on gas production. includes $2 billion in spending cuts. governor wants to include the state's minimum wage. also boosting funding to pennsylvania's public schools. >> 6:34. 59 disagrees outside. delaware celebrating a milestone. governor announced record 8.5 million tourists visited the state in 2015. tourism is now a multibillion dollar industry responsible for 42,000 jobs. governor says it's up to the people to spread the word about
6:35 am
all delaware has to offer. now let's take you start by state and county by county. look at stories across our area. today atlantic city council members could vote on fare hikes for board walk trams. also consider allowing tram cars to carry advertisements. in the lehigh valley years of bottles coca-cola in bethlehem. stop making soda there. restructuring north american operations. plant will still distribute soda. company spokesperson says the impact on 124 people who work at the plant will be minimal. >> in chester county today, pen dot activate soern pennsylvania first flashing yellow arrow traffic signal located on route 52 and west creek road. it's a new type of left turn signal that helps drivers make suffer turns.
6:36 am
>> delaware county will open a new 52 bed detox unit to help people recover from drug addictions and overdoses. officials have a ribbon cutting for the first step treatment center at crozer-chester medical center. in camden county, new option for parents with young children. board of education had approved a preschool for three and four-year-olds. weekday morning and afternoon sessions. tuition is $200 a month and starts september. new mom in alem county reunited with a teen who helped deliver her baby in the back of a minivan. at the police barracks for the reunion yesterday. on her way to the hospital last month. she knew she wouldn't make it. that's when three new jersey state troopers stepped in and helped deliver the baby in the back of the van. >> for them, i don't even if know that she would be here. i'm thankful. really thankful. >> we're able to have a
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successful ending. this was just icing on the cake. >> troopers brought gifts for the baby and mom says she'll have valentine's gifts for the troopers next week. >> very, very nice. and let's check in with meteorologist bill henley who has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. looking at snowstorm tomorrow. >> yes, tomorrow. today we're seeing the clouds move out and we're getting a warm start in philadelphia. warm air that's surging into the area. this time of year can lead to fog. we're definitely seeing that in cooler neighborhoods. pottstown, allentown, quarter mile visibility. dense fog for both of those areas. not a problem for trenton and northeast philadelphia. warm air is trying to push in. 41 degrees in the suburbs. lehigh valley at 37 degrees. look at the rest of the area. just shy of 60 in philadelphia. delaware and south jersey. there are neighborhoods that are in the 60s right now. all at 60 degrees.
6:38 am
cooler air. see the warm air stops. princeton, hope well township in the 30s. everybody is going to see a quick warmup today. mild morning at the bus stop. no problem with dry conditions. just a few clouds in allentown. 42 degrees. 50s for quakertown. 56 inwom wilmington. middle 50s for philadelphia. starting point. in the 60s this afternoon. good deal of sunshine. clouds are moving out. these are the clouds that brought showers overnight. now dry for the rest of the day. there's the snow maker for tomorrow morning. before that i arrives temperatures turning colder. philadelphia warm into if 60s. get a lot of sunshine, but clouds start to move in late in the day. that's when the temperatures start to cool. a shift in the wind will allow temperatures to drop late in the afternoon in the suburbs and in the lehigh valley, but notice the fog is gone at 9:00 this morning and you'll see sunshine in the lehigh valley. plenty of sunshine for delaware. 60s this afternoon.
6:39 am
56 degrees at 5:00. beginning of the cool down that's going to lead to snow for delaware, new jersey, and even at the shore as well. parts of the shore. not everybody is going to see that snowfall and southern new jersey. here's how it goes. 11:00 tonight above freezing and see the clouds moving in from the west. no snow at that hour, but first thing in the morning, 2:00 see very light snowfall starting to move into the lehigh valley. berks county and lancaster. then at 5:00 in the morning, a little bit of rain and snow in philadelphia. temperatures in the 30s. that's the beginning of the snow that's going to be with us through the morning tomorrow, but it's not going to last long. going to hurry to get out of here. see sunshine believe it or not tomorrow afternoon. go through it neighborhood by neighborhood to show you how much snow to expect with the storm sweeping through when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then. about 27 minutes before 7:00 a.m. let's get you updated on your
6:40 am
ride to work. we are watching a little bit more of the rush hour traffic. approaching the 7:00 mark. route 422 around trooper road. trooper roads looks okay. see a little bit of that backup on the eastbound side. 13 minutes we're into the yellow. typically a 7 minute trip or so. doubling travel time here. eastbound from route 29 to schuylkill speeds in the 40s. pottstown crash on han november street. another one in upper motherland on easton road. head to 295 in trenton some delays there. add a couple of minutes on the compute if you're moving northbound on the 42 freeway. i'll be back in ten minutes with more updates and delays. a woman's work may have an impact on her ability to have children. >> up next, new link between schedules and fertility. also, flu fears. virus is hitting our area
6:41 am
especially hard. show you which counties are reporting the most cases. and nbc 10 responds is working for you. a family's move to a new house left them with some unwanted baggage when an old bill followed them. watch harry hairston find answers up next. royal caribbean's wow sale is back. get sixty percent off your second guest and up to two hundred dollars to spend at sea. but hurry: this limited-time offer ends saturday. come seek the royal caribbean. book your caribbean adventure now.
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♪ don't worry. they're for your ears. ha ha. rated r. tracking storm for tomorrow morning. impact ranges from all rain to several inches of snow depending where you live. nbc 10 on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow to keep you informed. in the meantime, bill henley is back in a few minutes with more on the expected timing and totals. new this morning, facebook sending a message to corporate america. the social media site is
6:45 am
extending bereavement policy for employees by giving them up to 20 paid days off for death in family. employees will also get paid leave to take care of sick family members. facebook coo stressed the need for similar public policies. >> women who work the night shift or have physically demanding jobs could be less fertile. that's according to new study by harvard researchers. who lifted heavy objects on the job. hitting our region hard. experts say children are especially vulnerable. pennsylvania and new jersey in the red zone. meaning widespread flu activity there. delaware reporting relatively low number of cases. here's a breakdown of cases in pennsylvania. berks, lehigh, report higher number of flu cases than philadelphia five county area.
6:46 am
at higher risk are adults over 60 and preexisting medical conditions. not too late to get the flu vaccine for protection the rest of the season. now to nbc responds a couple all they wanted was to get reimbursed for a service they cancelled. >> all they got was broken promises. reached out though harry hairston and nbc responds. >> all set to start their new life in a brand new home. >> okay. >> there's one thing tieing them to their old house. trash bill. >> i paid for the full quarter. used them for two months. just wanted my credit.
6:47 am
>> fisher says the company trash tech promised to reimburse him within a few days of cancelling service. a month later, no check. call them, no record of it. >> fisher says a week later he called again. oh, no we don't have any of your information again. so take my information. check will go out. weeks after that no check. he contacted nbc responds. we contacted trash tech and a few days later fisher got a check for more than what he was owed. paid me for full quarter. >> thanks for hooking me up, harry. give me a hug. always check the cancellation policy and get it in writing as long as it will take you to reimburse you for any refund. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds or telemundo respond. let us know. best ways to reach us are right
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there on the scene. we will respond for you. ice rink really frosty tomorrow morning. >> puddles on that shot from the ice today. it's too warm for anything else. warm air is surging in the area. just on the verge of spring city in chester county. see clouds around. the clouds will be thinning out. very warm for philadelphia. northeast philadelphia in the 60s. airport is 59. 59 in wilmington. in the 50s and low 60s. this is where the wampl air is trying to move in. hasn't really succeeded pottstown, redding and allentown in the 30s. actually warmer in the poconos mountains right now. 46 degrees and there are some clouds in the poconos, but i won't see -- you won't see any rain during the snow or snow during the day today.
6:49 am
see the sunshine. flags are blowing with a southwesterly wind. warming direction for us. during the day today, those winds shift and that will start to bring colder air, but for the most of the day very unusually warm. radar and satellite showing clouds thinning out. few sprinkles to the north not going to last. what we will see are clouds moving in this evening. there's the snow maker for tomorrow morning. doesn't look like much does it. look how it moves across the ohio valley and in to pennsylvania. this is just after midnight tomorrow morning. it will be dry in philadelphia redding and cape may at that hour. the temperatures will be falling. it's going to be a race between the cold air moving in and the precipitation moving in. some areas stay warmer. delaware and south jersey going to main by be rain. as you go further to the north, this is where it's going to be colder. 3 in the morning. just start to see the snow inching into western berks county and portions of southern
6:50 am
chester county while rain dropping falling in wilmington. then this computer model brings in cold air aggressively and has snow falling by 5:00 in the morning in philadelphia. if the cold air doesn't get here that quickly, may start at rain for several hours before changing over to snow in philadelphia. that's going to limit totals if that does happen. the other limiting factor is going to be so warm today, much of the accumulation to start with will be on the grass. then eventually on the harder surfaces like roads. not a tremendous amount on the roads. greatest accumulation is going to happen during the morning commute. look at the heavy snowfall falling through philadelphia by 9:30 in the morning starts to taper off from the west. by early afternoon, 3:00 in the afternoon, that snow is moving out of here. actually see sunshine tomorrow afternoon. this is how much you can expect the greatest amounts where it starts first and going to be coldest. further north and west. chestnut hill, allentown.
6:51 am
in the 6-10 inch range. burlington county and towards ocean county at the shore, that's 4-6 inches of snow, but it will be warmer to the south. hammonton, washington township, mildtown, 2-4 inches of snow. any snow falling will be melting at iz comes down in south jersey. trend is for a big warmup today. in the 60s. here comes the cold for tomorrow and anything on the ground friday will be frozen solid. >> got it, bill. thanks. nine minutes before seven get you out the door. get you to work today then worry about tomorrow morning. looking at the schuylkill. not far from studios here. watching that now. seeing big delays within the last couple of minutes or so. traffic almost stopped right here in both directions just crawling. eastbound drive time 24 minutes from the blue route headed to the vine street expressway. speeds in the 30s.
6:52 am
some spots even slower. might take you a little bit longer to move by montgomery drive. headed westbound. there's also a crash in west anymo. hanover street and end with mass transit with equipment shortage. running on modified schedule still. making all the stops. providing shuttle buses as well during the peak rush hours. recognize the music. 2018 winter olympics are closer than you realize. opening ceremony is one year from today in south korea. athletes already hard at work. sharing their love of the games with their young fans. >> have fun. >> nbc 10 was at blue mountain ski resort over the weekend. members of team usa showed off
6:53 am
their sport. teach kids about the fastest sport on ice. keep own eyes peeled for stars of luge stars of the future. >> a kid who gets it. it's just sort of a natural thing that some people have and some people don't. >> ten-year-old child sure seems to get the hang of it. he's the perfect age, by the way. the luge team only looks at boys and girls between ages nine and 13. >> that means you can't do it. >> i'm out. you and i are both out. count down to winter olympics continues this morning. live look at preparations underway and skier lindsey vaughn sits down to talk about what could be her last olympic games. all that coming up in about 10, 12 minutes right here nbc 10. meanwhile happening today, cold weather sports to phillies baseball. take a look at all the spring training gear piled up in the philly's clubhouse.
6:54 am
that gear gets packed into a truck that will leave south philadelphia. take two days two travel more than 1,000 miles to spectrum field in clearwater, florida and here's a live look inside citizens bank park. those boxes are packed with 2400 baseballs, 1200 bats. hundreds of shorts, gloves, hats. phillies players aren't far behind the truck. report for spring training next week. next run down the morning's headlines and stories following for you throughout the day. that includes the all-night fight democrats are waging against president trump's pick for attorney general. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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today the senate could vote to approve the appointment of jeff sessions new attorney general. timing of the vote depends on how long the democrats can carry on on the clock opposition to sessions' nomination. debate continues right now after going all night. here's a live look at senate floor. democrats arguing that sessions is not committed to voting rights and civil rights laws. reviewing president trump's travel ban for people from seven muslim majority countries. three judges heard argument last night by phone. expected to issue a ruling later this week. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking on the roads. seeing some slow downs of 95. cottman avenue southbound. real slow towards center city. a few new accidents out there. one on car by.
6:59 am
chester pike is route 13. also watching pottstown. crash on hanover street. watching through new jersey, slowdowns on the northbound side right around philadelphia route 41. warm air pushing into the area is creating fog in parts of the area. easton is seeing dense fog right now. dense fog also reported in pottstown, quakertown, down to a mile and a quarter. warm air is surging into the area. warm air reach philadelphia by midnight last night. still warm. 58 degrees right now. 58 in delaware. and we're into the 60s this afternoon. with sunshine and fog around will be disappearing. 60s today will be tracking snow first thing tomorrow morning. accumulating snow while we are on the air. there's the snow. it's to the west moving through the midwest. that's going to be moving into our area starting at 4:00 start to see accumulation of some of the suburbs. going to hit the grass first. going to be one of the limiting factors. the ground is so warm today some of that first snow is going to
7:00 am
melt. don't forget. get my updates on 101.1 more fm. all the lowball updaylights you need on the nbc 10 app. on at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow just for you. good morning. breaking overnight. new tornadoes in the south just hours after a string of twisters tears through louisiana. >> oh, my god. look at this. >> neighborhoods in new orleans destroyed by katrina devastated once again. >> to think of the work that has to be done to rebuild a second time, it's a lot. >> we're there live. while the northeast braces for a weather whiplash. record heat today. a major snowstorm tomorrow. silenced. senator elizabeth warren punished by republicans, using an arcane rhuule after she offe a stinging rebuke of jeff sessions, using a letter f


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